Review by KFHEWUI

"Dr. Muto is a generic and mediocre platformer"

Dr. Muto has invented a new device that can power up the entire planet of Midway however after firing up the device, it destroys Midway. Now Dr. Muto must gather new parts to assemble a new device that will restore the planet.

The story is forgettable, and there is very little story telling.

The music is best described as noise, and it gets the job done which ultimately the music is forgettable. The sound effects are decent, and the voice acting is average.

The controls are decent however the movement feels slippery when playing as the mouse, and the camera controls are clumsy.

The graphics are average, but they get the job done.

The game play consists of platform jumping, terrible combat, switches to hit, fighting the camera, and items to collect.

The platforming is troublesome and some of the jumping sequences are only passable with a perfect jump even off by a little will result in death or damage.

The health system is terrible, and Dr. Muto only has three hearts however collecting twenty vials will either restore health or increase the health meter by one. The upgrade is not permanent and dying, quitting, or warping will reset the health meter, and a permanent upgrade would have been better.

Combat is frustrating experience that ultimately hurts the game the most. Dr. Muto only has a hand full of enemies, and the enemies are terrible. One floating enemy can only be destroyed by throwing them into the wall, and the problem is that even throwing them at the wall will not kill them since they will either just bounce off or even go through the wall.

There are items to collect, and the developers went overboard. There are 4,250 isotopes, 257 DNA strains, 17 parts, and 86 Terra pieces.

The level design is terrible, and to their credit the developers succeed in creating terrible levels. A team of developers were put together to create the worst levels possible, and the game never ceased to amaze me as the level design became worse as the game progressed. Also I did encounter a few technical issues including slowdowns.

Replay value is low other than replaying the game, there are two making of videos, and trailers for Defender and Haven.

Dr. Muto could have been the definitive platformer on a system where platformers are sparse however the terrible game play holds it back and only die hard platformer fans will find any interest in Dr. Muto.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/12/12

Game Release: Dr. Muto (US, 11/19/02)

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