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Deus Ex: Invisible War


Deus Ex: Invisible War is the sequel to the game Deus Ex, which was an excellent game with a fantastic story. This game follows it predecessor’s past, and updates it's look and feel in the process. Now to get on with the introduction, I first heard about this game from a friend, he told me about the original and how unique it was. I had never played the original, so to get in on the action I bought DE:IW. The game had me quite enticed by the numerous screen shots and the promise of suburb game play. Did it deliver fully? Or is it just above the radar? You will find out below!


I cannot give very much away about the story, but what I can tell you is that it is a very interesting and involving one. You play as Alex D., a Tarsus Academy student who’s home city of Chicago has been demolished by Terrorists. The game quickly plunges you into the conspiracy. Can you trust anyone anymore? The story not only keeps up the mood of uncertainty consistently, but keeps you interested and liking every single taste of the story, absolutely excellent:


The sound is quite 'adequate'. The voice acting is nice throughout the game, though rarely exceptional. Not too many memorable tunes are in the game, however at the numerous Jukeboxes and Clubs you can listen to real licensed music; but it's nothing truly evolutionary or as satisfying as Vice City.


This could be the highpoint or the low point of the game, which might seem confusing for the reader. I found the graphics impressive, from lots of interactive items, lights and bump mapping. However you do see allot of the same textures and the city backdrops are not exactly beautiful.
One of the best things about the graphics are all of the lights, for example: I shoot a light in a room with a table and two chairs, the lights swings back and forth moving the shadows on the walls and causing the shadows that the chairs and table are casting move in rhythm; which is a great effect. The graphics do have another downside however; the frame rate is not very smooth. Your character moves twitchy, like a collection of hyper-fast snapshots. Not perfect and fairly noticeable; but you will get used to it.


The controls are nice and responsive, however once the twitchy frame rate starts kicking into high gear during heavy firefights then the controls correspond; which can be irritating. The controls are by no means Halo, but they are effective for a game like this, and are completely fitting, I have no gripes really.


Finally the game play! This is the games strongest suit; it is truly a masterpiece in design. There are hundreds of items to interact with, and many ways to pass an objective. The game allows for many different types of experiences, you can either be a gun-toting barbarian, a stealthy thief like character or a pacifist. It has been rumored (though I have not done this) that you can play through the entire game without killing a single person. With this near perfect balance between the game play elements, you'll be playing this one many times over. Added is the option to customize your character slightly, though this is only picking a sex and changing the skin tone. The frame rate and numerous load times in this game drag it down from perfection. I would have loved to give this a perfect Ten out of Ten, but I cannot.

Overall (Rent/Buy)

This game was a satisfying and utterly enjoyable experience, filled with twists, likeable characters and great game play make this a must buy title. Though, if you prefer either a stealth game or a shooter, rent this first, it might not be your cup of tea.
Rent/Buy: Buy it ASAP! Though it might be too advanced for some.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/02/04

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