• Map Screen Button Codes...

    Enter these while on the map screen:

    Left, Right, Left, Right, AAll Driving Skills Unlocked
    Up, Down, Up, Down, AAll Fighting Skills Unlocked
    Right, Left, Right, Left, AAll Gunplay Skills Unlocked
    Down, Down, Down, ABigger Car (must be in car before you enter it on the pause menu)
    Down, Up, Down, Up, AGet all garage cars
    A,B, X, YShow's Where Nick Kang Is Currently At

    Contributed By: St0nedf0rLyfeX and HOmie g StRINg.

  • Map Screen Codes

    Enter on map screen

    Co-ordinatesA, Black, X, Y.
    Up, Up, Up, AGives your car an overall speed increase as well as gives your nitro boosts more thrust!
    Right trigger, left trigger,, Dpad Up, Dpad Right, Dpad Left, Dpad Down, Left analog stick down, Right analog stick down, A, XPlay as Snoop in an 1 hour challenge.
    Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, AUnlocks all stats and weapons/moves/cars

    Contributed By: jammies, Tomrocks, Claw7DS, and Master Splinter.

  • Play as Different characters

    When creating a liscence plate, hold L+R before entering each of the following letters:

    HAWGBecome a biker
    JASSBecome a blindfolded, sado-machoism donkey smoking a cigarette
    PHAMBecome a butcher that is asian
    BRUZBecome a famous boxer
    B00BBecome a female punk
    MRFUBecome a gambling asian
    TATSBecome a lady with a tatoo on every part of her body
    J1MMBecome a nasty corpse
    P1MPBecome a pimp
    FATTBecome a police officer in a higher rank
    5WATBecome a S.W.A.T. team member
    FUZZBecome Johnson the police officer
    B1G1Become your female boss
    ROSABecome your female partner
    HURT_M3Become your partner but this time wearing lingerie
    HARAPlay as asian worker
    B00ZPlay as Bum
    M1K3Play as Commando
    FUZZPlay as cop
    TFANPlay as gangsta
    MNKYPlay as Street Punk

    Contributed By: MJBuddy and St0nedf0rLyfeX.


  • Special FMV Extra...

    Fulfill the requirements to receive the unlockables:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Special FMV ExtraBeat the game with all of the three endings

    Contributed By: St0nedf0rLyfeX.

  • Unlockable Characters...

    Fulfill the requirements to unlock the following characters:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Snoop DogColelct 30 dog bones throughout the city of LA

    Contributed By: St0nedf0rLyfeX.

Easter Eggs

  • Adjust Menu Screen Time of Day

    Push up on the right analouge stick to change the time of day of the scrolling city background on the main menu. Keep it held to scroll through the time of day.

    Contributed By: jeevan3.

  • Further Menu Screen Manipulation

    You can adjust the colour contrast of the monochrome background by using the BLACK and WHITE buttons. WHITE increases the amount of colour, while BLACK decreases.

    Contributed By: jeevan3.

  • Menu Screen Manipulation

    Use the right analogue stick on the main menu to scroll the monochrome city background forward and backward at will.

    Contributed By: jeevan3.


  • Change Your Car's Color...

    While creating a license plate hold down L + R then browse through the available colors.

    Contributed By: St0nedf0rLyfeX.

  • Unlock and Play as Snoop Dogg

    1) Start the second episode in the game:
    Epsiode 2: Mean Streets
    Mission 1: Cruising for leads

    2) When Nick appears in the city, press BACK to bring up the map screen.

    3) On the controller, press the following buttons in order: R trigger, L trigger, Up D-pad, R D-pad, L D-pad, Down D-pad, L click (L analog joystick button down), R click (R analog joystick button down), A, X, B.

    4) You sould hear a confirmation sound and the screen should fade into Nick standing in the city. IF NOT, do the entire series of buttons again until you hear the sound and the map screen disappears, leaving Nick in the city again.

    5) Walk in the garage next to Nick's starting position and the game will save.

    6) When you are inside the garage, press the START button to pause the game and EXIT the mission to the main menu.

    7) Select RESUME GAME and choose the license plate for the game you just played. You will be taken to the EPISODE BRANCHING screen. IF you input the code and followed the directions correctly, you should see Snoop's head in the upper left corner of the screen.

    8) Select the SNOOP HEAD icon to play in "Dogg Patrol."

    Contributed By: Drift2Cyber.

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