Review by therater13

"a big step backward"

Dues ex invisible war, possibly my biggest disappointment in the world of video games, maybe even more disappointing then the first NWN game. I have numerous complaints about the structure of this game.

Graphics: They are decent, I have one complaint, to even be able to play the game you need to turn the gamma and contrast all the way up, this gives everything a bright grey feel and I ended up with a head ache or two after I played the game for more then an hour.

Audio: The music in this game is not as good as the music in the first game, though its average, but oh god the voice acting in this game is horrible, the main character is not convincing at all. The gun sounds are not all that great, there decent though, and the enemy sounds are not all that good either.

Game play: Oh boy do I have a rant here, for one they completely ruined most of the things that made the first Deus ex good in the first place, there is universal ammo, for instance I was going in close range with a bunch of soldiers so I pulled my flame thrower and went in and toasted them only to find out I had eaten almost all the ammo for my machine gun and shotgun. There are also less total bio modifications you can get for your main character but I found that to be a very minor problem. They completely killed the skill system, I have no idea what they were thinking there. On the pc version there is very bad lag, the xbox version runs a little better but there is still some lag at times. Hacking doesn't even do all that much in this game, there are few terminals you are able to hack and there is not all that much point to bother hacking them because most of them are not very good or . This game is very short, I beat this game in about 9 hours and I did a lot of the side quests, that's another thing, there isn't many side quests in this game either.

Rent or buy? Do not bother buying this game, don't even waste time to rent it for your xbox, it isn't worth it by today's standards and even back when it came out, there were much better games around.

Overall score: 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/09/08

Game Release: Deus Ex: Invisible War (US, 12/02/03)

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