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"An Outstanding Achievement"

From a technical stand-point “Deus Ex: Invisible War” is one of the most impressive games ever. “Invisible War” can be described as “Grand Theft Auto” meets “Elder Scrolls: Morrowind”, cast in the mold of a futuristic shooter. “Invisible War” takes a lot of chances other games in its genre wouldn’t dream of, and it manages to succeed in most every aspect of its gameplay to create a really unique and exciting experience.

“Invisible War” is set in the distant future, where Alex D. is a member of an elite academy. His school and half of the city of Chicago are decimated by an unknown foe. Now relocated to Seattle, the academy is attacked almost immediately after you arrive; it’s apparent someone wants you and your kind dead, and very badly. The story is well done, and the city’s gloomy and dark appearance really do a lot to add to the mood. Once you pass a few tutorial levels you are pretty much free to do as you wish in the world, and this is easily one of the best things about “Invisible War”. Don’t like the look someone on the street is giving you? Introduce a baton to their face. Looking for items? Find a hacking tool and break into people’s apartments and swipe whatever you wish. There’s hundred’s of things to do in the world of “Deus Ex”.

Throughout the city you’ll encounter many people who if you choose to converse with will offer you a variety of missions and odd-jobs. These can be declined or accepted, and performed whenever you like. There’s hardly ever a time-constrained mission, so you have a true sense of freedom in the game. As a genetically engineered individual you also are able to enhance your body through the use of items call biomods. These allow you to make yourself invisible, silence your footsteps, hack into computers and make yourself more efficient in firefights. You are eventually able to customize your character to whichever style of gameplay you prefer, stealth, assault or equality between the two. This is pretty cool as you could probably imagine, since as stated before, it just really gives you the sense of freedom and playing the game to your liking.

Graphically “Deus Ex” looks fantastic. The game doesn’t have anywhere near as smooth a framerate as “Halo” and tends to chug up here and there, but being you can pick up and interact with just about anything in the environment is pretty damn impressive. The character models look superb and the environments sport some really amazing lighting effects. The sound is solid, while music is usually pretty scarce throughout the game; it does rely heavily on voice acting, and succeeds greatly in that aspect as well as dead on lip sync.

On the downside “Deus Ex” sports some lengthy loading times in areas, whenever you travel to a new area you have about a 30 second wait which is unfortunate. Not to mention its deep gameplay will obviously not appeal to everyone since you will be required to learn it inside and out. However, those gamers with an open mind and those really looking for a different gaming experience will find “Deus Ex” a unique and incredibly satisfying game.

+ An outstanding achievement
+ Incredibly interactive environments
+ Hundreds of things to do
+ Solid shooting engine
+ Completely free game engine
+ Excellent graphics and overall presentation

- Some lengthy load times
- Framerate lags at times
- Definitely not for everyone

Graphics- 9.0
Gameplay- 9.5
Sound- 9.0
Overall- 9.0

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/01/04

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