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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kttulu

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/05/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    For Nintendo Gamcube
    FAQ/Walkthrough made & written by me, Kttulu ( Pat Pender). 
    Copyright Shizz: This walkthrough is (C),you may not take any of my 
    information without my permission.
    If you wish to take any of the information stated, you may email me at 
    It has taken my many days and hard work to write this, and I would not 
    appreciate  it getting stolen. 
    So with that, enjoy the walkthrough :)
    |Table of Contents|
    |EPISODE 1|
    1.1: Introduction
    1.2: Creating your character
       A: Physical
       B: Force
       C: Range
    1.4: Techniques
    1.5: Your MAG and you
    2.1: Walkthrough- Forest 1&2, and Hunter Guild quests
       B: The Dragon
    2.2: Walkthrough- Caves 1, 2 and 3, and Hunter Guild quests
       B: De Rol Le
    2.3: Walkthrough- Mines 1&2 and Hunter Guild quests
       B: Vol Opt
    2.4: Walkthrough- Ruins 1, 2 and 3, and Hunter Guild quests
       B: Dark Falz
    |EPISODE 2|
    3.1: Walkthrough- VR Temple- Alpha, and Beta
       B: Barba Ray
    3.2: Walkthrough- VR Spaceship- Alpha, and Beta
       B: Gol Dragon
    3.3: Walkthrough- Central Control Area- Jungle, Mountain & Seaside 
       B: Gal Gryphon
    3.4: Walkthrough- Seabed Lower levels & Upper levels
      B: Olga Flow
    4.1: Rare Items
    4.2: Soul Eater FAQ
    4.3: Akriko?s Frying Pan FAQ
    4.4: Conclusion
                                   THE WALKTHROUGH
    1.1 -------Introduction-------
    Phantasy Star Online: Episodes 1&2 is a role-playing game made by 
    Sega in 2002. You used to be able to play it Online, 
    but recently, Sega has discontinued the service because of 
    the release of Phantasy Star Universe. In my honest opinion, 
    Phantasy Star Online ( PSO) is much better and more fun, apposed to PSU. 
    There have been a lot of comments supporting this on many PSO fan based 
    web sites. But if you?re a cheap ass
    15 year old with a Gamecube/ XBox, such as myself,  you really have no 
    need to go spend 
    450$ on an XBox 360 eh? Anyways. PSO is the kinda game you could play for
     hours and not get 
    bored. My highest level is a level 93 which is extremely low compared to 
    other players who
    write walkthroughs that have level 120?s, has been playing for a total time of 
    268 hours and he still is not done. The highest level you can get is 200,
    so if your one of those people who likes to get everything the best 
    in a game, you?ve got a solid 400-500 hours of gametime. 
    It is only 29:99$, if not lower, so if your debating in buying it or not,
    I assume after your done reading this, your mind will be changed. Now?. 
    Since online mode is gone, a nice few people have stopped playing. Now , 
    don't immediately close this site and just forget about it because even
     though Online 
    is more fun, the game is still just as good offline. I myself have never 
    played the game on 
    Online, and I do enjoy it. And plus, if you have friends that share the 
    same interests as you, 
    convince him/her to buy it also, because there is a multiplayer mode 
    which is kind of 
    like Online, but you know the people your playing with. Wow I really
     stretched this intro out.
    Anyway, enjoy the walkthrough.
    1.2 -------Your Character-------
    In PSO, you have 12 different characters to choose from; 3 classes, 
    and 4 in each class.Let?s start with the hunters.
    HUmar = Hunter and Human
    HUmar?s are the normal swordsman/technique characters in the game. 
    They use weapons for their main attack, and have access to SOME techniques. 
    Their stats are all pretty decent.
    HUnewearl = Hunter and Newman
    Pretty much the same thing as HUmar, but this character has better magic 
    strength, and a bit less attack power.
    HUcast = Hunter and Android
    This Hunter has the highest attack power out of all of them, 
    which means he can use powerful weapons, at a lower level. 
    Since he is an Android, he also has access to using Traps, but no 
    techniques what so ever.
    HUcaseal = Hunter and Android
    Decent Attack power, can you traps, no techniques; 
    stronger accuracy and evasion power.
    RAmar = Human and Ranger
    Main weapons are guns of all sorts. Can use some techniques; 
    good accuracy, and overall, a well balanced out character.
    RAmarl = Human and Ranger
    Decent Accuracy with guns, but higher magic strength, 
    which means these characters can use some techniques, and do quite a nice 
    bit of damage.
    RAcast = Android and Ranger
    No use of techniques, but are much more proficient when using guns; 
    good attack power.
    RAcaseal = Android and Ranger
    No use of techniques, but are much more proficient when using guns; 
    good evasion power.
    FOmar = Force and Human
    Probably the strongest magic attacks, but not as high in defensive as the 
    FOmarl = Force and Human
    Stats are all balanced pretty well; good magic strength
    FOnewm = Force and Newman and also = my favorite character :)
    Strong in all the techniques, Balanced out Defense and TP, 
    not the best HP, probably best in class with magic power
    Those are all of the characters in the game. When you do choose a 
    character, you may customize it?s face, hair, hair color, there 
    costume, skin color, proportion,name, and if you want, you can make 
    it Auto, which means the game designs a character randomly for you;
     don?t like it, you can just keep doing it as much as you want.
    AND as a bonus, if you get 10,000 dollars (which is called Meseta)
    (which is easy to find and get), you can access the dressing room 
    option,which means you can completely change your characters looks, but
    keep their level and ect. 
    1.3 -------Techniques-------
    These are the techniques that forces use, and some hunters use.
    Foie: Enemy is hit with a fire ball to inflict damage.
    Gafoie: User surrounds itself with large balls of fire, to hit all nearby 
    Rafoie:  User casts an inferno on a group of enemies to inflict damage
    Barta: User casts ice in a single direction to cause damage
    Gabarta: User casts shards of ice everywhere in front of him to 
    cause damage Rabarta: User casts large shards of ice everywhere 
    around him to hurt enemies
    Zonde: Enemy is hit with a stroke of Lightning
    Gazonde: Damages a group of enemies with Lightning
    Razonde: User casts a circle of Lightning, hitting everything near by
    Grants: One enemy is targeted, and struck by a blast of light
    Megid: One enemy is attacked by a shadowy ball, which can cause instant death
    Resta: User heals itself, how much is depended on the level
    Anti: User cures itself of all curses such as poisoned, paralyzed and ect. 
    Reverser: Brings back a team mate to life
    Shifta: Makes User temporarily do more damage
    Deband: Makes User have temporarily higher defense
    Jellen: Makes an enemy have temporarily lower attack power
    Zalure: Makes an enemy have temporarily lower defense
    Ryuker: Makes a telepipe back to Pioneer 2
    They are all the techniques.
    1.4 ------- Your MAG-------
    A MAG is basically your pet. It hovers around your shoulders and gives 
    you attack/defense/magic strength boosts; depending on what you feed it. 
    You can basically feed it all the items that heal you. 
    They evolve at level 10, 35 and 50, and all look different. 
    Each time it evolves, it can use a Photon Blast, 
    which are magic attacks that your MAG casts on enemies and can be very 
     and helpful. List of MAGS coming soon.
    Now without further ado, lets begin the walkthrough: )
                                 Walkthrough Episode 1
    2.1 The Forest Hunter Guild quests
    |Battle Training| 500 Meseta|
    This is your first quest, it?s fairly simple, and you have a 
    hunter who helps you learn and what not. So start off 
    talking to the client and talk to Kireek, your helper. 
    Now head down to the Forest. It?s pretty basic, just kill the 
    monsters, open doors, and son enough, you?ll find a hunter lying 
    on the ground face first. The door to this room is always white 
    on the front so look out for it. Talk to the man lying down, walk
    straight up and you will see a little white shiny thingy. Just walk into it
    and you'll automatically pick it up. Some wolves will appear, kill them, 
    and then go back to talk to the man lying down. After explaining everything 
    what happened, talk to Kireek and he'll tell you to go back and get a 
    reward. A TP should pop up.
    |Magnitude of Metal| 500 Meseta|
    Enter the Forest, and head straight down through some doors that have 
    switches. Soon enough, when you get to a place that overlooks another
    part of the forest, you?ll see a pink android. Team up with her, 
    and go back to the room where you started off and you?ll find the 
    missing MAG. Talk to her and get your reward.
    |Claiming a Stake| 700 Meseta|
    Enter the Forest and walk straight through the blue lasers, 
    and to the door straight ahead. This will be big area and to your left, 
    you'll see a man who?s name is Racton. He?ll tell you that he needs 
    3 capsules that our in various parts of the Forest. One is in the room
    where you started off, another is in the room AFTER you do the room with 
    the white floor , in the stream, and the last one if where you found the 
    MAG in the previous quest. Get all 3, go back and talk to Racton, and get 
    your reward.
    |Journalistic Pursuit| 1200 Meseta|
    You?ll be teamed up with a journalist named Nol for this quest. 
    This is also the first quest, that you go into Forest 2, so be prepared. 
    Go to the Forest, kill some Booma?s and just follow the path and you?ll 
    eventually find a RED portal that says Forest 2. This portal is usually 
    located after the room with the white floor, where capsule number 2 was 
    in the previous quest. Anyway, once in Forest 2, head straight where 
    you'll find a broken bridge and a computer across the broken bridge. 
    Head upwards to the next room, kill some boomas and what not and go to 
    the next room. In this room, you?ll see another door to your left with 
    a switch. Press the switch, but don?t go in yet. No make your way 
    through the area until you see a switch. Press it, and go to the 
    door you opened with a switch a minute ago. Now you can cross the bridge. 
    Click on the computer, and Nol will say a bunch of crap. Now walk across 
    the bridge and she?ll want to go back. Get your reward.
    |The Fake in Yellow| 800 Meseta
    When you enter the forest, to your right, there will be a huge #@$ rappy. 
    Click on it, the screen will shake, and it will disappear. 
    Make your way through a few doors and like 50 rappies until you end up 
    in the room with the blue laser door. Again you?ll see the big rappy. 
    Click on it again and it will disappear.Kill the rappies there and move on.
    Shortly after, you?ll find the rappy again.Click on it and it will say ???.
    Click on it again and it will say ???...???.
    Click on it 1 more time and it will start speaking, and reveal to you that 
    it is indeed ascientist, and that he will return shortly to pioneer 2. 
    Exit through the TP and get your reward.
    |Native Research| 2500 Meseta
    You have 20 minutes to get all 5 species of the beasts in the forest. 
    All right- lets start with the Boomas. Go to the room ahead of you where 
    you start off and kill all the boomas there. When there all dead, you?ll 
    get sample numero uno. Next, go to the room inside of the blue laser door.
    3 Monests will come down. Don't worry about the flies, just kill the Monets. 
    When all 3 are dead, you will receive data number 2. Now make your way  
    through the forest until you find the portal that takes you to Forest 2.WAIT! 
    Don't go in the portal. When you step in the portal, wolves will come out.
    Kill them all to get data number 3. Now go in the portal. When you enter. 
    Try to skip all of the boomas/wolfs/monests.Go to the large circular room that 
    that is southwest of the blue laser door. In this room, there will be rappies. 
    Kill all of them to get data number 4. Next, go in the blue laser door, 
    and you will be greeted by some Hildebears. There are about 4 or 5 there so  
    be careful. Once you kill them, go back to pioneer 2, and get your reward.
    |Forest of Sorrow| 1500 Meseta|
    The same client who hired you to do Native research is back, 
    and she wants to come to Forest 2 with you. So, go to Forest 
    and make your way to Forest 2. Head down the long pathway that has 
    3 doors on the left side, and has that blue laser door on the right side. 
    Now make your way to the end of this room, killing all the monsters along 
    the way, 
    and enter the door at the end on the left. This is a circular room with a 
    whole lotta Hildebears so be careful. In the room, there's a small passage 
    on the left. Go in it, and there will be a baby Hildebear there. 
    Talk to it, and go out and kill some Hildebears.
    When all are dead, talk to the baby again. Go in the TP and get your reward.
    |Gran Squall| 1000 Meseta|
    Head to the Forest and make your way to the blue laser room. 
    You?ll find a ranger by the name of Bernie. Team up with him and 
    head down a few doors. You?ll come across a door that had yellow 
    electricity around it Bernie will unlock it. Enter the room, 
    and make your way to Forest 2. Go through Forest 2 until you 
    find the room where all the Hildebears were in the previous quest.
    Kill all the monsters there and head in the green triangular 
    warp portal that?s there. You?ll warp up to the top of the dome, 
    and awaiting you are some Monests, Boomas and Rappies. Kill them 
    all and head through the door that you unlocked. Kill a Hildebear
    that's there and you?ll see an android lying down. Talk to her and Bernie 
    will tell you to go back and get your reward. 
    |Dragon- Boss of the Forest
    Enter the large square portal atop of the dome and get ready for your 
    |Dragons attack patterns|
    Walk around: Simply, the Dragon walks around and tries to walk on you. 
    When he walks towards you, just go to his feet and attack them. 
    Fire ball: The Dragon will hover above you and shoot out some fire balls.
     Try to not stand directly in front of him, stand far back, and it?s easy 
    to see where the fire ball is going to go.
    Earth Shaker: The Dragon stomps on the ground, inflicting a lot of damage.
     This is very easy to dodge, because the radius of the shake is only an inch 
    away from the dragon- so all you have to do is stand back and it wont hit you.
    Tunneling: When Dragon is low on health, he will tunnel underground and try 
    to hit you. For best results, go to the farthest you can to a part of the wall,
     and just run along side of it. If you?re in the middle of the arena, 
    you?re an easy target. This move does hurt a lot so be careful.
    When the dragon is walking around, attack his feet until he crumbles to the 
    ground, Then run to the Dragons head, which is half buried in the ground and 
    continuously attack it until he gets up. Repeat the process. Dragon is not 
    that difficult and you shouldn?t have overwhelming trouble against him. 
    After killing him, and gaining the 350 experience he gives, 
    go back into the portal to Pioneer 2, and go talk to the Principle.
    You now have access to the Caves.
    2.2 The Caves Hunter Guild quests
    |The value of money| 300 Meseta|
    In this quest, you don?t have to go to the Forest or Caves or anything. 
    All you have to do is talk to your client, and she will tell you that she 
    wants her husband to stop buying weapons. Her husband is in the place where 
    you can buy items and such, and he?s the first person you will see in there.
     Talk to him and when you get a choice to say something, say ?You?re a fool?.
     Return to your client and speak with her. She now wants her husband to shop 
    spending. Go talk to the husband, and he?ll somewhat agree.
     Go back to the wife and collect your Meseta.
    |Addicting Food| 1500 Meseta|
    This quest is fairly long. Your Client wants some cake, 
    and you must find her some. Go to Caves 1 to start. Make your 
    way through Caves 1, and Caves 2, until you?re at Caves 3. In Caves 
    3, you will eventually come across 3 nurse-looking people. Talk to the girl 
    over the counter to receive a cake. Collect your Meseta.
    |The Lost Bride| 2500 Meseta|
    This quest is not so long as Addicting Food and you get more money. 
    Your client is getting married next week and she wants to lose some weight. 
    Go to the Caves and make your way to Caves 2. In Caves 2, look for that
     big open room with the waterfall?s to the left and right side of the room 
    and a faint rainbow in the air. When your client sees this room, she?ll 
    want to go back. Collect your Meseta.
    |Secret Delivery| 4500 Meseta|
    Your Client needs you to take a package to YN-0117 before 45 minutes. 
    YN-0117 is an android by the way. Anyways, make your way to Caves 2. 
    Now, eventually you?ll come across another figure on the map. You cant make
    your way over there yet, so keep going straight. You?ll come across a 
    big room with a door on  the left, right, and in front of you. Go 
    in all of them, and click the switches. Now Go back to where you seen 
    the android on the map and make your way to there. Click on the 
    android and enter YN-0117. Collect your Meseta.|Note| along the way, 
    you?ll find other robots just standing by the walls. If you click 
    them, you can have the choice of putting YN-0117 in. If you do, 
    the room will go dark, and the robot will start attacking you. Be careful.
    |The Grave?s Butler| 3500 Meseta|
    Your client wants to know if her butler is alive. 
    Go to the Caves and you?ll find messages on the ground. 
    Read all of them. Soon enough, you?ll get to a message and your 
    client will want to go back. Collect your Meseta.
    |Waterfall Tears| 1800 Meseta|
    Your Client?s twin sister is missing and you must find her. 
    Go to Caves 1, and make your way to Caves 2. You?ll soon enough find the room 
    where the waterfalls are. The twin sister is there and will attack you. Attack 
    her couple of times and she?ll fall. Go back and collect your Meseta. 
    |Black Paper| 2000 Meseta|
    Same client, but this time, they want the criminal for taking her sister dead. 
    Go to Caves 1, and make your way to Caves 2. You?ll soon enough find the room
    where the waterfalls are, and 3 people there. When there done talking, 
    they?ll see you, and disappear. One will stay and try to kill you. 
    After that, go out the new door you unlocked, and in the next room, 
    you?ll find the people again. Talk to the twin sister, and go back to 
    Pioneer 2 to get your Meseta.
    |De Rol Le- Boss of the Caves
    |His attack patterns|
    Spikey things: De Rol Le will chuck a few spike things that explode out of his
     arse onto the raft. Try to kill all of them around you, and go to a corner 
    to try to dodge the rest.
    Blue orbs: His main attack; he'll go along side of the raft and shoot a
    bout 15 blue balls at you. There is no proper way to dodge this, 
    because the balls go in random directions. Just try to move through them and
    if you get hit, so what, because this attack isn?t overpowering.
    Rock Slide: You wont see this move too often, but De Rol Le gets on the roof 
    and just climbs, making rock come down. Just go stand in a corner as far 
    as you can, and you?ll dodge it.
    Laser: This is his most powering attack. The lights will flicker off, 
    and he'll get in front of the raft and shoot a laser at you. 
    For best results in dodging, run to one side from the other. So, 
    if he shoots at you, he?ll aim to the left, then just run to the right and 
    mostlikely, you will dodge it. 
    Antenna Poke:
    When he comes aboard  the raft, he?ll eventually start trusting his 
    antenna on the raft trying to hit you, just run away when you think 
    its going to come down to dodge it.
    When De Rol Le comes aboard the raft, just hit the crap outta him, 
    after 9 or 10 hits on him, he?ll try to his is you with his antenna. 
    So after 9-10 hits, run out of the way and you?ll see the antenna hit 
    the raft, when this happens, go back to him and hit him 2 times, then 
    run back again, to dodge antenna. Repeat the Process. When you have him 
    killed, go talk to the Principle. You should now have Mines unlocked. 
    2.3 The Mines Hunter guild quests
    |Knowing one?s heart| 3500 Meseta|
    Your Client has been sort of e-dating a person named Cal. 
    She thinks something happened to him and wants to go the Mines 
    to try to find him. You?ll get lots of messages from him, which 
    doesn?t really help at all. Anyways, eventually you?ll find a room 
    with a big computer in it. Click on the computer to find out that 
    the computer is Cal. After some emotional talking, Cal tells us that
    he is going to commit suicide. (Shut himself down). Your client will
    get a disk and get a back up copy of Cal, and he will shut down. 
    Go back to Pioneer 2 to get your Meseta.
    |Dr. Osto?s research| 5500 Meseta|
    Your Client(s) will want you to go to the Mines and find 
    Osto's research and collect it on a disk. Go down to Mines 1, 
    and soon enough, you will find a girl android by the name 'Sue'.
    Talk to her and she will accompany you. Later on, you will find a 
    room with a computer in it and you will get the research. After this,
    Sue will copy the data, and ask you your name. There?s a side 
    quest you can do later on, to get the Soul eater, if you want this 
    weapon, do NOT tell Sue your name. Go to Pioneer 2 and get your Meseta.
    |Unsealed Door| 6000 Meseta|
    Your Client wants you to go the mines and check out the
    monsters that came from Osto's research. You will be accompanied 
    by a level 12 Ranger named Mome, which is hell,because he dies so
    easy. Anyway, you?ll start off in Mine 2, and you need to find Mines 1. 
    Get there, and go through some doors. You?ll eventually find a big 
    sqaure boss-looking portal.Go in it and you have to fight De Rol Le again. 
    Mome will fake dead. Kill him and go back to Pioneer 2 to get your Meseta.
    |Vol Opt- Boss of the Mines
    |His attack patterns|
    Shoot Zonde: In his first form, this will all he do to attack you. 
    Bring Sol Atomizers, because this attack paralyzes 90% of the time. 
    There's now ay to doge it, so just live with it.
    Column Stomp: In his second for, Vol opt will send a red laser at you,
    aiming at you. When he does this, just run around him and the column's 
    won't hit you.
    Heal: Vol Opt heals himself 12 health....... yeah? 12.
    Green blob of destruction: Vol Opt shoots out a green ball at you. 
    If it hits you, you will be trapped in a little piece of rock, 
    and Vol Opt will shoot a laser at you. This move his is strongest 
    and it most likely will kill you 1 shot. However, this ball comes 
    out so slowly, you can WALK around Vol opt and it wont it you. 
    Missiles: In his second form, Vol opt will fire missiles at you, 
    just run around him to dodge, but if it does it you, it does not 
    do that much damge.
    Attack Vol Opts screens in his first form, and attack the things 
    that pop up when he goes of screen. Try to hit the thing that's 
    red. In His second form, just attack anywhere. You don?t need to 
    be at a certain place to inflict damage. Just dodge his attacks 
    and soon enough, he will explode. Take the portal that comes up, 
    go into the black area as far as you can and a portal saying RUINS 1 
    will come up. Click it to access the Ruins.
    2.4 The Ruins Hunter guild quests
    |Doc's secret plan| 5500 Meseta|
    Your Client has made a new weapon, and he wants you to test it out. 
    Go to the Ruins with your android friend, and just go in rooms and 
    kill stuff. Soon enough you?ll collect all of the data. Go back and 
    collect your Meseta.
    |Seek my master| 6000 Meseta|
    Your client, is hot. Just kidding. Anyway, your client wants you 
    go to the Ruins and find her master, she?ll come with you. Make 
    your way to Ruins 2, and find the room that?s friggen humongous, 
    and you will see an old guy lying on the ground. You cant talk to 
    him yet, because you got to kill like a MILLION monsters first. 
    Beware, there?s 2 chaos bringer?s that come up, and a lot of Demenians. 
    Don?t let your client get surrounded or she will die. After you kill
    them all talk to the guy lying down, and after some talking, he'll die. 
    Go back to Pioneer 2 and get your Meseta.
    |From the Depths| 8000 Meseta|
    You must go to the Ruins to find a missing research team. 
    You will start off at Ruins 2. Make your way to Ruins 3. 
    You?ll team up with a hunter at the start of Ruins 3. 
    Anyway, make your way to the room where there?s like 8 rooms to go
    in and it?s a square room with a place in the middle you cannot access 
    without a portal. Go in all the rooms and find 3 different switches. 
    Now go to the room that had the lasers, and go in the warp. You'll end up 
    in the middle of the square room. Click on the computer thingy that's 
    there and after some talking, go back through the portal. 
    Your companion will now leave you.Go back to Pioneer 2 and get your
    |Soul of Steel| 8000 Meseta|
    You need to make your way through Mines and into Ruins. 
    During the Mines scenario, you will encounter several NPCs 
    who will attempt to kill you. There will also be a bit of 
    mini-games (mostly follow-the-leader and avoid-being-seen).
    Just listen to your NPC partners and this part shouldn?t be a 
    problem. When a timed event occurs, you need to head down to 
    Ruins and press the switch on a raised platform. One tip is 
    that you need to destroy the white rock in the ?Tic-Tac-Toe? 
    room to be able to make the timed switch.  After the countdown 
    ends, you must find Ult. After several tries, she will appear in a 
    long corridor. Find her one last time. After a cut scene, you will
    be at the Medical Center. Go to the Hunter's Guild room, and speak 
    with the woman walking around. Read the letter she gives you to end 
    the quest.To get the real (long) ending, you must do several other 
    quests before playing this one. Tell Sue your name in 'Dr. Osto's 
    Research.? Find Bernie in'Unsealed Door' then speak to Sue in that
    same quest. Return to Bernie and tell him what Sue told you. In 
    'Waterfall Tears' find Sue and ask about Black Paper. Next, find
    and speak with Bernie. In ?Black Paper,? you can question Sue on P2.
    After that, speak with Bernie in Caves. Then play and complete "Doc's 
    Secret Plan." Once you have completed this sidequest, play 
    'Soul of Steel,'making sure that the Mag Cell evolves 3 times in 
    Mines, first at the computer terminal, then after the screen shakes 
    (find Dr. Montague and Elenor using your Area Map), and finally, 
    after dispatching the WORKS crew. After finding Ult in Ruins 3, 
    you need to respond ?Rescue Elenor,? and say ?No? 3 times to 
    Dr.Montague. After gaining control of your character again, 
    talk to the woman andleave. A cut scene will ensue. Collect your 
    reward afterwards. Apparently, if you answered "No" three times 
    and you reload "Soul of Steel" again, Elenor will be waiting for 
    you in Forest, where you can find out some more information.Note: 
    normally when you complete a quest for the first time, it becomes
    unavailable until you beat all of the other quests. However, if 
    you do this extra sidequest within Soul of Steel successfully, 
    the quest will be available with new content.
    | The retired Hunter| ??? Meseta|
    Your Client Donoph wants to kill 10000 monsters before he dies. He's at 
    9001. Basically, go to the ruins and kill monsters until Donoph says 
    you're at 10000. He will then die. Go back to Pioneer 2 and get your Meseta.
    |Dark Falz- Boss of the Ruins
    |His attack patterns Form 1|
    Mega Barta/Mega Foie: Falz will shoot at crazy Barta or Foie at you. 
    It's impossible to dodge the foie, but to dodge the barta, just don't 
    stand still, run around a bit and it might not hit you.
    Spiky Things: When Falz puts his head down giving you an opportunity to 
    attack, he'll spit out spike things that will float around. There easy 
    to dodge, but you probably can just kill them 1 shot so get them out of the 
    Pilla: Falz will shoot Pilla at you, which is a Photon Blast. 
    This move does do a lot of damage and is hard to dodge. 
    Just run around and you might pass through it.
    |His attack patterns Form 2|
    Falz does the EXACT same thing as form 1, but this time he is going
     around a trench , and when he does Pilla, he?ll stomp the ground, 
    making you run slower.
    |His Attack Patterns Form 3 {Hard+ modes only}
    Falz has a form 3 if your in Hard mode or above.
    Invincibility: Half the time your fighting this cheap ass, he will be 
    shining, which means he is invincible, and you will do no damage to him.
    Blue swirl: Falz will hover up very high and shoot blue balls at you 
    like De Rol Le. Run around the circle to avoid.
    Talon Swipe: When Falz decides to come down, he'll try to hit you with his 
    Talon thingy. Stand back for best results in dodging. 
    Mega Grants: Another attack that does A LOT and is unavoidable. 
    This attack does A LOT so get ready to heal, and weather you like 
    it or no, it is impossible to dodge.
    Desperate cheap attack when he?s low on life: Falz steals your body,
    temporarily eats you, and if you hit him, the damage you do, will be 
    done to you also.You will known when he does this because when he does,
    on the map, Falz will turn the color of your arrow. To be done no damage 
    from this, simply do not attack.
    Soon enough, the @!#$% will die. Congratulations, you have beat Episode 1. 
                                Walkthrough Episode 2
    3.1 VR Temple
    I would first like to just point out that there are no quests in Episode, 
    unless your Online. Now, in Episode 2, the enemies are all from Episode 1, 
    but all mixed up. For example, in the VR Temple, there are Demenians from 
    the Ruins, Poison Lilly?s from the Caves, Hildebears from the Forest and 
    so on . Central Control Area and Seabed however have their own enemies. 
    Anyways, since there aren?t quests for me to walk through, ill just tell 
    you the enemies and strategy and what not. Let's get started.
    VR Temple 
    The VR Temple is made up of twists, turns and has a maze layout to it. 
    There are many areas that are actually just mazes with enemies in them. 
    This can be fatal, if you get trapped in a corner. Also, watch out for 
    torrents that shoot Foie out at you. Some places in the temple, you have 
    to destroy walls to get into  the new room. You?ll know when a wall is 
    breakable, because on the map, the wall counts as a door, and if its not
    open, it will be red. Also, the walls there don?t look like normal walls, 
    there white and have cracks going through them. When you get to a room 
    that is shaped like an S, your going the right way. That?s about it? when 
    you get to the end, you will find VR Temple Beta. Beta is literally the 
    exact same as Alpha, there are no new enemies, it?s just a bit shorter. 
    Nothing to explain about it.
    |Barba Ray- Boss of the Temple
    |His attack patterns|
    Pig Rays: Barba ray will place these little ?Pig? Rays onto the 
    raft, that can poison you. Fairly hard to dodge- just go to the side
    and go as far back as you can. They are pretty harmless anyway.
    Antenna Poke Up through raft: Barba ray will go 
    underneath the raft and shove his antennas up through it that 
    can cause poison + it hurts a lot. To dodge, after the first 
    antenna comes up, look for where it came up, then run back and forth.
    Same thing as De Rol Le's Antenna poke.
    Blue Orbs: Barba Ray will go to the side of the raft and shoot the
    EXACT same balls as De Rol Le.
    Try to go in between the balls.
    When Barba Ray shoves his head on board, attack the crap out of him. 
    Unlike De Rol Le, he will not fire his antenna down at you, 
    so just keep attacking until he leaves. Repeat the Process.
    3.2 VR Spaceship
    The Spaceship is much harder then the Temple. There are many room 
    without light to see,with chaos sorcerers blasting you like a European 
    racehorse. Anyways, there are some pretty cool looking rooms in the 
    Spaceship, so try to enjoy them. The Spaceship is smaller then the 
    temple, and no maze-like rooms. If you find a Garanz, that means you 
    are going the right way. O and I forgot to say, the rooms without any 
    light, yeah.. theres no switches until probably the room you unlock 
    by killing the monsters so your going to have to fight in the dark. 
    Anyway, you'll find Beta soon enough, and the only 
    thing different in Beta, is that it is a bit bigger, 
    and there are some rooms filled with purple mist that
    is poisonous and will hurt you. So what out.
    |Gol Dragon- Boss of the Spaceship
    |His attack patterns|
    Stomp: Gol Dragon will pound the ground, and make some of the
    ground pop up and try to hit you, to avoid, just don?t be to close 
    to him.
    Walking: Just like Dragon from the Forest, he will walk around 
    and try to step on you. Simply don?t go in front of his feet to 
    Foie/Zonde/Barta: The Dragon will hover above you and unlike 
    Dragon from Forest, shoot either barta, zonde, or foie. 
    This is hard to dodge, but try to stand back and run between 
    the attacks. Bring Sol Atomizers, because zonde does paralyze.
    Duplication: When Gol Dragon gets low on health, he will make 
    another form of himself, which CAN do damage to you. No way you 
    can dodge this.
    When Gol Dragon is walking around, go up to his feet and 
    slash the heck outta them. He will fall after a few hits, 
    then go attack its head. Repeat the process.
    3.3 Central Control Area
    There are 4 parts to the CCA. Jungle, Mountain, Seaside, and 
    the CCA itself.You see, to gain access to the central control area, 
    you must go to the mountain, seaside, and jungle areas to unlock
    the security switches.
    Yes, there are monkeys. Actually, there like Orangutans.
    Once you've found the teleport to the second half of the 
    Jungle area,you're really almost there. You'll emerge into a rather
    small level here. There area a couple pools of water and some neat 
    steps that lead up onto a plateau that overlooks the ocean. Take a 
    break here and gasp at the magnificent view and marvel at what a good
    job the programmers did here. In this room, there's ariver that runs 
    between the two banks. You'll then be able to go back down the other 
    side into another watery room. There is also a small underground cavern
    here that leads from the river. Don't go there as it's a dead end. You 
    MAY haveto hit a switch in there but normally, it's just a waste of 
    your time. Remember,this level is also built in a circle...sorta. You 
    can still pick a direction andgo around. You'll eventually come across
    a room with a large, terraced hill init that is basically swimming in 
    water. This is always the mini-boss room. See below for details. Once 
    you've beaten the mini-boss, you can toy with the remaining enemies 
    or head out into the next room. You'll come to a teleport and you'll see 
    a computer there. Activate the computer (the blue one that looks like a tv 
    screen) and head back to the CCA. Soon enough , you will find Mericarol, 
    which is a mini boss. Defeat it and go back to the CCA. 
    The Mountain is kind of annoying, there are quite a few ridges 
    that divide the path and make  "rooms" but most everything is just 
    the same hill. It can be a pain to  figure out where the heck you're 
    going. One thing to remember is that the despite all of the paths that
    lead all over the place about halfway to the top,you'll have to go 
    through the door guarded usually guarded by a laser-barrier. 
    The switch for said barrier is usually at the bottom of the hill. 
    If not, you may have to go to the top of the hill to hit it. 
    (It's usually opposite of the place you started) Once you hit the 
    switch, go to about midwayup the hill and you'll see the door I 
    alluded to earlier.It can be tricky to find it so check your map 
    to see ALL the doors around that area. There is one other thing here
    too. You'll see a path leading up to a metal platform. If you're 
    stuck at the bottom of the hill, this may be the way you have to go.
    Otherwise, it is a shortcut from the top of the hill to the bottom
    though there is usually a Sinow Berill there. Before you leave 
    through the laser-guarded door though, look out off the plateau 
    at the ocean at sunset. Anyways, soon enough you will find the mini
    boss, Gibbles (No pun intended). It is a weird name, but Gibbles is 
    ferocious. He will jumpup in the air, and pound the ground.Be aware, 
    he is very powerful.
    Possibly the most fantastic-looking place in the entire game, 
    the Sea Side is just that:a large sandy beach with a very LONG
    sandbar for you to walk out on. Layout wise, this level is a 
    lot simpler than the other two and consists mainly of two 
    ENORMOUS rooms by the ocean. It's a great place to look out 
    over the water if you like that kind of graphics. Connected to 
    the two large rooms are a few other alcoves and tangled passages
    but this place is built pretty straight forward.Sometimes you'll 
    have to look at your map to see where the next door is but if you
    could handle the previous two (err...three sorta) areas, this is 
    the same thing really. You'll probably start in a room adjacent 
    to the large ocean rooms.Once you've fought through those, it's 
    just a couple passages and a few rooms to the boss room and the 
    final switch. You will find the Mini boss soon, which is 
    surrounded by those purple things that poison you upon contact. 
    Central Control Area
    Once you have all the switches unlocked, the huge Central Control Center door 
    will open,giving you access.
    Note that this place is very small, but tough. All you have to do here is walk 
    straight and you will find the boss portal, but beware of the Sinow Berills 
    and the red lasers going around.
    |Boss of the CCA- Gal Gryphon
    |His attack patterns|
    Twister: When in air, Gal will fire tornado's at you, that follow you. 
    To dodge them, just run away from them, and they will never catch up and
    hit you.
    Wing Swipe: Gal will fly through the arena, trying to hit you with its wing. 
    This is pretty 
    hard to dodge, seeing how big he is, but just try to not stand in front of him.
    Stomp: Gal will come down and stomp the ground. The Radius is much larger then
    the Dragon?s,and does much more damage. To avoid, do not be close.
    Walk: Gal will Walk around, trying to hit you. To avoid, don't go near his feet,
    until he is stopped.
    Scary Laser: Gal will stop moving and just stand there, 
    and fire out a big scary blue laser that does a lot of damage. 
    However, the laser only goes in front of Gal, so just go to his feet 
    or something. Very easy to dodge.
    When Gal Gryphon is on ground, attack his feet until he lifts off. 
    Taking a gun with you to shoot him in the air is a good idea, 
    seeing how Gal is in the air 50% of the time.
    3.4 The Seabed
    I personally LOVE the seabed. It is very hard and LONG but fun nonetheless. 
    You'll notice a lot of different enemies in here. I?ll begin making a
    Little explanation. You will meet some octopuses which are called 
    Dolmolm and Doldomn. They aren?t very dangerous, but Doldomn can stun you.
    You will also notice some boxes were enemies come out. Those boxes are
    called Recobox, and you should destroy them as soon as possible, seeing
    as they are VERY annoying. The labs are also full of Sinow Zoas and
    Sinow Zeles, which force you to un equip your weapons if they hit you.
    Though the most dangerous enemies are the dark ones. Delbiters are very
    powerful, even being at normal level. They are quick and annoying. Some
    other strange enemies are the Morphos, which kinda remind me from the
    Chaos Sorcerers of Episode 1. You should really take care. Seabeds are
    also known for their high difficulties level on hard, very hard and 
    ultimate mode. It?s a great place for getting experience, though also a 
    dangerous one. Some of the passages are also very confusing, and you will 
    have to return to other rooms every now and then. Elly will be telling you a
    bit about the Upper Levels while you proceed, and you will be also able
    to download some of Flowen?s messages. Once you reach the red warp, go
    to the lower levels. Lower Levels are not much of a difference, same length and 
    pretty much same layout, so just use the same strategy as Upper levels.
    |Boss of the Seabed- Olga Flow
    I would first like to point out that this is the last boss in the game, 
    and the funnest.
    |His attack patterns|
    Sword Swipe: Olga Flow will come near you and swing his sword,
    trying to hit you. Its pretty hard to dodge, but just try not to be close.
    Green Swirl: Olga?s sword will make a huge green wave, and will 
    spin around the entire arena.To dodge this, run towards the green swirl.
    For Example. If Olga Flow is charging his attack going to the left, follow 
    the green going to the left. The Green Swirl will start from the right, 
    and will end right at you.
    Sword Swipe v.2: Olga Flow will send his sword flying straight down at you. 
    This is as much as impossible to dodge, just try not to be near.
    Walking: In stage 2, Olga will walk around trying to walk on you,
    don't be in front of his feet if you are attacking them.
    Pilla: Olga Flow as the Photon Blast Pilla, like Dark Falz. 
    This hit does A LOT of damage, and if your not high enough of a level, most 
    likely kill you 1 shot.
    This is not an over exaggeration either. Its impossible to dodge.
    Mega Crazy Retard Stomp: Olga will stomp the ground and rocks will 
    crumble the arena.Try to be at the wall when he does this to try to avoid.
    Sword Swipe v.3: Olga will swing his sword in a full circle, 
    sending you to the ground. To avoid, try to be far away.
    Giel: Olga has 2 pet Mag?s named Giel?s. 
    They will attack + paralyze you. Kill these to get them out of the way.
    If you're a Force, Olga?s attribute is ???. 
    At one second, foie will do 400 to him, the next second, it will do 46. 
    Its pretty hard, but just keep all 3 of the basic spells on your customize. 
    Rangers, just stand back and shoot the @#$%! Outta him. Hunter's, 
    you will have the hardest time, 
    because you must attack his feet close up, and are an easy target 
    for the Giel,Pilla and everything else Olga attacks with. So bring 
    Scape dolls. Once you have  killed him, congrats, you have beat Episode 2.
    4.1 Rare Items |Physical|
    KALADBOLG- "A legendary sword long sought after by warriors.  It?s special
    attack freezes enemies."
    ATP+320 ATA+45
    ATP Needed: 340
    DURANDAL- "A legendary short sword known as "The Knight's Blade."  It?s special
    attack steals experience points."
    ATP+376 MST+15 ATA+45
    ATP Needed: 360
    AKIKO'S FRYING PAN- "The ultimate weapon?-- hard, yet supple and smooth!"
    ATP+250 ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 250
    DB'S SABER- "Replica of a saber once used by the military.  An extremely
    Common replica."
    ATP+250 ATA+43
    ATP Needed: 320
    TOY HAMMER- "Once a child's toy, it has been refined over the years to become
    the ultimate toy.  Its power is devastating."
    ATP+400 ATA+1
    ATP Needed: 412
    CRAZY TUNE- "AUW 1985 Model.  Made by Kikoku."
    ATP+255  ATA+30
    ATP Needed: 412
    ANCIENT SABER- "Legendary sword found in the ancient ruins.  Its absorbs
    enemy experience."
    ATP+544  ATA+50
    ATA Needed: 740
    KAMUI- "AUW 1977 Model.  Made by Tengai."
    ATP+650  ATA+55
    ATP Needed: 700
    RED SABER- "This red saber is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete.
    Letters, which say "He," are carved on the hilt."
    ATP+489  ATA+51
    ATP Needed: 502
    DB'S SWORD- "AUW 3075 Model.  Replica by Torato Co.  No compromises were made
    to allow it to reach its apex of refinement."
    ATP+340  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 600
    ELYSION- "The ancient characters on its blade produce magic.  Its special attack
    is the fire bomb."
    ATP+368  ATA+52
    MST Needed: 680
    VICTOR AXE- "A one-handed axe with a Photon blade.  Its special attack steals
    ATP+420  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 400
    LAVIS CANNON- "Few facts or even rumors are known about this ultimate sword.
    Its abilities are a mystery."
    ATP+750  ATA+54
    ATP Needed: 800
    YASHA- "AUW 2018 Model.  Made by Kikoku."
    ATP+550  ATA+50
    ATP Needed: 650
    OROTIAGITO- "AUW 1975 model.  Made by Dousetsu."
    ATP+800  ATA+55
    ATP Needed: 850
    TSUMIKIRI J-SWORD- "Owned by Orochi Agito, the blade was made along the same 
    lines as Agito, with a carved seal on the blade."
    ATP+756  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 910
    BLADE DANCE- "A short sword named for its dance-like attack.  Its special
    attack paralyzes enemies."
    ATP+180  DFP+10  ATA+30
    ATP Needed: 385
    BLOODY ART- "A legendary short sword named for all the blood that it spilled.
    Its special attack halves enemy HP."
    ATP+275  MST+10  ATA+32
    ATP Needed: 412
    CROSS SCAR- "A legendary short sword that leaves cross-shaped scars on its
    victims.  Adds lightning damage."
    ATP+220  ATA+32
    ATP Needed: 463
    TWIN CHAKRAM- "This round sword was built for short-range attack.  The attack
    speed is very fast and it can kill with 1 hit."
    ATP+250  ATA+32
    ATP Needed: 480
    LAVIS BLADE- "A mysterious blade for use with both hands.  It's very powerful, 
    and if you use a certain item, it will become..."
    ATP+550  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 850
    LAST SURVIVOR- "A sword said to protect its bearer in any battle.  Its special
    attack steals HP."
    ATP+321  ATA+30
    ATP Needed: 470
    DRAGON SLAYER- "A legendary sword borne by one who defeated a dragon.  Adds an
    explosive fire attack."
    ATP+352  ATA+30  EVP-15
    ATP Needed: 480
    FLOWEN'S SWORD- "Replica of a sword once used by the military.  An extremely
    common replica."
    ATP+300  ATA+28  LCK+5
    ATP Needed: 430
    CHAIN SAWD- "A large sword with small, spinning Photon blades.  Its special
    attack steals enemy HP."
    ATP+525  ATA+36  EVP-15
    ATP Needed: 700
    RED SWORD- "This sword is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete.  Letters,
    which say "a," are carved on the hilt."
    ATP+681  ATA+37
    ATP Needed: 630
    ZANBA- "A legendary long sword said to be able to slice through anything in a
    single stroke."
    ATP+438  ATA+38
    ATP Needed: 710
    BERDYSH- "A very powerful sword.  Only Android Hunters can use it due to it's
    stringent requirements."
    (Misspelling of 'it's' is present in description- H4PR)
    ATP+290  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: ??
    FLOWEN'S SWORD- "AUW 3083 Model.  Replica by Mick Co.  Even experts have
    difficulty determining its authenticity."
    ATP+291  ATA+19  LCK+5
    ATP Needed: 382
    SEALED J-SWORD- "An ancient sword with its power sealed with an unknown stamp.
    The seal will open when all techniques are used."
    ATP+525  ATA+35
    ATP Needed: 710
    DARK FLOW- "Sword eroded by Olgaflou DNA.  Its power is awakened when its
    owner is in danger."
    ATP+900  ATA+60
    ATP Needed: 971
    HARISEN BATTLE FAN- "A special weapon created from the idea of traditional
    entertainment.  Its special attack paralyzes enemies."
    ATP+280  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 412
    CHAMELEON SCYTHE- "This scythe is considered a work of art because of its 
    intricate design.  Its special attack confuses enemies."
    ATP+180  ATA+30
    ATP Needed: 412
    BRIONAC- "A legendary long sword made from precious pure Photons.  Its special
    attack steals enemy TP."
    ATP+182  ATA+33
    ATP Needed: 475
    VJAYA- "A legendary long sword for the wealthy.  Can launch a powerful attack
    at the cost of Meseta."
    ATP+220  MST+10  ATA+36
    ATP Needed: 480
    GAE BOLG- "A legendary long sword that is said to become sharper with every
    blow.  Its special attack freezes enemies."
    ATP+220  ATA+36  LCK+5
    ATP Needed: 500
    SOUL EATER- "A cursed scythe that drains HP from the user.  Its special attack
    drains HP for a powerful strike."
    ATP+185  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 165
    SOUL BANISH- "A cursed, but powerful scythe that drains HP."
    ATP+370  ATA+45
    ATP Needed: 850
    MADAM'S UMBRELLA- "Proof of Madam. Madam's dignity boosts the effective range 
    of Shifta and Deband." 
    ATP+280  ATA+40
    MST Needed: 500
    IMPERIAL PICK- "The blades can kill an enemy with only one hit.  Its special 
    attack can take away half of an enemy's health."
    ATP+300  ATA+41
    ATP Needed: 785
    PLANTAIN HUGE FAN- "When you wave this magic fan once, it produces a very
    strong wind, which blows enemies away."
    ATP+306  ATA+38
    MST needed: 690
    MADAM'S PARASOL- "Proof of Madam.  Madam's dignity boosts the effective range 
    of Resta and Anti."
    ATA+220  ATP+70
    MST Needed: 570
    |Double Saber?s|
    DOUBLE SABER- "A double-bladed Photon sword.  Its special attack steals
    enemies' TP."
    ATP+152  ATA+30
    ATP Needed: 235
    STAG CUTLERY- "A legendary double-bladed sword usable only by male Hunters and
    Rangers.  Causes Confusion."
    ATP+235  ATA+35
    ATP Needed: 343
    TWIN BRAND- "The ultimate double-bladed sword, only for masters.  Its special
    attack halves enemy HP."
    ATP+240  ATA+39
    ATP Needed: 400
    TWIN BLAZE- "Flames from both ends of this magic cane will burn enemies.  Its
    special flame attack is very powerful."
    ATP+538  MST+40  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 685
    DOUBLE CANNON- "A mysterious ultimate weapon.  Its abilities are unknown."
    ATP+650  ATA+45
    ATP Needed: 900
    MUSASHI- "A pair of swords bearing the name of a double sword wielding master."
    ATP+330  ATA+35
    ATP Needed: 385
    YAMOTO- "A pair of swords bonded with ultra low temperature Photons.  Its
    special attack freezes enemies."
    ATP+390  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 470
    ASUKA- "A pair of swords bonded from ultra-high temperature Photons."
    ATP+570  ATA+50
    ATP Needed: 650
    SANGE & YASHA- "A pair of Katanas that work perfectly in concert with one
    ATP+710  ATA+50
    ATP Needed: 800
    DISKA OF LIBERATOR- "A legendary throwing blade used by a Hunter called "The
    Liberator."  Causes confusion."
    ATP+146  MST+10  ATA+31
    ATP Needed: 480
    DISKA OF BRAVEMAN- "A legendary throwing blade for the brave.  Sacrifices HP
    for a powerful special attack."
    ATP+167  ATA+31
    ATP Needed: 495
    SLICER OF ASSASSIN- "A legendary throwing blade used by elite assassins.  Its
    special attack can kill instantly."
    ATP+125  DFP+10  ATA+28
    ATP Needed: 475
    FLIGHT CUTTER- "This throwing weapon was based on the ancient ninja's weapon."
    ATP+260  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 820
    (thanks to ragol.com for classifying this weapon)
    FLIGHT FAN- "When thrown, this fan can kill several enemies at once.  Its
    special attack steals 12% of the enemy's experience."
    ATP+200  ATA+34
    ATP Needed: 500
    RED SLICER- "This red slicer is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete.
    Letters, which say "cl," are carved on the grip."
    ATP+200  ATA+38
    ATP Needed: 750
    RAINBOW BATON- "Wand with the magic stone Iritista embedded in it."
    ATP+368  ATA+40
    ATP Needed: 570
    4.1 Rare items |Ranger|
    VARISTA- "A legendary, high-performance pistol.  Its special attack causes
    ATP+210  ATA+38  EVP+10
    ATA Needed: 110
    CUSTOM RAY ver.00- "A pistol used by military mechanic group "Team00."  Proves
    the bearer to be a member of the team."
    ATP+195  ATA+50
    ATA Needed: 114
    BRAVACE- "A legendary pistol reserved for high-ranking officials aboard
    Pioneer 1.  Adds Lightning damage."
    ATP+230  DFP+15  ATA+40
    ATA Needed: 118
    SUPRESSED GUN- "Short gun with a supressor.  It has accuracy that is trust-
    ATP+270  ATA+40
    ATA Needed: 110
    **10 Star Handguns**
    HOLY RAY- "A special gun that impales enemies with a giant spear.  Its special
    attack paralyzes enemies."
    ATP+300  ATA+70
    MST Needed: 680
    RED HANDGUN- "This red handgun is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete.
    Letters, which say 'i,' are carved on the barrel."
    ATP+300  ATA+46
    ATP Needed: 140
    YASMINKOV 2000H- "An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans.
    The power is as strong as the new model."
    ATP+360  ATA+45
    ATA Needed: 164
    RUBY BULLET- "An ancient gun said to have been given to the human race by a 
    devine being around AUW 1980."
    ATP+350  DFP+10  ATA+60
    ATA Needed: 160
    **12 Star Handguns**
    HEAVEN PUNISHER- "The ultimate gun, a weapon veiled in mystery.  "Divine
    Punishment," its special attack, is based on time...
    ATP+330  ATA+50
    ATP Needed: 210
    GULD MILLA- "A mysterious weapon.  Its abilities are unknown."
    ATP+200  ATA+30  
    ATA Needed: 190
    M&A60 VISE- "A legendary machine gun from the Vise Corp.  Sacrifices HP for a
    pwerful special attack."
    ATP+25  ATA+15  LCK+5
    ATA Needed: 120
    H&S25 JUSTICE- "A legendary machine gun from the Justice Corp.  Its special
    attack freezes enemies."
    ATP+30  ATA+18
    ATA Needed: 122
    L&K14 COMBAT- "A legendary machine gun from the Combat Corp.  Its special
    attack paralyzes enemies."
    ATP+30  ATA+18  LCK+10
    ATA Needed: 124
    SAMBA MARACAS- "Shaking the maracas with a Latin rhythm produces shock waves 
    to damage enemies."
    ATP+10  ATA+10
    ATA Needed: 100
    TWIN PSYCHOGUN- "These guns convert thought patterns into a laser beam to
    destroy enemies."
    ATP+40  ATA+23
    ATA Needed: 100
    RED MECHGUN- "The red mechgun is a prototype, so its finish is incomplete.
    Letters, which say "ff," are carved on the grip."
    ATP+50  ATA+25
    ATA Needed: 155
    YASMINKOV 9000M- "An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans.
    The power is as strong as the new model."
    ATP+100  ATA+27
    ATA Needed: 168
    FINAL IMPACT- "A legendary shotgun with tremendous power.  Its special attack
    steals enemies' experience points."
    ATP+170  ATA+36  LCK+10
    ATA Needed: 125
    METEOR SMASH- "A legendary shotgun with power that rivals a meteor strike.
    It's special attack steals enemy TP."
    ATP+160  ATA+36  EVP-30
    ATA Needed: 125
    CRUSH BULLET- "A legendary shotgun made with concentrated pure Photons.  Its
    special attack steals enemy HP."
    ATP+133  ATA+34  EVP-30
    ATA Needed: 122
    YASMINKOV 7000V- "An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans.
    The power is as strong as the new model."
    ATP+450  ATA+67
    ATA Needed: 190
    SPREAD NEEDLE- "A custom shotgun that shoots countless needles.  Its special
    attack paralyzes enemies."
    ATP+188  ATA+40  EVP-30
    ATA Needed: 135
    POWER MASER- "A mysterious weapon.  Its abilities are unknown."
    ATP+270  ATA+37
    ATA Needed: 160
    VISK-235W- "A legendary rifle crafted by Visk, one of the three masters.  Its
    special attack paralyzes enemies."
    ATP+250  ATA+53  EVP+5
    ATA Needed: 118
    WALS-MK2- "A legendary rifle crafted by Wals, one of the three masters.  Its
    special attack confuses enemies."
    ATP+280  ATA+56
    ATA Needed: 120
    JUSTY-23ST- "A legendary rifle crafted by Justy, one of the three masters.
    Its special attack halves enemy HP."
    ATP+320  ATA+58
    ATA Needed: 125
    FROZEN SHOOTER- "The latest freeze gun uses latent heat energy to fire a freeze
    bomb.  Its power to freeze is excellent."
    ATP+254  ATA+199
    ATA Needed: 162
    YASMINKOV 3000R- "An antique model that's popular among certain hardcore fans.
    The power is as strong as the new model."
    ATP+400  ATA+96
    ATA Needed: 171
    MASER BEAM- "A special gun that shoots lighting.  Its accuracy is top class."
    (spelling error correct)
    ATP+230  ATA+37
    ATA Needed: 160
    EGG BLASTER- "A special gun made by a mysterious scientist out to conquer the
    world.  Does fire damage."
    ATA+330  ATA+40
    ATA Needed: 140
    ANO RIFLE- "This rifle was used as the military Android's primary weapon in a
    certain country.
    ATP+410  ATA+64
    ATA Needed: 174
    ANTI ANDROID RIFLE- "A government certified scientist created this high-
    performance rifle based on the A-35 rifle function."
    ATP+350  ATA+60
    ATA Needed: 163
    SNOW QUEEN- "A mysterious weapon.  Its abilities are unknown."
    ATP+350  ATA+60
    ATA Needed: 162
    ANGEL HARP- "A wondrous gun whose effects are said to be enhanced by the power
    of love."
    ATP+320  DFP+10  ATA+60
    ATA Needed: 120
    BURNING VIST- "A mysterious weapon.  Its abilities are unknown."
    ATP+540  ATA+40
    ATA Needed: 164
    DARK METEOR- "Long range weapon eroded by Olga Flow DNA.  When equipped, two 
    different attacks can be used."
    ATP+280  ATA+45
    ATA Needed: 190
    |Photon Launchers|
    INFERNO BAZOOKA- "A powerful bazooka with highly destructive shells."
    ATP+410  ATA+41  EVP-20
    ATA Needed: 142
    GUILTY LIGHT- "A legendary Photon launcher said to have been created by
    an outlaw."
    ATP+250  ATA+38
    ATA Needed: 120
    RED SCORPIO- "This was a highly regarded Photon launcher of a certain secret
    ATP+300  ATA+42
    ATA Needed: 150
    PANZER FAUST- "It fires a very powerful rocket bomb.  Its special attack can 
    confuse enemies."
    ATP+500  ATA+42
    ATA Needed: 181
    IRON FAUST- "A mysterious weapon.  Its abilities are unknown."
    ATP+580  ATA+42
    ATA Needed: 181
    NUG2000 BAZOOKA- "A bazooka said to have been favored on the battlefield by a 
    brave warrior of ancient times."
    ATP+660  ATA+30
    ATA Needed: 200
    4.1 Rare Items |Force|
    FIRE SCEPTER:AGNI- "A legendary magic cane containing the power of fire.  Its
    special attack adds fire damage."
    ATP+95  MST+25  ATA+31
    MST Needed: 470
    CLUB OF LACONIUM- "A legendary cane made of the sturdy Laconium metail.  Its
    special attack adds explosive fire damage."
    ATP+150  ATA+36  EVP+25
    MST Needed: 430
    MACE OF ADAMAN- "Legendary cane of Adaman, when equipped, boosts Barta.  Its
    special attack freezes enemies."
    ATP+170  ATA+68  EVP+30
    MST Needed: 440
    BRAVE HAMMER- "A legendary battle cane for brave Forces.  Its special attack
    uses TP to launch a powerful strike."
    ATP+220  DFP+30  ATA+43
    MST Needed: 470
    ALIVE AQHU- "A legendary battle cane made for a Force for intense fights.
    Its special attack steals enemies' HP."
    ATP+230  DFP+35  ATA+65
    MST Needed: 480
    ICE STAFF:DAGON- "A legendary magic cane containing the power of ice.  Its
    special attack freezes enemies."
    ATP+105  MST+30  ATA+33
    MST Needed: 480
    STORM WAND:INDRA- "A legendary magic cane containing the power of lightning.
    Adds lightning damage."
    ATP+120  MST+35  ATA+34
    MST Needed: 490
    FLOWER CANE- "Magical cane made for females.  A useful weapon, its exquisite 
    look also makes it a popular gift."
    ATP+180  ATA+41  
    MST Needed: 348
    BROOM- "This is a cleaning tool that was found in the ancient ruins.  
    Something is carved on it.  It increases mental strength."
    ATP+230  ATA+35
    MST Needed: 348
    PLANTAIN LEAF- "A huge leaf.  Weapon becomes more powerful once in contact
    with water."
    ATP+280  MST+20  ATA+45
    MST Needed: 590
    FATSIA- "A huge leaf.  Weapon becomes more powerful once in contact with
    ATP+280  MST+20  ATA+45
    MST Needed: 590
    CADUCEUS- "A special weapon made from a legendary cane.  Its ripple effect
    boosts the power of Grants."
    ATP+360  DFP+40  ATA+54
    MST Needed: 720
    STING TIP- "A special battle cane with needles on its tip.  Its special
    attack steals TP."
    (Note: Has a sword icon, despite being described as a cane)
    ATP+170  MST+30  ATA+40  EVP+40
    MST Needed: 450
    WINDMILL- "The windmill-shape gives this cane power.  In order to execute
    its special attack, hold the wind energy, and..."
    ATP+310  MST+35  ATA+44  EVP+50
    MST Needed: 690
    THE SIGH OF A GOD- "A magical lightning charged cane.  Boosts Zonde
    techniques.  Its special atttack adds lightning damage."
    ATP+180  MST+35  ATA+40
    MST Needed: 653
    BRANCH OF PAKUPAKU- "A branch that gives off a fragrance that puts Chao into
    a trance."
    ATP+267  DFP+15  ATA+45
    MST Needed: 600
    TECHNICAL CROZIER- "A special magical cane for Forces, made by an adept in
    science and magic.  Casts Barta."
    ATP+135  ATA+36
    MST Needed: 285
    MAGICAL PIECE- "Magical Heart-Key cane.  Boosts mid level attack techniques.
    Its special attack adds lightning damage."
    ATP+240  MST+30  ATA+42
    MST Needed: 800
    SUMMIT MOON- "The stone on this cane increases your mental strength.  Its
    special attack is lightning."
    ATP+280  MST+55  ATA+42  EVP+44
    MST Needed: 650
    TWINKLE STAR- "Star tipped cane.  Boosts 3 types of low level attack
    techniques.  Its special attack adds lightning damage."
    ATP+175  MST+55  ATA+40
    MST Needed: 670
    STRIKER OF CHAO- "Chao tipped cane.  Feel empowered with this popular
    character on your side."
    ATP+325  DFP+35  MST+55  ATA+50
    MST Needed: 695
    EVIL CURST- "The eyes on top of this cursed cane can kill enemies.  Its 
    special attack can also kill enemies."
    ATP+666  ATA+44  EVP+50
    MST Needed: 999
    PROPHETS OF MOTAV- "An ancient document left by the developers of techniques.  
    There may be secrets hidden inside..."
    ATP+250  ATA+35
    MST Needed: 900
    PLANTAIN FAN- "When you wave this magic fan once, it produces a strong wind,
    which blows enemies away."
    ATP+150  MST+55  ATA+42
    MST Needed: 630
    **12 Star Canes**
    PSYCHO WAND- "A mysterious cane known only as the ultimate cane.  Its abilities
    are unknown."
    ATP+400  DFP+50  ATA+55
    MST Needed: 900
    4.1 Rare Items |Enemy Parts|
    BOOMA'S CLAW- "Enemy weapon made from the right arm of a Booma."
    ATP+315  ATA+48
    DRAGON'S CLAW- "A Dragon's claw was used to make this weapon.  Its special 
    attack is Foie."
    ATP+580  ATA+44
    ATP Needed: 600
    SORCERER'S CANE- "Made from a Sorcerer's cane.  Boosts mid level attack
    techniques and reduces TP cost by 10%"
    ATP+360  ATA+53
    MST Needed: 756
    GOBOOMA'S CLAW- "Enemy weapon made from the right arm of a Gobooma."
    ATP+345  ATA+50
    ATP Needed: 336
    GIGOBOOMA'S CLAW- "Enemy weapon made from the right arm of a Gigobooma."
    ATP+500  ATA+55
    ATP Needed: 600
    DELSABER'S BUSTER- "Delsaber's hand, now an enemy weapon.  Powers up 100% if
    used with a SHEILD OF DELSABER.  Lightning damage.
    (Misspelling of 'SHEILD' is correct)
    ATP+350  ATA+44
    ATP Needed: 295
    BELRA CANNON- "Belra's right hand was remodeled into this enemy weapon.  Its
    special attack is even more powerful..."
    ATP+500  ATA+45
    ATA Needed: 187
    S-BERILL'S HANDS #0- "Sinow Berill's hand, now a weapon.  Some say there is
    room for further refinement, but..."
    ATP+197  ATA+30
    ATP Needed: 450
    S-RED'S BLADE- "Sinow Red's hands were remodeled into a weapon.  Attack and
    defense are increased with its special attack."
    ATP+350  ATA+39
    ATP Needed: 821
    GAL WIND- "Gal Gryphon's wings, now an enemy weapon."
    ATP+310  ATA+40  EVP-15
    MST Needed: 800
    RAPPY'S FAN- "Enemy weapon made from the wings of a Rappy"
    ATP+146  ATA+35
    ATP Needed: 480
    G-ASSASSIN'S SABERS- "Enemy weapon made from the two arms of a Grass Assassin."
    ATP+360  ATA+35
    ATP Needed: 390
    BRINGER'S RIFLE- "An enemy weapon made from a bringer's hand.  Its special
    attack cuts enemy HP to 1/4."
    ATP+388  ATA+63  EVP-20
    ATP Needed: 140
    HILEDBEAR'S CANE- "Hildebear's head was used to make this weapon.  Boosts
    Foie.  Its special attack can shoot fireballs."
    ATP+230  DFP+30  MST+35  ATA+50
    MST Needed: 400
    HILDEBLUE'S CANE- "Hildeblue's head was used to make this weapon.  Boosts
    Barta.  Its special attack freezes enemies."
    ATP+318  DFP+35  MST+35  ATA+52
    MST Needed: 700
    PAN ARM'S BLADE- "An enemy weapon made from the hands of a Pan Arms.  Its
    special attack paralyzes enemies."
    ATP+270  ATA+34
    ATP Needed: 568
    GI GUE BAZOOKA- "Gi Gue's body, now an enemy weapon."
    ATP+620  ATA+40
    ATA Needed: 200
    BARANZ LAUNCHER- "Baranz's parts were used to create this enemy weapon."
    ATP+240  ATA+40
    ATA Needed: 181
    S-BERILL'S HANDS #1- "Sinow Berill's knuckle with Photon camouflage."
    ATP+321  ATA+30
    ATP Needed: 600
                         Soul Eater Walkthrough
    1. You must have completed all quests once and beaten the game once (so you 
    can choose between normal or hard)  
    2. After you have done the above, select normal (or whatever diff) and 
    complete the quest ?Dr. Osto?s Research. In this quest, you must NOT tell 
    your name to Sue (If you do or did already, stop and try this quest on another 
    difficulty). After you complete the quest and Sue leaves, a telepipe will pop 
    up. Don't go in it. Talk to the other NPC on the map (red and black RAmar 
    (human ranger)). Then go in the telepipe and finish the quest.  
    3. Now, do the quest ''Unsealed Door?. You will see Sue again. Talk to her 
    until she leaves.  
    You will see SUE outside the shops and near the bank when you start the 
    quest ?Waterfall Tears?. Talk to her then continue.
    4. Next, do the quest ?Waterfall Tears?. You will fight Anna twice during 
    this quest. When you defeat her in Caves 2 (a rainbow is in the room), you 
    will see a green arrow not that far up (if you did everything correctly to 
    this point), this is Kireek. Defeat him and go back to the guild 
    to complete the quest.  
    5. In the next quest, ?Black Paper?, you will encounter Kireek again. This 
    time I am not sure about if his arrow shows up on the map, but he will be in 
    the Dark room near the warp to Caves 2. Defeat him a second time and then 
    finish the quest.  
    6. In the final quest From the Depths'', just get to the end of the quest 
    (in Ruins 3) when you have to copy the monument data (at the computer). When 
    ASH leaves your party to look for survivors, DO NOT take the telepipe. 
    Instead, find the warp back to Ruins 2 and you will see two arrows. These 
    arrows are for Ash and Kireek. Defeat Kireek a final time and 
    you will receive the Soul Eater.
    4.3 Akriko?s Frying Pan Walkthrough
    Enter into an offline game where you have all quests unlocked (beat 
    normal mode for example, then go back into normal). Start the Secret 
    Delivery quest, and as soon as you exit the Hunter's guild, a man will 
    be in front of you and slightly to your left. Talk to him, and he'll 
    begin to babble about strong weapons and such. You'll get two answers 
    to his questions, either !! or ??. Answer !! to both, and he'll discuss 
    weapons with you. He'll give you the first approval and says there are
    4 more that you must get, but he doesn't know where they are. Well here 
    they are:
    Claiming a Stake
    Value of Money
    Gran Squall 
    Lost Bride
    Enter these quests and then look talk to all townspeople. Each quest 
    has one of the four approvals.Please note that in all quests including 
    the original Secret Delivery, you must beat the quest. You cannot 
    enter, get approval and then exit. 
    Once complete go back to Secret Delivery and talk to the original man. 
    He'll tell you to talk to the boss. His 'boss' happens to be a woman 
    over near the bank. Talk to her to gain the Frying Pan. Feel free to 
    cancel this mission now, as you do not have to beat it again.
    4.4 Conclusion
    You have just read the Pat Pender PSO Walkthrough. I hoped you enjoyed it.
    It took me about a week to fully write, and I did write most of this by myself,
    but got some help from OrochiJin with the Soul Eater FAQ.
    I would also like to thank Terekane of Darkness and DarkNightWing, 
    for after reading their walkthrough about a billion times when I first 
    got the game, for inspiring me to write this.
    |My Character?s|
    Pat: Level 94 FOnewm, Currently in Mines in Ultimate
    Kttulu: Level 83 HUmar, Currently in Forest in Ultimate
    Ktulu: Level 104 HUcast, Currently in CCA in Ultimate
    Death: Level 31 RAcast, Currently in Caves in Hard
     Thank you Sega for making this Wonderful amazing game, 
     and GameFAQ?s for putting this walkthrough on their website.

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