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Good things come to those who wait....espically for Raw 2!09/17/03Almightyscrob
Not that bad...Not that great either.09/18/03AntiSocial
Raw 2 delivers amazingly!09/16/03Azrm786
A wrestling game to be proud of finally hits the Xbox09/18/03bigfitswell
Anchor should have kept the subtitle "Ruthless Aggression" -- SERIOUSLY09/18/03Brimstone
The long awaited: WWE RAW 2 or the seconded comming: WWE FLAW 209/18/03calinks
Does Raw to live up to the hype.... Yes it does09/16/03Capslock88
A Solid Wrestling Game.09/16/03Chris in Cali
Finally a must-have wrestling game for Xbox09/18/03ChronosX
WWE Raw 2= Best..Wrestling...Game...Ever!09/18/03CubanBoy1127
Decent but should have been better09/19/03d0x
THQ has another winning title on their hands.09/17/03Fnshow247
Like Frosted Flakes, It's Grrrrrrrrreat!09/16/03iggy 992
Raw 2 was simply Anchor'd down09/20/03jasonstilez
Wrestling Fans Trust Me On This One09/18/03JJKing
Good, but worth the wait?09/18/03NJWrassler
Best Wrstling Game Ever????09/18/03Paolosantos
Raw 2 Hit's and Misses!09/16/03rxw2k2
Raw 2 is the best wrestling game of the decade so far!09/22/03Ryan Rider
Pleasantly Surprised.09/18/03Ryuusei Date
Insanely Difficult09/16/03SamboSimpson
The No Mercy Killer09/16/03Showstopper
Best wrestler on the X-Box by far!09/22/03Striggity
Well improved, and very impressive....09/17/03The Prodigy
THQ and Anchor Deliver a Knockout09/18/03TheBottomLine316
Not just the coolest, not just the best, but Just inCredible...........09/18/03TheMachoKing

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