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    Anakaris by Lemur-X

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/01/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --------========Marvel Vs Capcom FAQ : Anakaris v1.3=========-------
    ---------======== Compiled by Lemur-X, 6-1-2000 ========----------
    --------=====Mail my happy-ass at lemurx@drunkenlemur.com=====-----
    Index :   1:  Intro/disclaimer/other BS.
              2:  Legend of keys
              3:  Overview of character 
              4:  Normal attacks (standing & flying)
              5:  Special attacks 
              6:  Supers
              7:  Combos
              8:  Assist Types
              9:  Strategy
    This faq was written for personal and private use. Feel free to 
    distribute if desired, just make sure to give credit where credit is 
    due.   You may not alter the following and claim it as your own, or 
    your knees belong to Guido……
    Revision History : 4-4 - Original FAQ completed. One Anakaris FAQ on 
                             GameFaqs at the time. Am I the only Ana player 
                             out there?! 
                       4-5 - revised Super notes; added Assist Mode Type 
                       4-21 - Got drunk and worked on some combos (easier 
            said than done);) 
                       5-25 - Much more detailed descriptions of 
            Specials/situations they are useful in, added 
            the 'drunkard's rage combos' combos. Etc.
                       6-1 – Overhauled the * entire * shebang. Detailed 
                              both 'Normal' and 'Special' moves; improved 
            the indexing; Added the 'Strategies' section.
    This and other FAQS are hosted by the lost-gamers bestfriend, CJAYC at 
    www.gamefaqs.com and www.drunkenlemur.com
    ---------================ 1: Introduction =================-----------
        Bah. Seeing as this is my first FAQ, I'd like for you to be as 
    gentle as possible with me…the lube is running low nowadays…
        I first started playing the VS series w/ the advent of "X-Men vs 
    Street Fighter"'s release on the Sega Saturn.  Good Lord…….Now there 
    was a game….And none of the followups have really shined as it did 
    (IMO) up until "Marvel Vs. Capcom 2".
        The series of FAQs I'll be putting out will be related to all the 
    funky, freakish, or 'Darkhorse' characters of the game. Characters 
    people rarely use….and when they do use, use ineffectively at best.
         I'm doing this due to the fact that * every * single character in 
    this game is very playable…..very…….And knowing this can give you quite 
    an edge over people that would underestimate them….
    5-30 : I have been playing the Arcade version of the game now that we 
    finally have it where I live (Damn Alaska).  Needless to say there are 
    copious amounts of slutty Guile and Cable players.  It's kept me on my 
    toes, and made me develop a better corner-evasion game. This is 
    explained in the new 'Strategies' section. 
    ---------=================== 2: Legend ===================------------
    Here's the legend of keys and terms used in the following FAQ.
    Attacks : Jab = Light Punch
              Fierce = Hard Punch
              Short = Light Kick
              Roundhouse = Hard Kick
              b = Back
              f = Forward
              d = Down 
              u = Up
              B = Charge back for 2 seconds
              D = Charge Down for 2 seconds
              P = Punch
              K = Kick
              HCB = Half Circle Back (Roll controller from forward, to          
                    down, to back.)
              HCF = Half Circle Forward (Roll controller from back, to                                        
                    down, to forward)
              QCF = Quarter circle forward (Roll from down to forward)
              QCB = Quarter circle back (Roll from down to back )
              OTG = Off the ground. Getting your licks in whilest they be  
                    Down for the count. 
              Launcher = Any move which sends your opponent to the heavens.
    NOTE : All percentages given are from damage taken by Cable (a fairly 
    balanced character). Your mileage may vary.
    ---------================3: AnaKaris ====================-----------
    	Anakaris has always been just about the strangest character on 
    the block in any game he's been in.  He's a lumbering behemoth that can 
    take opponents by surprise with surprising range, power, and speed…..
          First things first. Anakaris' is NOT going to win any match by 
    sheer button mashing or dumb luck.  The guy walks at a snails' pace, 
    and all of his attacks have MAJOR lag after they are executed….often 
    leaving him wide open. But what he does have going for him are…
    1 :   A wicked dash.  On the ground it's a quick lunge with short 
    range, but good enough to open up a combo with his standing jab. In the 
    air, it's a means for transport. It lets him coast clear to the other 
    side of the screen, and you don't have to input a cancel command as you 
    do with 'flight' on any other character. Good to escape corners that 
    slutty Guile and Cable characters may get you in……
    2:    Unorthodox moves : Anakaris is about as hard to predict as a 
    gibbon on crack.  He's everywhere if played right. He has a long range 
    throw, overhead projectiles, lunging kicks in the air, jumpkicks that 
    originate from the ground, and the list goes on.  Deception is his 
    middle name, and he has one of the best zoning games in the entire game 
    in the hands of a good player.
    3:     Incredible power.  Anakaris utilizes some moves that are 
    extremely powerful if ranged properly.  2 of his supers can take off 
    60% with their power alone if used in the proper situation.  Factor in 
    that if played right, he seems to come from every direction, and you 
    can spell real trouble for nearly anyone you come across.
    4:	 Idle Hands :  His 'Idle Hands' Special is a God-send. Since 
    there is no part of Anakaris phyically between his hands and his body, 
    there is no collision point.  I have taken Cyclops out of his "Hyper 
    Optic Blast" with the proper timing, and it's the perfect move to 
    confuse a would be 'aerial raver'.
    5:	Sarcophogaus Smash : This move is a Godsend against turtles and 
    beamers.  Use heavily on those that insist on staying in a corner and 
    playing a firefight until the timer runs out. With the proper evasion, 
    you * will * come out on top!
           Anakaris does have weaknesses.  
    1:	 Speed : I can't stress enough that a standing or walking 
    Anakaris is bound to get raped by anyone that has the ability to walk 
    quicker than Sentinel. 
    2:	Change-ups and vulnerability : You have always got to be on sheer 
    offense or defense with him.  He's a big target, so make sure you know 
    where you stand in whatever situation you may be in. Take note not to 
    flail on the buttons with him.  Nearly all of his moves can be 
    countered with a simple Jab in the right place.
    3:	 LAG! : The lag that coincides with his specials is crappy at 
    best. Nearly every move that he pulls off has more than it's fair share 
    of time afterwards where Anakaris is a sitting duck.  Make sure that 
    your opponent is at the desired distance for whatever game you intend 
    to play with their minds, or else……
    4:	Hang time : His jump is another point of concern. He stretches 
    when he jumps. A very slow….drawn out jump……  Make sure to utilize the 
    dash the instant his feet leave the ground…or Super Jump.  
    5:	The 'Wuss' Factor : He takes hits like a bitch. He has very low 
    defense.  Watch your back around anyone with saturation-style supers 
    (Cyclops, Iceman, Wolverine)
    ----------===============4: Normal Attacks================-------------
    Standing - Great move. The damage is minimal, but it reaches nearly                   
               1/6th across the screen and still manages to tag standing 
               opponents.  If connected, pressing Jab again will result        
               in a chop that can leave you wide open, but can be swept 
               afterwards if quick enough. You make the call.
    Ducking - Nice range. Low damage. Second connection hits twice and 
              shoves opponent away into "Idle Hands" range. Make this your 
             'Bread and Butter' against people that like to get in close 
              and chip away with block damage (Chun-Li, Cammy, Spidey)since 
              it comes out quick enough to retaliate with against most 
              blocked sweeps or specials.
    Jumping – Deceptively long range. Non-Existant damage, but it's one of   
              the few true 'Jump-in' openers Anakaris posesses. Still not 
              highly recommended since he has * THE SLOWEST JUMP IN THE 
              GAME *.
    Standing - Short range. Same strength as the jab. The second short 
               is an extended kick which places the enemy in launcher           
               range. The exact opposite of the Jab. Holding Back results 
               in a delayed ax kick which can catch jumpers, but I say 
               avoid it.                  
    Ducking - Longer range than Jab. Same damage. Second hit shoves 
              opponent away. Good opener for an assist/sweep combo. >=D
    Jumping - Very useful. Light damage. Comes out quickly and      
              unexpectedly (often) from the bottom of the screen. Good 
              lead-in for his 'Asp Rush' Super.
    Standing - Great range. Great priority. Bad recovery. Decent 
               damage. Your bread and butter move. Use often as a 
               defensive poke, and to belt slutty Guile and Cable's 
               out of the corner.
    Ducking - Very fast launcher. Little range. But the speed and ability 
              to his opponents flying behind you makes up for that in a 
              sense. Use often by dashing in.
    Jumping - Decent range and damage. Average. Good poking move in a 
               sense. Be aware that it hits high.
    Standing - Comes out a little slowly. Medium range. Same 
               damage as the standing Fierce. Some sweeps will 
               travel under it making it a Guile killer. Good retaliation 
    Ducking - Good damage. Wicked range. Single hit knockdown.
    Jumping -  A bit slow on the recoil, but a great move to use 
               while jumping away since it starts low and travels upwards. 
               In a Super-Jump it travels horizontally across HALF the 
    -------==================5: Special Moves ====================---------
    Idle Hands - QCF, P – 
    Ok damage. Instant attack. Unblockable, but can be countered with 
    a blow to his distanced fists. Big downside.  Jab is mid-range, Fierce 
    far-range.  Once the enemy is wrapped, Anakaris is INVULNERABLE TO 
    EVERYTHING! Use as a counter to projectiles (not beams) routinely.
    Once you get the distancing down on this, and have a good change-up 
    game going, prepare to have people get pissed.
    Sarcophogaus smash - d, d, P – 
    Good damage. Easily telegraphed. Jab is great for causing a close 
    opponent to block (Lead into Idle Hands). Fierce is Mid range, Short is 
    long range. Roundhouse is farther. Next time you see a slutty Guile 
    charging a Flash kick, SMACK the assist button, and toss a Sarcophogaus 
    on him. Dash immediately. Shake well with 'Idle Hands'. Light block 
    Cobra Blow – B, F + P (in air) -
    	Same animation and properties of his Standing Fierce, but the 
    damage is about 5% higher, and the horizontal coverage is doubled!
    Pharoah's Curse - HCF P (in air) – 
    Light damage, but the transformation on a successful hit is the 
    only  window you need to set them up for a big combo, and the lowered 
    defense status of your enemy is sure to make life sheer HELL! Charge me 
    NOW Juggy! (insert sinister laugh).  Great after having a launcher or 
    hold assistant tag the enemy.
    Pyramid smash - f, d, or d/f + K (In air) –
    Can be done ONLY in the air. Light damage. Good evasion possibilites 
    since it develops from a complete stop and change of direction. Great 
    move to use when pissing off Cammy or baiting Iceman to whiff a beam or 
    ---------================6: Super Attacks ==================---------
    Sarcophogaus Holocaust - d, d, PP –
      Nigh useless unless you just NEED that one last bit of block damage. 
    However, if your opponent is caught in the corner at 2.5 paces away, 
    every Coffin will hit and tally about 70% (!) damage. It can however be 
    comboed into from a launcher assist, which amplified each coffin to do 
    about 25% damage and carries enemies upwards into each following 
    coffin!  On a side note, if it's executed with Anakaris at the point 
    where the 2 coffins cross, NOTHING will pass through!  I have cancelled 
    both the 'Shinkuu Hadoken' and 'Hyper Hyper Beam' with this method!
    Pharoah Illusion - Jab, Jab, f, Short, Fierce –
     Quick startup. Jab makes his left hand swat, Short makes it raise up. 
    Mirror for Fierce and Roundhouse. Very effective if you capitalize on 
    it's startup. I've gone up to 50% damage with it. Anakaris is 
    vulnerable during it. Cover his face at all costs.  The Sarcophagous 
    launches the enemy if made to contact at startup.
    Asp Rush - B, f, PP  (in air) –
     	Anakaris gets in his sarcophogaus and unleashes a horde of 
    vipers. Jab and Fierce control the upper snakes. Short and Roundhouse 
    the lower.  2 snakes are allowed to be released at once, and 2 are 
    allowed to retreat. Mash the buttons in a clockwise fashion starting at 
    Jab to get up to 63 hits and 50% damage. Use liberally after a 
    launcher. P.S. This move absolutely DESTROYS any assitants that may 
    mosey on-screen at it's startup and will stop projectiles.
    Super Pharoah's Curse  - Roundhouse, Jab, d, Short, Fierce - 
    Lame. About 40% damage. Blockable. And a Hellaciously long 
    chargeup. Good for chargers, but it's not worth the effort when the 
    normal Pharoah's Curse is just as quick, easier to get off, and has 
    more damage potential as well as being easier to land in the air. That 
    and it's missing the humliating 'womanizer' factor from Vamp Savior… 
    -----------=================7: Combos ================--------------
    I've decided to put up a few 'choice' combos in this section due to the 
    fact that there's so damn many. But what's here does work, so put them 
    to good use. ;)
    15% 4-hit – Standing Jab, Standing Short, Standing Short, Standing 
    20% 4-hit wrapup – Standing Jab, Standing Short, Standing Short, Idle 
                       Hands (Jab). 
    Rush in 5-hit : Dash, Standing Jab, Duck Jab, Duck Short, Duck   
    40% 8-hitter – Standing Jab, Standing Short, Ducking Fierce, J. Jab, J. 
                   Short, J. Jab, J. Short, J. Fierce.
    Pressure : Standing Short, Ducking Fierce, Stand Short, Stand 
               Short(Idle Hands (Jab
    Variable Asp-Rush-O-Doom! : Dashing crouching Jab, crouching Short, 
                                crouching Fierce, jumping Jab, Jumping 
                                Short, 'Asp Rush'.  Up to 68 hits if done 
                                properly and around 70% damage! 
    Variable Pharoah Illusion : Dashing crouching Jab, crouching short, 
                                ducking Fierce, Pharoah Illusion (Anakaris 
                                will fly upwards like a freaking bottle-
                                rocket for an additional hit), Slap to 
                                your content. (insert sinister laugh here)
    Anti- slutty Guile Drop : (Best when cornered) Crouching Short, tap 
                              assist with a hold or beam character (one 
                              that won't result in a pushback) crouching 
                              Roundhouse (assist hits on last hit) 
                              'Sarcophogaus Holocaust'. Typically 2 or 3 
                              Sarcophogaus' hit.   I have had this 
                              take off 80% of slutty Guile's health and had 
                              one arcade-goer gall my Anakaris a 
                              'C***sucker'.  Proof it works in itself. =) 
    ---------==================8: Assist Modes ================------------
    Assist Type A : Anakaris pops in with a'Cobra Blow'. Good coverage and 
                    can go through multiple enemies!.
    Assist Type B : Anakaris jumps in with a long-range "Idle Hands". Good 
                    for setting up the "Pharoah Illusion" Super.
    Assist Type Y : Anakaris performs a mid-range Sarcophogaus drop. Good 
                    to keep pixies and slutty Guile grounded during a rush.
    I'll list his team Supers upon feeling like it.  I don't use them as 
    they tend to be all flash and fluff.
    ---------==================9: Strategies ================------------
    -When fighting Pixies-( Chun-Li, Strider, Wolverine, etc. )— Simply 
    keep your distance.  Very few of them have vertical fireballs. Don't be 
    afraid to take to the air as long as you anticipate a jump-in.  Or if 
    you're feeling particularily annoying, Super Jump away from your enemy 
    (far enough so they can't dash beneath you) and start dropping 
    Sarcophogaus like they're going out of style.  Most people are suckers 
    for this, and with the proper drop-control, you can easily take off 40-
    50% of their health.
    -When fighting Beamers (IceMan, Cable, Iron Man etc.)-  These guys will 
    most likely give you the most trouble out of any set of characters in 
    the entire game.  With their saturating projectiles and anti-air 
    capability, expect a tough fight even if you are an assist whore.  It 
    may be best to switch out after a successful 'Idle Hands' (as to not 
    risk getting pegged on the way our/in).
    -When fighting Big Guys (Hulk Juggernaut, Zangief etc)- 'Idle Hands'. 
    Use them like a whore.  Don't let them get close enough to throw or 
    assist-launch.  If they do, go into the 'Asp Rush' Super ASAP as they 
    will most likely be wide-open from an attack attempt.  Distancing is 
    -When fighting 'Guiles and Shotos' (Guile, Nash, Ryu, Akuma etc.)- 
    Avoid the corners as best as you can (like I need to drive that point 
    home to the majority of Anakaris players) and use the 'Idle Hands' as a 
    projectile counter.  Anakaris just SOAKS up damage/combos in the 
    corner, and has no move that will let him out 100% of the time.  If a 
    projectile is attempted, simply 'Idle Hands' the person throwing it. 
    Remember…..once in the 'Hands', Anakaris is invulnerable! The 
    projectile passes him harmlessly!
    If the above doesn't work. Read below.
    -----------================An ode to Guile==================-----------
        Guile is a slutty character when played by the majority of people 
    out there.  Expect tons of his nasty sweeps into Sonic-(insert one of 3 
    Supers here) and lots of cornering.
        If found in a corner with a slutty Guile, call in an assist just 
    for the sake of taking the blow of his Roundhouse, come back with a 
    Standing Roundhouse (his sweep flies UNDER it!). When your kick 
    connects, Idle Hands. Who's in the corner now? What's that? You want 
    some 'Sarcophogaus Holocaust' lovin' like the slutty player you are?
    ----------===================== Thanks ==================--------------
    Special thanks to :  Derrick and Chris for playing such a whorish keep 
                         away game with Morrigan and Sakura. Without you I 
                         would not have to resort to using people you don't 
                         know how to anticipate. >=D
                         SuperMonkeyNippleSailor-X : Fire bad! Rogue good!
                         All the slutty Guile players : For getting the 
                         fire under my ass to enlighten the world to not 
                         use slutty characters.
                          Mtn Dew : For filling my veins with enough 
                                    caffeine to kill a small elephant.
    			    ASCII : For the wicked Dreamcast fighting pad I 
                                  use. My thumbs HATE you!
                          My will and determination : To slip the term 
                                                      slutty in a FAQ more 
                                                      than any man to date!
                          Capcom : For advancing the Vs series yet again! 
                                   And making a great home port. (Pay 50 
                                   cents per round at the Space Station…..I 
                                   THINK NOT!) 
    			  GameFAQS : For hosting all this stuff! =)
    Submissions? Mail em to lemurx@drunkenlemur.com
    This and other FAQs are up for grabs at http://www.drunkenlemur.com

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