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"Deus Ex. Day-Uhs Ecks. Not Due Sex. Yeah."

Deus Ex: Invisible War is a first-person shooting game developed for Xbox. Created as a sequel to the acclaimed Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, it was released amid hype and controversy.

Story - Set during the 20somethings, mankind has floundered after "the Collapse." Illegal bio-technology is rampant, as is bio-terrorism and neighborhood shootings.
The rich have retreated to their enclaves, while the poor suffer below. You are Alex D, a bio-modified student of Tarsus Academy. After fleeing the academy in Chicago, the Seattle Academy is also attacked by a crazed cult. You enter the "real world," and try to follow the orders given to you by two warring factions.
The games story is good, game-wise. It seems a tad bit incoherent the first play-through, but it has enough plot-twists to keep you guessing. Also, there are enough subplots to keep you interested even if you hate the story.

Story - 8/10

Gameplay - Awesome. The controls are easily figured out, using the standard FPS movement controls. Left trigger uses different features of the gun, flashlights, smoke bombs, etc. The HUD is a somewhat clumsy to use with the controls, but by your third play-through everything is just dandy.

The great thing about this game is the VARIETY of the gameplay. You can sneak through the building, popping off lone guards, or you can charge through the front door, guns blazing. You can hack into a computer system, gas a guard, shoot up the rest with turrets, and then fry the last one with some handy laser beams.

Want to be a melee fighter, stunning guards and destroying robots with a single slash of the Dragon's Tooth? You can.
Want to be a covert sniper, turning invisible until the final shot? You can. Want to be a bot-dominator, sneakily swapping the bot's alliances, causing a HUGE milbot to launch some rockets up an enemies arse? You CAN!

This game also continues with the bio-mod system of the first game. Canisters are picked up; you enter the HUD display, and pick the move you want. Unlike the first one, though, these moves are not set in stone. In the first Deus Ex, upgrading to a level three biomod enhancement wasn't even thought of until a quarter through the game.
Now? It's possible to have a level three within the first hour. This is thanks to the increased number of canisters, and a slight change in the system. The previous game required biomod upgrade canisters to upgrade, and regular canisters to install a new move. In IW, a canister may be used for upgrading or installation.

One new addition to the enhancements is the "Black Market" section. Certain, brutal methods are only employed through installing these canisters. However, they cost a bit more. There are also a somewhat lower number of these canisters.

The main problem with the biomods in this game is amount. They removed a few from the first game.
You've still got invisibility, move silently, etc...
But, since they took out the skill blocks, (hacking, AR capabilities, etc.) certain things were lost to make room for the new useless ones. HACKING IS NOW A BIOMOD!! GAH!!
What the hell was Ion Storm thinking?!?! Ugh.

Oh, and this game uses a "shared-ammo" system. One clip is a clip for any weapon, and they all decreased the same ammo pool. However, certain weapons decrease more than others. SMG's and pistols may take a little bit off of your pool, which is displayed in the bottom-left, whereas rocket launchers will take off very noticeable chunks. This seems to make it balanced, and removes the nagging "conserve rockets and grenades" feeling from the first game.
Gameplay - 9/10

Graphics - Amazing. Characters look real, bots look real, everything. It has the same great graphics as the first.
AND the developers added an awesome rag-doll system. Hours of fun can be had with this feature, if you are a sadist.

Throw a dead body at a railing. It bends over, with a whoomph as it hits. Aim a bit higher. Now the body flips over the railing, landing on the street below. Throw a guard at a wall, arm-first. The arm bends back, hitting him in the face. You can do anything, ad infinitum.

Sound is okay. Nothing horrid.
Graphics - 8/10

Playtime - In fact, a bit too short. The game has WAY less locations than the first one. However, it also has 4 endings, which adds a bit to the playtime. Unfortunately, like the first, you can save at a certain point and access all the endings VERY easily.
Playtime - 6/10

MY Verdict? BUY! Definitely. Unless you're a HUGE fan boy of the first, and can't bear to see the license degraded, BUY IT. It's amazing.

FINAL SCORE - 8/10 That's an average, I think.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/27/04

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