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"Not perfect, but it will still amaze you."

Gameplay - 9/10

As soon as you start playing the game, you'll probably be a little confused, and not know what to do, and not know the interface. Once everything is recognized, you'll notice how realistic the game is. Try picking stuff up and throwing it around, everything interacts with everything, which I loved right away. The weapons are pretty basic, except the whole futuristic look. One thing I didn't really like was the universal ammo. The thought of using the same bullets in your pistol, as you do for your rocket launcher is kind of different, but eventually you get used to it and don't care. There are all kinds of enemies in the game, including weapon wielding humans like thugs, or cops, or innocent people you don't like and need to kill. There are robots and droid things and the like, all shapes and sizes. Then there are aliens and other strange species. You can be stealthy in the game, and crawl through vents and crap, which is always fun. There are two sides to be on, kina like the KOTOR light and dark side concept, so there is always something different to do. There are also different abilities you can have, such as heal, extra speed, extra strength, night vision, hacking, and all that other fun stuff that most games should have.

The gameplay is very impressing, and the realism of the game should shock you for sure.

Sound 10/10

The sound is very fresh. You can hear people in the next room, footsteps, robots moving around and all that fun stuff. The guns have good sounds too, which is always needed. overall, sound is not a problem.

Graphics - 10/10

This is the highpoint of Invisible War. The graphics are very beautiful, and very realistic. Every single object in the game casts a shadow, which a lot of games can't do, or never accomplished. This makes the game look incredible. Everything is perfectly smooth, and I couldn't find a single flaw throughout the game. If you pick up a small table, and throw it at a garbage can, the table will bounce of the can, and the can will fall over or go flying or whatever, every object interacts with another, and you can pick up pretty much anything.

The graphics are incredible, possibly the best we'll see until a big hit like Halo 2 comes out.

Story - 10/10

Apparently you should play the first Deus Ex game, but I think this game tells it's own story. You're in the future, where everything is shiny and everything flies, and some guy is trying to use the statue of liberty (it's still there) as a weapon that will steal everyone's mind or brainwash or something (trying not to give the whole story away). The story is always interesting, and keeps you playing for hours. Since there is more than one way to go through the game, there are different endings to see. The game should last you a good 20 some hours, if you want to go through every single little thing.

Overall, the story is great, it keeps going and never stops. Even after it's over, the possibilities are endless.

Replay Value - 10/10

I could play this game over again, at least a dozen times. It's a very fun games, with all kinds of different things to do, paths to take, and things to see. You can be male or female, so you might want to see the different reactions you get from people, or in the story. You'll want to see it all.

Rent or Buy?
Rent it at first, because not everyone likes FPS games. This game combines shooter, with a sort of RPG feel, with the abilities and whatnot, and some people might think it's stupid. I love it, but that's just one guys opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/10/04

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