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    X Raiden FAQ by MHamlin

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    Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance X Raiden FAQ
                      By Mike Hamlin 4/08/03    cmhamlin@mchsi.com
    This document copyright 2003, Mike Hamlin. You cannot pass this off as 
    your own work or do anything that would allow you to make money. This 
    guide should appear only at gamefaqs.com.
    Version History
    4/08/03 First, and probably last, version published.
    4/14/03 Corrected a couple of errors.
    WARNING: This FAQ contains some minor spoilers.
    So what's X Raiden, you say? Well, it's Raiden's naked form as he is 
    running around Arsenal Gear. In X Raiden, there is only one mission to 
    play and it's in Streaking Mode. This mission is more difficult because 
    you cannot kill any of the guards.
    The mission is divided up into 5 stages, each stage is one of the 
    regular stages in normal sneaking mode. You have 2 and a half minutes 
    to get through all 5 stages. Once you get to the goal, you go on to the 
    next with the same amount of time you had when you finished the 
    previous stage. If you are discovered, you can begin again on the stage 
    you messed up on, but it will deduct about 10 seconds from your time AT 
    YOUR DISCOVERY. So if you enter a stage with 2:00 left, you run around 
    for 40 seconds and get discovered, it would deduct 10 seconds from your 
    1:20, thus leaving you with only 1:10 if you choose to try again.
    This FAQ contains the method I used for clearing X Raiden but keep in 
    mind that this in NOT a speed guide. I'm sure there is a faster way to 
    get through than described here but I don't know what it is. With my 
    method, we won't be using the cardboard boxes either. Before we begin, 
    I just want to put down some terms I use:
    -When I say "semi-spot," I refer to those times when a guard notices 
    you are there but does not actually know it's an intruder. This happens 
    when you are standing in front of a guard and a little out of his sight 
    range. He will then come to investigate the spot you were standing in. 
    This will help us pass one of the stages.
    -When I say left or right, I am referring to those directions from 
    Raiden's point of view. If you move up and I say there will be a guard 
    in front of Raiden, that means the guard is further up on the screen.
    That out of the way, now let's move on.
    STAGE 1
    Required time: 5 seconds (really)
    Run straight up to the intersection and wait for the guard in front of 
    Raiden to walk by. Then run past him and up to the goal.
    STAGE 2
    Required time: 10 seconds
    Start by going up and stopping at the first right. There is a guard 
    around this corner. When he turns and starts walking right, go follow 
    behind him and stay to Raiden's left. When the guard in front of you 
    stops at the intersection, observe the guard on the other side of the 
    wall on Raiden's left. By the time the guard in front of you stops, the 
    guard on the other side will turn and go back. As he turns and goes 
    back left, run past the guard in front of you to the goal.
    STAGE 3
    Required time: 30 seconds
    Run to the right and enter the first hole you see. Crawl to the end and 
    watch the guard in front of you. When he turns his back, exit the hole 
    and take cover behind the wall to the left. Here's the tricky part: 
    When the guard turns around again, sneak up right behind him and hug 
    the left wall (but don't flatten against it). The guard will turn to 
    his right to look down, so as he turns run past him on the left. Then 
    head for the goal.
    STAGE 4
    Required time: 20 seconds
    Knock on the bottom part of the wall to get the guard's attention, then 
    run around him to the first intersection. Take a left there and go up. 
    Continue going up past the intersection. When you pass by it, a guard 
    on the right will semi-spot you and go to investigate. Keep going up 
    until you are in the very upper left hand corner of the area. When the 
    guard comes to the corner you are standing next to, he will turn to his 
    left and face down (because that's where he semi-spotted you). Take 
    this opportunity to run past him. However, HUG THE WALL ON THE LEFT as 
    you make for the goal. A guard further below will semi-spot you and he 
    will see you if you are not as far to the left as possible or if you 
    are not fast enough. You may even have to flip to make it past him.
    STAGE 5
    Required time: 30 seconds
    Run to the right and stop where the guard is facing up. By the time you 
    reach the intersection, he will face down. Wait for him to turn his 
    back, than run past him and climb the stairs to the right. Up here, run 
    up the left side of the structure and wait for the guard ahead to face 
    right before running past him. Continue going up but keep to the right 
    to avoid being semi-spotted from below. Stop when you reach the stairs 
    at the end. The guard at the bottom of the stairs will turn around and 
    walk down. Flip down the stairs then climb up the set to Raiden's 
    right. Here, if you got to this part fast enough, the guard will 
    already be turning around and heading around the structure from the 
    left. You should be able to follow him run for the goal as he is facing 
    down on the right side of the structure.
    There you have it. With this method, you should have about 1 minute 
    left when you finish.
    Thanks to:
    Gamefaqs.com - For hosting my FAQ.
    You - For reading and hopefully being able to finish X Raiden because 
    of it.
    Until we meet again...

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