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    Rogue by Lord deArnise

    Version: 0.70 | Updated: 09/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION 0.30
    By Chad Simplicio
    GameFAQs Handle: Lord deArnise
    1. Introduction
    2. Rogue Starting Stats and Inventory
    3. Rogue Moves and Traits
    4. The Rogue In-Depth
    5. Adventuring with a Rogue
    6. Special Thanks
    Version 0.70 - September 24, 2003
    ** Completed the fifth section.
    Version 0.30 - September 20, 2003
    ** Began work on the FAQs with some basic information.
    -- 1. INTRODUCTION --
    ** As written in the DnD Heroes Game Manual **
    "Orphaned at the age of five, she was left in the care of the Seven Stars Crew,
    a feared and evil rogue outfit of which her parents had been members.  Her
    future seemed set in stone.
    "Although the crew was rough around the edges, it nonetheless cared for its own
    quite well, and many of its senior members took to instructing the young rogue
    in the finer points of skullduggery.  They began to include her on jobs, small
    ones at first, but gradually the mission increased in complexity and danger. 
    Her small size was invaluable, and she showed an incredible proficiency with a
    bow as well as blades.
    "It was while she was on a job with the crew that she had a fateful encounter
    whose full impact would not be seen for years to come.
    "The crew had been paid by an evil wizard to liberate two amulets that had been
    hidden away in separate temples.  The job was easy and the pay was incredible. 
    Secretly, the young rogue hoped to work for the generous wizard again.
    "Ten years later, that mission nearly forgotten, she was away from home when
    word came that her village had been destroyed, and with it all the family she
    had ever known.  She shivered to hear that the name behind such destruction:
    the wizard Kaedin.  It was the same wizard her crew had worked for so many
    years before.
    "With this realization came emotions harbored deep within, accompanied by
    thoughts of what her life had become and the evil that she herself had wrought.
     When she heard the calling of the clerics of Pelor, she knew she must amend
    her ways such that evil may never triumph again.
    "Now more than 150 years later, her convinction is stronger still."
    The halfling rogue is the only hero of the group that can wield dual short
    blades and a bow.  Those who play rogues do not have to worry about buying two
    weapons, for all rogue weapons come in one pair.  Monk lovers will find that
    she is the closest to a monk, for some of her finishing moves are similar to
    those of a monk, from backflips to sweeping kicks.  In all, those who love
    agility, love to be very skilled, or love to get the lowest possible prices
    around will love the rogue.
    ** All characters start with 20 throwing daggers, 1 vial of fiery oil, 1 Raise
    Dead amulet, and 100 gp.
    ** Level 5, Default Name: Akio **
    STR: 12 (+1)
    DEX: 18 (+4)
    CON: 13 (+1)
    INT: 14 (+2)
    WIS: 12 (+1)
    CHA: 11 (0)
    AC: 14
    Damage: 7 - 19 HP
    HP: 40
    MP: 35
    Max carry weight: 140
    Starting Moves and Traits: Arrow Strike, 1 rank of Sloth Arrow, 1 rank of Open
    Lock, 1 rank of Wield Daggers, 1 rank of Wield Lancets, & Wear Leather Armor
    Weapons: Ancestral Bow +1, Seven Stars Daggers
    * These weapons cannot be sold.  Ancestral weapons strengthen in attributes as
    soul shards are collected.  The rogue's Seven Stars Daggers have their damage
    increased with XP level.  More on this later.
    * Increasing moves with multiple ranks cost more than the cost of the previous
    rank. *
    ** Instant Moves **
    ARROW STRIKE: A precise, targeted shot.  Uses little or no mana.
    MULTI-SHOT: Multiple shots toward enemies.  Each rank adds one additional arrow.
    SLOTH ARROW: A shot that barely pierces the enemy, but slows its speed
    temporarily.  Each rank increases duration, damage, and slows down the affected
    enemy more.
    SET TRAPS: A trap that is set upon the ground, blasting unsuspecting enemies.
    HIDE & MOVE SILENTLY: A stealthy maneuver that temporarily provides the rogue
    cover and multiplies the melee damage done.
    POISON ARROW: A more damaging shot that also poisons creatures.
    VAMPIRE ARROW: A homing arrow that steals some lifeblood from its target,
    healing the rogue.
    SLEEP ARROW: A shot that barely pierces the enemy, but puts it into a deep,
    temporary sleep.
    ICE ARROW: A more damaging arrow that temporarily freezes an enemy.
    EXPLODING ARROW: A shot that explodes upon impact.
    VOLLEY OF ARROWS: A targeted cascade of arrows that rains down upon enemies and
    ** Finishing Moves **
    BOMB FINISHER: A quick bomb drop followed by a back flip out of harm's way. 
    Bombs remain in place until an enemy is nearby then it will explode.
    FLIP KICK FINISHER: A flip kick that delivers extra damage to the opponent and
    attempts to freeze it!  The rogue will do forward flip kicks.
    SWEEP FINISHER: A sweeping kick that attempts to poison the opponent.  This is
    a 360 move.
    ** Rogue Traits **
    DISABLE DEVICE: A talent that allows the Hero to disarm a certain percentage of
    traps on treasure chests.  A second rank increases the percentage.
    IMPROVED CRITICAL: A combat talent that increases the likelihood of a critical
    hit.  More ranks improve the chance.
    INNER STRENGTH: A mental trait that allows the Hero to regain MW faster than
    normal.  A second rank increases the rate.
    OPEN LOCK: A talent that allows the Hero to open a certain percentage of locks
    without aid of a skeleton key.  A second rank increases the percentage.
    OUTER STRENGTH: A physical focus that gives the Hero a strength bonus on all
    melee attacks.
    ** Rogue Weapon Proficiencies.  First rank allows the Hero to wield
    corresponding weapons.  A second rank increases damage for those weapons. **
    ** Common Traits.  These traits provide increases resistances or allow the Hero
    to wear a certain kind of armor. **
    Resist Fire
    Resist Ice
    Resist Poison
    Wear Leather Armor
    Wear Scale Armor
    Wear Chain Armor
    Wear Splint Armor
    Wear Plate Armor
    -- 4. THE ROGUE IN-DEPTH --
    ** Soul Shards' Effect on the rogue's Ancestral Bow **
    5 shards - Ancestral Bow +2: +5 damage, +1 DEX, + HP Regeneration, +3% chance
    of criticals.
    10 - Ancestral Bow +3: +10 damage, +2 DEX, + HP Regeneration, +6% chance of
    15 - Ancestral Bow +4: +15 damage, +3 DEX, + HP Regeneration, +9% chance of
    20 - Ancestral Bow +5: +20 damage, +4 DEX, + HP Regeneration, +12% chance of
    ** More coming soon **
    ** Use your dexterity. **
    As one of the most dexterous heroes (above or next to the wizard), you can
    harass enemies with your bow or take the assassin approach by going invisible
    and backstabbing enemies.  Like wizards, rogues make great hit-and-run heroes.
    ** It pays to maximize rogue abilities early. **
    By saving up some points, you can get the Disable Device and Open Lock traits
    maximized early.  This will prove valuable for rogues, as they can disable
    most, if not all, traps and open chests and some locked doors with minimal
    keys.  Eventually, this will come to a point where rogues will not need many
    keys and not have to worry about setting off traps unlike the other heroes.
    ** Don't worry about buying rogue weapons of the same type. **
    All rogue weapons come in two blades.
    ** Multiplayer tactics. **
    Rogues make good scouts for harassing enemies, softening them up for a mop up
    by fighters and clerics.  Mid-High level rogues are valuable for a party of
    heroes since they can open chests without the need of keys.  Finally, since
    their bows can be fired rapidly, they make excellent snipers and possibly
    arcane archers.
    -- 6. SPECIAL THANKS --
    Thanks to Atari & Wizards of the Coast for another wonderful DnD game.  And a
    shout out to all of my role-playing partners.  Don't leave home without the
    Copyright 2003 Lord deArnise, all rights reserved.  This document may not be
    redistributed, reproduced, or rewritten without the author's consent.  The
    author has given exclusive rights for the public display of this FAQ only to
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).  All questions and concerns should be addressed to
    the author.

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