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"A review from someone who did not play the original."

I never played the original Deus Ex game, so hopefully this will help others deciding whether or not to get this game if they did not play the first.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are amazing. The physics engine is very good, doing a pretty decent job of giving objects a true feel of weight in their environment. The game always uses real time lighting. The characters look great as well. The faces do however get repeated, and you will see the same 3 or so boxes throughout the whole game. Those factors limit the graphics from getting the full 10 out of 10, the game does look great though.

Sound: 10/10
The sound is amazing. It travels realistically, for example, if you want to sneak around in a room, you better close the doors, as an open door will actually allow sound to travel easier. Objects have realistic sounds when bouncing off of walls, or floors. And the fact that you are naturally louder on some surfaces than others, as well as in the game, adds to the gameplay depth.

Story: 10/10
I only wish I had played the first game to fully understand everything. However, the game does an adequate job of keeping those of us who did not play the first game caught up to speed. They allude to the previous storyline and there enough new things to understand the story whether you played the first game or not. The game forces you to make decisions, not deciding whether they are bad or good for you, but making you make that call. It helps to even further immerse you into the game's universe. It also deals with some touchy issues, in an un offensive manner. The issues range from business endorsements, to forms of government, to homosexuality (lightly touches on it, putting it in neither a positive nor negative connotation, it is just there), and much much more.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay is truly unique. Many people try and compare this game to to other games (Halo, Morrowind, Star Wars: KOTOR, Rainbow 6:3, I have even seen Grand Theft Auto), but none of those give this game justice. It is a unique gaming experience all on its own. While it has free form gameplay that could be compared to Grand Theft Auto, it really isn't like Grand Theft Auto. Sure it has a strong RPG side like Morrowind or KOTOR, but it really isn't like those. And yes, it is like a FPS like Rainbow 6:3, and Halo, but its not really like those either. There are several solutions to every problem. You can play run and gun, or get through without firing a shot. Or you can snipe, or you can hack computers and bots. Your creativity is the only thing limiting you in this game. That is what gives this game a high replay value. The combination that every time you go through it will be unique, and the fact that you have different factions you can support, leading to different endings.

Misc. Thoughts of the Game:....
This game a story driven RPG told through the first person perspective. It combines two of the my favorite game genres into one (RPG and First Person Shooter, although I think fans of neither will still enjoy this game), and it does it perfectly. Gameplay wise, fun factor wise, replayabiltiy, it all deserves a 10. However, because of a consistently slow framerate making the game quite choppy at times, I can not give it a perfect 10. However, this is a must own game in my opinion, at the very least a must play. If you are strapped for cash, rent it when you have time to sit down for 10-15 hours (roughly) to beat it. Otherwise you will have late fees!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/08/03

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