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"Not your ordinary post apocolyptic fps"

This game has to be the most original game of 2003. It offers so many things to appeal to so many people. fps fans will love it for its great fps style action. You could engage in a battle with almost anyone at any time you want to. Stealth game fans will love it for because of the cool stealth biomods. This gives you the ability to complete most of the game without even having to waste an ammo clip. RPG fans will love it for because of the total freedom it offers you in the decisions you make. You could join the global organization WTO and atempt to bring down the group of religious fanatics known as the Order. If you wanted you could work for the Order and atempt to bring down the WTO. Although you will find out later on that there are bigger fish to fry.
This game has some of the most beautiful graphics I have ever seen. The environments blow Halo out of the water. The character models are the absolutly the most best I have ever seen. They even modeled wrinkles in their clothing. They are the closest thing to real life people since Halo. The physics engine also helps matters. When you shoot them they will fall down very realisticly. I can just hit them with my baton for hour just to see how many different positions I can get them in.
The sound though is a different story. While the voice acting is top notch, there is little if no good music in this game. The only good music comes from the automatic juke boxes in the game which have real music from a real group. Although its no one you have ever heard before.
The framerate stays at about 30 but can sometimes drop below that when the action gets heavy. So don't go expecting a high speed frag fest such as Halo and Unreal Tournament. All problems aside, you should at least rent it to experience its wonderful story. It has so many plot twists that it will make your head spin. It also gives you the oportunity to play a role in any certain faction you choose. It doesn't force you into anything. You decide the flow of the story and the fate of the world. In the end this is one of the greatest games of the year and should definatly be experienced by everyone who has the slightest interests in gaming.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/31/03

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