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    Hulk by Surreal

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    Character FAQ for Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
    Version: 0.4
    Written by: Surreal (Nathan C. Lee)
         email: <surreal@canada.com>
    Copyright 2001 Nathan C. Lee
         This FAQ or any portion thereof may not be reproduced in any form without
    the expressed written permission and clearly labelled recognition of the
    author. Furthermore, the granted permission will be applicable only for the
    version of the FAQ that was available during the time of the request.
         If I have granted you permission in the past to display an older version
    of this FAQ on your site, but I did not personally submit any newer versions
    to your site, that means you do NOT have permission to copy an up to date
    version from another site.
    The Incredible Hulk is copyright Marvel Inc.
    Revision History: (further details at bottom of FAQ)
    ver 0.1 - 9 April, 2001 - FAQ created
    ver 0.2 - 11 April, 2001 - still working on it...
    ver 0.3 - 16 April, 2001 - tinkering here and there, nothing groundbreaking
    ver 0.31 - 19 April, 2001 - fixed a stupid blunder in the combo section
    ver 0.32 - 23 April, 2001 - clarified copyright statement, cosmetic changes
    ver 0.4 - 4 July, 2001 - some more gamma crush stuff, damage table in Ch.4
    The most recently updated sections or additional notes will be marked with a
    header called <update>, so you can do a search for that to find the most
    recent additions.
    The most up to date version of this FAQ can always be found at:
    Anything you see marked with *'s means I'm working on it. They are mostly just
    notes to myself that I was too lazy to write on paper.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Pros/Cons
    3. Legend
    4. Moves Overview
    5. Normal Moves
    6. Special Moves
    7. Super Moves
    8. Assists
    9. General Usage/Strategies
    10. Combos
    11. Team Selection
    12. Revision Notes
    13. Credits
    1. Introduction
    I was bored.
    I wrote a FAQ.
         Seriously, I wrote this FAQ to show what Hulk is capable of in MvC2. This
    is not a stand-alone FAQ and it will not tell you how to play the game. I
    would suggest going to www.gamefaqs.com and reading some of the other FAQs
    there first if you are new to the game. Actually, the Hulk FAQ written by
    PhatDan81 is an excellent read. If there's something I've missed, he's
    probably covered it.
         Why did I choose to write about the Hulk (other than because I like him)?
    Because people are so obsessed with using only the "best" or "top tier"
    characters nowadays that they ignore all those who aren't. With that in mind,
    I am not trying to prove that Hulk is a "top tier" character. Far from that
    actually. I'm just going to write down everything I know in a semi-coherent
    fashion and show you how to give one of the little guys (heh) a good chance
    against the competition. Above all though, have fun. You really only need to
    know one things in order to play as the Hulk effectively. In the immortal
    words of our favourite gamma irradiated friend:
    2. Pros/Cons
    Why play as Hulk?
    - all his normal moves have excellent range, priority and chipping damage
    - with the proper teammates (but this is a requirement for anybody) he will
      pressure and chip your opponents to death
    - he is fairly mobile for a big guy
    - very damaging combos (and simple to boot)
    - super armour (I'm Canadian. I spell words with extra letters. Happy?)
    - Gamma Crush is one of the most powerful supers in the game
    - he's the Hulk... that's not reason enough?
    - the lag on most of his moves will kill you if you don't compensate properly
    - he is a big green combo magnet (see previous statement)
    - he can be a metre hog and does not build it very well either
    - fares very poorly against certain (properly played) keep away characters
    - slightly steeper learning curve than other characters
    - small opponents will cause you grief (Servbot will tear you up)
    - Major Talbot will always be after you
    3. Legend
    u/d/f/b       up/down/forward/back
    s/c           standing/crouching (I interchange c and d all the time)
    j/sj          jump/super jump
    P/K           punch/kick
    PP/KK         both punch/kick buttons
    qcf           quarter circle forward (roll the joystick from down to forward)
    qcb           quarter circle back (roll from down to back)
    hcf           half circle forward (roll from back to down to forward)
    hcb           half circle back (roll from forward to down to back)
    AC            air combo
    OTG           off the ground
    lp/mp/hp      punches: jab/strong/fierce (aka light/medium/heavy punch)
    lk/mk/hk      kicks: short/forward/roundhouse (aka light/medium/heavy kick)
    I've probably forgotten a whole bunch of other things to add, but who really
    reads this section anyways?
    4. Moves Overview
    Launcher: c.hp - 2 hits (first hit lifts slightly, second hit launches)
    Snapback Animation: s.hp
    Overheads: none
    Low Attacks: c.lk
    Ground knockbacks: standing:  mp, hp, mk, hk
                       crouching: hk
    AC finishers: mp, hp, hk
    combo chains: ground  - weak to strong (2 hits)
                  jump    - weak to strong (2 hits)
                  s. jump - magic series (but only 4 hits due to Hulk's irregular
                                          AC finishers)
    Special Moves
    Gamma Slam                 qcf + P
    Gamma Tornado              hcp + P
    Horizontal Gamma Charge    charge b, f + K, then ub/u/uf + K for second charge
    Vertical Gamma Charge      charge d, u + K, then u/uf/f + K for second charge
    Super Moves
    Gamma Wave                 qcf + PP
    Gamma Quake                qcf + KK
    Gamma Crush                qcb + PP (aim with b/f)
               Assists               Counter               THC
               -------               -------               ---
    Ground:    lp. Gamma Slam       lp. Gamma Slam         Gamma Wave
    Dash:      H. lk Gamma Charge   H. lk Gamma Charge     Gamma Crush
    Anti-Air:  uf lk Gamma Charge   V. lk Gamma Charge     Gamma Quake
    Damage Table
    Note: Damage statistics were acquired on a Dreamcast with damage setting at 2
          (out of 4) against a normal defence character (Cable). 
                    lp       mp       hp       lk       mk       hk     
                    --       --       --       --       --       --   
    standing        6        10       16       6        10       16
    crouching       6        10       8+8=16   6        10       16
    jumping         6        10       16       6        10       16
    throws  ground  16
            air     16
    Gamma Slam  lp  8+8= 16
                hp  8+8+8+7= 31
    Gamma Tornado  lp  22
                   hp  30
    Gamma Charge  1st hit  21
                  2nd hit  10
                  (damage is the same regardless of the kick button used)
    Gamma Wave  ~ 55
    Gamma Crush  ~ 60 (high variability, see section 7 for details)
    Gamma Quake  ~ 51 (high variability, see section 7 for details)
    Walking - slow speed, don't ever walk with Hulk
    Dashing - hops forward about 1/3 of screen, slow for a dash, not too useful
            - beginning of hop is quite fast
    Back Dash - rolls backwards 1/3 of screen, slightly faster than his dash
    Wavedash - PP, d+PP, d+PP...repeat - not useful, but funny to watch (leapfrog)
             - not much use since it's too slow to cross the screen and combo, and
               it is much more effective to counter with a single dash then s.hp
    Jump - slightly lower than other character's jumps
         - initially raises his arms, making Hulk a very big target
         - but Hulk picks his legs up at the apex so he's not as big a target
          (he's still a pretty darn big target though)
    Dash Jump - Hulk becomes a very fast big green torpedo; use often
    Super Jump - a standard super jump, don't use too often since Hulk doesn't 
                 have a very good air game
    5. Normal Moves
         Hulk's punches have longer range than his kicks, but push back further
    and have more startup and recovery time. Both his punches and kicks have good
    stun time, but it is easier to combo off his kicks since they do not push back
    as far.
         Hulk's moves have immense priority for physical (ie: his own body)
    attacks and will beat out most other physical moves. However, proper abuse of
    his super armour makes this point moot (which is required, since his moves
    come out so slowly anyways).
         It is much more important to consider the timing of Hulk's attacks
    instead of worrying about priority. Since many of his attacks come out slowly,
    his high priority is useless if your opponent can put you into hit stun before
    your move comes out.
    ground: when close, b/f + P - 16 damage 
            - Hulk grabs the opponent with one hand and slams them into the ground
              on the other side (very funny on Servbot)
            - oddly enough, Hulk has a very poor throw range
    air: when close, f + P - 16? damage
         - Hulk grabs the opponent with both hands and throws them straight down
         - stay away from this move; your opponent will recover before you land
           and cross you up six ways to Sunday
         - if you do use this move by accident, come down with a roundhouse and
           hope it connects
    Since all of Hulk's move tend to push him back a lot, the opportunity to throw
    doesn't present itself too often. You should really stick to combos anyways
    since Hulk's throws don't do any more damage than his fierces or roundhouses.
    Jab  - 6 damage - a large backhand swing
    s.lp - decent range for a jab
         - good priority, will beat out most other attacks, but...
         - comes out slowly, avoid using this move against combo mad pixies or you
           will be in hit stun before you know it
         - will miss some ducking opponents and most short standing ones too
         - cancels very easily into a jab Gamma Tornado
         - if close, can cancel quickly into jab Gamma Slam/Wave
         - use this move if your opponent is blindly rushing or out of range of
           your crouching short, or is jumping in at a shallow angle
         - the simple s.lp, s.hp combo can be your best friend for countering
           mistakes (if you have no supers or didn't charge back for Gamma Charge)
         - you generally only want to use this move as a ground combo starter when
           countering mistakes, or combo into it from a jump in attack
    Strong - 10 damage - a long straight arm punch
    s.mp   - longer range than the jab, good speed
           - knocks back horizontally
           - hits higher than his jab and will miss even more ducking or short
             standing opponents
           - there is really no reason to ever use this move, use fierce instead
    Fierce - 16 damage - a big overhead swing from head to toe
    s.hp   - over half screen range
           - despite its look, there is almost no vertical range on this move
             which makes it a very poor anti-air move
           - unlike the jab and strong, this will hit small and ducking opponents
           - easily telegraphed, slow to come out, but the actual swing is quick
           - knocks back diagonally
           - bad lag if blocked
           - always follow up with a fierce Gamma Slam to add chip damage and to
             push back and prevent a quick counter
           - if blocked, always follow up with jab Gamma Slam or Gamma Quake to
             push back and to compensate (somewhat) for the lag
           - a dash then fierce will reach the other side of the screen and is a 
             safer counter than a roundhouse Gamma Charge
           - only combos from standing or crouching jab
    Short - 6 damage - Hulk kicks at your opponent's foot
    s.lk  - shorter range than the jab
          - Hulk's quickest move, very little lag, a decent anti-rushing move
          - almost no stun time, can only combo into his standing forward or Gamma 
          - you should generally use the crouching short instead, it has much
            better range and combo follow ups
          - only use this move if you are being severely pressured on the ground
            and no other move will come out fast enough; but even then you'd be
            better off using a good assist instead (like Jin's Anti-Air)
    Forward - 10 damage - Hulk sticks out his foot at waist level
    s.mk    - good range
            - knocks back horizontally
            - doesn't combo into anything
            - you should only use this move if you accidentally used s.lk
            - while it may not look it, this move does hit small and crouching
    Roundhouse - 16 damage - Hulk puts his hands to the ground and thrusts both
    s.hk                     feet up at ~70 
               - slow startup, easily blocked by pixies
               - a decent anti-air move with a very good vertical range
               - very high priority, will beat out most jump ins due to people
                 underestimating the vertical range
               - acts like a launcher (that launches diagonally), but Hulk can't
                 follow up with a combo; cancel into fierce Gamma slam to add
                 block damage and to prevent rapid counters
               - terrible lag if missed or blocked; cancel into jab Gamma Slam to
               - does not combo from anything
               - generally not a safe move to use as the lag will lead to crossups
               - stick with a good assist for anti-air
    jab  - 6 damage - an overhead hammer swing
    c.lp - despite its looks, it has no vertical range and will not hit anything 
           above you (that's what your crouching fierce is for)
         - slower than your crouching short, but better range
         - slightly faster than his standing jab, but slightly less range
         - same application as his standing jab, except your opponent is dashing
           in with low attacks or trying to sweep
         - unless you really need the range, always use the crouching short in
           combos instead
    strong - 10 damage - a backhand swing (similar to standing jab)
    c.mp   - fairly slow startup
           - if close, can combo into jab Gamma Tornado
           - otherwise, your only combo choices are Gamma Charge or Gamma Quake
    fierce - 2 hits - 8 + 8 = 16 damage - a double arm uppercut
    c.hp   - Hulk's launcher on the second hit
           - mini-launch on the first hit, slight vacuum effect
           - fair anti-air move, but the lag will lead to painful cross ups
           - decent horizontal and vertical range
           - will only hit once (and pull inwards) if too far away
           - bad lag if missed or blocked; cancel to jab Gamma Slam to compensate
           - pause very briefly before jumping up for an air combo
           - combos into Gamma Crush, but can be problematic (see Section 7)
           - combos into a perfect Gamma Crush if you cancel after the first hit
           - stick with a good assist for anti-air
    short - 6 damage - just like his standing short, but it hits low
    c.lk  - this is Hulk's only low attack
          - very quick (but slower than s.lk), very little lag, very good range
          - Hulk's best poke move, excellent for anti-rushing
          - if possible, start all of Hulk's ground combos with this
          - combos into crouching forward or crouching fierce (launcher)
          - can combo quickly into Gamma Charge if can't reach with c.mk or c.hp
    forward - 10 damage - Hulk sticks his foot straight out
    c.mk    - good range, good speed
            - if very close or in corner, can combo into a fierce Gamma Tornado
            - otherwise combo into his Horizontal Gamma Charge
    roundhouse - 16 damage - Hulk sticks his foot out at an upwards angle
    c.rh       - knocks back diagonally (though at a smaller angle than s.hp)
               - average speed, good priority
               - can only be comboed from a crouching short
               - there is no good reason to ever use this move; if you must use a
                 knockback, use s.hp instead for better range and angle
    jab  - 6 damage - a headbutt/bite
    j.lp - very poor range, poor priority
         - use only as a combo filler during an air combo
    strong - 10 damage - Hulk punches at a slight downward angle
    j.mp   - good speed, good range
           - AC finisher
           - there is no reason to ever use this move, use fierce instead
    fierce - 16 damage - "the fly swatter"
    j.hp   - Hulk claps his hands together at foot level with such force that it
             actually makes him float briefly
           - during a normal jump, this stops both forward and backwards movement  
           - very slow to come out
           - unmatched priority in the air, but only if it comes out in time
           - covers both the area in front and below him (possible to cross up)
           - bad lag even if you connect
           - Hulk's best air to air attack
           - never use this during a normal jump, you recover much too slowly
           - if used in an AC, tag on a roundhouse afterwards since it recovers
             more quickly; it also compensates for your "float" which can leave
             you quite vulnerable in the air
           - a quick & risky combo is to super jump in, cross up with the fierce, 
             then immediately hit them with a roundhouse; 2 hits - 32 damage
    short - 6 damage - Hulk sticks his foot out, exactly like his standing short
    j.lk  - quick to come out, average range
          - not Hulk's best priority move, but still pretty good
          - always combo into jumping forward
          - arguably Hulk's best jump-in attack (my personal favourite)
    forward - 10 damage - "the Flintstone kick", Hulk swings his foot up
    j.mk    - poor horizontal range, but it covers the entire area in front of him
            - a combo filler; combo into fierce during an air combo
    roundhouse - 16 damage - a missile dropkick
    j.rk       - comes out fairly quickly
               - immense priority
               - hit area extends just slightly beyond his feet
               - pushes back a lot
               - does not have too much stun time, so you must have good timing if
                 you wish to combo afterwards (you must wait until you are close
                 to the ground before using this)
               - arguably Hulk's other best jump-in attack
               - best used during a super jump in
    6. Special Moves
    Gamma Slam
    qcf + P     jab:    2 hits - 8 + 8         = 16 damage
                fierce: 4 hits - 8 + 8 + 8 + 7 = 31 damage
                        (the last hit would be 8 if not for damage reduction)
         Hulk rears up for a moment, then plunges his arms into the ground and
    pulls pieces of it up, creating a wave of rocks/ground that travels forward
    moderately quickly.  The rocks lift up out of the ground about half the height
    of Hulk, giving them an even larger area coverage. Jab creates two rocks that
    travel half screen. Fierce creates 4 rocks that travel nearly the entire
    length of the screen. Your opponent will be pushed back the corresponding
    distance whether they block or not. 
         Each rock will do one pixel of block damage. Note that a blocked fierce
    Gamma Slam can do just as much damage as a blocked Gamma Wave.
         For the jab version, the pause before he begins is slight. It is possible
    to combo into it from a standing/crouching jab only if you are very close and
    cancel very quickly. The only reason you would want to do this is to cancel
    into a Gamma Wave, but the conditions are very rare and this is difficult to
    pull off; there are much safer combos to work with. You cannot combo the
    fierce Gamma Slam in any way.
         Hulk remains in his final animation frame until the wave is completed,
    which means he is vulnerable to attacks. The only way to get out of the frame
    is if you cancel into a super (before the second rock finishes rising out of
    the ground) or you are hit by an attack. Cancel into Gamma Quake or Gamma
    Crush against jumpers.
         One of the best properties of the wave is that it will continue to expand
    regardless if you cancel out or are hit. As long as the first rock appears,
    the remainder of the wave will occur. Most people forget about this and become
    very frustrated when they get hit even after their beam hit you. The rocks are
    also invulnerable and can negate fireballs (but not beams). Interestingly,
    Hulk's Gamma Slam and Juggernaut's Earthquake will go through each other (and
    hit both combatants respectively).
         Despite it's good points, this move has limited uses. Never use this move
    by itself, as it's lag will get you severely punished. As I mentioned earlier,
    it is mainly used to add block damage or to compensate for a blocked combo.
    Whenever your standard ground combo is blocked, cancel quickly into jab Gamma
    Slam to prevent a dash in and to push them back. If your combo connected and
    you finished with a knockback, cancel immediately into a fierce Gamma Slam
    since the last rock will catch them, forcing them to block. (This is
    especially frustrating for people who like to whip out beam supers after
    you've knocked them away; even if they pull off the super quickly enough, they
    will still get knocked out of it).
         It is possible to use this move as a sort of anti-air against opponents
    who like to jump in at shallow angles, but this is an unreliable strategy at
    best. On the off hand that it does work, cancel immediately into a Gamma Wave.
    Gamma Tornado
    hcb + P     jab:    22 damage
                fierce: 30 damage
         This move is Hulk's blockable command throw. The jab version makes Hulk
    stick his arm out moderately quickly, grab the opponent by their head, spin
    them around once and throw them about 2 screens away behind him. Hulk them
    comes hopping back onto the screen after them. The fierce version comes out
    slowly and spins them around 3 times before throwing. Both versions reach
    about half a screen away. Despite its looks, the amount of time before the
    opponent is grabbed is dependant only on the punch strength used. The
    proximity of your opponent has no effect.
         If your opponent always jumps in with a non-fierce/roundhouse attack,
    abuse your super armour and catch them with a jab Gamma Tornado. You must time
    it so you catch them before they can hit you with their second jump in attack.
         This move will miss small opponents, and some ducking ones. I've heard
    that it is possible to cancel the launcher after 1 hit then catch them with
    the throw, but I have only been able to do this against Roll and Servbot.
    Please email me if you know how to do this on everybody, or can confirm that
    it does not work on anyone else.
         The Gamma Tornado is an excellent finisher for short ground combos, but
    you must start the combo fairly close to the opponent. The main problem is not
    the timing, but the pushback from Hulk's normal moves which push them out of
    range of the Gamma Tornado.
    The jab version will combo off: s.lp, c.lp, c.mp, c.lk
    The fierce version will combo off: c.mk
    If your opponent is in the corner, use the fierce version regardless.
         If your back is to the corner and you catch your opponent with a Gamma
    Tornado (which throws them into the wall), immediately follow up with a
    standing roundhouse to catch them on their way down. (The combo cancelling
    rules seem to indicate that you can follow up with a super at this point, but
    for some reason it doesn't work. If you know why, please tell me.) If your
    opponent isn't too bright and you feel like gambling, you can always try
    catching them with another Gamma Tornado after the roundhouse.
         Another gamble is if you use Gamma Tornado and throw your opponent into
    the middle of the battle field; when you hop back onto the screen, they are
    now at the perfect Gamma Crush cross up distance (assuming they just stand
    there and block).
         Gamma Tornado is a good counter for blocked or missed moves with lag, but
    chances are that if you were blocking, you would be better off using Gamma
    Charge instead.
         Performing a fierce Gamma Tornado on Servbot is possibly one of the
    funniest things in this game.
         An odd quirk of the Gamma Tornado is that if you grab an opponent while
    they are being hit by an assist, they will remain in whichever colour they
    were while being hit by the assist. So if Akuma's hurricane assist connects
    and you grab them with a Gamma Tornado while they're blue, you'll be spinning
    around a blue electrified opponent. Kind of worthless, but fun to watch.
    Gamma Charge
    Horizontal Gamma Charge    charge b, f + K, then ub/u/uf + K for second charge
    Vertical Gamma Charge      charge d, u + K, then u/uf/f + K for second charge
    Damage is independent of kick button used: 21 + 10 = 31 damage
         Hulk yells "Gamma Charge" (it's his only move where he actually says
    something) and charges in the appropriate direction with a large yellowish
    shield thing that covers the entire front of him.
         This move is a mixed blessing. At times, it can be your best weapon. If
    you screw up, you will experience the most excruciating lag of any move in the
    game. Even worse, you will be standing directly next to your opponent while
    you recover.
    The kick button used determines how far your charge will go:
    horizontal - short      - 3/4 screen across
    horizontal - roundhouse - full screen across
    vertical   - short      - 1/2 screen up
    vertical   - roundhouse - full screen up
    For a horizontal charge, the kick button also determines which way your
    opponent will be knocked up:
    short      - half a screen upwards and slightly away
                    - note that you are still moving forward, so your opponent
                      will ultimately be behind you
    roundhouse - 3/5 screen upwards and slightly back
         If possible, you should always be charging d/b with Hulk. Not only does
    this give you the ability to use either the vertical or horizontal charge, but
    it also sets up most of Hulk's better combos beginning with crouching short.
         After performing a horizontal charge, at any point during the first
    charge (before or after you hit your opponent) you can cancel either into a
    super or make a second charge in any of the directions listed above. For a
    vertical charge, you can change directions at any time, but cannot cancel into
    a super (since Hulk does not have any air supers).
         If you do nothing after the first hit, you will continue until you reach
    the end of the charge range, then lag for a few moments. Note that the
    recovery on the second charge is faster (fast enough for you to OTG), but only
    if you land quickly. This is only possible if you perform a vertical Gamma
    Charge then immediately do your second one horizontally. If you connect with
    the second charge, your opponent will be knocked up briefly and you will land
    before they do.
         Hulk's Gamma Charges do not have as large a hit area as they seem. One
    may be tempted to think that it is the entire shield area in front of him, but
    it is really only the tip of it. The exception to this is his Horizontal Gamma
    Charge performed from the ground. The hit area on this extends from his
    shoulder down to his feet. Thus, Hulk's head is vulnerable to attacks. It is
    very important then to never do a horizontal Gamma Charge against opponents
    who are jumping in.
         Due to Hulk's super armour, this move will go through fireballs (but you
    will still take the damage). It can go partially through multi-hitting beams
    as well, since the first few hits of the beams are usually not enough to stun
    Hulk. Fireballs will tend to slow down the charge and reduce the range very
    slightly (the actual fireball will stop you for a sliver of a second). Beams,
    as far as I can tell, slow Hulk down slightly. Refer to 'Section 9.1 Using
    your Super Armour' for some more details on which beams do not stop Hulk.
         Gamma Charge also has immense priority, mostly due to its speed and
    Hulk's super armour. Use it freely to counter any slow moves thrown your way.
    Do not ever throw it out at random. I repeat, do not ever throw a Gamma Charge
    out at random. Gamma Charge should only be used as a counter or in a combo.
         Do not attempt to use a Vertical Gamma Charge as a reliable anti-air.
    First of all, you would be charging down, which makes you unable to block air
    attacks. Secondly, if you miss, you will have both recovery time and falling
    time. Hulk's best method of using a Gamma Charge as an anti-air is to charge
    horizontally under them, then quickly cross back and up with your second
         A Vertical Gamma Charge will not hit an opponent standing directly next
    to you unless they are very tall (ie: Blackheart, Sentinel, etc.).
         Gamma Charge can is a very useful tool against air keep-away. If your
    opponent is floating above you shooting down fireballs/beams (and out of Gamma
    Crush range), either charge forwards then up, or up then forwards to catch
    them. Better yet, Gamma Charge under and past them (cross up), then Gamma
         If your Horizontal Gamma Charge is ever blocked, do not hesitate to
    cancel very quickly into a super to push you to safety. Gamma Quake is
    probably your safest bet. A riskier move is to cancel into Gamma Crush. If
    your opponent just sits and blocks, they will be in perfect cross up distance
    (assuming that they aren't backed into the corner).
         A Gamma Charge will not hit more than one opponent unless they are
    directly overlapping. Bear this in mind when charging against assists. An
    annoying effect is that if your Gamma Charge hits an assist, the assist takes
    the damage, but Hulk acts as if the charge were blocked, meaning you have to
    wait through the lag (and can't perform the second charge). The only recourse
    is to use a super to get out of it, but this must be done immediately after
    you hit their assist (the timing is much less forgiving compared to when you
    hit your main opponent).
         Beware of Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver and Omega Red's Coil Throws
    since they can catch you out of your charge. Also watch out for Venom Fang
    which hits your head where you aren't protected by the shield. Actually, watch
    out for any attacks/assists which hit around head level.
         One of the best reasons to use Gamma Charge is that it cancels nicely
    into any of Hulk's supers. Just remember that even though the Gamma Charge
    will likely knock the opponent behind you (thus a cross up), cancel into the
    super you want as if the cross up never occurred. See the section on each
    super for further details.
    7. Super Moves  ***still a little incomplete***
    Gamma Wave   (THC - ground assist)
    qcf + PP     10 to 12 hits - 51 to 58 damage
         This looks just like the Gamma Slam except that it comes out much quicker
    and the rocks come up to Hulk's full height. This move also does 11 hits
    regardless of how far away the opponent is. This move will only do fewer hits
    if your opponent hits a wall. Therefore, don't use this move when your
    opponent is near a wall unless you have to. For full effect, you need about 2
    screens lengths for your opponent to travel.
         Gamma Wave is Hulk's primary mistake punisher. It travels fast enough to
    catch most missed specials or blocked assists. For some reason though,
    sometimes the assist will get bounced up and will not take full damage from
    the super. 
         Against non-pixies, if you abuse your super armour it is also possible to
    catch your opponent in the middle of their combos/jump ins, although this is a
    risky manoeuvre at best.
         Gamma Wave also has all of the good properties of a Gamma Slam. It
    continues regardless if you were knocked out of the move (as long as the first
    rock appears) and nullifies fireballs. It still doesn't nullify beams however.
         If this super is blocked, it pushes the opponent back the entire screen.
    However, it does only 4 pixels of block damage, which is the same as a fierce
    Gamma Slam.
         Gamma Wave is probably the safest super to cancel into after a horizontal
    Gamma Charge. You would preferably want to hit them with a Roundhouse Gamma
    Charge since it will position them further behind you. It is possible to
    connect from a Short Gamma Charge, but the timing is less forgiving. In either
    case, you have to wait a moment for your opponent to drop down enough,
    otherwise the first few rocks will knock them out of the rest of the super.
         In general, this super does not go well in THCs. It tends to knock your
    opponents out of your partners' supers and does minimal damage on its own.
    Even combined with other wave type supers, the damage is still very minimal
    since the screens do not scroll in a THC so none of your supers can even take
    full effect.
         Gamma Wave works very well as a DHC ender. However, it is very difficult
    to DHC out of it. You must cancel out of it the instant the first rock starts
    to come out of the ground, otherwise the wave will not occur. I wouldn't
    recommend doing that anyways since you would greatly cut short the damage
    potential of the Gamma Wave.
         There are some methods for connecting the Gamma Crush mentioned below
    which work just as well for connecting the Gamma Wave.
    Changes from MvC1: - is now limited to 11 hits; it used to go all the way to
                         the other side of the field for as many hits as possible
                       - due to that, the potential damage is lower
                       - seems to come out a little slower
    Gamma Crush   (THC - dash assist)
    qcb + PP     knocked out of air - 3 hits - 8+10+40 = 54 damage
                 knocked off ground - 4 hits - 8+5+5+40 = 58 damage
                 opponent standing  - 7 hits - 5+5+5+4+4+4+40 = 67 damage
                 As you can see, almost all of the damage comes from the last hit
         Hulk scrunches down with a goofy look on his face, then launches skyward
    knocking out anything above him (Hulk also has a very small hit area next to
    him when he jumps up). He disappears from the screen for a moment, then comes
    crashing back down to earth with a large meteor in his arms (preferably
    landing on the opponent that you should have knocked out on your way up). 
         On his way down, the meteor can be partially aimed by pressing
    left/right/down; gauge the landing spot by following the shadow on the ground. 
    If you did not hit your opponent on the way up, they are free to move around
    until you come down, at which point they are either out of harm's way or must
    block (for moderate block damage). If your opponent is moving about, aim the
    meteor behind them. Since the meteor is very large, giving it a very large hit
    area, you have a very good chance of crossing your opponent up. After you play
    with Hulk enough, you will learn that there are certain ranges where your
    opponent will be very susceptible to a Gamma Crush cross up. I will note a few
    spots you can exploit this later on.
         This is arguably Hulk's most damaging super. It comes out very quickly
    and has very high priority.
         Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad points about this super. First of
    all, while it has very high priority going up, he seems to be completely
    vulnerable while out of the screen. Attacks such as Captain Corridor,
    Blackheart's Inferno, even the mini-beam from Cyclops's Gene Splice will knock
    him out of the air. At least when he's coming down, the meteor blocks most
    other attacks thrown his way. However, he is still vulnerable to attacks which
    cover wide areas of the screen such as Captain Corridor, Inferno, Repulsor
    Blast, etc.)
         Gamma Crush also has horrible lag if missed or blocked. Compounding this
    problem is that Hulk can only bring the meteor down to three select locations
    (determined by pressing left, right, or down; not touching the joystick will
    have it automatically aim). The problem is that there are "blind spots"
    between the three locations where if your opponent has fallen there, you will
    whiff the meteor hit (which is the most damaging portion of your super). I
    shouldn't have to mention that if you miss, you will also be on the receiving
    end of a very painful counter since your opponent will have ample time to
    decide what to do with you.
         Thirdly, it is now possible to mash out of a Gamma Crush. Reportedly, if
    you mash the button and joystick like crazy, you will recover before the
    meteor comes down, allowing you to block. Personally, I have only seen this
    once, and I wound up crossing up my opponent anyways when he tried to block. 
         ***Update note: I've been told by several sources that it is very easy to
    mash out of a Gamma Crush. I have yet to see this performed consistently, but
    then again, mashing is frowned upon at my arcade since the joysticks are so
    messed up that no one risks breaking them (more than they already are) by
         Gamma Crush can be used to counter jump-ins, or more ideally, you should
    connect it by cancelling from a launch or Gamma Charge. Cancelling off the
    launch is somewhat tricky, and has timing difficulties. The problem here is
    that depending on how high your opponent is when you cancel into the super,
    you might knock them into one of the "blind spots" mentioned earlier. My own
    timing isn't good enough to find the "perfect" height. I just go by feel. The
    best bet is to simply cancel in the Gamma Crush after the first hit of the
    launch. You have to be quick, but there are no worries.
         Cancelling into Gamma Crush from a Gamma Charge presents some of the same
    problems as cancelling from a launch. Depending on where your opponent is
    before you cancel, you might once again knock them into one of the dreaded
    "blind spots". The best time is when they are directly above you. This knocks
    them straight down and you will have no problems. If your opponent is in a
    corner, use a lk Gamma Charge (which knocks them towards the wall) and there
    will be no margin for error.
         If your Gamma Charge is blocked but you cancel into a Gamma Crush right
    away, the push back as you jump up will push your opponent into perfect cross
    up range (but this is assuming your opponent just stands still and blocks).
    Obviously, this will not work when your opponent has his back to the corner.
         Related to countering a jump-in is countering a cross up. Hulk has a
    fairly wide hit area going up, so it's easy to cross up your opponent above
    you who in all likelyhood is now blocking the wrong way. However, the same
    problem as before is that if you miss or knock your opponent into a blind
    spot, you are in a lot of trouble.
         Against a non-pixie who is trying to ground combo you, it is possible to
    pull off the Gamma Crush in the middle of their combo if they are close. This
    is generally risky to do since the start up time is not instant, but if your
    opponent is being predictable, they deserve to be crushed.
         Gamma Crush has a wide range of applications and really is a excellent
    move. So excellent in fact that I've decided to say that 'this document is
    copyright 2001 Nathan Lee' in the middle of a paragraph, just incase someone
    tries to take my work without permission. If you're a thief and you're
    currently deleting this paragraph, go sit naked on a hard boiled egg.
         Gamma Crush works well in any THC where the opponent is not moved around
    too much before the meteor comes back down, otherwise the meteor can very
    easily miss. Sometimes, even when your opponent is moving around a lot and the
    meteor looks like it hits, it might not register any damage at all. However,
    sometimes the reverse is true and you get obscene amounts of damage. Please
    refer to the glitch description a few paragraphs down.
         Gamma Crush also works very well in DHCs. Cancelling into it is no
    problem as long as your opponent(s) are above or directly next to you. In my
    experience, I have never had the opponent fall into the blind spots when I DHC
    into a Gamma Crush (though I suspect it is entirely possible). Cancelling out
    of it is also fairly easy, but takes some practice. Since the majority of the
    damage occurs on the last hit, ideally you will want to wait for that hit to
    occur before cancelling. Ignore the combo counter and listen for the
    accompanying "boom" of the meteor's final hit. Cancel as soon as you hear it.
    If you cancel the moment of the "boom", your opponent will still be lying on
    the ground. If you cancel a millisecond later, your opponent will be bounced
    about 1/3 screen high.
    <update>: making the Gamma Crush unmashable
        When your opponent is hit by the Gamma Crush, they are left stunned on the
    ground while your big rock comes down. It is during this time that people can
    mash out of it. However, the amount of time your opponent spends on the ground
    is dependant on how you connected with the Gamma Crush. If you knocked them
    out of the air (either as a counter to an attack or as part of a combo), then
    they will be lying on the ground for a very long time, during which they can
    mash out. However, if you connect with the initial upwards hit of the Gamma
    Crush while your opponent is standing on the ground, then there is almost no
    "lie down" time. Personally, I have never seen anyone mash out of this second
    scenario. The problem however, is that this scenario is very hard to achieve.
         It can be achieved in 2 manners: as a counter to your opponent's ground
    combo, or off an assist. Countering your opponent's ground combo is risky. It
    means you must block the majority of their ground combo chain, then whip out a
    Gamma Crush between their attacks. This really only works on the larger,
    slower characters, and even then might miss if they aren't close enough (since
    their attacks tend to have good pushback). It is difficult to pull on the
    small combo characters since they might be able to put you into hit stun
    before you jump up, and their small size makes it even harder to hit them.
         Using assists is by far the safer way. The types of assists that you want
    to use are either the capture type or those which stun your opponent for a
    long time. Once captured or stunned, just dash up (do not combo) and do a
    Gamma Crush. Here are some examples which work well:
    Akuma's hurricane kick (expansion)
    Magneto's Hyper Grav (capture)
    Spiderman's  Web Balls (capture)
    Juggernaut's Earthquake (ground)
    Thanos' Bubble Trap (capture)
    Tron Bonne's Satellite (projectile)
    Iron Man's Unibeam (projectile)
         There is a third way to make the Gamma Crush unmashable using your
    assists. This also involves assists which incur a very large stun time, but
    now you will use them as part of a combo. The basic idea is to begin a combo,
    call the assist during your combo, and as soon as the assist connects perform
    the Gamma Crush. You should be able to catch your opponent just before your
    assist finishes. Thus far, I have only been able to do this with two assists:
    Akuma's hurricane kick (expansion)
    Juggernaut's Earthquake (ground)
         If you know of any more possibilities or can add to my lists above,
    please send me an email.
         There are some much more specific examples of connecting the Gamma Crush
    found in Phatdan81's Hulk FAQ at gamefaqs.com.
         It is also worthwhile to note that the methods mentioned above work just
    as well for connecting the Gamma Wave. In fact, it's an easier alternative
    since there is less room for error and the timing is much more forgiving.
    Changes from MvC1: - slightly better damage (not counting the glitch)
                       - can now be mashed out of
                       - the "homing" ability seriously sucks now
                       - what the heck happened to the priority? this move used to
                         be invincible coming down and had several frames of
                         invulnerability at startup
         There seems to be some sort of glitch when performing a THC with Gamma
    Crush where the Gamma Crush will not experience damage reduction. Furthermore,
    there seems to be a few circumstances where instead of one large 40 damage
    hit, there will be two 30, 35 or 40 damage hits (hereafter referred to as the
    Double Crush). It also seems that certain partner's supers will not experience
    the damage reduction as well. I need to do a lot more testing on this, but I
    do know that it has something to do with frame slowdown and that there are
    different effects between the arcade and dreamcast.
         The following are a few notes about the glitches. These are still
    experimental, so do not take them at face value. I will also not have much
    time in the near future to do more research. If anyone reading this could tell
    me more or do some testing (we all need an excuse to play right?), it would be
    greatly appreciated. 
    Double Crush: - opponent must be held stationary at ~ 1/3 screen height
                         ex: top of Blodia Punch, Doom's Photon Sphere
                  - or opponent may "bounce", caught in mid-air 
                         ex: Captain Sword - does not work on arcade
                         - how can we control bounce? timing? height before THC?
                  - sometimes meteor does not have to be close for second hit
                         - non-touch effect? meteor fragments?
                         ex: Captain Sword, beam supers
                  - THC with Armageddon!!! how can I get 100%?
                         - lousy assist, not worth it
                  - area coverage supers screw everything up, cause movement
                         ex: Legion, Omega Destroyer, Ruby Ghosts
                  - launch with Hulk, THC with Jin OR King Kobon (not both)
                         - why not both?
                  - Tempest & Arctic attack... sometimes can get double crush
                  - does not work at all with vertical supers
    non-reduction: - launch with Hulk, THC with Jin
                          - opponent lands on top of robot arm 
                            3 big hits (punch + double crush) = 100%
                          - works from nearly full screen distance with no launch
                                 - very odd bounce and non-touch effect
                          - can a third be added without screwing up?
                          - need someone with a good launcher then super that
                            brings opponent down into punch
                   - launch with Capcom, THC w/ Jin & Hulk (good team; metre hogs)
                          - sword brings down into arm, meteor follows
                               - 3 big hits - 95% (no double crush)
                               - or does the sword hit not occur but double crush?
                          - partial solution to above, any better?
                   - launch with Hulk, THC with Jin & Lunch Rush
                         - lunch does not hit until after crush (not double, why?)
                         - falls into lunch for more damage, total = 95%
                         - funny!
                   - Hulk, Jin, Sonson - 90%
                   - beams always get damage reduction
                          - or is it just supers with high hits?
                          - but sometimes double crush occurs
    - All above Hulk launch THC's work best if Hulk's back is 1/3 from screen edge
       - other locations usually work, but sometimes not, why?
          - sometimes other locations do 100% on Juggernaut... 
             - mathematically improbable... even accounting for the double crush
                - does glitch cause damage augmentation?
    Gamma Quake   (THC - anti-air assist)
    qcf + KK     6 to 14 hits - 37 to 68 damage
                 average 9 hits ~ 51 damage
                 initial hammer punch - 10 damage
         Hulk raises his fists up and pounds the ground with such force that rocks
    fall from the sky. The rocks cover the entire area above him and extend from
    1/3 screen in front of him to just a little behind him. The above listed
    damage is if you hit your opponent on the ground. Catching them in the air
    usually (but not always) results in slightly less damage. It is apparent that
    the damage on this super is highly variable, but it can potentially do as much
    damage as a Gamma Crush.
         If you connect with Gamma Quake, the rocks lift your opponent up into the
    air, setting up some easy DHC possibilities. If it is blocked, then your
    opponent is pushed back 1/3 screen. If your opponent is backed into the
    corner, then you are pushed back instead.
         Gamma Quake comes out very quickly. However, it is only the initial
    hammer punch to the ground the comes out quickly. There is a brief moment
    before the rocks will connect. If you hit with the punch then there is no
    problem. Opponents in the air will have an opportunity to block, but since the
    rocks originate from the top of the screen, the higher they are, the less time
    the have. Bear in mind there is not much vertical range on the hammer swing.
    The animation for the hammer swing is just like his crouching jab, with the
    same ranges.
         The recovery on Gamma Quake is also very good. You recover by the time
    the last rock reaches the bottom of the screen. I have never seen anyone dash
    in quickly enough to combo (don't forget that you still have super armour),
    but I suspect a Magneto with impeccable timing (and perhaps a triangle jump)
    could pull it off.
         Gamma Quake is your most combo friendly super. It can combo off of any
    non-knockback light or medium attack. It is generally better to combo off the
    light attack though, since the medium attacks can push your opponent out of
    range of the hammer swing. Also bear in mind that it combos off a standing
    short, which is your fastest (but shortest range) move.
         You can also use this super as an anti-air or rush suppressant. Against
    rushers, this move comes out fast enough to stop most of them in their tracks.
    As long as they don't have beam supers, they will not be able to retaliate
    effectively. If they block the super, either you or they will be pushed out of
    range of retaliation. As an anti-air, treat it much as you would a ground
    rush. Just keep in mind that you have to start the quake early enough for the
    rocks to fall. You will more often use Gamma Quake as an anti-air/anti-crossup
    move. Many people forget that the rocks extend behind Hulk as well, allowing
    you to cross up your potential crosser upper (does that make sense?). While
    Gamma Crush generally does this job a little better, Gamma Quake is (as
    always), the safer move to use.
         The rocks from Gamma Quake will nullify fireballs, but do not stop beams.
    As far as I can't tell though, getting knocked out of Gamma Quake does not
    stop the remainder of the rocks from falling. While this doesn't help against
    beam supers, it at least stops a dash in combo.
         In general, Gamma Quake is your "screw up, fix up" move. If anything was
    blocked or you swung out a fierce when you shouldn't have, do not hesitate to
    pull out a Gamma Quake to protect yourself. The rocks protect you, push you
    away from your opponent, prevent dash ins, etc. Another nice little aspect
    (but don't rely on this) is that opponent with beam supers who block the quake
    sometimes get greedy and try to pull out a super right away. What they do not
    realize is that often they are not pushed entirely out of the way of the
    falling rocks from their initial block, thus their super is interrupted
    (though they do not take too much damage). This occurs maybe a third of the
    time, more so if the beam animation extends your opponents horizontal range.
         In THCs, Gamma Quake is a decent move. It adds a nice bit of damage as
    long as your partners' supers do not knock your opponent out of range (or vice
    versa). Gamma Quake is also Hulk's only reliable super with which to start a
    THC since it starts up very quickly and is combo friendly (as mentioned
    above). It is best if your partners' supers are either vertical or have a wide
    area of coverage. Remember that the rocks will lift your opponent up into the
         In DHC's, Gamma Crush works well in first or second place. It sets up
    well for vertical supers since no horizontal movement occurs. Bear in mind
    though, that rising supers (such as Amingo's Vine or Doom's Rising Flame) will
    not do as much potential damage since your opponent will be lifted fairly high
    by the rocks.
    Changes from MvC1: - I haven't noticed anything so far
    8. Assists
    Ground: jab Gamma Slam - THC: Gamma Wave
         Hulk jumps in and performs a jab Gamma Slam. In my opinion, this is
    Hulk's worst assist. It is quite slow and easily avoidable. It's only use is
    to inhibit dash ins, but then your opponent will use a jump-in instead. It is
    possible to extend combos with this assist, but I have not yet found any
    effective combination that makes it worthwhile.
         The resulting THC is usually quite bad. Gamma Wave tends to knocks your
    opponent(s) out of your partner's supers. Furthermore, the screen does not
    scroll during a THC, meaning that the Gamma Wave does not take full effect.
    Dash: Horizontal lk Gamma Charge - THC: Gamma Crush
         Hulk jumps in just slightly in front of your calling characters and does
    a quick Gamma Charge forward. I consider this his best assist. It comes out
    quickly, is fast, has excellent priority, absorbs fireballs/beams, has a large
    hit area and does good damage. There is very small delay before he charges.
         The THC with this assist is the ever popular Gamma Crush. Try to pair him
    up with other supers which keep your opponent grounded since the Gamma Crush
    does the most damage when your opponent's feet are touching the ground
    (preferably standing). 
    Anti-Air: Diagonally forward lk Gamma Charge - THC: Gamma Quake
         Very similar to his Dash assist, except Hulk performs a diagonal forwards
    Gamma Charge. This is unique since Hulk cannot perform a diagonal Gamma Charge
    by itself. It makes for a decent anti-air assist, but bear in mind that the
    hit area is not as large as it seems. This assist also seems to come out a bit
    slower than his dash assist
         Gamma Quake adds solidly to most THCs. It's ease of comboing allows Hulk
    to start the THC instead of relying on his partners to set it up.
    9. General Usage/Strategies *** terribly incomplete***
    *- does not have good air game, also no super armour
    *- does not have very good anti-air, short of Crush or Quake
    *      - easily crossed up due to lag and size
    *      - much better off with a good AAA assist (Jin and/or Capcom)
    *      - if opponent jumps in with lp or lk, catch them with jab Gamma Tornado
    *- Gamma Quake is your "screw-up fix-up" move
    * I might scrap this part and just put all my notes into the other sections
    9.1 Using your Super Armour     ***incomplete***
         Super armour essentially gives you a one hit barrier. You will still take
    the damage, but you will not go into hit stun until the second hit. It is
    essential that you learn how to abuse this since many of Hulk's moves come out
         The secret to using super armour effectively is in knowing the timing of
    your moves as well as your opponents. Knowing that you can take one hit and
    still keep going is useless if you're trying to hit Wolverine with a standing
    Jab since he'll slash you 3 times before your fist even comes out.
         It is also very important to remember that Hulk does not have super
    armour in the air (yet another reason to stay out of it).
    Super armour does not protect you against the following:
    jumping fierces/roundhouses
    standing fierces/roundhouses from Juggernaut or Hulk
    Omega Red's Coil Throws (it used to in MvC1)
         ***Certain beams work against super armour, other don't. Check the
    incomplete list below (if you have any more to add, please email me)
    No stun:                         hit stun:
    all fireballs                    B.B.Hood - flamethrower
    Cyclops - Optic Blast            Doom - Photon Shot         
    Iceman - Icebeam (HAHA!)         Cable - Viper Beam
                                     Dhalsim - Yoga Flame/Thrust
    9.2 Against Pixies
    *pixies bad, Hulk Smash!
    *need assist that sets up for supers
    *use s.lk to keep them away
    *use Gamma Quake a lot - for mistakes, to counter cross ups, etc.
       - or "let" them hit you once, then interrupt with the Gamma Quake
            - this is difficult to do; must time it for the last hit of their
              ground chain (as long as it isn't a sweep)
    *dash jump in while blocking, hit them with j.hk at the last moment to stuff
    out their anti-air moves
    *catch their weak jump-ins with a jab Gamma Tornado
    9.3 Against Super Armour Opponents
    *if Juggernaut has no metres, no problem;
        *Hulk is fast enough to always keep Juggernaut in hitstun
        *just remember to block low against his long range low kicks
        *otherwise every lag move will eat a Headcrush
        *VERY easy to cross up with a Gamma Crush
        - his shoulder dash will beat your jump ins
        - stay on the ground, counter his mistakes/lags
        - when he activates his armour:
               - don't waste your supers
               - just keep away
               - use j.hk since people get greedy and try to combo when they have
                 armour on and forget about his shoulder dash (in my experience)
    9.4 Against Keep Away
    *depends on beamer - Icebeams can't stop Hulk
    *                  - neither does Optic Blast (but be wary of his good combos)
    *                  - Gamma Charge through then Gamma Crush
    *keep away Cable is a big problem
    *shotos can be a real pain
       - Gamma Charge through their fireballs and Gamma Crush immediately
    *not much Hulk can do against proper keep away
    *if they are in the air raining down beams (Iceman, Doom, etc)
      - Gamma Charge under and past them (cross up), Gamma Crush out of the sky
            - perform the Gamma Crush command as if you have not crossed up
    9.5 Against Throwers (Zangief, Omega Red)
    *Zangief - avoid Gamma Charging, unless you can cancel very quickly into Quake
             - basically use moves that push back out of throw range
             - use j.hk, c.lk, s.hp or other simple combos that push back a lot
             - always use Gamma Slam to push away; Zangief does not have the speed
               to jump and capitalize on your lag
             - one of the few circumstances where you should try to stay airborn
    *Omega Red - try to avoid Gamma Charging as well, since the coils can grab you
                     - only Gamma Charge if he's in the air and you're going for
                       the cross up into Gamma Crush
    10. Combos
    10.1 General rules of engagement ***incomplete***
    * maybe scrap this section; most notes are in other sections
    *- you should be charging d/b whenever possible
           - Hulk's crouching attacks are generally better than his standing ones
           - Hulk is easily tripped
    *- starting ground combos: - use c.lk whenever you can, combo into c.fk
                              - only use s.lk if you need something very quick
                              - avoid using s.lp if you can, it is too slow 
    *- against normal sized opponents, try to stick with crouching attacks
           - your standing attacks have an annoying tendency to miss if they duck
    *- best jump-ins - (j.lk, j.mk) or j.rk (more difficult to combo afterwards)
    *- dash jump as much as possible; a normal jump usually doesn't bring you deep
       enough for some of Hulk's better combos
    *- always charge back while in the air; this serves two uses: 
            - blocks an assist's AAA
            - lets you Gamma Charge (especially against the assist)
    *- air to air - sj. fierce beats out anything, but it is very slow coming out
    *- while very useful at the proper times, don't abuse Hulk's ability to Gamma
       Charge through certain beams
    *- all ground combos ending with a knockback should add a fierce Gamma Slam at
      the end to add block damage, prevent counters (by forcing a block upon
      landing) and for general harassment
    *- all other combos should incorporate a Gamma Charge and/or super. 
    *- if a ground combo is ever blocked, cancel into a jab/fierce Gamma Slam to
       push them back; if they try to jump and you can't block in time, retaliate
       with a super (usually Gamma Quake)
    *- if you screw up a combo at any point and find yourself too close to the 
       opponent after a heavy lag move, don't hesitate to use Gamma Quake to
       push you to safety
    Basic Combo Guideline:
    1) dash jump in with (j.lk, j.mk) or (j.hk), charging back while in the air
    2) begin ground chain with (c.lk, c.mk) or (c.lp) if not close enough
    3) three choices: a) Gamma Tornado - only if close enough and you want to 
                                         finish the combo with style
                      b) Gamma Charge - the preferred move
                                      - leads into a second charge or a super
                      c) s.hp, HP Gamma Slam - only if you used c.lp and for some
                                               reason don't want to use the above
    10.2 Sample Combos
         These are only sample combos (hence the name of the section) and
    represent what I feel are Hulk's basics. If you want more, go read PhatDan81's
    FAQ for an excellent list of nearly every possible combo. I'm not going to
    list every possibility since realistically you shouldn't be memorizing these
    things anyways.
         Any portions of combos given in parentheses mean that they can be
    excluded without harming the remainder of the combo. Generally, if you did not
    start the combo very close to your opponent, exclude the moves in the
    parentheses. Further notes will be given for each combo.
    2 hits ~ 10% - s.lk, s.mk
                 - this is Hulk's fastest combo
                 - low damage (though it's still nothing to snuff at)
                 - if you have a pixie clawing at your ankles, this is the only 
                   thing that will come out quickly enough (not counting assists) 
                   to counter them
                 - useful at the very beginning of a match if your opponent is
                   crowding you since this will beat whatever they throw at you
                 - knocks back, which is good since you don't want pixies too
                   close to you
    ~ 10 hits ~ 40% - s.lk, Gamma Quake
                    - same application as the combo above
                    - best used on predictable rushers
                    - damage varies between 30-50%
    4 hits ~ 25% - j.lk, j.mk, c.lp, s.hp, fierce Gamma Slam
                 - standard, simple jump in combo
                 - sub s.lp in place of c.lp for better range but worse speed
                 - use this combo if you didn't jump in deep enough for the big 
                   8 hitter combo below (such as from a normal jump and not a dash
                 - it is possible to cancel into a jab Gamma Tornado or Gamma
                   Charge after the jab, but do so quickly
                 - as always, don't forget the Gamma Slam at the end
    3 hits ~ 25% - s.lp, (c.mp), jab Gamma Tornado
                 - c.lk, c.mk, fierce Gamma Tornado
                 - must be fairly close or opponent is against wall
                 - a simple counter combo if you didn't have time to charge back
                 - Gamma Tornado combos are generally difficult to pull off
    7 hits ~ 35% - c.lk, c.hp, sj.lp, sj.lk, (sj.mk), sj.hp
                 - Hulk's standard air combo
                 - pause very briefly before jumping
    8 hits ~ 75% - j.lk, j.mk, charge d/b, c.lk, c.mk, H.Gamma Charge, Gamma Crush
                 - must jump in deep
                 - I consider this Hulk's bread and butter combo; use and abuse
                 - can substitute (c.lk , c.mk) for (c.lp, c.mp) for better range,
                   but you lose your low attacks
                 - safer to cancel into Gamma Wave, Gamma Quake or second Charge,
                   but your damage will always be lower
                 - if Gamma Charge is blocked, can cancel into Gamma Crush anyways
                   and try for the cross up since they are in good cross up range
    11. Team Selection  ***horrendously incomplete***
    ***I could use some help with this section. The arcades I play at have less
    than half the characters unlocked (some idiots keep kicking and resetting the
    machines) so I have little experience playing with or against the newer
    * need good anti-air
    * need a battery (someone who build super meter very well)
    * Jin is a very good partner, even without the glitch
    * Jin & Capcom & Blackheart: provides needed AAA, allows Hulk to pressure like
    mad, covers for his mistakes, supers go very well together
    * Amingo - battery builder, he's big and green
    * Doom - AAA provides much needed cover and shield while Hulk pressures
           - adds some much needed long range capabilities to the team
    * Tron - glitched assist plus cross up combo is easily 100%
    * Bison - Psycho Field assist provides excellent cover for Hulk 
            - possible to get Double Crush out of this THC... need to experiment
    * Omega Red - builds super meter like a madman
    12. Revision Notes
    If you're wondering why I started at ver 0.1, it's because I think a ver 1.0
    signifies a complete (if shoddy) work, and that anything done after the
    "completion" will becomes ver 2, 3, and so forth. Since I will probably never
    "finish", I doubt I will every reach ver 1.0, but at least my work isn't
    shoddy right?... right? 
    ver 0.1 - 9 April, 2001
            - started the FAQ
            - added part 1-6, 8
            - put in a few combos
    ver 0.2 - 11 April, 2001
            - expanded section 5. normal moves
            - expanded 6. special moves
            - added section 7. super moves
            - little notes everywhere
    ver 0.3 - 16 April, 2001
            - more little notes and updates everywhere
            - a few typo corrections
            - a couple more combos and combo basics
            - some more notes in the vs sectionss
    ver 0.31 - 19 April, 2001
             - fixed a really stupid mess up in the combo basics section
    ver 0.32 - 23 April, 2001
             - I lied, I didn't actually make cosmetic changes; I just changed the 
               version number to see if someone is taking updated versions of this 
               faq without my permission...
    ver 0.4 - 4 July, 2001
            - fixed various little typos and errors
            - added notes in the Gamma Crush section on how to prevent mashing out
            - added a summary damage table in section 4
    work left to do: - Finish this FAQ...
                     - Yeah, I know I have a lot of those *incomplete* markers up
                       in sections that just need to be typed into nice paragraph
                       form... but I don't really have the time right now
                     - I no longer have access to a Dreamcast (short of buying
                       one), so short of contributions, updates are going to be
                       few and far between
    stuff I need help with: - team selection and vs strategies for any characters
                              that are the last to be unlocked
                                 - the arcade I play at was reset so none of the
                                   later characters are available yet
    13. Credits
    If you give me input, your name goes here.
    CJayC <www.gamefaqs.com> - without the inspiration from this man's site
                               (www.gamefaqs.com), I never would have written 
                               this FAQ
    PhatDan81 - I've never talked to the guy, but I suggested that you go read his 
                Hulk FAQ at gameFAQS so I'll just put his name down here again to
                remind you (and no, I didn't take anything from his FAQ;
                everything you see here is the result of days of boredom)
    Eugene - for lending me his Dreamcast
    Linus & co.- for falling victim to my Gamma Crush again and again and again...
    Ariel & Scott - for not thrashing me so badly that I actually had a chance
                    to learn how to play
    <www.neoseeker.com> - Eh, they're hosting a copy of this faq, so I might as
                          well mention them here too

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