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    Skills and Bonus Unlockables Guide by CLL

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    	True Crime: Streets of LA
    Skills and Bonus Unlockables Guide (Xbox)
    	by CLL   (cll_007@hotmail.com)
    	Version: 1.1
    	Date: 20/11/03
    If you see any mistakes, or have any comments/suggestions, please email me with
    the game name in the subject line.  And of course, if you have any questions
    you can always ask.
    See legal stuff at the end.
    I.	Introduction
    II.	What are shields?
    III.	Why do we need them?
    IV.	How to earn shields?
    V.	Skills
    VI.	Driving skills
    VII.	Shooting skills
    VIII.	Fighting skills
    IX.	Bonus Unlockables
    X.	New car unlockables
    XI.	New gun unlockables
    XII.	New grapple unlockables
    XIII.	Credits and Legal Stuff
    This is just a basic guide to the skills (driving, shooting and fighting) that
    can be unlocked during the game. There's also info on the bonus unlockables
    that you can unlock when you have 100% completed a story episode.
    Note: Xbox controls are used for this guide, otherwise everything else can
    apply for all versions.
    In the lower right corner of the main game screen, there are three indicators.
    The one on the left is the good/bad cop karma guide, the middle indicator
    displays the level of public disturbance. The one we are interested in is the
    one on the far right. It displays a number and in most cases will have a shield
    and another number above that.
    Observe my very crude diagram below:
       x44       <------- This number indicates how many shields you currently have
      |   |      <------- The shield itself
       67        <------- The amount of points you currently have.
    You will always have the points figure. And this fluctuates based on the way
    you are playing (More on that later). Every 100 points earns you a shield. You
    can accumulate shields and this is recorded by the top number.
    Shields are used so that you can unlock new skills for your driving, shooting
    and fighting skills.  These unlocked skills will allow you to drive faster and
    perform more manoeuvres, shoot faster and more accurately, and make it easier
    to defeat your opponents in fights.  Not all of them benefit you greatly, and
    some are just fancy tricks, but they look cool and you'll want to get them all
    anyway.  8)
    The skills are detailed in another section.
    You can earn shields in several ways.  The easiest way is to just complete the
    story missions (green dots on minimap), and you'll earn lots of points (hence
    more shields) for that.
    Another obvious way is street crimes.  If you're just driving around, random
    crimes occur and come to your attention via the minimap (red dots) and the
    radio dispatch.
    Random crimes can include:
    - Catching a mugger
    - Stopping an illegal street race
    - Capturing an escaped convict
    - Busting an armed hold-up
    - Stopping a carjacking
    - Breaking up fights (between couples, stockbrokers, etc)
    - as well as many others.
    Arresting or defeating (fighting/shooting) crime offenders earns you points. 
    Halting escaping vehicles also rewards you with points.
    Another way to earn points is by performing random searches on people in the
    streets.  Using the same controls as you would to arrest someone, Nick will
    instead search the person for illegal contraband, either in the form of weapons
    or drugs.  If they're carrying either, they'll get arrested and you'll get
    points.  It's not a very efficient method for gathering points, but only if
    you're reallllllly bored.
    - Point Rewards -
    Shooting offender who is firing at you (neutralizing shot) -> 15
    Head shot on offender -> 15
    Shooting a hostage-taker -> 15
    Defeating opponents (fight) -> 10
    Stopping suspect vehicle -> 10
    Shooting offender who is firing at you -> 10
    Shooting offender (neutralizing shot) -> 5
    Finding illegal contraband (drugs or weapons) -> 5
    Note: some point allocation might seem strange, but even though you earn 15
    points for a head shot on an offender, your good cop rating goes down by one.
    In general, street crimes are where you'll earn most of your points.  And since
    you can use the skills for the missions, it's advisable to earn some points
    early so that you can unlock more skills early on as well.
    Points can also be spent on getting full health at medical clinics, or
    repairing your car at garages. The amount of points spent getting healed or
    repairing your vehicle is based on how much damage you or the car took. The
    more you need to heal/repair, the more points you lose.
    Also know that you can lose points as well, even losing a shield until the
    necessary points are lost.  You will lose points when you:
    - Run over innocent people
    - Shoot innocent people/police officers
    You can upgrade your driving, shooting and fighting skills at 24/7 branches
    located around the city. Each time you attempt to complete a skill, it costs
    you one shield. But it's not too hard to complete skills so you should be able
    to earn them pretty quickly.
    Your driving skills are extremely useful and lots of fun to use throughout the
    game. Simply complete the necessary skills at the 24/7 driving branches to
    unlock the skill.
    1. Peel-out		- hold A + X, then release X
    2. Rapid stop		- left/right/down + X(*2), then hold X
    3. P.I.T manoeuvre	- Ram rear corner of escaping car
    4. Downshift		- down + A(*2)
    5. 90' Turn		- left/right + A + B
    6. Back switchblade	- left/right + B(*2)
    7. Forward switchblade	- left/right + B(*2)
    8. Two wheels		- left/right/left or right/left/right, then A(*2)
    9. Nitro boost		- up + A(*3)
    Driving skills are a lot of fun. Some are very useful, as you'll find yourself
    using the Peel-out, Downshift, 90' Turn, Fwd switchblade and Nitro boost quite
    a fair bit, especially in the timed driving missions. Using the downshift and
    nitro boost can have you with over a minute left to go on the clock.  It also
    makes the missions where you have to escape a real breeze. The P.I.T manoeuvre
    isn't that good and the two-wheels is more a cool-factor than anything else,
    but the speed skills are a definite must.
    Your shooting skills can be upgraded at 24/7 shooting ranges located around the
    city. Upgrades for your weapons are automatic, so all you need to do is shoot
    the perps.
    1. Dual-target aim
    2. Aim assistance
    3. Fast reload
    4. Fast aim speed
    5. Laser sight
    6. Flash light
    7. Scope
    8. Top accuracy
    9. Hollow point
    Your improved shooting skills definitely show throughout the game. It makes
    missions a lot easier and coupling the skills with the bonus weapons means that
    even the harder targets in the later game are easy to take down.
    Your fighting skills can be learnt at 24/7 dojo centres. Ground attacks are
    performed when the opponent is lying on the ground. Combos are for when your
    opponent is dazed.
    1. Running attacks	- Run + A or X or Y
    2. Back attacks		- Away + A or X or Y
    3. Ground attacks	- A or X or Y
    4. Combo Tiger Sweep	- A, Y, A
    5. Combo Tiger Claw	- X, A, Y
    6. Combo Leaping Tiger	- Y, X, A
    7. Combo Dragon Kick	- A, Y, A, Y
    8. Combo Dragon Fist	- X, A, Y, X
    9. Combo Flying Dragon	- Y, X, A, Y
    I don't find running attacks or back attacks particularly useful. For most
    fights, you really only need ground attacks and a few of the combos to inflict
    the most damage onto your opponent. Also knocking your opponents into fire or
    electrical devices will cause them a lot more damage very quickly. And also go
    one-on-one in fights with multiple people, so you don't get caught up in a
    flurry of fists.
    Bonus unlockables are obtained at the end of a 100% completed story episode. If
    you complete the story episode successfully then a bonus mission will start
    giving you three green choices on the minimap - driving, shooting and fighting.
    (You can also go back and play a mission if you didn't beat it successfully).
    Decide on which bonus type you want to unlock and drive to the destination.
    You can unlock three extra bonuses for each type. That is 3 cars, 3 guns and 3
    grapples. You start off with one of each, so when you have them all you'll have
    four of each.
    - You can access your different cars in the parking garage (located with yellow
    'P' on minimap).
    - Your guns are upgraded, so when you unlock a new one it becomes your new
    - You always have the different grapples, and can use them in fights.
    Note: In each chart below '0' is the one you start off with, and does not need
    to be unlocked.
    0. '66 Classic Car	0 to 60: ???		top speed: ??? 	 	horsepower: ???
    1. '69 Muscle Car	0 to 60: 7 sec		top speed: 140 mph	horsepower: 350 hp	
    2. '01 Roadster Car	0 to 60: 4 sec		top speed: 177 mph  	horsepower: 450 hp
    3. '03 Sports Car	0 to 60: 4.5 sec	top speed: 180 mph 	horsepower: 400 hp
    I don't have specs for the first car, so if you know them for sure, please
    email them to me.
    Summary: Generally each car gets better. The good thing is you can change
    between them as well, if you feel like a change. Complete all the driving
    skills at 24/7 driving courses to make good use of your cars.
    I've been getting a few emails on this, so I have modified the bit on sirens.
    (thanks go to Ben Knowles and Alex Swindle)
    Nick's car and other emergency vehicles have sirens that can be used by
    pressing the left-button on the D-pad whilst driving. The sirens are useful as
    they cause other vehicles ahead of you on the road to move to the side. This is
    most useful at the start of the game.
    However when you unlock the downshift boost and especially the nitro boost for
    your driving skills, you'll be speeding along so fast that other cars will
    barely have time to move to the side before you crash right into them. Any
    stationary cars (at traffic lights) will not move out of your way, so it'll be
    up to you to speed round them, sirens or not. But if you've earned all the
    driving skills, then you shouldn't need the sirens.
    0. .38 Revolver		capacity: 6 bullets	3 shots per second
    1. .40 Revolver		capacity: 8 bullets	4 shots per second
    2. .45 Pistol		capacity: 10 bullets	5 shots per second
    3. .50 Pistol		capacity: 12 bullets	6 shots per second
    Summary: Each gun definitely gets better. They become more powerful, have
    bigger clips and fire faster. You can't choose an older model, and you wouldn't
    really want to. Upgrade your skills at 24/7 firing ranges, and watch all those
    mods made to your gun.
    0. Standard Grapples	B
    1. Whirlwind Throw	B, X, Y
    2. Arm Buster		B, X, A
    3. Dirty Boxer		B, A, X
    Summary: Easiest to use when your opponent is dazed. I find there's more than
    enough fighting skills as is, so these aren't a definite need. Completing the
    fighting skills at the 24/7 dojo centres is more than enough to win fights. 
    But you'll need to complete these to have 100% upgrades unlocked.
    - Activision for publishing and distributing the game
    - Luxoflux for developing a such a great game
    - GameFAQs for hosting this guide
    - My brother, for the extra help in creating the guide
    - Deryck Morales, for clearing up some points
    - You, for reading it.
    And again, if you have any suggestions/comments or see anything that needs to
    be fixed, email me (cll_007@hotmail.com) with the game name in the subject line.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    If you wish to reproduce any part of this FAQ, you can contact me at my email
    address for permission.
    Put the name of the game in the subject line
    Copyright 2003 CLL

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