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    MegaMan by TalbainEric

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    FAQ,Copryight,TalbainEric 2001
    All Capcom characters,copyright 2000
    First off,No one is to take or steal this without my permission.
    Do not alter or modify it in any way,either. I worked really hard
    on this FAQ,and I don't like the fact that someone decided to mess
    with it. Thank you.
    I am simply a fan of Mega-Man,who wrote this FAQ for your purpose
    and help. I do not own Mega-Man(duh),Mega Man is copyrighted by
    Thank you.
    Well,I've been a fan of the Blue Bomber for a while. I loved his side-
    scrolling beat-em-ups,and now he's in a 2-D fighting game combining
    fighters from both Capcom and Marvel universes. And Rush even is with
    In this FAQ,I'll provide the info you need to hopefully improve your
    Mega-Man game. Enjoy!
    Quick Moves Legend
    1.0-Mega Man history and info
    2.0-Colors and Win Poses
    3.0-Moves List
    4.0-How to use Mega Man effectively
    5.0-Best team-ups
    6.0-Credits and Thanks
    1.0-Mega Man history and info
    Mega Man was one of Capcom earliest characters,not to mention
    one of the many side-scrollers out at the time. Mega Man,along
    with his trusty K-9 sidekick,Rush,first made his debut on the
    Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1987. Here,we were
    also introduced to Dr.Light,the creator of Mega Man,his sister
    Roll(who appears in the ending),along with the other enemies,
    Cutman,Gutsman,Elecman,Iceman,Fireman and Bombman. And we
    cannot forget Dr.Wily,who at first teamed up with Dr.Light
    to build Mega Man,but somehow turned sinister and decided
    he'd rather take over the world with his creations rather
    than help it.
    As the years went on,and other systems came into development,
    Mega Man continued to shine.And each new Mega Man adventure
    was better than the last,with improved graphics and adding
    gameplay and more characters into the mix every time.
    Below,you'll see some of the games and system Mega Man has
    appeared on:
    6 games on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
    Mega Man 1 through 6
    5 games on the Super Nes
    Mega Man 7
    Mega Man X through X3
    Mega Man Soccer
    5 Game Boy Games
    Mega Man I through V
    2 Arcade games:
    Mega Man: The Power Battles
    Mega Man: The Power Fighters
    2 Playstation games:
    Mega Man 8
    Mega Man X4
    1 Sega Genesis game:
    Mega Man: The Wily Wars
    1 Sega GameGear game:
    Mega Man: The Best of Mega Man
    2 GameBoy Advance games:
    MegaMan Battle Network
    MegaMan Battle Network 2
    Mega Man X4 for the Sony Playstation was my personal favorite.
    But,it wasn't until early 1998,that the great Capcom decided
    to put the Blue Bomber in a whole new type of game,completley
    different from the side-scrolling games. He was to be ported
    into a cross-over fighting game.
    This game came to be known as Marvel vs Capcom. Mega Man fans
    finally got to treat themselves to see the Blue Bomber in a
    2-D fighting game,with a small mesh of other Capcom and Marvel
    characters. And yes,Rush was right there by his side!
    This game also had a hidden character,Roll,Mega Man's sister,
    who also had appeared for the first time in a 2-D fighting game.
    Although Roll was of course relatively weaker than Mega-Man,
    she added some fun to the small cast. Actually,I think Capcom
    meant to make her a joke character.
    In the year 2000,Capcom's finest year so far,Capcom brought
    us the great Marvel vs Capcom 2. Mega Man was still the same,
    as was Roll. Except for the fact they got more colors in their
    palette,and meshed with even MORE characters,both new and old,
    from the Capcom and Marvel universe. This game boasted a total
    of 56 characters. Capcom's highest character select to date so far.
    And to this day,Mega Man still continues to entertain us. And
    now,for the FAQ.
    			    2.0-Colors and Win Poses
    X = blue
    Y = green
    B = orange
    A = red
    L = black/white
    R = red/yellow
    1.Rush comes up to Mega Man and Mega Man pets him.
    2.Roll comes out with a bouquet of flowers for Mega Man.
    3.Mega Man throws a peace sign as a hologram of Dr.Light comes out from 
    4.Mega Man poses without his helmet and says something.
    5.Mega Man poses as one of his little robot friends brings in a birthday 
    3.0-Moves List
    MEGA BUSTER-(when grounded or airborne)Hold Hard Punch,then release,
    Mega Man summons up energy,and when ready,shoots a powerful shot
    out at the opponent. Note that the longer you hold it,the
    heavier the damage and the more hits it has.
    Mega Man takes the traditional shoryuken uppercut and addes
    his own flare to it,emitting a blue aura of energy as he does it.
    epending on which item you have(Tornado Hold,Leaf Shield or Mega Ball)
    Mega Man shoots them out of his booster arm and fires them like
    a projectile.
    Mega summons his robot friend into the fight to deliver
    the Tornado Hold. This fires a small tornado that has
    good juggling priorities.
    Mega man summons his robot friend into the fight to deliver
    the Leaf Shield. Note that when you first fire the leaf
    shield,that it will surrround you. If the opponent hits
    you,the leaves will dissappear. If you fire it,it'll shoot
    out just like a regular projectile,hitting several times.
    Mega Man summons his robot friend into the fight to deliver
    the Mega Ball. When fired out,a soccer ball comes out.
    When Mega Man kicks this,it flies around the screen.
    TRIANGLE JUMP-(when airborne)press away F,DF,or Up-Forward from
    the wall when you touch it
    LAUNCHING MOVES-Standing Hard Kick,DF+Hard Kick
    HYPER MEGA MAN-D,DF,F+two punches
    Mega Man transforms into an "ultimate" version of himself.
    After this,he fires out several powerful projectiles,along
    with a powerful beam. If you look closely,you can see that
    the projectiles are some of his friends,including Rush.
    RUSH DRILL-D,DF,F+two kicks
    Mega Man summons Rush,who turns into a giant drill.
    You can steer Forward and backward. You can also
    jump a bit.
    BEAT PLANE-D,DB,B+two kicks
    Mega Man summons his little robot bird friend,who
    turns into a little plane. When Mega Man is piloting,
    hit either any punch or kick to make missles or bombs
    come out.
    4.0-How to use Mega Man effectively
    First off,is MegaMan for you? Well,if you're the kind of player that's 
    for speed and power,Mega Man isn't really your type. Mega Man's more of a
    defensive player. But,if played right,and with a bit of practice and 
    Mega Man can deal his fair share of damage,and he can be quite fast during
    Mega Man,unfortunatley,has plenty of vulnerablities,when performing a couple
    of moves. Mostly the Get Item moves. Although it's easy to accidentally
    perform the command.
    Use Mega's Tornado Hold when necessary. This move deals good block damage.
    And can score for some good combos.
    Out of all Mega's supers,naturally,the Hyper Mega Man is your best asset.
    If the opponents tries to jump in when Mega Man performs this,they'll be
    knocked back when Mega Man grows,and will be hit with the beam and various
    The Rush Drill,another handy Mega Man super,can deal good block damage.
    And you can steer the Rush Drill as well.
    The Mega Buster can deal some sick damage when worked in with a combo.
    For best results,hold the Hard Punch button,juggle your opponent in the
    air with Mega Man's launcher,DF+Hark Kick,do a kick chain combo(just
    short and forward)then let go of the Hard Punch. Depending on how
    long you've held down the Hard Punch button,you'll get plenty of hits
    and good damage.
    5.0-Recommended teams
    Here,I'll explain some teams that I've gotten good results with when playing 
    Mega Man. I'll also explain a bit on how each character aids Mega Man and on 
    own as well. The following teams work best with Mega Man.
    TEAM #1:
    All together-Together,this team can inflict pretty good damage. Pick the 
    assist for Cammy,and the Expansion Assist for Venom. When doing the team 
    Cammy will do a Spin Dive Smasher and Venom will do a Death Bite. Along with 
    Man's Hyper Mega Man super,Cammy and Mega Man add the damage,and Venom adds 
    extra juggles with the Death Bite.
    Cammy-Cammy is a fast character,and can hold her own against most opponents.
    Cammy is her best when close. And she is both offensive/defensive. Combined
    with her speed and agility,Cammy can quickly take out her opponent. Use
    her low kick chain combo(Short,Forward,Roundhouse)when you see an 
    Venom-Venom is the juggler that this teams needs. This guy's pretty strong
    and can deal both good regular and blocking damage with the versatile
    Venom Fang. Try not to use his Venom Rush too much,as it has some delay
    after performing it. His Venom Web is a great super as well,if done
    and timed just right.
    TEAM #2:
    Captain Commando
    Mega Man
    All together-This team Mega Man works really well with this team. Probably
    his best one. Although together,during the team-up super,they don't deal
    much power. Speed is what Captain Commando and Felicia bring to this team.
    For Mega Man,pick his Balance assist,Captain Commando,his anti-air assist,
    and for Felicia,her Ground Type assist. For the team-up super,Mega will
    do the Hyper Mega Man,while Captain Commando does the Captain Sword super,
    and Felicia does her Super Sand Splash. This counters good with both
    air(except the super jumpers,naturally)and the ground,dealing good block 
    especially with Mega Man's and Felicia's supers.
    Captain Commando-This guy has both speed and power on his side. All his
    attacks are cheap and deal pretty good damage. For good results,use
    his Captain Corridor(D,DB,B+P) often.
    Felicia-Felicia's the defensive type. But she's got plenty of speed.
    And her chain combos are good,too. Use the Sand Splash often,but not
    to often. Try not to use her Rolling Buckler too much,as she's vulnerable
    when performing it.
    6.0-Credits and Thanks
    I'd like to thank GameFaq's.com for an excellent source of FAQ's. The one 
    and only place for FAQ's.
    MegaMan Outpost(http://megaman.retrofraction.com)for some information. 
    Thanks! Your site rules!
    To all the people I've battled at the arcades with Mega Man,it's been fun!
    To all my friends at the forums that I hang out at! Thanks for all your 
    help(especially Freeter
    from MadMan's who helped me a bit on this FAQ)
    To my parents,thanks for the money you gave me to buy these and other games! 
    And my friends,whom
    I've whipped several times in the past.
    And last,to you,the reader,who read this FAQ,thanks!

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