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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DocTabasco

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    Dr. Muto
    v1.1 Walkthrough and FAQs
    for PlayStation2
    Copyright 2003 Chris Young (aka DocTabasco)
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    So there.  Don't move this stuff ANYWHERE without my consent.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for the nice restriction notice and for posting my
    Those with permission as of June 2, 2003:
    Thanks for the support.  Send money ;)
    0  About this Guide
     -1 Author's Comments
     -2 Version History
     -3 Contacting the Author
     -4 THANK YOU!!!
    1  Playing the Game
     -1 The Story Thus Far
     -2 Objectives
     -3 Items
     -4 Controls
     -5 Formulas
     -6 Blueprints
    2  The Walkthrough
     -1 Lab; Home Sweet Home
     -2 Totltec
       .1 The Junkyard
       .2 The Vats
       .3 The Factory
       .4 Vinny's Dump
     -3 Aqeum
       .1 The Lagoon
       .2 The Oil Rig
       .3 Hydro Station
       .4 Water Works
       .5 Carla's Hole
     -4 Flotos
       .1 The Sphere
       .2 The Cube
       .3 The Furnaces
       .4 Jupiter City
       .5 Steele's Garage
     -5 Mazon
       .1 The Workshop
       .2 Burnital's Lair
     -6 The End
    3  Lists
     -1 Terra
     -2 Isotopes
     -3 Fauna
     -4 Scrap
    4  FAQ
    5  Codes and Secrets
    < 0 - About this Guide  >
    0-1 Author's Comments
    Truthfully, this is my first Guide/Walkthrough written by my own hand.  I've
    read many, and I have my high school English credits, so it shouldn't suck.
    Dr. Muto is the second newest adventure game in my arsenal of PS2 glory (after
    Vexx), and it's hella good.  The guide is finally finished, and I've had the
    pleasure of enduring much praise, at the same time assisting where my notes are
    unclear.  Maybe I'll drag my ass out of the house now.
    My opinion of this game is that it has much more depth of game play than many
    of my other platform/adventure games, which I won't list so you can claim I'm
    wrong.  It's a big challenge, although the most rewarding part of getting
    everything is self-gratification.  The only other Midway game I own right now
    is Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, which had very nice environments.  I'm glad to see
    that this game is not an exception.  I actually recognized the way that the
    textures look from Gauntlet... don't ask me how, it's hard to explain.
    It has been observed that this game is incredibly difficult, especially in the
    later levels.  I've had much trouble trying to figure out how to master this
    game without cheats or walkthroughs, as well as recording my exploits.  I
    strive for as much depth and detail as I can, so if something is unclear I will
    gladly fix it.  Particularly useful information can be found in the FAQ section
    The idea here is for me to have fun while I write this, and you while you read.
    Here's to a job well done.
    0-2 Version History
    0.20 Jan 22, 2003
        Responded to the cry on the GameFAQs message board for a FAQ.  Everything
        up to the end of Totltec included.  Still need a FAQ section.
    0.21 Jan 23, 2003
        Fixed up a few neglected details, added transloader area markers.
    0.50 Jan 24, 2003
        Aqeum missions complete.  Decided to leave details on isotopes for later.
    0.60 May 17, 2003
        Completed outline of isotope, fauna, and Terra locations.  Opened FAQ
    0.80 May 28, 2003
        Finished Flotos walkthrough, lists updated, fooled around with headers.
    1.00 June 1, 2003
        Finished Mazon, information regarding lost isotopes in Hydro Station
        revealed, Everything DONE! DONE! ----ing DONE!!!!
    1.10 August 20, 2003
        Made clarifications to walkthrough based on e-mails, added Codes and
    Secrets section.
    0-3 Contacting the Author
    My e-mail address is doctabasco83@rogers.com
    If you'd like to add something to this guide/walkthrough/FAQ thingie, send me
    an email with the subject "regarding Dr. Muto" otherwise it goes out with the
    rest of the crap I get on a daily basis.  If you want me to work on some other
    walkthrough, or do review stuff for your website, I'd be flattered.  If you're
    offering cash, I might even do it. ;)
    Send me any questions you have about the game in general so I can construct a
    FAQ section!  Also tell me what areas need clarification.  PLEASE tell me if
    you find isotopes that are not accounted for in the isotope list.
    A few people refer to "the forums."  These people should keep in mind that
    there is more than one game website with forums, so let me know which one you
    use.  I visit the GameFAQs boards most frequently, but recently bookmarked the
    IGN and Neoseeker forums.
    0-4 THANK YOU!!!
    Fredric Mora, for telling me stuff no non-former-Midway person could ever know.
    Mark Eaton, aka badboymark, for telling me about stuff I didn't figure out.
    Steven Ng, for noticing me.
    Mom, for feeding me.  And doing laundry.  And not cutting the power to my room.
    You, for making it all worth-while.
    < 1 - Playing the Game  >
    1-1 The Story Thus Far
    Dr. Muto was, obviously, born to be a mad scientist.  His projects have always
    been big, and always a disaster.  Despite that, he does his best to help the
    people of planet Midway with the energy crisis caused my Burnital Industries.
    Against the recommendation of the experts, the president agrees to use Muto's
    energy device, saying to reporters, "What could possibly go wrong?"  Bad choice
    of words there, Dr. Muto.  Upon activation, Planet Midway makes an earth-
    shattering KABOOM on the news channels.  Cue maniacal laughter of mysterious
    figure.  Upon awakening, Muto's servant frantically points out that the entire
    planet, except for Dr. Muto's own residence, has been destroyed.  He hastily
    activates his high-tech telescope to find something to rebuild the planet,
    forgetting about the power shortage in his own lab.  And so it begins.
    1-2 Objectives
    There are 6 types of collectibles in this game which make up your objectives.
      Vials - The magic red bubbly.  Collect 20 units of these to increase your
    health metre.  Dr. Muto can have up to 6 health points, shown as hearts, and 20
    spare vials.  Small vials are worth 1 point and bigger ones are 5.  Most health
    crates contain 3 vials, but some are jackpots of 5 pointers.  There are also
    Health Dispensers in various places, but these only fill empty heart slots.
      Isotopes - Although they don't look like over-sized particles in real life,
    that's what you're looking for.  These give power to your sentient computer,
    AL, who obviously knows Dr. Muto would be screwed without him.  More isotopes
    provide access to more Formulas and Blueprints, and will be needed for the
    Genitor 9000 as well.  They come as 1 point blue/white isotopes or 5 point
    green/yellow isotopes, and are found in blue and unmarked crates.
      Genitor Piece - The Genitor 9000 is what Dr. Muto needs to rebuild Planet
    Midway, and there are 17 in all.  They tend to be quite obvious with their
    large size and bright aura.  You'll find one at the end of each area.
      Terra Piece - Glowing green polygons that kinda resemble a soccer ball.
    You'll find 7 in each area, which is generally one for each challenge.
      Scrap Parts - Found in special tool crates, you'll need 7 of each to create a
    new gadget.  It would seem that every area has a set of scrap parts, but I'm
    guessing they are removed from new areas when you get them earlier in the game.
    Gadgets only appear on what I like to call dispensers, and are strictly
      DNA - Harvested from various Fauna, you'll need certain combinations in order
    to morph into something new.  You only need a total amount of the required DNA
    so you don't have to get separate DNA for each form.  Use the zap button to
    harvest DNA from Fauna in any form.
    1-3 Items
    blue isotope - worth 1 isotope
    green isotope - worth 5 isotopes
    small vial - 1 health point
    large vial - 5 health points
    dispenser vial - refills lost health
    crate - brown box with no markings, contains one isotope
    health crate - crate with red cross contains between 3 and 10 health points
    Splizz crate - crate with 12 isotope capacity, contents vanish 5 seconds after
                   opening with Splizz, NEVER TO RETURN
    blue box - blue, dissolves with Gomer contact
    barrel - explosive, can carry for 12 seconds
    switch - activated with Splizz, various uses
    blue switch - activated with Gomers, more annoying
    target - flashing square activated by morph or heavy weapons
    box - large flashing box, destroyed for various purposes
    1-4 Controls
      Dr. Muto
    Left Analog    Move the clumsy Dr. Muto.
    Right Analog   Rotate the view around Dr. Muto.
    < > D-Pad      Cycle through the available forms.
        X          Jump.  Press again to double jump, then hold to hover a bit.
        O          Blast Attack.
        []         Splizz Capture device, aka zap attack.
        /\         Morph into selected form.
        L1         Strafe Left
        R1         Strafe Right
        L2         Show HUD
        R2         Centre camera behind Dr. Muto
        R3         First-person mode
      Gerbilus Doctorus
        O          Tail Whip.  Hold down to charge a farther strike
        []         Eat.
        X          Jump.  Press again for Butt Stomp.
        O          Clap Attack.
        []         Eat.
        X          Hold down to aim the web sling.  Aim at enemies to either eat
                   them or come at them in a spinning attack.  Aim at webbing to
                   grab on from a distance.
        O          Drop an egg mine.  Explodes after about 5 seconds.
        []         Eat.
        R3         Egg-shooter
      Spiny Docfish
    Left Analog    Rotate the Docfish.
        X          Swim forward.
        O          Spine Shot.  Hold down to initiate a spin attack, and let go to
                   spin forward at high speed.
        []         Eat.
        R2         Fast U-turn.
    Left Analog    Aim & control the mutant squirrel.
        X          Start/stop/restart flying.
        O          Hit once for a quick shot, hold for a homing hairball.
        []         Eat.
        R2         Fast U-turn.
    1-5 Formulas
    FYI, the plural of formula is supposed to be "formulae."  You need to have a
    certain number of Isotopes for each Formula, just so you can see what you need.
    Then you just need to get a total number of the displayed types of DNA from the
    Fauna.  I'm not exactly sure how you unlock them, but there seems to be
    alternate forms for your Formulas, indicated by a piece of note paper clipped
    over the morph's image.  Just get the indicated DNA strands to finish it off.
    Don't forget that you can harvest DNA by eating enemies in these forms.
      Gerbillus Doctorus - 15 isotopes
      1 mouse (+ 30 chark = Rat)
    You're pretty much given this at the beginning of the game, but I suppose you
    could say it requires 15 isotopes to activate.  You'll learn early on that this
    is the only way to get through tight fits.  It's handy to remember that you can
    hold the O button to charge a longer attack, so you can avoid taking damage
    from enemies.  And yes, it can eat enemies bigger than it is, but don't bother
    on guards.  The SOBs don't even twitch on sight of a harmless mouse.
      Doczilla - 250 isotopes
      10 monkey + 20 roach (+ 30 tarfish = Mech Gorilla)
    The first morph you earn.  It's slow, but definitely stronger, especially in
    the butt.  Butt stomps are the best way to deal with multiple enemies, as well
    as the way you're supposed to activate those big ground switches.  You can
    forget jumping though, 'cause this thing is as mobile as a boulder.  It's the
    only morph that can climb up and across rope nets.  While hanging from these,
    your attack can actually destroy DOAs, and have some effectiveness on nearby
    ground enemies.  When swinging from blue and white poles, you can get the most
    distance by jumping as his feet reach their highest point.
      ArachniDoc - 450 isotopes
      30 fireant + 30 roach (+ 30 peliqui = Roach)
    The only way to traverse webbings.  This one cannot jump at all, and the camera
    orients to the ground you're currently on.  You'll use this mainly to cross
    webs, but you can attack by shooting your web sling at enemies too.  Depending
    on it's size and attributes, you'll either eat it or jump at it in a spinning
    attack.  Another effective attack is to use first-person mode to launch your
    egg-foo style from a distance.
      Spiny Docfish - 700 isotopes
      35 roach + 35 fireant + 15 monkey + 3 chark (+ 30 airbag = Electric Eel)
    The only way to swim with any sort of competence.  Since Aqeum is the first
    time you can get charks, just hop in the water there and harvest 3 at the
    beginning.  This will be the best form to harvest charks and tarfish.  The
    spine attack is not incredibly accurate, since the spines spin out at a
    certain distance.  As long as your target is behind your view of Muto when you
    fire, it should hit.  The spin attack takes about 1 second to charge, and spins
    out after 2.  It goes extremely fast when released though, and is great for
    hopping pool dividers and cutting down your opposition.  I have also noticed
    that Fauna is less likely to appear at far distances, so make tight circles
    when searching for them
      TerraDoctyl - 1400 isotopes
      20 tarfish + 10 airbag + 5 peliqui + 20 chark (+ 13 ? = Bat)
    The only way to fly!  Flotos makes extensive use of this morph, but you'll have
    to prove your platforming skills by capturing 15 aerial fauna in the first area
    of the Sphere.  The attack provides decent rapid fire depending on how fast you
    can hit the button.  You can lock on to targets by holding it down, but the
    turning speed is greatly reduced.  You can start and stop flight at any time
    with the X button, but you will need space to land safely.  Or, you can stop
    and drop instantly by morphing back into Dr. Muto
    1-6 Blueprints
    All of your gadgets are only available from specific dispensers, and have
    limited operation time.  Each gadget requires 7 pieces of the same kind of
    scrap.  When you're collecting scrap, you've gone too far if you enter a new
      Rocket Boots - already complete
    Single-use gadgets that propel you to new heights, and appear throughout the
    game.  Most of these are placed exactly where you need to use them, and
    straying from the area before launching usually makes them fail.  Be careful
    not to fall too fast though... it's quite possible to kill yourself on the way
      Super Boots - already complete
    These essentially provide a high-powered double jump.  Some of the strangely
    airborne isotopes can be collected with these.
      Invisibility - 65 isotopes, Klock Em scraps
      Totltec Junkyard, Aqeum Oil Rig, Flotos Cube
    Self-explanatory.  In case you didn't know, enemies will ignore you when this
    is activated.
      Pocket Rocket - 150 isotopes, Uberpowder scraps
      Totltec Vats, Aqeum Hydro Station, Flotos Furnaces
    A handy little rocket launcher.  Fire at will to launch guided missiles, or
    enter first-person mode to go manual.
      Superballer - 375 isotopes, Boing! scraps
      Totltec Factory, Aqeum Water Works, Flotos Jupiter City
    Pretty close to a machine gun, it fires large quantities of bouncy balls which
    explode on impact, or when they stop.
      Invincibility - 600 isotopes, Renaline scraps
      Aqeum Lagoon, Flotos Sphere, Mazon Workshop
    Another self-explanatory.  You won't take any damage while using this.
    < 2 - The Walkthrough >
    2-1 Lab; Home Sweet Home
    1  Refuel the Reactor
    Grab any 15 isotopes.  2 minutes should be plenty of time for this.  It doesn't
    matter which ones, since they're removed after you get 15.  You're
    automatically placed in front of the now powered reactor.  Morph into a mouse
    and enter the transporter to claim your first piece of Terra.
    2  Scope a Chip
    There are 45 isotopes in the wall, but they're easy enough to get.  Get to the
    end, go to the right from the microwave oven and deliver the chip.  You're now
    back at the Tele-Transloader, where you can get the last Terra piece available
    on the remains of Planet Midway.
    Only two things left to do here.  Finish collecting the isotopes by blasting
    the unmarked crates around the house.  That's 18 isotopes.  Zap the television
    for 5 seconds to reveal 10 more isotopes.  Finally, zap the strange box behind
    the stairs of the reactor room for 12 more.  A word of warning about these
    boxes is that the isotopes disappear 5 seconds after being opened.  (That's one
    heck of a half-life)  Now, zap the kitchen sink beside the specimen
    refrigerator, beside the open door, for your first Genitor 9000 part.
    2-2 Totltec
    |Terra: 21    |
    |Isotopes: 900|
    |DNA: 106     |
    |Genitor: 4   |
    Roaches are simple fauna that emit a green smoke, and sometimes use their shell
    for protection.  Zap them for their DNA samples, then blast them to keep them
    out of your way.
    Bulldog SOB;  One on one is hardly a challenge.  One blast will take it out.
    If they're getting too close for comfort, give it a zap first to put it off
    balance.  A drawn-out zap will give you an extra health vial, but you can only
    get 2 by this method.  Destroying them give you 3 vials.  If you decide to run
    away, you might notice them tuck in their saws for a short while, making a good
    time to strike.  One last thing, you can also try sneaking up on them.
    BUGZ;  As a mouse, they might seem like something you want to avoid completely,
    but if you're fast enough you can take them out.  If you know where they are,
    prime your tail whip, charge, and release when you're facing the right
    direction.  This is usually surprise enough to destroy them safely.
    DOAs; Floating turrets that you will learn to hate later on.  There are two
    ways to destroy them.  Hold the zapper to grab them, then release when facing a
    wall.  If there was enough distance between the DOA and the wall, it will
    shatter.  Otherwise, you can just hold on to the DOA and it will eventually
    overload.  You can also sneak up on these.  Running is another option.
    SOBs;  These semi-humanoid guards have a variety of attacks.  They swing their
    baton at close range, but can use it for long range attacks as well.  Their
    shield is also electrified at times.  The best way to deal with them is a quick
    zap and blast, then hold on the zap until he recovers and blast him again.
    Fireants are basically small roaches that tend to stay in close groups.  They
    are notable from their orange flame.
    Monkeys are very slow despite spider-like legs, and seem to have a scorpion's
    stinger.  They're not very dangerous compared to the rest of the enemies here.
    Mines and Mouse Traps are close proximity detectors.  They can be detonated
    using long-range attacks or Gomers so you don't have to worry about them for a
    2-2.1 The Junkyard
    300 isotopes, 17 DNA, 7 Klock Em scraps
    *Junkyard Entrance*
    1  DNA Extraction
    Go forth and learn to capture DNA from fauna.  Simply zap a creature to gain
    its DNA and destroy it with a blast attack.  Don't worry about killing fauna
    you haven't captured, they'll regenerate until you do.  Kill the bulldogs that
    charge from the gate and claim the Terra.
    2  Pumped Up
    See the pipes where the roaches were wandering?  Morph into a mouse to get in.
    Be careful of mouse traps in small areas.  Simply jump over them to avoid being
    hit.  Hop the many stepping stones before you, up the piston and to the pump
    station.  When you get to a pair of pistons, check out the crack in the wall
    for some goodies.  The 2 launch pads can be tricky to use at first.  Keep in
    mind that you can control your velocity with the left analog control, and you
    can maintain some height by jumping twice.  This should land you on a platform
    near 3 pistons.  Explore this area thoroughly for all the goodies, being
    careful of the BUGZ.  Enter the air vents for a slide full of vials, and you'll
    land very close to the access card you're looking for.  The Terra is just
    behind it.  You should have 91 isotopes from the Junkyard by now.
    3  Security Booth
    You now have 1 minute to escape the pump station.  Just keep your wits about
    you and it will be no problem. There are only 6 isotopes on the escape route.
    Grab the Terra from the booth and you can move on.
    Don't miss the path that begins on one of the sewer pipes; there's some
    valuable DNA up there, as well as isotopes, vials, and a piece of scrap.  Zap
    the switch at the gas pipe to shut that off.  The garbage crushers are not hard
    to get by.  Climb the ladder near the transloader for 5 isotopes and a nice
    stash of red bubbly.  SAVE YOUR GAME!  you should now have 146 isotopes, 13 DNA
    and 2 Klock Em scraps.
    *Junkyard Interior*
    Now you learn about Gomers.  Each has 30 seconds before your Splizz tears it
    apart.  You can use Gomers to cover up explosive barrels, but you should know
    that I've found isotope containers under them.  I'm not sure if you can get
    those from under a coated barrel.  Gomers are also the only things that can
    open the blue boxes and activate blue switches.
    When you come to 2 conveyer belts, note the box beside the top one.  I missed
    it the first time I passed here.  There are other crates hidden on the lower
    grounds of this path as well, so watch out.
    *Junkyard Ending*
    4  Abra Cadabra
    Power up the crane holding the yellow and black wrecking ball at the start of
    the toxic sluice.  Hop over the streams, capture the Fireant DNA and activate 3
    switches.  Hop back to the other side, morph into a mouse and get some Terra.
    5  Overloaded
    Walk up the walkways on the side of the sluice.  Activate the switch at the
    top. Bring the Gomer over to the switch.  Grab the Terra.  Rejoice.  SAVE.
    6  Shaft Shot
    Here you get to try the Rocket Boots for the first time.  Stand right on the
    dispenser and fire the rockets by pressing X.  That's probably the easiest
    Terra piece in the game.  You should have 255 isotopes, 17 DNA and all of the
    scrap for this area.
    At the top of the ladder you can try out the Invisibility gadget.  This is NOT
    the Invincibility gadget, you will take damage from the green sludge.
    7  Smoke the Rings
    Since you need the TeraDocTyl morph to get this one, you'll need to come back
    after reaching Flotos.  Climb (or fly) up to the top of the sluice gates past
    the goo drains, and morph in to TeraDocTyl when you reach the terminal.  Use
    the terminal to have AL challenge you.  Now simply fly through the rings as
    quickly as possible which should be easy since your speed is mostly fixed. 
    Watch out on the last stretch though, as you may need to dodge the goo blasts.
    Get through to the Genitor piece and you should have every item from this area.
    2-2.2 The Vats
    300 isotopes, 27 DNA, 7 Uberpowder scraps
    *Vats Entrance*
    1  Open Sesame
    This task takes place over this whole first section.  There are plenty of
    enemies around here that tend to respawn, so be careful.  The first container
    can be opened with a nearby Gomer.  Jump across the platforms on the left side
    and use the Gomer there to activate 3 switches in the area beyond.  One
    activates the Pocket Rocket dispenser, one opens a container, and one shuts off
    the gas pipes.  Climb the now safe pipes with a Gomer and activate the blue
    and regular switches.  Back on the ground, in the transloader area, is an
    already open container.  Jump on that, then go through the hole in the fence to
    get in that small area.  Once you're done collecting everything here, go
    activate that lift. There are 2 S.O.B.s that give way to 3 respawning bulldogs.
    Zap the switch in front of the container.  Then bring the gomer up the stairs
    near the lift and shoot it at the blue switch.  Move on to the ledge before you
    and destroy all opposition, and open the last container.  Go get that Terra.
    You should have 92 isotopes, 10 DNA, and 3 scrap
    2  Target Practice
    You'll have to come back to this area once you have the Pocket Rocket finished.
    When you do, just stand on the pocket Rocket dispenser and use first-person
    mode to hit the 3 towers.  One more piece of Terra.
    3  Circus Freak
    Morph into a mouse and move onward.  DO NOT touch the gears when they are in
    motion.  You can eat the D.O.A.s and spit them against a wall or wait until you
    spit them automatically.  When you're at the catapult flooring, I recommend
    jumping off at the other side so you can see the other side before jumping
    again.  This will reduce the risk of you steering off to the side and falling
    into the sludge.  Jump through the hoops and collect the isotopes.  When you
    grab the Terra, you're automatically dropped on the far side of the pool.
    Continue on and you'll come out by a closed gate.  You should have 145
    isotopes, 10 DNA and 3 scraps.
    Now to open that gate.  Go through the mouse hole and down the left path.  Hit
    the target, and go back to the newly opened path.  Slide down and hit the
    target.  Climb back to the iris switch, hit that again, then return to the
    gate.  The muck drains to reveal a mine field.
    4  Mine Sweeper
    Use the Gomer to pop the mines.  This is not hard to do, but can take a bit of
    time.  Patience is key if you have a bit of trouble.  Grab the Terra and
    isotopes.  Be careful of the remaining puddles.
    *Vats Interior*
    Moving on, you see your first Monkey.  I think "crazy looking" is accurate.
    The switch to the left of the Transloader reveals a Gomer.  There's also quite
    a few fauna around here.
    5  Gomer Overload
    The switch at the start of the upper platform reveals another Gomer.  Take it
    to the blue pad on the other security station to reveal a blue switch, and
    activate that.  Bring another Gomer to the pad and activate the second switch.
    Collect the Terra.
    6  Blast Em!
    Activate the turret, and blow away the DOAs.  The turret takes some getting
    used to, and there's no auto fire.  At least they don't attack you...
    7  Chaos and Carnage
    Spoke too soon.  Destroy the DOAs before they destroy you.  I think this one
    is easier because they come at you straight on.  Collect the Terra and move on.
    Go through the gate and get that scrap crate.  You should have them all by now.
    When you get to the Pocket Rocket, you should have 224 isotopes and 27 DNA.
    *Vats Ending*
    There are 3 large targets in this area that you can activate, either by rocket
    or throwing a DOA at them.  It is possible to hit them all from the dispenser.
    Enter first-person mode to fire guided missiles.  The last one can be tricky,
    but you could just get closer.  After you pass the third target, note the stash
    of crates above the slide.  You can get to these by riding the steam vent.  You
    should now have everything from this area.
    2-2.3 The Factory
    300 isotopes, 62 DNA, 7 Boing! scraps
    *Factory Entrance*
    At this point, you probably don't have enough Monkey DNA to use the Doczilla,
    but luckily there's plenty of Monkeys here.  As usual, beware of the respawning
    bulldogs and SOBs, especially in the generator pit.  There are some blue
    switches you'll want to activate, namely the Super Boots to get those lofty
    isotopes, and the Rocket Boots for a few more.
    1  Chrome Dome
    Once you have the Doczilla morph, go into the pit.  It's supposed to be done
    with the butt stomp, which is simply pressing X twice, but you can use the O
    attack as well.  I've had repeated failures due to the distance between my
    position and the next target being a bit too far.  The bulldogs and explosive
    barrels on the ground don't help matters either.  Try walking on the dome's rim
    to shorten the distance, but be careful when time is low.  It closes very fast,
    and is capable of squishing an over-sized gorilla, namely you.
    2  Ballerz
    There's not enough scrap in this area to do this just yet.  Come back later.
    With the Super Baller in hand, hold down the O button and unleash heck upon
    the disgruntled guard, then steal his Terra while you're at it.
    Before moving on, you should have 73 isotopes, 15 DNA and 4 scraps.  This next
    area looks much like a warehouse, except for the gaping hole in the middle.
    Time for some side-scrolling action.  When you get on up to the platform alcove
    be careful not to fall too fast.  Use the ledges to go down slow.  On the way
    out, you should have 116 isotopes, 28 DNA, and 5 scraps.
    *Factory Interior 1*
    3  Monkeying Around
    All you need to get this piece of Terra is get to the end of the monkey rope
    course.  You're probably going to need more help with the other part of this
    4  Lighthouse of Horrors
    It's not as bad as it sounds though.  You should cover every path to get all
    the isotopes, but the 3 targets you need to hit are on the first left path,
    and the second right path.  The last target is at the end of the course.  The
    single monkey bar is tricky to land.  Normally you want to jump when your feet
    are at the highest point.  Jump just before that and you should at least land
    on the island there.  Once the targets are switched, go forth and claim the
    *Factory Interior 2*
    Before starting on the spider caves, you should have 191 isotopes, 52 DNA, and
    all the scrap for this area.  Make your way through here, avoiding the mines,
    webbing across the gaps, and NOT trying to capture the Fireants in ArachniDoc
    form.  Trust me, it's not wise, and very silly, especially if you fall in the
    goo.  Before starting the Goomatron area, you should have 220 isotopes and 56
    *Factory Interior 3*
    5  Powered Assault
    I recommend at least finishing off the fauna in this area before going up the
    goomatron.  Break the crates, get some health, and SAVE YOUR GAME!  At this
    point I'll assume you're smart enough to visit every Transloader you see.  When
    you are on the ceiling, don't forget to visit every path for their isotopes.
    If you don't have time to morph back when you're attacked by SOBs, use your
    web attack to knock them over, then egg 'em to death.  Activate the switches
    with an egg or the ape if you wish.  Now make your way to the turret with the
    6  Blowing Off Steam
    Activate the turret, and shoot the flashing target on the Goomatron's base.
    Then fire at the four boxes that open up quick, since they close again.
    Repeat until all four are busted.  DOAs come in from the left side.  Going
    counter-clockwise, same deal and watch the left for enemies.  Last one, but
    watch the right this time.  Get some health, get the Terra, and get the part.
    You should have 270 isotopes, and all the DNA.
    *Factory Ending*
    7  Droppin Balls
    Time to climb.  Morph into Doczilla and start climbing.  The first wall is a
    piece of cake.  The second one adds a new element to this challenge.  Balls of
    goo threaten you now.  Stay close to the dividers and move as necessary to
    avoid being hit.  The Third wall is very similar.  At the end of this area, you
    should have everything you need.
    2-2.4 Vinny The Tool Bino
    You might be wondering what a Bino is.  Well, it's not in the dictionary, so
    don't bother.  It might be like albino, where the thing in question is
    completely white.  That would mean a tool-bino is completely mechanical.  But
    it's best not to think too hard on such things.
    The strategy here is to stay behind him while you're morphing, because he turns
    SOOO SLOOW it's pathetic.  First off, morph into the mouse and go to face him.
    He'll probably start taunting you, but be careful not to go under his toes.
    Whip his open toe, and he'll drop his guard to fix it.  Quickly morph into
    Doczilla and smack him for 3 points of damage.  Stay in this form, because he
    will drop a few BUGZ.  Take these out with the butt stomp.  Wash, rinse,
    repeat.  He drops a few more BUGZ the next time, but the strategy's the same.
    If you let him, he may go drink some goo to restore his own health.  His
    attacks include a forward swipe, a buzz saw burst, and a hammer slam that
    creates a shock wave.  A small FMV shows Vinny fall into the goo.  Mmm, tasty.
    2-3 Aqeum
    |Terra: 28     |
    |Isotopes: 1200|
    |DNA: 78       |
    |Genitor: 5    |
    Charks are slow-moving mouths that vaguely resemble sharks.  They're most
    annoying in packs of more than 3, because then you risk being snapped while
    taking DNA samples.  Luckily, fauna doesn't respawn after being sampled.
    DOAs have a faster firing speed on this planet, but are otherwise the same.
    Bullsquids, again, are nearly identical to bulldogs.
    SOBs, however, are now squids.  Their close range attack involves spinning
    sharp objects around in a whirly motion.  A slower spin means they're about to
    fire, so circle them until they do, then attack.
    Tarfish are much like Charks in their movement, but they are smaller and have a
    long tongue attack.  Make running captures on these guys so you dodge the
    attack and split up the mobs.
    Piranhabots are quite annoying, because they follow you when they can, and have
    a kamikaze manoeuver.  You know they're on to you when you hear a constant
    blinking sound.  They are also dropped by squid SOBs.  The best way to deal
    with them, especially in groups, is to swim away, make a U-turn and spin right
    through them.  Their kamikaze fails when you're doing this attack.
    2-3.1 The Lagoon
    300 isotopes, 28 DNA, 7 Renaline scrap
    *Lagoon Entrance*
    1  Hidden Matter
    Disregard the Chark warnings and take a dip.  Attract some Charks with your
    meaty cranium and zap them for their DNA.  You should only be able to attract 3
    Charks near the surface.  Get to land so the Charks will move away, then get
    back in and try out the Spiny Docfish.  The rest of the Charks should be easy
    enough.  Grab the Terra and jump back on the island.
    2  Splizzbots n Scat-a-lites
    Jump across the floating rocks and note the robot thingy to the right, hovering
    over a rock.  That's a splizzbot.  Maintain a zap attack and it will carry the
    rock over to a switch, revealing a switch.  Watch out for the mines here, there
    are many, and it's not worth using the mouse tail whip to detonate them.  From
    the first splizzbot, you should be able to get up to the next ledge and move
    the second bot, revealing a platform in the sludge.  Activate the switch to
    reveal a Gomer.  Hop the lasers over to the other mined platforms, and jump to
    the last bot.  It will reveal the blue switch, and a piece of Terra.  The blue
    switch reveals a scrap.
    You can find your first vial dispenser here, which only refills empty hearts.
    You should have 75 isotopes, 6 DNA and 3 scraps before squeaking into the
    Machine Room.  On this path, you should beware the not-so-solid platforms.  Pay
    close attention to your shadow so you know where you're landing.  Disarm the
    mouse traps with your tail whip so you don't have to worry about them.
    3  Cage the Gomer
    The first target you come to raises a set of platforms for 18 seconds, which is
    plenty of time to get across.  The second target works for only 7 seconds, but
    if you stay cool, you can do it fine.  While you're up here, spit the gomer at
    the box.  Then take it down to the blue pressure plate, and cage the gomer.
    Grab the Terra and carry on.  Watch for falling BUGZ.
    4  Bust the Generator
    It is not an easy task to engulf these DOAs, so don't try it.  Use the 3 blue
    plates to move around the sludge.  When you hit the target, a few notable
    things happen.  First you get Terra.  Then you'll experience many annoying
    rumbles.  Then you get a Genitor part.  Then the DOAs are sent after you.  As
    long as you keep moving and don't fall into a pit, you should be fine.  You
    should now have 156 isotopes, 6 DNA and 6 scraps.
    The canyon is likely to cause you much dismay when gathering items.  Jump when
    the target rock is finished going up, so it'll move down while you move toward
    it.  As for opening the blue boxes near the end, I recommend using the higher
    of the two Gomers, then hovering to the most convenient rock.  You're likely to
    take a point of damage from the explosions.  This canyon should leave you with
    198 isotopes in total.
    *Lagoon Interior*
    This part sucks.  Switches here will not stay active when you die, except for
    the less annoying ones like laser beams.  Deactivating the first 2 sludge
    cannons is just a zap switch, but the next four involve a blue switch placed
    5  Shoot the Gap
    The blue switch next to the sign pointing to the laser shut-off activates the
    geyser rock you need to stand on to activate it.  Climb up here and flip the
    switch to turn off the lasers.  Now, man the turret and take out those aerial
    mines.  If you die, you'll have to do this again.  Hop over to one side of the
    gap and get a good look at the landing zone.  If you press forward on the whole
    upward shot, you'll notice that the isotopes and Terra are not in a very direct
    path.  Try going straight up after two or three seconds, and control your
    descent with a bit of hovering.  You can only activate the hover once while in
    the air, so be careful how you do this.
    6  Jam the Water Wheel
    After deactivating the pool lasers, jump in and swim around as the Docfish.
    Here you get your first look at the Tarfish.  There are 3 targets down here
    you need to activate to deactivate the water wheel lasers.  Take out the mines
    from a good distance, since their blast radius is larger than you might think.
    *Lagoon Ending*
    7  Chamber Compression
    Capture and destroy the fauna first, then approach the terminal at the bottom
    of the pool.  There's no fixed time limit, but if you take too long to hit a
    target you will have to start again from the terminal.  You should get
    reasonably close before firing, because firing slows you down.  Now grab the
    Terra from the pipe there.  Before moving on, you should have 272 isotopes, 26
    DNA and all scraps from this area.
    The following area is a good place to exercise caution.  Sharp objects,
    falling pipes, and SOBs are the reasons.  There's plenty of health here, so
    stock up if you need to.  You should have all items from the Lagoon before you
    exit this cave.
    2-3.2 The Oil Rig
    300 isotopes, 5 DNA, Klock Em scraps (if you haven't gotten them)
    *Rig Entrance*
    1  Release the Pressure
    The waters here are divided by two walls, each intersecting with two pipes near
    the surface.  You're going to need to release a Gomer, quickly grab it, and
    activate the switch below.  I recommend destroying as many enemies as you can
    in the tank you're attempting before releasing the Gomer to make it easier on
    your health metre.  After activating the third switch, charge at the Terra and
    go for the platform nearby.
    2  Crane Box
    The right side of this area brings you to a frozen pipe which you can follow to
    the other end of the area.  On the other side, you go back on an extremely hot
    pipe, ending with a mouse hole.  Quickly dispose of the BUGZ, and hop through
    the pipe.  Beware of the sinking platforms, and the rising lava in various
    parts.  Now for the fun part.  Climb the moving gears and platforms with some
    slick jumping skills.  Remember that Dr. Muto doesn't turn so well in mid-air,
    so face the direction you're moving to avoid slip-ups.  Remember not to jump in
    the water as a mouse, since your floaties don't fit.  Nab the Terra and get on
    the platform.
    3  Up There
    Right behind the entrance to this area is a series of broken ladders.  Work
    your way up for a piece of Terra, then slide down to the far side of the area.
    Before moving on, you should have 135 isotopes and all of the DNA.
    Aren't pools of lethal liquids fun?  Combine it with low-friction, rotating
    platforms and the fun never ends!  CAREFULLY manoeuver these platforms so that
    you have a running jump when the platforms are closest.  You should end up with
    150 isotopes.
    *Rig Interior*
    5  Sneaky Snatcher
    This one is available as soon as you can enter the drill area, and is quite
    sneaky.  First, you must flip 3 switches.  01 is on the far right corner from
    the entrance, below the entrance to the Hydro Station.  02 is at the end of the
    platform challenge near 01, and is located on a pipe.  03 is right past that,
    clearly visible from 02.  Use the Rocket Boots to jump over the barrier to the
    entrance and traverse the ledges on the left wall, leading to the newly
    accessible area.  Watch out for the swarm of BUGZ that appear once you set foot
    inside.  Try grabbing the invincibility gadget from the outer area, then coming
    back.  The switch in here reveals your Terra at the end of that platform
    challenge you used earlier, but now you have a timer!  If you're having trouble
    try standing on the edge of the fire pipe, and pay attention to the sliding
    platforms.  Time your jumps accordingly, and the Terra is yours!
    6  Remote Control
    Getting to this one is a not-so obvious task.  One of the laser doorways has a
    Gomer very close on the other side.  If you grab this Gomer and toss it at the
    switch inside, you shut of those lasers.  Destroy everything in this room and
    hit the mouse switch to open the turret control room.  You have 30 seconds to
    hit 8 targets in order of pairs, and you don't even have to worry about the
    DOAs.  One more piece of Terra.
    That's all you can do for now.  Go through the Hydro Station and Water Works,
    then come back.
    7  Water to Wine
    This is actually done by completing the Hydro Station and Water Works areas,
    causing the goo to drain and be replaced by water.  The Terra is on one of the
    floating debris.
    4  Overwork the Drill
    Before you are able to do this mission, you can get up to 240 isotopes - 290
    if you include the 2 available exits.  Swim as low as possible in the pool to
    avoid the spikes.  Swim around the drill looking for open targets, and shoot
    them.  After doing this enough times, the drill reaches maximum drive and more
    Terra appears.
    *Rig Ending*
    One piece of Genitor, and you're set for Carla.
    2-3.3 Hydro Station
    <300 isotopes, 42 DNA
    Please refer to FAQ section regarding lost isotopes
    To get here, take the gomer near the Rig Interior transloader around to the
    nearest blue switch.  You know it's the right door if you find rope nets
    beyond.  Many people have had trouble with this particular set of rope nets.
    It's all about timing.  You need to press the jump button as his feet reach
    their highest point, before they start moving down.  This should get you the
    farthest distance, but if not it should only take a bit of tweaking.  Pressing
    the jump button too late makes you fall straight down, so don't do that. 
    Rotate the camera so you can see his feet.
    *Hydro Entrance*
    1  Busted Nutz
    First things first; kill as many enemies as you can.  Then you can take your
    time aiming at the spinning targets.  3 hits will release the grate to an
    undisclosed location.  Nab the Terra and go forth CAREFULLY.
    2  Pop the Caps
    This is not made any easier by the turrets firing guided torpedos.  You can
    destroy them, but it's not easy.  It will relieve the pressure here though.
    Shoot the boxes on top of the pipes to unplug them.  The green stuff does not
    harm you here.  Grab the Terra, gather the numerous vials, and move on through
    the green-lit pipe.  By the way, there's a breakable wall in there.
    *Hydro Interior*
    5  Memory Like a Fish
    Another simple task.  Shoot three screens of the same image in a row to release
    a lock.  Their colours include yellow, green, and blue.  From the place you
    enter, going clockwise, the order is as follows: y g y g b y b g b
    You should have 77 isotopes and 12 DNA by now.
    3  Secret Caves
    The caves can be quite confusing if you don't pay attention.  I suppose I'm
    going to have to drawn up a map of this area sometime.  To get this piece of
    Terra, I'll make it as simple as possible.  Get to the second pump room, and go
    down the path that doesn't involve breaking open a wall.  There will be a
    cracked ceiling.  Go through there to get the Terra.  You should have 125+
    isotopes by the time you get to the subs.
    4  Damn Subs
    The thing that will save your life here is the Vial Dispenser.  As discovered
    in the Lagoon, these only fill empty hearts that you've already earned.
    Instead of letting yourself die, beach yourself on this platform and regain
    some health.  You need to hit 2 targets on each sub - some subs are easier than
    others, and they have many sharp points to make it harder.  Not only that, but
    the usual crowd of miscreants have a knack of getting in the way.  Take them
    out as you see fit.  Grab the Terra and clean up for 10 more isotopes and 14
    Be careful of these goo rollers.  There's always a pair on the left side that
    makes a pancake out of you if you're not careful.  Beyond is the whirlpool.
    *Hydro Ending*
    Hang out near the surface to get your bearings on targets and enemies.  If you
    have all the Chark and Tarfish DNA up to here, you can unlock the Rat and
    Mech Gorilla here, too.  Take the Gomers from the whirlpool and toss them at
    the three switches in this area to reveal a Genitor piece.
    7  Up for Air
    Here you will perfect your first-person missile-guiding skills.  To hit the
    boxes on the upper left, aim to the left of the monkey bars and slowly curve to
    the right.  You can hit two of the back boxes from that trajectory as well.
    The back left box will require you to go under the right dish and curve up and
    left.  The last boxes can be hit coming from the left as well.
    6  Damn Dirty Ape
    Now jump on the springboard and morph into an ape.  Before moving onto the
    second grate, you should have all the DNA.  Some spinning
    grids have acid gas pouring on one side, so don't linger on the outside.  Hit
    the switch and move on.  When you come to a crossroad, go right.  Follow the
    path to the Terra, and hit the switch.  Now take the left path to the Hydro
    Entrance.  You "should" have everything from this area now, but circumstances
    may prove otherwise.  Please refer to the FAQ section at the end of this file
    for more information.
    2-3.4 Water Works
    300 isotopes, 3 DNA
    To get here, take the same gomer used to open the Hydro Station door further
    around the drill rig to another door.
    4  Chain Lightning
    As you start on your way from the central Rig area, you're flung up a shaft by
    massive winds.  Nearby, you should find a Gomer.  Use it to activate the switch
    up the ramp.  Doing so reveals a new gomer and another switch farther along the
    path.  If you go to the trouble of bringing a Gomer to each of the switches on
    the way to the Water Works, you are rewarded with this piece of Terra.  The
    last gomer requires that you catch it with the Splizz at the bottom of the
    1  Turn It Up
    Take the lift down and hop over to the transloader.  Make your way to the far
    side of the room.  Zap the three dial things and get a piece of Terra.  Yay.
    Without diving, you should be able to get 56 isotopes.
    2  Juice the Goo Rods
    Notice the goo balls flowing through the water?  What you're about to do
    involves increasing the number of balls that come out.  You have one Gomer at
    the far end of the danger zone, and six blue switches at the other end.
    Activate all six without getting hit, and I'll give you a cookie.  Well, at
    least you get some Terra as well.  Check the safe zone in behind for some
    isotopes and 3 Tarfish.  Don't forget the blue boxes.
    3  Cut the Power
    Back at the start, there is some webbing on the floor and wall near the lift.
    Climb up there and through the hole.  Climb up the tall structure and sling
    from one to another.  Use first-person mode to spit eggs at the glass windows
    on the sides of this crevasse.  Break each one, then go down to the broken rail
    road for the piece of Terra.  You'll need to backtrack on the ceiling to get
    all the isotopes though.  Continue on to the end of the webbing.
    *Works Interior*
    This area is just annoying.  You need to hop from the moving platforms as an
    ape in such a way that the next platform is closer to the other side.  Get to
    the end and play in the box maze.
    Chris Cooper contributes the following tip:
    "In the Works Interior section, you can "Butt Bounce" with the Ape to hop up
    into the Maze section.  It saves a lot of time and frustration in hopping
    through the moving platforms."  I wish I tried that...
    5  Where the ---- am I!
    Simply navigate the mazes to find a target at the end of each.  Once activated,
    the "no access" towers becomes climbable.  Do so and claim the Terra.
    6  Blind the Overseer
    This also takes place in the maze, but should not be done at the same time as
    the previous mission.  Go through the maze and you will see wall braces with
    web on them.  Use those to get close to the cameras and lay egg bombs on them.
    When you're done, a piece of Terra appears near the end of the area.
    7  Titanic Towers
    Climb the tower with the Terra piece and you will notice a ladder for Muto to
    climb.  From here, you will need to land on the centre of each tower in a
    specific order.  You have no choice but to start with the green towers, which
    is simple enough.  After that, you must move on to another colour or start
    again.  I recommend the blue, then red towers.  The Terra appears on a balcony
    near the end.
    *Works Ending*
    Before going past the transloader, you should have 254 isotopes.  The rest are
    obtained on the iced goo slide.  I suggest avoiding double jumps, as they can
    mess up your momentum, but there will be some isotopes that require a double
    jump to catch.  When those come up, jump early, since you might not be able to
    slow down as much as you think.
    2-3.5  Carla Squid Kisser MacPhearson
    Here's the rundown: Before you can enter the door in the central Rig, you must
    complete 3 tasks - shut down a huge whirlpool in the Hydro Station, maximize
    the goo drain at the Water Works, and burn out the drill in the Rig.  These
    tasks are rewarded with the 4th and 7th Terra for the Rig.  With that done, the
    door on the drill rig is unlocked and your enemy awaits.
    This is not going to be easy, especially after you die.  First, you need to
    shoot the rear target, then to hurt her, you need to hit her as she spins out
    of control.  This may seem tough at first, but if you land a spin attack on
    Carla, you'll do 3 points of damage.  Your main worry is probably going to be
    the piranhabots, as they aren't temporary obstacles like the other mines,
    claws, and torpedoes she sends after you.  The best way to take care of them is
    to circle one of the generators and they'll group together.  Then, unleash a
    spin attack to tear them apart, and continue your squid-fishing.
    2-4 Flotos
    |Terra: 28     |
    |Isotopes: 1600|
    |DNA: 60       |
    |Genitor: 5    |
    DOAs are now faster and more annoying.  Longer sight range and faster reloading
    makes them your first target.  It doesn't help that the only noise they make is
    a constant buzzing.
    Airbags are the beaked bat-wing creatures.  They aren't very aggressive, until
    you sample their DNA.
    Peliqui are quite aggressive.  Be careful around them, and dispose of them when
    you can.
    SOBs are one hit tougher, their long-range attack is bigger, they float, wield
    a chainsaw, and wear make-up.  How scary can you get?
    Boars are the floating equivalent of bulldogs, but they take 2 hits to destroy.
    2-4.1 The Sphere
    400 isotopes, 23 DNA
    1  Satellite 1
    You'll get to a point with some green jump pads and a Gomer in the middle.
    There is a switch past two sets of moving platforms you need a Gomer for.
    Don't use this Gomer.  There's one past this one that you can get much easier.
    Activating that switch will reveal a closer Gomer.  Two switches near here
    raise a series of platforms.  Raise the ones going up, quickly grab the close
    Gomer and take it up those steps and deactivate the Satellite.  Yay, Terra.
    Think that was hard?  This was only the first of many.
    2  Satellite 2
    When you come across platforms sliding back and forth, there's a switch that
    gives you an alternative route.  Go up here and you should find a gomer and the
    second satellite.
    3  Satellite 3
    Now you just have to get to the end of the outside area.  More moving platforms
    are in your way, and there's no easy way around them.  Just know that there's
    enough DNA outside to complete the Teradoctyl formula.  If you get it by now,
    use the rings to practice flying.
    *Sphere Inside*
    4  No Mo Flow Yo
    4 faucets need to turn off.  This is not hard as long as you keep the DOAs
    down.  Turn off two on the near side, then hop on the platforms to the other
    side.  Invincibility makes this easy.  Continue out the door.
    This spot has an interesting blue box challenge.  Fly over to the Gomer above
    the door, and capture it as you fall.  Take it to the blue box and voila.  Make
    it to the top of the sphere for the Genitor piece.  Don't forget to reverse the
    5  Bust the Bubbler
    Carefully make your way to the bottom and shoot the targets under water for
    some easy Terra.
    *Sphere Ending*
    6  Ring Wrangled
    Either fly up outside, or climb up inside to get to the very top.  Use the
    terminal to get AL's challenge, and accept.  This takes some crazy reflexes to
    get it on the first try, since most of the rings appear just as you finish a
    set.  If you miss one, you will be sent back to the start.  Not all of the
    rings are set vertically, so prepare for some steep dives.  Grab the Terra and
    face left. 
    7  Kamikazee
    If you didn't know, this term refers to one who sacrifices themselves to
    destroy a target.  Since the particle accelerator tunnel makes you invincible,
    this isn't very accurate.  Ram all of the mines in the tunnel by aiming just
    ahead of them and curving to the next as you float into a target.  If you miss
    one, go through the hoop at the end.  Since I don't know how to get back to the
    Sphere, I recommend finishing this first.
    2-4.2 The Cube
    400 isotopes, 15 DNA
    *Cube Entrance*
    I suggest taking a walk around the block.  This makes it easier to get the
    isotopes and DNA.  By the way, you get more satellites to deactivate.
    1  Spinning Tops
    The front wall displays 5 round targets.  Hit each one in 20 seconds to
    deactivate a satellite.  I suggest approaching from the left for 3 and back for
    2 more.
    2  Broken Caps
    Avoid the fire while trying to hit the targets, protected by rotating shields.
    You can tell which have been hit by the glowing lights.  Only go over and under
    the flame if you hope to dodge it.
    3  Bespin Reactor Emitters
    Remember Star Wars?  Anyway, under the cube are some more rockets and rotating
    targets.  Once a set of targets is hit it will move out of the way.
    4  Damn Lasers
    This wall has a few lasers about, some hidden by smoke.  The targets slide in
    and out of the wall, so be quick if you need to turn around.  R2 can help with
    that.  The button, not the android...
    5  Sick Balls Chopper
    Destroy the SOBs around the cube.  Use homing spit balls to hit, but remember
    the slower turning.  If you're having trouble finding them, go clockwise around
    the cube.  The Terra appears near the entrance transloader.
    *Cube Interior*
    6  Mission: Highly Unlikely
    Aside from the series of life-threatening jumps, you need to watch for webbing
    leading to red switches.  4 of these are on the main path, but the fifth hides
    under a ledge where the platforms move diagonally.  When that's done, slowly
    float to the bottom and grab the Terra.  I frequently overlook the web in the
    barrel hall.
    *Cube Ending*
    7  Dead Man Jumping
    Notice the pillar of gun turrets.  Each corner is a safe spot, but there are a
    few enemies that make an exception.  Use the barrels to dispatch SOBs
    instantly.  Use the pocket rocket to get rid of some turrets too.
    2-4.3  The Furnaces
    400 isotopes, 7 DNA
    That last part was tough, huh?  Suck it up, there's more where that came from.
    1 Chop Em Down
    This has caused much grief from many people, due to conflicting beliefs, and no
    solid proof.  I would guess that most people take out the SOBs as they go
    along, not bothering to count, but there is probably about 20 in the whole
    area.  You Do Not have to kill them all in one go.  I know, because I never
    tried that.  You Do have to kill 5 temporary SOBs near the end of the area.  I
    don't know if you have to kill them all at once, but you definitely have to
    kill them all.
    *Furnace Entrance*
    The first challenge of the furnaces is a series of platforms among a series of
    fire balls.  The switch reveals the first one, which you have a limited time to
    land on.  Once you land, the next platform is revealed.  Pay attention to the
    fireballs so you know how much time you have before they pop up.  Land on the
    last one to give you access to the bottom platform.
    Beyond a narrow walkway with more fireballs is a bunch of deactivated springs.
    This is remedied by bringing the gomer from above the walkway, by jumping to
    the side platform and climbing the boxes, then going back to the spring room.
    Once activated, jump onto the scaffolding to get to the next spring and so on,
    until you get to the big room of evil spinning platforms.
    3 Light it Up
    You'll probably notice a series of switches on the far side of this area,
    sporting 4 lights above them.  You want to turn them all on.  Compared to other
    on/off puzzles in other games this is pathetically easy.  Activate both blue
    switches, then go grab the Terra.
    EVIL PLATFORMS.  There is little I can do but offer general advice.  Jump only
    when you're ready to, plan to jump where the next platform is going, not where
    it is.  Double jumping is most effective when you jump twice quickly, instead
    of jumping in flight.  Super Boots give you more height, but are harder to
    control.  The only thing you don't have to do again when you die is grab
    Once that is firmly behind you, activate the transloader and SAVE.
    *Furnace Interior*
    Things aren't getting easier by far.  The platforms here are too far apart, so
    you need to make your own.  Use the mouse morph to enter the hole beside the
    transloader.  On the way up to the rafters, use the metal supports to dodge the
    white sparks, but be careful of the broken ones.  Once again, death only makes
    this harder.  When you reach the top, you will be locked in.
    4 Gaseous Anomaly
    Don't worry, you haven't missed any Terra yet.  If you look on your right, you
    should see a large box behind a "Girder Drop" sign.  On top of this is a piece
    of Terra.  Move along until you get a chance to get to the right wall, where a
    series of springs are activated by targets.  Use these to get on the box and
    grab the Terra.  Activate the target up here while you're at it.
    6 Cut the Chains
    For his next trick, Dr. Muto will juggle 5 girders with his tail!  Well, not
    quite.  Look at one of the terminals.  Note the 5 green circles around the
    middle.  Near each of these is a blue switch, which needs to be activated.  Use
    the terminal to plan your route, and keep track of which ones you've dropped. 
    All 5 can be activated before passing through a gate you open with a switch
    here.  The Terra you seek is at the bottom, across the girder platforms you
    just created, but that's tomorrow's news right now.
    The frozen pipes beyond are not made easier by the leaky gas, pistons, or pumps
    across them.  Also, watch out for falling BUGZ, they aren't really programmed
    to walk on ice either.
    5 Boxed In
    As you approach the end of this area, you will come across swinging platforms
    covered with green Christmas lights.  Some of these lead to an isolated target,
    which opens the box from which you got the "Gaseous Anomaly" Terra from.  Hit
    that, and continue on.  You'll finally come across the target that opens the
    exit, but don't leave yet.  Go back along the springs and launch yourself into
    the now open box, and grab the Terra.  Now, make your way to the ground floor.
    Now you can grab that Terra you earned juggling girders and gomers.
    2 Stay Off the Carpet
    To the left, on the side of a ramp, is a target surrounded by webbing.  On the
    other side of the room, is a door surrounded by webbing.  On the walls of the
    room are poles, covered with webbing.  You need to activate the switch, and use
    the webbed poles to reach the door before the time runs out and the door
    closes, without leaving the webbing.  I found that it was possible to sling to
    the next pole on the same wall as the one I was on if I moved as close as
    possible to that pole, but this could also be a matter of skill.  The key is
    not losing your orientation.
    And now, the last leg of the first mission.  Near the previous piece of Terra
    are 2 gadgets and a switch.  The switch reveals the platform you need to get to
    the next area, as well as 5 temporary SOBs.  All of these disappear when time
    runs out.  So, in order to kill them all in time, you're going to need to kill
    them fast, and to do that you use the explosive barrels.  The Invincibility
    gadget will make this a lot easier as well.  Once you've nailed all 5, move on
    to the next platform, and kill off the SOBs there.  By now, there should be a
    piece of Terra on this platform.  If not, go hunt SOBs.  Let me know how it
    *Furnace Ending*
    7 Control Freak
    This is complicated, but the skilled and attentive will prevail.  Your top
    priority is to get to the room's exit.  The main rules are that the green ones
    go back and forth, and the blue ones move one way at a time.  The platform you
    stand on determines what platforms move what direction.  For now, pay close
    attention to my directions:
    stand on the green platform to the right
    stand on the next blue platform when the moving green one is close
    stand on the green platform that was moving first
    stand on the green platform that was just moving when it is close
    stand on the blue platform
    This next part requires fast reactions, so read ahead
    jump on the next blue platform,
    stand on the green platform until two blue platforms lead directly to the exit
    jump straight to the exit.
    If you let the green platform get too far, it won't come back.  But, you could
    always take the long way, since it could actually be easier if you don't want
    to risk it.  Once on the other side, grab the Terra, destroy the door, but
    don't leave yet.  Grab the super boots and make your way to the other corner of
    the room.  The path you take is pretty much up to you, but remember to look on
    top of and behind things.  Make your way back to the entrance and take the
    emergency shuttle to Jupiter City.
    2-4.4 Jupiter City
    400 isotopes, 15 DNA
    1 Catch the Thief
    The droid with this piece of Terra hangs out in the tallest towers of this area
    and the only way up is by rope net.  The first one is right beside the
    transloader, so get on up there and hit the target.  The droid isn't ready to
    give up though, so watch for the next tower, marked with a green light.  If you
    climb any of the other towers, it will not appear.  Also note that some towers
    contain various items, so watch for those too.
    2 De-Magneto-Izing
    In order to leave the facility, you're going to have to destroy some magnetic
    generators holding the door closed.  To find these, as well as the rope net
    towers, you will have to traverse the sides of the ozo-wrecko facility.  Watch
    out for fire spouts and DOAs.  You'll come upon the first generator pretty
    soon.  A switch nearby activates the crane to the other side.
    As you come to the next tower, you'll notice an area off to the left.  What you
    might not notice is the Super Boots just below the edge here.  Get over to that
    area to reach the third tower.
    Now, on the other side, ignore the ledge below on the left, that leads to the
    Fifth tower.  On the far side is a ladder leading to a switch, which activates
    some platforms leading to another switch.  I forgot what that switch does
    though.  Remember to press jump twice quickly, so you get the most height. 
    Next to the ladder, to the right, is a small corner platform.  Use this to move
    onward.  Instead of trying to cross the gap beside the rope net, turn around
    and climb some platforms to some Super Boots.
    3 Hidden Gem
    From those super boots, you can jump up to a blue target near that switch from
    before.  From there, jump onto the roof.  Instead of going to the next blue
    target, I find it easier to move towards the blue light and climb the rooftops
    that way.  You'll find a gomer next to a burning tower.  Fire the gomer in the
    direction of the tower, and it should cause it to topple over.  If you think
    it's too hard to get there by jumping, you can complete the first mission then
    use the last tower to jump to the burning tower.
    Continue onward to find more fire spouts.  Keep going and you'll find the
    second generator.  Go through the unlocked door to claim the Terra.  The droid
    will give you its Terra as soon as you climb the fifth tower.  Then, find the
    broken tower piece and climb it.  The rope net there will lead to another piece
    of Terra.
    *Jupiter City Interior*
    Note that a DOA is right outside this transloader so run as soon as you can
    when transporting here.
    7 Where the ---- is it?
    At the receiving end of the conveyor belt, find the pair of blue boxes and open
    them.  Behind them is a mouse hole.  Go through to find Rocket boots and a
    piece of Terra.
    Through the door is a series of rope nets leading to the docks.  Some of the
    blue switches here are too far from a gomer to activate easily, so you'll need
    to use first-person mode to shoot them towards the switch before it's too late. 
    There is also a target switch below the crossroad platform, so look for a rope
    net on the side.  Exit the huge door to get to the docks
    *Jupiter City Ending*
    There's quite a few things to do here, although you could just open the gate
    and leave.  4 docking bays house magnetic generators, and the fifth is inside
    the half closed alcove on the right.  Once the gate is unlocked, the genitor
    part is revealed.
    4 Hard Target
    Notice the hovering transport ships.  Each one has rope nets underneath, but
    only one can be reached by the ape right now.  Find the conveyor directly under
    one of the ships, morph, and jump on.  It'll take you to another rope net. 
    Follow these nets to another ship, until you are taken into the secret docking
    bay.  Now, you have to use the gomers to hit the green targets in this area. 
    You can hang from the rope net here and fire like that, but you have to aim a
    great distance ahead and hope for the best.  I'm not sure if using the
    TeraDocTyl would work, but you can give it a try.
    5 BurnCo Destruction
    There are 2 half-closed alcoves on the cliff face.  The left one leads down a
    very hot cavern, ending with a very hot engine thing.  Since what you're about
    to do makes it even hotter, find the 5 green isotopes nearby first.  Now,
    destroy the boxes to release more fire into the cave, and grab some Terra.
    6 Safe Route
    Now to fight off the angry swarm of turrets.  Luckily, these turrets don't use
    homing missiles.  Destroy them all to reveal more Terra.  Now, all that's left
    is isotopes, fauna, and Steele.
    2-4.5  Steele... uh, just Steele
    The large gate of the docks leads to another particle accelerator, but this
    time you have health vials instead of mines to run into.  Right after that,
    it's more turrets.  Hit the targets in the middle to reveal more turrets and
    bust those up.  Then, you automatically man the turret at the end while Steele
    floats around the window like a wounded fly with rocket launchers.  When he
    fires, shoot the missiles before they get close.  Sometimes he pops a target
    over his head, which you need to hit to drop his shield.  Then, hit him again
    to do some damage.  I don't know of any way to do more than one point at a time
    so buckle in for a not-quite-short shooting session.
    2-5 Mazon
    |Terra: 7     |
    |Isotopes: 450|
    |DNA: 13      |
    |Genitor: 2   |
    Bulldogs are now replaced by ----ing wood chippers!  They don't stun as easily
    now, but the bonus there is that you can hit them again sooner.  Be very
    SOBs are now complete robots, but aren't much different from everything else
    you've fought.
    DOAs look like they enjoy their work, but are as lethal as ever.  Just don't
    forget that you can't blast them.
    The fauna here are only mentioned in your formulas on a piece of ripped paper,
    and I can't make out what they're called.  They're still aggressive, so watch
    what you're doing when crawling around here.
    2-5.1 The Workshop
    450 isotopes, 13 DNA
    *Burnital HQ Entrance*
    The first thing you come across here is either an isotope or a sentient wood
    chipper.  I recommend killing them before they do the same to you.  You need to
    get a keycard before you can move on to Burnital, but there's plenty more to do
    here as well.
    2 Hunter, Hunted.
    There's a big, inactive device near the entrance.  You need to find 5 switches,
    "hidden" by spider webs, in the workshop to make it spit out some Terra.  The
    first two can be found near the entrance, one underneath the entrance and the
    other above the crevasse.  You can reach the webbing over the crevasse from the
    entrance, but you have to skip the isotopes in that crusher thing to get down.
    The only advice for the crusher is one word; TIMING.  You'll need lots of it.
    To get into the workshop, take a gomer up to the blue target, stand there and
    aim at the now visible blue switch.  You should have about 93 isotopes and 2
    DNA once you go through the door.  Ride the rail up past the arcing pink death
    rays, and see the webbing to the third switch.  Sling up there and activate the
    switch, then go back down to the crushers.
    1 Guide Your Missile
    Grab the pocket rocket and take aim at the fan.  3 targets are back there, and
    each has its own difficulty.  Inside, 2 more fans are in your way, but only
    have 2 paddles, so your main focus should be getting a good curving trajectory. 
    Frustration may be your worst enemy here.  Once that's done, grab the Terra and
    move on.
    Here we have 2 doors opened by gomer switches.  The trouble is, the cart can be
    so slow that the door closes before you get there.  To remedy that, grab the
    gomer, but wait until you're close to the switch and fire the gomer at the
    switch in first-person.  Ride the cart all the way to the end.  Don't die,
    because the next transloader is coming up.
    4 40 hundred gillion billion watts
    See the big pink electrical funnel.  See 3 dials in front of it.  Use the
    Splizz to move the dials up and down, and stop when the pink stuff is highest. 
    Moving the dial up does not always raise the power though.  Once it reaches
    full capacity, the big door opens and Terra is revealed.  Grab it, and Save.
    *Burnital HQ Interior*
    More webbing can be seen beside the door, so climb up there for switch #4. 
    Another 2 DNA should be there as well.  Don't move on just yet, because the
    walkway beside the window leads to some isotopes, as well as the previous
    areas.  Ride the lift to find a vial dispenser too.  Before stepping onto the
    triplet carts, you should have 126 isotopes and 4 DNA.
    The middle crates move the fastest, so you're going to have to watch the outer
    crates carefully to see what jumps are safest.  Don't try going between crates
    coming at you, because you will be squashed.  I usually hop between the close
    cart and the middle, but sometimes you need to go to the far cart, so use your
    Be careful of trap doors in this area.  For the first part of this area, follow
    the arrows until you get to the second lift.  Drop down to get some isotopes,
    then go back.  When you go for the isotopes next to the furnace, you want to
    spend as little time as possible there, so jump the railings for a quick grab.
    You should see a ladder nearby the switch that reveals the invisibility gadget. 
    Up here you'll find a truck-load of isotopes, but the catch is you can't touch
    the spikes.  There's also a ton of vials at the end, so it's all or nothing. 
    Before you move on, you should have 214 isotopes.
    3 The Running Man
    You're no Arnold Schwarzenegger, so grab the invisibility gadget.  You need to
    run through the gomer molds without getting squashed, burned, or blasted, so
    more timing is required.  Once you're through, I highly recommend taking the
    lift down to the door below, so you spawn there instead of in front of the
    gomer molds again.  Go back to the line of trap doors and grab the Terra.
    See the crates moving towards the platform you're on?  To get all the isotopes,
    you're going to have to jump on them, up to the platform they're coming from. 
    This is not easy, and will probably take several attempts.  Some of the crates
    will be close enough for you to jump onto the next crate on the same track. 
    Don't try for the isotopes over the crates until you're on your way back.  You
    should have 289 isotopes now.
    Now, grab the keycard and you'll appear on top of the big electric thing.  To
    the right, you will find the crates again, but they lead to yet another
    platform.  Get over there, then get back, and beyond the crates is some
    webbing.  Climb up for the last of 5 switches and 2 more DNA.  Grab the genitor
    part, and as you leave the slide you should have 319 isotopes and 6 DNA.  Grab
    the Terra, and move on to the lair.
    7 Can't Get it Up?
    The elevator isn't the only thing in this room.  A ladder and a spring lead to
    a blue box.  The elevator shaft is the home of 7 more spider things, and they
    appear as you move up.  The left side of the dial raises the platform, and the
    right side lowers it.
    *Burnital HQ Ending*
    5 Factory Racing
    If you find that you are not able to select the TeraDocTyl, you will have to
    return to the lab then come back.  Morph into the flying morph and find the
    second terminal in the lair.  Have AL challenge you to another ring race, and
    take off.  The only thing I can warn you of in advance is after the first 10
    rings, you have to go straight down.  There are a couple places where you have
    to fly through a really small space to continue, but it is still quite
    possible.  You are teleported to the start if you screw up.
    6 Close Encounters
    For the last (second last) piece of Terra, and the exit, you must use the
    gomers to activate the coloured skulls in a specific order.  A switch near the
    ring race terminal reveals the solution, but you can throw a gomer into a skull
    to see the answer as well.  You can prance around on the springs if you like,
    but flying is a good alternative.  Then, collect all the isotopes in the area,
    and go forth to your final challenge.
    2-5.2 Burnital
    The spider morph is the only form you can use in this battle, so stay off the
    ground!  Crawling on the wall is your only advantage.  If you can, while you're
    still on the entry way, grab onto the web to the left, so you don't have to
    waste any time on the floor.  His main attack while you're on the ceiling is a
    barrage of guided missiles.  They're pretty slow, but you'll still need to use
    the dome in the middle to block them.  Once he does that, he takes a bit of a
    breather.  In order to damage Smokey here, you have to latch onto the switch on
    his back, then lay an egg at his feet.  The target is only open when he's
    taking a puff.  When you do land a hit, he will send a DOA after you.  Make it
    your first priority to get off the ground and devour it as soon as it appears. 
    He'll either resume his attack, or go off to recharge his health.  If he
    recharges, you get another opportunity to attack, so don't waste it or your
    last one will have been useless.  When he's getting low on health, he sends 2
    DOAs after you , so watch out for that.  One last note; when you hit the target
    on his back, you ALWAYS land behind him, so make sure his back is facing enough
    ground for you to land.  After the last hit, his bot goes haywire.
    2-6 The End
    Now, you have all the Genitor 9000 parts, all the Terra, and well over 80% of
    the isotopes in the solar system.  There's only one thing left to do...  Mosey
    over to your hand-made Genitor 9000 system, and give it a zap to kick-start the
    If you are a sensible player who only got what he needed to pass the game, then
    the device successfully creates a large rock.  Congratulations.  Now how about
    whipping up some ecosystem, huh?
    If you obsessively collected every isotope your eyes came across, then the
    device successfully re-creates Planet Midway as it was, complete with beach
    babes wearing tight-fitting Dr. Muto merchandise.  I guess all those years of
    maniacal laughter was worth it after all.
    < 3 - Lists >
    Here is a few lists I made describing where you need to go to find what you
    need.  The locations described are best met in the order listed, with the
    exception of some Terra, which is best understood with the Walkthrough.
    3-1 Terra
    1 Refuel the Reactor
    grab 15 isotopes
    morph into mouse
    enter teleporter
    grab the Terra.
    2 Scope a Chip
    traverse mouse hole
    grab the fucking chip
    approach the computers
    grab the Terra.
    The Kitchen Sink
    beside the specimen refrigerator,
    near the open door
    **The Junkyard**
    1 DNA Extraction
    zap and destroy 5 roaches
    avoid or destroy 2 bulldog SOBs
    grab the Terra.
    2 Pumped Up
    morph into mouse
    enter Pump Station Intake #1
    traverse the pump station
    grab the key card
    grab the Terra.
    3 Security Booth
    complete "Pumped Up"
    escape the pump station
    go to security station at entrance
    grab the Terra.
    4 Abra Cadabra
    reach the Junkyard Ending transloader
    activate 3 switches nearby
    morph into mouse
    enter area revealed by wrecking ball
    grab the Terra.
    5 Overloaded
    climb ramps on side of sluice
    activate switch to access blue switch
    activate blue switch
    grab the Terra.
    6 Shaft Shot
    grab Rocket Boots
    grab the Terra.
    7 Smoke the Rings
    complete TeraDocTyl formula
    morph into TeraDocTyl
    use terminal at the end of the sluice area
    fly through all the rings
    grab the Terra.
    at the end of the junkyard
    **The Vats**
    1 Open Sesame
    activate blue switch near entrance
    activate blue switch behind pillars
    activate blue switch up the gas pipes
    activate blue switch beside container near transloader
    activate switch up the gas pipes
    activate blue switch near cranes
    activate switch inside empty container
    activate switch on container below cranes
    grab the Terra.
    2 Target Practice
    complete Pocket Rocket gadget
    use first-person mode to aim
    guide a rocket to each of 3 targets
    grab the Terra.
    3 Circus Freak
    1) face opposite side of goo stream
    2) line up with a row of rings
    3) step on to grate spring
    4) as the spring releases, move towards opposite side
    jump and repeat as necessary
    grab the Terra.
    4 Mine Sweeper
    toss gomer towards mines in empty goo lake
    grab the Terra.
    5 Gomer Overload
    activate switch beside security booth
    take Gomer to blue target
    activate first blue switch
    activate second blue switch
    grab the Terra.
    6 Blast Em!
    activate the turret
    destroy all DOAs
    grab the Terra.
    7 Chaos and Carnage
    complete "Blast Em!"
    destroy all DOAs before they get to you
    grab the Terra.
    Dark Electron Fuse Box
    at the end of the vats
    **The Factory**
    1 Chrome Dome
    complete the Doczilla formula
    hit a bunch of red targets
    move faster by walking on the dome's rim
    grab the Terra.
    2 Ballerz
    complete the Super Baller gadget
    hold onto the trigger
    run straight for the platform
    grab the Terra.
    3 Monkeying Around
    traverse the rope nets over the goo boilers
    grab the Terra.
    4 Lighthouse of Horrors
    activate two targets
    activate the last target
    reach the lighthouse
    grab the Terra.
    5 Powered Assault
    crawl up goomatron
    activate 3 small targets
    grab the Terra.
    6 Blowing Off Steam
    man a turret
    shoot flashing light on goomatron
    shoot 4 boxes
    repeat twice
    grab the Terra.
    Titanium Coolant Pipe
    behind large exit door
    7 Droppin Balls
    climb the walls
    avoid the balls
    grab the Terra.
    1 Hidden Matter
    complete Spiny Docfish formula
    dive into the lagoon
    grab the Terra.
    2 Splizzbots n Scat-a-lites
    power splizzbot with zap attack
    grab the Terra.
    3 Cage the Gomer
    hit first switch, reach second
    hit second switch, reach gomer
    step on blue target, activate blue switch
    grab the Terra.
    4 Bust the Generator
    reach the generator room
    activate the switch
    grab the Terra
    Free Flow Coupler
    released nearby in previous mission
    5 Shoot the Gap
    use turrets to destroy mines
    use rocket boots
    grab the Terra.
    6 Jam the Water Wheel
    activate switch near turret
    activate 3 switches in scum-covered river
    grab the Terra.
    7 Chamber Compression
    approach terminal in upper lagoon
    hit 7 targets
    grab the Terra.
    **The Oil Rig**
    1 Release the Pressure
    activate first switch
    activate first blue switch
    activate second switch
    activate second blue switch
    activate third switch
    activate third blue switch
    grab the Terra.
    2 Crane Box
    cross the cold pipe
    cross the hot pipe
    enter the hot pipe
    climb the nifty thing at the end
    hit the switch
    grab the Terra.
    3 Up There
    climb ladders behind entrance
    grab the Terra.
    4 Overwork the Drill
    complete Water to Wine
    hit 6 switches quickly
    grab the Terra.
    5 Sneaky Snatcher
    activate 3 switches
    fend off 5 BUGZ
    activate the switch
    prove your platforming skill
    grab the Terra.
    6 Remote Control
    use gomer in break room through lasers
    activate blue switch
    activate switch behind microwave
    use turret to hit 8 targets in a row
    grab the Terra.
    7 Water To Wine
    deactivate whirlpool in Hydro Station
    over-power goo rods in Water Works
    return to rig
    grab the Terra.
    Amodium Hydration Valve
    in the access tunnel to Carla's Hole
    **Hydro Station**
    1 Busted Nutz
    hit 3 spinning targets
    release the rope net
    grab the Terra.
    2 Pop the Caps
    shoot 6 red boxes
    grab the Terra.
    3 Secret Caves
    reach pump station 2
    go through natural tunnel
    look for crack on ceiling
    grab the Terra.
    4 Damn Subs
    hit 2 targets on 4 subs
    release the rope net
    grab the Terra.
    5 Memory Like a Fish
    hit 3 of one shape in a row
    release the rope net
    grab the Terra.
    6 Damn Dirty Ape
    complete "Busted Nutz"
    complete "Damn Subs"
    complete "Memory Like a Fish"
    traverse the rope nets
    activate 3 switches
    grab the Terra.
    7 Up for Air
    use rockets to blast boxes
    grab the Terra.
    Tri Plutonium Induction Funnel
    activate 3 blue switches at whirlpool
    **Water Works**
    1 Turn It Up
    zap 3 dials for 5 seconds each
    grab the Terra.
    2 Juice the Goo Rods
    grab the gomer
    activate a blue switch
    repeat 5 times
    grab the Terra.
    3 Cut the Power
    blast 4 glass compression chambers
    grab the Terra.
    4 Chain Lightning
    start at Oil Rig
    grab a gomer
    activate blue switch
    repeat several times
    grab the Terra.
    5 Where the ---- am I!
    use ape to traverse boxes
    activate switch, and back-track
    traverse more boxes
    activate switch
    grab the Terra.
    6 Blind the Overseer
    use Arachnidoc
    destroy 5 cameras
    grab the Terra.
    7 Titanic towers
    complete "Where the ---- am I!"
    climb to the top of first green tower
    land on the next two green towers
    land on 3 blue towers
    land on 3 red towers
    grab the Terra.
    Neo Carbite Cams
    at the end of the ice slide
    1 Satellite 1
    get past first 2 chain sets
    activate blue switch beside satellite 1
    grab the Terra.
    2 Satellite 2
    get above transloader
    activate blue switch beside satellite 2
    grab the Terra.
    3 Satellite 3
    get to last platform
    activate blue switch beside satellite 3
    grab the Terra.
    4 No Mo Flow Yo
    activate 4 switches inside Sphere
    grab the Terra.
    Fusonic Sphere
    in the roof of the Sphere
    5 Bust the Bubbler
    activate switch at roof
    hit 4 targets in water
    grab the Terra.
    6 Ring Wrangled
    pass through rings in order on time
    grab the Terra.
    7 Kamikazee
    enter accelerator tunnel
    hit all mines in one go
    grab the Terra.
    **The Cube**
    1 Spinning Tops
    hit 6 targets in 20 seconds on front side
    grab the Terra.
    2 Broken Caps
    hit 10 targets on right side
    grab the Terra.
    3 Bespin Reactor Emitters
    hit 10 targets on bottom side
    grab the Terra.
    4 Damn Lasers
    hit 10 targets on left side
    grab the Terra.
    5 Sick Balls Chopper
    kill the SOBs jetting around the cube
    grab the Terra.
    6 Mission: Highly Unlikely
    destroy 5 switches
    grab the Terra.
    7 Dead Man Jumping
    grab the invisibility gadget
    hop onto the rising platforms
    grab the Terra.
    NOs Slushy Machine
    in the roof exit
    **The Furnaces**
    1 Chop Em Down
    destroy all SOBs
    use barrels to destroy 5 temporary SOBs
    grab the Terra.
    2 Stay Off the Carpet
    lay egg on switch
    swing across room webs
    grab the Terra.
    3 Light it Up
    activate two blue switches
    grab the Terra.
    4 Gaseous Anomaly
    use springs and targets in rafters
    grab the Terra.
    5 Boxed In
    use swinging platforms with green lights
    activate target
    get back to springs
    grab the Terra.
    6 Cut the Chains
    get into rafters
    activate 5 blue switches
    get down from rafters
    get the Terra.
    7 Control Freak
    manipulate platforms
    grab the Terra.
    Super Frickin Unit Thingy
    it's around there somewhere...
    **Jupiter City**
    1 Catch the Thief
    climb tower with green light
    hit switch
    repeat 4 times
    grab the Terra.
    2 De-Magneto-Izing
    destroy 2 magnetic generators
    get to ground level
    grab the Terra.
    3 Hidden Gem
    reach burning tower
    fire gomer towards tower
    follow tower wreck
    climb wreck
    grab the Terra.
    4 Hard Target
    use transports as ape
    enter secret dock
    hit green targets 4 times with gomer
    grab the Terra.
    5 BurnCo Destruction
    hit 5 boxes on machine thingy
    grab the Terra.
    6 Safe Route
    destroy the turrets
    grab the Terra.
    7 Where the ---- is it?
    behind blue boxes at receiving end of conveyor
    grab the Terra.
    Ionic Gas Particle Condenser
    destroy 5 magnetic generators
    **The Workshop**
    1 Guide Your Missile
    reach pocket rocket
    fire into fan duct
    hit 3 targets
    grab the Terra.
    2 Hunter, Hunted.
    activate target under first area
    activate target above first area
    activate target after first cart ride
    activate target near generator
    activate target beyond gomer molding
    3 The Running Man
    grab the invisibility gadget
    run through gomer molding area
    grab the Terra.
    4 40 hundred gillion billion watts
    use 3 dials to adjust power output
    watch big power thing to get max output
    grab the Terra.
    Lithium Nitrate Canister
    get to the key card
    5 Factory Racing
    use a terminal nearby the ending transloader
    fly through all the rings in order
    grab the Terra.
    6 Close Encounters
    memorize the color order of the skulls
    activate blue switches in that order
    grab the Terra.
    7 Can't Get it Up?
    power the splizz platform in the lair
    grab the Terra.
    3-2 Isotopes
    15 at start
    45 in mouse hole
    10 below reactor
    12 in isotope box
    4 upstairs near reactor
    4 in main lab and outside
    10 in TV; zap for 5 seconds
    **The Junkyard**
    3 before first gate
    3 on platforms leading to security booth
    4 in roach area without using mouse morph
    11 up to first piston
    9 up to map terminal
    6 up to piston pair
    4 above piston pair
    13 floating in secret area
    3 boxed in secret area
    2 on platform nearby
    3 above 4th piston
    6 by first launcher
    1 behind second launcher
    5 on platform from second launcher
    1 on the ground
    3 above 5th piston
    2 above 6th piston
    2 on terminal platform
    2 above 7th piston
    5 on high platform
    3 in key room
    6 in exit tunnel
    6 close to goo drains
    4 in fenced area near goo drains
    4 on high platforms
    7 on right platform
    14 on bulldog shed platform
    1 near gas wall
    6 in garbage crushers
    2 past garbage crushers
    5 up ladder near transloader
    *Junkyard Interior*
    3 up to blue box
    5 in blue box
    3 along goo stream
    5 up to blue switch
    7 from blue switch
    6 on platforms
    4 under platforms
    15 in blue boxes revealed by blue switch
    4 up to blue switch gate
    5 in blue box
    3 up to terminal
    8 beyond terminal on platform
    12 in lower sluice area
    1 in secret area
    8 on sluice ramps
    5 in blue box
    12 in splizz box
    3 in rocket boost shaft
    3 at top of ladder
    1 past first stream
    14 near ring race terminal
    (isotope box under barrel)
    5 before platform ledge
    5 on nearest conveyors
    6 around central conveyors
    6 in nearby blue boxes
    5 up to genitor part
    **The Vats**
    5 on the ground near beginning
    5 in container near beginning
    10 on platforms along left side
    10 in blue crates
    6 in goo pit debris
    4 in transloader area
    7 in fenced area near transloader
    7 up gas pipes
    5 in goo pit container
    6 around container near transloader
    5 in crane container
    5 in guarded container
    5 in high areas
    12 in splizz crate
    2 before rotating gears
    7 in rotating gears
    3 after rotating gears
    21 floating over goo stream
    3 on far side of stream
    7 before trio of goo streams
    9 floating over goo streams
    1 on far side of goo streams
    3 in front of goo lake
    16 in drain area
    20 in goo lake
    15 in goo area
    14 before step down on upper ledge
    6 past step down
    5 in a blue box
    5 on upper platforms
    12 from isotope box
    4 on lower platforms
    11 in blue boxes
    15 from big red switches
    15 in ice area
    14 above ice area
    **The Factory**
    6 on ramps to generator
    4 on right side
    5 above rocket boots
    2 isotopes up to steam pipe
    5 floating over security booth
    5 on another security booth
    6 close to ground near garbage piles
    9 floating around garbage piles
    15 in fenced area
    11 up ramped platform
    5 revealed by blue switch
    10 in first warehouse section
    10 in middle warehouse section
    23 in last warehouse section
    8 on the ground outside the warehouse
    8 on switch 1 island
    3 on switch 2 island
    7 around lighthouse
    40 suspended under rope nets
    9 in exit area
    29 in spider cave
    3 on first section
    1 on isolated area
    2 on right section
    2 around isolated turret
    4 on back section
    6 on sides of goomatron
    5 on rear webbing
    3 on platform
    9 circling the ceiling
    4 on web above isolated turret
    2 on platform
    4 on web above entrance
    5 in blue box
    5 on first wall
    3 in hall
    7 on second wall
    6 in hall
    9 on third wall
    7 on water's surface
    under water:
    1 on end of broken pipe
    3 along curved pipe
    5 not in crates
    4 in crates
    4 on floating rocks
    1 beside rock switch
    4 on platforms up to terminal
    5 floating off high ledge
    3 up to gomer rock
    3 surrounding scrap box
    7 on surrounding platforms
    12 surrounding health dispenser
    3 near blue switch
    4 on the way to the mouse pipe
    3 in the stream towards the waterfall
    5 in blue box
    5 in blue box
    10 on platforms up to pipe
    7 in and on pipe
    3 up to first red switch
    2 close to the oil
    2 from first step set
    1 from next step set
    5 from blue box
    1 from last step set
    6 up to next pipe
    15 from blue boxes
    14 on top of pillars
    1 in a box
    5 on top of a gear gateway
    2 over a rotating gear
    2 beside Free Flow Coupler
    9 on upper platforms
    5 on high spout
    10 in blue boxes
    1 below entrance
    1 next to low gomer
    11 revealed by switch
    5 next to exit
    11 revealed by switch
    5 in main area
    11 in turret area
    12 between rocket dispensers
    2 to the right of water wheel
    7 in blue boxes
    18 on upper lagoon
    8 in upper lagoon
    28 in exit tunnel
    **The Oil Rig**
    2 at entrance
    18 in pool 1
    3 in jet stream
    11 in pool 2
    4 in drain stream
    20 in pool 3
    16 at far end
    13 on liquid nitrogen pipe
    8 at other end
    8 on hot pipe
    13 in hot pipe
    2 on second ladder
    1 on 3rd
    2 on 4th
    2 on 6th
    1 on 8th
    1 on 9th
    1 on 10th
    1 in tower
    8 on slide
    3 in big pipe
    8 in cold room
    4 in next pipe
    3 in first hallway
    6 in blue boxes
    9 in next hallway
    4 in next hallway
    5 in break room
    5 in control room
    9 down last hallway
    5 in blue box
    3 in blue boxes near transloader
    7 close to the goo
    5 around the transloader and exits
    5 beside a leaking pipe
    4 on the switch path
    5 above switch 3
    5 on a ledge near the rocket boots
    10 towards the Sneaky Snatcher switch
    25 towards Hydro Station
    22 towards Water Works
    3 ?
    10 underwater
    **Hydro Station**
    4 over the water
    3 inside pipes
    5 in first lake
    2 in access pipe
    30 in gas vents
    12 near gas vents
    2 in access pipe
    10 in secret stash
    9 near memory puzzle
    23 up to pump 2
    22 up to exit
    3 in secret cave
    <<16 lost in the walls>>
    10 near subs
    5 through goo rod area
    1 near transloader
    5 in whirlpool
    35 around whirlpool
    6 under spring
    13 around plateau
    5 up to first ape platform
    30 up to second ape platform
    15 to left before leaving broken net
    23 on the right up to Terra
    11 up to exit
    **Water Works**
    4 on first platform
    21 up to last sliding platform
    8 on top of spinning platforms
    1 on pocket rocket platform
    8 under spinning platforms
    14 around turbine area
    8 behind goo rods
    10 in blue boxes
    11 in front of goo rods
    3 above entrance
    18 on mined web
    6 in compression units
    21 on hanging bulbs
    8 before the pits
    6 before pit 2
    9 before next pits
    14 in next pits
    5 up to transloader
    11 on left side
    12 on right side
    54 on towers
    2 above transloader
    46 on ice slide
    **The Sphere**
    3 outside transloader
    10 on curved platform
    5 in crate
    10 in blue boxes
    12 in isotope box under entrance
    3 on grating under entrance
    10 over springboards near entrance
    3 on next grating
    5 in blue box
    10 just before first chain set
    5 over first set
    10 over second set
    15 just after second set
    10 on concrete under satellite 1
    5 hovering near concrete
    3 leading to satellite 1
    5 in blue box
    8 up to transloader
    15 over shifting set
    1 across from satellite 2
    7 up to U-turn set 1
    10 over U-turn set 1
    10 over platform over U-turn set 1
    12 in isotope box over U-turn set 1
    12 in isotope box between U-turn sets
    3 past U-turn set 1
    30 over U-turn set 2
    10 over last spring set
    1 on last platform
    6 inside entrance
    6 near exit
    6 on left side
    6 on right side
    10 on faucets
    12 under ramp inside sphere
    5 leading to gomer
    15 inside blue boxes
    6 leading to centre
    12 around centre
    5 floating near top
    12 in isotope box inside roof
    12 in isotope box on roof
    20 around roof
    24 in isotope boxes around roof
    **The Cube**
    10 near transloader
    5 to the left
    4 to the right
    6 through left cannon field
    10 outside door
    6 through back cannon field
    12 at back
    6 through right cannon field
    40 on front side
    40 on right side
    30 on back side
    30 on left side
    50 on bottom side
    5 in blue box
    5 in front hall
    4 up ramp
    10 over barrels
    4 past barrels
    15 over shifty platforms
    3 up to more barrels
    5 in blue box
    10 over more barrels
    4 past barrels
    6 on diagonal platforms
    10 over other platforms
    6 past platforms
    15 over even more barrels
    3 past barrels
    10 around fire spouts
    12 in isotope box
    5 in blue box
    18 around roof
    1 on platforms
    **The Furnaces**
    6 up to transloader
    5 over lava
    10 in blue boxes
    11 up to door in cave
    5 in blue box
    9 along fireball walkway
    5 over fireball walkway
    21 ove springs and walkways
    9 around edges
    13 on top ledges
    16 on lower ledges
    12 in isotope box
    15 under isotope box
    5 up to first platform
    10 up to second platform
    12 up to third platform
    9 up to last platform
    3 over transloader
    10 over first cable
    8 around pipes
    12 up to rafters
    10 up to first spring
    11 up to Terra piece 4
    10 near first girder
    23 up to last girder
    3 past girders
    5 in blue box
    16 up to diagonal bar
    8 up to more swinging platforms
    19 past swinging platforms
    5 up to control switch
    5 in blue box
    5 in blue box in box
    5 around girders
    5 in blue box
    4 past girders
    10 in blue boxes
    3 isotopes above platform switch
    3 near transloader
    24 in isotope boxes above transloader
    3 above 7th Terra
    5 in blue box
    10 down slide
    **Jupiter City**
    7 near entrance
    4 up to spike wheel
    10 over spike wheel
    25 up to magneto thing
    6 back to entrance
    12 in isotope box across from spike wheel
    5 in blue box
    10 on top of small towers
    5 above second tower
    10 in third tower
    10 past crane
    17 up to second magneto thing
    9 at ground level
    25 in blue crates
    10 in rocket shaft
    6 up to switch
    10 up to crossroad
    22 on right path
    9 up to gomer
    15 revealed by blue switch
    13 towards ending
    45 in entrance to machine thingy
    25 near machine
    5 in blue box
    8 on top left
    10 under top right
    4 on top right
    15 under platforms
    6 on bottom left
    6 under bottom middle
    4 on bottom middle
    8 over bottom right
    6 around bottom right
    5 in blue box
    20 under ledge of cliff
    3 in secret dock
    **The Workshop**
    7 up to first crusher
    10 above spring-loaded hole
    4 towards lair door
    10 along webbing under entrance
    5 over switch 1
    8 up to switch 2
    10 in blue boxes
    10 over edge near broken bridge
    5 in bottom crushers
    5 in middle crushers
    7 in top crushers
    12 up to gomer door
    5 up to rail
    6 in web area
    4 in crushers
    1 towards pocket rocket
    1 by cart dispensor
    5 on cart track
    2 near 4th switch
    6 leading to previous area
    3 behind next door
    4 past triplet carts
    10 in first half of obstacles
    1 at the bottom
    10 in next area
    63 above big obstacle machine
    40 in gomer molding facility
    35 over moving crates
    15 over more moving crates
    8 towards last switch thing
    7 in slide
    4 over blue goo
    5 around area
    5 in blue box
    16 near transloader
    35 in blue goo
    3 near puzzle solution revealer
    3 up to springs
    10 on high platform
    50 floating around ending
    3-3 Fauna
    44 roaches
    46 fireants
    16 monkeys
    **The Junkyard**
    5 roaches near entrance
    4 roaches above goo drains
    2 before garbage crushers
    2 after garbage crushers
    4 fireants around sluice base
    **The Vats**
    2 roaches near entrance
    1 behind pillars
    3 in transloader area
    1 in fenced area
    3 near mouse hole
    3 fireants past goo lake
    2 monkeys past goo lake
    3 fireants beside ladder
    4 fireants in pit on upper ledge
    3 monkeys on upper ledge
    2 monkeys behind big door
    **The Factory**
    1 monkey at entrance
    3 monkeys on right side
    3 fireants next to steam pipe
    3 fireants near garbage piles
    5 monkeys in fenced area
    2 roaches in warehouse entrance
    1 in first warehouse section
    3 in middle warehouse
    3 in last warehouse section
    4 in warehouse exit
    3 fireants outside warehouse
    6 fireants under the rope nets
    2 roaches under the rope nets
    3 fireants on switch 1 island
    2 roaches on switch 2 island
    4 fireants on switch 2 island
    4 roaches in exit area
    1 fireant in cave entrance
    3 fireants at cave exit
    1 fireant behind transloader
    3 fireants to right of entrance
    2 fireants near exit
    39 charks
    40 tarfish
    6 charks at entrance
    9 tarfish in scum-covered river
    8 charks near upper lagoon surface
    4 tarfish in upper lagoon
    2 charks in exit tunnel
    **The Oil Rig**
    1 chark in first pool
    2 charks in second pool
    2 charks in third pool
    **Hydro Station**
    2 tarfish at entrance
    6 tarfish near gas vents
    4 tarfish near memory puzzle
    2 charks near subs
    13 charks near whirlpool
    12 tarfish
    3 charks closer to transloader
    **Water Works**
    3 tarfish behind goo rods
    30 airbags
    30 peliqui
    **The Sphere**
    2 airbags near entrance
    1 peliqui near entrance
    1 peliqui beyond entrance
    1 peliqui before chain set
    1 peliqui beyond chain set
    1 peliqui near satellite 1
    1 peliqui at satellite 1
    2 airbags at satellite 1
    1 airbag near transloader
    1 airbag across from satellite 2
    3 airbags over U-turn set 1
    1 peliqui past U-turn set 1
    1 peliqui past U-turn set 2
    1 airbag on last platform
    2 airbags in far side of sphere
    1 airbag in roof
    2 peliqui around roof
    **The Cube**
    3 peliqui near transloader
    2 peliqui on left side
    2 peliqui on back side
    1 peliqui at back area
    2 peliqui on right side
    1 airbag past barrels
    2 airbags in front of safe
    1 airbag under ledge past barrels
    1 airbag around carts
    **The Furnaces**
    1 airbag beside fireball walkway
    1 airbag in platform room
    1 airbag near rafter entrance
    2 airbags past girders
    1 airbag above 7th Terra
    1 airbag above area past girders
    **Jupiter City**
    1 peliqui past first magneto thing
    1 peliqui on second tower
    1 peliqui near crane
    1 peliqui past crane
    1 peliqui near second magneto thing
    1 peliqui on fifth tower
    4 peliqui near conveyor
    1 airbag on top of machine thingy
    1 airbag under machine thingy
    1 airbag beside bottom middle conveyor and Boing!
    2 airbags in secret dock
    **The Workshop**
    2 near first switch
    2 near 4th switch
    2 near 5th switch
    7 on splizz platform
    3-4 Scrap
    **The Junkyard**
    Klock Em
    1 near the goo drains before the crushers
    1 inside bulldog shed
    2 inside access tunnel
    1 past gate inside tunnel
    1 outside tunnel
    1 on sluice ramps
    **The Vats**
    1 on left-side platforms
    1 on scrap containers near cranes
    1 on ledge beside cranes
    1 on ramp in front of goo pool
    1 on upper ledge
    1 held by a crane
    1 behind big door
    **The Factory**
    1 on right side
    1 next to steam pipe
    1 on ramped platform
    1 beside generator
    1 at top right of first warehouse section
    1 on switch 1 island
    1 on switch 2 island
    1 at entrance
    1 outside outer security door
    1 revealed by blue switch
    1 in machine room cave
    1 revealed by blue switch in machine room cave
    1 in machine room
    1 in upper lagoon, beside turret
    4 - FAQ
    Q: Why can't I morph into the ArachniDoc?  I have all the DNA and isotopes I
    A: This problem occurs the first time you need to morph into something not
    already selected for you.  As Dr. Muto, you need to manually select the morph
    you desire by pressing the left or right buttons.  Once the desired morph
    appears on the screen, press the morph button.  Problem solved.  Also note that
    some areas are restricted to specific morphs, and some are completely moprh-
    Q: I can't seem to grab on to the next rope nets in the Hydro Station entrance.
       What am I doing wrong?
    A: It's all about timing.  You need to press the jump button as his feet reach
    their highest point, before they start moving down.  This should get you the
    farthest distance, but if not it should only take a bit of tweaking.  Pressing
    the jump button too late makes you fall straight down, so don't do that. 
    Rotate the camera so you can see his feet.
    A: Yeah, about that, see, Midway isn't perfect, especially not their level
    designers.  I'll leave the rest to my friend, former product analyst on the Dr.
    Muto team, Fredric Mora;
    "Those missing isotopes you are talking about was a problem that even the 
    testers for this game had a hard time finding.  Generally the isotopes the 
    testers had missing were in the underwater cave mazes you had to swim in 
    before you had to do the mission where you destroy the submarines, but 
    here's the even funnier part.....you'll hate the designers for this:
    "As hard as it is to navigate within the maze, some isotopes were 
    "accidentally placed" too close to the walls or the floor so that you 
    literally had to scrape along the wall (or the floor) to get it. You had to 
    rotate your camera to a certain view to even begin to see it.
    "This problem happened because designers generally placed their isotopes in 
    the world in a haphazard manner, but sometimes artists would change the art 
    of a level and the designers (being the geniuses they are) decided not to 
    make a note of where all of them were placed and could not fix it.
    "Also, when this design issue of missing isotopes was brought up, the 
    producers told us that "Hey as long as the player gets 80 percent of the 
    total in game isotopes then that's all they really need. There's nothing if 
    you get 100.00% of the isotopes.  It's still the same reward as getting 
    80.00% of the isotopes."  I know this sounds lazy, but they were pressed for 
    time and just wanted to ship the product."
    A bit of a disappointment for the "completionists" but at least you know what
    the deal is now.  Remember - FORMER product analyst.  This isn't an official
    statement, but the guy's name is in the credits so it can't be far off.
    <  5 - Codes and Secrets  >
    Here's the list of codes I know to work, and the location of two "Easter eggs." 
    I've provided, the CODE, followed by the "confirmation message" and a short
    description of the effect.
    NECROSCI        "Death Cannot Touch You.  Don't Fall"
    you receive damage, but it doesn't kill you
    CHEATERBOY      "Never Take Damage"
    damage has no effect - you can walk on lava
    TINKERTOY       "Unlock Every Gadget"
    as it says
    EUREKA          "Unlock Every Morph"
    as it says, just normal morphs
    BEAMMEUP        "Go Anywhere"
    activates all transloaders
    LOGGLOGG        "Secret Morphs"
    morphs use "enhanced" formulas
    HOTTICKET       "See the Movies"
    all movies except Ending2 are viewable
    BUZZOFF         "Super Ending Unlocked"
    Ending2 is viewable
    Secret Characters!!
    Once you enter the code, morph back into Dr. Muto from any other morph.  I get
    the feeling that some of these are based on specific characters, but I'm
    clueless to what they are.  If you can give me proof of a secret character's
    true identity, it will be very much appreciated.
    One more thing; to get a really nice close-up, load up the secret character,
    quit, and start a new game.  After collecting those 15 isotopes, you can see
    the doc's new face job.
    CYBERDOC        "Must I do everything myself, Doctor?"
    who's running this operation, really?
    MINISCOT        "Play as a Circus Freak"
    looks like a guy with a big head and "Mad Dog" shirt
    MADKING         "I ain't dead, I swear!"
    Dr. Presley
    CHOPSUEY        "I know Kung-Fu"
    Confucious say "who's your doctor?"
    BLUEPILL        "Just how far the rabbit hole goes"
    Dr. Matrix
    DISTURBING      "Hoisted by my own petard!"
    Dr. Mom
    HOLLOWDOC       "What a big brain!"
    Dr. Organ
    HOTGREGMA       "Riiiiiight...a chip buttie please!"
    looks like a guy with long greying hair and dark eyes
    PARTYDOC        "Nice tan!"
    Dr. Underwear
    BIGDADDY        "Forshnizzle my Nizzle, baby."
    Dr. Pimp
    GROOVYBABY      "So wrong, Mon"
    Dr. Rastafarian
    QUEPASA         "Say hello to my little friend"
    Dr. Mariachi
    SWITCHOFF       "Unit X18 loading Muto program..."
    Dr. Roboto
    GOTHCHICK       "Carpe Nocturn!"
    a girl in cool shades and dark clothes
    STIG            "I'm in a fricking game!"
    a peculiarly small guy
    RELOAD          "You are all just wannabes."
    Dr. Muto
    Easter Eggs
    A silly message from the makers of Dr. Muto
    Go to the Junkyard Ending, and note the crushed cars floating in the goo.  One
    of them actually sinks when you stand on it.  Let it sink for a few seconds,
    then morph into the mouse to let it rise again.  For safety, find the highest
    spot on the car - it should be the far left corner from the nearest solid
    ground.  Remember it takes two seconds to morph.  You get 4 large vials for the
    effort as well as a really cheap message.
    A silly mugshot from the makers of Dr. Muto
    Go to the Vats Entrance.  The topmost storage crate is opened by a switch
    inside a nearby storage crate - this switch holds a secret.  Give the switch 5
    quick jolts, and a picture of some guy's head pops up behind you, as does 4
    large vials.

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