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"Finally a game that equals Halo"

This game is a breath of Fresh air in the slew of average First Person Shooters we've seen over the last two years. The sheer scope of this game is almost mind boggling.

Stunningly this is the games backbone, Which is something rare indeed for First Person Shooters. At first it may sound similar to every other game out there but it certainly isn't. You're set in a post apocalyptic world and the future of Mankind rests in your hands. The game continues the excellent story laid down in Deus Ex: The Conspiracy for PS2. With several different endings based on your actions in the game it's something really different for an FPS. 10/10

The controls are about average for a First Person Shooter. You can of course alter them to suite your playing style. They aren't to tight or too loose so you should find them comfortable. 8/10

This game gives you branching missions, and objectives. You can accomplish the same goal almost four different ways. For instance, You might have a room full of bad guys. You could go commando and charge in guns blazing, Or you could hack into a Computer and take control of an enemy turret. You can go stealth and sneak around eliminating them one by one without ever raising an alarm. Simply put the only limitation of ways to accomplishing a goal is your own imagination. 10/10

Character models are decent, The faces look a tiny bit blocky though. The environment is nothing special but is still convincing. The use of lighting and shadows is almost lifelike, Which is almost scary. The graphics come together to make a pretty realistic experience. The lighting effects equal that seen in Splinter Cell, Which is an amazing feat all it's own. 9/10

The best story I've ever seen in a game, realistic use of lighting, and Shadows, and the quite unique approach to a First Person Shooter form a game that is in effect the perfect merging of Halo, and Knights Of The Old Republic to form a new genre all it's own. If not for the presence of some annoying glitches this would have been a perfect game. The biggest one I've noticed is the game just crashes for no reason back to the Xbox main menu. Thankfully it's extremely rare and shouldn't interfere with the greatness of the game. 9/10

What are you sitting there reading this for? Go get this game already! This game will not disappoint you one bit.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/17/04

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