Review by Zak X

Reviewed: 01/22/04

This is DX: Minus the good stuff

If you've played Deus Ex, then I don't need to sit here and hype the game for you. If you haven't shame on you. It's practically free now. Anyway...

[Graphics: 5\10]

I'd give it 10, but guess what? You can't get all those pretty graphics. They're there, but you'll get a horrible, horrible FPS. Unplayable. Still, you can force some pretty good graphics out of the game with some tweaking and an updated graphics card...

[Sound: 3\10]

The ONLY reason this thing doesn't get a one are because of TWO things. The sound you hear when you activate\deactivate your augs, and the voice acting. The eerie music that haunted you in the original DX, that would spark your imagination and remind you of EXACTLY where you first heard that song, are gone. The music is lacking, the sound effects are generally generic. Just, freaking, pathetic.

[Story: 5\10]

The only reason this get a five is because of the end. The start, the middle, everything to the end BLOWS. It makes little sense, as you character has very little reason nor motivation of where to go. And, even worse, you really don't know what direction you're heading as the player. And when they finally reveal what's going on, TOO late. End of the game. Horrible. BUT, the story when it all comes together is pretty good, but lacking in details.

[Gameplay: 1\10]

Dear sweet LORD, save me from the hell that is this gameplay. NOTHING like DX was. The sneaking aspect needed to be harder, true, but now it's impossible without the Cloak aug. Literally. The enviroments have completely changed, for the worse. The enemies are pitifully easily, even on the hardest difficulty. You won't use guns. You'll use only the melee weapons. Guns are too weak and noisy to be useful. These enemies can take multiple shotgun blasts to be dropped - even to the head, while a single WHACK with a baton to the head can deck them. The game takes ROUGHLY TEN HOURS to beat, if you play around a lot. Compared to DX, there's less augmentations. Much less. The skill system was removed. The inventory was changed. THEY REMOVED SEPARATE BODY PART HEALTH, for god's sake! The game has completely fallen apart from its DX roots. It's more like some sort of talkative Unreal 2...


If you've never played DX, play DX first, then play this. You'll find the game has fallen apart.

If you've already played DX, be warned. It's nothing like what it should have been.

Warren Spector's really messed up. But I'll let this one slip, as he's had a good track record. Let's just hope DX3 isn't like this.

(And now, I fear for Thief 3...)

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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