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"An Interesting Look Into an Alternate Future...."


Deus Ex: Invisible War is Ion Storm's sequel to “Game of the Year” Deus Ex, released back in 2000. The game has you playing as Alex D., a student in Tarsus Academy. As the beginning FMV shows, a major city in the U.S. is destroyed by an unknown terrorist, and Alex tries to stop the terrorism in this conspiracy-filled sci-fi game. Along the way he will meet up with many different opposing factions, and will ultimately have to decide who he will support. In the meantime though, he takes all sorts of errands and tasks that lead up to the ending of the game. This game has many promising factors, along with a few minor details that could have been changed for the better.


The graphics in this game are really nice. Granted they are not up there with Ninja Gaiden, but they are still above average graphics. The lighting is done very well with shadows being cast, giving an eerie feel to back alleys and darkened rooms. The character models look like your run of the mill models, a lot of them sharing the same face. The ragdoll physics are really great in this game. When an enemy is killed, he/she slumps convincingly to the ground and over objects. Once you kill an enemy, it usually stays right where it is the rest of the game. You could kill an enemy towards the beginning of an area, come back three hours later, and it will still be laying there right as you left it. So these are some above average graphics for the Xbox library.
Rating: 9/10


The audio in DE:IW is pretty average for an action game. The different guns make their usual appearance, and they have the same sounds they always do. The voice acting is decent, but nothing special, since emotion is not conveyed very well. The music is also somewhat forgettable.
Rating: 7/10


The gameplay in Invisible War is nice mixture of action, stealth, and some RPG-like aspects. Your main mission is to unravel all the conspiracy surrounding your character, Alex. You can also take many “side quests” also, such as sabotaging two competing coffee companies, or killing a champion Greasel so you can win big on a bet. The stealth part comes when you have to infiltrate certain buildings and find some information. There are many ways of accomplishing this, from sneaking in through the air vents to buying the key codes off a dishonest janitor. This trend of having many ways to accomplish something goes on throughout the game, giving it a very unpredictable feel to it. There are many different weapons in the game as well, ranging from a simple pistol or knife to a prototype weapon under heavy guard. The only problem with the weapon aspect of the game is that they all use universal type ammo. Some use more than others, and if you don't watch your ammo with certain bigger guns, you will be out of ammo and out of luck, unless you plan on killing heavily armored guards with a baton. To compliment the weapons, you also have devices called biomods. These biomods upgrade different part of your body, such as making you run faster, or giving you the ability to hack security computers. You can also be giving the ability to cloak and self-heal, which help a great deal throughout the game. You will need energy to use these biomods though, and energy cells can become very scarce. All in all, this game has very immersive gameplay that will keep you hooked until the very end.
Rating: 10/10


The controls are pretty well suited for this game. It has all the basic FPS controls, such as moving the character with the left thumbstick and shooting with the right trigger. The inventory menu can be a bit confusing and hard to get used to, but you will eventually get it if you play long enough. The same can be said for biomod menu. I did not realize that biomods could be upgraded past level one until sometime later in the game when I had hardly any biomods canisters left to use. Aside from the menus, this game has some easy to learn controls.
Rating: 8/10


This game will take you a pretty long time to beat. I believe it took me between 15-20 hours of gameplay to beat it. It has several different difficulties that will keep you busy for a while. The game also has four endings, but they can all be viewed in less than an hour through a strategic save point. Overall, you might could pull 50 hours of gameplay out of this if you played through it a second time to make sure you get the whole story, which can lose you at several points in the game.
Rating: 8/10


This sci-fi action game gives you an interesting look into an alternate future. The story is very enthralling and it gives you great gameplay to keep you totally immersed in its futuristic world. I own the original Deus Ex, but could not get into. When I got this game I thought it was going to be the same way, but it proved me wrong. This game is one of the better ones for the Xbox, and I strongly recommend making it a part of your collection
Overall Rating: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/16/04

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