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    Good Cop/Bad Cop FAQ by Meweight

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/25/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    True Crime: Streets of LA Good Cop/Bad Cop FAQ v1.0
    by Meweight
    Version History:
    v1.2 (January 25, 2004) - Added a bit to Chapter 6.
    v1.1 (November 13, 2003) - Added a small tranquilizer bit on Chapter 6, 
    fixed a mistake in Chapter 4, and added a small note in Chapter 4.
    v1.0 (November 10, 2003) - The basic beginning of the FAQ.
    01. Introduction 
    02. Karma 
    03. Badge Points 
    04. Stopping Crimes 
    05. Cruising 
    06. Stealth 
    07. Credits
    Welcome to Los Angeles, population 9,979,600. You're Nick Kang Wilson, 
    a reckless cop on the edge, with many choices to make. One of your 
    biggest choices is whether to become a good cop or a bad cop. That's 
    where this FAQ comes in. This FAQ will cover what to do to be a good 
    cop and what to do to be a bad cop. Your decisions determine 
    ( KARMA )
    Let's get down to the basics of understanding karma. While playing the 
    game, you see a yin-yang at the bottom right-hand side of the screen. 
    Underneath it is a number that is either green or red. Green means you 
    are currently a good cop. Red means you are currently a bad cop. Karma 
    is quite simple. Doing good deeds allows you to get more good karma. 
    Doing bad deeds allows you to get more bad karma. Check the Player 
    Stats screen on the Pause Menu for more information on your karma.
    Badge points are earned for doing good deeds. However, getting Badge 
    Points does not neccessarily mean getting good karma. A good deed could 
    be shooting a mugger in the head instead of neutralizing him or 
    arresting him. Doing things as a good cop gets you more badge points, 
    but you can still get Badge Points as a bad cop. However, killing 
    citizens takes off Badge Points, so be warned. To see how many Badge 
    Points you have, look at the bottom right-hand side of the screen next 
    to the Karma rating. 100 Badge Points gets you a Shield. Shields are 
    used to purchase upgrades at the dojos, shooting ranges, etc.
    Finally we can get to understanding exactly WHAT you need to do to be a 
    good cop or a bad cop.
    When a crime begins... 
    GOOD: Aim your gun at the offender (DO NOT FIRE), fire a warning shot, 
    or flash your badge. (Firing a warning shot will almost always make 
    them run away, and flashing your badge will almost always make them 
    fight you.)
    BAD: The game will autotarget on the offenders. Fire away.
    When they run away...
    GOOD: Chase after them and tackle or slide kick them (slide kicks are 
    unlocked at the first time you go to the dojo). To do these run and 
    press O, or run and press X. If you HAVE to shoot them, do a 
    neutralizing shot (unlocked at the second time you go to the shooting 
    BAD: Fire at them while you chase them. Optional: Tackling random 
    people in the progress, or purposely putting others in your line of 
    When they fight you...
    GOOD: Fight back, not with weaponry. Use special moves, and attack them 
    as often as possible. They may surrender for you to cuff them, or you 
    may have to wait until they are on the ground unconscious before you 
    cuff them. To handcuff a criminal after they've surrendered or become 
    unconscious, press R2 + O.
    BAD: Play dirty and whip out your trusty gun and shoot the living crap 
    out of them. Optional: Instead, fight them and try to smack them into 
    the line of traffic. Watch out for getting hit yourself though.
    When they shoot at you...
    GOOD: Unfortunately, you may have to shoot back, or you will most 
    likely be dead in no time. Attempt a neutralizing shot. If not, either 
    shoot them or just run from the crime scene.
    BAD: Shoot at them. Optional: Instead of shooting them, steal a nearby 
    car and run over them. Then back up. Then run over. Then back up. Then 
    run over. Do this until the red dot is off the map.
    When they start driving...
    GOOD: Try shooting out their tires and putting cars in front of them to 
    slow them down. If you have to chase them, be cautious of civilians in 
    your line of fire or line of tires.
    BAD: Follow them in your car and shoot at them. Smash up their car. If 
    possible, blow it up with them still inside (this is usually pretty 
    hard to do though).
    ( CRUISING )
    Now, we'll cover what you should do when you're just out cruising and 
    there are no random crimes happening. Also what you should do to get 
    further. Those things may not get you any karma, but they may help you 
    get karma later.
    -Frisk random people. You get good karma for finding someone with drugs 
    or weapons. 
    -Spend the badge points you have on the Dojo, so you can learn expert 
    fighting moves for when you want to win a fight with an offender.
    -Start street fights with people and then fire a warning shot. They 
    should probably run, so chase them and knock them down. Sometimes they 
    will surrender and you can handcuff them. If not just fire another 
    warning shot and let them go.
    -Go to the dojos.
    -Kill random civilians.
    -Start street fights with random civilians and knock them out.
    -While in your car, drive recklessly and stay around the sidewalk so 
    you get a lot of casualties.
    -Frisk people to get better weapons. Be warned that this may get you 
    Good Karma, so shoot people around you to take that Karma away.
    -Go to the shooting range.
    ( STEALTH )
    In the missions where you have to be stealthy, things are very very 
    GOOD: Press Square for your attacks.
    BAD: Press O for your attacks.
    Tranquilizers are neutral and do not give you Good or Bad Karma, so 
    only use them if you really think you have to, since they won't help 
    you get your Good or Bad Karma up. However, they do get you Badge 
    You can also replay stealth missions over and over only using non-
    lethal attacks to replenish Good Karma, or use letah attacks over and 
    over to get more Bad Karma. Just play, save, play, save, play, etc.
    ( CREDITS )
    Me - for writing the FAQ
    Activision - for making the game
    Blockbuster - for letting me rent the game
    GameStop - for letting me buy the game
    GameFAQs - for posting my FAQ
    You - for reading my FAQ
    Jesse Heaton - for giving me info about tranquilizers
    Forelli_Boy - for giving me info about flashing badges/warning shots 
    and for pointing out a mistake
    vwbuggyman - for information on stealth missions
    Hope this helped!

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