"It was worth my money"

To start off Deus Ex: Invisible War is a sequel to Deus ex which if you have not played I suggest you get it. After if you must if then this game will be much better to you I think.

STORY 8/10 - You are Alex Denton and something happens to which I don't want to give away but they come up with the Invisible war. The game has a couple of different endings but it does get boring listening to people talk.

GAMEPLAY 10/10 - The gameplay is non-stop fun with the side missions and planning out ways to complete objectives or just having fun killing innocent people. This game has a ton of stealth Don't Plan on having to burst in a room and start shooting without dying for the whole game. It takes a lot of thinking and planning.

Controls- They don't really matter once you have to found out which buttons which. Its not hard getting used to took me 10 min

Sound- Its fine I guess it doesnt seem to have bad qualities to it.

Graphics- Its good enough I was able to read everybody's lips while talking. Nothing's bad about it maybe the face looks pretty odd but it's a game

Replay- This game does have replay value to it since it has more then one ending and then choosing the paths of who you want to take orders by.

Downside to this game - If you have played the first one you should know that its a long game even without the side missions and codes. This one is a bit different it's much shorter It took me about 13 hours to beat this one. Most of the levels are the same, an abandon Dark place or a lab.

Rent or Buy- I would say buy although you can beat it while you rent it. It still would be fun to keep and just pop it in a month after you beat it.

Overall- It was fun playing it, and they added the ragdoll which makes it fun just throwing bodies around. if you haven't played the first one I think you will like the one a lot, but if you have you will find some things that could have been fixed it has been a bit dumbed down but its still fun. Ill just fit this in too is that Deus Ex is my #1 fav game and I have played a ton of games. but this one does not fall into my top five but im still happy I made the buy. I think it deserves a 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/08/03

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