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    Cammy by ABrea

    Version: 3.1 | Updated: 03/14/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         [Sega Dreamcast Import]
                            CAMMY WHITE GUIDE
                              Version: 3.1
                          Written by: Aya Brea
    This FAQ was written based on the Japanese Sega Dreamcast version of 
    the game. Certain aspects may differ from the arcade or NA/European 
    home version of the game. For the latest updates, please check:
      - Revision
      - Credits
      - Legend
      - Cammy in a nutshell
      - Why use Cammy
      - White Normals
      - White Special Moves
      - White Hyper Combos
      - White Assists
      - White Combos
      - White Strategies
      - Vs Strategies
      - White Partners
              - Sisters are doin' it for themselves
      - Cammy vs Abyss
      - Epilogue
    26/Jul/2000 – V1.0
      - FAQ first created
    11/Aug/2000 – V2.0
      - Most sections are in, still fairly incomplete because I hardly 
    have much time left to myself these days
    10/Dec/2000 – V3.0
      - Added more combos
      - Added strategies
      - Added Vs Abyss section
      - Added "Sisters are Doin' it for Themselves" section
      - Added the AWESOME Epilogue section. :) Check out Cammy's 
    storyline... and DON'T YOU DARE STEAL IT!!!
    14/Mar/2001 – V3.1
      - Added new Abyss strategies
      - Added a few more good strategies for Cammy
      - Added some strategies versus some toptier characters in case 
        you're having trouble
      - Corrections and added some other stuff to most of the special 
        moves section, I think... (can't remember)
      - New and improved combos
      - Capcom for making this fab-n-addictive game 
      - Glen for getting me the Japanese Dreamcast 
      - Charles Leung for sending me a copy of MvC2 
      - CjayC for his hacked MvC2 save file 
      - Kao Megura <kmegura@yahoo.com> for his complete MvC2 movelist
      - Genji <genji27@yahoo.com> for encouraging me on writing an FAQ 
        for Cammy and Morrigan, and thanks for the combo help. Genji is 
        the co-co-co-author of this FAQ, as he puts it. This FAQ would 
        not be possible without his help. (Happy now?)
      - Joey <Four15Punk@aol.com> for some awesome tips on Cammy's throw 
        Aerial Rave
      - Elff Zero <elff_zero@yahoo.com> for many Cammy combos. Thanks. :)
      - Tysa Proeung <strider_hiyruu@hotmail.com> for Abyss strategies
      - stu pid <waurg@hotmail.com> for strategies, combos and fix ups 
        for combo #6
    Directional buttons/arcade stick
          U                               Up 
       UB | UF               Up-Back             Up-Forward
     B ---N--- F         Back           Neutral          Forward
       DB | DF               Down-Back          Down-Forward
          D                              Down
      - C, Crouch, is done by holding D, DF or DB
      - J, Jump, is done by any of the U, UB or UF motions
      - SJ, Superjump, is done by the [D, U] motion
      - Block is done by holding B. A regular Block must be done to avoid 
    Overhead attacks
      - C.Block, Crouch Block, is done by holding DB
      - Air Block is done by holding B in the air
      - Advanced Block (ie, Push Block) is done by PP while Blocking in 
    any of the above methods. If successful, either you or the opponent 
    will be pushed away, preventing certain following up attacks.
      - A ground dash (both backwards and forwards) is done by tapping 
    the direction hastily twice in a row. 
    Button configuration
       Dreamcast                         Arcade
       _    __/     \__    _             _        
     _|L|___|         |___|R|__         (_)      (LP)  (HP)  (A1)
            |   VMU   |                  |
        |   |_________|   (Y)            |       (LK)  (HK)  (A2)
      --+--            (X)   (B)
        |                 (A)
    Ok, excuse me for the terrible ASCII arts. The default controls for 
    the DC buttons are:
      X=Light Punch (jab)    Y=Heavy Punch (fierce)      L=Assist 1
      A=Light Kick  (short)  B=Heavy Kick  (roundhouse)  R=Assist 2
    To perform Medium Punch or Kick (aka Strong and Forward), tap LP or 
    LK respectively a second time after the initial attack. This can ONLY 
    be done during a combo, or when your initial attack made contact with 
    the opponent, be it Blocked or not. (So tapping the LP button 
    repeatedly when you're across the screen from the opponent will never 
    produce an MP.)
    You may also cross up the Punch and Kick buttons. Chain combos follow 
    the "zig-zag" rule (ie, LP -> LK -> MP -> MK -> HP -> HK) so tapping 
    a weak attack button after another attack will execute the next 
    corresponding command along the chain. For example, tapping the LP 
    button twice and LK button once will produce a LP -> MP -> MK chain.
      - Tech Hits are performed by tapping B or F + HP or HK when thrown. 
    Can be used in air.
      - Recovery Rolls are performed by [B, DB, D] + P or K just when 
    you're about to hit the ground.
      - Taunts are perform by holding LK and tap Start on the Dreamcast, 
    or start alone in the arcade.
    Other abbreviations
      P / K    - Punch / Kick
      PP / KK  - 2 Punches / 2 Kicks
      QCF      - Quarter Circle Forward, execute [D, DF, F] motion
      QCB      - Quarter Circle Backward, execute [D, DB, B] motion
      HCF      - Half Circle Forward, execute [B, DB, D, DF, F] motion
      HCB      - Half Circle Backward, execute [F, DF, D, DB, B] motion
      DP       - Dragon Punch motion, execute [F, D, DF] motion
      (air)    - Indicates that the move can be done in air
      OTG      - Off The Ground. Indicates the move combo'd into will hit 
                 the opponent when they're lying on the ground. Certain 
                 "juggles" also fits into this category. 
    Character Switch
    To switch character, press LP+LK for partner 1 or HP+HK for partner 
    2. The current character will taunt (they're invincible during this 
    time) and leave, while the your partner jumps in with an attack. 
    Opponent will be launched into the air if the tag-in attack connects, 
    and following up combos are possible.
    Aerial Rave
    When you hit an opponent with a Launcher and tap U. Cammy has 2 
    launchers, the punch launcher is executed by D or DF+HP and the kick 
    launcher is done by HK or DF+HK. You'll automatically Superjump to 
    pursue the opponent in the air with a quick combo.
    Variable Assist
    Assists are basically modified versions of the Team Attack feature 
    used in Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighters. By pressing one of 
    the Assist buttons (A1 or A2), your respective partner will jump into 
    the screen and execute an Assist command corresponding to their 
    Assist Types (Alpha, Beta or Gamma) chosen at the Character Select 
    Variable Counter
    When blocking an enemy's attack, perform the motion [B, DB, D] + A1 
    or A2. The screen will freeze for a moment as the corresponding 
    partner jumps in with a counter attack (predetermined by Assist Type) 
    as your current partner retreats. Each Variable Counter costs one 
    level of Hyper Combo Energy. 
    Delayed Hyper Combo
    New feature in MvC2 that resembles the EX series' Super Cancelling. 
    Before the current Hyper Combo ends (whether it hits or is blocked), 
    execute a Hyper Combo motion for the second character on your team. 
    Time will pause for a few seconds as your second partner jumps in and 
    swap places with the current character, and attempts to continue the 
    combo with a Hyper Combo of their own. (Note however, the new super 
    is NOT guaranteed to connect. Beware of bad Hyper Combo 
    combinations!) You can continue this for up to 3 characters, and you 
    must have enough Hyper Combo Energy (ie, Super Gauges) left to 
    execute the desired follow up Hyper Combos. This cannot be used when 
    only one character in your team is alive.
    Variable Combination
    Press A1+A2 will result in a team super attack, where up to all 3 
    characters of your team jumping onto screen and execute a Hyper Combo 
    each (as predetermined by their Assist Type). Each Hyper Combo will 
    consume a level of your Hyper Combo Energy. (So if you only have 1 
    level, only your current character will execute his or her Hyper 
    Combo.) Note that a Variable Combination will not cause an active 
    character change like Delay Hyper Combo. Again, bad Hyper Combo 
    combinations can be nightmares when used in Variable Combination. If 
    the character's Hyper Combos are incompatible, stick to Delayed Hyper 
    Combos instead, where you'll have more control.
    Another cool new addition to the game is, by sacrificing a level of 
    Hyper Combo Energy, to knock the your opponent back into the 
    "reserve" team. A successful Snapback attack will force the character 
    that's been hit unusable (even through Assists, Variable Combination 
    and Delayed Hyper Combo) for a few seconds. A Snapback can be 
    blocked, but it can be combo'd into. Note Snapbacking an assist 
    character will have little effect and performing it when your 
    opponent has only 1 character alive will simply waste the Hyper Combo 
    Energy as the damage done is pretty insignificant. A Snapback is done 
    by QCF+A1 or A2, the assist button used determines which member will 
    jump in to replace your opponent.
    Cammy White's debut was in Super Street Fighter 2: The New 
    Challengers (I think.) She was a 19-year old girl who has lost her 
    memory. Then it was reviewed that Cammy and Bison were once lovers!! 
    She then abandoned Bison and joined some sorta rebel group (cannot 
    remember the name, the game's old.) Just a side note, Cammy is a LOT 
    cuter when she was in the SF2 games. She's a lot "rounder" in all the 
    right places.
    Cammy also appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 (and Alpha 2 Gold as a 
    secret character.) It was revealed that Cammy is no ordinary girl, 
    she was biologically enhanced and built as a killing machine! It was 
    also clear that Cammy was a clone of Bison.
    Other appearances includes X-Men vs Street Fighter and Street Fighter 
    the Movie. (Ugh... Kylie Minogue...)
    Cannon Drill (air)                QCF+K
    Cannon Spike                      DP+K
    Cannon Strike                     In air, QCB+K
    Cannon Revenge                    HCB+P
    Axel Spin Knuckle                 QCF+P
    Hooligan Combination              QCB+K, then...
      => (Cancel)                     ...press P
      => Combination Cannon Strike    ...press K in air
      => Cross Scissors Pressure      ...press P near airborne opponent
      => Fatal Leg Twister            ...press P near crouching opponent
      => Razor Edge Slicer            ...do nothing
    Double Jump                       U in air
    Spin Drive Smasher                QCF+KK
    Reverse Shaft Breaker             QCB+KK
    Killer Bee Assault (air)          QCB+PP
    Cammy is, IMO, an expert's (or at least an above-average user's) 
    choice. She takes some skill to use, but is unstoppable when 
    mastered. Practice is the key to use Cammy effectively, both at 
    trying out new combos, pokes and playing mind games. Here are Cammy's 
    1) Cammy is FAST! I mean both her movement/jumping speed AND her 
       attacking speed. Possibly one of the fastest characters in the 
       whole game!
    2) Cammy has one of the BEST ground dash in the game! (Ok, so maybe 
       not as good as Magneto's, but still excellent.) Not only is it 
       lightning fast, but it also covers the ENTIRE screen!
    3) Has good pokes and excellent mind games
    4) All those years being locked away in the closet has reduced her 
       width. Cammy is even smaller than Jill, so she is a lot harder to 
       get than most characters.
    5) She totally rule in the air! Great air priority, anti-air, great 
       Aerial Raves and excellent OTG opportunities.
    Of course, Cammy also has very many disadvantges, but she's still a 
    blast to play as:
    1) Crap recovery (or start up) on all special moves and Hyper Combos
    2) VERY limited chipping power (scrubs, keep out!)
    3) Medium strength button not implemented. Some of her best pokes are 
       the Strongs and Forwards!
    4) Cammy takes above normal damage but only deals below average 
       damage, you really need to utilize combos to do decent damage. 
       Because of this, Cammy has fairly poor lasting power.
    5) Terrible Variable Combination compatibility and only mediocre 
    The damage for each move was recorded from the Training Mode, so 
    they're 100% accurate. Remember Capcom's Damage Reduction though. The 
    more hits you do, the lesser damage each hit will do (although no 
    hits will ever do less than 1 point of damage). I think 150 points is 
    100% health. This was tested on Cable, who takes regular damage. 
    Also, these damage are used only on human opponents, CPU controlled 
    characters takes about 30% less damage.
    Standing LP – Damage: 3
    A standard punch forward. It actually has tremendous range for a LP, 
    plus it comes out pretty fast. One of Cammy's best pokes. ;)
    Crouching LP – Damage: 3
    A standard crouching punch, had less range that standing version, and 
    isn't as fast. :( Decent starter for crouching combos.
    Jumping LP – Damage: 3
    A downward chop. Decent range, decent jump-in, but LK is probably 
    better. Seems to have excellent air-to-air priority, I've been able 
    to take down Hulk's jumping HP every single time with this, although 
    it still can't beat out Strider's J.HP.
    Standing LK – Damage: 4
    A knee to the chin area. Very little range, fast and not very useful.
    Crouching LK – Damage: 3
    One of Cammy's the best moves. Cammy pokes out her leg on the ground. 
    Has good range, speed and OTGs well. Ones of the moves you'll use a 
    lot (especially for OTG games) and decent poke too.
    Jumping LK – Damage: 3
    Cammy attacks with an outstretched leg, looks like her crouching MK 
    done in air. Great range and priority, use it for air-to-air and ari-
    to-ground attacks alike.
    Standing MP – Damage: 6
    A punch using the other hand, more range blah blah. Used in combos, 
    but not very useful overall.
    Crouching MP – Damage: 6
    Like LP but uses the other hand, not much to say, combo fillier.
    Jumping MP – Damage: 6
    Looks just like her LP! Use it in double-hitting jump-ins with LP and 
    confuse the opponent.
    Standard MK – Damage: 6
    Cammy turns around and swings her leg backwards (she's very flexible) 
    at the opponent's head. This used to be a great poke, but now you 
    can't use it out of the blue anymore. :( Has great range, so use it 
    when you think other attacks won't link.
    Crouching MK – Damage: 6
    Cammy turns around and slides her leg on the ground, has a lot of 
    range, but cannot be used on its own so it's not as useful.
    Jumping MK – Damage: 6
    An awkward upward kick, good to use with LK as air-to-air attacks.
    Standing HP – Damage: 12
    A backfist, good range but slow, not a good poke. Use in combos I 
    Crouching HP (DF+HP) – Damage: 12 
    Cammy punches diagonally upwards (not uppercut). This is Cammy's 
    launcher and is, IMO, more useful than her other launcher. It has 
    more horizontal range than it looks (unlike her other launcher) and 
    decent vertical range. Use a lot. 
    Jumping HP – Damage: 12
    A downward hammer punch, ok jump-in.
    Standing HK – Damage: 14 (DF+HK Damage: 12)
    Cammy does an almost vertical handstand and stretches both of her 
    legs upwards. Has similar properties as Chun Li's standing HK. Crappy 
    horizontal range (but better than Chun Li's), great vertical range 
    and excellent priority. :) It's a good counter, plus you can get a 
    free Aerial Rave afterwards. Otherwise, if you want to perform Aerial 
    Raves chained after ground attacks, use her crouching HP instead.
    Crouching HK – Damage: 12
    Cammy supports her body with her hands on the ground, as she sweeps 
    the opponent with both legs. Knocks down, but has crappy range 
    compared to other characters'.
    Jumping HK – Damage: 12
    Cammy turns her back and stretch out her legs, almost a split. Very 
    good range and comes out instantly (unlike Jill's). Good jump-in and 
    other air-to-air attacks.
    Steel Slicer (B+HK) – Damage: 12
    Cammy does her handstands again and sends out her leg towards 
    opponent's head. GREAT range, decent speed, good poker. Just remember 
    that it's still a HK, so use with caution. It's cancellable and super 
    Suplex (Punch throw) (air) – Damage: 16
    Cammy grabs the opponent with a backbreaking suplex. It throws the 
    enemy towards the other end of the screen. You can dash in and OTG 
    them (with a C.LK) and combo them after this, so it's worth 
    performing (if throwing is not considered cheap over where you play.) 
    It helps if they're in a corner, because you'll end up closer to 
    them. Dunno about the air version though.
    A note about the air version however, Cammy will switch sides with 
    the opponent and you can OTG them after you've hit the ground, and 
    can get up an opportunity for another Aerial Rave. Yay!
    Frankensteiner (Kick throw) (air) – Damage: 16
    The Frankensteiner leaves the enemy right next to Cammy, but you 
    don't recover fast enough to do anything. The air version is exactly 
    the same. So the Suplex is more fun both in air and on the ground.
    Snapback – QCF+A1 or A2
    Cammy swings a double hammer punch at the enemy's head. This used to 
    ber her close standing HP (in Alpha series too) but they've cut it 
    out. It's never been useful either. It has practically no range 
    compared to other characters' Snapbacks. It has the same range as 
    Cammy's standing LP!! Use caution when you want to use it.
    Taunt – LK + Start (Dreamcast) or Start (Arcade)
    Cammy slides her hand across her chest and says "Lock on!" Decent 
    recovery but does not hit.
    Cannon Drill (air) – QCF+K
    1 Hit, Damage: 14 (LK), 16 (HK)
    Cammy spins her body and uses the momentum to send her body towards 
    the enemy like an arrow above ground. Her heels are charged with 
    psycho energy. The LK version only carries Cammy about halfway across 
    the screen, while the HK version goes full screen. Cammy's velocity 
    is quite fast, so you can counter many moves with Cannon Drill. Bear 
    in mind that this move has bad recovery, especially when blocked so 
    make sure you get this to hit. (The HK version takes longer to 
    Since it has great range and is fast, the Cannon Drill can combo off 
    any of Cammy's ground chains. Is also OTGs well, especially after a 
    crouching HK. In the air, the Cannon Drill can catch opponents off 
    guard, but it's kinda hard to aim. It serves as a great Aerial Rave 
    ender though.
    A good way to use the air Cannon Drill is to jump back when the enemy 
    is jumping at you, and send out the Cannon Drill in the air. You'll 
    be surprised at how often it catches them off guard. (Hehe, something 
    I've learned while playing Juni in Alpha 3.)
    When an enemy is hit, they get launched into the air for some reason, 
    which will open up some combo opportunites. The HK version sends them 
    higher in the air. You cannot OTG after this, even though you do 
    recover fast enough. You can also use the Cannon Drill to travel long 
    distances quickly, especially in the air. Use it like an air-dash if 
    you want, and it's great to use to get behind an opponent who has 
    missed you with a beam super.
    Cannon Spike – DP+K
    1 Hit, Damage: 18 (LK), 20 (HK)
    Cammy ascends into the air in an arc with one leg straight up. This 
    is Cammy's uppercut move and it's been very reliable in every single 
    game. The LK version makes Cammy ascend about 1.5 character height 
    into the air while the HK version takes her almost twice as high! 
    When she reaches the peak, she backflips and recovers. The LK version 
    reaches a quarter screen length at the peak, while the HK will reach 
    halfway across the screen at the peak! (Although you have to stand at 
    least about 1 Cammy-width away to hit a grounded opponent.)
    Like all uppercut-like special moves, it leaves the user VERY 
    vulnerable when it whiffs or is blocked, so make sure it hits! When 
    blocked however, Cammy will not ascend to the full height, instead 
    she will bounce off the enemy right away. (It still leaves her open 
    though.) It's an excellent anti-air, does good damage and can OTG! 
    (Although it has some very strange OTG properties.) For combos, I'd 
    advice that you stick to Cannon Drill instead, because of the range.
    Cannon Strike – In air, QCB+K
    1 Hit, Damage: 14 (LK), 16 (HK)
    Cammy performs a psycho energy-charged stomp kick. There's a slight 
    activation lag, but the actual move is very fast, can catch many 
    people off guard occasionally. It's very similar to Rogue's stomp 
    kick, except that since it's a special move, it can be canceled into 
    from a normal and chips.
    The recovery (when it connects) is decent, but you don't seem to be 
    able to use it as a jump-in and combo off it. You can however, cancel 
    into this after a jump-in attack while still in the air. If however, 
    Cannon Strike is blocked, Cammy will bounce backwards like a blocked 
    Cannon Spike and is left vulnerable.
    Cannon Strike can only be hypercancelled into Killer Bee Assault and 
    ONLY during a super jump, although it will not combo so it's 
    pointless. Don't abuse this move because people can see it coming if 
    you use it a lot and you will be punished, and no, this is not a good 
    substitute for a regular jump-in either.
    Cannon Revenge – QCB+P
    1 Hit: Damage: ??
    Cannon Revenge is Cammy's counter, which is similar to Jill's Baretta 
    Counter move. When activated, Cammy will stand still while glowing 
    white for a couple of seconds. If she gets attacked, Cammy will 
    either counter with a mini-Cannon Spike (if you used the LP version) 
    or a crouching fierce knuckle (when done with HP), while taking no 
    damage herself.
    Cannon Revenge is, IMO, much more useful than Jill's crappy Baretta 
    Counter, as it's more reliable than. Cammy will counter immediately 
    upon getting hit (no stupid "pushing".)
    Now which version is better? IMO, the LK version (Cannon Spike) is 
    more reliable as it has good priority and is very fast, a well 
    rounded counter, especially against air attacks. The HP version 
    (crouching fierce) is not bad either and it will launch them into the 
    air (although you cannot follow up with an Aerial Rave 
    unfortunately.) I am not sure if you can cancel it into a Killer Bee 
    Assault though, I need to check on that further. Of course, the 
    counter does miss the opponent sometimes due to some obscene 
    properties (such as Hayato's Shiden) but both versions works very 
    well as anti-airs. It gets it job done for ground attacks most of the 
    time, but HP often misses some crouching attacks. Be careful abotu 
    supers, ultra priority and especially multipul hitting moves though, 
    otherwise, the Cannon Revenge makes a fine confuser and anti-air.
    Axel Spin Knuckle – QCF+P
    2 Hits: 14 (LP), 16 (HP)
    Cammy takes a spinning step forward and delivers a backfist charged 
    with psycho energy not unlike her standing fierce. It's usefulness 
    has been debated for a long time ever since Cammy's debut in SSF2. On 
    one hand, there's a great delay at the start up as Cammy spins 
    forward, especially vulnerable to crouching attacks. But on the other 
    hand, the "spinning" animation has limited invincibility (and it 
    keeps on getting toned down with every game, I remember this had TONS 
    of invincibility in SSF2) which lets Cammy pass through some attacks 
    and knock the enemy down. 
    The invincibility seems to only show up if you've executed this move 
    at the right time (usually it's at exactly the same moment as the 
    opponent pulling off his move) but it's very hard to time, so ignore 
    the invincibility of this move if you're not good. I do not know if 
    it goes through projectiles anymore (probably still does) but don't 
    expect it to go through most Hyper Combos and beam attacks. Also, 
    Cammy will pass right through the opponent if they uses a body-attack 
    move (as opposed to projectiles) and ends up behind them, which maybe 
    a blessing or a curse, depending on the situation. 
    The damage done isn't great and the start-up delay makes it 
    uncomboable, but there's still some use to this move. The LP version 
    lets Cammy travel about a quarter of the screen before the backfist, 
    while the HP version goes through about halfway across the screen, 
    but it has more delay at start-up. One use of this is to counter 
    enemies by taking advantage of the invincibility frames, if you can 
    time it right that is. 
    Another use I've found for this move is chipping a blocking opponent. 
    The lag for the LP is shorter so I often cancel a blocked crouching 
    roundhouse into a jab Axel Spin Knuckle to chip for 2 ticks of 
    damage. Some opponents may not be fast enough to react but it still 
    does leave Cammy semi-vulnerable, so don't use it that often. The 
    range is also just right after the blocked crouching HK as it leaves 
    Cammy just enough room between her and the enemy to avoid being 
    Hooligan Combination...        – QCB+K
    ...(Cancel)                    - P
      => 0 Hit, Damage: 0
    ...Combination Cannon Strike   - press K in air
      => 1 Hit, Damage: 14
    ...Cross Scissors Pressure     - press P near airborne opponent
      => 1 Hit, Damage: 18
    ...Fatal Leg Twister           - press P near crouching opponent
      => 1 Hit, Damage: 18
    ...Razor Edge Slicer           - do nothing
      => 1 Hit, Damage: 12 (LK), 14 (HK)
    It just wouldn't be a combination without the many options. When you 
    execute the Hooligan Combination, Cammy will roll into a ball and 
    launch herself at the enemy in an aerial arc. The LK version goes 
    slightly below halfway across the screen while the HK version goes 
    all the way across. You can execute the follow-up commands anytime 
    during which Cammy is in the air. If enemy is too close, Cammy will 
    likely to land behind them, allowing her to be countered, so use this 
    move sparingly.
    * By canceling (or a missed attempted throw command when the enemy is 
      not close enough), Cammy will flip and recover in the air, allowing 
      her to block after a short inactive phase. Use it early if you 
      anticipate the enemy's attack. Also good to confuse the opponent 
      into executing a super, allowing you to recover and block, making 
      them waste a level of HC Energy.
    * The Combination Cannon Strike looks exactly like her regular Cannon 
      Strike, it's fast and can be used unpredictably. One of the best 
      uses for this is, when you think you've misjudged the range and 
      about to land behind them, execute this when you're above the enemy 
      to surprise them. Also good if your opponent is walking towards you 
      to avoid being thrown. Execute this while they're walking to nail 
      them. If blocked, Cammy will bounce away like a regular Cannon 
    * Cross Scissors Pressure and Fatal Leg Twister are both throws, so 
      you need to be close to the opponent for them to connect. Against 
      standing opponents, you'll get a Cross Scissors Pressure if you 
      grab them when Cammy is above their waist, and Fatal Leg Twister if 
      you do it below. The damage remains the same though, and it's kinda 
      hard to tell them apart.
    Cross Scissors Pressure: Basically her Frankensteiner (K) throw
    Fatal Leg Twister: Looks similar, but it seems that Cammy grabs them 
                       at their waist section
      The Cross Scissors Pressure acts almost exactly like Cammy's K 
      throw, meaning OTG-ing is not possible. Fatal Leg Twister however, 
      can be OTG'd, especially in corners, so try to get that one to 
      connect often.
    * I recommend not to over use the Hooligan Combination. Use it once 
      in a while to surprise the enemy, and they'll likely be sleeping 
      while trying to block it, and that's when you should grab them. 
      From personal experience, you'll be surprised at how often I see 
      this move coming and block. When used well, the Hooligan 
      Combination can be a major pain in the a-double-s.
    * This move is also very useful on turtlers and good blockers, the 
      ones who just block and counter all day long. Whip this out and try 
      for a Fatal Leg Twister, then combo them like there's no tomorrow.
    * The Razor Edge Slicer is a slide at whch Cammy attempts to trip the 
      opponent. It hits low, but takes a tick to execute when she lands, 
      which gives it away. It also has bad recovery when blocked. 
      However, you can hypercancel before the slide comes out, which may 
      or may not surprise your opponent. I personally don't like this 
      move. Can slide under some projectile attacks, but the throw 
      commands are more useful IMO.
    Double Jump – U when in air
    Very useful. Use it to stay in the air longer to avoid contact or 
    whatever. Jump back to assume a defensive position, or forward to 
    advance on an opponent. Also excellent to get behind an opponent who 
    has missed you with their Hyper Combos.
    Spin Drive Smasher – QCF+KK
    Up to 10 Hits, Damage: 41
    Cammy performs a beefed up Cannon Drill into a Cannon Spike. Shoots 
    across the screen at very high velocity, so it's very useful at 
    countering whiffed attacks. Cammy travels at fairly low altitude 
    though (like that of a Cannon Drill) so don't expect to hit enemies 
    in the air.
    When close, this hits for 10 times on its own, however, if you 
    perform it at the other end of the screen, it will only hit 8 times 
    but you get the same amount of damage! (Go figure!) Best done when 
    the enemy is near a corner, because sometimes they'll be launched 
    into the air after a few hits and the rest of the super will miss. 
    (Occurs mostly during combos.)
    Spin Drive Smasher is a good Hyper Combo to tag at the end of every 
    ground combos, but it will not link after a regular Cannon Drill 
    (unless the Cannon Drill whiffs.) If you push the opponent too far 
    away with your ground combo, this super will likely to whiff after a 
    few hits for some reason. It is good super, thanks to its 
    comboability, but clearly has many annoying properties. Decent damage 
    too, with narrow OTG opportunities afterwards.
    When blocked however, Cammy will rocket uncontrollably into the air, 
    leaving her very vulnerable. Try not to pull it out at random else 
    you'll pay. Only use it in combos or countering whiffed attacks. Not 
    very good chipping power either. Poor DHC compatibility and horrible 
    VC compatibility. Also pretty good to take care of Assist characters.
    Reverse Shaft Breaker – QCB+KK
    27 Hits, Damage: 44
    While Alpha 3 has borrowed Killer Bee Assault from XvsSF, the Reverse 
    Shaft Breaker has been taken straight out of Alpha 3 to compromise. 
    This super looks like a vertical Cannon Drill, although Cammy does 
    not ascend very high into the air. (About as much as her LK Cannon 
    A good anti-air super, but has poor horizontal range. Unlike the 
    other vertical Hyper Combos, the Reverse Shaft Breaker will always 
    inflict a solid number of hits and sounds amount of damage. So it 
    makes an excellent DHC move if your previous partner takes the 
    opponent into the air with their Hyper Combo.
    The Reverse Shaft Breaker has minimal, if any, vacuum properties 
    that's present in some of the other vertical supers. Good to use 
    after cross-ups as Cammy will be closer to opponent. It can link 
    after a C.LK (have to be close) or right after her launcher (either 
    one will do, but you cannot chain any hits before the launcher, else 
    you'll knock the opponent too far away for the super to connect.)
    When blocked, it leaves Cammy VERY open to attacks, plus it has 
    hopeless chipping power so make sure you connect with this. Decent 
    damage. Use as anti-air (do it late) and makes a good DHC move in 
    certain occasions.
    Killer Bee Assault – QCB+PP
    5 Hits, Damage: 49
    There's no doubt about it, Cammy is a Spiderman wannabe! (This move 
    looks EXACTLY like Maximum Spider.) Cammy jumps to the edge of the 
    screen, then delivers a diving kick at the direction of the enemy. If 
    it connects, the opponent will be launched into the air while Cammy 
    bounces off the edge of the screen multiple times and beat the crap 
    outta them, ending with a throw (that looks like Juni's Earth Direct) 
    which nails them back to the ground.
    Probably Cammy's best super, and it does the most damage out of all 
    of her supers. The flip at the start will definately gives it away, 
    so don't pull this off thin air and hoping that it will connect. If 
    blocked, Cammy will bounce off the enemy, vulnerable.
    The hits in the air are random, but occasionally something will go 
    wrong and Cammy will lose track of the enemy, therefore short-cutting 
    the super. The throw at the end will not connect, which is a shame 
    because that part does the most damage. Which direction Cammy lands 
    is also random.
    You can dash in and OTG them with a C.LK after this super if the 
    throw connects, which plays some really nasty combo games. Killer Bee 
    Assault is also the only Hyper Combo Cammy can perform while 
    airborne, and can be tagged at the end of an Aerial rave. That, 
    combined with the OTG possibility, can set up a really mean semi-
    infinite. (See combo section for more.)
    Cammy will always aim for the opposite end of the screen, so if your 
    opponent is standing on your side of the screen, Cammy will miss. 
    Also, when done in the air, Killer Bee Assault often misses grounded 
    opponents. One last important note, this super will ALWAYS be 
    directed at the active member of the opponent's team, never the 
    Assist characters. (Athough they can be "dragged" into the air for 
    some lovely fun times. :)
    Cammy's call-in assist, Variable Counter and the Hyper Combo done in 
    Variable Combination depends on her Assist Type.
                   |      Alpha       |       Beta       |     Gamma
    V. Assist      | HK Cannon Spike  | HK Cannon Spike  | HP A.S.Knuckle
                   |                  |                  |
    V. Counter     | HK Cannon Spike  | HK Cannon Drill  | HP A.S.Knuckle
                   |                  |                  |  
    V. Combination | S. Drive Smasher | S. Drive Smasher | K. B. Assault
    Alpha – Anti-Air Assist
    Good Assist. The Cannon Spike does good damage, has good speed and 
    priority. Use for anti-air or surprise attacks. Cammy goes very high 
    into the air, which makes her vulnerable when she lands. But then 
    again, it's Cammy we're talking about, who has lags on every move, so 
    I guess it's acceptable. One of the best Anti-Air Assists in the 
    game! Good for countering jump-ins and well as cross-up and other 
    confusion tactics (see strategy section.) Bad Variable Combination! 
    The Spin Drive Smasher starts out ok, but the Cannon Spike bit will 
    carry the opponent into the air, and any ground super moves will 
    Beta – Charge Assist
    Another fairly good choice. The HK Canon Spike will travel across the 
    screen very fast, and it's probably the ONLY charge type Assist that 
    can hit an opponent who is standing at the end of the screen. Has a 
    huge lag when blocked though, so you might want to stick to Alpha 
    instead, because the threat is, IMO, not as great. The Variable 
    Combination is, like Alpha, bad!
    Gamma – Movement Assist
    How do you spell crap? Gamma Cammy of course!  The Axel Spin Knuckle 
    has tons of lag at the start, so the opponent can see it comin' 
    easily. Also travels only half the screen length, so stick to Beta 
    instead. Killer Bee Assault is probably the WORST Variable 
    Combination move in the whole game, I dunno why those programmers 
    even considered putting it in! Usually what happens is that, Cammy 
    hits, enemy gets launched into the air and eats the whole super (a 
    very good super BTW.) However, the other 2 teammate's supers will 
    probably miss completely! _Maybe_ ok if one super holds the opponent 
    in place though (like Kikoshou) but I'll have to check on that. In 
    the meantime, avoid avoid!
    Try out these combos and tell me whacha think. If you have anymore 
    impressive combos, don't be shy and send them in. Any help will be 
    appreciated. Also, you can add jump-ins to these combos for added 
    Ground Combos
    Cammy has decent ground combos, but nuthin' really impressive. (That 
    comes later.)
    1) LP, MP, B+HK, HK Cannon Drill
    4 Hits, Damage: 36
    Decent combo, decent damage. The first 3 hits has a lot of range, so 
    poke with LP to set up this combo. You can trade the punches for 
    kicks too, and B+HK can be traded for standing HP.
    2) C.LK, C.MK, C.HK, HK Cannon Drill (OTG)
    4 Hits, Damage: 36
    OTG game. You can also peform the Cannon Spike instead of the Cannon 
    Drill, but it's a lot harder.
    3) LP, MP, HP, Spin Drive Smasher
    12 Hits, Damage: 54
    All's well that ends well, good combo.
    4) Hooligan Combination->Razor Edge Slicer, Spin Drive Smasher (OTG)
    7 Hits, Damage: 42
    Basically worthless, but if you ever get the Razor Edge Slicer to 
    connect, whip out the super.
    5) C.LK, C.MK, C.HK, Spin Drive Smasher (OTG)
    9 Hits, Damage: 48
    Basically the super version of #2, damage isn't that great though. 
    Not an extremely practical combo because not all of the hits of the 
    super will connect.
    6) LP, MP, HP, HK Cannon Drill, Killer Bee Assault (OTG)
    9 Hits, Damage: 78 (!!)
    VERY hard to do! I do not know why but the Cannon Drill has really 
    strange hypercancel properties so most of the time Killer Bee Assault 
    will not come out for some reason. (Genji says the super only 
    connects when you do it fast enough.)
    "stu pid" <waurg@hotmail.com> says that "the reason why cancelling 
    into KBA is rare might be because your opponent was shoved into the 
    corner too fast, in result of the Cannon Drill. This hastens your 
    opponents fall which then prevents your super from connecting."
    7) J.LK (cross-up), C.LK, Reverse Shaft Breaker
    The cross-up will not combo, so only execute the super if the C.LK 
    part connects. The cross-up serves as a confuser and gets Cammy close 
    to the opponent for the super to connect.
    8) Spin Drive Smasher, (dash-in), C.LK (OTG), C.HP, SJ, Aerial Rave
    Yes, that super is also OTG-able. You can tag this after combo #2 and 
    take them for some good old fashioned luvin' in the air. Not sure if 
    you can get it to connect if the Spin Drive Smasher was used to OTG 
    though (such as combo #5). You probably cannot recover fast enough 
    for it I guess.
    9) Dash-in, C.LK, C.HK, ( ), Reverse Shaft Breaker
    Thanks to Elff Zero <elff_zero@yahoo.com> 
    Looks really cool but doesn't quite do as much damage as with Cammy's 
    Spin Driver Smasher. You gotta pause for a tick after the knockdown 
    C.HK for the super to connect.
    10) Launcher, Reverse Shaft Breaker
    I don't really like this. This is similar to Amingo's launcher -> 
    super combo that I often see people do in the arcades. However, you 
    can't chain any hits before the launcher (either will work) or else 
    you'll push them too far away. You can however, chain a jump-in, but 
    I'd advise you dash-in after the jump-in to get closer. Perhaps an ok 
    combo if you're not good with Aerial Raves or other complex OTGs and 
    you want to connect with a super.
    11) Axle Spin Knuckle -> Spin Drive Smasher/Reverse Shaft Breaker 
        (OTG possible)
    Thanks to "stu pid" <waurg@hotmail.com> 
    For this combo to connect, you must cancel into the super after only 
    1 hit from the knuckle, else the second hit will knock them reeling 
    back and prevents the super from connecting. For an easier time in 
    trying to get the knuckle to connect, try some assist to pin the 
    opponent in place for a little longer so they can't run away or 
    12) (Corner) Reverse Shaft Breaker, ( ), C.LK, SJ, Aerial Rave
    Yes, the RSB is ALSO OTG-able! However, you can only do it in corner 
    because if else, the opponent will be swung around the screen. If 
    they are in the corner, they'll just fall, allowing you ALL the time 
    in the world to time your OTG C.LK correctly. This is Cammy's EASIST 
    OTG since you don't have to dash or time. For even more fun, try to 
    swap sides with the opponent (by walking forward a little) to try to 
    confuse them in doing the WRONG roll motion and take them up in the 
    air for MORE fun. See, Cammy can be played like a teenage Heather 
    Locklair if you want her to. :)
    Aerial Raves
    Did I tell you that Cammy absolutely RULE in the air? Yup, be 
    prepared to be amazed. You can add jump-ins and ground chains before 
    the launcher if you want.
    1) Launcher, HK Cannon Spike
    2 Hits, Damage: 39
    Not really an Aerial Rave, but it's a good combo for anyone not good 
    with it.
    2) Launcher, SJ, LP, LK, MP, MK, Finisher
       HP: 6 Hits, Damage: 37
       HK: 6 Hits, Damage: 37
       HK Cannon Drill: 6 Hits, Damage: 41
       HP, HK: 7 Hits, Damage: 46
    The Aerial Rave that almost everyone in the game has. A point to note 
    is that DO NOT use Cammy's HK finisher, it absolutely sucks! It's 
    very hard to get it to connect for some reason. To execute the HP AND 
    HK finisher, the opponent must be in a corner. Wait about half a 
    second after the MK to get them both to connect.
    3) Launcher, SJ, LP, LK, MP, MK, HK Cannon Drill, Killer Bee Assault
    11 Hits, Damage: 79
    Very impressive, very damaging and extremely intimidating. You must 
    use the HK version of Cannon Drill because the LK version will not 
    launch the opponent as high up into the air, and thus the super will 
    4) Launcher, SJ, LP, LK, MP, ( ), LP, MP, U+LP, LK, MP, MK, HK Cannon 
    Drill, Killer Bee Assault
    16 Hits, Damage: 81
    Thanks a million to Genji for this combo. I must admit, I am horrible 
    with long combos and I was extremely skeptical when I first saw this 
    combo. But I took two hours to train myself in training mode and let 
    me tell you, this combo genuinely works! Not only that, it's also 
    EXTREMELY impressive looking, a great ego crusher, intimidates the 
    hell outta your opponents and makes you look like a pro. (I did this 
    to my friend on the Dreamcast and he said it took him by great 
    So to those guys who are still skeptical, here's the physics of this 
    Step 1: Cammy launcher opponent high into air, Cammy pursues them 
            with a LP, LK, MP. (Everything's just like usual.)
    Step 2: Cammy pauses for a tick. Cammy and opponent recovers in air 
            and stops ascending.
    Step 3: Cammy's LP can be linked after her MP, allowing the combo to 
            continue. Cammy begins to fall, enemy is launched by LP, MP.
    Step 4: Cammy's Double Jump ascends her to the correct altitide, 
            parallel to opponent. Combo continues.
    Sadly, the damage isn't that much better than her regular Aerial 
    Rave, but it just looks a lot neater. KBA's damage has been reduced 
    greatly after that many hits. You can do an Aerial Rave that ends 
    with KBA? Good on ya. You can do THIS combo? You're da bomb!
    5) SEMI-INFINITE!!!!!
    => Launcher, SJ, LP, LK, MP, MK, HK Cannon Drill, Killer Bee Assault, 
       (dash-in), C.LK, C.HP, SJ, repeat...
    Yikkkes!! This combo hurts like hell, and you can do it over and over 
    and over and over again... Yes, you can OTG more than once with this, 
    because I have once connected KBA 3 times in a row. You can probably 
    do the super 6 times in a row, but by then, even god will be knocked 
    out by this combo! Practice is the key, but it's not that hard, 
    because Cammy's dash is so fast and covers a lot of ground. It helps 
    if Cammy throws the opponent into a corner though. Even more 
    impressive if you can tag a double jump Aerial Rave in there. (Soon, 
    all hits will start doing only 1 point of damage, no thanks to the 
    Hit/Damage Reduction system. So you'll add 5 points of damage to the 
    combo for each Double Jump Aerial Rave. It's worth it.)
    6) Launcher, SJ, HK Cannon Drill, Killer Bee Assault, (dash-in), C.LK 
       (OTG), C.HP, LP, MP, HK Cannon Drill, Killer Bee Assault
    Thanks to Elff Zero <elff_zero@yahoo.com> for this combo
    Well, you certainly get your money's worth. Probably the best value 
    from a double KBA and 2 levels of Hyper Energy. The first Cannon 
    Drill's kinda hard to time. This combo is for damage but not for 
    show, so if you want to impress someone, do the double KBA Aerial 
    Rave with double jump combos.
    Throw Combos
    1) LP -> Suplex, (dash-in), C.LK (OTG), C.HP, SJ, Aerial Rave
    Not a real combo. The LP has great range and speed, so you can use it 
    as a tick for some cheap throw combos. Only use this when they're 
    being really cheap (or against Iceman, 'cuz he deserves it!)
    2) Launcher, SJ, LP, LK, MP, MK, Suplex Throw (F+HP), C.LK (OTG), 
       C.HP, SJ, Repeat
    Thanks to Joey <Four15Punk@aol.com>
    The trick to this combo is to chain Cammy's hunter really slowly, so 
    they barely connect. (You've gotta practice with the timing.) Cammy 
    should be in the right position to do her HP throw afterwards. Now, 
    this will take place milliseconds before you hit the ground and 
    always remember that Cammy will swap sides with her opponent! OTG 
    them with a carefully timed crouching short and launch them again for 
    another whole load of fun in the air! 
    If you are good, or your opponent's really dumb, you can keep 
    repeating this combo over and over. Since the throw re-starts the 
    combo meter, the damage is amazing! The swapping side of the throw 
    can confuse them and roll in the wrong direction. They can still Tech 
    Hit though. Uh well, still a good combo.
    3) Launcher, SJ, LP, LK, MP, ( ), LP, MP, U+LP, LK, MP, MK, Suplex 
       Throw (F+HP), ( ), LP... 
       ...then a) HK, SJ, Aerial Rave
       ...or   b) HK Cannon Drill, Killer Bee Assault
    Thanks to Elff Zero <elff_zero@yahoo.com> 
    This is what it means to be a Cammy master. Basically there are 3 
    things you've gotta learn. One, double jump Aerial Rave; two, throw 
    timing and three, OTG.
    After the throw and you swap places with the foe, hit LP before you 
    hit the ground and it'll come out as a grounded punch! This is really 
    difficult though. (I think if you do it too fast, it'll connect as an 
    air LP, which the computer seems to do it on me all the time. It's a 
    bit too fast and hard to see...)
    The throw resets the combo meter, which means Killer Bee Assualt will 
    do some gruesome damage! But either way, if you pull this off, the 
    opponent's gonna be in a world of pain. Ouch!
    4) Hooligan Combination -> Fatal Leg Twister, (dash-in), C.LK (OTG), 
       C.HP, SJ, Aerial rave
    Always try to land a Fatal Leg Twister (that's the one that aims at 
    their lower body) so you can combo the crap outta them!
    Cammy is one of those characters who should be used to play 
    offensively. Her excellent speed helps her to poke the opponent all 
    day to keep them on their toes.
    Offensive Strategies
      - Get close to the enemy and chain your normals like crazy, don't 
        even let them have the room to breath! This keeps the pressure on 
        the enemy and you'll eventually find an opening.
      - Mix up your high and low normals, and mix up your punches and 
        kicks. Remember, Cammy's crouching HP launcher actually has 
        pretty good range, and will usually be able to connect after 2 
        ground hits. 
      - Against those turtlers, whip out a LK Hooligan's Combination or 
        Suplex once in a while. They usually won't be quick enough to 
      - Use your ground dash well. It's perhaps one of the best blessings 
        Cammy has. Try dashing in to attack. Also, try dash-jump to cover 
        ground and use it to get in on beamers who are recovering (eg, 
      - Cross-ups are excellent offensive techniques you should exploit. 
        More under the "Confusion Strategies" section. 
      - Attempt to OTG whenever possible, because even if they roll, you 
        still won't find yourself endangered.
      - To get KBA to connect, try to do it instantly when you see the 
        opponent pull off a move that won't recover for more than half a 
        second, like a fireball. KBA is also part defensive. If you're 
        expecting something to come, time the KBA so it'll miss you (as 
        Cammy jumps to the corner at the start) and hits them. For 
        example, you can do this to Magneto's EM Disruptor.
      - Because of the defensive nature of KBA and it has limited 
        invincibility, it can be used to save your butt many times 
        through anticipation, quick reactions or carefully timed DHCs. 
        For example, one time I was playing as Psylocke against Sentinel. 
        I got close to him and pulled off a Kachou Gakore but it was push 
        blocked. Sentinel immediately tried to counter Psylocke with his 
        rocket storm super and looks like I was about to get hurt. My 
        next character was Cammy and through DHC before the rockets could 
        hit Psylocke, I DHC'd into a KBA and nailed the giant robot! 
        Another time I was fighting BBHood and countered her Cool Hunting 
        with a KBA as well.
      - Always try to dash-in after a jump-in. The timing isn't too 
        tricky, but beginners may want to practice. This is great for 
        long combos because Cammy will be closer to the opponent and you 
        can chain more hits into her ground combos. This is also a great 
        tip to remember for all characters!
      - For those players who can't time Cammy's OTGs properly, or is too 
        tired to do it, you can always use a HK Cannon Drill. Remember 
        that it's fast, travels fast and has OTG properties. You may want 
        to use a Spin Drive Smasher instead, but IMO, it's not worth the 
        level of energy. It usually misses after a couple of hits.
    Defensive Strategies
      - Push block when you see fit, but don't over use the push-block 
        feature. Sometimes it doesn't do you much good.
      - Against pursuers, Cammy's air Cannon Drill and Cannon Strike can 
        help to turn the tides. Jump back with either one of these moves 
        (depending on the situation) and it usually nails them. Just 
        don't be too predictable with it. The priority will usually eat 
        them up.
      - Cammy's HK Cannon Drill and Spin Drive Smasher are both excellent 
        moves to counter blocked or whiffed attacks from the opponent. 
        They travel across the screen at great speed.
      - Cannon Drill and Spin Drive Smasher also passes under certain 
        beam or projectile attacks, such as Magneto's EM Disruptor and 
        Cable's standing HP gunfire. So if you can anticipate those 
        attacks comin', you can avoid and nail them in return! For crying 
        out loud, Spin Drive Smasher even gos OVER BBHood's LOW missile!
      - You may want to occasionally end a blocked ground chain with a 
        Cannon Revenge. If they try to counter you, they'll just get 
        countered! It's sometimes risky, so don't do it more than once or 
        twice each match.
      - Cannon Revenge can also be used in many other ways. Against those 
        annoying combo-freaky sprite characters (Strider, Spiderman, 
        Wolverine etc) who just won't leave you alone, push block them 
        when they do their ground chain, and they'll dash right back in 
        your face with more attacks. That's when you should snuff out a 
        Cannon Revenge.
      - Of course, Cannon Revenge can also be used as decent Anti-Airs, 
        but again, don't be too predictable with it.
      - Cammy is one of those characters who never lack any versatility 
        in air-defense. Two Cannon Revenge, Cannon Spike, 2 launchers, 
        Assisists are all good options. Her standing HK is especially 
        good, as it has great vertical range and excellent priority. Best 
        of all, you'll get a free Aerial Rave when it connects! Mix up 
        your anti-airs.
      - Remember, a Cannon Drill can be treated like an air dash if you 
        ever need to cover long distances.
      - Don't forget that even if your launcher is blocked, tapping up on 
        the stick will execute an instant superjump, just when you're 
        trying to pursue with an Aerial Rave! This feature is useful for 
        escaping being countered when Cammy's launcher gets blocked. Even 
        though Cammy's launchers (both) are pretty fast, they do have 
        enough lag to be countered if the opponent is awake. When you 
        fear that you'll be counted by a super when your launcher gets 
        blocked, tap up or up-back to escape, or up-forward to try to get 
        to the other side of the opponent. The latter is especially 
        effective if you've called up a partner assist.
    Confusion Strategies
      - Cross ups are one of the best ways to confuse blockers. Try 
        jumping or (I prefer) dash-jumping to the other side of the 
        opponent, and call out a close-range/dasher assist before you 
        leave the ground. When you arrive on the other side, your 
        helper's assist should begin to connect. Now it is VERY 
        confusing as to which way you should block, and you'll often get 
        their guard down, allowing you to launch them followed by a big 
      - Cammy's air Suplex (punch throw) is good to use to get Aerial 
        Raves or versus air opponents. It switches sides (confusing to 
        Tech Hit) and you can OTG afterwards!
      - Use the Hooligan's Combination once in a while. Try to go for the 
        throw, as you can OTG, but do vary your actions. For example, 
        cancel it into a Cannon Strike when they try to move out of the 
        way etc. Don't forget you can cancel your Hooligan with P!
      - This is quite a cool trick. If you whiff a Spin Drive Smasher, or 
        is blocked. If the enemy tries to reposition themself waiting to 
        counter as you rocket uncontrollably into the air, do a Delayed 
        Hyper Combo. It usually catches them off guard and the subsequent 
        super will hit the unsuspecting opponent. This works with Reverse 
        Shaft Breaker and well as KBA, so get your confuser caps on and 
        get down!
      - If your opponent tries to do the confusion cross up tactic on 
        you, do either a Spin Drive Smasher or Reverse Shaft Breaker if 
        you can react quick enough. Killer Bee Assualt may also be used 
        in certain situations, as Cammy jumps away at the start. Don't    
        use it if you're within half a screen of the wall though, as 
        you'll miss.
      - When superjumping around the screen, you can sometimes catch 
        someone off guard with a Cannon Strike. 
      - When your opponent tries to cross up on you, wait! Do NOT do 
        anything until they jump over Cammy. That's when you should throw 
        out a launcher to nail their butt. It really can catch people off 
        guard since they won't expect you to counter so late. Try it out. 
        Of course, DON'T do it if they're trying to use the call partner 
        + cross up strategy!
      - Oh THIS strategy is evil! Pair up Cammy with an assist character 
        that has a fast projectile attack (not beam!) such as Psylocke's 
        Psi-Blast or Morrigan's Soul Fist. What you do is, stay far away 
        from the enemy and call your assist gal. Almost immediately jump 
        forward and do a HK Cannon Drill, which works like an air dash. 
        Souls Fist and Psi-Blast will now travel at the same speed as 
        Cammy. Cammy will go right over her opponent's head to the other 
        side as the projectile hits which is very VERY hard to block! 
        Cammy lands in time to combo off the projectile, neat. Try it out 
        to really confuse their butt off! For an even eviler tactic, try 
        to vary the timing when you call out your assists to make 
        blocking even harder. This works because to block an enemy assist 
        character, you have to pull away from the enemy MAIN character 
        even if they're on the wrong side of the screen. Since Cammy's 
        speed is fast and goes over their head, your opponent will have 
        an extremely hard time trying to figure which side to block. 
        Also, don't use this trick a lot, it's great for pressuring but 
        if you get too predictable with it, your opponent will eventually 
        learn to counter.
    These are all I can think up at this moment.
    Cammy vs Cable
    Well, if you can anticipate (or if you have good reflexes) Cable's 
    Viper or Hyper Viper Beam, you can avoid it all together if you 
    execute KBA. Remember the opening frames of KBA are invincible, so 
    use these to get even with Cable and tell him being a total loser by 
    staying away won't get him the candies. If you can't time it right, 
    then don't worry since it has plenty of lag at the end. Another 
    option is to simply jump in-between his Viper Beams (dash-jump is 
    even better) and use an air Cannon Drill to cover ground to get 
    behind him. Remember Cable has very poor air-defense (and probably 
    relies on cheap anti-air assists like Captain Commando) so try to 
    take care of his assist with yours and get Cable from their air. 
    (Cannon Strike will likely to surprise him.) Also remember that if 
    things do get ugly, escape with KBA! If Cable EVER tries to play his 
    standing HPx4 -> Viper Beam chipping game, laugh in his face and do 
    either a Cannon Drill when you're not charged or SDS/KBA if you are. 
    Also remember Cammy is so short that she can actually duck under 
    Cable's gunfire.
    Cammy vs Spiral
    Don't worry that much if you're having problems since Spiral gives 
    EVERYBODY a hard time when used effectively. Try not to use your 
    special moves unless it's in a combo because Cammy has lags on 
    everything. Spiral only require a split second to teleport to sneak 
    up on you so don't give those chances away for free. (That means no 
    Cannon Revenge!) If Spiral jumps into the air to replenish her 
    swords, immediately do a KBA if you can to get her back down. Versus 
    Spiral, reflexes are everything, so try to stay sharp. Also keep an 
    eye out for her teleports and don't expect Spiral to be anywhere for 
    more than a few seconds. Against her expanding swords, it's really 
    hard to deal with. Try go for an anti-air assist, it might work, it 
    might not. Otherwise, just block and try to counter when you see 
    Spiral replenishing her swords. If you ever block her standing HP (6-
    handed punch), push and counter with a super if you have it, else 
    dash in for an air combo if possible. If she ever execute her 
    Metamorphosis super, then it's "uh oh" time to play "run away from 
    Spiral". Try jumping in the air and using your air Cannon Drill to 
    get around and away. (Don't worry, it has next to no lag in the air.) 
    Cammy's jump has a fast air-time so you'll probably beat Spiral at an 
    air game. Just keep moving until her meter runs out and keep an eye 
    out for her teleport! She's probably the toughest cookie in the game 
    so good luck.
    Cammy vs Storm
    Both are chicks who absolutely rule in the air and both are good 
    confusers, who will win? Well, Storm is generally considered the 
    superior BUT Cammy has a few tricks up her sleeve that will bring the 
    soaring goddess down! If Storm EVER use her Whirlwind OR Typhoon, 
    don't jump, don't dash and don't panic. One KBA will knock her out 
    with OTG opportunities. If Storm EVER plays her "come and get me" air 
    game through her flying special, gun her down with KBA. (As she can't 
    block) Cannon Revenge can help you versus Storm's crazy jump-ins and 
    super fast combos. To counter Storm's mobility from her air dashing 
    abilities, remember your Cannon Drill and Cannon Strike can both be 
    used to travel distances. Winning against an expert Storm player is a 
    real challenge, but I'd doubt the weather goddess can take many shots 
    of KBA and without her typhoon special moves and flyer special, Storm 
    loses her chipping ability and her options will be very limited.
    Here are some good partners for Cammy.
    => BBHood
    Awesome is not enough when you try to describe Baby Bonnie Hood. She 
    has projectiles, chipping power and can be played very defensively, 
    something Cammy definately needs. Best of all, her 3 supers are 
    insanely powerful, so she can take advantage of Cammy's HC Energy 
    that she had gained. Best of all, BBHood actually makes Cammy's 
    Variable Combinaton NOT suck! Her bullets will pin the opponent in 
    place in mid-air while (Alpha and Beta) Cammy connects most of the 
    hits from her Spin Drive Smasher. (Best done in the corner.) While 
    blocked, Cool Hunting will inflict insane block damage! (So it's a 
    win win situation either way.... sort of.)
    Sisters are doin' it for themselves
    Just a mini section on Cammy's partners. I don't know about you guys, 
    but I pick all-girls teams about 95% of the time. Not only is it 
    awesome kickin' someone's butt with the female characters who are 
    often perceived as "weak" by most gamers; they are also a lot better 
    to look at than some of the blokes. (Say... Colossus.) So here's a 
    section devoted to an all-girl team with Cammy.
    My "official kick a$$ team" composes of:
                       Alpha   Cammy
                       Beta    Morrigan
                       Gamma   Tron Bonne
    Now, why is that? Lets start with each character's own individual 
    strengths and weaknesses. 
    Pro: Very fast, has decent ground and superb air combos
    Con: Weak, suffers from poor chipping power and lag times
    Pro: Balanced fighter with good combos both on the ground and in the 
         air, a beam super (YAY!), fast, has a 3-way-air-dash, confuser
    Con: Weak and her supers are hard to work into a combo
    Try: LP, LK, MP, C.MK, Silhouette Blade (avoid corners!)
         LP, LK, MP+Tron Assist, MK, LP, MP, Darkness Illusions
         Dash-in, C.LK, C.HP, SJ, LP, LK, MP, MK, Soul Fist/Shadow Blade
    Pro: Stronger than both of the girls, can do a LOT of damage FAST, 
         can chip, can play keep away, insanely powerful assist
    Con: Horrendous lag times and slower
    Try: LP, MP, Lunch Rush (MAJOR damage!)
         LK, MK, Tron Rush
         C.LK, C.HK, King Kobun/VC
    They fit pretty well into a balanced team. Cammy is the speed, 
    Morrigan is the brain while Tron is the muscle. What's even better 
    about this team is that each character's Assist complement the others 
    very nicely. 
    * Tron has no decent anti-air, while Alpha Cammy's rocks!
    * Neither Tron nor Cammy has a decent projectile, that's where 
      Beta Morrigan fits in
    * Gamma Tron's Assist has to be the strongest in the game and it's 
      useful for probably all characters. Great for corner pressures and 
      chips well, not to mention that is stuns the opponent momentarily 
      allowing for those hard-to-connect moves to hit.
    Use Cammy to do massive air-combos on the opponent early on in the 
    round and intimidate their glasses off. Then fly around the screen 
    with Morrigan and confuse their pants off. And then use Tron to do 
    MASSIVE damage (combo her Lunch Rush super) to finish off the 
    opponents. If needed, you can also be cheap. Morrigan can do multiple 
    Soul Fists in the air if you wanna chip. Tron can also play keep away 
    all day with her rocks, Servbots and drills. Y' see, if you master 
    this team, you cannot loose.
    => Alternative
    An alternate team is to substitute the weakened Morrigan with an 
    Alpha BBHood. BBHood should NEVER be underestimated as all 3 of her 
    supers hurts like HELL and are all useful in different occasions. Her 
    Cheer & Fire chips nicely too, she's a tiny target and her more 
    defensive-based fighting style helps to keep the team in balance. 
    Plus her Smile & Missile Assist is a nice replacement for Morrigan. 
    Just another great team waiting to be exploited. :)
    Also try: LP, LK, MP, F+HP, Cool Hunting/Beautiful Memory/VC
              LP, LK, MP, F+HK, Cheer & Fire (Horizontal)
              LK, MK, SJ, LP, LK, MP, ( ), U+LP, LK, MP, MK, Cheer & Fire
    I didn't have much time to complete this, so wait for updates. I'll 
    be working on more sections soon.
    Form #1 – Armor man
    Abyss is so boring! Use your Assists if you have any. Watch for his 
    rush and javelin super. Do C.LP, C.MP, C.HP to chip his health. Block 
    when you see him about to attack. If he's going for a beam super, 
    super jump to the other side. Cammy's not a particularly good choice 
    for this fight, as she uses the "Stronger" Magic Series and her 
    specials has huge lags.
    Form #2 – Green slimy man
    Really cheap and Cammy is DEFINATELY not a good character to use for 
    this. One way is too dash-jump in between his attacks and do a Cannon 
    Strike when you're hangin' over him, so you'll land behind him 
    without getting hurt and hitting him at the same time. It takes ages. 
    Switch to another character instead! And if they have a beam super, 
    use it!
    ALTERNATE (and better) STRATEGY!!!
    Thanks to Tysa Proeung <strider_hiyruu@hotmail.com> 
    All you've gotta do is to dash close in to Abyss and do continuing 
    crouching attacks. Cammy is so short that Abyss can't do anything to 
    hit her except the spinning darks super. However, this strategy gets 
    useless halfway through when Abyss hides in the ground and conjours 
    up bubbles every few seconds. Now you've gotta jump around and try to 
    break the bubbles with your Cannon Drill and continue pumping the 
    green guy. Still, if you've got another guy with a bream super, use 
    it, because Cammy is still not very effective against this form.
    Form #3 – Giant red beast
    Cammy actually has a decent chance in this fight. STAY DEFENSIVE and 
    crouch block all the way when he's not on the screen. If you get hit 
    by his vertical beams, you'll lose a LOT of life by getting juggled. 
    When he appears, jump at him and do J.LK, J.MK, J.HK, Cannon Drill 
    for decent damage. Repeat as necessary. If you're near the orb when 
    it disappears and the verticle flames are not in the vicinity, take 
    this chance and beat the crap outta the orb. Not a hard fight.
    Cammy has no official storyline, so I've made this intro and ending 
    for Cammy, our favourite army girl (besides Jill. :) Here's the 
    "C-Cammy... Cammy....."
    Cammy awoke to the platinum kisses of the moonlight on a chilly mid-
    winter night. Still half asleep, she rubbed her tired eyes with the 
    back of her hand, trying to search her room for the source of the 
    vague voice she thought was calling her name. 
    "...Cammy... I need... your help..."
    Cammy sensed a vaguely glowing figure to the pitch black corner of 
    her room, untouched by the moonlight. A golden bird sparkled, as if 
    it was branded onto her bosom.
    "Ph... Phoenix?! You are Phoenix.. are you not?"
    "Listen Cammy... I cannot stay for long. I'm afraid that Magneto is 
    tracing my Psi-link to you right at this very moment. But promise me 
    that you'll help."
    "Jean... Tell me what happend..."
    "Psylocke... She has been taken hostage by Shadowloo... I've scanned 
    the Astral Plane and I was able to pick up her Psi-pattern deep 
    within Shalowloo's underground headquarters. Please... Psylocke has 
    helped you in the past and you are the only one who knows the 
    structures to the underground labs."
    "..But I've vowed to never return to that horrible place..."
    "Please Cammy... You are Betsy's... and the X-Men's last hope..." 
    That was the last thing Cammy heard from Phoenix as her Astral 
    projection phased out. 
    "....Phoenix! ....That's it Bison... last time it was business, this 
    time... it's personal!" 
    Cammy prepared for departure as first rays of dawn draws near. She 
    had her own reasons for accepting this dangerous mission. She knows 
    what Bison is going to do, she's a living proof of it! The scars in 
    her mind will not fade but she cannot stand to watch the sweet 
    British girl, Betsy, being turned into an assassin once again...
    => Well... you should understand this if you're a Marvel and a Capcom 
    fan. Phoenix/Jean Grey is a telepath. Psylocke saved Cammy's life at 
    the end of X-Men Vs. Street Fighters. Cammy used to be a biologically 
    enhanced assassin for Shadowloo and Betsy/Psylocke was once a brain 
    washed assassin called Lady Mandarin.
    Like it? Here's the ending...
    "It has been a week.... I've finally... made it.."
    Cammy slowly limped her way to the bottom of Shadowloo's underground 
    experimental labs. The week has not been pretty. Cammy's arms are 
    still bleeding from the blades of the bewitching Spiral and needle-
    like thorns from the duel with Amingo can be seen piercing through 
    her left leg. But she beat them all... now all she has to do is to 
    A feminine figure emerged from the shadows that plagues the 
    underground corridors.
    "Oh Betsy! I'm so glad that you're ok... Now we must get outta here!" 
    For an instant, Cammy's heart relaxed. Psylocke is safe. The world 
    does not need another psychic assassin, she thought. All her troubles 
    might have been worthwhile.
    Psylocke started to laugh. The voice sends chills down Cammy's spine. 
    It was not a laughter of joy, but lust, as Psylocke walked towards 
    her. Light reflected from her eyes... her glowing eyes with yellow 
    "You... You are not Psylocke!"
    Psylocke's figure gave away. Her fair skin tone turned darker by the 
    second. Her luscious long black hair decayed into the shade of blood. 
    Her tight suit corroded away to form a light colored toga. A toga 
    with tiny skull shaped decorations.
    "Hello my child."
    "Ahh... So I see that you've finally realized who I am. Oh, and I 
    must thank you for taking down my adversaries. It would have taken me 
    months of preparation to eliminate them one by one. But you child, 
    you have made my job easier. Now all I have to do is to advance to 
    the final stage."
    "What are you planning to do?"
    "You see this?" Mystique pulls out a floppy disc, waving it in her 
    hand. "This is a program that will allow a trasmitter to project a 
    signature Alpha Waves that will interfer with a human's DNA, 
    eliminating their ability to reproduce in a matter of days. There is 
    no place for humans on this planet. Mutants are the dominant race of 
    the new millennium! I needed Master Bison's satellite transmitter to 
    project the waves that'll spread across the face of the earth, and 
    you were the key."
    "..But how? Jean..."
    "It's called 'technology' my child. You lived because of it and you 
    shall die by it!" 
    Mystique draws out a pulse laser, aimed at Cammy.
    "You are unforgivable!"
    "Goodbye child. Hahahaha...."
    Later, on the 6 o'clock news.
    "The South Eastern Pacific headquarters of the Shadowloo Corporations 
    has once again been practically incinerated to ashes for the forth 
    time in six months! The local Fire Department could do nothing to 
    stop the raging inferno. Fortunately, it died down after about 8 
    hours of activity. INTERPO Agent Detective Chun Li announced at a 
    press conference held in Bangkok earlier today that the source of the 
    mass destruction of the headquarters is still unknown. One body has 
    been found on the lowest floor of the basement. The body was too 
    scorched to be identified, but Detective Chun Li did mention that the 
    victim wore a belt with skull-like decorations, which was amazingly, 
    => Hehe, hope you like it. :)
    This FAQ should be only used for non-commercial and non-profit 
    purposes. You may print it out if you wish. You may use it on your 
    webpage as long as you ask for permission and proper credits are 
    given. Enjoy MvC2! :) 
    "Too short!" - Cammy
    "You suck!" - Cammy
    "Malfunction... Malfunction... Woah!? Did I just do that!?" - Cammy
    "Your missing teeth will remind you of my victory" - Cammy
    "If you wanna curse or let out some steam, at least do it the 
    _proper_ way." – Me
    Copyright 2000 by Vance Heart aka Aya Brea. 
    E-mail me at i_love_aya@hotmail.com 
    Homepage: http://www6.50megs.com/vanceayahan/ 
    Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (c) 2000 Capcom 

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