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    Team Playbooks FAQ by instant000

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    FAQ Title - Team Playbooks
    FAQ Type  - In-Depth FAQ
    Game      - NCAA Football 2003
    Platform  - PlayStation 2
    Version   - 1.1
    Author    - "instant000"
    E-mail    - instant@excite.com
    Submitted - May 5, 2007
    Updated   - N/A
    Copyright 2007 instant000
    Table of Contents
    2.  LEGEND
    6.  CREDITS
    The purpose of this FAQ is to list all of the formations that
    are found in the game, according to team playbook name.
    This provides a handy reference, if you are looking for 
    particular formations to use when choosing which playbook
    you want for your team.
    2.  LEGEND
    Base Formations:
    Ace = Ace 
    FB = FlexBone
    I = I Form
    Pro = Pro Form
    SG = ShotGun
    ST = Strong
    WB = WishBone
    WK = Weak
    Special Formations:
    MaryI = Maryland I
    NOBack = No Back
    PowerI = Power I  
    Formation Versions:
    2BSl = 2BSlot
    5W = 5 Wide
    N = Normal
    Sl = Slot
    Sp = Spread
    Split = Split
    Ti = Tight
    Trp = Trips
    Tw = Twins
    Wide = Wide
    YTrp = Y-Trips
    The Chart is really straight Forward.  It basically shows you a mix of
    Base Formation, Special Formation, and Formation Version.
    This is how you read the playbooks:
    WK-N-Sl-TW Translates to Weak-Normal, Weak-Slot, Weak-Twins
    When you see a semicolon, that separates a formation from 
    the other formations.  
    There are a few of the special formations, that have no formation 
    versions. They are noted above in the "Legend" section.
    Team Name:       Playbooks:
    ---------        ----------------------------------------------------
    Air Force        FB-N-W-Tw-Sl-Sp; I-N-Sl-Tw; PI
    Akron            WK-N-Sl-Tw; Ace-Tw-YTrp; SG-N-Trp; ST-N-Ti
    Alabama          Ace-N-Tw-YTrp; SG-Sp-Trp-5W; I-N-Ti; WK-Tw
    Arizona          Ace-N-Sl-YTrp; SG-N-Sp-Ytrp; I-N-Tw; Pro-N
    Arizona State    Ace-N-Sl-Sp-YTrp; I-N-Ti; ST-Sl-Tw; Pro-Sl
    Arkansas         I-N-Ti-Tw; SG-Sp-Trp-2BSl; Ace-N-YTrp; ST-N
    Arkansas State   Ace-N-Sl-Sp; I-N-Tw; Pro-N; SG-N; ST-N; WK-Sl
    Army             Ace-N-Sl-Sp-Trp-TW-YTrp; SG-N-Sp-5W
    Auburn           Ace-Sl-Tw-YTrp; SG-N-Split-YTrp; I-N-Sl; WK-Tw
    Ball State       Ace-Tw-Sp; I-N-Sl; SG-Sp-Trp; Pro-Sl; ST-Tw; WK-N
    Baylor           SG-Sp-Trp-YTrp-2BSl-5W; Ace-Sp; I-N; Pro-Sl; ST-Ti
    Boise State      Ace-N-Sl-Tw-YTrp; I-N-Tw; Pro-N; SG-YTrp; ST-N
    Boston College   Ace-N-Sl-YTrp; I-N-Ti-Tw; SG-N-YTrp-2BSl
    Bowling Green    I-N-Sl-Tw; Ace-Sl-Sp; Sg-Sp-YTrp; ST-N; WK-Sl
    Buffalo          SG-Split-Sp-Trp-5W; Ace-Sp-Tw; I-N; ST-Ti; WK-N
    BYU              SG-N-Trp-YTrp-5W; ACe-Tw-Sl; I-Ti; ST-Tw; WK-Tw
    CAL              Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; I-N-Ti; ST-N-Sl; Pro-N; WK-N
    Central Michigan Ace-N-Trp-Tw; SG-N-Sp-Trp; ST-N-TW; WK-Tw
    Cincinnati       SG-Sp-Trp-YTrp-2BSl-5W; Ace-N-Sl-Tw; I-Sl
    Clemson          Ace-Sp-YTrp; I-Sl; SG-N-Sp-Trp-YTrp-2BSl; WK-Sl
    Colorado         Ace-N-Sl-YTrp; I-N-Ti-Tw; SG-Sp-Tw; WK-Tw
    Colorado State   Ace-N-Sl-TW-YTrp; I-N-Ti-Sl; ST-N; WK-N
    Duke             Ace-N-Sl-Sp; SG-N-Sp; I-Sl; Pro-Sl; ST-N; WK-N
    Eastern Michigan Ace-N-Sl-YTrp; SG-N-Sp-2BSl; NOBack; Pro-Sl; ST-Tw
    ECU              Ace-Sl-Sp-Trp-YTrp; SG-Sp-YTrp; Pro-Sl; ST-Tw; WK-N
    Florida          SG-Sp-Trp-YTrp-5W; Ace-N-Sl-Sp; NOBack; I-N
    Florida State    SG-N-Sp-2BSl-5W; I-N-Tw-Sl; Ace-N-Sl
    Fresno State     Ace-N-Sl-Sp-Trp; ST-Sl-Tw; I-N; SG-N; WK-Tw
    Georgia          Ace-N-Sl-Tw; SG-N-Sp-2BSl; I-N-Sl; PowerI
    Georgia Tech     Ace-N-Sl-Sp; SG-Sp-Trp-YTrp; I-Ti-Sl; ST-N
    Hawai            SG-Sp-Trp-2BSl-5W; Ace-Sp-Trp; I-N; NOBack; Pro-Sl
    Houston          Ace-Sl-Tw-YTrp; SG-N-Trp-YTrp; I-Tw; ST-N; WK-N
    Idaho            Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; I-N-Tw; Pro-N-Sl; ST-N; WK-Tw
    Illinois         Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; I-N-Tw; Pro-N-Sl; ST-Sl; WK-N
    Indiana          I-N-Sl-Tw; SG-Trp-2BSl; Ace-N; MaryI; ST-N; WK-Sl
    Iowa             Ace-N-Sl-YTrp; I-N-Tw; SG-Trp-YTrp; ST-N; WK-N
    Iowa State       Ace-N-Sl-Sp; SG-N-Trp-2BSl; I-Sl; ST-N; WK-Sl
    Kansas           SG-N-Sp-Trp; Ace-Sl-Trp; I-N-Sl; ST-N; WK-N
    Kansas State     I-N-Ti-Tw; SG-N-Sp; ST-N-Tw; Ace-Sl; WK-Tw
    Kent State       Ace-Sl-Sp; I-N-Tw; SG-Trp-2BSl; ST-N-Tw; WK-Sl
    Kentucky         SG-Sp-Trp-2BSl-5W; Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; I-N; NOBack
    Louisiana Tech   Ace-N-Sl-Tw-YTrp; SG-Sp-Trp-2BSl-5W; NOBack
    Louisville       SG-N-Sp-Trp-5W; Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; NOBack; ST-N
    LSU              Ace-N-Trp-Tw; I-N-Ti-Tw; SG-N-Sp-Trp
    Marshall         SG-N-Sp-Trp-YTrp-2BSl; Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; ST-N
    Maryland         SG-N-Sp-2BSl; Ace-N-YTrp; I-N-Tw; FB-N; WK-Tw
    Memphis          SG-Sp-Trp-YTrp-5W; Ace-Sp-Trp-Tw; I-N; WK-Tw
    Miami            Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; I-N-Sl-Tw; SG-Sp-YTrp; ST-Tw
    Miami(OH)        Ace-N-Tw-YTrp; sG-Sp-Trp-YTrp; I-N-Tw; Pro-Sl
    Michigan         Ace-N-Sp-Tw-YTrp; ST-N-Tw; NOBack; Pro-Sl; SG-Sp
    Michigan State   Ace-N-Tw-YTrp; SG-N-Trp; ST-N; I-Tw; MaryI; WK-Tw
    Mid Tenn State   Ace-N-Sl-Sp; SG-N-Trp; I-N; Pro-N; ST-N; WK-Tw
    Minnesota        Ace-N-Sp-Trp-Tw-YTrp; I-N; SG-Sp; ST-N; WK-Sl
    Mississippi St   I-N-Ti-Tw; SG-N-5W; Ace-Sl; MaryI; Pro-N; ST-Tw
    Missouri         Ace-N-Sl-Sp-Tw; SG-Trp-YTrp; WK-N-Tw; ST-N
    Navy             FB-N-Sl-Tw-Wide; SG-Sp-Trp-5W; ACe-Trp; PowerI
    NC State         SG-N-Split-Sp-2BSl; Ace-Sl-Sp-Trp; ST-Tw; WK-N
    Nebraska         I-N-Sl-Ti; Ace-N-YTrp; SG-2BSl; PowerI; MaryI; WK-Tw
    Nevada           Ace-N-Sl-Tw-YTrp; SG-Sp-Trp-2BSl-5W; ST-N
    New Mexico       Ace-N-Sl-Trp-YTrp; SG-Sp-Trp-5W; ST-N; WK-N
    New Mexico State Ace-Sl-Tw-YTrp; I-N-Sl-Tw; Pro-Sl; SG-2BSl; ST-N
    North Carolina   SG-N-Trp-YTrp-2BSl; I-N-Sl; Ace-YTrp; ST-N; WK-Tw
    North Texas      Ace-N-Sl-Sp-Trp-Tw-YTrp; SG-Sp; ST-Tw; WK-Tw
    Northern IllinoisAce-Sl-Trp-YTrp; ST-N-Sl-Tw; I-N-Ti; WK-N
    Northwestern     SG-N-Split-Sp-Trp-YTrp-2BSl-5W; I-N; NOBack
    Notre Dame       Ace-N-Sl-Sp-YTrp; ST-N-Tw; I-N; Pro-Sl; WK-Tw
    Ohio             FB-N-Sl-Split-Tw-Wide; Ace-N; PowerI; Pro-N; SG-Split
    Ohio State       Ace-N-Sl-Tw; I-NSl; SG-Sp; Pro-N; ST-N; WK-Tw
    Oklahoma         SG-Sp-Trp-YTrp-2BSl-5W; Ace-Sp-Trp; ST-Sl; WK-N
    Ole Miss         I-N-Sl-Tw; SG-Sp-5W; Ace-Sl; NOBack; ST-Sl; WK-Tw
    Oklahoma State   Ace-N-Sl-YTrp; I-N-Tw; SG-N-Sp; ST-N; WK-Tw
    Oregon           Ace-N-Sl-Tw; I-N-Ti-Tw; NOBack; ST-Sl; WK-Tw
    Oregon State     SG-N-Trp-YTrp-5W; Ace-N-Sl-Tw; ST-Tw; WK-N
    Pittsburgh       I-N-Ti-Tw; SG-N-Sp-Trp; Ace-Sl-Sp; Pro-N
    Penn State       I-N-Sl-Tw; Ace-Sl-Sp; SG-N-Split; Pro-N; ST-N
    Purdue           SG-N-Sp-Trp-5W; Ace-N-Sp-Tw; NOBack; ST-N
    Rice             FB-N-Tw-Wide; SG-Sp-Split-YTrp; WB-N-Ti-Wide
    Rutgers          Ace-N-Sl-Tw; I-N-Tw; FB-N; SG-5W; ST-N; WK-Sl
    San Diego State  Ace-Sl-Tw-YTrp; ST-N-Tw; WK-N-Tw; I-N; SG-2BSl
    San Jose State   SG-N-Sp-Trp-2BSl; Ace-N-Sl-Tw; ST-N-Tw
    SMU              Ace-N-Sl-Sp-Trp-YTrp; WK-N-Sl; I-N; ST-Sl
    South Carolina   SG-Sp-Trp-2BSl-5W; Ace-N-Sp; I-N-Tw; WB-Ti
    Southern Miss    Ace-Sl-Trp-Tw-YTrp; SG-N-Sp-Trp-5W; I-N
    Stanford         Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; SG-Sp-Trp-5W; I-N; NOBack; ST-Sl
    Syracuse         I-N-Ti-Tw; Ace-Sl-YTrp; Pro-N; ST-Sl; WK-Tw; WB-Ti
    TCU              Ace-Sl-Sp-Tw-YTrp; SG-Split-Sp; ST-N-Tw; I-N
    Temple           I-N-Sl-Tw; Ace-N-Sl; Pro-Sl; SG-2BSl; ST-N; WK-N
    Tennessee        SG-Sp-Trp-2BSl; Ace-Sp-YTrp; WK-N-Sl; I-N; ST-Tw
    Texas            Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; ST-N-Tw; NOBack; Pro-N; SG-Sp; WK-Tw
    Texas A&M        Ace-Sl-YTrp; I-N-Tw; SG-Sp-Trp; WK-N-Tw; ST-N
    Texas Tech       SG-N-Sp-Trp-5W; Ace-N-Sp; ST-N-Sl; WK-N
    Toledo           SG-Sp-YTrp-2BSl; Ace-N-Tw; ST-N-Tw; I-N; WK-Ti
    Troy State       SG-N-Sp-Trp-2BSl; Ace-Sl-Sp-Trp; I-N; PowerI
    Tulane           SG-N-Sp-Trp-5W; I-N-Sl; Ace-Sl; ST-Tw; WK-N
    Tulsa            Ace-N-Sl-Trp-YTrp; SG-N-Sp-YTrp-5W; ST-N
    UAB              I-N-Tw; FB-N-Wide; SG-Trp-5W; PowerI; ST-N; WK-Sl
    UCF              SG-N-Sp-YTrp-5W; I-N-Tw; Ace-Sl; NOBack; ST-Tw
    UCLA             Ace-Sp-Tw-YTrp; I-N-Sl-Ti; WK-N-Tw; SG-2BSl
    UCONN            Ace-Sl-Trp; I-N-Tw; SG-Trp-2BSl; Pro-Sl; ST-Tw; WK-Sl
    UL Lafayette     SG-N-Sp-Trp-5W; Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; I-N; Pro-Sl
    UL Monroe        Ace-Sl-Sp-Tw; I-N-Sl; SG-N-YTrp; Pro-Sl; WK-N
    UNLV             Ace-N-Sl-Sp; SG-Sp-Trp-5W; I-N; NOBack; ST-Tw
    USC              Ace-N-Sl; I-N-Sl; SG-N-Split; Pro-N; ST-N; WK-N
    USF              SG-N-Sp-Trp-YTrp-2BSl; Ace-N-YTrp; I-N; NOBack
    Utah             Ace-N-Sl-Sp; I-N-Ti; ST-Sl-Tw; Pro-N; SG-2BSl
    Utah State       Ace-N-Sl-Sp; SG-Sp-Trp-5W; I-N; NOBack; ST-Tw
    UTEP             Ace-N-Sl-Tw; I-N-Sl-Tw; ST-N-Tw; SG-Split
    Vanderbilt       SG-N-Split-Sp-Trp-YTrp-2BSl; Ace-N-Sp; I-N
    Virginia         SG-Sp-2BSl-5W; Ace-Sl-YTrp; I-Sl-Tw; NOBack; ST-N
    Virginia Tech    I-N-Ti-Tw; SG-Split-Trp-2BSl; PowerI; ST-N; WK-Tw
    Wake Forest      SG-N-Sp-YTrp-2BSl; Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; FB-N; I-N
    Washington       Ace-Sl-Sp-YTrp; I-N-Ti-Tw; NOBack; ST-Sl; WK-N
    Washington State Ace-N-Sl-Sp-Trp; SG-Sp-Trp-5W; NOBack; ST-N
    West Virginia    SG-N-Sp-Trp-YTrp-2BSl-5W; Ace-Sl-Tw; I-Tw
    Western Michigan Ace-N-Sl-Sp-Trp; SG-N-Trp; I-Sl; MaryI; WK-Tw
    Wisconsin        Ace-N-Sl-YTrp; I-N-Tw; ST-N-Tw; SG-N; WK-N
    Wyoming          Ace-N-Sl-Sp-YTrp; SG-N-Sp-Trp; I-Sl; ST-Tw
    Balanced Pass    Ace-N-Sl-YTrp; SG-Sp-YTrp; I-Tw; NOBack; ST-Tw; WK-Sl
    Pass Heavy       SG-Sp-Trp-YTrp-5W; Ace-N-Sl-YTrp; NOBack; ST-Tw
    Run and Gun      SG-N-Sp-2BSl-5W; Ace-N-Sp-Trp; I-N-Sl
    Balanced Run     Ace-N-Sl; I-N-Sl; FB-Split-Wide; sG-Split; ST-N; WK-Tw
    Option Run       I-N-Tw; FB-Tw-Wide; Ace-N; MaryI; PowerI; ST-Sl; WB-Wide
    West Coast       Ace-N-Sl-Sp-Trp-YTrp; ST-Sl-Tw; NOBack; WK-Tw
    1.0 -- Submission Date:  10/26/2002
    .   -- Original Version of the FAQ 
    1.1 -- Submission Date:  05/05/2007
    .   -- Took My Real Name Out After I Saw It On Google
    .   -- Added the "Version History" Section
    .   -- Moved "Legend" Above the Playbook Names
    .   -- Gave "Legend" Its Own Section
    .   -- Revised the "Legend" Section
    .   -- Added the "How to Read the Chart" Section
    6.  CREDITS
    Credit goes out to UKFan, stephen@theleons.org, because on his
    website I saw the NCAA 2002 playbooks from last year, at
    Prior to posting this FAQ, I can say that in several locations you
    might be able to find this same information, since it is no
    great relevation, and it took no great thought on my part.  All it
    took was one and a half hours of my time to scroll through the
    playbook section portion of "My Profile" changing playbooks and scrolling
    through formations.  
    The information contained within this FAQ can probably only be 
    claimed as intellectual property by EA Sports, and maybe the NCAA.
    Posting what formations are included in the game is by no means an 
    indication that I am the first or last person to do this, but by
    submitting this faq myself, I say that I compiled this information
    on my own.

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