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    Iron Man by EMiller

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/29/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    original date: Sunday, July 09 2000 13:59:48
    last update: Sunday, April 29 2001 10:39:07
    from: Eric Miller
    e-mail: twoginfaz@sega.net
    url: http://redrival.com/twoginfaz/amingo.html
          __     _     __     ___ __     ___ ____ __
         |  \   / |   /  \   | _ \\  \  /  /|  __|| |
         |   \ /  |  /    \  ||_) )\  \/  / | |__ | |
         |    V   | /  /\  \ |   /  \    /  |  __|| |
         | |\  /| |/  ____  \|   \   \  /   | |__ | |__
         |_| \/ |_||_/    \_||_|\_\   \/    |____||____|
     _       _____   ____     _    _____    ____   ____   __    __
    \ \     / ___/  / __ \   / \  )   _ \  / __ \ /    \ )  \  /  (
     \ \   ( (__   / /  )/  / A \  | |_) )/ /  )//  /\  \ |  \/  |
      \ \ / \__ \ ( (      /  _  \ |  __/( (    (  (  )  )|      |
       \ V /___) ) \ \__/|/  / \  \| |    \ \__/|\  \/  // /\_/\ \
        \_//____((_)\____|)_(   )_()_(     \____| \____/)_(    )_(
                  /     \
                 / __    )
                | /  )  /
                 V  /  /         | N E W   A G E   O F   H E R O E S | 
                   /  /
                  /  /    /|               
                 /  /____/ )
                /         /
               / ________/
    	         BEGINNERS QUIDE TO: Iron Man V2.0
             © Copyright 2000 Eric Miller <twoginfaz@sega.net>
    i:    Legal BS
    ii:   Introduction
    iii:  Bio and History
    iv:   Legend
    v:    Color
    vi:   Movelist
             a: Throws
             b: Launchers
             c: Special Abilities
             d: Basic Attacks
             e: Special Moves
             f: Hyper Combos
             g: Taunt
    vii:   Combo
    viii:  Partner Assists
    ix:    Iron Man Rating
    x:     Team Members
    xi:    Credits
    This FAQ is © Copyright 2000 Eric Miller
    Capcom characters are Copyright 2000 Capcom Co., LTD.
    Marvel characters TM are Copyright 2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.
    United States and International Copyright laws protect this FAQ.
    Don't copy anything, you lazy bastards. If I find my FAQ being copied/
    sold/distibuted without my permission I will be pissed. If you wish to 
    display my FAQ on your website or whatever, please ask my permission 
    Iron Man plays a little oddly. He is definitely different from everyone 
    else in the game, but once you get used to his moves, you can play and 
    win comfortably. His weaknesses are his lack of a good general counter
    move and a very short-range launcher, but other than that Iron Man kicks
    some ass.  In this FAQ, I am assuming that you already know the BASIC or 
    UNIVERSAL moves.
    For those of you who know nothing about Iron Man, read this!
    Real Name:      Anthony "Tony" Stark 
    Occupation:     Billionaire Industrialist 
    Identity:       Secret 
    History: Tony Stark, brilliant industrialist and inventor, was wounded in 
             the chest by a piece of shrapnel in the course of managing Stark 
             Industries -- a weapons and munitions enterprise. While wounded, 
             he was taken prisoner and coerced to develop a powerful weapon in 
             exchange for an operation that would save his life. Instead, he 
             set up a small laboratory and designed and built an electrically-
             powered, transistorized suit of iron armor equipped with heavy 
             offensive weaponry. Transformed thereafter into Iron Man, he 
             destroyed his captors and went on to use his invulnerability to 
             defeat spies, criminals, and any person or force who threatens 
             the security of the United States. Tony Stark was instrumental in 
             founding S.H.I.E.L.D. and was a founding member of the Avengers. 
    Height:  6'1" 
    Weight:  225 lbs. 
    Eyes:    Blue 
    Hair:    Black 
    Powers:  Iron Man's armor enables him to lift (press) approximately 70 
             tons under standard operating conditions. The armor contains 
             various offensive weaponry, among them repulsors and a uni-beam. 
             The armor also grants the wearer a degree of invulnerability and 
             the power of flight.
    iv. LEGEND
    LP  =  Light Punch
    MP  =  Medium Punch
    HP  =  Hard Punch
    P   =  Either Punch
    PP  =  Both Punch
    LK  =  Light Kick
    MK  =  Medium Kick
    HK  =  Hard Kick
    K   =  Either Kick
    KK  =  Both Kick
    A1  =  Assist One
    A2  =  Assist Two
    F   =  Forward
    D   =  Down 
    B   =  Back
    U   =  Up
    DF  =  Diagonal Down-Forward
    DB  =  Diagonal Down-Back
    UB  =  Diagonal Up-Back
    UF  =  Diagonal Up-Forward
    QCF =  Quarter Circle Forward
    QCB =  Quarter Circle Back
    HCF =  Half Circle Forward
    HCB =  Half Circle Back
    360 =  Rotate Joystick 360 Degrees
    J   = Jump
    SJ  = Super Jump
    C   = Crouch
    v. COLOR
    This is the most important section for his strategies...well not really.
    This is a guide to show what button selection corresponds to what color
    Iron Man's armor/trim will be.
    X: Red/Yellow         Y: Red/Orange-Yellow     Z: Red/Silver
    A: Blue/Yellow        B: Red/Lavender          C: Orange/Mustard Yellow
    C is the best!!!
    vi. MOVELIST
    a: Throws
       1. Ground Throw: (when close) B or F+HP
       2. Dash Throw: (when close) B or F+HK
       3. Air Throw: (when close and airborne) B or F+HP
    b: Launchers
       1. DF+HK or Standing HK
          Iron Man's launcher is pretty much his only weakness. It has
          literally no range whatsoever. You have to be standing right next 
          to your opponent for launcher to connect and it leaves you purty
          vulnerable if blocked because your leg is dangling in the air.
    c: Special Abilities
       1. Air Dash: (when airborne) PP
       2. Flying: QCB+KK
    d: Basic Attacks
       1. Nosedive Kick: (when airborne) D+HK
          Damage: 12
          Iron Man bounces away from his opponent when this alternate aerial 
          attach connects. This move is an offensive way to deal decent damage 
          when coming down from an Aerial Rave or Super Jump. However, If you 
          whiff with this move, you're open for pretty much any attack.
       2. Beat Punch: (when airborne) D+HP
          Damage: 13
          Iron Man shoots a ray of light diagonal downward from his hands. Use 
          this alternate aerial attack to counter anti-air measures from your 
          opponent. This move is also a good air combo finisher.
       3. Throw Up Punch: (when airborne) U+HP
          Damage: 13
          Iron Man shoots a ray of light upward from his hands. This alternate 
          aerial attack can be used to hit airborne opponents infront and 
          above you.
       4. Throw Up Kick: (when airborne) U+HK
          Damage: 13
          Iron Man does his standard launcher in mid air. This alternate 
          aerial attack can be used to hit airborne opponents over you.
    e: Special Moves
       1. Uni-Beam: (when grounded or airborne) QCF+P
          Damage: 12-17
          Iron Man fires a high, beam-based projectile from a diamond shaped 
          imprint on his chest. Beaware, the recovery from the HP version is 
          pretty slow. This is not a good move to use on close range battle 
          because of the slow starting speed and can easily be countered.
          Although it can countered at close range it can really do a lot of
          chipping damage if blocked. The Uni-Beam hits 9 times and the
          chipping damage is above average. This move is hard to use in combos
          though because of the start up time (damn).
       2. Repulsor Blast: hcb+P
          Damage: 24-36
          Iron Man raises a ball of light above his head and shoots lazers in 
          for different directions from the ballIn this awkward general move 
          counter, the repulsor rays shoot up and forward at first; then they 
          recede and shoot down and forward (90 degrees clockwise from the 
          earlier ray). This repeats until all diagonals have been covered. In 
          short, this move is an anti-air counter, then a ground attack 
          counter. After that is just recovery time in most situations.
       3. Smart Bomb: (when grounded or airborne) HP+LK
          Damage: 18
          Iron Man Leans forward and shoots a stream of bombs from each 
          shoulder. This unusual projectile attack is useful in medium-range 
          ground level battles, or when airborne, to punish a projectile happy
       4. Shoulder Rocket: D+P
          Damage: ?
          Iron man crouches down and fires rockets from his shoulder cannon.
          This is pretty much a standard projectile but Iron Man is in the
          crouching position.
    f: Hyper Combos
       1. Proto Cannon: QCF+PP
          Damage: 55
          Iron Man takes out one really big ass gun and blows the living snot
          out o anything in front of it. This Hyper Uni-Beam has two benefits. 
          One, it is high level and thick, so it is hard to jump over. Two, 
          the cannon can hit close-range opponents as it drops into Iron Man's 
          hands This allows it to be used as a counter against standing or 
          airborne opponents. It takes forever to start up because his gun
          so damn big!!
    g: Taunt
       1. Superior Tech: LK+START
          Damage: 0
          Iron Man lifts his right arm while clutching it with his left arm
          and says "Superior Tech". This taunt is awesome! It'll really piss
          off your opponent constantly saying "Superior Tech" in his face.
          Don't get me wrong or anything, taunts suck. They leave you open for
    vii. COMBO
    Iron Man isn't exaclty the COMBO fighter considering his launcher really
    sucks, but once you actually hit with it he can deal some aerial damage. 
    There are MANY, MANY more combos out there for Iron Man. These are just a
    few simple combos for beginners.
    - J+HP, LP, LP, LK
    - J+HK, LP, LK, C+HK
    - LK, C+LP, Uni-Beam or Repulsor Cannon
    - LP, LK, HK, SJ, LP, LK, LK, Beat Punch
    - J+HK, HK, SJ, LP, LK, LK, Beat Punch
    - Smart Bomb (both bomb streams must hit), Proto Cannon
    - (when close) Repulsor Blast, Proto Cannon
    | Assist Attack |    LP Uni-Beam    | HP Repulsor Blast|    Standing HK  |
    | Counter       |    LP Uni-Beam    | HP Repulsor Blast|    Standing HK  |
    | D Hyper       |    Proto Cannon   | Proto Cannon     |    Proto Cannon |
    Strength: 8.0
    He dishes out damage decently.  Hit for hit, he causes the opponent to 
    lose life averagely. A game played with Iron Man usually takes awhile so 
    if your in a rush chose Thanos (?).
    Vitality: 7.0
    He takes damage at a fair level.  Since 5 is the average score, and he 
    takes less damage per hit than the average character like Ryu. He's made 
    out of iron!
    Speed: 7.0
    Some of his moves have way too much execution and lag time.  However, 
    some of his moves come out instantly (Shoulder rocket, Smart Bomb). His 
    walking speed is average, nothing special here. Dash, eh?
    Offense: 6.5
    Iron Man plays the offensive game at a fair level as well.  He has some 
    nice aerial attacks that are effective, and he can fight okay at close 
    range, but he only has ONE hyper combo.  His execution and lag speed on 
    some moves makes him more of a defensive player.
    Defense: 9.0 
    Iron Man is very good at keeping the opponent way.  Iron Man can keep 
    anything away with his THREE projectile moves. The Uni-Beam is an 
    excellent projectile to use on a defensive level, and it does excellent
    chipping damage.  Iron Man's super is definitely one of the best for 
    chipping and should probably only be used to keep an opponent away. Iron 
    Mans Shoulder Rocket is also a good defensive attack because it leves you 
    in the crounching position where you are ready to block pretty much any
    incoming attack. His defense is like iron (i already used a couple puns 
    like this).
    Overall: 8.5 This is NOT an average.
    Team: Iron Man, War Machine, Thanos
    Description: Iron Man and War Machine are practically the same. War
    Machine has a different taunt, an extra super, different QCF+P (but very
    similar), and a slightly differnt C+HP. Thanos is a fat ass.
    For help picking a team check out my site: 
    more coming soon...
    xi. CREDITS
    Joe Quesada
    © Copyright 2000 Eric Miller <twoginfaz@sega.net>

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