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    FAQ/Walkthrough by falsehead

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 08/10/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ************* PHANTASY STAR ONLINE Version 2: FAQ/WALKTHRU **************
                    Dreamcast Online RPG: released (2001) UK (PAL)
                   COMPLETE FAQ/WALKTHROUGH (version 3.0) 10/08/2003
    Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com
    Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
    your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
    me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
    content in anyway (if you need to change the formatting slightly for display
    purposes that's OK).
    This guide may NOT be used as part of a restricted Pay-to-Enter website or in
    print unless you are prepared to pay me riches beyond the dream of avarice for
    its inclusion.
    If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
    to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
    type all this up for the good of my health you know.
    ********************************* CONTENTS *****************************
    a) The Dreamcast Online situation
    b) About PSO chapters I&II for GameCube
    a) What's New in PSO version 2?
    b) Going Online (US and EU players)
    c) Creating a Character
    a) Hunters Guild Quests
    b) Defeating the Dragon/Sil Dragon
    a) Hunters Guild Quests
    b) Defeating DE Rol Le
    a) Hunters Guild Quests
    b) Defeating Vol Opt
    a) Hunters Guild Quests
    b) Defeating Dark Falz
    a) Soul of a Blacksmith
    b) Letter from Lionel
    c) The Retired Hunter
    d) Central Dome Fire Swirl
    e) Soul of Steel
    f) Sunset at the Secret Base (Japanese)
    a) Win Back - Lost Heat Sword/Lost Ice Spinner/Lost Soul Blade
    b) Win Back - The Missing Maraca's
    c) Win Back - Tinkerbell Lost Dog
    d) Win back - Rappy's Holiday
    e) Win Back - Garon's Treachery
    f) Defeat - Mop Up Operation 1-4
    g) Defeat - Endless Nightmare 1-4
    h) Defeat - Today's Rate
    i) Defeat - Towards the Future
    9) BATTLE MODE (Online Only)
    a) The Rules
    b) Basic Info
    c) Strategy
    - Hunter
    - Ranger
    - Force
    10) CHALLENGE MODE (Online Only)
    a) Stages
    b) Rank Requirements and Prizes
    c) Strategy
    11) MAGS
    a) Normal Mag Types
    b) Raising Mags/Photon Blasts
    c) Special Mags and Mag Cells
    d) Mag Abilities Charts
    a) Weapons
    b) Shields
    c) Armour
    d) Armour Slot Items
    e) Weapons Side Quests
    a) Simple
    b) Normal
    c) Hard
    d) Healing
    e) Support
    14) ENEMY LIST - Normal/Hard/Very Hard
    a) Forest
    b) Caves
    c) Mines
    d) Ruins
    a) Forest
    b) Caves
    c) Mines
    d) Ruins
    e) Fighting The Ultimate Mode Monsters
    a) Force
    b) Ranger
    c) Hunter
    18) PSO Storyline - Messages from Rico
    ********************** 1) INTRODUCTION/REVISIONS ***********************
    INTRODUCTION - I have to admit that when I came to play PSO version 2 I was
    surprised to find it had no completed FAQs written for it.  Considering how
    popular the first instalment was, the lack of full and coherent material on the
    update was quite a shock.  Having become totally and utterly addicted to this
    wonderful game in the twilight days of the Dreamcast, I was delighted to find a
    group of great players on the EU servers who have put up with my n00bish ways
    and helped immensely in taking me through online missions, giving me
    advice/stuff and answering all my damn fool questions!
    I have written this complete guide to Phantasy Star Online version 2 with full
    walkthroughs for the basic game and all the offline missions that were present
    in the original incarnation, but also with full guides to the new online and
    downloadable missions. I have provided a guide to the new mode of Ultimate
    difficulty and the online only modes of Challenge and Battle, as well as
    comprehensive listings of all items, weapons, enemies etc.
    As with all my FAQs I will add and refine info as I continue playing, but as
    this stands this FAQ is all that a new player should need to play the game, and
    hopefully lays out more complex information in a way that will be appreciated
    by a more experienced player.
    So enjoy the FAQ and enjoy this wonderful DC game while it lasts.  In the
    future I hope this guide can be refined for players of the forthcoming PC and
    GameCube incarnations, but until then see you all on Ragol, last one to Dark
    Falz is a wussy!
    ****************************** CREDITS **********************************
    This guide could not have happened without the help and support of Fenon, Mia,
    Poppy, Karl 2k2, Armok and all the peeps on GameFAqs PSOv.2 message board.
    Mucho thanks to Tigereye, WC Leader and nitecrawler for some cool Ultimate mode
    advice.  Thanks guys and girls!
    Also special thanks to Frizzle Fry for the excellent set of S-rank Spread
    Needles.  Levelling up would have been an awful lot less fun without them mate!
    The latest version of this guide is always posted first at www.gamefaqs.com, if
    you found this guide on another site please check gamefaqs to make sure you
    have the latest updates before emailing me with any questions.  I may have
    already answered it!
    REVISIONS - Version 1.0 (20/09/2002). First Version.
    Help, where did my social life go?  All missions typed up.  Equipment lists as
    comprehensive as possible.  Guide to Ultimate mode finished. There are bound to
    be errors and omissions, BUT the important stuff is all in here.  As per usual
    email me if you spot any diabolical mistakes.
    Version 2.0 (01/12/2002)
    I had to take a break after writing such a big first version, but I have
    returned with updates galore. Actually there isn't much to add.  The Mission
    Guides etc are all totally complete and need no revising - feedback on them has
    been great. Thanks to all who emailed me, it's nice to know people are STILL
    coming fresh to DC PSO2.  Basically I have updated the guides to Challenge Mode
    and Battle Mode.  They now have strategy included and I have also put in the
    S-rank Challenge Mode prizes and their requirements. I have also added some
    more questions and answers to my General FAQ, and a few more weapons and armour
    rares that I stumbled across.  Because I love you all so much I have even added
    information on specific tactics against all Ultimate Mode beasties as your
    plaintive emails have been breaking my heart =)
    Version 2.1 (20/12/2002)
    Just a quickie update.  Changed an error I made about Doc. Motagues location
    once unlocked.  Also have added some notes about the Cube version, as I am
    getting a lot of emails about it and I can't really be of much help due to the
    fact.. I don't have it!  Also some (possibly) good news regarding DC online
    play.  Look like sega might be keeping the DC server open for loner than we
    thought, yay!
    Version 2.5 (8/5/2003)
    Oops been awhile since my last update.  Basically I have been playing PSO Ep I
    and II on the Cube (dodges rotten tomatoes) and creating a new FAQ for that. 
    As much of the two games are similar, you'll find this FAQ has benefited from
    new material I have written for mags and enemies.  So check out the mag section
    for charts on what mags have which abilities and also my expanded enemy data
    charts! DC online is a pretty lonely place these days but I still log on to run
    through Towards the Future and Famitsu Massive Attack.  Future updates will by
    sparse, but I will not post a final version of this FAQ until Sega close the DC
    PSO servers for good, so there!
    Version 3.0 (10/08/2003)
    Well I'm pretty much through with DC PSO now.  I haven't been able to ascertain
    if the servers are still open or not, internet message boards seem to indicate
    some online play is still possible.  Basically though, my DC has died.  If I
    can't get it fixed, I can't transfer my characters to a new machine.  So that's
    it really for me with PSO on the DC.  There will bea final update when the DC
    servers finally close... but until then. I'm out of here. It's been fun though!
    a) Is Phantasy Star Online still online?  Well, yes.  However most of the
    now takes place on the EU servers as USA and Japan have got Game Cube PSO I &
    II now.  There is still no definite word on when the DC servers shut down for
    good, but as soon as I have concrete evidence I will post an update.  Once it
    does close down online, all the Challenge, Battle and Online Quest Mode stuff
    listed here will be obsolete (sniffle), so enjoy it while it lasts.
    Although I think sega won't keep supporting Dc online play forever, some
    heartening news was drawn to my attention by email.  This is an excerpt from a
    response to a letter to sega regarding online issues on the DC...
    "This time, the rumor is not just a rumor. Sega will review the traffic and
    usage of Dreamcast servers towards the end of the year, and based on this
    review, may decide to shut them down. It's not simply a matter of DC sales,
    most gamers have now switched to other platforms and we needs to devote our
    precious resources to the games that are the most popular with our fans.
    But your questions and concerns are good ones. Here are some answers that may
    help .... Sega plans to evaluate and possible shut down servers for
    Sega-published Dreamcast games only (excluding PSO). If the servers shut down,
    you will not be able to play multi-player games online, but you will always be
    able to play them offline, of course....For Dreamcast games that are not
    published by Sega, it depends on the game's publisher as to whether or not the
    server will stay active. Check the publisher listed on your games and contact
    that company for more info. If your games are published by Sega, keep your eye
    on the Online section of this websites for announcements on Dreamcast server
    UPDATE: Some magazines reported that the PSO DC servers had finally shut down,
    and yet some people still talk of online play so, once I get a working DC and
    can check for myself I will put this straight.
    If you are still playing DC based PSO avidly and are wondering whether to make
    the switch to the Cube version, then here are what's new and what's been
    tweaked in the Nintendo system update.
    - A whole new game is here in the form off Episode 2, unfortunately, before you
    can get to the real meat of the Episode 2 game you have to wade through two
    tedious levels based on the online Battle Mode (Spaceship and Temple) as an
    exam.  Once done though the new areas, Jungle, Seashore, Mountains and Seabed
    are beautiful, with amazing water effects and reflections.  The new enemies
    don't have quite the charm of the Episode 1 gang, however the two main Bosses
    are awesome and beat out the Episode 1 bosses by a mile.
    - Three new character classes are available.  Hucasceal, RAmarl and Fomar.  The
    HUcasceal is a female HUcast with superb speed and close combat skills.  The
    RAmarl is a female RAmar, with excellent tech abilities. The Fomar is an odd
    character, a Force with good melee skills and tech abilities but woeful HP and
    defence.  All are worth checking out and add something fresh if you have
    previously played out all the other types.
    - Tech abilities have been changed for various non force chars. Only forces can
    now learn Reverser, Grants and Megid.  Ramarls and Hunewearls can learn all
    techs other to level 20 and Anti to level 5. RAmars can learn all other techs
    to level 15 and Anti to level 5.  Humars can learn everything the RAmar can to
    level 15 (anti lvl 5) except for Deband and Shifta which they cannot learn at
    all now.
    - The game also supports split screen, offline multiplayer play, allowing
    Challenge Mode and Battle Mode to be played offline.  This also allows you to
    trade items between any characters you are storing on a memory card as well,
    you can simply set up an offline multiplayer, load in two of your characters
    and hand items over easily.
    - Rare monsters now appear more frequently, they are stupidly hard to encounter
    in the DC version.  In the same vein, rare weapons are not so damn hard to find
    either, which IMO makes the game a lot more satisfying. There are many, MANY
    more rares to be found as well.
    - New shields that enhance Tech power can be created from separate items and
    extra slots can be added to Armour and Frames with the correct item.  Weapons
    can also be upgraded with new special abilities in some online mode quests.
    - Letter from Lionel, Soul of a Blacksmith, The Retired Hunter and Soul of
    Steel are now included in the offline quests. There are no online download
    quests as yet, but new online quests are available, one picking up the Sue,
    Bernie, Kireek events and introducing a whole new area.
    - Many weapons, armourments and items have been tweaked and changed.  Grind
    limits have changed on many weapons and some weapons have changed class, for
    example the twin blade ELYSION is now a Sabre type with a MST requirement and
    SPREAD NEEDLES can no longer be equipped by Hunters.
    - Ultimate mode offline is not quite as evil and unfair as the DC version is.
    **************************** 2) THE BASICS *****************************
    a) What's New?
    Phantasy Star Online Version 2 contains everything the original game had with
    some significant additions.  These are:
    1) A new offline Difficulty Mode - Ultimate difficulty that contains new
    2) New online play modes.  Battle Mode, which allows players to fight each
    other, and Challenge mode, which times your speed in completing the game.
    There is also a fun game called Go Go Ball, which can be played, in the online
    3) New online and downloadable quests available.
    4) Players can now level up to level 200.
    5) Force Characters can now learn spells up to level 30 rather than the
    previous level 15.  As other magic using ranger and hunter characters can still
    only learn up to level 15 this removes the significant weakness from PSO 1
    Force characters.
    6) Androids can now set traps in Ultimate mode.
    7) There are new items and weapons available.
    8) Weapons can be equipped via the R2 shortcut menu.  Items and Techniques can
    also be accessed here now.
    9) If you have 100,000 meseta in your characters inventory when you continue a
    game (not stored in the bank), you can visit the Dressing room.  For 100,000
    meseta you can change your characters costume and hairdo or body colour and
    head type if you are an android.
    The two versions of the game are entirely compatible. PSO version 1 players can
    play online with PSO version 2 players in PSO 1 games.  However if PSO version
    2 players create a PSO 2 game online then only PSO 2 players can join in.
    Its also worth noting that if you have a character you wish to convert from PSO
    to PSO v2 then you should store any unequipped items at the bank.  When I
    converted my character I lost my entire unequipped inventory, which ticked me
    off as the manual contained no warning of this and I had a rather good Holy
    Lance that I lost. You will also lose any "hacked" weapons or items.  Basically
    if you have any weapons ground past their normal limit they will disappear.
    Is it worth upgrading to Version 2 if you have PSO version 1?  I considered
    this carefully at first (being a thrifty sort), but I can safely say the answer
    is yes, yes and thrice yes! The new difficulty mode is almost like an entirely
    new game.  The new online play modes are endlessly fun and exciting and the
    character balance has been sorted out so people don't just go for Hunter types
    all the time.
    In the USA players must pay-to-play.  This involves buying a Hunters License
    from sega, which lasts for 90 days and can be renewed as long as you want to
    keep playing online.
    In Europe the situation is different.  Here players can play online for free.
    However before US players get hysterical, please remember that UK players don't
    get flat rate free local calls as standard.  We have to pay extra for that.  If
    you can't set up a free ISP via your DC then you must pay local per minute call
    rates to play.
    In the UK you need Dream Key version 3 to get online with PSO v2.  This should
    come as standard with any copy of PSO v2 you buy.  You should set up the
    internet access first by going online with the browser disc then copying the
    dreamkey file to whichever memory card you are using to play with.
    If you can't set up an ISP via Dreamkey 3.0 (i.e. you are an AOL user) but
    still want to play online and either don't mind the call charges or have
    something like BT Anytime, Sega have provided a local call rate number you can
    use to go online with: 0845 604 1482 (User Name: sega, Password: sega).
    The most important part of any game of this type is creating a character that
    you will feel comfortable playing as for long periods of time.  PSO offers
    three "races" and three job types, which combine to offer nine character types
    to choose from.  Each has their own strengths and weaknesses and like me you'll
    probably start off trying several before settling with one or two characters
    you really want to build up.  You can only save one character per VMU or memory
    card, BUT I would recommend purchasing one of those third party "four page"
    memory cards.  I have two of these and they are extremely reliable.  Each page
    is read by the DC as an entirely separate entity, so I can store four
    characters on each card.  It also makes life easier when downloading the
    offline quests.
    The races are as follows:
    HUMAN - These are the basic "good all-round" characters.  They can use magic
    (techniques) and have well-rounded stat growth.  They also come in all three
    job flavours.
    NEWMAN - These are more magic orientated characters.  They tend to lack
    physical power but have excellent mental faculties and good defence and can use
    techniques to devastating effect.
    ANDROIDS - These can't use any magic techniques at all, but compensate with the
    ability to spot traps.  They are also immune to poison and paralysis (though
    can suffer "shock paralysis in the Mines).  They have high attack power and HP.
    The jobs are as follows:
    HUNTER - Excel in close range combat.  Experts in hand-to-hand combat, they can
    also use pistols and techniques to add long range attacks.
    RANGERS - The most accurate fighters in the game.  Rangers provide support with
    a range of high-powered rifles and pistols.
    FORCE - masters of techniques, Force characters can learn magic up to the
    highest levels.  Can heal, cast support magic and powerful offensive spells.
    The nine character types that result are listed below, along with the Maximum
    stats each type can achieve.  There is no real "best" type; each one suits a
    certain style of play.  For example playing as an Android means you don't have
    to watch your step checking for traps, but in the harder modes offline the
    inability to cast offence/defence raising magic can slow you down a lot.
    Playing as a Force means you have access to tremendous magic power, but the
    lack of Hit Points can be unnerving when monsters can lay you out in one blow.
    If you like to play it safe rather than getting stuck in up close then you may
    prefer a Ranger, being able to blow things away from a great distance.
    Whatever you choose, remember the dynamic of your character can change a great
    deal from online to offline.  Whereas offline your android may struggle from
    lack of heal and stat raising magic, online with a Human or Newman in tow you
    can get stuck in!  For them having you get up close and personal means they can
    stay out of physical danger and concentrate on using magic without having to
    keep running away!  That's an oversimplification, but its worth bearing in mind
    if you feel you are getting nowhere with the game offline.  I know I found the
    whole PSO experience falling into place when I finally got online and became
    part of a team.
    When you create character, it doesn't matter how large or small they are, they
    will still do the same damage etc.  Creating an itty bitty Hunewearl and seeing
    her wield a gigantic sword is always good comedy!  It also pains me to say
    this, but no matter what sex you are in real life, if you create a female
    character, you WILL get chatted up in the online lobbies.  Especially if you
    have a Hunewearl character. It can be quite funny, but also annoying as well,
    so be warned.
    a) HUcast - Hunter + Android
    My own personal favourite type.  Hucast's have the highest attacking power of
    all the characters.  They can use no techniques, but can use a variety of
    different weapons.  They excel with close combat ones though.
    HP:   2012
    TP:   0
    ATP:  1611
    DFP:  601
    MST:  0
    ATA:  181
    EVP:  818
    LUCK: 100
    b) HUmar - Hunter + Human
    My second favourite type to use.  The HUmar is probably the best character for
    beginners to use.  They can use close combat weapons, pistols and can learn
    HP:   1670
    TP:   912
    ATP:  1404
    DFP:  506
    MST:  713
    ATA:  161
    EVP:  702
    LUCK: 100
    c) HUnewearl - Hunter + Newman
    Higher technique points and good offensive technique skills, low on HP though.
    HP:   1558
    TP:   1185
    ATP:  1150
    DFP:  433
    MST:  986
    ATA:  164
    EVP:  799
    LUCK: 100
    d) RAmar - Ranger + Human
    Another balanced character type.  Can use all guns and a variety of attack and
    defensive orientated techniques.
    HP:   1770
    TP:   955
    ATP:  1037
    DFP:  431
    MST:  756
    ATA:  210
    EVP:  737
    LUCK: 100
    e) RAcast - Ranger + Android
    Excellent attack accuracy and power. Can use all guns but no techniques.
    HP:   2214
    TP:   0
    ATP:  1267
    DFP:  606
    MST:  0
    ATA:  222
    EVP:  751
    LUCK: 100
    f) RAcaseal - Ranger + Android
    Has the best attack accuracy of any character, although attack power is lower
    than the RAcast, she has higher evasion.
    HP:   2140
    TP:   0
    ATP:  1214
    DFP:  558
    MST:  0
    ATA:  230
    EVP:  830
    LUCK: 100
    g) FOmarl - Force + Human
    The most balanced of the Forces.  Can use all techniques and has the most HP.
    HP:   1469
    TP:   2209
    ATP:  865
    DFP:  421
    MST:  1274
    ATA:  158
    EVP:  616
    LUCK: 100
    h) FOnewm - Force + Human
    Has the highest level of Technique points and best defence of all the Forces.
    HP:   1431
    TP:   2430
    ATP:  735
    DFP:  490
    MST:  1421
    ATA:  141
    EVP:  637
    LUCK: 100
    i) FOnewearl - Force + Newman
    Physically the weakest character in the game but counters that with having the
    most powerful level of mental strength.
    HP:   1398
    TP:   2709
    ATP:  579
    DFP:  401
    MST:  1607
    ATA:  148
    EVP:  688
    LUCK: 100
    When writing the following walkthrough, you should bear in mind that I have
    mostly played as Hunter characters.  However in my observations of other
    players online I have tried to provide a balanced guide to battle whatever
    character you choose to play as.
    When you begin a game of PSO you will have quests available to complete at the
    Hunters Guild.  Completing certain missions will unlock new ones.  You don't
    actually have to do any of the missions, but it is highly recommended that you
    do so as they help you gain valuable experience, and break up the monotony of
    replaying the four areas until you have levelled up enough to progress.
    With this in mind I have laid out this guide with quest walkthroughs for each
    area, the final part of each section guide is advice on killing that Boss
    character so you can unlock the next area, this include Boss tactics per
    difficulty mode.  I have noticed a certain "randomisation" in map layouts as
    well, which is why the guides are not detailed room-by-room walkthroughs (I got
    very lost following one in a PSO version 1 FAQ, when I realised I had actually
    started in a different position to the author).
    In fact most quests are very simple, you must progress to a point decreed by
    your Employer.  On the way you must unlock rooms by either clearing them of all
    enemies or activating buttons or switches in nearby rooms.  The Area map is
    your best friend; use it to return to doors and rooms with switches you may
    have missed if you find your progression is halted.
    The joy of PSO is in exploring and finding new weapons and items.  You can also
    use the items you collect to sell on to raise meseta to fund purchases of
    things like recovery items.  Most weapons and armour you should pick up as you
    adventure.  I never bought stuff from the weapon or armour shop.  But as a keen
    Mag raiser (see MAG section) I spent a fortune on items to feed them with.
    Make sure you have plenty of telepipes especially when exploring the caves, as
    you will want to telepipe back to sell up and stock up many times.
    ********************** 3) GAME WALKTHRU - FOREST ***********************
    As your first area to explore the Forest is straightforward. There are two
    sections, with the second half of Forest 2 being accessible only via a warp
    ********************** a) HUNTERS GUILD QUESTS *************************
    This first quest is designed to introduce you to the concept of Mags and to
    introduce a couple of PSO NPC's.  First you'll talk to Garon who will tell you
    that he has lost a valuable commodity down on Ragol.
    Warp down and explore Forest 1 until you come across a pink RAsceal called
    Eleanor.  Talk to her and answer "I was looking for it".  She will now join you
    and as you explore she will tell you more about mags (see Mag section for more
    details on Mags).
    Return to the Pioneer teleport area and you'll see a glittery object on the
    ground nearby.  Walk up to it and you'll have found the missing Mag.  Talk to
    Eleanor again, then return to Pioneer 2 and talk to Garon.  Visit the Guild
    counter to complete the quest.
    You are hired to find a man called Racton who has gone down to Ragol.  Warp
    down to Forest 1 and as you get close by you'll see an arrow appear on you map.
     This is Racton.  Talk to him and he will only come if you can find three
    capsules he has left lying about.
    Head up and right to acquire the first capsule, which is, a glittery object
    lying on the ground. Go back to the area with Racton in it and go past him and
    to the left into the next area.  Work you way round until you find the next
    Finally the last capsule is located by the teleport to Pioneer 2, collect it
    and return to Racton.  Talk to him, then uses the telepipe to return to the
    ship.  Talk to his son and claim your reward.
    You are hired to find a data disk and a young hunter called Ash.  You should
    first talk to Kireek the HUcast by the door, then return and talk to Zid.  Now
    you both warp down.  The purpose of this quest is mainly to give you
    instructions in how to battle.
    Kireek will explain how to perform combo hits and also how to use the target
    colours to decide on the most effective attacks. As you progress, check your
    area map and Ash will show up as an arrow.  Make your way over and talk to him,
    then walk towards the glowing object.  Collect the disk and fight off the
    wolves then return to Ash.  Talk to Kireek and then use the pipe to return to
    the ship.  Talk to Ash and Zid then claim your reward.
    After completing this mission further ones will open up. Now you can play
    "value of Money", "Journalistic Pursuit", "Fake in Yellow", "Native Research"
    and "Gran Squall".
    This is a quick quest.  Basically you must go and persuade a reluctant man not
    to spend all his cash on weapons.  Go and find him pacing in the shop area.
    Answer "I don't understand" and "Because you're a fool".  Now return to the
    wife talk to her, then return and talk to him.  Finally return to the wife and
    you can then collect the reward.
    Your mission is to squire about a young journalist called Nol around the Forest
    areas without letting her get killed.  She is pretty good at keeping her self
    healed as long as you don't let her get overwhelmed by monsters.
    First make your way through Forest 1, as you go Nol will halt and make
    observations.  Soon you'll reach a red transporter, which will take you to a
    new area, Forest 2.   Use it and carry on exploring.
    You'll pass an area with a "weather station" in it, Nol will point it out to
    you.  You can't get across yet as the bridge is out.  In the next area a switch
    (a red glowing post) can be activated to bring the bridge up.  Return to the
    weather station and examine it.  Walk away from it and Nol will decide its time
    to return to Pioneer 2.  So use the pipe back and collect the reward.
    This is another easy quest.  The only enemies you have to face are Rag Rappies.
     Warp down and take out all the Rappies, you'll keep coming across one you can
    talk to.  Each time though he will disappear.  Work your way around taking out
    the Rappies as you go until finally you will be able to talk to the last rappy
    and he won't disappear.  Keep talking to him until he reveals himself to be the
    Professor you were sent to find.  Now use the pipe and return to claim your
    Alicia the scientist has hired you to collect data on the five types of
    creature that roam the forest area.  For this ou must visit Forest 1 and 2 and
    kill enough of each type within 20 minutes.  Basically it works out at 5
    Boomas, 4 Savage Wolves, 3 Rag Rappies, 2 Monests and 1 Hildebear.
    In Forest 1 you can find the Rag Rappies and Booma easily.  But don't miss the
    Monest that appears in a dead end section with a blue force field.  When you
    get to Forest 2 you can find the second Monest in one of the small areas off
    the big "lakeside" section.  Kill everything in the main body of that section
    to gain access to the lakeside and you'll meet a Hildebear.  Kill that and its
    mission complete and handily there is a transporter back to Pioneer 2 nearby.
    Talk to Alicia then collect your Reward.
    You can now access the new mission "Forest of Sorrow"
    Now Alica wants you to take her down to Ragol.  Again you should protect her,
    but she can heal you if things get bad and keep herself healthy as well.
    First take her to Forest 2.  Once there lead her to the area with the bridge
    and weather station.   Go into the next area to activate the bridge and also go
    into the small area leading off it where you will find an injured baby
    Hildebear (doh, cute!). "Talk" to it and it will disappear.
    Now return to the weather station and examine it.  Alicia will make some
    comments about the animals.  Now make your way to the large lakeside area and
    make for the area off to the left that usually contains the warp up to the
    upper section of Forest 2.  You'll be attacked by about six Hildebears, after
    you have fought them off, head down to the far end and you'll find the baby
    Hildebear again. Alicia will ask you if she should take it back to the ship. It
    doesn't matter what you answer, she won't do it.  Now return to Pioneer 2, and
    collect the reward.
    This is a fairly straightforward quest.  You are contracted to find survivors
    of a ship the "Gran Squall".  As you progress you will find all is not what it
    seems.  First make your way through Forest 2 until you find a RAmar called
    Bernie.  He is found usually in one of the dead end areas.  Talk to him and say
    you believe the story.  He will join you.  You need him anyway as soon you will
    come to a jammed door and only Bernie can open it.
    Warp to Forest 2 and make your way to the warp pad that takes you up to the
    raised area.  You will face a heavy wave of enemies, but Bernie is pretty tough
    and in the early difficulties, quite powerful. Once you have cleared the area
    make you way to where the dragon teleport usually is.  You'll see a girl lying
    unconscious. Bernie says he will take care of it, so use the pipe back to
    Pioneer 2 and claim your reward... you'll meet Bernie again.
    **************** b) DEFEATING THE DRAGON/SIL DRAGON ********************
    Before taking on any boss, drop a telepipe just before the Boss Warp.  This
    will save time returning to battle if you get killed.  Keep dropping one each
    time you have to go in and confront it.
    DRAGON (Normal/Hard/V.Hard) - This first boss is fairly straightforward and I
    was around level 5 (Hunter) when I took him out.  Its attack pattern is slow
    and predictable.  It will land and walk towards the middle of the arena, if you
    run around the side of it you will avoid being blasted by its fire breath.  It
    will then sit itself down so make sure you aren't underneath it or you will get
    squashed.  The dragon has targets across its body, but you will find its legs
    the easiest to attack.  Get in close and hack away with your most powerful
    weapons/techniques.  After a minute or so it will rise up and fly into the air,
    if you are packing a long-range weapon you can keep hitting it as it rises.
    It will dive down under the ground and burrow out from the middle at high
    speed; you can track its progress on your radar.  Just keep moving and you
    should avoid taking a hit.  Once it reappears, just repeat the steps above.
    You should make sure you stay to the right of the dragon as when it dies it
    will topple over to the left and can squish you.  Once it its dead walk around
    the outside of the area and collect the items from the boxes then use the
    teleport to return to Pioneer 2.  Once back you MUST go and talk to the
    principal, this is the only way to gain access to the next area, the Caves.
    SIL DRAGON (Ultimate) - Although this dragon looks pretty impressive in the new
    snowbound arena, its actually virtually identical in tactics to the Dragon.  It
    moves faster and is tougher obviously but it shouldn't cause you too much
    grief. However just watch out for it when it dives under ground.  As well as
    burrowing out it a straight line, it will also spiral inwards under ground as
    *********************** 4) GAME WALKTHRU - CAVES ***********************
    The Caves are the largest area in the game.  Three large maps to navigate
    around.  Plenty of telepipes are recommended as you get deeper inside.  You
    will also face traps here for the first time.  These take the form of floating
    mines that can explode in your face or poison you.  Androids can see and target
    them.  Everyone else won't see them until they are right up close, so Trap
    Vision is a must.
    There is one thing to be aware of; on your first time through the Caves it is
    likely you will do the Quests in order.  However the download quest "Soul of
    Steel" has two different endings.  To get the "good" ending, you need to leave
    two of the caves quests (Waterfall Tears/Black Paper) until after you have done
    two Mines Quests (Docs Secret Plan + Unsealed Door).  But you can choose to do
    this on another difficulty setting if you wish. (See the Download Quests -
    "Soul of Steel" for full details).
    The same goes for the quest for the Soul Eater weapon.  These also require
    these quest to be undertaken in this order.  You also can't acquire the Soul
    Eater, or see the good ending to Soul of Steel in the same difficulty mode.
    (see "Special Weapons Quests" in the Weapons Section)
    ********************** a) HUNTERS GUILD QUESTS *************************
    This is a simple quest, but a long one.  You have to make your way through the
    caves, into Caves 3. Once in caves 3 you need to hunt down the Cake Sisters.
    They are usually found in one of the large (one exit bottom, two exits top)
    rooms located on the right side of the map.
    Once you find them, buy a cake off them and return via a pipe.  Talk to the
    girl and get your reward at the counter.
    This is another simple quest, but can become tricky in higher difficulty modes.
     You have to chaperone a fat woman called Cicil down into one of Caves 2
    waterfall caves.  She says she has got fat using recovery items so would like
    to get down there without using any.
    So you have to keep Cicil out of trouble.  She can actually use magic and heal
    herself, but if you let her die then its mission failed.  Try and let her
    sustain as little amount of damage as possible as I think she may declare the
    mission over of she has to heal up too many times as well (I am not totally
    sure).  The easiest way is to stay close to doorways, so she will be out of
    harms way.  It may result in slow progress, but her health drops alarmingly
    when surrounded vicious Pal Sharks or the Lilies on Ultimate difficulties that
    like to Megid you.  If you are a Hunter, I recommend you get a good long
    distance weapon.  You'll need it!
    Once you reach the right cave Cicil will let you know.  Just use the pipe to
    return and talk to the newly slim Cicil to end the mission and then claim your
    This is a bit more complex than the missions thus far.  You are instructed to
    find an android who has stopped transmitting or something and input YN-0117.
    You have 45 minutes in which to do it.  You want to get yourself down to Caves
    2 as quickly as possible.  In caves 1 you'll meet Bernie again who'll mutter
    about another code.  To get access to the warp down to caves 2 you need to find
    a room with a green arrow in it (an android in an alcove).  You can talk to the
    androids you find, YN-0117 will have no effect and using the code Bernie gave
    you - EM-05, will make them attack.  Best leave them alone.  However past this
    first android you'll find the warp down to Caves 2.
    Now for this mission the layout of Caves 2 has been changed drastically.  You
    will spot the missing android fairly quickly, she is lying slumped across the
    water in one of the waterfall rooms and the door that would appear to lead
    around to her is locked.  But to get to her you must access a warp point.  If
    you travel across the Southwest corner of the room you'll find a maze of small
    rooms with androids in and switch rooms off to the sides.  Switch all the
    switches then return to the room across from where you saw the stricken
    android.  Go through the door and you'll be able to warp over and get to her.
    Input YN-0117 and you'll wake the android up.  It's Eleanor!  She'll thank you,
    then disappear.  Use a Pipe to return to Pioneer 2, talk to the scientist and
    then claim your meseta!
    This is a very straightforward Quest and you will have Matha for help (can cast
    Poie and Anti).  Simply follow the Butlers messages (the lights on the ground)
    down into Caves 2. The final message is located in one of the waterfall caves
    on the top left side of the area map.  Once its read open the next door and
    walk into the corridor.  Your companion will decide to finish the mission, so
    return and claim your reward.
    Your mission now is to locate Kroes twin sister a hunter who has gone missing
    in the caves. When you beam down two people will attack you.  They are weak and
    a few hits will take down the first and both will disappear. The next room is
    FULL of traps, so make sure you have trap vision. In fact as your quarry Anna
    is a trap setter, be prepared for a high number on this quest.
    Make your way to caves 2, and check your Area Map.  You will see three arrows
    on the map.  Make you way to the Yellow Arrow and you will find Anna.  She will
    attack you, so defeat her, talk to her, then take the pipe back for a reward.
    Now you can access the quest "Black Paper"
    Kroe has a message for you.  She is down in the caves, so read the instructions
    on the quest board.  She is in the caves room "where I can see a big hall that
    looks outside".  So make your way down to caves 2.  When you reach the small
    room with rocks and four exits in it, take the east one.  You'll wind up going
    north to a small waterfall room.  You'll see Kroe, Black Paper and a Hunter.
    Krow and Black Paper will run off, so defeat the Hunter then carry onto caves
    Check your map and you will see some arrows right ahead.  When you reach the
    room though they will rush off again.  Check your map to see they have moved
    eastwards.  Work your way around until you reach that room.  Here you'll find
    Kroe who has defeated Black Paper.  Talk to her, then pipe back for the reward.
    ************************** b) DEFEATING DE ROL LE *********************
    DE ROL LE (Normal/Hard/Very Hard)  De Rol Le drove me completely mad when I
    first played the game.  Fighting him often involves standing around dodging
    stuff, until you get a chance to hit him, it's basically a war of attrition.
    You will be on a small raft running at speed.  De Rol Le takes the form of a
    big beetley-snake thing.  He will race at speed behind, in front and to the
    sides of you.  If you have long-range magic and weapons you can target him and
    hit him then.  When he is front and behind he will put spiky things onto the
    raft, which you must destroy before the blow up.  As he passes down the sides
    he will fire purple gas at you which you should dodge.
    After this attack pattern he will beach his head on the raft, so time to take
    out your most powerful close range weapon (this is about the only time Hunters
    can really be effective against him). Hack away at his head but try and dodge
    the antennae he will thrust into you.
    After that he rear up behind the raft and sweep it with a purple beam.  Then
    the lights will go out and he will float above you pummelling you with rocks,
    after that he will fire the spiky things onto the raft and the cycle begins
    Rangers probably have the easiest time here, powerful rifles mean they can
    target him at most points of his attack run.  Hunters and Forces can use
    pistols, but time may be better spent healing up.  Forces tend to suffer most
    from De Rols powerful physical attacks, so cast Deband.  Foie tends to work
    well at a distance and when he beaches you can target all nine body parts with
    GiFoie and Rafoie!  You'll know you are making progress when his skull head
    breaks off.
    DAL RE LIE - (Ultimate) Well phooey, after the impressve changes made to the
    look of the Dragon, I expected better than this.  Basically he looks like DE
    ROL LE but without his skull head from the start.  Obviously tougher, with more
    HP, he has no new attacks; just his old ones ramped up to super destructive
    levels.  I hate this Boss, so take plenty of Scape Dolls and hopefully you have
    a mag by now that can invince you otherwise you may have problems.
    ********************** 5) GAME WALKTHRU - MINES ************************
    Now you must face the mines, there are many traps here and androids should
    beware, they can be afflicted by Shock Paralysis here.  For some reason there
    seems to be more grinders here than in other areas and you are more likely to
    find new mags as well.
    ********************** a) HUNTERS GUILD QUESTS *************************
    This mission is a straightforward one.  Elly has got messages from a person
    called Calus and wants to find out what has happened to him.  She accompanies
    you on the mission.  You will start at once side of Mines 1 and you must work
    your way across the map to the far end. There are four pressure pads located on
    four areas surrounding a square area with some boxes.  Stand on any of these
    areas and you'll see the others across the gaps.  You must work you way around
    to activate them all.
    Once those are all depressed they will open a small room with a switch that
    opens the room furthest right on the map.  This has a computer in it.  Once it
    and Elly have talked its mission over and back to Pioneer 2 for a reward.
    Now you have to find Dr. Ostos research contained on a computer in Mines 2.
    You first need to find Sue who will show up as an arrow on the map.  You will
    need her help to open a jammed door a bit further on (in one of the large
    square rooms).  Make your way through Mines 2.  I remove the purple barriers
    blocking access to the computer room (its at the end of the room full of
    tubes), use the switch found in a small room off the top of the large room that
    connects to the tube room.
    Once you have collected the data, Sue will ask you your name.  If you don't
    tell her, you can access the extra quest for the "Soul Eater" weapon.  If you
    do tell her your name then you can find out more about her and Bernie in the
    same quests as the soul eater ones, but instead you will be able to see the
    true ending to the "Soul of Steel" download quest.  You can do one path in one
    difficulty mode and one in another though.
    Now pipe back up to claim your reward.
    Now you can access the quest - "Unsealed Door".
    Now you have to return to the computer again, this time with Dr. Mome in tow.
    He is a total pain.  He likes to wander in front of enemies, has a lame little
    gun and is terrible at healing himself.  If you are an android its time to
    break out the Star Atomizers to keep him healthy.
    First quickly make your way back to the computer ypu and Sue visited.  You'll
    find both Bernie and Sue here depending on what path of that story you are
    following.  Once Mome has examined the computer you are to head up to Mines 1.
    There is a warp in the small room a couple of rooms back.  Take it and your in
    Mines 1.
    Now you must work your way though Mines 1 until you reach a warp marked
    "Underground Passage". Check you have lots of healing items for you and Mome as
    using this will send you into battle against De Rol Lee.
    Keeping Mome alive is your priority.  If you are quite strong and heavily
    armoured by now, use yourself as shield; you can definitely take more
    punishment than mome.  In one game De Rol killed him with one tentacle hit!
    Tactics against Del Rol are the same as before, just keep watching Momes
    health!  Once you have killed it, warp back up for your reward.
    *********************** b) DEFEATING VOL OPT **************************
    VOL OPT (Normal/Hard/Very hard)
    Vol Opt is an easy boss to beat.  He will circle you via the screens; shoot the
    red screens until he disappears. Also shoot down the thing on the ceiling as
    well.  When pillars rise up, shoot the red one.  When they lower shoot the
    central structure again.  Vol Opt will reappear on the screens, so repeat until
    all the screens blow out.
    Now a big mechanical creature will appear.  He will fire three missiles at you,
    which will miss if you keep running.  Next he will target you with a laser
    beam, keep running and three legs will stomp down one after the other.  Stay
    moving and they will miss.  Now run up and shoot him or use your best Technique
    or melee weapon.
    When the centre section powers up, run away from the energy ball it fires at
    you. If it hits you, you'll get stuck in a cage and be unable to attack.  Now
    repeat the process, attacking when you can. When his sides fall off, he won't
    be able to use the trap move.  Once Vol Opt is dead, warp to the next area.
    You'll find out that the entrance to the ruins is blocked.  You must revisit
    each area and activate the columns similar to the one beside the ruins
    VOL OPT ver 2 (Ultimate). Well phooey again, Vol Opt 2 is more or less
    identical to Vol Opt 1.  Tougher and faster, but his attacks and attack
    patterns are still all the same.  He looks a bit knobblier in his final form,
    but its not big difference.
    ********************** 6) GAME WALKTHRU - RUINS ***********************
    To access the Ruins find the column in each of the three areas.  They have some
    randomisation but always turn up in Area 2.  So look in Forest 2, Caves 2,
    Mines 2.  The forest one tends to be either by the lake, in a small room off
    the main lake area or near where the warp up to the second level is.  The caves
    one is often found in one of the waterfall caves or one of the small rooms
    towards the exit to caves 3.  The Mines one can be a bit harder to find, but
    search thoroughly. Once you have activated the last column (they vibrate and
    light up), carry on and fight Vol Opt again.  Once he is dead again, warp to
    the passage and walk into the newly opened entrance to the ruins.  Once you are
    in they will be added to the destination list on the main Pioneer 2
    The Ruins contain some ferocious enemies and traps that fall from the ceiling
    which need a friend to get you out of with out damage, at the end of the ruins
    is the final Boss Dark Falz.  Luckily the ruins also have lots of great items,
    especially on higher difficulties!
    ********************** a) HUNTERS GUILD QUESTS *************************
    Big hatted Doc. Montague has a job for you.  He wants you and Elenor to warp
    down to Ruins 1 and kill lots of monsters in three designated test area.  Make
    sure you are up to taking on masses of powerful monsters as you will get
    everything thrown at you here!
    Basically proceed through the Ruins and when Elenor declares a test area is
    reached, destroy everything that comes at you.  Elenor is tough and strong but
    is reluctant to leave a battle once started.  So keep plenty of Star Atomizers
    to hand and watch both your health levels.
    Fairly soon you should have all the info Doc. Needs and its time to telepipe
    back for your reward.
    Time to team up with another sexy female android, Shino.  Shino has lost her
    master down on Ragol and needs you to accompany her down there.  You'll warp
    down to Ruins 1, and pretty soon Shino will say he is not on this level. SO
    seek out the warp to Ruins 2.  Shino is quite weak and also has a tendency to
    stay put in a big fight.  The best option is to try and keep her safe in a
    doorway, while you destroy the enemies.  If she dies, its mission over.
    At some point during the Mission, pipe back to Pioneer 2 and talk to the Tekker
    standing by the shops.  He will tell you about the legendary swords. Now when
    you reach Zoke, you should get his fourth blade (see Weapons Side Quests -
    Once you make it to Ruins 2 keep exploring.  The rooms will shake as you get
    closer and soon Shino will find his missing Swords.  Zoke is lying injured is a
    huge room, just before that room is another injured hunter.  Get ready for a
    big fight.  The enemies won't appear until you get close to Zoke. Try edging
    forward the running back as they appear to keep Shino out of harms way.
    Once you have taken out the last lot of dark gunners you can talk to Zoke.
    After that its time to pipe up and claim your meseta.
    This quest sees you penetrating the depths of the ruins in search of a missing
    research team.  You should make your way through Ruins 1, on the way you'll
    meet strange possessed humans. Carry on through Ruins 2 to Ruins 3.  You'll
    meet up with an old friend - Ash! Remember him? You and Kireek rescued him
    waaay back in the Battle Training Quest.  He is stronger now and a worthy
    With him in tow make you way to the room with a raised area in the centre.
    This has a computer on it you need to access.  Look for switches nearby to open
    the door leading to the warp you need to sue to warp up there.  Once up there,
    use the computer and then talk to Ash.  With that your mission is over and time
    to pipe back up to claim your reward!
    Now you will find that if you have completed all the quests, they will all
    become available to replay as much as you like.  This is useful for getting
    Akikos Frying Pan!
    ********************** b) DEFEATING DARK FALZ *************************
    DARK FALZ - (Normal) Dark Falz on normal mode is pretty easy to beat.  I was
    level 33 HUCast with a Spread Needle and took him down quickly.  First spinning
    spikey things will surround you.  Destroy the pink ones to avoid damage.  When
    they are gone, Dark Falz will appear.  He has three heads on his lower body so
    concentrate your strongest attacks on the right hand head.  This head throws
    out mines so you can quickly destroy them.
    When the head is killed he will take a second form.  A huge fan will grow out
    of his back.  He will begin to move round the perimeter of the area.  Chase
    after him and attack the bulbous base when he stops.  He will attack with his
    arms and with a purple light field.  They are tricky to avoid, and can hit for
    about 150HP each time. Keep close to him or the fire bomb attack will strike
    twice and kill you!  Keep at it and soon Dark Falz will fall.  Collect the
    goodies and step into the Warp.  There is no proper ending, damn!  After the
    credits roll save and you can start again in the next difficulty level!
    DARK FALZ - (Hard/V.hard/Ultimate)
    Dark Falz first two forms behave in the same way as in Normal mode, so the same
    tactics apply.  However once you kill the second form and new and far nastier
    third form will appear!
    He will rise up into the air, a sort of blue thing with big arms.  He will be
    in the middle of a hoop of light, which is what you will be standing on.  His
    attacks take this pattern.  He will float down at your level for a few seconds
    where you can attack him with melee weapons.  He will swipe at you with his
    huge bladed hands.  He will then rise up and fire energy balls at you, which
    can be dodged.  He will also zap you with a powerful beam, which seems to be
    undodgeable.  AS the fight progresses he will also do a nasty attack where he
    drags your "soul" out of your body.  When this happens no-one should attack him
    as this will result in death!  Wait until your spirit returns then attack him.
    He will also go all shiny and this is when he is invulnerable. So you can only
    attack him when he is dark blue, when he goes all shimmery, forget it.  This
    can be a nasty fight, especially of you are on your own.  Scape Dolls and a
    high level mag that can cast invincibility and revive you are good items to
    have especially when taking him on it V.Hard and Ultimate.  I would recommend
    Level 80 as a good guide for taking him on in V.Hard.  I managed to beat him at
    level 63 (thank you Soniti mag), but found myself totally outclassed in
    Ultimate mode by everything... even the Mothverts!
    ************************ 7) DOWNLOADABLE QUESTS ***********************
    Memory Blocks:
    Items available from quest: Weapon
    This is a pretty lame quest.  Basically the blacksmith wants you to bring him
    three items to make a weapon.  The items are Miwonite, dragons fang and a
    mineral.  Warp down to Forest 1, you'll find the Miwonite by the river.  Carry
    onto the Dragon Boss.  You'll gain the Dragons Fang when you kill it.  Finall
    go to the caves. You will find Red mineral in caves 1, Geen mineral in caves 2
    and Blue mineral in caves 3.
    Return to the Blacksmith when you have the mineral you want and he will make a
    weapon for you. The different minerals will give a different element of weapon.
     Red gives you a Fire weapon, Green a Frost and Blue a Freeze. All are low
    level weapons and not much cop.  I believe in the Japanese version you can get
    a rare weapon (godhand, suppressed gun, technical crozier) by picking Blue
    Mineral.  But I have not tested this.  Go to the Guild counter to end the
    Memory Blocks: 57
    Items available from quest: None
    This is a fairly straightforward quest.  Poor old Lionel the android has been
    pulled to pieces.  It's your job to find all his bits!
    After you take the quest, read the clue to where his first bit is in the Quest
    Board.  He is actually in one of the side areas to the large area in Forest 2.
    You'll notice when you arrive there that it stays locked.  You need to go and
    talk to the RAmar in the area that usually contains a warp up to the raised
    area.  Now warp up and then down, and you will see a sparkly object.  Its
    Lionels Head and one arm!  You can talk to it now in the Quest board.
    His other parts are found in the following places:
    1) Talk to Lionels head and he will say he is in a monsters stomach.  Return to
    the previously locked room in Forest 2 and kill the Hildebear/Hidelt that
    appears.  This will give you one of Lionel's arms.
    2) Talk to the arm, and then go and find the Legs in the River in Forest 1.
    3) Return to Forest 2 and go to where the Dragon Warp usually is, this time
    you'll warp to Caves 1.  make your way through into Caves 2, Lionel's other leg
    is about three rooms in.
    4) Reutrn to Pioneer 2 and find the RAmar up there.  Talk to him to get
    Lionel's torso.
    Now go to the Hunters Guild and talk to the restored Lionel before claiming
    your reward!
    Memory Blocks: 36
    Items available from quest: None (?)
    This is a simple Quest.  You are hired by Donoph a hunter who wants you to help
    him defeat 99 enemies.  He says he has 30 minutes to live, so you must defeat
    all the enemies in that time.  Answer "!!" to his question.
    Follow him down to Ruins 3 and methodically clear all the rooms of enemies.
    The final room requires you disable three force fields that have switches
    dotted about the level.  There is plenty of time so you should have no trouble
    if you have to do a bit of back tracking. One area in the Ruins is locked off.
    There aren't really any things for you to look out for, he is strong and can
    heal you and cure status ailments.  Just kill 99 enemies, then pipe back up.
    Now talk to the yellow Fomarl (Alicia), if you hear the "quest" chime, you can
    now beam down to Forest 2.  Here you should access the weather station by
    pressing the switch in the next area.  Read the message from Heath, then pipe
    back up.  You'll notice in Forest 2 and area is locked off.
    Talk to Alicia again then warp down to Ruins 3.  You'll see the words "Cough,
    Cough. Nearly done" as you walk forward.
    And then I am stumped!  Can't find Donoph, the ruins are deserted, can't work
    out how to unlock the areas in Forest 2 or Ruins 3.  So I returned and
    collected my meseta.  Humph.
    Memory Blocks:
    Items available from quest: MK 3 Mag (V.Hard, Ult)
    Your task here is to play Firefighter.  Listen to the instructions at the
    start.  You can't use techs or melee weapons, so arm yourself with a good gun
    and teleport down.  Putting out the fires is fairly straightforward. Simply
    keep shooting at them until they go out, if you have a Spread Needle this can
    speed things up greatly.  You can be damaged by the flames so don't get to
    close.  Each area remains locked off until you clear all fires, so it's fairly
    easy to see where to go next.  The person cowering behind a locked door refuses
    to come out until you rescue the injured person by the lake.  Other than that
    it's a cakewalk.
    If you want the Mk3 mag there are some conditions you need to fulfil.  First of
    all, when you rescue people you MUST put the fire out BEFORE you have them sent
    uo.  If you don't do this they will register as injured.  If you manage to get
    everyone out without injury (and you can take your time, there is no time
    pressure), you can take on a second half to the quest.
    You'll be asked to warp down and look for a Doctor.  First find and talk to
    someone in one of the areas of the main Forest 2 area.  Then carry on up into
    the next area to Find the Doctor surrounded by flames.  Four Hildebears will
    attack you; whatever difficulty the quest is in, these Hildebears will have
    ultimate stats.  Once you have managed to kill them all (it seems to be
    impossible to prevent the Doc being injured).  Pipe back.  Talk to the kid on
    Pioneer 2 to get "THE GLORY OF THE PAST".  If you visit the infirmary, you'll
    get a note from Lionel advising you to found out about it.
    There is a Tekker you need to get hold of.  He will be found wandering near the
    bank area, he is dressed in a grey/blue outfit.  If he is not there, keep
    telepiping back and forth between Pioneer 2 and the Forest until he does.  Once
    you talk to him he will Tek the GLORY OF THE PAST into the MK3 mag.
    Now go and claim your meseta reward.
    Memory Blocks: 96
    Items available from quest: None
    Now before you play this quest you need to have played through the SUE
    storyline and finished all quests.  This is what you need to have done to see
    the full ending (and in the same difficulty level)
    1) When doing the quest, "Dr. Osto's Research", tell SUE your name, unless you
    want the SOUL EATER. Then complete the quest.
    2) In the quest "Unsealed Door" first talk to Bernie, then find SUE, and talk
    to her. Then go back to the beginning of Mine 2 and talk to Bernie again.
    Choose to tell him what SUE told you. Complete the quest.
    3) Now do "WaterFall Tear", first speak to Sue on Pioneer 2 and ask her about
    Black Paper.  Now in the caves you will have to find Bernie. Talk to him, and
    complete the quest.
    4) Go and do "Black Paper".  First talk to Sue on Pioneer 2, it doesn't seem to
    matter what you ask her.  Then go to the caves and Bernie should be in the
    middle of nowhere, waiting for you. Talk with him, and finish the quest.
    Now when all quests are done, you should choose to do Soul of Steel, while
    playing Soul of Steel you must also get the MAG you are given to "move" three
    times as you go through the Mines, after all this you can get the extra, proper
    Once you choose to do the Soul of Steel Quest, you will find yourself reunited
    with Doc. Montague and Elenor.  Your task is to rescue Elenors twin sister Ult.
     AS you leave to go down to the Mines you will be confronted by a Soldier from
    WORKS who will warn you off. Then Elenor will give you a MAG CELL.  Now you all
    warp down to the Mines.
    The first room is small and throws everything at you, Gilchics, Canadines,
    Sinows and Garanz.  Luckily Doc. Montague and Elenor are both strong and
    powerful.  The Doc will heal you and Elenor and even cure paralysis.  But keep
    an eye on them and have healing to hand as if either die it's misson over.
    Once that's been cleared, head into the next large area and talk to the
    soldier.  Whatever you answer, he won't let you pass. Go find the Doc, who has
    gone into a side room. Talk to him and he will create a diversion.  You should
    all go up to the opposite corner and wait for the soldier to leave.  Once he
    has done, all sneak down through the barrier and into the next area.
    Examine the computer, and Doc. Will tell you some stuff.  Then the Mag will
    move for the first time.  Now you should walk forwards to the end of the room.
    When the screen fades to black briefly and there is a rumble you should check
    your map to see doc and Elenor have moved.  Go to where they are and a cut
    scene will occur.  Doc will tell her more about her special mag.  Then the mag
    you are carrying should move for the second time.  You can go talk to them or
    carry on looking for Ult.
    You'll encounter Ult. Now. Your task is to follow her.  She walks slowly so
    this task is not hard.  Once you have followed her far enough press the red
    light switch to open the door and she will be on the other side.  Now Doc and
    Elenor will arrive. She will disappear again.  Unlock the purple gate and carry
    on alone through the next few rooms. You have to make like Solid Snake and
    sneak past three sets of patrolling androids.  Watch their patrol patterns on
    the map and make sure you don't get in their line of sight.
    Once they have been avoided, you'll be in an open area where you must battle a
    WORKS soldier and two androids.  There are also a few Gilchics to take out.
    Once they are dealt with carry on to find Doc and Elenor.  If you did the Sue
    stuff and got the mag to move twice, then a short cut scene will occur.  Sue
    will talk to Doc and Elenor, then warp down to the mines.  The Mag you are
    carrying will move again and a glow will follow you briefly.
    WORKS have now activated the self-destruct and its up to you to disable it.
    You Elenor and Doc all warp to the Ruins.  Here you need to find the room that
    is a hollow square with the raised area with a computer on it.  Now destroy all
    the rocks blocking one pathway.
    Carry on that path way and you'll find a room with a red force field blocking
    the way.  You need to disable this using a timer switch in another location.
    Return to the square room and find a side room with a warp point in it. This
    takes you to a small room.  Leave this one and battle through the next one.
    You'll end up in a room with a red switch gate.  Before you press it, use the
    touch lamp switches to open the exit to the room.  Now press the timer switch
    and run as fats as you can to the room with the red force field.  You may need
    a couple of goes, but you have plenty of time.  Once through the force field,
    you can warp up to the PC and Doc will disable the self-destruct.
    Now you must catch Ult.  She is shown as a blue arrow.  Use the warp points to
    catch her on the long, thin section.  Talk to her.  Now at this point two
    things can happen.
    If you did not complete the "Sue" events in the game, you will get the short
    ending.  There will be a big explosion and you will wake up in the infirmary.
    All you can do now is read the letter from Doc. Montague and collect your
    meseta reward.
    If you did do the "Sue" events CORRECTLY then you will get some extra stuff.
    Now all hell will start breaking loose.  When you are offered choices. Choose
    "Rescue Elenor" and "No" x 3.  You can't really do anything but watch events
    unfold.   Soon you'll end up in the medical centre.  Talk to the nurse walking
    about then leave.  As you do a cut-scene occurs in the Hunters Guild.  Now go
    to the desk and claim your meseta.
    You can get an extra bit of ending.  As long as you said "No" to Doc. Montague
    three times.  Choose to do the "Soul of Steel" Quest again and this time you'll
    be greeted by a woman who says you have been asked for via the BEE system.
    Warp down to Forest 1 and meet Elenor in the place she was in "Magnitude of
    Metal".  Talk to her about everything. Then she will leave.  Pipe back up after
    her and enjoy the groovy music playing as you collect your meseta reward.
    Memory Blocks: 68
    Items available from quest: Chu Chu Mag, Kapu Mag, Angel Wing Mag, Devil Wing
    Mag, Hamburger Mag, GAMES MAGAZINE - weapon, CHU CHU FEVER - armour.
    This quest is only available to Japanese and EU players.  If you are playing in
    the EU you MUST set your games language settings to Japanese to be able to
    download and play this quest.
    After you dial up, select the download quest option and you'll get a list in
    Japanese of quests.  For your information the quests are as follows:
    Retired Hunter
    Letter from Lionel
    Soul of a Blacksmith
    PSO Cup Ver.2
    Central Dome Fire Swirl
    Soul of Steel
    Sunset at the Secret Base
    So choose the final option and download the quest.  Now you'll have to carry on
    playing with the language set to Japanese, or it won't recognise the quest
    file.  So go to the Hunters Guild and select it as usual from the Download
    Quest option.
    There are no enemies to fight in this quest.  You basically have to do a lot of
    talking to Rappy's.  The best things about this quest is the sheer number of
    goodies available!
    Begin the Quest and warp down.  When the rappy addresses you, select the top
    answer to both questions.  Now carry on until you find a room with seven
    Rappies in it.  After the conversation, carry on into a room with a time switch
    and a maze of barriers.  Press the switch and run quickly ahead and round to
    the right and warp.  Quickly turn around and use the next warp and then
    straight ahead through the doors.  In the next room use the switch to free the
    rappy trapped behind a barrier.  He will use his super rappy strength to move
    the stone columns and allow you to warp to Forest 2.
    Straight away, break toe boxes around the rappy and then talk to it. Your goal
    now is to work your way around to a rappy standing on the SMALL metal bridge
    thing that sticks out into the lake.  There is a switch there as well.  Talk to
    the rappy and it will give you an item, you will know this has happened as the
    chime and window will pop up. Now go all the way back to the Rappy that was
    behind the boxes, choose the top answer to its question and you will get
    another item.
    Now make your way to where the Dragon Warp usually is.  Talk to the rappy
    standing on a pad behind the fence.  After the conversation the music will
    change.  That I think is the end of the offical quest, but there is more to do
    Go back to the previous area.  Where there was a rappy blocking the warp, its
    now free so warp down.  Pick up the shiny object.  Now head to the largest area
    of Forest 2.  Your task now is to talk to to Rappys.  Rappy 1 is in the
    smallest room off this area (the one that sometimes has the Pillar in it).
    Rappy 2 is lurking by the edge of the lake, so you don't have far to go between
    the two of them.
    Talk to rappy 1 and answer the following: Top answer, Bottom answer.
    Go and talk to Rappy 2 and answer the following: Top answer, Bottom answer.
    Talk again to rappy 2 and answer the following: Top answer x 3
    Now back to Rappy 1 and give these answers: Top answer x 2
    Back to Rappy 2 and give this answer: Top answer
    Go to Rappy 1 and answer:  Top answer, Bottom answer
    Back to Rappy 2 and answer: Top answer, Bottom answer
    Go to Rappy 1 and answer: Bottom answer
    Keep talking to Rappy 1 and answer: Top, Bottom, Bottom, Top
    Go to Rappy 2 and just talk.
    Then back to Rappy 1 and keep talking until you get the item chime.
    Check your inventory and you got the Hamburger Mag!
    Now you can also get the Angel/Devil Wing Mags from another rappy.  But
    androids cannot get equip these. They will get a third choice of a chu chu mag
    instead.  Go to the room with the warp to the raised part of Forest 2.  Go to
    the back area and you'll find a rappy by some boxes.  Talk to it and you'll get
    two choices if you are Human/Newman.  The top choice will give you an Angel
    Wing mag, the bottom gives you a Devils Wing.  For androids a middle option
    will also appear which is the Chu Chu mag.
    When you complete the quest you can get some MORE stuff on Pioneer 2.  Go to
    the Principals room and talk to the FOmarl sat behind the left desk.  After a
    short scene talk to the man behind the Principals desk and you'll get the GAMES
    MAGAZINE weapon!
    But wait, theres more!  After you have done this go back to the main area of
    Pioneer 2 and you'll spot a boy opposite.  Talk to him and he'll give you a
    Kapu Kapu mag, Chu Chu mag and the Chu Chu Fever armour!  Bargain!
    When you are all done, go to the Hunters Guild and claim your meseta reward.
    ************************** 8) ONLINE QUESTS ****************************
    To play an Online Quest, set up a game in the lobby and once inside go to the
    Hunters Guild and select the quest from there.
    a) WIN BACK - Lost Heat Sword/Lost Ice Spinner/Lost Soul Blade
    These are straightforward Quests.  The Heat Sword requires you to battle
    through the forest and kill the Dragon.  The Ice Spinner requires you to battle
    through the caves and kill Del Rol Le and the lost Soul Blade requires you to
    battle through the Mines and defeat Vol Opt.  YAWN.
    b) WIN BACK - The Missing Maraca's
    You can't get the Maraca's weapon in this Quest unfortunately.  There doesn't
    seem to be any reward other than Meseta for this quest.  You also need at least
    two players.  There are enemies to fight on this quest as well.
    After you have got your quest from the Guild warp down to Forest 1. You have
    disc 1, but to get disc 2 you need to disable two light barriers.
    One of you needs to warp to the "white" paved section and activate a blue timer
    switch there and the other activate the red timer switch in the previous
    section.  One of you pelt down and collect the Disc.  Then return to the paved
    area and use the tones from the discs on the computer.
    In the next area, a party member or two should wait by the orange barrier,
    while another activates the pink timer switch.  Use spare team members to stand
    on buttons so one can collect Disc 4 from the far end.
    Pipe back up to Pioneer 2.  You can collect Disc 3 from the Principals Office,
    next to secretary.  Now teleport down to Caves 1.
    Work you way through the caves.  There are many traps hidden it rocks so be
    careful when you shoot them out. Use the warps and computer discs to make your
    way to the end of Caves 1.  You will have to fight Del Rol Le.  Before you do
    so there is a terminal that will allow you to choose what music you want
    playing as you battle him!
    Once Del Rol Le is defeated, return to the last area of Forest 1 you were in
    and use Disc 2 on the terminal. Now you can go through and collect Disc 5.  If
    you return to the area just before Del Rol Le in the caves, you can now access
    a room with items in it.
    Once you have all the discs, return to the man with no memory and finish the
    c) WIN BACK - Tinkerbell Lost Dog
    A truly cool quest.  There are no enemies here to fight and only one person can
    play it.  Your task is to accompany Sonic the Hedgehog down to the Forest to
    find Rocky the fat dog!
    The basic challenge is using Sonic and his friends to unlock forcefields.  This
    must be done in the correct order as not to use up all their turns.  As well as
    finding Rocky, you should be on the look out for 5 Rings.  Get all of these and
    you can get the Sonic Glove weapon!
    Teleport down and head right.  You'll see a long, column blocking access to a
    warp.  Walk a bit further up and press the timer switch, run down and get the
    ring from behind the now moved column.  Then use the warp.
    Now you're in the paved section. Go up to the doorway and use Sonic to turn off
    the blue barrier. Use the pink switch gate to release... Tails!  Now he joins
    you.  So head down into the next area.  For now ignore the two warps and carry
    on down to the next area. Use Tails to unlock the forcefield that gives you
    access to both rings, and collect them both.  Now return to the two warps and
    use Tails again to deactivate the field.
    Take one teleport to find another ring then come back.  Now take the other and
    you'll find... Knuckles (who dah man??).  He will also join you. So warp back
    again.  Head back to the paved area, and use Knuckles to disable the forcefield
    and collect the ring. Now head back to the "two warp" area and this time take
    the top right exit.
    Use Sonic, then Knuckles to disable the forcefields.  Go forward and you'll see
    a light.  It's Rocky the Dog!  But he disappears, so take the teleport to the
    Here you'll find a time switch.  Turn it on and run quickly forward and then
    right before the door shuts.  The path is rocky and getting "snagged" on the
    rocks can slow you up enough to prevent you making it in time.  You may need a
    few goes.  There is a warp to take you back to the timer switch.
    Once you get through, you'll find... the CAKE SISTERS!  You may choose to buy
    cake, cake or cake!  Once you have it. Use the warp behind the sisters stall to
    return to the Forest teleport.  Once you get back to the Forest you'll find
    Rocky.  Give him the cake, he'll start eating it (and how!). Mission complete
    so return to Pioneer 2.
    Before you finish up, if you collected all the five rings you can try and get
    Sonics Glove.  Speak to Sonic, and if you refuse to hand over the rings he will
    challenge you to a game of Rock, Paper and Scissors.  Now normally it takes
    this sequence, and it ALWAYS did for me (four tries at the quest.. don't ask
    why, lets just blame an elderly DC).  But it may be different for others.
    Sonic chooses Rock, so you should choose Paper
    Tails chooses Paper, so you should choose Scissors
    Knuckles chooses Scissors, so you should choose Rock.
    This pattern worked for me, a friend online said it didn't for him. He said
    maybe its to do with the cake you buy!  Maybe, I bought the top cake he bought
    the bottom...
    Anyway, if you win you'll get Sonics Glove; this is not a weapon as yet. It is
    data saved to your Guild File.  You'll need to convert it in the Download Quest
    - "Central Dome Fire Swirl".  If you enter this quest you'll find an old guy in
    the shop area. If you have the Sonic Glove, he will convert it to the weapon
    SONIC KNUCKLE.  It may even have some photon % on it!
    After you are done, talk to the Guild Counter to get your reward!
    d) WIN BACK - Rappy's Holiday
    This is basically a series of mini-games for you to play with the rappy's. To
    enter these you need points, which can be bought for meseta off one of the
    rappies in the first area.  Do well in the games and you earn more points to
    spend.  There is a sort of Rappy lottery in the first area where you have to
    bet on which buttons a prize will appear, this can be a good source of points.
    GAME 1 - Hunt the Rappy (5 points entry fee).  Find three named rappies in the
    correct order.  Get it wrong and you have to start over.  Get it right and one
    of the "Stamp Rally" rappies will appear.
    GAME 2 - Chicken Race (5 points fee).  In a sort of first person perspective,
    race you "bike" and stop as near to the cliff edge as you dare.  Get an S or SS
    rank to be able to access the computer later.  Get an A Rank and a "Stamp
    Rally" rappy will appear.
    GAME 3 - Glow Ball Catching (10 points fee). Simple enough, just catch
    glo-balls as they fall from the sky.  Catching 20+ will give you 20 points
    prize.  Catch 30 and another "stamp Rally" Rappy will appear.
    GAME 4 - Glow Ball Race (3 points fee).  Doe this three times to gain access to
    the an area with the last Stamp rally rappy in..
    STAMP RALLY -  (20 points fee) just find all the stamp rally rappies mentioned
    above.  When you have all the stamps, return to the Stamp Master and get a
    "friendship fragment".
    FIND THE RAPPY GIRL  - First make sure you have an S or SS rank in the Chicken
    race game and the friendship fragment. You need to tool up and get ready to
    kill monsters for this. Talk to the rappy and he'll talk about hearing a cry
    for help. Walk on until you find a rappy surrounded by monsters. Kill them and
    accept the thing he gives you.  Talk to the rappy in the Chicken race area, he
    will open the forcefield behind him.
    Go through and press the computer, if you are ready choose to go. You know have
    to make your way though a bombardment of Hildebears and fire from the sky. Talk
    to the baby Hildebears and keep moving and killing the big Hildebears until you
    reach the imprisoned Rappy.  Talk to them and its mission over!
    e) WIN BACK - Garon's Treachery
    Garons Treachery is a fun, if sometimes frustrating quest and you must have at
    least two people in your party to play it.  Garon is the greedy fool you met in
    the first quest who wanted to harvest mags.  Well, now he wants to make a
    movie. Although he has an ulterior motive of course...
    The person who started the game will get a music box when you begin.  This
    allows them to set the music you want to play while you do the quest.  Can
    choose from Sonic Theme, Samba de Amigo, NiGHTS song (coolest!) and Burning
    Rangers. The quest is made up of a series of tasks.
    TASK 1 - Don't get caught by the flames.  You'll be chased by a wall of flames.
     Keep ahead of it!  If you get caught don't worry it doesn't affect the
    TASK 2 - Overcome the Three rooms. In the first room, everything goes dark.  At
    least one of you needs to make to the end.  In the second you'll be in a large
    room and you must battle monsters while staying in "camera shot". The
    perspective moves back and forth.  So don't stray far from the centre 9a
    warning will sound if you do).  If you stray out too far you will disappear
    into.. NID!! Aaah!  Don't worry you'll be back for the next room.  This is the
    Lava room and it's a real pig to do, especially with four players.  You must
    race ahead of the lava shooting/chopping the boulders in your way.
    TASK 3 -Now you'll find out Garon's true aim.  He wants the Shiva Stone.
    However the ghost guarding it don't want to give it up.  You'll have to make
    your way through a room full of light-ghosts.  If they surround you STOP! Don't
    move or attack until they have moved away.  Attack the monsters only when there
    are no ghosts nearby.
    Now its time to run from the ghosts and boy are they mad. If you get caught by
    them this time your soul will wander the ruins AND you have blown your teams
    chance of getting the HEART OF POUWN.  SO be careful.  Clear this section and
    its time to face the final challenge. The Ghost Wall.
    A wall of Ghosts advances upon you, there are traps everywhere to slow you
    down.  If you all make it intact to the transporter you can warp up and claim
    the reward.  If some end up trapped below the ones who did make it can either
    warp up (which will boot the trapped players back out into the lobby) and
    finish the quest (no reward), or stay and free the others.
    When you find them trapped behind a rock, drop the Shiva stone to create a bang
    that frees them.  You can all return and talk to Garon, but will get no reward.
    If you did all make it through intact then you will get the "??? STONE".  Take
    it to the Tekker who identifies it and the RAKONIA STONE.  Now end the quest
    and go into the Rappy's Holiday Quest. Enter the "Find 3 Rappys"- contest and
    find the rappy that gives you a fruit (it´s yellow if you have the RAKONIA
    STONE, if not its red). You must then give the fruit to Grandma Rappy.  The
    fruit will get mouldy if you take to long and you'll only get a Monofluid for
    it. The grandma will then  give you a pendant (HANDMADE PENDANT) for the fruit
    (but only if you have the RAKONIA STONE).
    Go to the menu and look at the pendant 3 or more times. Eventually you will
    identify it as a SCREW. You can trade this with the rappy that loves machines
    (the one behind some machine bits) for a battery.  THEN you need an S or
    SS-rank in the cliff-racing game. This will give you access to this area with
    the computer inside. Here you can use the battery on the Computer and call "the
    master". Now the FOmarl from Pioneer 2 and a Rappy will appear and trade your
    Stone for the HEART OF POUWM ! Phew!
    f) DEFEAT - Mop Up Operation 1-4
    (Play in V.Hard or Ultimate to obtain badges).
    There are four Mop - Up Operation Quests to be undertaken.  You have a choice
    of four areas, Forest, Caves, Mines and Ruins.  In each Quest you have one area
    to totally clear of enemies.  You have a time limit which is counting down
    constantly.  By clearing a room you will gain some extra time.  If you make it
    to the end with out running out of time you can obtain 4 Weapons badges to
    trade for weapons.
    Caves - 4 x Bone Badges
    Mines - 4 x Aluminium Badges
    Ruins - 4 x Steel Badge
    By collecting enough of these badges, you can then trade them for weapons in
    the Online Quest "Towards the Future".  Take them to the WEAPONS club member in
    front of the infirmary.  You can get the following items:
    9 x Bone Badge = Panzer Tail (Mag)
    9 x Aluminium Badge = BROOM (Weapon requires 600 MST to equip)
    9 x Steel Badge = WOK OF AKIKOS SHOP (Weapon)
    g) DEFEAT - Endless Nightmare 1-4
    (Play in V.Hard or Ultimate to obtain badges).
    There are four Endless Nightmare Quests to undertake.  With each one you must
    find a specific room in the area you choose which constantly spawns enemies.
    This room is located in the final area of each main area (ie. Forest 2, Caves
    2, Mines 2 and Ruins 3).  You have to option to warp straight to the final area
    if you don't wish to clear the preceding areas.  Remember your quest is to
    clear the one room.
    The Endless Nightmare Quests are excellent for levelling up.  If you are
    tackling them alone, a spread needle is very handy and you can gain masses of
    EXP in the higher difficulties.  After you complete the room you will find two
    badges in boxes by the warp back to Pioneer 2 (except Forest).
    Caves - 2 x Bone Badges
    Mines - 2 x Aluminium Badges
    Ruins - 2 x Steel Badge
    By collecting enough of these badges, you can then trade them for weapons in
    the Online Quest "Towards the Future".  Take them to the WEAPONS club member in
    front of the infirmary.  You can get the following items:
    9 x Bone Badge = Panzer Tail (Mag)
    9 x Aluminium Badge = BROOM (Weapon requires 600 MST to equip)
    9 x Steel Badge = WOK OF AKIKOS SHOP (Weapon)
    h) DEFEAT - Today's Rate
    In this Quest if you have completed "Doc Secret Plan" offline and in this
    difficulty you can get Doc. Montague to make weapons out of monsters parts that
    also have photon percentages (the ones he makes offline will have none).
    Your task is to delete some important scientific information that may fall into
    the Military's hand.  So first of all warp down to the caves. In this quest you
    will be shrunk in places to access new areas.  So it is a good idea to have at
    least two people in the party.
    You will start in Caves 2.  head for a room with a red force-field gate
    surrounding a warp.  You will need to return here later but for now take the
    left exit and head to the waterfall room.  Carry on to the Caves 3 teleport.
    Keep exploring until you find a shrinking machine.  Now you are all diddy, run
    back to the fenced off warp in Caves 2.  Your on the eastern side of Caves 2
    now, and there is a hidden portal behind a fence that can only be switched off
    by a person in their normal form. Telepipe to Pioneer 2, which will revert you
    back to your normal size.  Now pipe back and use the "light gate" to get back
    to Caves 3.
    Clear the room of monsters, and then go south.  In this room with boxes, there
    is a woman, talk to her.  She will for your help to find a microchip she lost.
    Say you will help, then go back to the shrinking machine.  When shrunk, make
    your way to the teleport to Mines 1 which is in the North Eastern corner of the
    One of you should stay small at all times to access shut-off areas. You will
    reach a room with a warp and red barrier blocking an area in the centre that
    looks as if nothing is there, but actually hold the microchip.
    Use the warp and soon you'll run into the Host Computer.  So destroy it. Now
    return to the red barrier and cross it (need to be teeny).  You'll see a shiny
    object.  That's the chip so collect it.
    Now telepipe up to Pioneer 2.  Don't return the chip to the girl who asked for
    it.  Instead talk to Doc. Montague.. if you have monster parts that is to make
    into a weapon.  Otherwise go to the Guild and end the mission there.
    i) DEFEAT - Towards the Future
    Towards the Future is a fairly straightforward Quest. You have to complete a
    couple of rooms in each area and then take on each Boss in a kind of speed run
    through of the game, culminating in taking on Dark Falz.
    If you choose to take it on in V.Hard or Ultimate you can get prizes depending
    on how well you do.
    Your score is calculated on how fast you are, how many enemies you kill and how
    many deaths occurred in your party.
    The two prizes available in V.Hard for an S rank are the EGG BLASTER and NEIS
    CLAW.  The Egg Blaster can be equipped by anyone.  Neis Claw is female only.
    The prizes available for an A or S rank in Ultimate are as follows:
    PLANTAIN FAN (Force Only)
    MASER BEAM (ranger only)
    To get these, kill all enemies (197), or don't die once.
    The prizes available for SS rank are as follows:
    HUGE PLANTAIN FAN (Force, Hunewearl) (SS condition 1)
    YAMIGARUSU (Hunter) (SS condition 1)
    ANO RIFLE (Ranger)(SS condition 2)
    BLUE RING (Shield) (SS Condition 2)
    Condition 1 is fairly straightforward, Kill all 197 enemies AND don't die once.
    Condition 2 is much harder.  You must kill LESS than 20 enemies AND not die
    once.  This is how it can be done:
    In the Forest you only need to kill the Hidelt then go through the door.  Run
    towards where the Boss Warp should open and a single enmy will spawn by the
    door.  Ignore all the others and just kill that one to open the Boss warp.
    Then slay the dragon.
    In the caves move along the left wall until you get to a "fake" wall section
    and into a secret room. A Vulemr will appear back in the main room so return
    and kill it.  As you get to the next room lots of Vulmers will spawn.  But your
    actually target is the Ob Lily, watch out for the Megid!! Remember you can't
    die if you want the SS-rank!  Destro the lily and move into the next room.
    Destroy the lily in there as well.  In the final room, go and touch the locked
    door then leave the room. Four slimes will appear and may attack each other so
    cast attack lowering magic on them or leave freeze/paralyse traps out.  Watch
    the radar and when a fifth dot appears that's a Pan Arms.  Walk over and kill
    it when it pops up.  That will unlock the door to the Boss De Rol Le.
    Now in the mines, race to the other end of the room and just kill the Sinow
    Red. Don't even shot the fire spitting traps as they will count as kills! In
    the next room you face a load of Canadines.  The one you need to kill is the
    furthest to the left.  It will rise up and shoot lightning at you.  Kill that
    one ONLY then move on.  In the next room keep going forward into another fake
    wall/room opposite the entrance.  Come back out and  kill only the Sinow Red.
    In the final room you will face three Baranz.  You must not kill any of them
    and their indiscriminate missiles may harm each other so use any
    Jellen/Paralysis/Freeze you can.  Pat them a Dubchic will appear.  Knock it
    down and the Dubswitch should drop down.  Bust that up and then move onto Vol
    If you are alone and do not have a mag that invinces you in Boss Fights you may
    be in trouble.  Vol Opts "trap" attack is very hard to dodge and if you are
    caught inside you will die online (it only damages offline).  If you have
    company then they can break you out before it kills you.
    In the Ruins, first waste the DeathBringer then carry on.  In the next room
    take out the Gran Sorcerer only. Leave via the bottom left door and take the
    warp. Then return via the warp straight away and leave the room via the top
    right.  This will result in a single Arlan spawning in the next room.  Kill it
    and the door to dark Falz is open.
    Again if you are alone and have no mag that invinces you may have problems.
    Dark Falz's swipe attack will take off a set amount of HP online (1290).  If
    you don't have over that and can't become invincible, you must either drop him
    before he goes to swipe mode or forget the SS-rank.
    It's a tough job, but the excellent weapons and armour make it worth
    persevering with!
    In this Quest you can also do a number of things.  If you talk to the FOmarl by
    a computer near the bank before you leave.  You can choose to have one person
    pipe back before the Dragon Boss encounter and control the Dragon!  You need to
    fetch some papers from Irene in the Principles Office, give them to the FOmarl
    and she'll give you the code to access the computer in the Forest (look in
    Quest board). This is pretty funny as when you stomp on your friends they get
    shrunk, BAHA!
    Dragon Controls:
    A: Breath
    B: Tail Sweep
    X: Fly
    X (while flying) Drill Attack then X again for Rush Attack
    R: Faint
    If there are two of you of the opposite sex you can also get an item if you
    behave all lovey dovey toward each other (not sure of this applies to
    androids.. but going on the equipment rules, I see no reason a HUCast and
    RAscaeal can't do this!).
    Both go to the FOmarl and talk to her to get the "love code". Return and
    activate the computer panel in the Forest.  Now stay as close to each other as
    you can though the whole adventure, collecting any love hearts when they
    appear.  You'll get a love index score on talking to her when you finish.  Get
    a good score and you can get an accessory.  This can be swapped at the Medical
    Centre in the download Quest "Soul of Steel" for the weapon MARINA'S BAG.
    Also available on Pioneer 2 in this quest is the man who will exchange your
    WEAPONS badges for weapons and a Tekker who will Tek your Sega console mags and
    mag parts into the next version up.
    In this Quest you have to take on Forest 2, Caves 3 and Mines 2 (but no
    Bosses).  You have twenty minutes to kill as many enemies as possible.  If you
    kill 500 or more you can collect 5 Bronze Badges from a special room.  Another
    3 of 4 badges may show up in the cave and mines areas as well. These bronze
    badges can be traded for better badges and those then traded for weapons.
    To do this quest to the full you really need at least two players.  One can
    carry on quickly into caves 2 vie a light gate which appears where the Dragon
    Warp usually is.  While they start tackling Caves 2, the others can stay in
    Forest 2 and mop up.  After 10 minutes have elapsed, the bridge will form and a
    red transporter can be taken to another part of Caves 2.
    Those fighting from that side should make their way to timed gate.  This drops
    a forcefield around a button and warp. One player should run and stand on the
    button so the other can go through the open door.  The switch that demands
    items, only needs green items to be dropped, monomates, antidotes etc are fine.
    There are two exits from the Caves, a light gate and a transporter.  The team
    should split and take each one. To unlock the switch gates in the large room
    where the transporter takes you, one person who came via the light gate should
    stand on the button in the L-shaped area.
    If you all kill 500 enemies or more you can collect an extra 5 badges.  These
    can be traded to the WEAPONS fanatic waiting by the Bank.
    3 x Bronze badge = 1 Silver Badge
    3 x Silver badge = 1 Gold badge
    3 x Gold badge = Choice of Weapon.
    Weapons Available
    You can keep replaying to collect badges and get all the weapons.  Return to
    the Principal in the Guild to complete the quest.
    *************************** 9) BATTLE MODE *****************************
    Now I haven't had a lot of experience in Battle Mode, but I plan to add more
    strategy in the future.  For now this is your basic Battle Mode information.
    First of all to set up a Battle Mode game you must create a team.  When it asks
    you to select Play Mode, select it to bring down a list of options and choose
    Battle.  Once inside the game you can set rules to play by, listed below.
    a) THE RULES
    RULE ONE - There are no changes to the player's levels and there are enemies on
    the map.  You get points for killing your opponents, but lose them for being
    RULE TWO - All start at level one with no items.  No enemies on the map.  Can
    find weapons/items on map.  Will lose points if killed gain them for killing.
    Dying will see your level jump by five
    RULE THREE - Warp battle.  You can only change rooms via the warps.  You start
    at level 1 and have no items. There are enemies on the map and you can gain and
    lose points for killing/being killed by them. Dying will see your level jump by
    RULE FOUR - Meseta Battle - Basically, kill people and take their meseta.
    Person with the most meseta at the end wins. Dying will see your level jump by
    Battles take place across unique maps.
    If there are more than two-players, teams are automatically assigned.
    Who ever is in the lead will have glowing purple lines radiate out of them.
    When you are killed you will jump up a few levels.
    Androids tend to be at a disadvantage in pure one-on-one battles due to lack of
    stat raising and healing techniques.
    If you are playing Rule 1 any items you lose will be returned to you at the end
    of the game.
    You may decide to create your own rules, if playing with people you know. For
    example, no spread needles, no casting deband/shifta and Jellen/zalure.  Or
    sticking to Force vs. Force, Hunter vs. Hunter, even Android vs. Android
    Hunters tend to be far and away the favourites for playing Battle mode with.
    Hunewearls and Humars in particular.  The combination of access to Techs and
    both ranged and melee weapons make them forces to be reckoned with.  HUcasts
    are popular in the battles that see you start at Level one as the range of
    magics are limited for other Hunters at low levels and brute strength more
    If you like to play a brutal game, then Hunters are the best choice.  If you
    can catch the Forces or Rangers their low defence and HP will crumble against
    your strength, which is the Hunters great advantage at low levels.  If you are
    playing rule one, things even out a tad for the non-androids.  If you are a
    HUcast playing Rule 1, all your badass power counts for nothing if a Force
    minces up and hits you with Jellen/Zalure and a face full of Megid.  So
    sneakier tactics are required for androids in a Rule 1 fight if you are
    allowing stat raising magic to be used.  My way of punishing magic users is to
    find a handy Del Sabre and let him whack my HP down to almost nothing, this
    activates the invincibility on my Mag and of course allows me to then tale out
    as many opponents as I can before it wears of, mwahahah!
    Rangers seem to be the least popular choice of character to play in Battle
    Mode.  Mainly because you have two android classes who don't really start to
    get the benefits of powerful rifles until higher levels, making them poor
    relations to Hucasts in Level 1 Rules and victims of lack of Techs in the Rule
    1 battles. The RAMar has more of an advantage, being able to use techs in Rule
    1 fights and also he can use his powerful rifles to pick off Hunters at long
    range on some of the more open maps such as the ruins.  The higher accuracy of
    the Ranger class means they will hit more often with the basic pistols in Level
    1 battles, but the lack of auto-targeting often makes life just as difficult
    for them as for other classes.  In general, Rangers are just rather dull to use
    as they are most effective from long range, which may suit a sneakier type.
    But isn't so great for the rest of the battlers.
    - FORCES
    Forces seem to do best in Force on Force battles.  I have seen some of these in
    action using Rule 1 and it can be ferocious with so much naked tech power
    flying around!  With Forces in full battle mode using rule 1, its time to make
    sure you have equipped all your best elemental defence armour especially if you
    are a Hunter or Ranger caught in the crossfire.  With Forces able to learn
    Techs to double the power of other magic users many battles become all out
    Level 30 Megid/Grants bloodbaths, or rooms fill with swirling
    Fire/Ice/Lighting. If you are not a Force you need to be pretty good at dodging
    to be able to run in a hit them very hard with your best weapons as they still
    lack HP and defence even at high levels.  Forces in level 1 battles are at much
    more of a disadvantage, only by being killed a few times will they level up
    enough to access better spells, and low power and accuracy means its hard to
    target opponents and kill them before they get a sabre or sword in the face.
    ************************ 10) CHALLENGE MODE ****************************
    Challenge Mode is the ultimate test of teamwork and skill.  Your task is to
    play through the game starting at Level 1.  Your character will begin with a
    level 5 mag, and basic equipment.  The challenge is divided into nine sections
    and you can only tackle the next ones after you complete the ones before. If
    several of you get together and are all at different stages you will begin at
    the lowest stage reached.
    To make matters worse, you cannot pipe back to Pioneer 2.  If anyone in the
    team dies and has no Scape Doll, the challenge is failed.  However, unlike
    Normal mode offline there are a lot of Grinders, scape dolls and stat raising
    materials available from the word go.
    Basically to stand any kind of chance you need to be in a team of four and you
    need to play and share items wisely.  There is no use hogging the fluids and
    mates if it results in another team member's death.  Tactics need to be thought
    out as you decide who should raise what photon blasts for their mags.  If you
    have Force characters, you'll need to keep them protected until they can learn
    the powerful magic that will benefit you all later in the game.
    C1 is forest1 to forest2, with the Dragon at the end
    C2 is caves 1
    C3 is caves 2
    C4 is caves 3, with Del Rol Le at the end
    C5 is mines 1
    C6 is mines 2, with Vol Opt at the end
    C7 is ruins 1
    C8 is ruins 2
    C9 is ruins 3, with Dark Falz at the end
    Completing Challenge Mode in a certain time, gives you an end rank.  If they
    are good enough you will get a reward.  You don't have to do all the levels in
    one go either!  But if you take on a new team member, you can't jump them ahead
    if they have not finished the same number of levels as you.  Say for example
    you had gone as far as C5 and wished to tackle C6 next, if the new team member
    had only got as far as finishing C4 then they couldn't join you in C6.  Which
    is why it tends to be better sticking to the same team throughout.
    Complete all nine Challenges in less than 7 hours total and you get a choice of
    a S-Rank weapon.  These are powerful versions of standard weapons that can be
    ground to +99.
    An A rank will get you a White Ring Shield and a B Rank a Yellow Ring Shield.
    S-Rank Weapons are listed below
    Name    Requirement        Stats            Usable by
    SABER     ATP 620    ATP +804 ATA +200   All except FOnewearl
    SWORD     ATP 620    ATP +936 ATA +146   Hunters only
    BLADE     ATP 620    ATP +736 ATA +226   Hunters only
    PARTISAN  ATP 620    ATP +676 ATA +284   Hunters only
    SLICER    ATP 620    ATP +738 ATA +164   All except FOnewearl
    GUN       ATA 130    ATP +660 ATA +170   All classes
    RIFLE     ATA 130    ATP +738 ATA +200   Ranger Only
    MECHGUN   ATA 130    ATP +593 ATA +148   All classes
    SHOT      ATA 130    ATP +608 ATA +155   Ranger Only
    CANE      MST 500    ATP +612 ATA +180   Force Only
    ROD       MST 500    ATP +706 ATA +148   Force Only
    WAND      MST 500    ATP +508 ATA +212   Force Only
    TWIN      ATP 620    ATP +672 ATA +200   All except FOnewearl
    CLAW      ATP 620    ATP +738 ATA +226   All except FOnewearl
    BAZOOKA   ATA 130    ATP +668 ATA +105   All classes
    NEEDLE    ATA 130    ATP +798 ATA +150   Hunters and Rangers
    SCYTHE    ATP 620    ATP +732 ATA +204   All except FOnewearl
    HAMMER    ATP 620    ATP +744 ATA +250   All except FOnewearl
    MOON      MST 500    ATP +672 ATA +130   Force Only
    PSYCHOGUN ATA 130    ATP +533 ATA +198   RAmar, HUmar, HUnewearl
    PUNCH     ATA 130    ATP +753 ATA +108   Hunter and Ranger
    WINDMILL  MST 500    ATP +552 ATA +230   Force, HUmar, HUnewearl
    HARISEN   ATP 620    ATP +852 ATA +200   All except FOnewearl
    J-BLADE   ATP 620    ATP +960 ATA +65    All except FOnewearl
    J-CUTTER  ATP 620    ATP +798 ATA +114   Male characters only
    Depending on how well you do, you will get a ranking to display over your head
    when you are in the lobbies. The top ranking is Bu:EI
    Succeeding in Challenge Mode is pure Teamwork.  No one should hog items,
    everything should be shared equally and the strong MUST protect the weak. The
    various stat-raising materials you find should be shared out thusly for best
    HP/TP/Mind - Forces (To get the best Techs as soon as possible)
    DEX/EVP/DFP- Hunters (they are on the frontline, need more protection)
    POW - Rangers (To make those long range attacks really hurt)
    Always check how close you are to getting to a next level.  If a HUmar is only
    a point or two off getting the MST needed to learn a new tech and nowhere near
    levelling up then of course give them a MST raiser.  Keep talking to your
    comrades so no Stat boosters are wasted and you all get to the next levels as
    soon as possible without one or two of you drawing ahead.
    If you are about to level up, and need healing don't waste a Mate or Fluid.
    Levelling up refills both bars.  You need to Level your Mags up as well. AT
    level 10 each type will get a Photon Blast, Mylla&Youlla on the Force mag,
    Pilla on the Hunter mag and Golla on the Ranger one
    If time is of the essence (i.e. you are going for under seven hours) then make
    sure you have spent time in the lobby planning tactics.  Created chat shortcuts
    for things like "I need mates/fluids/healing" etc.  When you are clearing a
    room in earlier levels, let the Force stay out of immediate danger and
    concentrate on healing, support and collecting items.  Then the Force can share
    out the goodies once danger is passed from that room.
    When picking a team it is vital to have a Force, Hunter and Ranger when you
    start off.  At least one should be an android, as androids are not affected by
    poison and can see traps making progress a lot faster.  All character classes
    have their pros and cons.  All Hunters tend to be a fave due to high ATA and
    ATP, the Hunewearls lower ATA balanced out by better Tech usage. Racasts and
    Racasceals are preferred over Ramars due to better ATA and balanced stat
    growth. Forces become very useful in later stages with their support, healing
    and offensive magic.  The FOnewearl is probably least recommended as she is the
    hardest to raise to a HP level of over 141 (Dark Falz big attack will do a set
    140 damage in Challenge Mode).
    Later on many people will use more specialist teams.  Indeed many prefer to go
    with a team of four Hunters, relying on brute strength and basic magic support
    from Hunewearls and Humars.  However this does seem to be missing the point of
    Challenge Mode somewhat and it is a much better experience with all three
    character classes represented.
    ***************************** 11) MAGS *********************************
    When you begin the game you'll notice a small floating thing behind you.  This
    is your Mag.  You mag functions as a stats boost.  Depending on what healing
    items you feed your mag, it will develop and level up various stats.  How you
    choose to build you mag is up to you.  For example you may choose to build a
    mag that helps smooth out some weaknesses, ie. More power for a Force
    character, more accuracy in a Hunter. Or you may decide to build the mag up to
    complement you strengths, expending most of your mags 200 points on one
    As you raise your mag, it will evolve and learn photon blasts.  As you hit
    enemies or get hit by them your mags photon gauge will charge.  Once it reaches
    100 you can launch powerful attacks or cast some status magic (see section b).
    Here you should watch the development of your mag carefully.  What it will
    evolve into next and ensure it won't be a type that learns a photon blast the
    mag already knows.  Android characters don't require mental strength so you can
    ignore the Mind stat if you like, but it may be worth spending a few points on
    raising it so the mag can learn the Photon blast Mylla and Youlla, which casts
    Deband and Shifta.  These can be invaluable to an android in offline games.
    Mags evolve at levels 10, 35 and 50. With each evolution then change shape.
    Level 50 is there last evolution, but they can be raised to level 200.  If the
    stats ratio changes after level 50, they will change shape/type every five
    levels, but won't learn any new photon blasts until level 100 and then only if
    you have previously only learned two.  As well as their level, they have two
    other stats, Synchro and IQ.  The higher these are, the faster your photon
    gauge will fill and the more likely that your mag will cast useful magic on you
    in dangerous situations.
    Below is a chart of which mags evolve into what.  > means greater than.  So for
    example Varuna would evolve into Rudra if it's Power stat is greater than Mind
    and Dexterity.  Your section ID also determines a Mags appearance on its final
    Type A
    Type B
    Level       | Section ID | MAG Name     | ALIGNMENT
    Level 10    |    BOTH    | Varuna       | N/A
    Level 35    |    BOTH    | Rudra        | POW > MIND + DEX
    Level 35    |    BOTH    | Marutah      | DEX > POW + MIND
    Level 35    |    BOTH    | Vayu         | MIND > POW + DEX
    Level 50    |     A      | Varaha       | POW > DEX > MIND
    Level 50    |     A      | Bhirava      | POW > MIND > DEX
    Level 50    |     A      | Ila          | DEX > POW > MIND
    Level 50    |     A      | Nandin       | DEX > MIND > POW
    Level 50    |     A      | Kabanda      | MIND > POW > DEX
    Level 50    |     A      | Ushasu       | MIND > DEX > POW
    Level 50    |     B      | Kama         | POW > DEX > MIND
    Level 50    |     B      | Apsaras      | POW > MIND > DEX
    Level 50    |     B      | Garuda       | DEX > POW > MIND
    Level 50    |     B      | Yaksa        | DEX > MIND > POW
    Level 50    |     B      | Bana         | MIND > POW > DEX
    Level 50    |     B      | Soma         | MIND > DEX > POW
    Level       | Section ID | MAG Name     | ALIGNMENT
    Level 10    |    BOTH    | Kalki        | N/A
    Level 35    |    BOTH    | Surya        | POW > MIND + DEX
    Level 35    |    BOTH    | Mitra        | DEX > POW + MIND
    Level 35    |    BOTH    | Tapas        | MIND > POW + DEX
    Level 50    |     A      | Kama         | POW > DEX > MIND
    Level 50    |     A      | Bhirava      | POW > MIND > DEX
    Level 50    |     A      | Bhirava      | DEX > POW > MIND
    Level 50    |     A      | Kama         | DEX > MIND > POW
    Level 50    |     A      | Varaha       | MIND > POW > DEX
    Level 50    |     A      | Apsaras      | MIND > DEX > POW
    Level 50    |     B      | Madu         | POW > DEX > MIND
    Level 50    |     B      | Kaidabha     | POW > MIND > DEX
    Level 50    |     B      | Kaitabha     | DEX > POW > MIND
    Level 50    |     B      | Varaha       | DEX > MIND > POW
    Level 50    |     B      | Kabanda      | MIND > POW > DEX
    Level 50    |     B      | Durga        | MIND > DEX > POW
    Level       | Section ID | MAG Name     | ALIGNMENT
    Level 10    |    BOTH    | Vritra       | N/A
    Level 35    |    BOTH    | Sumba        | POW > MIND + DEX
    Level 35    |    BOTH    | Ashvinau     | DEX > POW + MIND
    Level 35    |    BOTH    | Namuci       | MIND > POW + DEX
    Level 50    |     A      | Naraka       | POW > DEX > MIND
    Level 50    |     A      | Ravana       | POW > MIND > DEX
    Level 50    |     A      | Ribhava      | DEX > POW > MIND
    Level 50    |     A      | Sita         | DEX > MIND > POW
    Level 50    |     A      | Naga         | MIND > POW > DEX
    Level 50    |     A      | Kabanda      | MIND > DEX > POW
    Level 50    |     B      | Marica       | POW > DEX > MIND
    Level 50    |     B      | Naga         | POW > MIND > DEX
    Level 50    |     B      | Garuda       | DEX > POW > MIND
    Level 50    |     B      | Bhirava      | DEX > MIND > POW
    Level 50    |     B      | Kumara       | MIND > POW > DEX
    Level 50    |     B      | Ila          | MIND > DEX > POW
    Raising mags can be a long and expensive process.  Mags love recovery items and
    the more effective the item the better they like it.  Although I have seen huge
    charts dedicated on exactly what does what for which mag, I go by a few basic
    rules.  Fluids Raise Mind, Mates raise Power, Antidotes and Anti-paralysis
    raise Dexterity and high level mates and fluid add defence as well.  Sol
    Atomisers raise Power/Defence, Moon Atomisers raise Dexterity/Mind and Star
    Atomisers raise everything.  When you start to raise a Mags Synchro, note that
    if you store it at the bank before you end your game it won't lose 5% synchro,
    which it does if you leave it equipped when you end a game.
    The higher the mag evolves the less effect each item will have.  The exception
    is with the special Mags listed in the next section.  A trimate will be as
    effective at level 199 as it was at level 1 so they are faster to raise.  The
    downside is, they cannot learn photon blasts.
    The photon blasts each mag learns are listed below, use this and the charts
    above to ensure your mag learns three different blasts.
    1) MYLLA and YOULLA
    Description: A pair of cute looking Chao things appear and cast Deband and
    Shifta.  This is a great Photon Blast for Androids to have access to.
    Learned by: Ila, Vayu, Kabanda, Tapas, Naga, Namuci, Madhu, Kaitabha
    2) PILLA
    Description: A big Pillar thing swirls out and hits all enemies in the
    Learned by: Garuda, Kama, Mitra, Marutah, Ashvinu, Kama, Sita, Shirava, Marica
    3) LEILLA
    Description: A weird angel thing appears and cast Resta, pretty lame actually.
    Learned by: Vritia
    4) FARLA
    Description: A big snake wins around you, hitting everything nearby.
    Learned by: Varuna, Ravana, Ribhava
    5) ESTLLA
    Description: A big fish will charge anything in front of you.
    Learned by: Apsaras, Bana, Nandin, Durga, Soma, Andhaka, Kalki
    6) GOLLA
    Description: A big ole' moose appears and will charge anything enemy in front
    of you.
    Learned by: Rudra, Surya, Yaksa, Naraka, Varaha, Sumba, Ushasu, Kumara
    Raising Mags is a lot of fun; you can pick up new mags in the Mines in any
    difficulty mode.  Each time I beat Vol Opt the Mines Boss, I had a 50/50 chance
    of getting a new mag.  These start out at level 5, like the one you started
    with.  Its fun to experiment with new mags and how they make your character
    look.  For example a Garuda mag takes the form of a pair of wings, whereas a
    Kama mag looks like two bazookas floating over your shoulders!  Raise mags, a
    high level mag is your best friend.  At level 200 with full sync and IQ my mag
    was always casting invincibility on me in boss fights and resurrecting me when
    killed.  It's a long job raising a level 200 mag, but worth it.
    You may also want to take a step into the world of the Special mag.  These are
    either normal mags that have been altered with mag cells or ones collected in
    special missions
    Mag Cells are extremely rare finds and can be used on an existing mag to alter
    its appearance.
     MAG Name    | MAG Item        | Section ID
     Soniti      | Cell of MAG 502 |     A
     Churel      | Cell of MAG 213 |     A
     Preta       | Cell of MAG 213 |     B
     Pitri       | Cell of MAG 502 |     B
     Pian        | Pian's Heart*   |   BOTH
     Opa Opa     | Opa Opa Heart** |   BOTH
    * The mag you use the Pian Heart must have maximum IQ and Synchro
    ** The mag you use the Opa Opa Heart on must have a MIND stat of over 100
    I can give no advice on finding Mag Cells, seems to be pure luck I'm afraid.
    However it is easier to get your hands on the various special mags that learn
    no photon blasts, but can be raised very quickly.
    Description: It's a hamburger!
    Abilities:  Unknown
    Found: Acquire in download quest "Sunset at the Secret Base"
    Description: A pair of small wings. Devil=Purple, Angel=Gold
    Abilities: Invincibility, Resurrection
    Found: Acquire in download quest "Sunset at the Secret Base"
    Description: One of the cute little Mice from "Chu Chu Rocket"
    Abilities: Invincibility, Casts Deband/Shifta
    Found: Acquire in download quest "Sunset at the Secret Base"
    Description: One of the mean cats from "Chu Chu Rocket"
    Abilities: Invincibility, Casts Deband/Shifta
    Found: Acquire in download quest "Sunset at the Secret Base"
    Description: A funny little mag that hangs from your bum! A stripy tail
    Abilities: Unknown
    Found:  Collect 9 Bone WEAPONS badges and exchange them for this mag.
    MARK 3 MAG
    Description:  The base mag for creating the Sega systems mag.
    Abilities: None
    Found: Acquire it in the download quest "Central Done Fire Swirl"
    You need to find some VERY rare mag parts to evolve your Mk3 into various sega
    consoles.  These parts are about as rare as PSO items get so good luck!  The
    chart is as follows.
    Mark III + Sound Source FM = Master System which learns PB Estella
    Master System + Parts of 68000 = Genesis which learns Mylla&Youlla
    Genesis + SH2 = Sega Saturn which learns PB Pilla
    Sega Saturn + SH4, Modem and Power VR = Dreamcast which learns PB Farla
    Each time you evolve the mag, it will reset to Level 0 so be aware of that.
    The tekker you need to find to do this can be found in the online quest
    "Towards the Future".
    Guess you are all dying to know what I use right?  Well my high level HUcast
    has a level 200 Soniti mag, which I love.  It's cute and has saved my ass in
    the game more times than I can count!  I have also raised a MK3 console mag
    with +100 Power for when I want to seriously damage things.  Previously I had a
    garuda mag that was very fond of, but it got stolen from me online in a NOLing
    incident =(
    I have a lower level HUmar character that is raising many Mags.  He usually has
    a Chu Chu mag equipped, this mag has impressed me with its ability to cast
    invincibility even at such a low level of IQ and Synchro.
    MAG       | FULL PB GAUGE  |  BOSS FIGHT   |   1/10 HP      |   DEATH
    KALKI     | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Nothing        | Nothing
    VRITRA    | Invincibility  | Resta         | Nothing        | Nothing
    VARUNA    | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Nothing        | Nothing
    MAG       | FULL PB GAUGE  |  BOSS FIGHT   |   1/10 HP      |   DEATH
    ASHVINU   | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Deband/Shifta  | Nothing
    MARUTAH   | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Deband/Shifta  | Nothing
    MITRA     | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Deband/Shifta  | Nothing
    NAMUCI    | Invincibility  | Resta         | Resta          | Nothing
    RUDRA     | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Nothing
    SUMBA     | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Nothing
    SURYA     | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Nothing
    TAPAS     | Invincibility  | Resta         | Resta          | Nothing
    VAYU      | Invincibility  | Resta         | Resta          | Nothing
    MAG       | FULL PB GAUGE  |  BOSS FIGHT   |   1/10 HP      |   DEATH
    ANDHAKA   | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    APSARAS   | Invincibility  | Invincibility | Invincibility  | Revives
    BANA      | Invincibility  | Invincibility | Invincibility  | Revives
    BHIRAVA   | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    DURGA     | Invincibility  | Invincibility | Invincibility  | Revives
    GARUDA    | Resta          | Resta         | Resta          | Revives
    ILA       | Deband/Shifta  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    KABANDA   | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Deband/Shifta  | Revives
    KAITABAH  | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    KAMA      | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    KUMARA    | Resta          | Resta         | Resta          | Revives
    MADHU     | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    MARICA    | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    NAGA      | Invincibility  | Resta         | Resta          | Revives
    NANDIN    | Invincibility  | Invincibility | Invincibility  | Revives
    NARAKA    | Resta          | Resta         | Resta          | Revives
    RAVANA    | Resta          | Deband/Shifta | Deband/Shifta  | Revives
    RIBHAVA   | Invincibility  | Invincibility | Invincibility  | Revives
    SITA      | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    SOMA      | Invincibility  | Invincibility | Invincibility  | Revives
    USASHU    | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    VARAHA    | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    YAKSA     | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    - RARE MAGS ABILITIES CHART (covers Mags made using kits and cells)
    MAG        | FULL PB GAUGE  |  BOSS FIGHT   |   1/10 HP      |   DEATH
    SONITI     | Invincibility  | Invincibility | Invincibility  | Revives
    PITRI      | Resta          | Resta         | Resta          | Revives
    CHUREL     | Deband/Shifta  | Deband/Shifta | Deband/Shifta  | Revives
    PRETRA     | Deband/Shifta  | Deband/Shifta | Deband/Shifta  | Revives
    OPA OPA    | Invincibility  | Deband/Shifta | Resta          | Revives
    CHU CHU    | Nothing*       | Deband/Shifta | Invincibility  | Revives
    KAPU KAPU  | Nothing*       | Deband/Shifta | Invincibility  | Revives
    HAMBURGER  | Nothing*       | Deband/Shifta | Invincibility  | Revives
    ANGEL WING | Nothing*       | Deband/Shifta | Invincibility  | Revives
    DEVIL WING | Nothing*       | Deband/Shifta | Invincibility  | Revives
    PANZER TAIL| Nothing*       | Deband/Shifta | Invincibility  | Revives
    MK III     | Nothing*       | Nothing       | Nothing        | Nothing
    DREAMCAST  | Invincibility  | Invincibility | Invincibility  | Revives
    *These mags do not learn Photon Blasts and so cannot charge their PB gauges.
    ********************** 12) WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT ************************
    Your section ID basically dictates what items will be available to you and how
    common they will be.  Check the comments sections to see if section ID makes a
    weapon/item unavailable. Trade online with other IDs to get more weapons.  Also
    if you play a standard game online, the items available are dictated by the
    section ID of whoever created the game.  So bear that in mind when you organise
    and online session.
    When you find a weapon whose name is in green that means it has some extra
    attributes in the form of extra attack power signified by a plus photon
    efficiency percentages.  These percentages are often overlooked but are
    important.  Say you have two sabres, but one has a 30% photon efficiency in the
    Forest area.  That weapon will do more damage than the first.  It may even do
    more damage than a weapon with more attack power but 0% photon efficiency in
    the Forest.
    Using Mono/Di/Trigrinders can increase each weapons attack power.  These will
    add 2/4/6 points of attack power when used on an EQUIPPED weapon. All weapons
    have a maximum grind limit.  Only the EGG BLASTER (and S Rank Challenge
    weapons) can be ground to +99.  Any other weapons ground past that point that
    you may receive online have been "made".  Not necessarily a bad thing, a +99
    Spread Needle can make levelling up much less of a chore, but do check with
    other players first if you are using altered weapons online.  It's the polite
    thing to do.  Also be aware that if you are converting a PSO 1 file to PSO 2
    you will lose any weapons ground beyond their normal limits or with photon
    efficiencies pumped to over 60% (the max).
    When you acquire a weapon with "???" you need to take it to the TEKKER in the
    shop area.  He will give your weapon an attribute.  These will get more
    powerful as you progress through the difficulty levels.  You can keep getting
    the same weapon Tekked if you have the cash.  You may get a more powerful one
    than he first presents you with.  Here are the categories from weakest to
    1) Heat - Fire - Flame - Burning
    Special Attack does Fire Damage
    2) Shock - Thunder - Storm - Tempest
    Special Attack does Lightening Damage
    3) Ice - Frost - Freeze - Blizzard
    Special Attack may freeze enemies
    4) Bind - Hold - Seize - Arrest
    Special Attack may paralyse enemies
    5) Panic - Riot - Havoc - Chaos
    Special Attack may confuse enemies
    6) Dim - Shadow - Dark - Hell
    Special Attack has a chance of killing an enemy outright.
    7) Draw - Drain - Fill - Gush
    Special Attack drains 5%/9%/13%/17% of enemy HP and gives it to you.
    8) Heart - Mind - Soul - Geist
    Special Attack will refill 3%/4%/5%/6% of you Max TP
    9) Master - Lord - King
    Special Attack steals 8%/10%/12% of enemies EXP
    10) Charge - Spirit - Berserk
    Special Attack drains Meseta/TP/HP to perform a powerful attack
    11) Devils - Demons
    Special Attack reduces enemies HP to a half/quarter
    You will also find weapons whose names are in yellow and in capitals; these are
    special weapons and are among the most powerful in their group outside of the
    super rarities (who's names are in glowing Orange).  They have their own
    specialties and you won't find them as types listed above.
    ******************************** WEAPONS ********************************
                           ======= a) SABRES =======
    - Sabre
    Attributes: ATP +55, ATA +30
    Description: "A sword with a Photon Blade"
    - Brand
    Attributes: ATP +100, ATA +33
    Description: "A sword with good accuracy and power"
    - Buster
    Attributes: ATP +160, ATA +36
    Description: "An extremely high performance sword"
    - Pallasch ATP +220, ATA +39
    Attributes: "A superior sword, usable only by masters."
    - Gladius
    Attributes: ATP +280, ATA +42
    Description: "An exceptional sword.  Has amazing power."
    - DB's SABRE
    Attributes: ATP +250, ATA +40
    Special: Drains TP for extra power attack
    Description: "A sword with "DB" carved into the hilt.
                  Can use TP to launch a strong special attack."
    Requirement: ATP 265
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments; Found in V.Hard Ruins and everywhere in Ult.  When you reach level
    100 this can be bought in the shop.
    Attributes: ATP +310, ATA +55
    Special: Ice
    Description: "A legendary sword long sought after by warriors.
                            Its special attack freezes  enemies."
    Requirement: ATP +295
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Found in Ult Ruins
    Attributes: ATP +353, ATA +49, MST +15
    Special: Steals EXP
    Description: "A legendary sword known as "The Knight's Blade."
                  Its special attack steals experience points."
    Requirement: ATP 310
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments:  Found in Ult. ruins
    Attributes: ATP +680, ATA +68
    Special: EXP steal
    Description: "Legendary sword found in the ancient ruins. It absorbs enemy
    Requirement: ATP 620
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 45
    Comments: Actually found in Ultimate Forest.
    Attributes: ATP +600, ATA +155
    Special: Steals HP
    Description: "This red sabre is a prototype, so it's finish is incomplete.
                  Letters, which say 'He', are carved on the hilt".
    Requirement: ATP 620
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 90
    Comments:  Found in Ult. Forest
                         ======== b) SWORDS =======
    - Sword
    Attributes: ATP +60, ATA +25, EVP -5
    Description: "A large weapon with a Photon Blade."
    - Gigush
    Attributes: ATP +100, ATA +27, EVP -5
    Description: "A large sword with good accuracy and power."
    - Breaker
    Attributes: ATP +150, ATA +50, EVP -10
    Description: "A large, extremely high performance sword."
    - Claymore
    Attributes: ATP +200. ATA +32, EVP -10
    Description: "A large superior sword usable only by masters."
    - Calibur
    Attributes: ATP +250, ATA +35, EVP -10
    Description: "AN exceptional large sword. Has amazing power."
    Attributes: ATP +240, ATP+34, LCK +5
    Description: "Bears the serial number 52-0003"
    Requirement: ATP 385
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Common in Ultimate difficulty.  Can be purchased in shop after level
    100, depending on Section ID
    Attributes: ATP +280, ATA +25, EVP -15, HP +20
    Special: HP drain
    Description: "A sword said to protect its bearer in any battle.
                  Its special attack steals HP."
    Requirement: ATP 470
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Found in Ult. Ruins, Can be purchased in shop after level 100,
    depending on section ID.
    Attributes: ATP +300, ATA +40, EVP -15
    Special: Fire
    Description: "A legendary sword borne by one who defeated a dragon.
                  Adds an explosive fire attack"
    Requirement: ATP 480
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Sometimes found after killing the Dragon Boss in Hard/V.Hard mode
    Attributes: ATP +660, ATA +98
    Special: Paralyse
    Description: "This red sword is a prototype, so it's finish is incomplete.
                  Letters, which say 'a', are carved on the hilt".
    Requirement: ATP 746
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 90
    Comments: Find in Ult. Caves
                        ======= c) DAGGERS =======
    - Dagger
    Attributes: ATP +40, ATA +20
    Description: "A short photon sword.  Attacks enemies twice."
    - Knife
    Attributes: ATP +70, ATA +22
    Description: "A short sword with good accuracy and power."
    - Blade
    Attributes: ATP +100, ATA +24
    Description: "An extremely high performance short sword."
    - Edge
    Attributes: ATP +130, ATA +26
    Description: "A superior short sword, usable only by masters."
    - Ripper
    Attributes: ATP +160, ATA +28
    Description: "An exceptional short sword.  Has amazing power."
    Attributes: ATP +170, ATA +27, DFP +10
    Special: Paralyse
    Description: "A short sword named for its dance-like attack.
                  Its special attack paralyses enemies."
    Requirement: ATP 385
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Common in Ultimate mode.  Can be bought in shop after level 100 on
    some section IDs
    Attributes: ATP +155, ATA +40, MST +10
    Special: Halves HP
    Description: "A legendary short sword named for all the blood that it spilled.
    Its special attack halves enemy HP."
    Requirement: ATP 412
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Found Ult. Ruins.
    Attributes: ATP +190, ATA +32
    Special: Lightning
    Description: "A legendary short sword that leaves cross-shaped scars on its
    victims. Adds lightning damage."
    Requirement: ATP 463
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard, Ult. Mines
    Attributes: ATP +613, ATA +162
    Special: Steals TP
    Description: "This red blade is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete.
    Letters, which say 't', are carved on the hilt."
    Requirement: ATP 710
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 90
    Comments:  Find in Ult. Caves.
                         ====== d) SLICERS =======
    - Slicer
    Attributes: ATP +15, ATA +13
    Description: "A throwing blade that hits multiple enemies."
    - Spinner
    Attributes: +30 ATP, ATA +16
    Description: "A throwing Blade with good accuracy and power."
    - Cutter
    Attributes: ATP +50, ATA +19
    Description: "An extremely high performance throwing blade."
    - Sawcer
    Attributes: ATP +80, ATA +22
    Description: "A superb throwing blade, used only by masters."
    - Diska
    Attributes: ATP +145, ATA +25
    Description: "An exceptional throwing blade. Has amazing power."
    Attributes: ATP +110, ATA +27, DFP +10
    Special: Instant kill
    Description: "A legendary throwing blade used by elite assassins.
                  Its special attack can kill instantly."
    Requirement: ATP 480
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Ult ruins
    Attributes: ATP +150, ATA +31
    Special: Confusion
    Description: "A legendary throwing blade used by a hunter called
                  'The Liberator."
    Requirement: ATP 480
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Ruins
    Attributes:  ATP +170, ATA +30
    Special: HP sacrifice
    Description: "A legendary throwing blade for the brave.
                            Sacrifices HP for a powerful special attack."
    Requirement: ATP 495
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Buy in weapon shop on certain section IDs.
    Attributes: ATP +695, ATA +144
    Special: Fire
    Description: "This red slicer is a prototype, so it's finish is incomplete.
                            Letters, which say 'Cl,' are carved on the hilt."
    Requirement: ATP 970
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 90
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Ruins
                        ========= e) PARTISANS ========
    - Partisan
    Attributes: ATP +40, ATA +32
    Description: "A long sword with a photon blade.  Hits multiple enemies."
    - Halbert
    Attributes: ATP +75, ATA +37
    Description: "A long sword with good accuracy and power."
    - Glaive
    Attributes: ATP +110, ATA +41
    Description: "An extremely high performance long sword."
    - Berdys
    Attributes: ATP +145, ATA +45
    Description: "A superior long sword, usable only by masters."
    - Gungnir
    Attributes: ATP +180, ATA +49
    Description: "An exceptional long sword.  Has amazing power."
    Attributes: ATP +160, ATA +46
    Special: TP steal
    Description: "A legendary long sword made of pure photons."
    Requirement: ATP 475
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 0
    Comments: Find in Ultimate mode.
    - VJAYA
    Attributes: ATP +200, ATA +55
    Special: Use meseta to increase attack power
    Description: "A legendary long sword for the wealthy.
                           Can launch a powerful attack at the cost of Meseta."
    Requirement: ATP 412
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in ultimate Forest
    - GAE BOLG
    Attributes: ATP +220, ATA +40, LCK +5
    Special: Ice
    Description: "A legendary long sword that is said to become sharper with
                           every blow. Its special attack freezes enemies."
    Requirement: ATP 463
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Buy in weapon shop on some IDs. Find in V.hard Ruins
    Attributes: ATP +600, ATA +202
    Special: Ice
    Description: "This red partisan is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete.
                             Letters, which say "h," are carved on the grip."
    Requirement: ATP 860
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 90
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Mines.
                          ======= f) HANDGUNS =======
    - Handgun
    Attributes: ATP +30, ATA +26
    Description: "A small gun that fires Photon bullets."
    - Autogun
    Attributes: ATP +65, ATA +29
    Description: "A small gun with good accuracy and power."
    - Lockgun
    Attributes: ATP +110, ATA +26
    Description: "An extremely high performance small gun."
    - Railgun
    Attributes: ATP +145, ATA +32
    Description: "A superior small gun, usable only by masters."
    - Raygun
    Attributes: ATP +180, ATA +38
    Description: "An exceptional small gun. Has amazing power
    Attributes: ATP +222, ATA +43, EVP +20
    Special: Paralysis
    Description: "A legendary High performance pistol.
                  Its special causes paralysis."
    Requirement: ATA 110
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: V.Hard Ruins, Ultimate mode all areas. Can buy from shop after level
    Attributes: ATP +195, ATA +45
    Special: Fire
    Description: "A pistol used by military mechanic group "Team00."
                            Proves the bearer to be a member of the team"
    Requirement: ATA 105
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Ultimate mode, and V.hard ruins
    Attributes: ATP +250, ATA +45
    Special: Lightning
    Description: "A legendary pistol reserved for high-ranking officers aboard
    Pioneer 1.
                          Adds lightning damage."
    Requirement: ATA 118
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in various places in V.Hard and Ult.
    Attributes: ATP +530, ATA +85
    Special: Lightning
    Description: "This red gun is a prototype, so it's finish is incomplete.
                            Letters, which say 'i', are carved on the barrel."
    Requirement: ATP 140
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 90
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Forest.
                          ======= g) MACHINE GUNS ========
    - Mechgun
    Attributes: +4 ATP
    Description: "A machine gun that fires a hail of Photon bullets."
    - Assault
    Attributes: ATP +8, ATA +3
    Description: "A machine gun with good power and accuracy."
    - Repeater
    Attributes: ATP +12, ATA +6
    Description: "An extremely high performance machine gun."
    - Gatling
    Attributes: ATP +16, ATA +9
    Description: "A superior machine gun, usable only by masters."
    - Vulcan
    Attributes: ATP +20, ATA +12
    Description: "An exceptional machine gun. Has amazing power."
    - M&A60 VISE
    Attributes: ATP +35, ATA +40, LCK +5
    Special: uses own HP for extra power attacks
    Description: "A legendary machine gun from the Vise Corp.
                  Sacrifices HP for a powerful special attack."
    Requirement: ATA 120
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Ult Ruins and purchase in shop on some section IDs.
    - H&S25 JUSTICE
    Attributes: ATP +30, ATA +18
    Special: Ice
    Description: "A legendary machine gun from the Justice Corp.
                  Its special attack freezes enemies."
    Requirement: ATA 122
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Mode and buy in some shops after level 100.
    - L&K15 COMBAT
    Attributes: ATP +35, ATA +19
    Special: Paralysis
    Description: "A legendary machine gun from the Combat Corp.
                  It's special attack paralyses enemies".
    Requirement: ATA 124
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard, Ultimate mode
    Attributes: ATP +513. ATA +90
    Special: Confusion
    Description: "This red mechgun is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete.
                  Letters, which say "ff," are carved on the grip."
    Requirement: ATA 175
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 90
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Mode.
                        ======= h) RIFLES ========
    - Rifle
    Attributes: ATP +20, ATA +9
    Description: "A long range gun that fires Photon bullets."
    - Sniper
    Attributes: ATP +90, ATA +18
    Description: "A rifle with good accuracy and power."
    - Blaster
    Attributes: ATP +160, ATA +27
    Description: "An extremely high performance rifle"
    - Beam
    Attributes: ATP +210, ATA +36
    Description: "A superior rifle, usable only by masters."
    - Laser
    Attributes: ATP +280, ATA +45
    Description: "An exceptional rifle. Has amazing power."
    - VISK'235W
    Attributes: +260 ATP, +50 ATA, EVP +5
    Special: Paralyse
    Description: "legendary rifle crafted by Visk, one of the three masters.
                  It's special attack paralyses enemies."
    Requirement: ATA 118
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in the Ult. forest
    - WALS'MK2
    Attributes: ATP +290, ATA +54
    Special: Confusion
    Description: "Legendary rifle crafted by Wals, one of the three masters.
                  It's special attack confuses enemies."
    Requirement: 120
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Mode
    - JUSTY'23ST
    Attributes: ATP +270, ATA +54, DFP +10
    Special: Halves enemy HP
    Description: "Legendary rifle crafted by Justy, one of the three masters.
                  It's special attack halves enemy HP."
    Requirement: 125
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Mode
                        ======= i) SHOTGUNS ========
    - Shot
    Attributes: ATP +25, ATA +27, EVP -10
    Description: "A shotgun that fires a spread of Photon Bullets."
    - Spread
    Attributes: ATP +50, ATA +30, EVP -10
    Description: "A shotgun with good accuracy and power."
    - Cannon
    Attributes: ATP +80, ATA +35
    Description: "An extremely high performance rifle."
    - Launcher
    Attributes: ATP +110, ATA +41
    Description: "A superior shotgun usable only by masters."
    - Arms
    Attributes: ATP +150, ATA +47
    Description: "An exceptional shotgun. Has amazing powers."
    Attributes: ATP +133, ATA +37, EVP -30
    Special: HP thief
    Description: "A legendary shotgun made with pure photons.
                             Its special attack steals enemy HP."
    Requirement: ATA 122
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard Ruins and Ultimate mode.
    Attributes: ATP +188, ATA +40, LUCK +10
    Special: EXP steal
    Description: "A legendary shotgun with tremendous power.
                  Its special attack steals enemies' experience points."
    Requirement: ATA 125
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard Mines/Ruins.
    Attributes: ATP +160, ATA +43, EVP -30
    Special: TP steal
    Description: "A legendary shotgun with power that rivals a meteor strike.
                  It's special attack steals enemy TP."
    Requirement: ATA 125
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard Ruin.
                        ======== j) CANES =========
    - Cane
    Attributes: ATP +30, ATA +40
    Description: "A cane usable by Forces.  Has low attack power."
    - Stick
    Attributes: ATP +60, ATA +45
    Description: "A high quality cane with average attack power."
    - Mace
    Attributes: ATP +90, ATA +50
    Description: "A superior cane, usable only by masters."
    - Club
    Attributes: ATP +120, ATA +55
    Description: "An exceptional cane.  Has amazing powers."
    Attributes: ATP +150, ATA +60, Luck +10
    Special: Fire
    Description: "A legendary cane made of Laconium metal.
                  It's special attack causes fire damage."
    Requirement: MST 430
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard Ruins and Ultimate mode.
    Attributes: ATP +180, ATP +55
    Special: Lightning
    Description: "A legendary cane made of the magic stone Adaman.
                  Its special attack adds lightning damage."
    Requirement: MST 440
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Ult. Mines/Ruins
    Attributes: ATP +220, ATA +60, MST +10
    Special: Death
    Description: "A legendary cane made of the magic stone Zumiuran.
                  Its special attack can cause instant death."
    Requirement: MST 450
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 0
                        ======= k) RODS =======
    - Rod
    Attributes: ATP +42, ATA +45
    Description: "A battle cane made only for Forces."
    - Pole
    Attributes: ATP +80, ATA +50
    Description: "A battle cane with good power and accuracy."
    - Pillar
    Attributes: ATP +115, ATA +55
    Description: "A superior battle cane, useable only by masters."
    - Striker
    Attributes: ATP +150, ATA +60
    Description: An exceptional Battle cane.  Has amazing power."
    Attributes: ATP +150, ATA +60
    Special: HP halve
    Description: "A legendary cane made so Forces can hold their own in a fight.
                  Halves enemy HP."
    Requirement: MST 460
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard Ruins
    Attributes: ATP +220, ATA +65
    Special: TP attack
    Description: "A legendary battle cane for brave Forces.
                  Its special attack uses TP to launch a powerful strike."
    Requirement: MST 470
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Very Hard Caves
    Attributes: ATP +260, ATA +65
    Special: HP steal
    Description: "A legendary battle cane made for a Force for intense fights.
                  Its special attack steals enemies' HP."
    Requirement: MST 480
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard Ruins
                        ======= l) WANDS =======
    - Wand
    Attributes: ATP +30, ATA +30, MST +10
    Description: "A magic cane with good power and attributes."
    - Staff
    Attributes: ATP +40, ATA +35, MST +10
    Description: "An extremely high performance magic cane."
    - Baton
    Attributes: ATP +50, ATA +40, MST +10
    Description: "A superior cane, usable only by masters."
    - Sceptre
    Attributes: ATP +75, ATA +45, MST +10
    Description: "An exceptional magic cane. Has amazing power
    Attributes: ATP +100, ATA +50, MST +20
    Special: Fire
    Description: "A legendary magic cane containing the power of fire.
                  Its special attack adds fire damage.
    Requirement: MST 470
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.hard/Ult ruins.  Can be bought from some shops after level
    Attributes: ATP +125, ATA +50, MST +20
    Special: Ice/Freeze
    Description: "Legendary magic cane with the power of ice.
                  Has the ability to freeze enemies."
    Requirement: MST 485
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard and Ult modes. Cam be bought in some shops after level
    Attributes: ATP +150, ATA +50, MST +20
    Special: Lightning
    Description: "Legendary magic cane containing the power of lightning.
                  Adds lightning damage."
    Requirement: MST 490
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Buy in weapons stores on PINKAL ID.
                          ======= m) CLAWS/FISTS =======
    Attributes: ATP +215, ATA +38
    Special: HP steal
    Description: "Claws with photon blades for quick attacks with the right hand.
                  Its special attack steals enemies' HP."
    Requirement: ATP 215
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 20
    Comments: Find in V.Hard Mines/Ruins and Ult. Forest
    Attributes: ATP +285, ATA +39
    Special: Instant death
    Description: "Legendary claws that kill silently. It's special attack can
                  fell enemies with a single blow."
    Requirement: ATP 336
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 15
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Forest
    - NEI'S CLAW
    Attributes: ATP +172, ATA +45
    Special: HP steal
    Description: "Legendary claws equippable only by female Hunters or Rangers.
                  Its special attack steals enemy HP."
    Requirement: ATP 336
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Prize for S rank in Online Quest "Towards the Future" V.Hard
    difficulty.  Usable by females only.
    Attributes: ATP +240, ATA +60
    Special: Ice
    Description: "Gear that boosts attack power for unarmed combat.
                  Its special attack freezes enemies."
    Requirement: ATP 315
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 30
    Comments: Find in Ultimate caves
    - GOD HAND
    Attributes: ATP +330, ATA +60, DEF, EVP, MST +5
    Special: EXP thief
    Description: "The ultimate gear for unarmed combat.
                  Its special attack steals experience points."
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 15
    Comments: Supposedly available in download quest, "Soul of the Blacksmith".
    Possibly the Japanese version.
    Attributes: ATP +165, ATA +65
    Special: EXP thief
    Description: "Unarmed combat gear that allows attacks at sonic speeds.
                  Its special attack steals experience."
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 9
    Comments:  get the Sonic Glove in the Online quest "Tinkerbell Lost Dog" and
    convert it into Sonic Knuckle in download quest "Central Dome Fire Swirl"
                         ======= n) TWIN BLADES =======
    Attributes: ATP +150, ATA +28
    Special: TP drain
    Description: "A double-bladed photon sword.
                  Its special attack steals enemies' TP."
    Requirement: 235
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 20
    Comments: Found mainly in V.Hard Mine.
    Attributes: ATP +235, ATA +23
    Special: confusion
    Description: "A legendary double-bladed sword useable only by male
                  Hunters and Rangers. Causes Confusion."
    Requirement: ATP 343
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 15
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Forest.
     Attributes: ATP +225, ATA +32
    Special: halves HP
    Description: "The ultimate double-bladed sword, only for masters.
                  Its special attack halves enemy HP."
    Requirement: ATP 270
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in V.Hard Ruins.  Hunters only.
    Attributes: ATP +640, ATA =180
    Special: Ice
    Description: "The crystals on both sides of the staff can inflict a
                 lot of damage. Its special attack freezes enemies."
    Requirement: ATP 950
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 30
    Comments: Find in Ultimate ruins.  Hunters only.
    Attributes: ATP +700, ATA +155
    Special: Fire
    Description: "The ancient characters on its blade produce magic.
                  Its special attack is the fire bomb."
    Requirement: ATP 880
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 25
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Mines.
    Attributes: ATP +590, ATA +150, MST +40
    Special: Fire
    Description: "Flames from both ends of this magic cane will burn enemies.
                  Its special flame attack is very powerful."
    Requirement: ATP 800
    Stars: 12
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Find in Ultimate Caves.
                      ======= o) MISCELLENEOUS RARES =======
    Attributes: ATP +93, ATA +35
    Special: None (?)
    Description: "The ultimate weapon?-hard, yet supple and smooth."
    Requirement: ATA 130
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Acquire in a weapons subquest.
    Attributes: ATP +465, ATA +40, EVP -20
    Special: Halves enemy HP
    Description: "A powerful bazooka with highly destructive shells.
                  Its special attack halves enemies' HP."
    Requirement: ATA 125
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: can be equipped by all characters.
    - HOLY RAY
    Attributes: ATP +302, ATA +72
    Special: Paralysis
    Description: "A special gun that impales enemies with a giant spear.
                  Its special attack paralyses enemies."
    Requirement: ATA 120
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 30
    Comments: Can be equipped by all characters.
    Attributes: ATP +558, ATA +183
    Special: Pushes enemies back.
    Description: "When you wave this magic fan once, it produces a strong wind,
                  which blows enemies away."
    Requirement: MST 650
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 45
    Comments: A, B or S rank prize in the online Quest "Towards the future"
    (Ultimate difficulty). Usable by Forces only.
    Attributes: ATP +185, ATP +49
    Special: Drains HP
    Description: "A cursed sickle that drains HP from the user.
                  Its special attack drains HP for a powerful strike."
    Requirement: ATP 165
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 35
    Comments: Acquire in offline "Soul Eater" side quest. Slowly reduces your HP
    while equipped. Usable by all characters.
    Attributes: ATP +240, ATA +35
    Special: Fire damage
    Description: "A special gun made by a mysterious scientist out to conquer the
                  world. Does fire damage."
    Requirement: ATA 100
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: +99
    Comments: Prize for S rank in online quest "Towards the Future" (V.hard).
    Usable by all characters.  Is this made by Dr. Robotnik (Eggman) from Sonic the
    Hedgehog perchance?
    Attributes: ATP +620, ATA +234
    Special: Halves enemy HP
    Description: "The blades can kill an enemy in one hit.
                  Its special attack can take away half of an enemy's health."
    Requirement: ATP 960
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 20
    Comments: Usable by Hunters only.
    Attributes: ATP +350, ATA +55
    Special: Gives you extra EXP
    Description: "A one-handed axe with a Photon Blade.
                  Its special attack steals EXP"
    Requirement: ATP 250
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 20
    Comments: Usable by all characters
    Attributes: ATP +422, ATA +72
    Special: Hits in a sequence
    Description: "Few facts or even rumours are known about this ultimate sword.
                  Its abilities are a mystery."
    Requirement: ATP 500
    Stars: 12
    Max grind: 15
    Comments: Usable by Hunters only
    Attributes: ATP + 245, ATA +35, EVP -30
    Special: Paralysis
    Description: "A custom shotgun that shoots countless needles.
                  Its special attack paralyses enemies."
    Requirement: ATA 130
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 15
    Comments: Usable by Hunters and Rangers.  Ace solo levelling up weapon, but
    frowned upon for online use as an EXP thief.
    Attributes: ATP +780, ATA +95
    Special: None
    Description: "This weapon fires a punch bomb. It does great damage, but
                  sequence attacks are not possible."
    Requirement: ATA 160
    Stars: 12
    Max grind: 50
    Comments: Hunter and Ranger only. Ult. Ruins.
    Attributes: ATP +500, ATA +90
    Special: Confusion
    Description: "Shaking the maracas with a Latin rhythm produces shock
                  waves to damage enemies"
    Requirement: ATA 135
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Get three gold badges from online quest "Famitsu Maximum Attack" to
    trade for this.  Usable by all.
    Attributes: ATP +680, ATA +180
    Special: HP drain
    Description: "Once a child's toy, it has been refined over the years to
                  become the ultimate toy. Its power is devastating."
    Requirement: ATP 670
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 50
    Comments: Get three gold badges from online quest "Famitsu Maxium Attack" to
    trade for this.  Usable by all.
    - BROOM
    Attributes: ATP +630, ATA +120, MST +45
    Special: None
    Description: "This is a cleaning tool that was found in the ancient ruins.
                  Something is carved on it. It increases mental strength."
    Requirement: MST 600
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 0
    Comments: Exchange for 9 Aluminium Weapons Badges in the Online Quest "Towards
    the Future"
    Attributes: ATP +300, ATA +132
    Special: None
    Description: "Secret technique.  Type URAENDING at the Title with the
    Requirement: None
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: None
    Comments: Acquire in the download Quest "Sunset at the Secret base".  Usable by
    all.  Handy beginners weapon as has no stat requirements and is very powerful.
    Attributes: ATP +660, ATA +180
    Special: Paralysis
    Description: "This rifle was used as the military Android's primary weapon
                  in a certain country."
    Requirement: ATA 150
    Stars: 12
    Max grind: 15
    Comments: Acquire by getting SS rank condition 2 in online quest "Towards the
    Future."  Usable by RAmar and RAcast only.
    Attributes: ATP +600, ATA +215
    Special: Steals TP
    Description: "This scythe is considered a work of art because of its
                  intricate design. It's special attack confuses enemies."
    Requirement: ATP 670
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 80
    Comments: Get three gold badges from online quest "Famitsu Maximum Attack" to
    trade for this.  Usable by all.
    Attributes: ATP +649, ATA +150
    Special: Lightning
    Description: "A government certified scientist created this
                  high-performance rifle based on the A-35 rifle function."
    Requirement: ATA 175
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 80
    Comments: Usable by rangers only.
    Attributes: ATP +566, ATA +140, MST +55
    Special: Lightning
    Description: "The stone on this cane increases your mental strength.
                  Its special attack is lightning."
    Requirement: MST 800
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 45
    Comments: Force only.  Find in Ult. Ruins
    Attributes: ATP +500, ATA +150, MST +20
    Special: none
    Description: "A huge leaf. When equipped, it increases your
                  mental strength by 20."
    Requirement: ATP 550
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 0
    Comments: Not usable by Androids.  Find in Ult. Forest.
    Attributes: ATP +500, ATA +100, MST +50
    Special: none
    Description: "This magic cane was developed for female users. It's
                  very popular and can be used as an accessory".
    Requirement: MST 600
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 0
    Comments: Force only.
    - YASMINKOV 2000H
    Attributes: ATP +590, ATA +120
    Special: none
    Description: "An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans.
                  The power is as strong as the new model."
    Requirement: ATA 180
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 10
    Comments: Ranger only.
    - YASMINKOV 7000V
    Attributes: ATP +695, ATA +180
    Special: None
    Description: "An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans.
                  The power is as strong as the new model."
    Requirement: ATA 190
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 10
    Comments: ranger only
    - YASMINKOV 3000R
    Attributes: ATP +622, ATA +122
    Special: none
    Description: "An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans.
                  The power is as strong as the new model."
    Requirement: ATA 160
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 10
    Comments: ranger only
    - YASMINKOV 9200M
    Attributes: ATP +590, ATA +159
    Special: none
    Description: "An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans.
                  The power is as strong as the new model."
    Requirement: ATA 175
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 10
    Comments: Rangers only
    Attributes: ATP +488, ATA +168, MST +55
    Special: Lighting
    Description: "The star-shaped design increases mental strength.
                  Its special attack causes a large shock."
    Requirement: MST 850
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Force only, find in Ult. Ruins
    Attributes: ATP +680, ATA +185
    Special: EXP steal
    Description: "When thrown, this fan can kill several enemies at once.
                  It's special attack steals 12% of the enemies experience".
    Requirement: ATP 880
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 15
    Comments: S Rank prize in the online quest "Towards the Future"
    Attributes: ATP +720, ATA +112
    Special: Confusion
    Description: "AUW 1985 model. Made by Kikoku".
    Requirement: ATP 860
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 10
    Comments: Rare find in Ult. Mine
                       ======= p) MONSTER PARTS WEAPONS =========
    To create a Monster Part weapon you first need to find a Monster part (good
    luck!). Then you need Doc. Montague to be unlocked offline.  DO this by playing
    all the Hunters Guild Missions. Now when you enter the "Doc Osto's Research"
    mission he will be pacing about and you can get a weapon made.
    Weapons made offline will have no photon percentages though.  To get him to
    make a weapon with a random percentage added, you need to play through the
    online Quest "Today's Rate" and get the microchip.  Presenting him with the
    part and microchip will get you a weapon with photon efficiencies on it.
    Attributes: ATP +289, ATA +45
    Special: Lightning
    Description: "Delsaber's hand now an enemy weapon. Powers up 100%
                  if used with a  Delsaber's shield. Lightning damage."
    Requirement: ATP +295
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 0
    Comments: Sabre type weapon. Requires the right of Del Saber.  This can be
    equipped by all.
    Attributes: ATP +372, ATA +35
    Special: Death
    Description: "An enemy weapon made from the hands of a Sinow Beat.
                  Its special attack can kill in a single strike"
    Requirement: ATP 485
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 25
    Comments: A dagger type weapon. Requires the arm of a Sinow Beat. Hunter and
    Ranger only.
    Attributes: ATP +288, ATA +55
    Special: Steals TP
    Description: "A magic cane made from the cane of a Chaos Sorcerer.
                  Reduces TP cost by 10% and steals enemy TP."
    Requirement: MST 420
    Stars: 11
    Max grind: 0
    Comments: Need monster part, Chaos Sorcerers Cane. Force only.
    Attributes: ATP +298, ATA +45
    Special: Paralysis
    Description: "An enemy weapon made from the hands of a Pan Arms.
                  Its special attack paralyses enemies".
    Requirement: ATP +300
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 25
    Comments: I have these and they are very precious to me!  One of the rarest of
    the rare monster parts.  Causes some jealousy online I can tell you!  These are
    dagger type weapons requiring the arms of a Pan Arm. Hunter and Ranger only.
    Attributes: ATP +480, ATA +80, MST +35
    Special: Fire
    Description: "Hildebear's Cane-Hildebear's skull was used to make this
                  weapon. Its special attack will shoot fire."
    Requirement: MST 300
    Stars: 10
    Max grind: 0
    Comments: Force only.  Requires Hildebear/Hidelt monster part.
    Attributes: ATP +657, ATA +175
    Special: None
    Description: "Indi Belra's right hand was remodelled into this enemy weapon.
                  Its special attack is even more powerful... "
    Requirement: ATA 180
    Stars: 12
    Max grind: 9
    Comments: Requires hand of Belra monster part.  Ranger only.
    Attributes: ATP +315, DFP +48
    Special: None
    Description: "A claw made from the right arm of a booma."
    Requirement: ATP +300
    Stars: 9
    Max grind: 0
    Comments: Made from claw of Booma.  Hunter and Ranger only.
    **************************** b) ARMOUR/FRAMES ****************************
    Frames and barriers can be used by all classes. Armour and Shields can't be
    used by Forces. On basic armours, there are some variation in defence stats.
    Check out new ones and always go for the ones with most armour slots.
    Armour - Level 4, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Psy Armour - Level 7, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Giga Frame - Level 10, Boosts defence for all classes
    Soul Frame - Level 13, Boosts defence for all classes
    Cross Armour - Level 16, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Solid Frame - Level 19, Boosts defence for all classes
    Brave Armour - Level 23, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Hyper Frame - Level 27, Boosts defence for all classes
    Grand Armour - Level 31, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Shock Frame - Level 35, Boosts defence for all classes
    King's Frame - Level 39, Boosts defence for all classes
    Dragon Frame - Level 43, Boosts defence for all classes
    Absorb Armour - Level 47, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Protect Frame - Level 51, Boosts defence for all classes
    General Armour - Level 55, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Perfect Frame - Level 59, Boosts defence for all classes
    Valiant Frame - Level 63, Boosts defence for all classes
    Imperial Armour - Level 67, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Holiness Armour - Level 71, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Guardian Armour - Level 75, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Divinity Armour - Level 78, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Ultimate Frame - Level 81, Boosts defence for all classes
    Celestial Armour - Level 85, Boosts defence for Hunters and Rangers
    HUNTER FIELD - Level 28, Hunters only
    RANGER FIELD - Level 28, Rangers only
    FORCE FIELD - Level 28, Force only
    REVIVAL GARMENT - Level 58.  Usable by all, recovers HP over time
    SPIRIT GARMENT - Level 58. Usable by all, recovers TP over time
    D-PARTS Ver1.01 - Level 51. Androids only
    PARASITE WEAR: De Rol - Reduces HP, raises Defence. Not usable by androids
    PARASITE WEAR: Nelgal - Level 66. Reduces HP, raises Defence. Force/Ranger
    PARASITE WEAR: Vajulla - Level 89. Reduces HP, raises Defence. Force/Ranger
    SENSE PLATE - Level 53. makes traps visible. Not usable by Forces
    GRAVITON PLATE - Level 54, boosts defence, but lowers accuracy. Hunter/Ranger
    ATTRIBUTE PLATE - Level 54.  Boosts all resistance. Hunter/Ranger only
    FLOWEN'S FRAME - Level 66. Not usable by Forces
    CUSTOM FRAME Ver.00 - Level 76
    DB's ARMOR - Level 76
    GUARD WAVE Ver.2 - Level 101, usable by all
    DF FIELD Ver.2 - Level 141, usable by all
    LUMINOUS FIELD Ver.2 - Level 121, drains HP but raise defence.
    CHU CHU FEVER - Level 101. Ranger/Hunter only. Prize in download Quest
    LOVE HEART - Level 151. Females only.  Boosts evasion and defence
    FLAME GARMENT - Level 121
    AURA FIELD - Level 181. High defence but drains TP over time
    ELECTRO FRAME - Level 141
    SACRED CLOTH - Level 171, extremely high defence/evasion
    SMOKING PLATE - Level 151, extremely high defence/evasion
    ************************** c) SHIELDS/BARRIERS **************************
    Shield - level 4, Boost Evasion for Hunters and Rangers
    Core Shield - level 7, Boost Evasion for Hunters and Rangers
    Giga Shield - level 10, Boost Evasion for Hunters and Rangers
    Soul Barrier - level 13 Boost Evasion for all classes
    Hard Shield - level 17, Boost Evasion for Hunters and Rangers
    Brave Barrier - level 20 Boost Evasion for all classes
    Solid Shield - level 23, Boost Evasion for Hunters and Rangers
    Flame Barrier - level 27 Boost Defence and Fire Resist for all classes
    Plasma Barrier - level 31 Boost Defence and Lightning Resist for all classes
    Freeze Barrier - level 35 Boost Defence and Ice Resist for all classes
    Psychic Barrier - level 39 Boost Defence for all classes
    General Shield - level 43, Boost Defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Protect Barrier - level 47 Boost Defence for all classes
    Glorious Shield - level 51, Boost Defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Imperial Barrier - level 55 Boost Defence for all classes
    Guardian Shield - level 59, Boost Defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Divinity Barrier - level 63 Boost Defence for all classes
    Ultimate Shield - level 67, Boost Defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Spiritual Shield - level 71, Boost Defence for Hunters and Rangers
    Celestial Shield - level 75, Boost Defence for Hunters and Rangers
    SACRED GUARD - Level 17. Usable by all
    S-PARTS Ver1.16 - Level 17.  Androids only
    S-PARTS Ver2.01 - Level 17. Androids only
    LIGHT RELIEF - Level 17.  Boosts dark resistance
    SHIELD OF DELSABER - Level 41. Evasion increases if used with DelSabres Buster
    FORCE WALL - Level 41. Force only
    HUNTER WALL - Level 41. Hunter only
    RANGER WALL - Level 41. ranger only
    ATTRIBUTE WALL - Level 41.  Boost resistances for all classes
    SECRET GEAR - Level 41.  Boosts evasion significantly for all classes
    PROTO REGENE GEAR - Level 66.
    COMBAT GEAR - Level 66.  Boosts attack and not defence.
    REGENERATE GEAR - Level 66. Restores HP when you block an attack
    FLOWEN'S SHIELD - Level 66. Not usable by Forces
    DB'S SHIELD - Level 66
    BLUE RING - Level 101. SS-Rank prize in "Towards the Future" online quest
    WHITE RING - A Rabk Challenge mode prize
    YELLOW RING - B Rank Challenge mode prize
    ************************* d) ARMOUR SLOT ITEMS **************************
    Each slot item that adds a stats bonus can come in various strengths.  Below
    are listed stats for the basic unit.  But you can find units with +, ++. -, --
    on them. Each plus or minus, adds or subtracts a small amount from the default
    stat.  The amount depends on the level of the add-on.
    Trap/Search - Makes all traps visible
    State/Maintenance - Prevents adverse status effects
    HP Restorate - Restores HP as you walk long distances
    HP Generate - Restores HP as you walk medium distances
    HP/Revival - Restores HP as you walk short distances
    TP Restorate - Restores TP as you walk long distances
    TP Generate - Restores TP as you walk medium distances
    TP/Revival- Restores TP as you walk short distances
    PB Amplifier - Increases PB as you walk long distances
    PB/Generate - Increases PB as you walk medium distances
    PB/Create - Increases PB as you walk short distances
    Digger/HP - HP +10
    General/HP - HP +20
    Dragon/HP - HP +30
    God/HP - HP +40
    Warrior/Body - DEF +10
    Metal/Body - DEF +30
    God/Body - DEF +50
    Priest/Mind - MST +5
    General/Mind  - MST +10
    Wizard/Mind - MST +15
    Angel/Mind - MST +20
    God/Mind - MST +25
    Thief/Legs - EVP +10
    General/Legs - EVP +20
    Elf/Legs - EVP +30
    God/Legs - EVP +40
    Master/Ability - EVP, ATP, ATA, MST DEF +10
    Hero/Ability - EVP, ATP, ATA, MST DEF +15
    God/Ability  - EVP, ATP, ATA, MST DEF +20
    Marksman/Arm - ATA +3
    General/Arms - ATA +7
    Elf/Arms - ATA +10
    God/Arms - ATA +15
    Knight/Power - ATP +5
    General/Power - ATP +10
    Ogre/Power - ATP +15
    God/Power - ATP +20
    Angel/Luck - LUCK +10
    God/Luck - LUCK +20
    Resist/Fire - Fire Resist +3
    Resist/Cold - Ice Resist +3
    Resist/Shock - Lightning Resist +3
    Resist/Light - Light Resist +3
    Resist/Dark - Dark Resist +3
    Resist/Freeze - Ice Resist +7
    Resist/Flame - Fire Resist +7
    Resist/Thunder - Lightning Resist +7
    Resist/Saint - Light Resist +7
    Resist/Evil - Dark Resist +7
    Resist/Burning - Fire Resist +11
    Resist/Blizzard - Ice Resist +11
    Resist/Storm - Lightning Resist +11
    Resist/Holy - Light Resist +11
    Resist/Devil - Dark Resist +11
    All/Resist - Resist Ice, Fire, Lightning, Dark, Light +3
    Super/Resist - Resist Ice, Fire, Lightning, Dark, Light +7
    Perfect/Resist - Resist Ice, Fire, Lightning, Dark, Light +11
    Wizard/Technique - Raises all techniques by 1 level
    Devil/Technique - Raises all techniques by 2 levels
    God/Technique - Raises all techniques by 3 levels
    General/Battle - Increases attack speed by 10%
    Devil/Battle - Increases attack speed by 20%
    God/Battle - Increases attack speed by 30%
    ************************** e) WEAPONS SIDE QUESTS ***********************
    As you play the Hunters Guild Quests in the caves, DON'T play Waterfall Tears
    or Black Paper yet.  First you need to have access to the Mines.  Begin "Dr.
    Osto's Research". At the end when Sue asks you your name, don't tell her.  If
    you do tell her, you won't be able to get the Soul Eater in this difficulty
    mode, but you can see the real ending to the download quest "Soul of Steel".
    Now do the Unsealed Door Quest and make sure you find and talk to Sue (she is
    south of the "s" shaped room), finish the quest.
    Now you can do the "Waterfall Tears" quest. Beat Anna in the waterfall/rainbow
    room and carry on up.  You should see a NPC arrow appear.  It's Kireek (who you
    met back in your Battle Training Quest).  He is Black Hound, so fight him and
    defeat him.
    Now start the "Black Paper" Quest.  On the way to cave 2 you will run into
    Kireek.  Battle him again.  Then complete the Quest.
    Now do "From the Depths". When Ash leaves you by the crystal causing the
    Earthquakes. Carry on further into the Ruins and meet Kireek for the last time.
     Defeat him and you'll get the "Soul Eater".  The cursed scythe.
    When you start the Quest "Secret Delivery", make sure you talk to the man
    walking about outside the medical centre.  He'll start going on about WEAPON
    the secret society.  Answer "!!" to his questions and he will give you his
    approval.  He'll tell you that you need four more approvals.  The only way to
    get these now is to complete ALL the Hunters Guild Quests so you can revisit
    earlier ones.  If you didn't talk to him first time through, you can go into
    Secret Delivery when it's unlocked again, BUT you'll have to play it through.
    The same goes for the next missions.
    The next approval can be found in "Claiming a Stake".  Talk to the kid pacing
    outside the medical centre.  You must then complete the quest.
    The next approval can be found in "Value of Money".  Talk to the young man
    walking around near the Bank. Complete the Quest.
    The next approval can be found in "Gran Squall".  Talk to the woman standing by
    the Bank.. now complete the mission.
    The next approval can be found in "The Lost Bride".  Talk to the Soldier by the
    bank.  Then complete the mission. Actually if you can't face taking Cicil all
    the way into the caves, let her get killed!  If you fail the mission you will
    still have the approval OK.
    Now go back into the Secret Delivery Quest. Talk to the man again, then to the
    woman by the Bank.  She'll give you AKIKO'S FRYING PAN!  You don't have to do
    the Secret Delivery quest again by the way!
    When you do the Quest "Seek My Master", telepipe back to Pioneer 2 at anytime
    and you'll find a new Tekker lurking about.  Talk to him and he will tell you
    about mystical sword stuff.
    Now when you finish up you can get the SANGE blade from Zoke. To get the
    Orotiagito you need to find the "real" AGITO (AGITO's usually found as a rare
    monster drop).  You can find the books of katana, but they only give clues to
    the real Agito. You don't need them to have it tekked into the real deal.
    When you find the 1975 Agito, take back to the Tekker in the "Seek my Master"
    Quest and he'll clean it up and give you the very smart Oriagito (need to be in
    the mode you were in when you did the quest and got all three blades)
    - AGITO (1975 Dousetsu - real)
    - AGITO (1983 Dousetsu)
    - AGITO (2001 Kikoku)
    - AGITO (1991 Kikoku)
    - AGITO (1977 Jou'un)
    - AGITO (1980 Tengai)
    *************************** 13) TECHNIQUES ******************************
    Techniques are PSO's equivalent of magic. These are learned by either finding
    or purchasing Tech discs.  To learn a new technique or take an existing one to
    another level you must have learned the level before and also have the required
    MST.  In PSO2 Non Forces can only learn Techs up to level 15. Forces can learn
    them up to level 30.  High level technique discs tend to be found in the
    Ultimate Ruins.
    Foie - A fire technique. Ball of fire burns a single enemy.
    Barta - An ice technique. A penetrating linear ice attack.
    Zonde - A lightning technique. Strikes a single enemy from above.
    Gifoie - A fire technique. Ring of fire burns any nearby enemies.
    Gibarta - An ice technique. Freezes enemies with ice projectiles.
    Gizonde - A lightning technique. Strikes enemies in a chain reaction.
    Rafoie - A fire technique. Large fiery explosion burns all nearby enemies.
    Rabarta - An ice technique. Launches arrows of ice to freeze nearby enemies.
    Razonde - A lightning technique. Strikes all surrounding enemies.
    Grants - A light technique. Strikes one enemy with countless arrows of light.
    Megid - A dark technique. Strikes an enemy with a curse of death.
    Resta - HP restoration technique. Helps nearby team-mates at higher levels.
    Anti - Status restoration technique. Helps nearby team-mates at higher levels.
    Reverser - A revival technique. Revives 1 fallen team-mate back to life.
    Shifta - Attack-enhancing technique. Also helps team-mates at higher levels.
    Deband - A defence boost technique. Helps team-mates as well, at higher levels.
    Jellen - Attack-weakening technique. Can affect enemies near the target.
    Zalure - Defence-weakening technique. Can affect enemies near the target.
    Ryuker - Opens a teleport gate to the city until the creator returns through
    ********************* 14) ENEMIES Normal/Hard/V.Hard ********************
    In this list I have basically recorded the enemies you find in each section,
    their HP, tech weaknesses and the amount of EXP you'll get in each mode for
    killing them.
    a)  FOREST
    Difficulty: NORMAL
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weakness     Special Attacks
    Booma              5     60    Foie + Zonde
    GoBooma            6     85    Zonde
    GigaBooma          7    110    Barta
    Rag Rappy          4     30    Foie
    Monest             6    300    All Techs
    Mothmant           1      8    Zonde
    Savage Wolf        5     45    Foie
    Barbarous Wolf     7     65    Foie + Zonde      Will only attack from behind
    Hildebear         10    180    Barta             Foie Blasts
    DRAGON           350   1300    Barta             See Boss Guide
    Difficulty: HARD
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weakness     Special Attacks
    Booma              42   390    Foie
    GoBooma            43   420    Zonde
    GigaBooma          45   440    Barta
    Rag Rappy          40   350    Foie
    Monest             43   650    All Techs
    Mothmant           36   200    All techs
    Savage Wolf        42   375    Foie
    Barbarous Wolf     45   390    Zonde             Will only attack from behind
    Hildebear          49   500    Barta             Foie blasts
    DRAGON           2000  2200    Barta             See Boss Guide
    Difficulty: VERY HARD
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weakness     Special Attacks
    Booma              90   720    Foie
    GoBooma            92   750    Zonde
    GigaBooma          94   790    Barta
    Rag Rappy          88   680    Foie
    Monest             92  1000    All Techs
    Mothmant           82   480    All Techs
    Savage Wolf        90   710    Foie
    Barbarous Wolf     94   755    Zonde             Will only attack from behind
    Hildebear         100   880    Barta             Foie Blasts
    DRAGON           5000  4500    Barta             See Boss Guide
    NOTES: In all difficulties in the Forest when the pack leader of a gang of
    Savage Wolves is killed (usually a Barbarous Wolf) the rest will howl and cast
    Jellen/Zalure on themselves.
    b)  CAVES
    Difficulty: NORMAL
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Evil Shark        10     85    Foie
    Pal Shark         12    100    Barta
    Guil Shark        14    130    Zonde
    Poison Lilly      10     75    Grants + Barta    Spits poison and paralyses
    Grass Assassin    17    140    Foie              Breath traps your feet
    Nano Dragon       15    200    Zonde + Barta     Non-elemental beam
    Pan Arms           6    600    All Techs         Impervious to physical attack
    Hidoom             4    300    Barta             Can inflict Jellen
    Migium             4    300    Foie              Can inflict Zalure
    Pofuilly Slime    10    101    Foie + Zonde
    DE ROL LE        700    4000   Foie              See Boss Guide
    Difficulty: HARD
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Evil Shark        49    415    Foie
    Pal Shark         52    430    Barta
    Guil Shark        55    460    Zonde
    Poison Lilly      49    400    Grants + Barta    Spits poison and paralyses
    Grass Assassin    60    470    Foie              Breath traps your feet
    Nano Dragon       57    540    Zonde + Barta     Non-elemental beam
    Pan Arms          26    980    All Techs         Impervious to physical attack
    Hidoom            23    490    Barta             Can inflict Jellen
    Migium            23    490    Foie              Can inflict Zalure
    Pofuilly Slime    49    435    Foie + Zonde
    DE ROL LE       2000   4550    Foie              See Boss Guide
    Difficulty: VERY HARD
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Evil Shark        100   757    Foie
    Pal Shark         104   775    Foie
    Guil Shark        108   810    Zonde
    Poison Lilly      100   740    Grants + Barta    Spits poison and paralyses
    Grass Assassin    114   830    Foie              Breath traps your feet
    Nano Dragon       110   910    Zonde + Barta     Non-elemental beam
    Pan Arms           52  1400    All Techs         Impervious to physical attack
    Hidoom             48   700    Barta             Can inflict Jellen
    Migium             48   700    Foie              Can inflict Zalure
    Pofuilly Slime    100   770    Foie + Zonde
    DE ROL LE        6300  10000   Foie              See Boss Guide
    Difficulty: NORMAL
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Gillchic          18    130    Zonde             Causes Slow
    Canadine          17     77    Zonde + Barta     Zonde/Paralysis
    Canane            17    100    Barta
    Dubchic            3    150    Zonde + Grants    Causes Slow
    Dubswitch          0    300    All Techs
    Sinow Beat        20    225    Zonde + Foie      Confusion
    Sinow Gold        20    190    Foie              Can heal self
    Garanz            22    400    Barta             Fires Rockets
    Vol Opt         1100   6500    Zonde             See Boss Guide
    Difficulty: HARD
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Gillchic          61    460    Zonde + Grants    Causes Slow
    Canadine          58    405    Barta             Zonde/Paralysis
    Canane            60    550    Barta
    Dubchic           11    490    Zonde + Grants    Causes Slow
    Dubswitch          0    600    All Techs
    Sinow Beat        64    570    Foie              Confusion
    Sinow Gold        64    520    Foie              Can heal self
    Garanz            67    780    Barta             Fires Rockets
    Vol Opt         3000    9500   Zonde             See Boss Guide
    Difficulty: VERY HARD
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Gillchic          116   813    Zonde + Grants    Causes Slow
    Canadine          112   820    Barta             Zonde/Paralysis
    Canane            114   900    Barta
    Dubchic            30   850    Zonde + Grants    Causes Slow
    Dubswitch           0   975    All Techs
    Sinow Beat        120  1100    Foie              Confusion
    Sinow Gold        120  1000    Foie              Can heal self
    Garanz            124  1500    Barta             Fires Rockets
    Vol Opt          7700 14000    Zonde             See Boss Guide
    d)  RUINS
    Difficulty: NORMAL
                      EXP      HP      Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Dimenian           22     270      Foie
    La Dimenian        24     300      Barta
    Sol Dimenian       26     330      Zonde
    Claw               26     150      Grants + Foie
    Buclaw             24     200      Grants + Foie
    Delsabers          25     400      Barta
    Dark Belra         28     500      Zonde + Grants   Paralysis
    Dark Gunner        16     220      Grants
    Chaos Bringer      30     450      Foie             Confusion
    Chaos Sorcerer     24     300      Foie             All Attack Techs
    DARK FALZ 1st      N/A    2500     Zonde/Grants     See Boss Guide
    DARK FALZ 2nd     2400    3500     Barta/Grants     See Boss Guide
    Difficulty: HARD
                      EXP      HP      Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Dimenian           67     600      Foie
    La Dimenian        70     650      Barta
    So Dimenian        73     680      Zonde
    Claw               92     490      Foie + Grants
    Buclaw             70     540      Foie + Grants
    Delsabers          72     750      Barta
    Dark Belra         79     850      Zonde + Grants  Paralysis
    Dark Gunner        64     570      Grants
    Chaos Bringer      79     820      Foie            Confusion
    Chaos Sorcerer     70     650      Foie            All attack techs
    DARK FALZ 1st      N/A    5500     Zonde/Grants    See Boss Guide
    DARK FALZ 2nd      N/A    6500     Barta/Grants    See Boss Guide
    DARK FALZ final  6000    5000      Foie            See Boss Guide
    Difficulty: VERY HARD
                      EXP      HP      Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Dimenian          124     990      Foie
    La Dimenian       128    1010      Barta
    So Dimenian       132    1050      Zonde
    Claw               92     840      Foie + Grants
    Buclaw            128     900      Foie + Grants
    Delsabers         130    1200      Barta
    Dark Belra        136    1280      Zonde + Grants    Paralysis
    Dark Gunner       120     925      Grants
    Chaos Bringer     140    1200      Foie              Confusion
    Chaos Sorcerer    128    1000      Foie              All attack techs
    DARK FALZ 1st      N/A   9000      Zonde/Grants      See Boss Guide
    DARK FALZ 2nd      N/A   7500      Barta/Grants      See Boss Guide
    DARK FALZ final  12000   8000      Foie              See Boss Guide
    ************************* 14) ENEMIES - Ultimate ************************
    As the monsters in Ultimate Mode have different names and increased HP, I have
    included this HP and EXP chart in a separate section.  Most of the monsters act
    in the same way as there Very Hard mode counterparts.  However in the chart I
    have noted any new attacks these enemies may have and what to watch out for
    (some of my HP numbers are estimates!).
    a) FOREST
                      EXP    HP     Tech Weakness    Special Attacks
    Bartle            260    1555   Foie
    Barble            264    1700   Zonde
    Tallow            268    1535   Barta
    El Rappy          256    1970   Barta
    Mothvist          264    1950   All Techs
    Mothvert          140    1000   All Techs        Can cause poison
    Gulgus            260    1540   Foie
    Gulgus-gue        268    1565   Zonde            Only attacks from behind
    Hidelt            280    1900   Grants           Zonde Blasts
    SIL DRAGON        6500   11000                   See Boss guide
    b) CAVES
                      EXP     HP     Tech Weakness  Special Attacks
    Vulmer            280     1690   Foie
    GoVulmer          288     1800   Barta
    Melqueek          296     1900   Zonde
    Ob Lily           280     1000   Foie + Zonde   Megid*
    Nano Dragon       300     2050   Barta + Grants Non-elemental beam
    Pan-Arms          234     2500   All Techs      Impervious to physical attack
    Migium            176     1000   Barta          Can inflict Jellen
    Hidoom            176     1000   Barta          Can inflict Zalure
    Crimson Assassin  308     1920   Foie           Barta**
    Pofuilly Slime    280      850   Foie + Zonde
    DAL RA LIE       7000    15000   Foie           See Boss Guide
    * The Ob Lilies Megid attack has a very high chance of killing you outright
    even of your Dark resistance is good.
    ** The Crimson Assassins Barta attack has a high chance of freezing you solid
    if you have little ice resistance.
    c) MINES
                      EXP    HP    Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Gillchich         312  2000    Foie              Causes Slow
    DubChich           50  8000    Foie + Grants     Causes Slow
    Dubswitch           0  2500    All Techs
    Canabin           304  1550    Foie              Zonde/Paralysis
    Canane            308  1700    Barta
    Sinow Blue        320  2600    Foie              Confusion
    Sinow Red         320  2100    Barta             Can heal self
    Garanz            328  3050    Zonde             Fires Rockets
    VOL OPT ver.2    7500  30000   Zonde             See Boss Guide
    d) RUINS
                      EXP      HP      Tech Weaknesses   Special Attacks
    Arlan             328     2400     Foie
    Merlan            360     2450     Barta
    DelSabre          340     2500     Barta
    Del-D             344     2550     Zonde
    Claw              264     1600     Zonde
    Bulclaw           336     2000     Grants
    Indi Belra        354     2900     Zonde             Paralysis
    Dark Bringer      360     2700     Barta             Charge de-equips weapon
    Death Gunner      320     2300     None
    Gran Sorcerer     336     4000     Grants            All attack techs
    DARK FALZ 1st      N/A   10000     Zonde/Grants      See Boss Guide
    DARK FALZ 2nd      N/A    9000     Barta/Grants      See Boss Guide
    DARK FALZ final   9000   10000     Foie              See Boss Guide
    There are certain rare monsters that will turn up in Ultimate and Very Hard
    mode.  These are the Pal Rappy (blue Rappy), Hildeblue (Blue Hildebear/Hidelt)
    and Pouilly Slime (red slime).  Out of all these, I have seen one Pal rappy in
    several hundred hours of playing.  I believe they have identical stats, just a
    different colour.  They often drop rare items as well.  Good luck in ever
    seeing one though.
    Although they look meaner, actually the big difference with most of the
    monsters in Ultimate Mode are that they just move a lot faster. SO if your
    levels are on the low side, you will have to do a lot of "door hanging", by
    that I mean standing in doorways and taking them on one at a time.
    One thing that is vital in Ult mode is learning to combo attacks, because it
    becaomes so much harder to score hits on enemies, you need to be able to chain
    three hits together easily.  The first will most likely miss, but the second
    and third will usually find their mark, so if you are going to use a special
    attack, make it the third hit.  For example if you want to freeze, confuse or
    paralyse.  Using status based attacks if you have no Techs are very handy for
    taking some monsters out quickly while you deal with the others up close.
    In the Forest the everything bar the Hidelts can be defeated fairly easily.
    They will gang up on you but they have a tendency to wander away from you.  The
    best tactic is to keep hitting and running, only striking them from behind.
    Always be aware when Hidelt is about to appear, they can lay you out with one
    or two punches.  But they have a large turning circle and will stop to beat
    their chests, time your strikes for those moments and then run until they turn
    away from you.
    In the Caves, things get nastier.  Now the Lilies don't poison you, the send
    purple clouds of megid which can drop you with one hit.  A good tactic if you
    have excellent steering control is to weave in and out of the lilies letting
    the Vulmers and GoVulmers chase you.  If you are lucky the Lilys will Megid
    them instead.  If not just door hang then sprint around the back of the lilies
    are combo them quickly.  The Nano-Dragon and Pan Arms haven't changed, they are
    more powerful, but tactics remain the same.  Wait for the Arms to split to deal
    physical damage, and wit the dragon, get close so it can't uses its laser
    breath.  Keep shooting at it and it may not actually attack at all.
    The Crimson Assassin can still glue you to the ground and now its much more
    dangerous as it will Freeze you.  Unless you are very tough you most likely
    will die from attacks before you can unfreeze, so again circle around the
    assassin and never let it come at you head on.
    In the Mines the Androids are a lot nastier now, although they are still slow
    their sheer numbers can wear your health down very fast.  Use Lighting on them
    as much as possible as they can inflict Slow on you.  The Sinows are lethally
    fast now and if you are going to attack them face on you need to be very sure
    of your accuracy.  A constant barrage of hits will make them pause, but as soon
    as one misses they will leap towards you and knock you down.  You may need to
    race back to the doorway and heal up then run in attack them as they drop from
    the ceiling, run back, run in again etc.  The Baranz are also very strong in
    Ult mode, just a couple of the rockets can take that health bar down to nothing
    and they are hard to outrun.  Also never forget that when you knock the Baranz
    armour off its power appears to double so kill it quickly or run for cover and
    heal up or you are likely to die in one hit.
    The monsters in the Ruins are not changed much, but they all move at high speed
    and taking on the Del Sabres can be a real pain.  They will block frontal
    attacks, leap the entire length of the room to slash you and can be hard to
    come at from behind.  You have to play a game of chicken with them, move
    forward to goad an attack then move away just as they do attack and strike them
    before they have time to recover.
    The Indi Belras arms now have a chance of causing confusion, weave about the
    room to avoid.  But attack them from a distance as close up they will clamp
    their arms around you for massive damage.  The Death Bringer will also have you
    cursing, now when it hits you in a charge it will cause you to de-equip your
    weapon, aaah!  But it does have a weak point, if you dodge the charge it takes
    a few second to reorientate itself, so take that opportunity to combo it from
    behind or the sides.  The Grand Sorcerer casts Grants and Megid now, so protect
    yourself with armour plug-ins and concentrate on attacking the Sorcerers body,
    when he dies the crystals go as well.
    Basically Ultimate Mode is challenging, tough, unfair and requires a lot of
    skill and patience.  That's the basics of taking on the monsters.  The next
    section gives in-depth advice for each character class and how to kill the
    ******************** 16) ULTIMATE MODE STRATEGIES ***********************
    Ultimate mode is certainly a huge challenge when you first play it, and can
    remain so even when you reach level 100 and beyond.  As I have little
    experience playing anything other than a Hunter, I asked people on the PSO2
    GameFAQs message board for any advice on beating the bosses as well as any
    general hints and tips.  I hope you find all this advice as useful as I did.  I
    have also included my own Hunter Strategies as well.
    General Tips for Ultimate though are as follows:
    a) If you manage to fluke your way past V.Hard Dark Falz and access Ult. Mode
    at around level 65 you're gonna have trouble hitting anything.  Online you
    can't access Ultimate mode until you reach level 81 and that's a good guideline
    for offline mode as well.  Keep replaying the V.Hard ruins to level up.  That
    way you may also find some powerful rare weapons and armour to help you.
    b) Once in Ultimate mode Red Weapons are your friends.  Get a good selection of
    Handguns, Swords and Sabres with good photon percentages on them.  Red Handguns
    especially are plentiful in the Ult. Forest.
    c) A high level mag is invaluable.  I really suggest to all androids that you
    have taught your Mag the Mylla and Youlla Photon Blast.  That way you can at
    least cast Deband and Shifta some of the time.  Get it to level 200 and max out
    it's IQ and Synchro.  At high levels many mags will cast invincibility,
    deband+shifta or revive you when killed.  Special Mags can do all three, but
    are hard to get (eg. Soniti).  The Chu Chu and Kapu mags are good mags for
    invincibility and any mag created with a CELL of MAG is supreme!
    d) If all else fails and frustration is setting in, go online and beg for
    better weapons.  Many high level players are happy to trade weapons and an
    S-Rank Spread Needle can make clearing Ultimate a lot easier!
    Magic users in Ultimate Mode actually have more of an advantage in Ult. Mode to
    begin with over the raw power of the androids.  Many Monsters need you to cast
    Jellen/Zalure on them and Deband/Shifta on yourself to start doing any damage
    at all.  When playing as a HUcast I found it hard to damage anything without
    Deband/Shifta on myself until I was level 105.
    Tigereye gave these useful general strategies for Force survival in Ult mode,
    for solo and group play, as well as recommended key assignments.
    1) Plantain Huge Fans and Red Handguns are perhaps your best weapons to use in
    2) Abuse Shifta/Deband/Jellen/Zalure
    3) This may not work for you but I set-up up the 1st few techs in the quick
    select as follows:
    4) Hotkey Jellen and Zalure when playing in Ult so that they can be cast
    quickly. If you're party's relatively weak, cast Jellen 1st to reduce damage
    before casting Zalure. However, when your party's stronger, cast Zalure 1st to
    enable your party to inflict more damage faster, thus dispatching the enemies
    more quickly.
    5) This is how I set up my buttons for the various parts of the game assuming
    that I have all techs and playing in Ult:
    Outside Of Bosses
    Primary: Hard Attack, Normal Attack, Resta
    Secondary: Jellen, Zalure, Rabarta
    Sil Dragon/Dal Ral Lie
    Primary: Hard Attack, Normal Attack, Resta
    Secondary: Jellen, Zalure, Rafoie
    Vol Opt v2
    Primary: Hard Attack, Normal Attack, Resta
    Secondary: Rabarta (for 1st form), Moon Atomizer, Trimate
    Dark Falz
    Darvant Phase
    Primary: Grants, Normal Attack, Resta
    Secondary: Foie, Moon Atomizer, Trimate
    Note: Grants is the best way to trash the Darvants here. At level 30 it has
    obscene range so just find a safe spot before you cast it.
    All Other Phases
    Primary: Hard Attack, Normal Attack, Resta
    Secondary: Foie, Moon Atomizer, Trimate
    Note: Definitely use a gun with Shifta and Zalure to maximize your damage.
    Nitecrawler offered me this excellent guide to Boss Strategy for Forces.  Which
    is actually helpful to most other Magic users as well.
    Bosses have lower defence than regular enemies. Attacking with weapons should
    be your main priority, not with techs. Techs are important though for certain
    *Use a state/maintenence or sacred guard.
    *Zailure/Jellen are applicable. Weak to fire/grants
    *Practice your footwork mobility to get around dragon
    *Ground mode: 7,500 HP. Tunnel mode: 3,500 HP.
    *Head has very low defence. Feet has normal defence. Body has very high defence
    (you'll need about 2100+ATP to do damage)
    *Zailure/Jellen applicable. Weak against grants. Head weak to lightning. Body
    weak to lighting
    *Learn it's probe attack timing, so you develop an efficient attack/evade
    *About 15,000 HP, but you must get thru armour first. Attack head. If you have
    multi-hit weapon, attack body segments for more multi-hits. Body armour is much
    *When it shoots rapid-mouth laser, it does about 500 damage. You need to
    recover fast in between shots, like with trimates (male characters cast resta
    very quickly when bare-handed, so take that into consideration)
    *Zailure/Jellen not applicable on both forms
    *Form 1: weak to grants. slightly vulnerable to all techs. I recommend using a
    FOnewm, and casting as much rabarta bare-handed when knobs show up
    *Have good ice resistance. Gibarta is a deadly attack
    *Form 2: 30,000 HP? Only thing to fear is green orb that traps you. Offline:
    try to outrun, or swerve off w/ a hairpin turn. Online: it's too fast, you're
    99% likely to get caught, need scape dolls, invinc mag, or buttload of HP and
    lightning resistance (I think)
    *Zailure applicable. Jellen is waste of time
    *Darvants: Cast grants if you're a force. Move to open area while attacking. I
    recommend hugging the edge.
    *Form 1: 10,000 HP. Use rabarta to kill off swarming darvants. Or stay far away
    and shoot down w/ rifle/shot type weapon
    *Form 2: 14,000 HP. Stay away from arm when Falz casts rabarta, or you'll take
    more damage. Then run around so darvants don't pop up from ground and hit you.
    If you stay still and try to heal, they'll triple-hit you, doing mass damage.
    When Falz is near death, it tries to suck your HP. When that happens, KILL
    FALZ'S ASS ASAP, or you'll get drained.
    *Form 3: 10,000 HP. Attack with foie/rafoie when Falz is invincible. Foie =
    range, less damage. Slash attack does 940 damage offline, 1290 online. It's
    non-elemental, so Jellen don't help. After Falz does a soul-lock, watch for
    WC Leader gave some excellent advice for those playing as Rangers.
    Like the forces,use Jellen/Zalure with Shifta/Deband constantly. But since they
    have better physical stats than forces, they can probably get through Forest
    without needing it so much.
    Of course, try to find weapons with the proper %.
    A good setup on your pallets would be this(IMO):
    Top-Hard attack,Normal attack,Resta
    Bottom(No particular order)-Razonde or Rabarta,Anti,Grants.
    If you have a State/Maintnence,don't bother with Anti.
    Recommended weapons: Red Handgun, Red Mechgun, Any Yasminkov, Baranz Launcher,
    Handgun:Guld(Unlikely though),Anti Android Rifle.
    Probably the hardest chars to use in ULT, make sure you have a big supply of
    Mates and Stars.
    Use traps wisely. Freeze is the most popular .But confuse combined with a
    damage is effective. If you're lucky, you can actually confuse the Darvants.
    Recommended pallet set-up: Hard Attack, Normal Attack, Special Attack or
    Dimate. Bottom would be Sol Atomizer(for slow motion),another mate(Tri is
    best),and anything else.
    Recommended weapons: Same as RAmar with the inclusion of Frozen Shooter because
    of the special.
    There are better weapons to choose from, but I'm trying to use a realistic
    point of view. But if you actually do find those weapons, use them.
    Simple weapon strategy for bosses:
    Dragon-Mechgun with Native% drops him rather quickly.
    Worm boy-Shots when he's on the raft, handguns or rifles when he's not.
    Vol Opt-Shots or mechs work well on both forms, but a decent handgun also
    Dark Falz-Rifles on the Darvants, mechs or handguns on Falz's 1st form, mechs
    or rifles on the 2nd form, handguns or rifles against his 3rd form.
    Movement strategy:
    Sil Dragon-Just run up on his side and shoot, when the head drops, shoot that.
    When fighting the Sil Dragon though, if you wedge yourself in the cracks on the
    edge of the stage, you can avoid his 3rd burrow attack without having to time
    the run when he passes you.
    Da Ral Lie - Run around the raft and shoot, when he gets on the raft you can
    pull about 4-5 3-hit combos before he starts attacking, but only about 2 in
    ULT, after his attack, pull off 2 3-hitters then move about 4 steps and repeat,
    you need to move quickly though, when he starts dropping rocks, the far corner
    is the best place to go, 80% of the time you won't get hit, when the lights are
    out and he uses his laser, run to the back of the raft and wait till he stops,
    but this won't work in ULT I've heard (never tried it myself in ULT).
    Vol Opt-Just follow the monitor and go for the red pillar 1st,on the 2nd form,
    pull 1 combo the run in a tight circle to avoid the missiles, after the 1st 3
    pillars drop pull 1-2 combos then run, after the next 3 pillars, attack the
    part that shoots the orb, don't worry about the healing because it doesn't heal
    much anyway.
    Dark Falz - Run and shoot against the Darvants,1st form, if using a shot just
    attack the centre head so you can get the Darvants as he shoots them, otherwise
    just attack whichever is closest, when you see him raise his "arms" start
    running because DFA is on it's way.2nd form, just follow his movements and fire
    when he stops, but in ULT be wary of the Darvants after Rafoie and Rabarta,3rd
    form,  If you're lucky, avoid the swipe, use Foie or Grants when he's "immune".
    Well, most of the guide has been written from the perspective of a Hunter
    player.  But here is some extra strategy.  The descriptions of the Bosses
    attack patterns have been well described above so no need to reiterate them.
    With no techs available to Hucast it becomes much harder for then to inflict
    damage on enemies.  Levelling up in V.hard mode is highly recommended.  Playing
    online in Ult with tech users is also a good idea as you will have magic
    support and will be able to find better weapons to help you offline.  Look for
    a good piece of armour with four slots in.  Plug ins can help massively.  A
    good set-up is one below:
    HUNTERS WALL - four slots
    God Legs
    God/Metal Body
    Perfect Resist
    God Battle
    God Legs increases evasion, God/Metal Body pumps your defence and God Battle
    raises speed.  So you can take a bit more punishment and attack faster.  The
    speed of some enemies in Ult is tremendous.  An Ultimate frame or Celestial
    Armour is a good substitute for a Hunters Wall.  The Hunters field raises
    Attack as well as defence so that is good to have.
    Humars and Hunewearls can use much of the Force strategies magic wise laid out
    above.  With Deband/Shifta and Jellen/Zalure at their disposal life is made a
    touch easier.  For the poor old HUcast its time to learn how to hit and run
    Red Swords and Sabres raise your attack power significantly and the
    tremendously strong Imperial Pick is another great Hunter weapon.  When it
    comes to Boss Fights  with a HUcast I am a great believer in packing as much
    healing as possible on the second pallet menu Trimate/Dimate/Stars.  Taking as
    many scape dolls as possible (they are plentiful in Ult. Mode) and basically
    hoping the Boss runs out of health before I run out of Revival/healing stuff!
    Not a very evolved strategy I grant you, but I get sick of running about and
    wasting good attack time trying to dodge Boss attacks!
    ************************* 12) GENERAL FAQ *******************************
    Question:  Can I play online with Game Cube and PC players?
    Answer:  I am afraid not.  The two versions are incompatible online as Sega
    have added new character classes, weapons, armour etc.
    Question:  If I get this game pre-owned can I still play it online.
    Answer:  So long as you have the serial numbers in the box, you can call Sega
    and get them to reset the numbers so you can go online.  If you haven't got the
    numbers then you are in trouble.  You can't even start an offline game with out
    Question:  I got PSO 1 new, but PSO 2 pre-owned?  Does that make a difference?
    Answer:  Using a PSO 1 character seems to bypass the problem of registering
    pre-used PSO2 serial numbers online.  You do still need to have the PSO2 serial
    numbers though to continue the game.
    Question:  I can't find any rare weapons, help!
    Answer:  Keep playing. The higher your levels, the better weapons etc you will
    start finding. As I guide about every 10 levels (71, 81, 91, 101 etc) will
    result in new stuff appearing.
    Question: Where are the Spread Needles??
    Answer:  Everyone's favourite leveller-upper, I get lots of emails about where
    these are.  You have to look people!  Mostly in the VHard Ruins seems to be
    their most common place of appearance.  But its all a matter of putting in the
    hours and sheer luck, sorry!
    Question:  Can I meet Red Ring Rico?
    Answer:  There seem to be persistent rumours that you can meet Rico after
    defeating Ultimate Dark Falz for the first time.  This is of course utter
    bobbins.  You will only ever catch a glimpse of her at the end when Dark Falz
    is killed and in the end credits of Ultimate mode.  Some people may be getting
    confused with the fact some Red Ring Rico items (Ricos Glasses, Red Ring
    Shield) occasional appear (VERY rarely) after you kill Falz.
    Question:  I went online and lost my entire inventory. How come?
    Answer:  If your DC resets itself, you fail to save properly or you are
    "hacked" by cheaters online, you can lose any unequipped items.  The rule of
    thumb is never take something online you can't live without.  And certainly
    don't carry a huge inventory with you.  Always bank spare items before quitting
    a game.
    Question: How can people cheat like this?
    Answer:  Don't know.  Cheaters who Player Kill and hack your characters online
    are scum sucking little boys who hopefully will live miserable, unfulfilled
    lives and die alone, their bodies only discovered when neighbours complain
    about the smell.
    Question: How do I avoid cheaters?
    Answer: The Japan and EU servers are generally more friendly places. Be extra
    careful the US servers, cheating is rampant on them.  Only play locked games.
    Get to know people before you go questing with them. Beware of level 200
    characters, they are usually hacked.  Be cautious of anyone who has a name
    including the words "Majin", "Dark", "Evil", "/_\" or all in CAPITALS.
    Question:  Do you play online still?? Where can I find U?? Gimme some stuff!!!!
    Answer: Go away.
    Question:  Sorry got carried away, but I am still interested in meeting up for
    game oh wise and beautiful one.
    Answer:  That better, ask politely and I am more amenable.  If you want to play
    with me online, email me at falsehead@aol.com to arrange a time and place.  I
    am based in the UK though so be aware I am 6 hours ahead of US CST.
    ************************* 18) PSO STORYLINE *****************************
    Some of the Script courtesy of www.camineet.net check it out for more PSO
    scripts and story!
    The "Pioneer Project" --A plan born of desperation, conceived in response to
    the imminent destruction of their home worlds.
    As plans for the evacuation began, unmanned probes were sent into deep space to
    find a habitable planet.  When a potential site was discovered, the first
    interstellar transport ship, Pioneer 1, was sent to establish a colony.
    Pioneer 1 confirmed that the Planet Ragol was a suitable location, and the
    initial colonists started preparing the planet for the main wave of refugees,
    beginning with the construction of the Central Dome.
    7 years later...
    Pioneer 2 completed its long voyage with the main wave of refugees aboard.
    But as Pioneer 2 entered orbit and opened a communications link with the
    Central Dome, an enormous explosion shook the entire planet.
    All contact with the thousands of men and women of Pioneer 1 was lost...
    [Theme song Lyrics]
    Innumerable stars
    Won't tell us where to go
    It's a long, long run
    To the palace in the sun
    With hopes and dreams
    Our ship will cross the sea
    To the whole new world
    Shining like a Pearl
    The whole new world
    PRINCIPAL TYRELL - Are you [YOUR NAME], the [YOUR CLASS]?  I'm Principal
    Tyrell.  We have a bad situation...  We need to act quickly.  Did you hear
    about the explosion on Ragol?  Very well.  Pay attention and listen to me.
    We've lost contact with Pioneer 1.  We have no idea what has happened. We've
    sent unmanned search units, but communication seems to cut off near the
    What happened on Ragol?  What occurred on Pioneer 1?  Are the people on board
    alive?  The council made a decision to send a manned search team.  You are a
    skilled Hunter.  We need your help.  We have no choice...  We need a place to
    settle on.
    Uh, could you........  ...No, it's nothing.  Take care and good luck.
    We can't return to our planet.  Now we must emigrate to Ragol.  If we don't
    settle on Ragol, then we'd just drift about in space forever...  I'm putting my
    trust in you.
    IRENE -  Well, let me brief you on your mission.  Once you're on the surface of
    Ragol, check the status of the residential area.  Checking the status of the
    Central Dome is a good idea.  A transporter was launched earlier.  You can go
    down to Ragol directly from the city.  It may be a little risky, so please be
    careful.  That's all.  ......  Um, excuse me...  Oh, sorry... no, nothing.  I
    wish you the best of luck.
    This is just between us, OK?  The Principal's daughter was on Pioneer 1.  After
    that explosion, he's been constantly worrying about her.  He can't even sleep.
    This is a personal request.  If it's possible...  Find out what happened to
    her.  He isn't in a position to ask you such a personal favour.  Red Ring
    Rico...  A famous hunter and a top scientist on Pioneer 1.  Rico's his only
    daughter.  Please, look for her! Red Ring Rico is the principal's daughter.  I
    hope she's safe...
    SCIENTIST AT DESK - Our planet was tearing itself apart, we couldn't stop it.
    So we started searching for a new planet, and we found Ragol with unmanned
    search units.  A huge interstellar transport ship was sent to Ragol.  That was
    Pioneer 1.  Pioneer 1 confirmed Ragol as a suitable location to settle on.  And
    a second ship departed.  That was us... Pioneer 2.
    Oh, sorry.  You already knew that.
    Pioneer 1 and 2 are identical spaceships.  Each Pioneer can travel in space,
    holding 30,000 people.
    SCIENTIST BY DESK - When our ship was led by the signal from Pioneer 1 to land
    on Ragol, we saw... that strange explosion!  Pioneer 2 decided to orbit Ragol
    and collect data before landing on the surface. I was against the immigration!
    If a planet dies, the people have to die with it.  Don't you think so?
    "Ah, testing, testing...  Cough!  I'm Rico, Rico Tyrell.  I'm a hunter.  This
    capsule is for anyone who has come here looking for me.  I hope this helps you.
     I don't know who you are, but you must know that there's something unusual
    about Ragol.  This is important. Pay attention to everything around you if you
    want to survive."
    "Disable the laser fences by using the coloured switches."
    "What made the animals become so violent all of a sudden?  They weren't before.
     They were very quiet and friendly...  There must be some cause.  I'll find it.
     I know I'm a fool.  This won't make me any richer.  Perhaps that's why I'm
    exalted by them... Red Ring Rico, ha, ha.  But I'm not really the great hunter
    citizens say I am.  They needed a hero.  And I just happened to fill that
    "Wow... bodies of dead animals...  We hunters sometimes use firearms, but
    this...  They were killed by firearms that are much stronger than ours!"
    "A disaster occurred.  Things were shaking, then something broke through the
    surface. And then it exploded in the Central Dome!  I don't know what to say...
     For 7 years, we've tried to adjust and improve the environment.  What was it?
    Was it related to the accidents we've had recently?"
    "I heard that this tall column was built to commemorate the immigration of
    Pioneer 1. But... it may just be me, but it doesn't look very new.  And these
    patterns... aren't they characters?"
    "Tactics are important, but strategy is vital.  You have to think about how you
    can put yourself into an advantageous situation.  Look, learn, analyse and
    judge.  Think carefully."
    "Pioneer 1 may have damaged the ecological system of Ragol before we were aware
    of it. So, the native creatures tried to remove the invaders.  That's one
    supposition.  But what about the explosion!?  I need more information.  I have
    to go do some research."
    "No.  It won't open.  It might be easier to look for another way to get in".
    [Normal/Hard/Very Hard Message Pods]
    "Boomas... I don't like their weird faces.  Be careful, you don't want to get
    surrounded by them."
    "Mothmants will keep appearing, one after another.  You have to strike them out
    at the root."
    "Don't show your back to a Savage Wolf!  It'll attack if it sees this opening."
    "Rag Rappies are cowards, but they like to attack straight on.  When a Rag
    Rappy falls down, it may still be alive.  So be careful".
    "If you can't hit a Hildebear, try standing in front of it.  Of course, I don't
    [Ultimate Message Pods]
    "Bartles... I don't like their weird faces.  Be careful, you don't want to get
    surrounded by them.
    "Every time I get an abnormal status, I wish I were an android.  Androids can
    optimise themselves, so they hit with greater accuracy.  More than anything,
    it's great that they can set traps.  Wish I could..."
    "Mothverts will keep appearing, one after another.  You have to strike them out
    at the root."
    "Don't turn your back on a Gulgus, otherwise it'll pounce on you.  You might
    get paralysed if you get bitten."
    "El Rappies are cowards, but they like to attack straight on.  When an El Rappy
    falls down, it may still be alive.  So be careful".
    "Watch out For Hildelt's lightning attack.  I prefer NOT to get electrocuted."
    - PRINCIPALS OFFICE (After Dragon killed)
    PRINCIPAL - The... The dragon, did it attack you!?  You think the native
    animals on Ragol attacked Pioneer 1 to defend their territory...  It's
    possible...  But why did it happen all of a sudden?  Continue investigating
    IRENE - I heard that you found messages from Rico.  But she's still missing.
    Please, please find her as soon as you possibly can!  Please!
    SCIENTIST AT DESK - A huge dragon!?  No data.  Pioneer 1 didn't mention it in
    their report...  We didn't know Ragol was such a dangerous planet! As a
    scientist, I'm very interested in the ecological system of Ragol...  But as a
    citizen I'm frightened.
    "Wow... this cave is a treasure trove of discoveries.  Creatures that have
    never been discovered by people.  Completely unknown animals.  They look like
    mutant forms of the native animals...  Perhaps the government has kept this a
    secret...?  It's possible... but for what purpose?"
    "The Nano Dragon is a fierce monster.  It becomes stronger as it kills others.
    I suggest you defeat it as quickly as possible."
    "If you hear an alert, be careful!  There must be land mines around you.  You
    can detect them if you use the Trap Vision."
    "The attack range of the Grass Assassin is wide.  Move quickly to enter its
    blind spot!"
    "Evil Sharks attack in obvious straight movement patterns.  Don't get
    "You may find yourself trapped by a parasite mine in the ground.  To free
    yourself, ask someone to hit you with a technique or a gun".
    "I know that Pioneer 1 had some strange aspects to it.  In the data that I
    procured, the consumption rate was much higher than the population...  Perhaps
    there were a lot of non-registered citizens onboard.  Why?  What was their
    "My first question about Ragol was, "Why didn't any sentient life exist here?"
    But...look at this monument!  This is identical to the one I saw in the forest!
     It's NOT ours though...  Was there an ancient civilization on Ragol?  But
    these monuments are the only evidence I see...  It'd be strange if there was a
    civilization, indeed... Can I decipher the characters with my simple tools?"
    "Pan Arms are a little tricky.  They get stronger when they combine.  But
    they're really quick when separated.  Don't panic, OK?
    "I saw it with my own eyes.  An animal metamorphosed when it was pierced by a
    tentacle from that giant worm.  Were the monsters I saw in the cave all changed
    by that giant worm?"
    "I've got such mixed emotions... I'm scared, but excited, inspired even!
    Should I act  as a scientist now?  Or should I act as a hunter who is facing
    unknown enemies?  I feel like someone's herding me somewhere... but where?  To
    the underground... I feel like I'm being invited."
    - PRINCIPALS OFFICE (After De Rol Le killed)
    PRINCIPAL - Visit the lab and tell them about the creatures you encountered on
    Ragol.  It seems our initial perception of Ragol is wrong.  Based on what
    you've told us, Ragol isn't the paradise that Pioneer 1 stated it was.  The
    cause of the explosion is still not known. We haven't heard anything from the
    people on Pioneer 1!  [YOUR NAME], please...!  Continue investigating!
    SCIENTIST AT DESK - I'm assuming the monsters you saw in the cave as mutant
    variations of the native life. And this big crustacean...  It has an organ
    shaped like a needle, to inject its sap into other animals.  I'm probably being
    too hasty, but I think I have a theory...  It's very possible that this sap is
    changing the animals into these mutant monsters.
    "This area...  Apparently technology was involved in creating this.  Why did
    they dig so deeply into the ground?"
    "To defeat Canadines, first disrupt their formation.  The red one is the
    leader.  Kill it first.  It makes the battle easier."
    "Don't panic if you see more than one Sinow Beat.  Just find the real body."
    "I'm attacked by robots this time...  What are they?!  They were customized
    robots originally for industrial use.  ...Who did this?  I can understand
    animals being metamorphosed by a crustacean into mutants, but...  These were
    robots.  Somebody modified them.  Was it done by someone from Pioneer 1?"
    "I heard a rumour that the government was building a secret underground
    factory.  Were the robots manufactured in that secret factory?  Or, was the
    factory a decoy?  The government was developing another project behind it...
    Information is always controlled by the government.  We don't know the truth at
    all.  We hunters are always used by the government.  We're just tools to them."
    "Here, I found the third one.  Will it fit together when all the parts are
    combined? "Light, darkness, pair, exist, unlimited, rule, seal..."  I can make
    out each word, but I still don't understand the meaning of the whole thing."
    "A Dubchic will get up when knocked down from an attack.  There must be a
    switch to kill them all simultaneously.  Look for it."
    "To defeat a Garanz, you have to strip it of its hard shell first.  Its
    protection will drop, but its attack power will be enhanced.  Be careful!"
    "I can now say that there was an ancient civilization on this planet.  Ruins
    buried in the ground.  This is the evidence.  The government was about to
    secretly conduct an excavation to study the ruins."
    "No intelligent life was discovered when Pioneer 1 landed here...  Something
    else must have caused the destruction of this ancient civilization.  What
    happened on Ragol in the past?"
    "The government was decoding the characters as well.  Here is their analysis.
    I'll try to fill in the gaps with my own data...
      "Light, darkness,...
      a pair, no, ...
      exist, no exist...
      unlimited, seal, ...
    What's the last line?  An incantation?  Seal, seal...  What is sealed?  Where?
    Is it about this door?  Was it sealed with the words, MUTT DITTS POUMN?  Maybe
    each word in the incantation means something?  I found three monuments...  Are
    they keys to open the door?"
    - PRINCIPALS OFFICE (After Vol Opt killed)
    PRINCIPAL - I am responsible for 30,000 people on Pioneer 2.  Should we abandon
    Ragol and just depart?  But we don't have any other planet that we can settle
    on. We need a home...
    The underground ruins...  Are they the cause of everything?  Did people from
    Pioneer 1 go down into the ruins?  [YOUR NAME], Please continue investigating.
    SCIENTIST AT DESK - Based on our analysis, I discovered that the robots you
    fought against were restructured mechanisms that were used on Pioneer 1.  It is
    my job to find facts.  Reasoning with the collected facts is someone else's
    job. But...  I... I'm scared.  Very scared.
    Ruins found underground...  Did sentient life exist on Ragol at one time?  But
    Pioneer 1 didn't find any traces of sentient life on the surface.  It's a
    perplexing question...
    SCIENTIST BY DESK - By now, you must know that Ragol is a dangerous planet.
    That is something!  Nobody on Pioneer 1 survived.  We have to leave here right
    "Why am I here, with monsters lurking everywhere?  Did the army even stand a
    chance against them?"
    "Frontal attacks against Delsabers are ineffective.  So don't try it.  Go
    around to its back."
    "Do you see the crystals floating around a Chaos Sorcerer?  One is used for
    attack, and the other is for healing."
    "I can't move... what a horrific trap.  I wish I had a friend here..."
    "Wreckage...!  These weapons are from Pioneer 1.  They must've already entered
    the ruins, and from the look of things, fighting went on.  It must've been a
    big battle.  Seems our army was hurt badly."
    "I can see a distant view through this window...  The "ruins" are huge.  I
    would never have imagined such a great civilization..."
    "What is this big hole?  It looks like... remnants of some type of energy
    explosion...Energy...?  Was the Central Dome destroyed by this!?"
    "Dark Belra's are very slow, but they have lots of health.  Prepare for a long
    battle. Those strange characters were found here and there.  I think I have
    enough samples to decipher the meaning of the message on the monument.  "Light
    makes darkness, a pair exists, but it doesn't always exist.  Reincarnation goes
    forever.  The rule is here.  It should be sealed.  MUUT DITTS POUMN"...  Does
    it make sense?  I wish I had enough time to study these unknown characters..."
    "I haven't studied all the characters yet, but I've got some useful
    information.  This is the most important fact that I have found.  There was NO
    ancient civilization on Ragol. We didn't discover ruins.  This is a spaceship.
    A gigantic spaceship."
    "I'm now inside the ancient spaceship.  Well, it's not just a spaceship.  It's
    a... "casket." Something or somebody was sealed in this spaceship to remain
    buried here.  What is IT? Why was something buried in such a manner?  Anyway, I
    know that a monster is sleeping in this cave.  We've opened the forbidden
    "Still moving...  This ship's still operating!"
    "Be careful of the Chaos Bringer's charge.  Dodge the charge, then attack it
    from behind."
    "I want to run away!  But I have no place to return to...  Perhaps no one will
    ever find this message and listen to it.  Ever...  Pioneer 2 will not come down
    when they discover that this planet is dangerous.  Will somebody from Pioneer 2
    still come to save us?  Who knows?  Regardless, I leave this message here.
    This is evidence of my existence."
    "This mist is very unusual...  Be careful!"
    "Dark Falz!  That's the name.  The god of destruction that revives in the
    millennial cycle. Perhaps this entity encountered a civilization thousands of
    years ago.  They could not defeat it, but managed to seal it in this gigantic
    spaceship.  They abandoned it somewhere far from their planet.  It was this
    place, Ragol.  We've come to a terrible place at the worst possible time..."
    "Dark Falz is a consciousness.  This entity has no body."
    "I miss my father.  I wasn't a very good daughter... was I?  Is my father OK
    "Don't let it come in.  The dark consciousness looks for the best animal to
    obtain its temporal host body."
    "The door is already opened.  We opened it.  This may be the beginning of the
    end of the universe.  We have to do something...  We must do it.  We have to
    defeat it now!  Defeat it before that dark "thing" revives with the perfect
    Feel free to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
    would like to make will be fully credited if used and are more than welcome.
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    Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Andy787, totalstuff and Pat
    Uhler for being such a laugh, and giving me the push to actually start
    contributing my own work back in the good old days of the DC board.
    Thanks also to my homies in the Review and FAQ boards for continuing support
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    ASchultz, MaxH, Vegita, Marc Golding and BoboTheClown Love yah all guys!
    ***************************** THE END *********************************

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