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    Captain Commando by Z-Force

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/06/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Captain Commando FAQ for Marvel Vs Capcom 2 V1.0
    FAQ Written by Z-Force (z-force@execpc.com
    Table of contents
    I.	Introduction, thanks, and disclaimer
    II. Version History
    III. Places to Get this FAQ
    IV. Character Introduction
    V. Legend
    VI. Colors
    VII. Assist Types
    VIII. Basic Moves
    IX. Special Attacks
    X. Super Combos
    XI. Strategies
    This FAQ is copyrighted by me, Z-Force.  I don't mind if you want to take this 
    FAQ and put it on your website, as long as you e-mail me first, mainly so I can 
    list you under my list of places to get the FAQ.  Do not try selling it or 
    otherwise using it to make a profit.  Also, I want to thank all of the people 
    who e-mail me with info and stuff, for this and my other FAQs as well.
    Version History
    V1.0  The Very first version
    Places to get this FAQ
    www.geocities.com/~z-force (my homepage)
    Character Introduction
    Captain Commando is one of the premier mascots of Capcom.  His first game, aptly 
    named "Captain Commando" was a mediocre side scrolling beat em up for the 
    arcade, and also Super NES.  He later appeared in Marvel vs Capcom, and now 
    MvC2.  He was my fave in the original MvC, and he maintains most of his power 
    Legend (all moves assume character is facing right)  Throughout this FAQ, I'm 
    going to assume that you are at least somewhat familiar with this game and that 
    you now the basics.  If not, I recommend Kmegura's FAQ at gamefaqs.com, as it 
    will tell you everything that you would want to know.
    f = Forward
    b = Back
    u = up
    d = down
    df = Down forward
    db = Down Back
    uf = Up forward
    ub = Up Back
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    HK = Heavy Kick
    PP = 2 Punches
    KK = 2 Kicks
    A1 = Assist 1
    A2 = Assist 2
    LP = Blue Outift
    HP = Light Green Outfit
    A1 = Black Outfit
    LK = Red Outfit
    HK = Orange Outfit
    A2 =  Pink Outfit
    Assist Types  For all 3 versions, he uses the Captain Sword as his super assist  
    It is a useful team super, and can catch the enemy in midair and push them down 
    into another super move on the ground.
    Alpha:  His Assist and Variable counter is the Captain Fire.  This is a pretty 
    good all purpose move to have
    Beta:  His Assist and Variable counter is the Captain Corridor.  A good anti air 
    move, although the assist version is hard to hit with
    Gamma:  His Assist and Variable counter is the Captain Kick.  Though this move 
    can cover a lot of ground,
    It also puts the good captain at risk.
    I'd recommend using the Alpha assist type.
    Basic Moves  Coming Soon!
    LP Standing
    LP Ducking
    LP Jumping
    HP Standing
    HP Ducking
    HP Jumping
    LK Standing
    LK Ducking
    LK Jumping
    HK Standing
    HK Ducking
    HK Jumping
    Special Attacks
    Captain Fire:  d,  df, f, P
    A Flame thrower style attack.  It doesn't quite cover full screen, but it's 
    close, and does good damage.  You can also end a combo with it.  A reasonably 
    useful attack.  Also, due to it's width, it's not as easy to jump over as a 
    normal projectile.
    Captain Corridor:  d, db, b, P
    Cap hits the ground and a blast of electricity rises up.  This is a very good 
    anti air move and combo ender.  It's useful as a combo ender because Cap doesn't 
    leap into the air, as with the Shoryuken and similar attacks.  This makes it 
    safer to use as you don't put yourself at risk if you miss with it,
    Captain Kick  d, db, b, K
    Cap leaps at the opponent with a series of roundhouse kicks.  The problem with 
    this move is that it puts you at risk if the opponent sees it coming.  Best to 
    use this move as a combo ender.
    Captain Strike:  d,  df, f, ???
    There are three different buttons you can press to finish this move.  Each one 
    will summon a different one of Captain Commando's allies
    LK = Sho (Ginsu in the US)  He drops down in front of you and does a slash.  I 
    can't think of a reason to use this, except maybe as a distraction
    HK = Genity (Mack the Knife in the US)  He flies across the screen, twirling his 
    knife.  Somewhat useful for hitting air opponents who aren't quite in range for 
    the Captain Corridor.
    LK + HP = Hoover (Baby Head in the US)  He drops down and shoots a missile.  I 
    don't know why you'd use this as opposed to the Captain Fire myself.
    Super Combos
    Captain Sword:  d, df, f, PP
    Cap and his buddies converge to shoot a huge beam of energy that starts from 
    directly above you and drops down to forward.  This is Cap's best super, as you 
    can hit people out of the sky, and do a lot of damage as well.  Also useful as a 
    team super.
    Captain Storm:  d, df, f, KK
    Cap rushes his foe and uppercuts them.  If you connect, you jack the guy up in 
    the air for an auto combo where Cap and all of his allies pummel the opponent in 
    midair.  Finally, they drop down and Cap blasts his foes with the Captain 
    Corridor.  Cap and his buddies then converge and strike a pose.  This super does 
    a lot of damage, and is fun to watch, but if you miss, you leave yourself open.  
    Use this move sparingly as a surprise attack.

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