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    Marrow by AAu

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    Marvel Vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (arcade)
    Marrow FAQ
    Ver 1.06  (Updated 5-6-2000)
    Author: Adrian Au (cerebrate@spacewar.com)
    Legal Stuff
    Feel free to download or print this FAQ but get my permission first if
    you wish to post or distribute it or any part of it. Do not use any
    part of this FAQ for making profit. You got it free, everybody else
    should as well. This is my work, so give me credit for it. In other
    words this FAQ is copyright 2000 Adrian Au<cerebrate@spacewar.com>.
    Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is copyright 2000 by Capcom.
    Marrow and all other characters are registered trademarks of their
    respective companies of Marvel Comics and Capcom Entertainment.
    Table of Contents
    I. Revision History
    II. Character Introduction
    III. Controls
    IV. Simple, Special & Super Moves
    V. Combomania
    VI. Quirks and Other Stuff
    VII. Strategy
    VIII. Final Words
    I. Revision History
    Ver 1.00 1-5-2000
    A very sketchy FAQ, bare bones kinda stuff (no pun intended). Only
    things off the top of my head. Simple Moves, Combomania and other
    sections aren't necessarily complete nor correct. 
    Ver 1.01 8-5-2000
    Yay! First update! Just a few little entries here and there.
    Information, suggestions and corrections are still greatly 
    Ver 1.03 15-5-2000
    More stuff added than the last update, hence the 1.03 label. Typos 
    fixed. I've tried to prune the FAQ down to a more readable length but 
    it's still grown to 23Kb.
    Ver 1.05 28-5-2000
    Not much changed. More typos, more simple moves and her second win
    Ver 1.06 5-6-2000
    Double jump combo added. Not much else.
    II. Character Introduction
    A new character, Marrow (that's the girl with the bone daggers) hails
    from the comic book universe of Marvel. She first appeared as a
    Morlock child in the X-Men comic books a couple of years ago. For 
    those unacquainted with the Morlocks, they were a band of mutants, 
    often with horrid disfigurements, that fled from the modern world 
    into the sub-sub-basement of the New York sewers. Sarah (that's what 
    she was known as back then) has since grown up hating humans and 
    emerged as a brash and arrogant mutant terrorist. Recently she was 
    persuaded to assist the X-Men and eventually joined them. She is 
    characterised by bony knife-like protrusions, mainly on her back, 
    and can pull them out to use as weapons.  
    Weird is the word to describe our little calcium dysfunction. Her 
    different moves are great for confusing a human opponent. All in all
    she is a slightly unorthodox character and compliments almost any
    team with her speed and combo ability.
    III. Controls
    You should know the buttons by now but if you don't I'll put them in
    A slight change to the six-button setup has implemented since Capcom's
    last Versus game. Because there is a need to control 3 characters the
    button layout is now as follows:
          _            _            _
         (_)          (_)          (_)
     Jab punch   Fierce punch    Assist1
          _            _            _
         (_)          (_)          (_)
     Short kick Roundhouse kick   Assist2
    Strong punch and Forward kick have been changed. They are now executed
    by a second press of Jab punch and Short kick and even then only if 
    the first Jab/Short Kick hit. This means they are only ever used in 
    Since there are only two punches and two kicks I'll use the light
    punch, heavy punch notation and not mention Strong punch and Forward
    kick. I think it'll be less confusing for newbies and gaming veterans
    shouldn't have a problem with it. The two assist buttons are used to 
    control all sorts of things involving your other two partners.
    Control notations:
    LP: Light Punch
    LK: Light Kick
    HP: Heavy Punch
    HK: Heavy Kick
    P: Press any one punch
    PP: Both punches at the same time (LP+HP)
    K: Press any one kick
    KK: Both kicks at the same time (LK+HK)
    A1: Assist 1
    A2: Assist 2
    D: Down
    U: Up
    F: Forward
    B: Back
    DF: Diagonal Down/Forward
    DB: Diagonal Down/Back
    QCF: Quarter Circle Forward (D, DF, F)
    QCB: Quarter Circle Back (D, DB, B)
    HCB: Half Circle Back (F, DF, D, DB, B)
    ZF: Forward Dragon Punch (F, D, DF)
    IV. Simple, Special & Super Moves
    Stuff to know
    I shouldn't have to tell you about tech-hits, push-blocks, evasion 
    rolls and such, so I won't. Any budding arcade addicts wanting to know
    the basics should go to the moves list FAQs (KMegura and CJayC have 
    posted excellent ones). I'm only gonna include the newer changes or 
    things I feel are of particular importance to Marrow's game.
    Double and Triple Jumps are small hops in mid-air that extend airtime
    and have great potential for extending combos. Marrow has a Double
    Jump. Just tap U again while airborne. Very useful for lining up her
    Ride & Slash.
    Super Jumps, like the name says, are jumps which are, well... super.
    With a simple D, U movement of the joystick or KK, your character will
    rocket themselves up into the air about one or two screens and come
    floating back down at normal pace. Basically an ultra high jump. Very
    useful for evading attacks and launching an assault.
    Press any one of the assist buttons and if the corresponding partner
    isn't dead they will jump out, do a single attack and jump out again.
    This is what most of us call a Partner Assist. Partner assists are an
    integral part of the game. They can lay cover fire as you dash in to
    attack, they can be a one button anti-air defense (BBHood's Cheer &
    Fire!), they can add a few hits on to any attack (ever had 4+
    projectiles coming at you?) or you could use them as a human shield.
    The attack they perform is decided at character selection. You'll have
    to play around with them to work out the best uses of these assists.
    The partner assist you choose also determines what they contribute to
    the team super and partner counters. Marrows assists are listed under 
    Quirks and Other Stuff.
    Ever noticed when you jump over to the other side of the opponent they
    turn around? Ever noticed that if they were blocking that they are 
    suddenly blocking the wrong direction? Crossups take advantage of this
    technicality to hit the opponent while they are (aren't) blocking. 
    Crossups aren't as useful in the Versus series because of characters 
    with vertical attacks (eg. Capt Commando, Ken, Iron Man), and counter 
    moves (Jill & Cammy). They are now best used to connect an assist.
    Tag In's are like tag team wrestling where one of your reserve
    characters jump in with an attack, your current player jumps out to
    recuperate and the fight continues. Press both weak attacks to switch
    with your second character and both strong attacks to switch your
    third character. When Marrow tags in she says 'Let me in!', dunno why.
    Note that if a Tag In isn't blocked, the victim goes spiraling up and
    back down giving you a chance to unload a few juggle hits or OTG hits.
    What's OTG? Read on.
    OTG hits, known to some people as 'On The Ground' and to others as
    'Off The Ground'. It really doesn't matter because you do them while
    they are ON the ground and knock the other guy OFF the ground. OTGs
    are usually ducking weak attacks (Marrow's ducking LK) but some 
    special moves and supers have OTG properties (like Hulk's rockwave 
    thingy). Its possible to go from some OTG hits into a launcher and air
    combo. This is the stuff you use to pile on the damage.
    Launchers if unblocked will launch (duh!) your opponent into the air
    where you can follow them with a quick tap U and attack them for more
    hits with an air combo. Marrow's launcher is D+HP. Use these combined 
    with OTGs to carve great chunks out of the opponents life meter.
    Snapbacks enable your character to forcibly remove an enemy character
    from the match (only temporarily though). It requires one level of the
    super meter and is done with a QCF and an assist button. The opponent 
    fly's off the screen and is replaced by another (probably 
    corresponding to the assist button used). Note this is blockable and, 
    quite frankly, not worth wasting one super meter on. The only reason 
    I can think of for using this is to keep the same opponent in the 
    game when they are low on life.
    Hyper Combos, Team Hyper Combos and Delayed Hyper Combos are all
    explained together under Super Moves below. What are Supers? That's 
    just my name for Hyper Combos. I think it came from waaaay back, when 
    I used to play Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Gees, what a name!).
    Simple Moves
    Jab Punch: LP
      Standing- Extends her fist out. Good for fakeouts and combos.
      Crouching- Much the same except crouching.
      Jumping- Her fist sticks out slightly angled downwards.
    Strong Punch: (only in combos)
      Standing- Sarah switches hands and does a slash. 
    Fierce Punch: HP
      Standing- She does a big slash that reminds me of Wolverine's FP.
      Crouching- Her Launcher. A two handed slash upwards. Good recovery 
                 if blocked.
      Jumping- Swings down with both hands. Not much range but this hits 
    Short Kick: LK
      Standing- A quick kick
      Crouching- Another quick kick only lower. Not much different.
    Forward Kick: (only in combos)
      Standing- A quick knee to the groin. Fast but seems to have less 
                range than the short kick.
      Crouching- While crouching, she sticks her leg upwards at 45 
                 degrees. This also has problems connecting due to range.
    Roundhouse Kick: HK
      Standing- Does a quick somersault kick. 
      Crouching- Spins around on the spot and sweeps low with both her 
                 legs. Good speed and good range. A solid move to use. 
      Jumping- Does a quick somersault ending with her leg stuck out 
               horizontally. This isn't that fast as the somersault takes 
               a bit of time.
    Throws: F+HP
      Fierce Punch- Grabs the opponent with one hand and quickly grows a 
                    nasty looking bone gauntlet on the other. Ka-Pow! Can
                    also be done in the air.
    Special Moves
    Bone-erang: QCF+P
    A boomerang projectile. She throws one of her bones but it doesn't 
    return to you like a normal boomerang. Instead it hangs around at 
    3/4 of the screen for 2 seconds and can keep hitting your foe, 
    letting you creep up to attack. Most people see it coming so use it 
    for block damage, zoning and general harassment. Can be done in the 
    air. The LP version swings out horizontally. The HP version curves 
    upwards a little when standing on the ground and curves downwards when
    thrown in mid-air. I think this move was inspired by Jedah from the 
    Darkstalkers universe.
    Towering Spine: ZF+P
    Sarah crouches over and lets rip with bone spikes out of her back. An
    impressive but basic anti-air move. Watch out for the noticeable lag 
    at the end. Dashers like Wolverine and Cammy can and will take 
    advantage of this.
    Ride & Slash: HCB+P
    She says something like 'Gimmie a ride' rather loudly and does a quick
    jump. Its pretty hard to connect as the jump forward goes a fixed 
    short distance. If it connects with the enemy she sits on their 
    shoulders and slashes their face. Looks very cool but is easy to see 
    coming and even easier to block (unless its a crossup). Best done in 
    the air.
    Ricochet Slash: QCB+K
    She leaps back and propels herself off the wall into a lunge like Vega
    of SF2 (I don't care what anybody out there thinks. To me, Vega is the
    clawed Spaniard and Bison is the boss). This is a quick move that can 
    often hit your opponent unawares. Just don't get predictable with it.
    Super Moves
    I think most of you know what Supers and Team Supers are from previous
    games. Each character has their own Supers. Team supers are done
    pressing both assist buttons but only one or two characters will do
    the super if there is only one or two levels of the super meter fully
    charged. Delayed Supers is the same thing... with a slight twist.
    Whilst in the middle of a Super you can cancel it into another super
    from one of your partners. This can be done again to string three
    supers in a row. Just do the second or third characters super during
    the current one, it sorts itself out. I don't know what the use of
    this is yet when you can do a Team Super. Maybe its a safer way to
    switch characters. Maybe it does more damage. In all cases, they look 
    pretty damn stylish.
    Stinger Bones: QCF+PP
    Sarah really outdoes herself and launches whole strings of razor sharp
    vertebrae at her opponent. A solid way to finish a combo.
    Bone Buster: QCB+PP
    Dozens of knives spring out of her back and home in on your opponent.
    This can be done in the air and is an ideal way to finish an air combo
    but only if your fast enough to connect it. I find it easier to do it
    right on top of an opponent and make crossup blocking a nightmare! 
    V. Combomania
    Now here's the fun part!
    I find there are four parts to my typical combo; the jump in, ground
    combos, air combos and combo finishers. The names are pretty self
    explanatory but its best if I describe how they link up. 
    The usual sequence is the Jump in, Ground combo, Launcher, Air combo
    and finally a combo finisher. Note the combo doesn't have to end here
    (This is where OTGs come in), nor does it have to follow this order.
    For example, the jump in is optional. You could just as easily dash it
    and start with a ground combo. Also as easily, you can skip the
    launched air combo and go straight into the finisher. All parts can
    work on their own. It up you to piece together your favourite combos.
    My personal favourites usually involve OTGs.
    Jump ins
    1) LP, LP
    2) LP, LK
    3) LK, LK
    4) LP, LK, LP
    5) LP, LK, LK
    6) LP, LK, LP, LK
    Generally any two or three weak attacks as you come down. From here, 
    you can go to any of the other three parts. Strong attacks can be used
    towards the end but they will push or knock the opponent down. Either 
    way you can't continue the combo. 
    Ground Combos
    Ground combos are pretty much like your jump ins, two or three weak 
    attacks with one exception, you can also do crouching attacks. From 
    here, you can go to air combos or a combo finisher. Note that you must
    be very close to connect all four weak hits (the last standing LK will
    be very short ranged).
    Air Combos
    1) LP, LK, LP, LK
    2) LP, LK, LP
    This is where the real magic happens. To link a ground combo into an
    air combo you must use her launcher. If they're already airborne pull 
    off one these right there and then. There really is only one air 
    combo series but you can take off the last one or two hits if you 
    find it hard connecting the Ride & Slash or Bone buster as a combo
    Combo Finishers
    1) HP
    2) HK
    3) Ride & Slash (HCB+P)
    4) Stinger Bones (QCF+PP)
    5) Bone Buster (QCB+PP)
    Combo finishers are just heavy attacks, special moves or supers that 
    knock the opponent away so you can't combo further. 
    The Ride & Slash and the Bone Buster are hard to connect in air combos
    and almost impossible to do in ground combos. To connect them after
    air combos, I like to pause for a second with a double jump and then 
    crossup with them. Though not technically a combo I find it easier and
    more reliable. The Ride & Slash however, will connect straight after a
    Jeffrey Ryoko Tani submitted this air combo sequence:
    After the launcher, LP, LK, LP, pause, LP, LK, U, LP, LK, LP, LK, Bone
    I think this is quite a difficult combo. Most of the time I miss the
    last part after the double jump but I have connected the whole thing
    at least twice. The pause is very small, only long enough to start
    comboing her LP again. Try doing this after a launched OTG or in a
    crossup assist.
    VI. Quirks and Other Stuff
    Marrow takes a peek from under a manhole cover and then pops out of 
    the sewers. The manhole cover flips away and rolls to a stop at the 
    opponents feet, the manhole itself mysteriously disappears and Marrow 
    falls into a low fighting stance not unlike Spiderman.
    Win pose:
    1) She stands facing away from the screen. Over her shoulder, you can 
       see an evil glint in her eye.
    2) With a flick of her wrist a dagger flys out towards the players, 
       cracking the 'screen' in the process. 
    Losing to time out:
    Disgusted, she turns away and chucks one of her bone daggers into the
    Assists & Team Supers
    Projectile Type (Alpha): Bone-erang / Bone Buster
    Anti-Air Type (Beta): Towering Spine / Bone Buster
    Expansion Type (Gamma): Ricochet Slash / Stinger Bones
    My favourite assist would have to be her expansion one. It sweeps 
    across the screen making it a sure hit on ground opponents and doesn't
    linger on screen long enough to eat an opponent's super like her
    other assists.
    Costume Colours
    LP: Green
    LK: Blue
    HP: Lavender
    HK: Light Green
    A1: Grey
    A2: Purple
    VII. Strategy
    There are heaps of very different characters in MvC2 and there is no 
    single tactic I can give to defeat all of them with the same degree of
    success. For example, Jin is a counter player with very high priority 
    moves and won't beaten with the same tactics used on a poker like 
    Gambit. Marrow can be a difficult character to start with. Her main 
    feature is the odd trajectories her moves have. Unfortunately, this
    means she has no single move or tactic that beginners can reliably
    fall back against if they ever find themselves in trouble.
    Take the offensive. Although she isn't as effective at this tactic as 
    characters like Spiderman or Jill, stay in the opponents face and 
    don't let up. You have heaps of small and large combos at your 
    disposal, use them. Poke high and low. Infinite helpers are available.
    Dash or jump in for combos. Throw in a few Bone-erangs and Ricochet 
    Slashes. Mix it up. Keep the opponent guessing where the next attack 
    will come from. 
    If everything goes as planned you'll never need to play defensive. But
    everyone at some time will find a challenger better at controlling the
    pace of the the match than them, so I've included a few pointers. It 
    varies by your opponent and their characters but roughly 70% of all 
    attacks will come from the air. If you do not wish to block these, 
    counter with her launcher, a partner assist (I find Cyclops' uppercut
    to be unbeatable) or even a super. Or you could simply switch to a 
    more suitable character. Remember that nothing can substitute for
    knowledge and experience of your opponent's strengths, weaknesses and
    Abyss Strategy
    Never use assists against Abyss (projectile assists against the 2nd
    form is the only exception). You can use Marrow's supers against all
    Abyss' forms relatively safely but I like to save them up for a team 
    super finish against the 3rd form. 
    1st Form: The armoured form is a pushover. Get up close and personal
    to do small combos. When he winds up for an attack, block (duh!) and
    hit him again while he recovers. You can jump over to the other side 
    of him and unload a few more hits as he slowly turns around. In no 
    time you'll get to the...
    2nd Form: The green slime form has one very, VERY itchy trigger 
    finger. He utilises all manner of projectile attacks from 
    flame-throwers to lasers to big bubbles of goo! Stay airborne and 
    away. Continually throw Bone-erangs at him. You can try a Ricochet 
    Slash or two but it can be pretty hard to get past the flame-thrower. 
    Whenever he disappears into the ground he's going to launch those 
    bubbles. Jump, try to stay airborne and attack the bubbles. Even if 
    the bubbles trap you he can't really hit you with anything up there. 
    As with the 1st form, this one is real slow to turn around so if you 
    ever find yourself facing his back, combo him before he gets you in 
    his sights. When you defeat him you reach the final form.
    3rd Form: The big red beast. If you have been stocking up your super 
    meter, this is easy. Just pile the damage onto Abyss with supers 
    (I've seen Iron Man defeat this form with four Ion Cannons, nothing
    else). If you haven't, this part can get quite lengthy.
    Most important, you must block or you will get hammered. I know it
    may be difficult but learn to anticipate Abyss' attacks. The only time
    you can get solid hits on him is before he attacks. Combo him and
    block the attacks. Secondly, not only can you hit his beast form but 
    also that funny ball that's sometimes floating in mid air. Against 
    this form it doesn't pay to turtle all day. You simply won't get the 
    chance to hit him afterwards. Neither is it good to be overly 
    offensive because you're gonna get slammed in all directions. That's 
    about it! Congrats on finishing the game but it seems Capcom weren't 
    bothered to create 52 individual endings for each character (I 
    wouldn't! Would you?).
    VIII. Final Words
    Thanks to CJayC for being the legend he is. Apologies to you (you were
    right about the Bone-erang). A pat on the back for Marvel and Capcom. 
    Keep the games coming. 
    I stand in awe of all you guys and girls out there who have ever 
    written a game FAQ. I now have a better idea on how long these things 
    take to get right.
    Most of all, a big thank you to Lucas Chang for being so good but not 
    having the guts to write his own FAQ, he made me do it. Now I'm 
    famous and you're not!
    Thanks to Matt McD for suggestions on assists and combos. Also, thanks
    to Jeffrey Ryoko Tani for the double jump combo.
    If you want your 5 minutes of fame, help me fill out or correct this 
    FAQ. If I haven't already got it, I'll give the credit to you, honest!
    For all you math geniuses out there
    From 56 characters, with 3 assists each to chose from, there is a 
    total of 168 different assists in the game. There are 27720 different 
    combinations of teams with 27 combinations of assists for each team 
    making a total of 748440 different combinations of teams and assists. 
    768398400 different 2 player team matchups, 560162433600 if you 
    include assist variations. Anyone want to hazard a guess at how many 
    different team supers there are? Remember that most characters have 
    the same super for at least two of their assist choices and the fact 
    that team supers don't always involve 3 characters. From my 
    calculations there are 299466 of them (but don't trust me, work them 
    out for yourself). 
    Legal Stuff
    Feel free to download or print this FAQ but get my permission first if
    you wish to post or distribute it or any part of it. Do not use any
    part of this FAQ for making profit. You got it free, everybody else
    should as well. This is my work, so give me credit for it. In other
    words this FAQ is copyright 2000 Adrian Au<cerebrate@spacewar.com>.
    Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is copyright 2000 by Capcom.
    Marrow and all other characters are registered trademarks of their
    respective companies of Marvel Comics and Capcom Entertainment.
    Contacting Me
    Suggestions, additions and corrections are always welcome. You 
    should know this by now but I can be reached at 
    cerebrate@spacewar.com. Only contact me in regards to MvC2 or this 
    FAQ but I will not send updates of this FAQ to any mailing list. Get 
    it from www.gamefaqs.com. My latest updates will always be posted 
    there. Permission has been given to <http://www.gamesdomain.com.uk>, 
    <http://vgstrategies.about.com> and <www.popcultureshock.com/norimaro>
    to post this FAQ.
    Not bad for my first FAQ. Now get out there and slay the opposition!

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