Review by MoeBear

"Not a bad remake, but too hard to clear"

Every Video game freak remembers defender, I still play the two old version on my classic collection. But this game is something else. It gets into more detail, with a choice of ships you wish to use, and you get better ones as you clear levels, and better weapons!

The Graphics on this game is truly unbelievable, I mean remarkable. It sure is nothing like the 80's version. Ok, lets start, The Story starts off as you get into the defender and try to save the worlds. You have mission after mission going to different planets and destroying those wicked evil aliens! Sounds cool, no? well it is. The first couple of board is easy, kill off the enemies, save the people, or protect bases, or bridges, while your allies pass threw, or protect a flying cargo. What ever it is its not a bad thing. My best one I like was find the fallen craft and protect and save the captain.

You have tons of weapons to use, as you progress, and lots of cool new ships, so far this is a great game, thats what I though. If you like fast ships, heavy duty ships, or even fighting and cool looking ones, most likely you will find one you like. The problem with this is, its a 3D game, don't forget. So when it gets hard, it gets hard.

Here's the catch, you have to protect the cargo from blowing up on land, then protect a tower or base, while there are tons of enemies on the ground, you need to use your bombs, and you you a flock of enemies in the air, coming at you from all directions, including your back side. So in short you need to fight like a mad man, right, left, behind you, on top of you, and on the ground! So you making great progress, but one little mistake like the cargo gets blown up, you got to start over. Good luck! And once you think you did it! Some crazy Boss comes at you at the end that needs a million shots to kill, and you almost out of amo, your a sitting duck with you pea shooter.

The bottom line is, its a play able game till it gets really hard, I don't know how many levels it has cause I gave up after awhile, for me it was too hard, and I got frustrated after hours and day after day of trying to just get to the next planet. But for those out there that did it, hey more power to you, you did something right that I wasn't doing.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/10/06

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