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    Wizard by Lord deArnise

    Version: 0.70 | Updated: 09/29/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VERSION 0.70
    By Chad Simplicio
    GameFAQs Handle: Lord deArnise
    1. Introduction
    2. Wizard Starting Stats and Inventory
    3. Wizard Moves and Traits
    4. The Wizard In-Depth
    5. Adventuring with a Wizard
    6. Special Thanks
    Version 0.70 - September 28, 2003
    ** Added in the details of the wizard's traits and feats, and some adventuring
    Version 0.30 - September 25, 2003
    ** Added in some additional basic information.
    Version 0.10 - September 24, 2003
    ** Began work on the FAQs with some basic information.
    -- 1. INTRODUCTION --
    ** As written in the DnD Heroes Game Manual **
    "She had been raised in Baele, the daughter of two good elven wizards.  Like
    her parents, she was trained with her staff but even more adept with her magic,
    and she readily accompanied those seeking adventures.
    "Naturally, she had heard of the wizard Kaedin.  Any wizard who was any wizard
    had heard of him.  He was a recluse, known to be among the most powerful in the
    land, and had anyone asked her, she might have even conceded that she once
    longed to be like him, to wield such powerful magic.  But that was before
    Kaedin showed the darkness of his heart.
    "Some in her guild declared him mad, others thought him a greedy interloper,
    but no one expected him to become outright bloodthirsty.  In the midst of an
    otherwise peaceful day, he came down from his castle and destroyed a nearby
    village, and on its heels, he laid waste to another.
    "The clerics of Pelor feared for Baele and gathered all the Kingdom's casters
    before them.  Wizards, sorcerers, druids, clerics, bards, and even a few
    paladins and rangers crowded the market square.
    "'If your powers be equal to that of Kaedin, bring yourself forward.'  Not a
    soul moved.  They asked again for someone willing to face Kaedin.  None stepped
    "To this day, she cannot explain what happened next.  Was it the god Corellon
    Larethian's hand at her back or her good training?  Her small feet stepped
    forth.  Hundreds of casters, her friends and peers, looked on.  Although she
    knew that many could match or even better her skills, apparently not one could
    match her courage.  She had chosen to face a wizard she once revered.
    "Now, over 150 years passed, in this life, she confidently steps forward again."
    Even under the easiest of difficulty settings, playing a wizard has its ups and
    downs.  While her magic is fit for any needs out in the fields of battle, she
    has the least endurance, making her susceptible to concentrated melee attacks. 
    Still, people who love casting magic spells will love this wizard hero.  Just
    remember to bring plenty of mystical will potions with you for she will need
    plenty of those.
    ** All characters start with 20 throwing daggers, 1 vial of fiery oil, 1 Raise
    Dead amulet, and 100 gp.
    ** Level 5, Default Name: Cyndryn **
    STR: 11 (0)
    DEX: 13 (+1)
    CON: 11 (+1)
    INT: 18 (+4)
    WIS: 15 (+2)
    CHA: 11 (0)
    AC: 11
    Damage: 4 - 16 HP
    HP: 30
    MP: 55
    Max carry weight: 120
    Starting Moves and Traits: 1 rank of Gust of Wind, 1 rank of Magic Missile, 1
    rank of Wield Quarterstaff, 1 rank of Wield Staff, 1 rank of Wear Leather Armor
    Weapons: Ancestral Staff +1.  More on this later.
    * Increasing moves with multiple ranks cost more than the cost of the previous
    rank. *
    ** Instant Moves **
    BURNING HANDS: A constant spell in which a sheet of flames roars from the
    wizard's outstretched hand.  Additional ranks increase damage.
    GUST OF WIND: A constant spell in which a rush of wind alters the air around
    creatures, causing them to slow down temporarily.
    MAGIC MISSILE: A blast of magical energy that homes in on enemies.  Additional
    ranks increase damage and missiles.
    GLOBE OF INVULNERABILITY: A personal sphere that absorbs a percentage of damage
    and protects is occupant.  Additional ranks increase the percentage and
    CLOUDKILL: A targeted, poisonous and acidic cloud that surrounds enemies. 
    Additional ranks increase damage and duration.
    FIREBALL: A bead of fire that shoots out and rages into a fireball.  Additional
    ranks increase damage.
    VAMPIRIC DRAIN: A targeted connection that does damage to enemies and drains a
    percentage of that damage back to heal the wizard.  Additional ranks increase
    damage and the percent of damage taken to heal the wizard.
    CIRCLE OF COLD: A circle of clous that forms around the wizard and may
    temporarily freeze monsters in its grasp.  Additional ranks increase damage and
    chance to freeze monsters.
    SLEEP: A magical energy that pulls living creatures into a deep sleep. 
    Additional ranks increase the duration.  Affected creatures remain in this
    state until attacked.
    ICY SPHERE: A rolling ball of icy particles that harms all creatures in its
    path.  Additional ranks increase the damage.
    METEOR SWARM: An explosive, targeted celestial shower that calls down savage
    skies upon enemies.
    ** Finishing Moves **
    JUMPKICK FINISHER: A forward kick followed by a weapon sweep that does extra
    damage to enemies.
    STAFF SPIN FINISHER: A damaging spinning maneuver that delivers extra damage to
    ** Wizard Traits **
    MIND OVER BODY: A mind-over-matter ability that gives the hero an AC bonus
    against all melee attacks.  A second rank grants additional AC.
    MEDITATION: An incredible mental strength that allows the Hero to regain MW
    much faster than normal.  A second rank increases the rate.
    ** Wizard Weapon Proficiencies.  First rank allows the Hero to wield
    corresponding weapons.  A second rank increases damage for those weapons. **
    ** Common Traits.  These traits provide increases resistances or allow the Hero
    to wear a certain kind of armor. **
    Resist Fire
    Resist Ice
    Resist Poison
    Wear Leather Armor
    Wear Scale Armor
    Wear Chain Armor
    Wear Splint Armor
    Wear Plate Armor
    -- 4. THE WIZARD IN-DEPTH --
    ** Soul Shards' Effect on the Wizard's Ancestral Staff **
    5 shards - Ancestral Staff +2: +5 damage, +1 INT, + HP Regeneration, +3% chance
    of criticals.
    10 - Ancestral Staff +3: +10 damage, +2 INT, + HP Regeneration, +6% chance of
    15 - Ancestral Staff +4: +15 damage, +3 INT, + HP Regeneration, +9% chance of
    20 - Ancestral Staff +5: +20 damage, +4 INT, + HP Regeneration, +12% chance of
    ** More coming soon **
    ** Carry plenty of potions. **
    As the weakest of the heroes, wizard players will want to make sure that the
    Elf has plenty of potions in her inventory.  Eventually, you won't need many
    healing potions if you max Mind Over Body, work on giving her some mithral
    plate armor, and have good defensive tactics; but you will need alot of MW
    potions if you're going to use alot of magic.
    ** Max your top spells first. **
    In addition to maxing out weapons and giving her some good armor proficiencies,
    plan on focusing on a few select spells for your wizard.  A good combination to
    work with is Magic Missile/Burning Hands/Globe of Invulnerability/Meteor Swarm.
    ** Get strength-enhancing items. **
    If possible, plan on getting a few items with "Ogres" at the end of the name. 
    These items add to strength, and will prove valuable for your wizard.  Combined
    with your ancestral staff, quaffing some Int-enhancing elixirs, and some items
    "of Insight," your wizard will be a formidable hero at the higher levels.
    ** Multiplayer aspects. **
    Wizards are the artillery of a well-balanced party.  True wizards should be
    kept as far out of enemy attack range as possible so they can cast their
    magics.  Customized "battlemages" can serve as powerful support heroes,
    finishing off enemies while fighters and clerics tank.  Finally, a wizard can
    lure enemies to the rest of the party with the help of a scouting rogue.  Get
    into a good position, cast a few magic missiles to lure the enemy, then let the
    rest of your party ambush the enemy.
    -- 6. SPECIAL THANKS --
    Thanks to Atari & Wizards of the Coast for another wonderful DnD game.  And a
    shout out to all of my role-playing partners.  Don't leave home without the
    Copyright 2003 Lord deArnise, all rights reserved.  This document may not be
    redistributed, reproduced, or rewritten without the author's consent.  The
    author has given exclusive rights for the public display of this FAQ only to
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).  All questions and concerns should be addressed to
    the author.

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