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    Fighter Guide by Lord deArnise

    Version: 0.70 | Updated: 09/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION 0.70
    By Chad Simplicio
    GameFAQs Handle: Lord deArnise
    1. Introduction
    2. Fighter Starting Stats and Inventory
    3. Fighter Moves and Traits
    4. The FighterIn-Depth
    5. Adventuring with a fighter
    6. Special Thanks
    Version 0.70 - September 24, 2003
    ** Completed the fifth section and did some editing to existing information.
    Version 0.10 - September 21, 2003
    ** Began work on the FAQs with some basic information.
    -- 1. INTRODUCTION --
    ** As written in the DnD Heroes Game Manual **
    "Far north of Baele across the Nelsansian Sea, a young fighter lost his father
    to death in battle on the island of Axion.
    "He would hear the tale with thanks for years to come: how his father had
    engaged a fierce nightwalker, and holding it at bay, allowed 34 warriors to
    escape safely into the night, losing his own life in the effort.  The gratitude
    of the survivors and their families made a great impression upon the boy, and
    deeply rooted his conviction that evil must be stopped at all costs, even if
    that cost be life itself.
    "Taking one of his father's prized swords, he set out for the Kingdom of Baele
    to train with its renowned Armed Guard, but it would be many years before he
    arrived.  Barely a week away from home, he was asked to join a group of elven
    adventurers.  Knowing their cause to be good and their need for help to be
    great, he readily agreed to accompany them.
    "The elves were to be the first in a long line of people seeking his
    assistance, none of whom he could bear to turn away.  Fighting alongside
    dwarves, halflings, elves, and gnomes, he watched and learned, and driven by a
    deep devotion, he perfected the art of melee combat and became a disciplined
    shot with thrown weapons.  As the years passed, he became the land's toughest,
    fastest, and most renowned fighter, and some said that his skill with a sword
    approached magic.
    "When at last he arrived in Baele, nearly nine years after he left his home,
    his skill was beyond those that he had hoped to learn from, yet his timing
    could not have been better.  Baele needed heroes to defeat a wizard bent on the
    Kingdom's destruction.  Sword in hand, he stood ready.
    "Now, raised from the dead over 150 years later, he will be a Hero again."
    Great for players who love to wade in and get up close and personal with
    enemies, the fighter is the strongest of the DnD Heroes.  As expected, he can
    wield some of the heaviest weapons and bear the thickest armors with relative
    ease.  Since throwing weapon damage is modified by strength, this gives the
    fighter some ranged attacks when he needs it.  And although there are no
    shields available in this game, he can certainly wield some powerful two-handed
    ** All characters start with 20 throwing daggers, 1 vial of fiery oil, 1 Raise
    Dead amulet, and 100 gp.
    ** Level 5, Default Name: Aradin **
    STR: 17 (+3)
    DEX: 12 (+1)
    CON: 14 (+2)
    INT: 12 (+1)
    WIS: 12 (+1)
    CHA: 10 (0)
    AC: 11
    Damage: 8 - 20 HP
    HP: 55
    MP: 30
    Max carry weight: 240
    Starting Moves and Traits: 1 rank of Avid Pursuit, 1 rank of War Cry, 1 ranks
    of each of the fighter weapon types, Wear Leather Armor, Wear Scale Armor
    Weapons: Ancestral Sword +1 which can be upgraded by collecting soul shards. 
    More on this later.
    * Increasing moves with multiple ranks cost more than the cost of the previous
    rank. *
    ** Instant Moves **
    AVID PURSUIT: Temporarily increases the fighter's movement speed.  A second
    rank provides faster movement and increased duration.
    EYE FOR AN EYE: Reflects a percentage of the damage done to the fighter back to
    his enemy.  People familiar with Diablo II and WarCraft III will find this feat
    simiar to the Thorns Aura.  Additional ranks increase the percentage.
    WAR CRY: A primal roar that temporarily stuns all nearby enemies.  Additional
    ranks increase duration.
    SURE STRIKE: A mystical aura that makes the fighter's melee attacks temporarily
    POWER ATTACK: A 180-degree power weapon swing that may reach outside its
    bounds.  Additional ranks increase the reach beyond its bounds and damage.
    WEAPON'S FURY: Temporarily increases the fighter's attack speed.  Additional
    ranks increase the speed and duration.
    FRENZY: A mystical aura that temporarily increases the fighter's melee damage. 
    Additional ranks increase damage and duration.
    STUNNING FIST: An earth-rumbling move that creates a 360-degree blast of
    flames.  Additional ranks increase the damage and radius.
    ** Finishing Moves **
    REVERSE STAB FINISHER: A devastating reverse stab that does extra damage.  This
    can impale enemies in the path of the sword.
    SHOCK FINISHER: A bolt of electrical energy that shoots forward, shocking
    enemies.  This finisher has a charge-up time.
    WHIRLWIND FINISHER: A whirlwind of steel that leaves nearby creatures stunned.
    ** Fighter Traits **
    DRAGON'S TOUGHNESS: A state of physical mettle that reduces melee damage done
    to the Hero.  A second rank reduces melee damage inflicted against the Hero
    IMPROVED CRITICAL: A combat talent that increases the likelihood of a critical
    hit.  Added ranks increase the chances.
    INNER STRENGTH: A mental trait that allows the Hero to regain MW faster than
    normal.  A second rank increases the rate.
    OUTER STRENGTH: A physical focus that gives the Hero a strength bonus on all
    melee attacks.
    ** Fighter Weapon Proficiencies.  Additional ranks increase damage for those
    weapons. **
    Long Sword
    Bastard Sword
    Great Sword
    Claymore Sword
    ** Common Traits.  These traits provide increases resistances or allow the Hero
    to wear a certain kind of armor. **
    Resist Fire
    Resist Ice
    Resist Poison
    Wear Leather Armor
    Wear Scale Armor
    Wear Chain Armor
    Wear Splint Armor
    Wear Plate Armor
    ** Soul Shards' Effect on the Fighter's Ancestral Sword  **
    5 shards - Ancestral Sword +2: +5 damage, +1 STR, + HP Regeneration, +3% chance
    of criticals.
    10 - Ancestral Sword +3: +10 damage, +2 STR, + HP Regeneration, +6% chance of
    15 - Ancestral Sword +4: +15 damage, +3 STR, + HP Regeneration, +9% chance of
    20 - Ancestral Sword +5: +20 damage, +4 STR, + HP Regeneration, +12% chance of
    ** More coming soon **
    ** A fighter is a tank, but it is not invincible. **
    As a fighter, you can wade into a group of enemies and hack away.  However,
    while you are pretty much a tank with one of the highest CON among the heroes,
    you are not invincible.  Remember to block incoming melee attacks to deflect
    the attacks or take reduced damage, and evade to heal as needed.
    ** Finishing moves. **
    The Whirlwind Finisher is a great feat to have when you have the available
    points.  The Fighter will do a fast 360 with his sword, hitting any enemies
    within the circle.  This is a great move to have to wrap up a melee combo.
    ** Carry at least 30 keys. **
    With all the chests and doors throughout the battlefields, it is advisable that
    your fighter carry plenty of keys.  When you hear a loud click, move away from
    the chest since a trap is about to go off.
    ** Multiplayer tactics. **
    Fighters are obviously the front lines for a party of heroes, but they are also
    great for guarding weaker archer rogues and wizards.  In cases where the heroes
    are surrounded by enemies, it is a good tactic to go after the baddies that are
    closest to the weaker heroes first then mop up.
    -- 6. SPECIAL THANKS --
    Thanks to Atari & Wizards of the Coast for another wonderful DnD game.  And a
    shout out to all of my role-playing partners.  Don't leave home without the
    Copyright 2003 Lord deArnise, all rights reserved.  This document may not be
    redistributed, reproduced, or rewritten without the author's consent.  The
    author has given exclusive rights for the public display of this FAQ only to
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).  All questions and concerns should be addressed to
    the author.

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