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    Jin by A.Warren

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    JIN FAQ v1.0
    BY: A.Warren
    Please don't copy any of this stuff. There's not much a I can do if you do, other than
    curse you and your future offspring with all sorts of horrible skin infections. 
    To contact me, e-mail me at s371351@student.uq.edu.au.
    21 June 2000 - First draft submitted
    27 June 2000 - Fixed up typos, added a few combos and strategy.
    Coming soon - Useful partners/assists
                  More advanced combos
                  Assist descriptions
    Jin Saotome was first seen in the Capcom game Cyberbots, in which Jin piloted his robot 
    Blodia, generally wreaking havoc all round. Jin first stepped out of his robot in Marvel
    vs Capcom, and he makes his second appearance in Marvel vs Capcom 2.  If you've never used 
    Jin before, you may be thinking 'why choose Jin?'.  Well, the first reason is that Jin has 
    probably the best power to size ratio (its a car thing) in the game. He has incredible power 
    for such a little guy. Second, all his regular punches and kicks have great range and 
    priority. Also, his medium and strong punches and kicks set the opponent on fire, and do 
    chip damage to all characters. The third reason is that he has very good specials and 
    supers (providing you don't overuse them). Finally, there are a number of small things 
    which, overall, add up to make Jin one of the most dangerous characters in the game. His 
    super-armor powerup, his great assists, he even has a damaging taunt. If you used Jin a lot 
    in MvC, then all of this should be familiar to you. However, Jin has had a number of 
    changes between MvC and MvC2, and overall, I believe he is quite a lot more powerful in 
    his latest outing.
       UB  U  UF   QCF = Roll the joystick a quarter circle forward, from D through DF to F.
         \ | /     QCB = Roll the joystick a quarter circle back, from D through DB to B.
       B _   _ F   HCF = Roll the joystick a half circle forward, from B through DB,D,DF to F.
                   HCB = Roll the joystick a half circle back, from F through DF,D,DB to B.
         / | \     DP = Move the joystick in the dragon punch motion, from F to D to DF.
       DB  D  DF   BF = Charge the joystick back then go straight to forward.
                   DU = Charge the joystick down then go straight to up.
       JAB    FIERCE    ASSIST 1   To access Strong Punch, push Jab twice in a combo. 
         \      |      /           To access Forward Kick, push Short twice in a combo.
          O     O     O            Assist 1 calls the second character to do an assist.
                                   Assist 2 calls the third character to do an assist.
          O     O     O            
         /      |      \
      SJ - Perform a super jump by pressing Short+Roundhouse, or by quickly moving the joystick
           from D to U.
      DHC - Delayed Hyper combo, performed by doing the motion  for your second character's
           super while your first character is performing his super.
      XX - Means cancel one move into another.
      OTG - Hit your opponent off the ground. Only certain moves can do this, and your opponent
           is able to roll to avoid being hit.
      Team Super - Performed by pressing A1+A2. Depending on your number of super meters, two 
           or three of your characters will perform super simultaneosly.
      AC - An air combo is performed by pressing up after you character's launcher move hits.
           You can the perform you character's air combo series.
      SNAPBACK - Performed by inputting QCF+A1 or A2. It knocks the active character off the 
           screen and forces one of the remaining characters onto the screen, depending on what
           button you push.
      VARIABLE COUNTER - Performed by doing a quarter circle from B to D+A1 or A2 while you are 
           blocking an attack. The assist button pressed determines which character of yours 
           performs the counter.
    JAB - Jin's regular colour from MvC. He has a white suit, with orange trim. He glows orange 
    when he is in super-armor mode. Red Blodia.
    SHORT - Black suit with gold trim. Blue Blodia. Jin glows silver when powered up.
    FIERCE - Red suit with blue trim. (Yuck) I think Blodia is black. I'm not sure what the 
    powerup colour is.
    ROUNDHOUSE - Green suit with gray (my fave). Green Blodia. Again, not sure of his powerup 
    A1 - Pink suit with white trim. Jin glows hot pink in powerup mode (yay!). Reddish pink 
    A2 - Dark blue suit with gold trim. Yellow Blodia, and Jin glows blue.
    TAUNT- Jin strips his clothes off down to his underwear, and rubs himself with a piece of 
    cloth. If you ram the punch buttons while doing this, Jin will rub himself faster and 
    faster, until his glows, and finally flames appear on him. If someone should happen to 
    touch Jin while he is on fire, they will be knocked away, and sustain a small amount of 
    ALPHA - Jin Typhoon/Jin Typhoon/Great Cyclone
    BETA - Jin Dynamite/Jin Dynamite/Blodia Punch
    GAMMA - Standing strong/Standing strong/Blodia Punch
    JAB - Standing Jab is just a straight punch to the torso. Slower than most jabs, and its 
    only real use to combo into Jin's launcher. Crouching jab is basically a crouching version 
    of his standing jab, and again is mainly useful for combo purposes. Jumping short is also 
    fairly useless, as Jin has some far better jumpins. Useful only for starting air-combos.
    SHORT - Standing short is quite a useful move, Jin kicks at about chest height with one 
    foot. It has good range, and is quick compared with most of Jin's moves. Basically use it 
    for poking at the opponent. Crouching short is another useful move, and has even more range 
    than his standing short. Jumping short isn't very good and again, should only be used in 
    STRONG - Standing strong is Jin's launcher, and a fairly standard one too. It hasn't got 
    many anti-air properties, so should not be used in that fashion. Crouching strong is one of 
    Jin's best moves. Jin kneels and punches downward with his fist on fire. As it is a fire 
    move, it causes chip damage, and sets up a Blodia punch perfectly. Jumping strong is an 
    upwards flaming punch. Due to the button system in MvC2, you're only going to do this in a 
    combo, so there isn't much to explain here.
    FORWARD - While standing, this is a jumping double kick that goes up and forward. Fire 
    move, and therefore does chip damage. This used to be quite a useful move, but since you 
    need to combo into it now, its only purpose is to stuff up your combos. Crouching forward 
    is a vertical version of the s. forward, and used to be a good anti-air move, but is now 
    more or less useless, just like the standing version. The jumping version is just an 
    upwards flaming kick that you should only ever do in air-combos.
    FIERCE - This is Jin's bread and butter punch. Standing is a straight, powerful flaming 
    punch. Because Jin leans forward when he does this, it has terrific range. Although it is 
    slow to recover, it comes out very quickly, and is good for punishing mistakes. Crouching 
    fierce is even better. Jin does a flaming backhand which is so powerful, it knocks the 
    opponent all the way across the screen. You used to be able to combo a Blodia punch after 
    this, but I haven't had much success with it in MvC2. Even so, it is great for getting 
    someone out of your face. Jumping fierce is a downward flaming punch, with great priority. 
    This is one of Jin's three really good jumpins. It is also an air-combo finisher, and 
    knocks your opponent downwards.
    ROUNDHOUSE - Another great set of kicks, standing roundhouse sees Jin jump up and forwards, 
    then come down at an angle with his feet making a big flaming drill. Great reach, although 
    it is quite slow. His crouching roundhouse is Jin's signature move I guess. Jin slides 
    forward along the ground with both feet forming a flaming drill. Priority, range, power, 
    it even comes out fairly quickly. The only problem is its recovery, which can be overcome 
    in a number of ways. Jumping roundhouse is another really good jumpin, with Jin doing a far 
    reaching flaming double kick.
    AIR DRILL KICK - Executed be holding down and pressing roundhouse, this move has been 
    greatly improved since MvC. Whereas it used only to hit once, now it will hit as many times 
    as it can before Jin hits the ground. Usually it hits 3-4 times when you jump in on 
    somebody with it, sometimes it can hit many more times, if you happen to hit a jumping 
    opponent with it, while in the corner. It has insane priority, and its 45 degree angle is 
    bound to cause confusion in a few opponents. Also sets the opponent on fire, giving you 
    time to land, walk forward if need be, and the launch into a nasty air-combo.
    PUNCH THROW - Jin just grabs the opponent, rushes forward while Blodia's fist comes out of 
    the screen behind them. After Jin slams them into Blodia's fist, he bounces back a long 
    way, so there don't seem to be any combo opportunities with this. Reasonable priority.
    KICK THROW - Jin grabs the opponent, throws them to the ground, then kneels on them and 
    starts beating them with his fists while yelling some incomprehensible gibberish. Very 
    entertaining. Again, reasonable priority.
    AIR THROW - Just an air version of Jin's ground punch throw. It seems to have better 
    SNAPBACK - Jin's snapback is his Crouching Fierce punch.
    JIN DYNAMITE - Charge D, U+P - Jin explodes his clothes off, spraying the opponent with red 
    hot laundry, while screaming something incoherent. While this takes place Jin is completely 
    invulnerable making it very versatile. A great anti-air move, it can stop pixie types, who 
    like to get right in your face, in their tracks. You can even cancel fireballs with, if you 
    are very brave. It does have significant lag though, so you want to make sure you hit with 
    JIN TYPHOON - Charge B, F+P - Jin rushes forward, spinning so fast that he becomes a human 
    cyclone. This seems to have been improved since MvC, it has less recovery time, and seems 
    to travel faster. It juggles an opponent, making it a useful  assist, and it can also be 
    used in Gamma Charge fashion, to quickly get to an opponent and punish a mistake before 
    they are able to recover.
    JIN CRUSH - HCF+K - A totally useless command throw, it takes ages to initiate, is 
    blockable, and is near impossible to land in every way. There is no way to combo it 
    (actually, it seems there is a way to combo it. Oops.), and the time Jin takes to recover 
    from it means you will likely eat a super for you efforts. Why Capcom even put this move in
    is completely beyond me.
    BLODIA PUNCH - QCF+PP - This is an all-round great super. Jin screams 'BLLOODIIAAAA!!', 
    punches with his flaming fist, then Blodia's fist, in imitation of Jin, rushes out of the 
    side of the screen and punches the opponent. It does extra damage if you get both Jin's 
    fist and Blodia's to connect. This super is quite versatile, is easy to combo, and is a 
    proven assist killer. The only problem is that Jin takes a little while to recover, so 
    don't just throw it out as if it were a Shinku Hadoken. Blodia's fist tends to protect Jin 
    while it is out. Also, because Bodia's fist comes out from behind Jin, it is sometimes 
    possible to trap someone between Jin and Blodia, causing really big damage.
    BLODIA VULCAN - QCB+PP -  Not quite as useful as the Blodia punch, because it takes a long 
    time to initiate, it is a good super nonetheless. Probably the best thing about is that it 
    covers the full screen with a hail of bullets, so if you can catch an opponent with two or 
    three characters on screen, its time to cackle with glee. This is also the super to use 
    during a DHC. I'm currently working on ways to combo it by using assists.
    GREAT CYCLONE - QCF+KK -  Jin's super jumper repellant, it can often cross someone up, if 
    you do it when they are directly above you.  If you do connect with it, your opponent will 
    love lose a hefty chunk of energy. Unlike the Jin Typhoon though, it has next to no 
    horizontal range, so you don't want to mistime it.
    1.  J D+Roundhouse, S Jab, S Strong, SJ Jab, SJ Short, SJ Strong, SJ Forward, 
        SJ D+Roundhouse 
        This is Jin's basic air combo. It can be tricky to land all the hits, it usually helps 
        to do the sequence more slowly than you would for a regular AC. Alternative AC 
        finishers are SJ. Fierce and sj.roundhouse. It may even be possible to Finnish with an 
        air throw, I haven't really tried it.
    2.  J D+Roundhouse, C Short, C Roundhouse, Jin Dynamite
        Jin's bread and butter combo. You should only add the roundhouse and dynamite part if
        you know you are going to hit, due to the recovery time for each move.
    3.  J D+Roundhouse, C Jab, C Strong, Blodia Punch
        The best way to link a Blodia punch. Easy to do and big damage, and a very useful combo 
    4.  J D+Roundhouse, C Jab, C Fierce
        Not a huge combo, but great when you want to get an opponent away and give yourself 
        some breathing space.
    5.  C Short, C Roundhouse XX Blodia Punch
        For this to connect you need to be quite close to your own corner of the screen, so 
        that Blodia's fist doesn't need to travel too far. If you try to do it in the other 
        corner, the opponent will have recovered by the time Blodia's fist gets there.
    6.  S.Jab, S.Strong XX Great Cyclone
        This combo seems to require really fast fingers. You need to cancel into the great 
        cyclone immediately after you launch the opponent. If you do hit though, you can hit 
        OTG afterwards in a variety of ways.
    7.  C Jab, C Strong, Jin Typhoon XX Blodia Punch
        Jin benefits here from the new cancelation system. I think you can also substitute the
        Blodia Punch for a Great Cyclone, I havn't tested it yet though.
    There will be something here soon. I'm trying to test a lot of tricky combos at the moment, 
    but it is really hard around here to get a chance to play the computer for any length of
    * A trap that a lot of people fall into when playing Jin is becpming very
    repetitive very quickly. Remaining unpredictable with Jin can be quite a challenge, but it
    is by no means impossible. Try not to rely just on his #2 combo. Jin has quite an array of
    short damaging ground combos, which are often overlooked.
    * Having made the above point, Jin's #2 combo is probably his best ground combo, and you 
    will still be using it quite a lot.  One thing you will learn rather quickly with Jin is 
    that people see this combo coming, and if they block it, will usually punish you after the
    dynamite. So, if this combo is blocked, don't do the dynamite. People will expect it, and 
    will remain blocking, so you can simply recover from the D+Roundhouse and walk up and throw
    them. They should catch on to this after a few times, and you can go back to doing the 
    dynamite, and hit them is they try to retaliate. By mixing up the timing with it, you can
    be really annoying.
    * Another big point with Jin is - don't overuse his specials or supers. They all have 
    significant recovery time, and Jin will be taking a lot of damage if you use them at will.
    The Jin Dynamite should only be used in combos, the typhoon to chip, or to hit someone after
    a missed move, Gamma Charge style. Don't even bother with the Jin Crush, unless you have a 
    deathwish. The Blodia Punch is a great move, but has lots of recovery time. Therefore, I 
    only use it during a combo, or while someone is recovering from a missed move. The Blodia
    Vulcan has worse recovery than anything else in Jin's repetoir, so you should be extra 
    careful with it. It can be good against beamers, if you can time it so that Jin gets off the
    screen just as the beam comes out. Other than that though, I really only use it in DHCs.
    * Try not to get pinned down by anyone with Jin. He is primarily an offensive character, and
    works best applying maximum pressure to an opponent. If you are being forced into a corner, 
    there are a few techniques available to Jin. First is Jin's crouching fierce. It will send 
    your opponent to the other side of the screen faster than you can scream 'hootchie mamma!'. 
    Also, his Jin Dynamite can be used similarly. Don't commit to it unless you are fairly sure
    it won't be blocked. Jin's final option (and one a lot of people forget) is the Great
    Cyclone. This is especially good if you can catch someone directly above you, as it quite
    often crosses people up.
    * Jin is a great character for dealing with annoying assist happy players. The Blodia Punch
    can potentially hit all characters on screen, unlike many supers (such as the Mega Optic
    Blast) which can only hit one character at a time. It also comes out quickly, does a lot
    of damage and Blodia's fist can often protect Jin from anything that the active character
    might try. I have also had it suggested to me that you use the Blodia Vulcan in these 
    situations. In my experience this isn't that great an idea. The thing about the Vulcan is
    that it only does serious damage if it switches to the view from Blodia's cockpit (if that
    word makes you giggle then congratulations, you are as immature as I am!). The only way 
    that you can get the cockpit screen to initiate is if you hit the active character (not the
    assisting character) with it while they are not blocking. So even if you hit the assisting
    character with it, if the active character blocks, it will do hardly any damage to the
    assisting character. Also, the recovery on this move means that the opponent will do 
    something unpleasant afterwards. 
    * If you are in an end of game situation with Jin, remember, his medium and strong punches
    and kicks all do chip damage, so use these, and NOT the Blodia Punch. Use the BP, and you 
    will likely take a Juggernaut Headcrush for you troubles.
    * Jin is a really good character for killing the big guys. His air drill kick simply eats up
    super armor, and Jin can dominate them effortlessly. The guys Jin has trouble with are the
    keepaway characters. Cable, Doom, Ironman etc can give Jin a major headache. You can try to
    hit them with a vulcan as they beam you, but other than that the best solution is to get a
    beam of your own, as an assist, or just tag out to a better character for these situations,
    such as Omega Red, or Venom.
    * Jin is a fairly well rounded character, and as such can work well at any position in a 
    team. My preference however is to have him second or third in the order. That way you can
    take advantage of his nifty assists during the early game. When Jin's turn comes around, he
    will have plenty of super bars to provide him with some very nasty combos. If he's still 
    around at the end of the game, he can chip someone to death with just his normal moves, and
    if they make that vital mistake, Jin can Blodia Punch them into oblivion. Also, Jin can take
    advantage of his desperation powerup.
    * Concerning the desperation powerup, think of it as there just to give that small advantage
    that might make the difference between winning and losing. If you are confident, and still 
    have more that a few pixels of energy, you can use it to launch them (using DF+Fierce) and
    AC, and hopefully the armor will absorb the jumpin. You can try a similar tactic with the
    Blodia Punch. However, I prefer just to dash in and attack, and hope that if they do try to
    do anything nasty, Jin will absorb it, then lay the smack down - or something.
    * A final tip, it often helps to scream 'BLOOODDIIAAAAAA!!!' whenever Jin does. It can 
    sometimes distract your opponent. Either that or people will just think you are an idiot.
    Capcom, for making such cool games; Ug the Caveman, and everyone else at my arcade, for 
    sharing their knowledge, and providing me with such enjoyable fights (Even the cheapo's); 
    Everyone from the fighters.net forum, for knowing so much about this great game, and me, 
    cos I typed this.

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