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    Hayato by RLewis

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                            H A Y A T E FAQ ver. 1.4
                              Marvel vs. Capcom 2 
                              System- DC (import)
              Author- Rei "Rhea" Lewis <cyberninja25@hotmail.com>
           Unpublished work Copyright 1998-1999 Rhea Lewis This FAQ and everything 
    included within this file cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or form 
    (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on a freely-
    accessible, non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited and unaltered 
    format. This FAQ cannot be used for profitable purposes (even if no money would 
    be made from selling it) or promotional purposes. It cannot be used in any sort 
    of commercial transaction. It cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, 
    etc., with a purchase as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore 
    prohibited. Furthermore, this FAQ cannot be used by the publishers, editors, 
    employees or associates, etc. of any company, group, business, or association, 
    etc., nor can it be used by game sites and the like. It cannot be used in 
    magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any other form of printed or electronic 
    media (including mediums not specifically mentioned) in ANY way, shape, or form 
    (including reprinting, reference or inclusion), without the express written 
    permission of the author, myself. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Rhea 
    Lewis . All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are 
    not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. 
    NOTE-This paragraph is basically Kao's Megura's basic plagiarism warning he 
    places on all of his great FAQs, so the credits are his for constructing that 
    HAYATO KANZAKI, The Bounty Hunter
           Well, Capcom went ahead and made another really flashy VS. game but this 
    time they included one of Capcom's bad-asses, Hayato. For those of you that 
    don't know, Hayato is from an underdog from a  Capcom fighter called Star 
    Gladiator. A sequel is out now on the DC, which is also the game where Hayato's 
    moves all derive from. As for Hayato's background, in the far future Hayato 
    makes his money as a bounty hunter in space. The weapon he uses is called a 
    plasma saber, which explains the energy blade on the sucker.
    	Now Hayato's biggest enemy in his world was a mean guy called Bilstien 
    (goofy name for a villain right?). Well these two have fought a few times and 
    Bilstien somehow managed to get a thing called an "evil factor" in Hayato. How 
    he did it, I dunno but it occasionally makes Hayato become a very mean guy. He 
    also gets a new outfit and wears a spunky little eye patch with his George 
    Clooney hair-cut. Now as for how Hayato got into the world where Abyss 
    is....these VS. storylines never make sense anyway so what's the point in trying 
    to explain it?
    	This FAQ will be my second and hopefully my last, as I look and see I have 
    nothing better to do than type FAQs, it makes me feel funny...Ok, let's get to 
    KEY-how to tell what I'm typing
    uf-Up forward
    df-Down forward
    ub-Up backward
    db-Down backwards
    LP-Light Punch
    HP-Heavy Punch
    LK-Light Kick
    HK-Heavy Kick
    QCF-Quarter circle forward motion
    QCB-Quarter circle back motion
    DP(Dragon Punch)-A forward, down, down forward motion
    RDP(Reverse Dragon Punch)-a back, down, down back motion
    PP-Two punches simotanesoulsy
    KK-Two kicks simultaneously
    PA1-Partner 1 assist button
    PA2-Partner 2 assist button
    UNIVERSAL COMMANDS, basic character abilities
    Standing Block-hold b
    Crouching Block-hold db
    Air block-hold b or db in the air
    Advancing Guard-Press PP while blocking
    -Moving Around-
    Dash-tap f,f or f + PP
    Backdash-tap b,b or b + PP
    Jump-tap u, uf, or ub
    High Jump-tap d, then u, uf, or ub
    Escape Roll Roll-b,db,d + P/K when knocked down
    -Other Abilities-
    Taunt-WK + Start
    Throws-(varies)-b/f + P/K
    Tech. Hit-Any direction but u or d + P/k
    Tech. Roll-do a Tech. Hit after you've been thrown
    Hold Escape-shake joystick and jag on the buttons to get out
    Snapback-QCF + PA1 or PA2
    -Partner Switch-
    1st Partner-WP + WK
    2nd Partner-FP + FK
    -Partner Abilities
    1st Partner Assist Attack-Tap PA1
    2nd Partner Assist Attack-Tap PA2
    Variable Counter-while blocking, b,db,d + PA1 or PA2-cost one super bar
    Variable Combination-Press PA1 + PA2-can cost either 2 or 3 super bars + plus 
    you must have at least two characters left.
    Delayed Hyper Combo-do a partner's hyper combo while your main character is 
    performing theirs-can cost as much as 3 super bars
    HAYATO'S Basic Attacks
           I normally don't discuss the character's regular attacks but in Hayato's 
    case these are some of his main weapons of his game. So let's dive right in:
    This is Hayato's dinky slash but it plays a great role in his combos. You can 
    annoy the hell out of someone if you constantly harass them with this. One 
    connection with the LP and a devastating combos can follow. This isn't that 
    great of an air attack though.
    Hayato does a full vertical slash, can easily two in one into special attacks 
    due to it's speed. I'm not saying it's slow it's just the arc of it allows 
    special to be two in ones easily. The airial version is great to get people back 
    to the ground and the crouching HP is his launcher. This also serves as an Airal 
    Rave finisher
    Hayato busts out a small little high kick. I suggest not using this on the 
    ground much since it's priority is small and his slashes do much better in terms 
    of range and damage. But it's strong point is that it works great as a jump-in 
    since it can easily airial link into his air MK. Overall, this is gonna stay in 
    Hayato does a single two handed slash but can do another standing one if you 
    push HK again. The crouching version is like any other standard sweep. The air 
    version serves as an Airial Rave finisher. The standing double HK works great in 
    combos and as a pressure attack. But the speed is a bit slow but that 
    HAYATO'S Special Attacks
    Shiden-QCF + P
    Hayato dashes forward while executing two slashes, blue shadows even trail him 
    during this. This works great in combos and does descent damage but the recovery 
    time is horrible. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT throw this out at random unless you 
    want to die.
    Guren-DP + P (can be done in mid-air)
    Hayato leaps into the air doing a sword uppercut attack with a few energy 
    spirals flying around him. The FP version makes him dash a little bit before the 
    uppercut while the WP version makes do just the uppercut. Also note that the 
    rush in the FP version DOES NOT do any damage or hits. This move is Hayato's 
    anti-air move, but use the WP when countering or you may find yourself dashing 
    under them with the FP version. Also, your left wide open with either version if 
    you miss, so use this sparingly.
    -Plasma Combos-
    -These are unique to Hayato, when you start these Hayato turns blue for the 
    remainder of the Plasma Combo. But you can cancel Special moves or super combos 
    at any during the Plasma Combos. Or course Hayato will stop flashing blue as 
    soon as you veer of the Plasma combo course.
    NOTE-You must hold back during the whole combo-
    Suzaku Ranbu-b+LP,LP,LP,LP
    Hayato's standard one, nothing really special or all that great.
    Kegon #1-b+LP,LP,HP,HK,LP,LP
    Star Gladiator fans will recognize this Hayato's Plasma Final combo from the 
    original game. Hayato does a fancy combo which knocks the opponent away at the 
    second to last hit. The final LP makes him do a spinning downward slash to 
    finish it off. You can stall the final LP, just make sure you don't stall too 
    long so that you whiff.
    Kegon #2-b+LP,LP,LP,HK,LP,LP
    Essentially the same as the Kegon #1, just a different way of getting there. 
    NOTE-on BOTH on the Kegon combos, the HK hits low.
    Guren #1-b+HP,LP,HP,HP,HP
    This one has Hayato during a short range combo ending with a WP Guren. Looks 
    great but the range is smaller than that of the Kegon combos. This due to the 
    short range of the HP Plasma combo starter which is a small horizontal slash. 
    But it does good damage though.
    Guren #2-b+HP,LP,HP,LK,HP
    The same combo as Guren #1 except that the HK hits low. Still though, poor range 
    but descent damage. I'd use this one over the Guren #1 since the low kick can 
    trick some people up.
    ***Plasma Combo tips***
    A fellow gamer by the name of Justus Belentine pointed some interesting stuff 
    out to me about Hayato's Plasma combo sets. The B+LP ones usually have a small 
    lag but this can be skipped if you end the blocked Plasma combo at the HK. Then 
    there's basically no lag at all. Now about the B+HP, Justus pointed something 
    out to me about these as well, they make great counters since the intial slash 
    is quick and has small range. For example one way to counter an opponent with 
    extreme prejudice is to do this, B+FP, LP, FP, FP, Shiden, then cancel into 
    Special Thanx to Justus Balentine-<captain_america3@yahoo.com>
    NOTE-End of Plasma Combo List-
    Byakko Hou-b,f+PP
    This is a throw attack of Hayato's, if you connect Hayato will launch the 
    opponent up in the air a bit with a elbow blow. You must be right next to your 
    opponent or Hayato will the show a nice miss animation with the look of "WTF" on 
    his face. This move probably won't be used often but it's actually a great move 
    to pull on an unsuspecting opponent. Now this also works as counter attack 
    similar to Jill's baretta move. But the timing is so nit picky I suggest either 
    just blocking or getting the hell out of the way.
    Dokuryuu-during a dash press HP
    Hayato pulls out a fast dashing slash. Can be followed by the Souryuu slash 
    right after it.
    Souryuu-after the Dokuryuu press HP
    After the Dokuryuu dash slash Hayato will pull off another dashing slash only 
    he'll be going the other way. This can really f@#$ up an opponent's 
    coordination, just don't abuse it or they'll learn to see it coming a mile away 
    and counter it. 
    -NOTE-Hayato will not go another direction with the Souryuu if the opponent is 
    in the corner.
    Hien-f + HP
    Hayato pulls out a jumping spin slash although he doesn't get that high off the 
    ground at all. This move serves as Hayato's overhead attack, it's actually a 
    pretty good one too, it's fast and the lag isn't that bad at all compared to 
    most other overheads. It can even be used in a combo! Great move.
    Dai Oiuchi Kougeki-d + HK in mid air
    Hayato does a straight downward fall with his saber pointed directly down. The 
    speed on this ok and once you hit or the opponent blocks it Hayato bounces off 
    it. It's pretty good in air combos and can be canceled into a Guren if you're 
    fast. Rarely use this is poking games but keep it locked in air combos.
    HAYATO'S Hyper Combos
    Rasetsu Zan-QCF + PP
    Hayato does the motion for the Ashura, which was move in Star Gladiator that 
    extended his saber, and goes on a combo run. The combo is 8 hits and does 
    sizeable damage the only problem is the HUGE lag after it. So if your opponent 
    blocks it do something or you gonna eat some damage at the end of it due to 
    Hayato's love of posing after he does stuff. Keep this in combos and you'll be 
    safe, which shouldn't be a problem since it's really easy to combo.
    -NOTE-On linking supers, the super is a good super to start a Delayed Hyper 
    Combo spree with or link one together.
    Engetsu-QCF + KK
    Hayato raises his sword above his head then slashes and sends a blue wave of 
    energy across the screen. A very hard super to actually use effectivly since 
    it'll only hit a ground opponent a few times. But it works well in juggle 
    -NOTE-On linking supers, this super is a good ender to a Delayed Hyper Combo 
    Plasma Field-QCB + KK
    Hayato gets pissed and makes a nice blue force shield around for a second. If it 
    whifs then you just wasted a super bar but if it hits that's a different story. 
    Upon tagging someone with this Hayato will have infinite super energy for a bit, 
    he'll be flashing blue till' the effect ends. During this you have infinite 
    super energy and your special are a bit faster, such as the Shiden is actually 
    useable since the delay isn't as bad. Hmmmm....infinite supers, can you Black 
    Hayato? Thought so. But the problem with this is that most run like hell when 
    they see Hayato in this much like Strider with the Ourobolos activated. We'll 
    work around that later.
    -NOTE-you must be friggin' idiot to link this in a Delayed Hyper Combo run, 
    don't do it.
    Black Hayato-LP,HP,b,LK,HK at Level 3
    This has to be the most stylish super in the game. Hayato dashes forward and if 
    he hits he impales the opponent and goes into a "Demon Rage" type spree. The 
    screen goes black and sword slash fly and it ends with Black Hayato posed as the 
    opponent flies off. Then Hayato goes back to normal. Freakin' awesome. Now the 
    dash IS blockable and the combo hits for about 15 times, hmmm....same as the 
    Demon Rage, coincidence? I think not. The damage here isn't that great to waste 
    three levels on, you can do a hell of a lot more with three separate supers. As 
    I said earlier, this is a style super, but you can do it for one super bar if 
    you connect with it during the Plasma Field super.
    The Variables
    This covers what Hayato does when you select either A, B, or Y at the select 
        <Assist Attack>          <Counter attack>        <Team Super>
    "A" Shiden                   Shiden                  Rasetsu Zan
    "B" Guren                    Guren                   Engetsu
    "Y" Shiden                   Guren (B. Hayato)       Engetsu
    -NOTE-When you do a counter with Hayato while he's in "Y" he'll do a Guren as 
    Black Hayato but then turn back to good ol' Hayato when he lands or is hit 
    before he lands. 
    COMBOS-all anyone cares about anyway...
    Here's a small collection of combos for Hayato that I use and impressive ones I 
    seen. Listing every combo known to man my him would spoil the fun of finding 
    your own.
    1.) LP, LP, HP, Shiden or Rasetsu Zan
    -A VERY basic combo but still very effective, this was the first combo I ever 
    did with him. Heh, I was so proud of myself when I did it.
    2.) Byakko Hou, Engetsu
    -A juggle combo that makes use of the Byyako grab. You should do the Engetsu 
    right as the opponent begins to fall to get the MAX hits and damage. Hit it 
    right and this combo takes 50% damage easy. Nice combo huh?
    NOTE-Chris <ChrisG0000@aol.com> sent in this combo using the Byakko Hou.
         Byakko hou, dash forward then B. Hayato. Now the LK in the B. Hayato 
    formation should connect with the falling opponent and two in one into the B. 
    -Just goes to show you that Hayato's most under-rated move is certainly 
    rewarding when used correctly.
    3.) Jumping LK, LK, (land) LP, LK, HK, HK, Black Hayato
    -The double HK slash at the end gives you plenty of time to input the Black 
    Hayato command.
    4.) Crouching LP, crouching LP, crouching HP (launcher), Jump, LP,LK,LP, Dai 
    Oiuchi Kougeki, cancel into WP Guren.
    -A very cool air combo and very simple to do
    5.) <Plasma Combo-Kegon #1> b+LP,LP,HP,HK,LP, Plasma Field, OTG(if you really 
    want to...)
    -this is an easy way to get the Plasma field super, plus you can OTG them after 
    the field with a crouching HP. I don't OTG that much because I think that's a 
    little over the top but most people love it.
    6.) Jumping LK, Jumping HK, dash in, LP, LP, Hien, b+HP, LP, HP, HP, -finisher. 
    (B. Hayato, Ratsetsu Zan, whatever...) 
    -This is an awesome combo by Araya, this uses the Hien and a Plasma combo series 
    in one combo with many options at the end. Great idea.
    <-COMBOS Sent in By Others->
    From-RAule <DougX88@aol.com>
    1.)The 56 hit Mind Boggler-Jump in, LK, HK, dash, LP, LP, F + HP, B+ HP, LP, HP, 
    B. Hayato, Cable Assist + Dash Forward, HP, stall for a milisecond, B + HP, LP, 
    HP, HP, HP Guren, cancel into Plasma Field, OTG c. LK, B. Hayato.
    -Wow, really long isn't it? It looks complicated but once the timing is down 
    it'll become easier to do. The hardest part really is calling Cable out at the 
    right time. Also this combo requires 4 super bars, Cable's projectile assist and 
    some patience to learn it. It does work, trust me. Also this combo should push 
    them in the corner after the first set and before cable in order to work  
    2.)Hp Guren, Plasma Field, OTG B. Hayato.
    Another corner combo, essentially the end part of the above killer.
    3.)B + LP, LP, LP, HK, LP, D + HP, U + LP, LK, LP, HP Guren.
    You can cancel into a Plasma field at the end and OTG c. LK into a B. Hayato if 
    you have the super energy to do so. 
    1.)Jump in HP, Land, LP, LP, HP, Shiden (both hits), cancel into Plasma Field, 
    OTG c. LK, B. Hayato. 
    Very simple comob, very nice damage.
    From Justus Balentine <captain_america3@yahoo.com>
    1.)B+FP, LP, FP, FP, Shiden, cancel into Engetsu
    TACTICS-How to get your groove on...
    First lets look at Hayato's strengths and weaknesses.
    -His range-close/medium range
    -His strength
    -His lag time
    -No long range attacks
    -Not so great damage taking...
    Now most people look at Hayato and think he's another Strider. He may be able to 
    do some flashy sword combos but Hayato isn't nearly as fast or as agile as 
    Strider. So Hayato can't go all out in offense and expect to win, his moves just 
    won't allow it.
    Hayato's special moves are all useful but they all have that usual lag time, 
    especially the Shiden. Throwing these out at random will get you killed and 
    you'll look incredibly stupid. You have to play smart and patient, if you get 
    panicky and rush with Hayato your gonna mess up and lose him to a large Magneto 
    combo or whatever. Hayato doesn't have the best defense so your gonna feel every 
    hit he takes. But it's not as bad as Gouki or Strider. What you need to do is 
    watch your opponent and figure out what he gonna do, then go for any openings 
    you see and capitalize on any opening. The most offensive poking you'll do is 
    with your WP and the Hien. A connected WP can easily lead to bigger things and 
    Hien can link immediately into a Plasma Combo. 
    I don't suggest throwing out Plasma combos at random either as the lag isn't 
    that bad but some of the fast characters can easily capitalize on that...*cough-
    Strider-cough*. But remember it's ok to go for a random Dokuryuu every now and 
    then since Hayato is the only one in the game that has an dash exclusive only 
    attack. So some players might not see it coming. But once the match gets going 
    and you're in lead, you can go into a more offensive mode. BUT REMEMBER to watch 
    the opponent's life BARS! I can't tell you how many people get hyped when 
    they're winning and go all offense and the other player easily gets in a new 
    character since the opposing player left themselves wide open. Just be patient.
    OTHER things-Don't be afraid to throw, Hayato's throw is one the best in the 
    game. You can juggle after it and it doesn't push you or the opponent away from 
    each other. Some people hate throwing but I don't, it's a part of the game and 
    you should capitalize on it. Also don't forget the Byakko Hou, surprise turtlers 
    with this and juggle them with an Engetsu to make them pay. 
    <-Suggested Partners->
           As Hayato has great combo power his defense is somewhat lacking so you'll 
    someone strong with good defense on your team. (Thanx to ChrisG0000@aol.com for 
    that tip.)
    Suggested Partners-
    Jin-strong power plus a great defensive game. (Again from ChrisG0000@aol.com)
    Ryu-a great all arounder but you'll have to be very unorthodox when playing as 
    Ryu since the whole world knows his moves.
    Charlie or Guile-since they're essentially the same (not excatly) both these 
    guys complement Hayato well. This is thanks to their great supers, combos and 
    their defensive options.
    Sentinel-The assists from the Sentinel can easily allow Hayato to dash in try 
    for a combo. Plus the Sentinel is very different opponent than Hayato, so the 
    opponent can be in for a rude awakening when you switch.
    Thanos-his bubble assist attack can let Hayato go for any combo of his choice. 
    This assist has to be the best in the game, since it paralyzes the opponent for 
    a short time allowing you to beat their @$$ with little effort.
    -Justus Balentine <captain_america3@yahoo.com>
    Those are the only partners I'm really familiar with. Please feel free to email 
    me any of yours.
    HAYATO'S Colors-you gotta look good too...
    Pressing different buttons at the select screen when highlighting Hayato will 
    get you one of six different outfit colors for him. Assuming his two hidden ones 
    are released.
    LP-The original black and white suit...can't go wrong here
    HP-A Pink outfit, if you ever pick this you asking for an ass woopin'
    LK-A blue tint to his colors...ok looking...
    HK-A brown look, looks likes crap...literally...
    -Hidden Colors-
    PA1-A crimson red outfit, too much red...
    PA2-An awesome yellow and black outfit, these are the best colors IMO
    HAYATO's Animations
    Hayato can enter the match (assuming he's the starter...) one of two ways.
    1.) He's standing there and busts out an Ashura with purple flames everywhere 
    then gets into his pose.
    2.) He rides in on his bad @$$ bike then hopes off and extends his sword through 
    an Ashura.
    -Win Poses-
    -NOTE-Hayato has the same win pose but it varies on if someone from Star 
    Gladiator 2 appears with him or not. His pose is that he seals his plasma saber 
    over his head with his eyes closed and a smirk on his face. Then one of four 
    things can follow-
    1.) No one will appear
    2.) Saturn (the green guy) will appear. 
    3.) June (the pink girl with white leggings) will appear
    4.) Ele (the second girl with the white and blue outfit) will appear
    -I'm not sure if he has anything besides that win pose but that's all I ever 
    -Hayato's Taunt-
    Well Hayato's taunt is actually useable since it's actually pretty quick. He 
    busts out another pose (he's full of them...) and yells something like "Katsu 
    Ya!." What that means, I haven't the slightest.
    Translations-courtesy of Kao Megura
    Shiden                         Violet Lightning
    Guren                          Red Lotus
    Byakko Hou                     White Tiger Cannon
    Suzaku Ranbu                   Phoenix Boisterous Dance
    Kegon                          Stern Flower
    Dokuryuu                       Single Dragon
    Souryuu                        Double Dragon
    Hien                           Flying (Swallow)
    Dai Oiuchi Kougeki             Great Pursuit attack
    Rasetsu Zan                    Justice Slash
    Engetsu                        Crescent moon
    -These all came from Kao Megura's Marvel vs. Capcom 2 FAQ. The man just rocks.
    Other Stuff
    -Hayato's Daughter-
           Ele, the girl who poses with Hayato during his win pose is actually his 
    daughter. Star Gladiator fans know how this comes to be, June (the other pink 
    girl) is Hayato's gf. And I believe we all know what happens when a male and a 
    female like each other. Well, in the story of Star Gladiator 2 Ele comes from 
    the future to help with the fight against Bilstien. Just some extra facts.
    -Seeing Black Hayato-
           There are two ways to see Black Hayato.
    -The super...duh...
    -Doing a Variable counter while Hayato is in Y mode.
           I really wish Capcom would have made Black Hayato a separate character, 
    two Hayato's? *droll...*
    CREDITS-I didn't do this all by myself...
    First and formerly, God. Without him I wouldn't be breathing.
    Kao Megura <kmegura@yahoo.com>
    The man always has every bit of info you could ever want in a FAQ. I took a few 
    names and translations from his Marvel vs. Capcom 2 FAQ. Plus that's also where 
    the Ayara combo came from as well.
    Dwight-an old friend of mine in Las Vegas who mercilessly beat my ass with 
    Magneto while I was still learning Hayato. Thanks to him, my Hayato can hold his 
    own against any haneously long Magneto combos he can toss out.
    My brother, for showing me (by accident) that you can cancel the Guren from the 
    Dai Oiuchi Kougeki.
    Some Hispanic Guy-a guy at Mark K's arcade who busted the Black Hayato super on 
    me and was nice enough to tell me how to do it after I lost the match. Gracias! 
    Chris <ChrisG0000@aol.com>
    For his combo and suggestions regarding Hayato's game, plus a partner 
    For the 56 hit Mind Boggler combo and a few others.
    For his nice and simple combo.
    Justus Balentine<captain_america@yahoo.com>
    For his tips on the Plasma Combos, one great counter combo and some tips on 
    Thanos' assist attack.
    For everyone else who has sent in their C&C making this FAQ even better than the 
    version before. Arrigatou.
    Rei Lewis <cyberninja25@hotmail.com>

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