"The only word to describe this game is GREAT"

DX Invisible War, is a sequel to one of the greatest first person shooters of all time. So when I had heard that Ion Storm was going to make a sequel I went to my local video game store and put this game on reserve. I was glad I did, if I didn't I would of missed out on one of the greatest Xbox games of this year.

Gameplay: (10/10)
The gameplay of Invisible War can only be described as great, this is one of the only games that allow you so much freedom, there is no wrong way to play this game, heck you can even go through this game without killing a single person. There are four different endings in this game, and you get each ending depending on how you play the game. With multiple endings, there is a lot of replay value.

Graphics: (10/10)
The graphics of Invisible War are some of the best I've seen in a video game in recent memory. The people in the game actually show emotion, which for some reason seems to be irritated. Overall I must say the graphics are great.

Sound: (10/10)
The voice acting in this game is spot on, it has the best voice acting in a game since Max Payne. There are only a few people in this game who's voice acting could of been done away with. Each weapon in the game has a unique sound to them. The music in the game is also good it does a great job of conveying the emotion of each predicament. The sound in this game is great.

Control: (10/10)
The controls in this game are really good, it uses the typical FPS control type, so if you play a lot of first person shooters you should have no problems adapting to the controls of Invisible War. Overall Great.

Closing Thoughts:
If you haven't played the first DX game you should probably not play this game until you have, because if you hadn't played DX 1, you will be really confused, because the plot of the second one does somewhat rely on the plot of the first one. From the beginning of this game to the finale, this game is great.

Buy or Rent:
I think people should buy this game because it's so great, however if your skeptical you should probably rent it first. But if your a fan of the original Deus Ex you should most definitely but it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/08/03

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