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    Boss FAQ by squall82003

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    Alter Echo Boss Guide
    Note: This guide covers the PS2 version of the game. It may work for the XBOX
    version too. I’d assume it does, but hey, I don’t really know.
    Feel free to copy, reproduce, and post this guide.
    Onto it then!
    Boss 1: Gunship- The first fight! Here we go. First off, you can’t use time
    dilation. Notice that when the battle starts, there are several pillars around.
    To your right is a health node. This is going to be destroyed pretty soon (and
    you thought you’d just heal all through the battle!)
              O < first gun node                  O < health node
         O <The second node will
                         appear once this pillar is destroyed.
    At the start of the fight, they’ll release gunpods. Switch to gun form and
    start shooting. As soon as three or more are released, fire a grenade in too,
    they’ll go down quick, and your combo level will go way up. The pilots of the
    ship will announce almost all of their attacks, so just listen.
    If they say “Homing missiles,” then start running back and forth. They’ll fire
    four missiles at a time. I recommend running across the screen in sword form
    and double jumping after a few missiles pass you to make sure you dodge the
    last couple. They will shoot around four volleys of four of these missiles.
    Note: Use the health node if you need it, even if you aren’t that damaged,
    because it’ll be gone soon! Also not that it takes time to recharge if you do
    get the chance to use it more than once.
    If the pilots say “laser,” then it’s your time to hit ‘em! This is the only
    time the ship is vulnerable. If possible, jump on the first pillar on the left,
    then up to the gun node to let loosed on the yellow section on the top of the
    ship. If not, just shoot away normally. While you try this, the ship will fire
    a big laser at one of the pillars (indicated by crosshairs), destroying it.
    This will also make a shockwave. If they shoot a pillar near you, quickly
    switch to sword form and double jump away to avoid the shockwave. If they
    target the node pillar or too close to it, then just hit them with normal gun
    fire while walking away to avoid the shockwave. If the gun node gets destroyed,
    don’t worry. When the pillar behind where it was gets blown up, there is
    another node there.
    If they say “bombs away!” they will drop bombs like in previous levels. This
    is fairly easy to dodge. Just run to the opposite side of the level of where
    they start bombing, jumping as you go. If they start left, go right. Start
    forward, go back, etc.
    Note you can jump up onto a higher level on the left and right of the level.
    When the ship takes some damage, they’ll release more gunpods, easy to kill.
    They may do this later too, you know they will when they fly in close.
    That’s it! Just keep shootin’ when they fire off the laser and avoid the other
    attacks and it’ll go down pretty soon!
    Boss 2:  Paavo’s plast clone- You should only fight Paavo in sword form. Try to
    save two or three time dilation charges. Use them all on him at your
    discretion, making the chain as long as possible to cause lots of damage. When
    you fight Paavo one on one, he will do several sword moves. He’s faster than
    you, so you have to wait to attack him. Keep moving. He has a move where he
    dashes in, a slow combo of three hits, and a faster combo of two hits. He can
    also do a block roll like you (this is unblockable, so keep moving so he won’t
    do it)! Also, if you see him throw his sword, put your shield up quick. Block
    all of these normal attacks, waiting for a time to strike. If you act quickly,
    you can get in a three hit combo after you block his two or three combo (If you
    already bought the “Fatal flurry” attack, use that instead). Try to get him to
    hit you into a wall so you are close enough to hit him after he attacks you.
    After you do a combo on him, he’ll hunch over, say something, then explode in a
    shockwave. Just stay a little way off and it won’t hit you. He also sometimes
    says “Time something.” When he does, he’s about to speed toward you, so jump
    out of the way. Try not to jump too far, as after he misses you, he’ll be
    stunned and open to attack for a few seconds. He also does a ground breaking
    attack that opens the ground up three ways. Jump out of the way of this too.
    When you do enough damage, he’ll sick three or four waves of those little
    shooting pods at you. Change to gun form, shoot like crazy while moving. After
    killing a wave, switch to stealth form, turn invisible and crawl around getting
    the powerups they drop. Then, get some pods in front of you, morph to gun form,
    repeat. You’ll then fight Paavo again until you hurt him some more. Then he’ll
    make this laser spinny thing. Turn to stealth form, and walk to an edge.. Jump
    over the low beams, the high ones will go over you. Soon, you’ll fight Paavo
    again. When you hurt him some more, he’ll sick a wave of two, then a wave of
    three tunnellers at you. Turn to gun form, blast away while moving. When they
    start to tunnel, change direction to dodge them. Then you fight Paavo one more
    time to put the finishing touches on him.
    Boss 3: Gherran- Part 1. Hit him with 2 or 3 time dilations. Dodge it all by
    running and jumping in sword form so you can double jump. Hit him in sword form
    when he starts running or laughing. When he raises his gun after you hit him,
    run and jump away.
    Part 2. Climb up, then, climb up one of the edge paths. When he sees you, jump
    down, and climb up the opposite on while invisible. At the top, go to gun mode
    and shoot your strongest gun and boomerangs shots until he comes close. Jump
    off before he attacks you. Go to the opposite side, repeat. When he blows the
    tops off the sides, use the middle track to stand on and shoot after luring him
    using one of the side paths.
    Part 3. Same as pt.1 except nothing to hide behind. Also, at first, he will
    spin around with the laser. Run toward the rubble, there’s a spot there the
    laser can’t reach. His laser is very strong and hard to dodge, so try to kill
    him before he uses it. If you can’t, try running in a wide arc to dodge it. To
    get in range to attack with the sword, wait ‘till he starts running, then stand
    in front of him so he’ll run at you.
    Boss 4: Kess- Easy, actually. Jump over her swords, hit her with your sword,
    follow her, repeat. Time dilate if you want to. When she shoots out the
    electric things, go to stealth mode and invisible. They won’t get you. When she
    starts zooming around hit ting you, use single jumps to jump out of the way.
    She’s not hard at all.
    Boss 5: Paavo clones- Same attacks as the first time, same strategy. Just don’t
    go near the edge for too long or one of the clones might hold you down with an
    energy beam. The clones switch places to fight you. After awhile, the next one
    will attack really fast, before the other one even jumps away. A little while
    longer, and the next one will attack while the current one is doing his final
    shockwave attack, so stay on your plast covered toes. Use the right analog
    stick to spin the camera so you can see who will attack next. Good luck!
    Boss 6: Shield generator defense system- Here’s a simple yet risky strategy to
    shut this thing down. Dodge the bombs, shooting the orb from the gun nodes as
    you can. Run a couple of seconds after it starts firing more missiles.
    When it starts shooting homing missiles, just stand on a node, let them hit
    you, and blast away. As long as none of the first bombs hit you, you’ll be ok.
    When it shots lasers, jump over the blue ones, and shoot at it as it shoots
    the red one. When that red beam gets too close, switch to stealth form, turn
    invisible, and run. You’ll be near dead by the end, but you’ll have beaten it
    Boss 7: Guardian- Go invisible when it shoots the laser, and run away. Pounce
    on a ticker in stealth form, then hit L1 to go to gun form. Shoot the ticker
    into the mouth at the orb when you see a target over it. Repeat. If he shoots
    the laser and summons more tickers at the same time, dodge the laser first.
    When he goes down, run up and sword the orb.
    Form 2- Jump on the gun node and shoot whatever part he opens up to damage him.
    It the head opens, watch out for big lasers, destroy the pods quickly! If he
    brings out more than 1 pod, shoot for a second on one, then shoot at the
    others. The pods you shot will blow up as the bullets get to them (They are
    kinda’ slow). Opening an arm means he’s about to shoot missiles which you can
    shoot down. Opening a leg means he’s about to summon tickers. Shoot a grenade
    at the tickers and concentrate on the leg Things will get crazy as he opens
    more than one part at once. If you can’t stop all of his attacks, at least stop
    the big lasers from the head, they do tons of damage! Hang in there, things
    will lighten up as you blow off his limbs. If a ticker is right next to you
    about to blow, you may want to morph and jump away; just be careful not to miss
    shooting down a laser!
    Boss 8: Paavo- When he fires a purple shot, sword form can block it. Blue, gun
    form can block it. Red, and it won’t get an invisible stealth form. A good way
    to block them all is to morph correctly once, then watch the rotations of his
    guns. If they spin the same way, press the same button. It they spin the other
    way, hit the other morph button. In between attacks, time dilate him.
    Form 2- Same old sword fight. Just know that when you see a star trek style
    flash of orangish light, he’s teleporting behind you. Also, hit him with fatal
    flurry after he uses time thrust to do lots of damage.
    Form 3- In this part, Paavo and you play volleyball with an orb of plast
    energy, and the loser gets blown up! I’ll tell ya’, the last fight in a game is
    a great time to introduce a new gameplay element! No really, it is! Hit O when
    the ball gets near you. Remember it doesn’t actually have to touch your hands
    for you to push it back. Just hit O when it’s pretty close. Also, don’t get
    sucked into hitting O at a set increasing speed. If it looks like the ball is
    almost hitting you, adjust by hitting O even faster then you planned. Just a
    couple hits and he’s done.
    Boss 9: There isn’t one!
    That’s it, enjoy the great ending to this very enjoyable game! Thank you for
    reading and God bless!
                    ~   In Christ, jd
    It’s Over!

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