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    Raiden VR Missions Record Breaker FAQ by Child of Asuka

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ----- WHAT'S NEW ? -------------------------------------------------------------
    Submissions Dates
     - Version 1.3 - 06:57:35 P.M., May 02, 2003
    Version | Accomplishments                       | Submissions Status
    1.0     | Established the guide                 | Flames, Erros
            | Every Raiden Mission Complete         | Also alternate routes
    1.1     | Fixed a series of errors...dumb stuff | Still looking for submissions
    1.2     | Added a series of submissions         | Still looking for submissions
    1.3     | Added a series of submissions         | Still looking for submissions
    Because I have not played this game in a very, very long time, I really don't
    want to deal with submissions.  I'm really very sorry it's got to be like this,
    but I have other things going on besides this FAQ.
    0. Vocabulary (the stuff I say that you might not know)
    I. VR Missions
       A.Sneaking Mode
         2.Eliminate All
       B.Weapon Mode
         2.Assault Rifle
       C.First Person View Mode
       D.Variety Mode
    II.Alternative Missions
       A.Bomb Disposal Mode
       B.Elimination Mode
       C.Hold Up Mode
       D.Photograph Mode
    ---- WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ? ? ? ------------------------------------------
    Okay, now I?m going to be explaining a few of the terms that came up before.
    People apparently have differing images of what I mean when I say corner trick,
    bumping, flipping down stairs, sniping, and Hold Up/M9.
    Ambush - It's like the corner trick, but you lure the guard beyond your location
    and then do a hold up kill before they turn back around.  Generally it means any
    time you get a hold up style kill while the enemy is green on your radar.
    Box - Any square or roughly square shaped wall formation.  It could be big or
    small, but it always fits on one screen.  Usually I mention them when a guard is
    going to one corner and you run around the whole box to get behind him.
    Bumping - A trick with the Stinger missile launcher which is required to beat
    the Stinger levels.  You can lock on to any of the squares, and then point the
    Stinger somewhere else and quickly fire.  The missile will start off in the
    direction you fired but (probably) eventually hit the target.
    Corner Trick - It usually involves luring a guard to Your position on one side
    of a corner, either from being spotted from a distance or tapping.  This differs
    from ambushing in that with this, you lure them to a point before your position
    and do a hold up kill when they turn back around.
    Flipping Down Stairs (or Across Pits) - You can also flip up stairs, but only if
    they are a very short set of stairs (3 or 4).  Raiden, Ninja Raiden, and
    Raiden-X can hit X while running to flip.  This can easily clear stairs that
    would take a lot longer to descend.  It can also be used to fly over pits, and
    while it is unrealistic, it is absolutely necessary.
    Hold Up/M9 - This simply means to run up behind or beside someone and taking a
    quick shot with an M9 from a very close distance.  If I use it with the Ninja
    Raiden levels, It means the same thing as ambush, except you don't wait for them
    to move, you run up and get them.
    Knock Out - Just knocking out someone.  That's when the stars appear, OKAY?  To
    do it against a normal opponent, you need...
     - 3 hits with the blue HF Blade
     - 3 Punches before a punch, punch, kick combo
     - 1 solid punch while holding a Nikita missile launcher
    To knock out a shielded opponent, start counting after you break the shield, or
    hit from the back.  Against a padded opponent, it takes A LOT OF PUNCHING.  I
    honestly don't know exactly.  I've only been able to do it once.  It still just
    takes 3 swings with a blue blade.
    Sniping - I don?t actually mean "sniping" as in with a sniper rifle, I mean to
    use a handgun in first person perspective, generally from the front of an enemy.
    This is to avoid getting spotted whilst quickly dispatching a guard in
    Elimination Mode or Eliminate All Mode.  I always mean M9 unless otherwise noted
    (or there's no M9 in the level, in which case I mean SOCOM or USP).
    ----- SNEAKING MODE - SNEAKING ------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Run forward, then when the guard comes, flip into him and get to the
         -     My Record - 15646
         -     Goal - 15500
    Level 02 - Okay.  When the guard nearest you turns away, follow him until the
    to guard looks away.  Then flip into him.  When the guard on the middle aisle
    gets past you, run up the column that the top guard was looking down and turn
    right to get to the goal.
         -     My Record - 15440
         -     Goal - 15000
    Level 03 - Run right and up at the start, then throw the guard you?re about to
    run into behind you.  Now go up the column some more and flip into the guard.
    Run right to the goal.
         -     My Record - 17700
         -     Goal - 16500
    Level 04 - Throw a magazine right, then go up and right over the box.  Throw a
    magazine up, then go right around the right box and then up.
         -     My Record - 17584
         -     Goal - 17000
    Level 05 - Run right and won, and hang and drop onto the guard on the lower
    level.  Go right and tap on the wall continuously until the right guard notices.
    When he does, wait until he sees the unconscious guard and then make a break for
    the goal.  Remember to flip over the noisy parts of the bridge.
         -     My Record - 18546
         -     Goal - 18000
    Level 06 - Okay.  When the guard above you turns away, Run up and right until
    the guard sees you - he should go left, so go straight up.  Turn left and flip
    over the two noisy areas, but remember to stop your second flip before the end
    of the wall that is to the right.  When that guard looks away, go right, over
    the ledge, and up to the goal.  Time is extremely tight, so react quickly when
    the guard turns away.  There is another route to get some more points, which, if
    I remember it, will be posted below this one.
         -     My Record - 19550
         -     Goal - 19000
    Level 07 - Pop open the bottom locker and stuff the guard inside.  Now go to the
    left wall, where the coming guard will see you, and stay put until he turns
    green on your radar.  Now go into the little alcove and steal around behind him
    and onward to freedom.  As you go up the corridor, flip over the paint.  When
    you go down the next corridor, go all the way down, and when the right guard
    looks away, chase him down.  Throw him behind you and run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 15644
         -     Goal - 15500
    Level 08 - Okay, this is easier than it looks.  Go right and up the middle hall,
    then cling to the right wall at the end.  Steal behind the guard and run to the
    lower right corner of the square area.  Run to the upper right corner when the
    camera looks away, and cling to the wall.  On your radar is a fainter signal
    from the guard upstairs - he will look at you.  When he looks away, run to the
    stairs and up them.  Hold up the guard (don't be shy about letting a dart fly)
    and instantly run to the goal.  If you really, really want a good score, you can
    improve your time by about half a second by hitting L1 as you hit square to hold
    up the guard so that you can start running instantly.
         -     My Record - 18724
         -     Goal - 18000
    Level 09 - This is a minutely difficult route but it's more weird than anything.
    Place a book before you do anything.  Now run up to the box and tap the wall.
    When the guard comes, he'll see the book. Throw him behind you and run up behind
    the second wall on the right - it looks like a lower left corner of a square,
    sort of.  Anyway, when the middle guard looks away, run quickly to the goal.
    The only difficulty is that sometimes a clearing team will show up.  To prevent
    this, tap the wall LATER, not sooner.  This route requires delicate timing, to
    some degree, and it may require you to slow down.
         -     My Record - 36068
         -     Goal - 35500
    Level 10 - As you can probably tell from the score difference, time is a wee bit
    tight on this mission.  Seriously.  Anyway, go left, and up to the top set of
    stairs, then go up all of them.  Cling to the wall on the right.  When the guard
    moves past you, GET MOVING.  You must run right, flip over the bridge, throw a
    magazine upwards, run left around the box that the guard was on top of, run left
    past a second box, and upwards behind the third guard to the goal.
         -     My Record - 27004
         -     Goal - 27000
    SUBMISSION! - Mike Molnar
    Start off by going right, around the box, and up the stairs.  Hug the 
    north side of the alcove on the left of the hall until the guard passes.  
    Flip over the railing and continue northward.  Take to the right side 
    of the boxes and flip over the wet floor.  You should be on the north 
    side of the top box.  The guard on the right will peer between the boxes, 
    then move southward.  The guard on the left will turn left.  This is 
    your cue to jump up onto the platform and hit the goal.
    Goal: 27000
    HIS score: 27510
    ----- SNEAKING MODE - ELIMINATE ALL --------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Run up and hold up the guard then quickly M9 him and run to the goal.
    You don't have to be incredibly quick, but it helps.
         -     My Record - 16420
         -     Goal - 16250
    Level 02 - Wait for the guard to turn away from the M9, then run up behind each
    of the guards and hold up/M9 them in the head, heart, or groin.  Hold them up in
    this order - the guy who is above the M9, the guy to the right, and the last guy
    whom you should go to the middle corridor and wait until he walks by.
         -     My Record - 15142
         -     Goal - 15000
    Level 03 - Run right as the event starts and grab the M9, then keep running
    upwards and hold up/M9 the guard that is in front of you.  Hit them in the top
    or bottom of the head, because for some reason the center gives out problems.
    Run left and up some more and hold up/M9 that guard.  Run back down, left, and
    down to hold up/M9 the final guard.  You should only stop running when you're
    aiming.  Now run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 17712
         -     Goal - 17000
    Level 04 - Tap on the bottom of the ?box? that you start off near, then run
    around the box on the left and grab the M9.  Run down and hold up/M9 the one who
    you deluded.  Hold up/M9 the guard on the left side from the bottom, then run
    out into the corridor and shoot the final guard in the face (he will want to get
    a closer look).  Goal.
         -     My Record - 17214
         -     Goal - 17000
    Level 05 - Go right and grab the M9.  Snipe the guard who is across the bridge,
    then jump down from the rail to hit the guard on the lower level.  Snipe the
    guard across the lower bridge, as well as the guard who is on the upper level.
    Cross the bridge and snipe the final guard, then run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 18166
         -     Goal - 18000
    Level 06 - Simpler than it seems, even.  Climb up to the M9 (the box you can see
    floating from the start) and snipe the guard who is directly above you (he won't
    investigate if you stay back no farther than the M9) and then the guard to your
    right.  Hop off of the box, then go up and right to get the guard to the upper
    right corner.  Now get the sleeping guard (hold ups work on both) and run up and
    left to the goal.
         -     My Record - 19272
         -     Goal - 19000
    Level 07 - Go down and right and hold the guard up, BUT DON'T SHOOT HIM!  Now
    you can get the M9 in the locker on your left.  Feel free to get rid of him with
    that.  A guard is now coming into the vertical corridor, so snipe him down and
    go to the bend, and around it.  Hold up the guard that you should be seeing on
    your radar.  Go down and you will see a guard coming downwards as well.  Turn
    the corner and hold him up before he can turn around, then head to the goal.
         -     My Record - 17870
         -     Goal - 17000
    Level 08 - Assuming you don't miss, you need to finish this mission with 2
    minutes, 7 seconds, and 92 milliseconds remaining or more to get the record.
    That's blisteringly fast.  Just follow this track and go disturbingly fast. Grab
    the M9 to your right, then continue up the stairs. Go into the upper left corner
    of the rectangular area and eliminate the guard on the lower level and  the one
    on your level as he approaches you.  Now look towards the goal, and you'll see a
    guard walking by.  I haven't managed to successfully hit him in the head, but if
    you hit him in the chest, he'll pass out by the time you get there.  Now, look
    left.  There's a fourth and final guard.  You have to get him and GET MOVING.
    When you get to the next set of stairs, you have two options: you can drop from
    the rail and snag the ammo, or flip down the stairs and snag the ammo.  Goal.
         -     My Record - 19074
         -     Goal - 19000
    Here goes...
    Go right grab the m9's than head north directly under the camara.  Go a little
    further, then headshot the gaurd to that is north-east from you on the same
    level (you need to be real quick).  Now move left and look north you should
    see 2 guards directly in front of you: one is up a level.  Peg the one on the
    lower level in the head, then hit the other one in the chest or something.  You
    can try for the head, but you only have a couple of seconds.  Now look to your
    right.  You should just see the final guard coming past a box that's blocking
    your view on the upper level.  Peg him in the head and run for the goal.
    I finished with a time of 2:10:41 and missed once
    Final score: 19250
    Level 09 - Grab the M9 above you, then jump out and hold up/M9 the guard who is
    very near you.  Flip over his body and hold up/M9 the guard who is next on your
    radar.  Flip over his body as well, and hold up/M9 the guard above you.  Goal.
    You can pick up any ammo you like to raise your score.  Since you can flip over
    the last guard after you shoot him, grab the M9 ammo to the left, and flip back
    to the goal before it generate, I kind of recommend that one.  You don't need it
    to get the Top Record, however.
         -     My Record - 37694
         -     Goal - 35000
    Level 10 - To your right is an M9.  After getting it, keep going right over the
    box and up the stairs.  Hold up the guard above you. Then, with disturbing speed
    and flipping, go down the stairs and snipe the guard below you (by the camera).
    Go down to the camera?s blind spot (climb over the box) and down some more, then
    left and up the stairs.  Hold up and eliminate the guard who lies in wait.  Keep
    following that path until you get to a bridge.  Look forward and get a headshot
    on that guard, then hop off of the bridge.  Sneak behind the last guard (he
    should be facing away anyway) and hold up/M9 him.  Now run straight forward to
    the goal.
         -     My Record - 48338
         -     Goal - 47000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - HANDGUN ----------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - You only have to go moderately fast, but you must get 500 points for
    every target, so DON'T MESS UP!
         -     My Record - 13700
         -     Goal - 13000
    Level 02 - You have to get 500 points on the majority of the targets, but speed
    isn't quite as much of an issue.  Just concentrate on getting 500 points, and
    remember - for far away targets, there is actually a little bit of lag time.
         -     My Record - 12138
         -     Goal - 12000
    Level 03 - The execution is a little tough, but the strategy is simple.  Simply
    hit each explosive for 500 points, when they are aligned to blow up a lot of
    targets.  It's harder than it seems.  I believe you need some combo points as
    well.  As you practice, if you don't get frustrated, your scores will gradually
    improve.  If you can manage to get your combo scores in the high teens or even
    the mid twenties, you will be surprised at how simply your score tops 30000.
    My score would be higher if I kept playing this level long enough to score a
    29 hit combo, but sneaking and eliminating guards is more my style than sniping
    targets, so I let this one pass.
         -     My Record - 30610
         -     Goal - 30000
    Level 04 - This is a very simple level.  The only challenge is getting the time
    right, which isn't even that hard.  On the straight-away where the targets pop
    up as you shoot them, keeping running and hit square for a moment each time to
    quickly lock on.  On the top area, the order of targets that you should shoot
    (not deductions) is right, left, right.  On the staircases, you can actually
    shoot them as you go up the stairs with your lock on feature.  This is much
    easier, imho, than the previous level.
         -     My Record - 18606
         -     Goal - 18000
    Level 05 - Snipe the two above you, then flip down the stairs and use your auto
    lock on to get rid of the third.  Decimate the next three quickly, then start
    sniping the targets that lay in front of you.  First, aim for the explosives in
    the back, then eliminate the rest as quickly as you come across them - just keep
    the combo going.  When that fun is all over and done with, go right and up,
    shooting ?combo targets? as you go.  Shoot whatever explosives you have left in
    the back of the area, then go forward and blast away at the final targets.
         -     My Record - 37190
         -     Goal - 37000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - ASSAULT RIFLE ----------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - It's simple.  Just get 500 on each one. To do that, get in the center
    area of the square with most or all of your shots. You can't just get the line,
    because a bunch of shots on the end of a line will net you 50.
         -     My Record - 10556
         -     Goal - 10500
    Level 02 - Just try to aim at the center of each square, so that you get 500
    each time.  Try to go quickly, but the real killer here is: don't waste bullets.
    It's easy to waste bullets when you're firing at targets that take several, but
    try to avoid it.  Keep trying, and you'll get the record eventually.  I don't
    know how I did, I just kept playing, and I got it on a time when I had only a
    4060 map score.  Go figure.
         -     My Record - 9231
         -     Goal - 9000
    Level 03 - Just get 500 on each target.  It's not as hard as it seems.
         -     My Record - 14619
         -     Goal - 13000
    Level 04 - The strategy - and execution - are simple.  Run around and get combo
    points, and strategic reload when you are low on bullets (don't wait until you
    run out).  Don't be too close to red boxes when they go off.  On the last four,
    you can keep a combo going by using L1 to run and shoot.  The max score for this
    level is enormous, but I don't have it.
         -     My Record - 40799
         -     Goal - 40000
    Level 05 - Run around and get combo points, like all the other levels.  The only
    points that stand out are: don't use first person at the very start, you'll auto
    aim the explosive if you don't and this is good. Do use first person for sniping
    style shooting.  The most critical is to only shoot the main body of the UFO at
    the end AND NOT THE ORBITERS!  They are BIG deductions.
         -     My Record - 43573
         -     Goal - 42000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - C4 / CLAYMORE ----------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Run up and left, grab the C4, and place it strategically between the
    two boxes.  When they are close enough together, blow it up.  Don't forget the
    claymores on your way out.
         -     My Record - 8586
         -     Goal - 8200
    Level 02 - Grab the C4 and place it in the lower left corner.  When the blocks
    are in a diamond, detonate it.  Remember the C4 on your way out.
         -     My Record - 13134
         -     Goal - 12000
    Level 03 - Run northeast, grabbing the claymores, and place it south of the
    "middle" of the eastern pit.  All 11 targets should explode.  Grab the grenades
    on the way out for some bonus points (not that you need them).
         -     My Record - 18912
         -     Goal - 16500
    Level 04 - Run west to the C4, then run north a tad and plant it.  Hit O as you
    run away (make sure you get 3 targets and don't fall down).  Now run northwest
    to the second black square from the south corner of the pit and place a C4.  Hit
    O immediately (or close to it) so that you have now eliminated 6 targets.  Run
    east and place a C4 next to a target, then detonate.  Run farther east to the
    explosive and blow it up, so that you now have 09/10 targets. Place a C4 next to
    the last target, blow it up, run to the claymore ammo and on to the goal.
         -     My Record - 15698
         -     Goal - 15000
    Level 05 - Even easier than the other two.  Take the C4 on the right, then go
    and plant a C4 on the center of the lower right and upper right areas.  When
    you're going to the left area the boxes in the upper right should come together.
    Hit O twice, quickly, for a 8x combo.  Now place a C4 in the middle of the left
    area and run to the goal. When they form a horizontal line, hit O and you SHOULD
    win the level.
         -     My Record - 17854
         -     Goal - 16000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - GRENADE ----------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Despite how it looks, you can't hit both targets with a single shot,
    so stop trying.  Run forward to the grenade, then hit x to flip. This should put
    you in a good spot. FPV aim at each target and quickly fire a round at each one.
    Then go back to the goal.
         -     My Record - 11208
         -     Goal - 11000
    Level 02 - Simple.  Run northeast to the grenade ammo, then straight north to
    the wall. Fire a single shot at both targets near you, then one at the target to
    the east.  Now, to the north, is a faraway target.  Aim a bit higher than you
    normally would and blow it up.  Run back to the goal.
         -     My Record - 11424
         -     Goal - 11000
    Level 03 - Grab the ammo, hit R1, and aim low.  Quickly eliminate both targets.
    Quickly run to the next peninsula and aim low again.  Eliminate them both, then
    run to the final peninsula.  Aim low, eliminate, run to the goal.  Very easy.
         -     My Record - 18302
         -     Goal - 17000
    Level 04 - You should be surprise by the difficulty of this one, after those
    three easy missions.  Anyway, look left and let loose on the two targets to the
    west, middle altitude. Look to the east, lower altitude for an easy shot on what
    looks like two.  If you do it right, you'll actually get three.  Do so.  Now, in
    the center, high altitude, is a highly mobile target.  Blow it away as quickly
    as you can, then get back to the goal.
         -     My Record - 23226
         -     Goal - 21000
    Level 05 - I posted this exact strategy on the message board (probably still
    there).  The only difference is the formatting and spelling.  Run left and snag
    the grenades.  Look left in first person and fire a round at the box that is
    moving upwards along the left edge.  Trust that it will hit and look to the top
    of the screen (turn right) and see that three boxes are grouping - hit them.
    You must be precise and quick or you will not hit all three.  Look down and see
    a fifth box, so shoot it.  It's an easy shot.  Look right for the rest, kind of
    scattered around. You have to take quick shots at the three that are sort of in
    the middle (not upper right and lower right corners).  Their seemingly random
    motion makes them somewhat difficult targets, but not awful.  Now look to the
    upper right corner.  Fire a lot of rounds and the area - preferably the top of
    the little "tower" in the extreme corner - until you see "Targets: 09/10".  Now
    look downward and a bit more right to see the last target. It moves in a square
    path, so aim where it's going to be and unload everything on it.  Keep shooting
    until you get the last target and then run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 27026
         -     Goal - 23500
    ----- WEAPON MODE - PSG - 1 ----------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Run northwest to the Pentazemin, then use it and equip your PSG-1.
    Snipe the four targets from northeast (upper right), north (middle, upper),
    north (middle, low altitude), and west (middle altitude, left).  Now go down the
    west stairs and look north.  Snipe the remaining two on the west side in either
    order.  Run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 13636
         -     Goal - 13000
    Level 02 - The targets are in the same places as last time, the only exception
    being their motion.  I actually found this level easier, because it seemed like
    the crosses weren't quite so... in the way.  In any case, fire on them much the
    same as last time, making care to get 500 points for every target.
         -     My Record - 14224
         -     Goal - 13000
    Level 03 - Run to the upper platform (east).  Look ahead and use a Pentazemin.
    Shoot the targets in order from east to west (right to left).  When you have
    11/13 targets destroyed, go to the west most (lower) platform and look to the
    east side of the targets? locations.  There are two more there which were
    difficult to shoot from above.  Get them and run to the goal.  Remember to get
    500 on each one.
         -     My Record - 18648
         -     Goal - 17500
    Level 04 - Go to the rightmost platform and shoot every target from left to
    right.  The only exceptions are: after shooting a few targets, look to the far
    right and you will see an explosive surrounded by green targets.  Above is a
    deduction target.  Shoot the explosive when the deduction is far to the right,
    then continue with the pattern.  When the top of the shooting area is in view,
    always keep one eye on shooting and one eye on the two short pillars on the top
    east part.  Two targets will occasionally come between them for a very short
    time, so shoot them while they do.  Otherwise, you will not make the speed
         -     My Record - 18100
         -     Goal - 17500
    Level 05 - Now comes the harder level.  Go to the upper east platform, and go
    towards the southern end.  Look straight north to see something that looks like
    a building.  Start from the top, and get three targets on the upper row, two on
    the middle row, and one on the bottom row.  Now look east (right) to another
    "office building" (They just look like buildings, okay?!).  There are three rows
    again.  On the top row, shoot one target.  On the middle row, shoot one target.
    If, in either case, you cannot find it, blast away the destructible wall.  Now
    look down to the bottom row.  Blast away the center row and start shooting.
    There are four there.  Now look down some more and shoot the explosive.  You
    should now have 13/17 Targets destroyed. Grab the bullets.  Descend the stairs.
    Go to the goal and look at the far west building.  In the upper part, there is
    a target surrounded by deductions- carefully shoot it and the deductions will
    disappear.  Now look down a bit more and carefully watch the explosive targets.
    When you can safely shot the upper one without fear of the lower one exploding
    the deduction, shoot it.  This will occur (usually) when the upper target
    reaches the west corner that is closer (not the far west corner).  Now look a
    bit right and shoot the last target, a green one, in the middle office building.
         -     My Record - 31466
         -     Goal - 31000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - STINGER ----------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Climb up on the box in front of you, equip the stinger, then fire a
    round into the target in front of you.  Unequip quickly and jump down into the
         -     My Record - 8540
         -     Goal - 8200
    Level 02 - Look left.  Starting from the left (west), fire at each target from
    left to right, carefully and quickly.  You should now be facing east, with six
    targets destroyed.  Look at the center area and fire on the target in front of
    you, then turn left (west) and hit the last target.  Run south to the goal.
         -     My Record - 17184
         -     Goal - 17000
    Level 03 - There's really not much strategy here.  You can take out each
    formation with a single bullet (missile), so do it.  Flip down the stairs at
    the end, then land on the goal.  Really quite easy.
         -     My Record - 20266
         -     Goal - 19500
    Level 04 - This is essentially learning how to "bump".  Start with the rightmost
    target, then hit the middle and left targets.  Now look left, and aim at the
    bottom target, and bump up.  Fire a shot at the upper left target as well.  Now
    look right and fire a shot at the lower right target, bumping right.  Look up a
    bit and fire a shot at that one, too.  You'll have to bump right. Now, look down
    and fire a shot at that, bumping down. Look left and bump the last one down/left
    Goal time.  You have to go pretty fast to get the top score, as a warning. Also,
    don't miss (reset if you do).
         -     My Record - 21512
         -     Goal - 21500
    Level 05 - There's really not much that I can say about this mission.  Try it a
    couple of times and you will probably get the record.  Know that when the UFO
    comes, you can blow it up with a single shot sometimes.  On the left wall, you
    can often decimate them all with a single shot.  It's all pretty vague, though,
    with this just being a standard stinger mission.
         -     My Record - 43136
         -     Goal - 43000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - NIKITA -----------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Stand on the goal and face east.  Fire a shot, then aim it a bit left
    (northwest) into a box.  Goal.
         -     My Record - 7560
         -     Goal - 7200
    Level 02 - The first target is north, the next is west, the third is east, and
    the last is south.  Hop to it.  A quick shot will kill each, so you should have
    no problems.
         -     My Record - 11840
         -     Goal - 11500
    Level 03 - Fire and instantly turn a bit left to go down a ramp into the first
    box. Fire again into the ramp directly in front of you then up it int the second
    box.  Go up the same ramp again with your third and final shot, then turn a bit
    right to go up the beginning of the ramp that the last box is on. Turn left to
    continue up the ramp.  When it hits, go left to the goal.
         -     My Record - 13966
         -     Goal - 13500
    Level 04 - Fire a shot and follow the path as best you can.  Make sure to avoid
    a lot of turning, since you want a good time score and turning kills the speed.
    When the missile finally hits, run west onto the goal.
         -     My Record - 12016
         -     Goal - 11750
    Level 05 - Almost instantly, fire.  Go narrowly between the two deductions.
    Now turn left into the opening and stay on the left side of the field.  Turn
    right to the entrance of the "maze", and follow it as quickly as physically
    possible.  When you get to light, follow the ramp all the way out, make a 45
    degree turn left, then another, then another, then another (to avoid the
    deduction while getting ot the second ramp).  When you get the flat part of
    the ramp, make a SHARP left into the box.
         -     My Record - 14910
         -     Goal - 14500
    ----- WEAPON MODE - HF. BLADE --------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - If you can swing the right analog stick, you can ace this mission.
         -     My Record - 14850
         -     Goal - 12000
    Level 02 - You might need basic combo knowledge. Use an up to down swing for the
    horizontal, and side to side for the vertical.  If you swing in a circle, even a
    partial circle (actually a full circle does his spin attack, so don't do that),
    you can chain hits to hit the last few.
         -     My Record - 14426
         -     Goal - 14000
    Level 03 - Basically, remember that you can flip across pits. You can also still
    triple kick poles into other poles.  For the last ones, use his special spin
    attack technique if you can land it perfectly.  You can still get the top score
    without it if you keep missing.
         -     My Record - 26182
         -     Goal - 26000
    Level 04 - If you're interested in avoiding the red poles, use the horizontals
    and verticals for precision strikes.  It's still pretty tough.  If you don't get
    ANY of the deductions and hop the pits, you'll probably get the record.  For the
    last target, go what seems a little too far, check your aim, then hit down.
    It worked for me.
         -     My Record - 14406
         -     Goal - 14000
    Level 05 - Swing, then kick the next target.  Swing at the bottom most on the
    cross, run up and swing and hit all three green.  Run and hit the next two. Flip
    over the pit, then kick the pole over at the other two.  Swing at any remaining.
    Flip over the pit, then kick one of the poles on the right at both of the other
    two.  Swing.  Kick one of the poles in the center platform at the one on the
    right, and swing the others away.  Flip over, then kick or flip the one in front
    of you into the "bowling pins" without touching any red poles whatsoever.  This
    level is unbelievably frustrating.
         -     My Record - 42042
         -     Goal - 41000
    ----- FIRST PERSON VIEW MODE ---------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Use L1 lock-ons to get each target easily for 500 points.  Run up the
    stairs and grab the RGB6.  From the left, elminate all the big targets with it.
    Use L1 targeting to get the targets as you ascend the stairs, then grab the M4.
    Use L1 targeting with the M4 to get all the assault rifle style targets for 500
    each, then switch back to the SOCOM.  In the holes in the wall to the left are
    the targets: start from the far left and use L1 targeting to eliminate them all.
    Get to the goal.  Alternatively, if you go slowly down the corridor, towards the
    middle, you will automatically acquire the SOCOM targets on the left while you
    shoot them on the right.  That will give out MUCH  better scores.
         -     My Record - 22823
         -     Goal - 19000
    Leve 02 - Grab the claymores in the alcove to your right, then turn left and go
    that way.  Grab the C4 on the box.  Turn left, then right again, and you will
    see a guard.  Grab the M9 as you approach him, then equip it anmd hold him up.
    Shoot him in the back of the head.  Stay on the left path, and when the guard
    comes, at the end of the long corridor, shoot him in the head as well (hold him
    up or snipe him, your choice).  Just ahead is the goal.
         -     My Record - 37744
         -     Goal - 37000
    Level 03 - Pretty simple, assuming you can keep track of your location in FPVM.
    Okay.  Don't wait or anything at the start - go a little forward and turn right.
    Follow the guard until you see an M9 on your left.  Grab it, switch to it, then
    go forward and right to that little corner then turn left and quickly snipe both
    guards.  If you aren't quick enugh for that, just snipe the farthest one and
    follow the closer away until you can hold him up and shoot him in the back of
    the head.  Assuming you did the latter, keep going forward and turn left at the
    corner.  There is soon another turn to the right, where you should snipe a guard
    in the head, before moving (leftish?) to the PSG1.  Move towards the guard and
    grab the RGB6 on the crate.  Forward, then turn left.  On your right will be
    another turn to the goal and a fourth guard - snipe him, then continue the way
    you were going before you turned to him. Turn left and continue past the opening
    then turn eft when you must, and right when you must.  At the "T" intersection,
    turn left and snipe the fifth guard.  Make it quick so that the CO doesn't send
    in troops.  Keep going forward, then take a left and a right turn to snipe the
    last guard.  Now is time for a mad dash to the goal (worse if the CO got a radio
    entry).  Go forward, make a right and a left turn, then forward some more to the
    goal.  Whee. Even if you went into alert mode, you can probably go right through
    them (you will lose time and life) and barely make it.  Try it.
         -     My Record - 40595
         -     Goal - 38000
    Level 04 - I'll assume you can see well enough to play.  If you can't, you're
    going to have a terrible time at this.  If you want to make the TV easier to see
    first eliminate all external sources of light. Next, if you still can't see, try
    turning your birghtness and sharpness to the max.  Next try picture. Finally try
    turning tint up until everything is blueish.  Okay.
    Go forward and right a bit, then snipe the guards (both is best).  A target is
    behind the wall.  Shoot it rapidly with your SOCOM.  Now go back to the way you
    were facing and move almost to the wall before you and turn left, sharply, to
    avoid the pit.  Turn right at the corner, then left at the "T" intersection.
    Skipping the next turn, you should see some stairs - climb them.  There are two
    guards on top of the "tower" - be careful not to let them finish any radio
    conversations.  Now blast away at the target (it should be on your right).
    Quickly go back down the stairs.  You will, most likely, be spotted by one or
    two guards, so snipe them as well.  Use the M9, of course. Once down the stairs,
    turn left to see another set of stairs.  Ascend them.  There's no target here,
    but if you turn right at the end of the stairs, then turn left at the wall, you
    will have a clear shot at the last target.  Take it.  You should now see the
    goal appear.  Make your way to it carefully and quickly.  You will likele be
    spotted, but go ahead to the goal.  You can make it without any sneaking
    bonuses, which I did for my Record.
         -     My Record - 53286
         -     Goal - 51000
    Level 05 - If you abused your settings for the last mission, I recommend turning
    them back to normal now. For future reference, if you make any mistakes whatever
    or go into alert mode at any time in this mission, restart.  You won't get the
    high score with that slowing you down.  Climb up the ledge to the the Pentazemin
    then go over forward some more off the ledge, then off a second one. Grab the M9
    on the box, then quickly get behind the wall slightly to the left. Turn left and
    snipe the guard in front of you.  The bomb should be in clear view, so use the
    coolant.  Look away from the bomb 180 degrees, and go through the opening and up
    all the stairs to the left.  Go up ALL of them.  When you get to the top, go
    around the edge of the stairs' wall to the right and up a few more steps.  Turn
    right and flip to the platform.  Defuse the bomb. Go back down one set of stairs
    until you reach a turn to your left - take it.  Take a generally left path to
    reach a bridge to the upper level of the other structure and cross it.  To the
    right is a bomb.  Now, across the pit, is a set of stairs.  Go down the first
    little bit and go over the black block.  Hop off of it, get onto the box, then
    look up a bit to cool off the last bomb.  FPVM complete!
         -     My Record - 92048
         -     Goal - 90000
    ----- VARIETY MODE -------------------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Run along the pits, staying on the inside of the track to avoid the
    mines.  Then, crouch under the low roof.  Climb onto the box, then flip to the
    next block.  Climb up some more and flip right across the pit.  Climb NORTH and
    flip EAST to the block. Climb up some more, then flip east to the next platform.
    Flip north to the pathway, then run north, east, south, and over the rail.  Run
    north around the mines to the goal.
         -     My Record - 9642
         -     Goal - 9500
    Level 02 - Follow the same path as before, using L1 targeting to blast the
    targets as you run across the pits.  Follow the above path until you get the
    platform that the Pentazemin is on.  Now, use a combination of L1 targeting and
    sniping to eliminate EVERY target.  Now, follow the rest of the path, making
    sure to grap the assault rifle.  Now follow the rest of the path, using the
    assault rifle and L1 targeting to elminate the walls as you run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 20033
         -     Goal - 20000
    Level 03 - Flip over the rail on the west, then grab onto the "vertical" rail
    at the bottom.  Drop and catch to each rail, then to the final platform.  Run
    to the goal.  The trick to catching is to drop by pressing "X" with your right
    hand and tapping the triangle with your left hand.  Go quickly.
         -     My Record - 9774
         -     Goal - 9500
    Level 04 - There's no real strategy here, just use the PSG1-T and start on top.
    When you can't find any more, look to Emma and start sweeping, looking for new
    targets. Snipe quickly; it's all a test of skill, not an award-winning strategy.
    Go fast.
         -     My Record - 39120
         -     Goal - 39000
    Level 05 - Abuse your TV's setting like I said in the dark FPVM level
    (check there if you don't remember).  That accomplished, the route...
    Go forward and east a bit to snipe the guard to the northeast and up.  For
    whatever reason, it seems hard to snipe guards - you have to get them in the TOP
    OF THE HEAD. Go a little further east and a guard will spot you - SNIPE QUICKLY!
    He will send you on alert very quickly, like a Tengu. That accomplished, go east
    Grab the ammo along the way, including the thermal goggles.  Your life just got
    easier.  Once these are equipped, turn your setting back tp normal so that you
    can see.  Atop the stairs to the west is a guard - hold him up and M9 him.  Go
    back down the stairs and north.  Turn east until you come to a pit, then look
    north and snipe a guard as he walks by.  Run east and hold up/M9 the last guard.
    Run east some more to the goal.  Do the entire affair quickly or you will not
    make the time requirement.
         -     My Record - 40294
         -     Goal - 40000
    Level 06 - Weird.  Run north and east up the stairs (well, climb up them).  Flip
    off the end.  When the north guard looks left for a moment, run east.  Run north
    at the first instant and keep to the west of the aisle. You have to wait against
    the wall for the northern guard (?) to look away. The instant he does, bolt east
    and up the stairs.  Run north at the top, then south up some more stairs.  West,
    north up more stairs then east. Remember to flip over that last pit to the goal.
    You may have to wait a few times if you go too slow.
         -     My Record - 15098
         -     Goal - 10000
    Level 07 - Zako Survival!  Okay, I'll give hints for each battle.
     - Phase 01 - Soldier - This is a joke.  Remember to grab as much of the ammo as
    you like, but specifically the RATION, M9, AND SOCOM.  Then finish him off (m9).
     - Phase 02 - Soldiers - Equip the blue HF. Blade.  Eliminate the nearby guards,
    and get the RATION.  Grab all the ammo that you can.  Eliminate the guards with
    the M9.
     - Phase 03 - SOLDIERS and TENGUS - Equip your blue blade.  Go to the southwest
    box and cling to the box on the south side. Tengu will jump to the south middle,
    block/run to him and beat him up.  Repeat TWICE.  Go to the west side of the box
    and use the M9 to eliminate many of the guards, then eliminate the rest of the
    guards.  The only really essential items are the RATION and PSG-1.
     - Phase 04 - GURLUGON - There are two ways of doing this.  I'm going to post
    the harder way, but it doesn't require any luck.  Aim a stinger missile at a
    part of his body and fire.  Aim the PSG-1 at a certain spot (a lock on target,
    take your pick), and destroy the small floating target that appears.  For his
    arms, you'll have to "Sting" both parts of his arms to get the target to appear.
         -     My Record - 55400
         -     Goal - 50000
    ----- BOMB DISPOSAL MODE ------------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Do not equip the SOCOM, period.  Hold up the guy in front of you,
    then quickly use the M9.  In the "president's room" is a bomb, in the upper
    left hand corner.  Spray it with coolant.  Now go to the stairs leading down,
    and quickly put both guys to sleep.  Keep running, and up the stairs.  You will
    see a few boxes.  On the upper side is the C4, hidden by a few boxes. Spray it.
         -     My Record - 36881
         -     Goal - 35000
    Level 02 - The bombs are fairly easy to find, now.  The first is atop a locker.
    Spray it, though you can't quite see it in first person view.  The trick is to
    stand back a bit from the lockers.  Stun the guy right outside with your M9.
    Now keep going until you come to some stairs going up.  The bomb is underneath
         -     My Record - 47850
         -     Goal - 46000
    Level 03 - First!  There is a bomb in the sink, outside the Jejunum.  Get it
    quickly, then run to the Jejunum.  In the Jejunum, stun every guard you come
    across, but remember - hold ups don't work very well, as these are the elite
    guards that you don't see anywhere else.  When you get to the second bomb area,
    you'll probably be wondering where it is and why your sensor isn't beeping.
    Don't go upstairs yet.  Look on the upper side on the bridge, down below the
    area that you can see from the top.  There it is - near the corner of bridge and
    wall.  NOW go upstairs.  The final bomb is in the hallway that you get the HF
    Blade in Sons of Liberty, on the doorframe. If you're going for the record, toss
    a chaff grenade and cross the first bridge to get it over quickly.
         -     My Record - 62292
         -     Goal - 62000
    Level 04 - Hmmm.  Try sniping one of the guards on the staircase.  Now try to
    sneak behind them.  They have C4 on their backs! Spray them down with coolant as
    best you can. If you switch quickly, you can hold them both up and get them down
    afterwards.  Go through the door on the bottom right corner, and snipe the guard
    that is down the hall.  Snipe the other guard as well.  You will see him if you
    approach your most recent frag.  Go into the locker room, and in the bottom
    locker on the left wall is a C4.  Go back up into the resteraunt area, then into
    the left door at the top of the stairs.  On the bottom of this area is a bomb in
    a small alcove. On the left are some stairs to go up, and go up some more in the
    middle of this area.  To your left is now a mess hall area, and a bomb.  M9 all
    the guards in there, and then get the bomb.  It's on the back of a pot.
         -     My Record - 79299
         -     Goal - 75000
    Level 05 - I'm not going to talk about guard stunning anymore.  Just remember to
    stun them if they seem like they're in the way, or conserve ammo to raise your
    points.  In the Strut B Transformer Room, The bomb is located in the big part of
    the room, above the open locker, on the roof.  On the BC Bridge, the bomb is as
    blatantly obvious as it gets - on the outside doorframe in plain sight.  In the
    Strut C Dining Hall, it's in the right bathroom.  As you go in, it will beep -
    look up and you'll see it.  On the CD Connecting Bridge, on the bottom level,
    there are some falling tiles - watch out.  The bomb is located on the outside of
    the handrail that is in the center of one of the falling tiles.  Get it from the
    side.  In the Strut D Sediment Pool, the final bomb is on the roof above the
    staircase/doorway at the top of the screen.  You don't have to go very fast to
    get the record, so don't worry.
         -     My Record - 95568
         -     Goal - 90000
    ----- ELIMINATION MODE ---------------------------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Equip the M9 - You need the no-kill bonus points.  First, run out and
    hold up the guy in front of you for a headshot.  Snipe the guy on the opposite
    side of the bridge.  Grab the SOCOM bullets for points.  Get on the rail, then
    drop down and knock the guard below you unconscious.  You can either snipe the
    guard that just noticed you now or before you jumped the bridge, it really won't
    matter.  Grab the other bullets and finish the level.
         -     My Record - 19950
         -     Goal - 19000
    Level 02 - Okay.  Run out and hold up the first guy.  M9 him.  Go down and snipe
    the other guy from across the hall.  Get to the corner and do the same for the
    poor fool who's looking away.  Remember that at all times, if a body is front of
    you, flip over it.  Run to the goal.  Even if you do this flawlessly, you may
    still not go fast enough.  You have to go very fast.
         -     My Record - 19552
         -     Goal - 19500
    Level 03 - Run out and use the PSG1-T to tranquilize the guards above ? there is
    one on the lower level that is above the bridge, and one that is very high.  Get
    them in that order, then quickly unequip the gun. Equip it again instantly (this
    was to center your view) and get the other two.  Cross the bridge.
         -     My Record - 19900
         -     Goal - 19000
    Level 04 - Wait behind the conveyer until you can get to the front guard's left
    side.  Shoot him up (I know, you're forfeiting the no-kill bonus, get over it).
    Go right and wait a moment until you can burst out and get the guy that came
    from the stairs.  Go down and left, to get behind and dispatch the one who's
    gaze you avoided earlier.  As fast as you can, go out of the alcove and to the
    lower hallway.  Take aim and let loose on the guy who's back is turned.  If you
    were quick, conserved ammo, and got the sneaking bonus, you got the record.
         -     My Record - 17022
         -     Goal - 17000
    Level 05 - Guess what? Stun grenades may set off the alarm, but they'll kill as
    surely as a headshot with a SOCOM (because they normally knock enemies out...).
    Okay.  That said, go to the right, then down, to where the guards are.  While
    you were going down the first flight of stairs, you should have pulled out a
    grenade - throw it now.  Set a claymore in the direction of the enemy, grab the
    claymore ammo, then run down. A final guard should appear in front of you - use
    a claymore on him and run to the goal.  While you're running, the guard on the
    top should have walked into his claymore and detonated, making the goal appear
    (he is the last to die).  You have to be fast, very fast, but it *is* possible.
    And if you're lucky, you will still get a partial sneaking bonus of 1000 points
         -     My Record - 21028
         -     Goal - 21000
    Take Raiden to the LEFT and down the stairs. Peek around the corner and toss a
    (stun) grenade at the two soldiers. After it goes off, take a breath and lob
    another one at the passage way across where a third guard will emerge from
    (make sure that you readied the grenade during your 'breather'). Finally, just
    run down the left corridor to the next corner and peek around--the guard there
    won't see you, even though it's evasion mode. When he turns, just to be safe,
    lob the last stun grenade. Boom. Head for the goal: you get the no kill bonus,
    good time, and, crazy as it sounds, a relatively hefty stealth bonus.
    I just find that strategy more accessible to more casual gamers. 
    Level 06 - It is actually as simple as it looks.  Pull out your M9.  Run out as
    soon as possible to not be seen, and hold up the guy for a quick stun.  Run up
    and get the other guy in the back of the head, and a headshot on the third that
    wants to see what was going on.  Grab the bullets, then go left and down.  You
    will see three guys, one of which who has turned his back, one of which wants
    to see why his buddy just got shot, and one of whom never saw your last M9 dart
    coming. The only challenge here is not to miss, because you have exactly enough
    M9 bullets to win the day.  You'll be well off if you get the entire sneaking
    bonus, so don't let anyone get a close look at you (or if that's a problem, use
    stun grenades on the last few and get a similar score of 35500 or so).
         -     My Record - 36010
         -     Goal - 34000
    Level 07 - Run out almost into the hallway, then hold up/M9 combo the guard who
    walks by.  Run up to the president's room and hold up/M9 that one as well.  Go
    down, flip down the stairs and run behind the boxes.  Hold up/M9 the guard whom
    you just avoided.  Go left, up the stairs, and hold up/M9 a fourth guard.  This
    is working well.  Go down for some ammo.  Look up the hallway and quickly snipe
    two guards with your trusty M9 - making sure not to miss.  There's some more
    ammo in the room that is by the upper left corner, so get it.  Auto reload your
    weapon, then jump out and get the last guy in the face (snipe him).  Goal.
         -     My Record - 35292
         -     Goal - 32000
    Level 08 - M9.  Run out to the first guard, and Hold up/M9 him.  He's padded,
    so you have to get a headshot.  Make sure you're a little extra bit right, so
    that you can snipe the guy on your left.  Grab the SOCOM bullets to the left,
    on the bottom walkway.  A man just went down the stairs: follow him.  He'll be
    coming up the stairs, so hold up/M9 him when he gets there.  Just get the head
    shot.  Go halfway down the lower set of stairs. Wait a moment, and on your right
    will appear a man?s head, near the goal and easily shot. So do it. There is some
    M9 ammo in the boxes in the upper middle of the lower level.  Get it, then hold
    up/M9 the last guy. You have to be quick, but if you get him like that, you went
    fast enough.  Goal time.
         -     My Record - 35528
         -     Goal - 35000
    Level 09 - Just a warning - this level is unbelievably complicated to get a top
    record on without some sort of help (that's what I'm here for), but the point is
    that writing this level took longer than writing all of Hold Up, Photograph, and
    Bomb Disposal Mode. No Joke. Run out, wait a moment until the first guard moves,
    then hold up/M9 him.  Beware this tactic, though, because he moves when you hold
    him up (he's a Tengu).  Turn upwards and snipe that guard in the face.  Hug the
    left wall as you head upwards until you get past the divider near the guard you
    just downed, to a second little wall on the left.  Cling to it. When the time is
    right, jump out and snipe the guy in the back who is on a track above you. There
    is some M9 ammo to your left (I was worried, too!).  Strategic reload as you go
    up towards the big box, but as you do, hug the right wall to avoid being seen
    from above.  Hold up/M9 the guy who is circling the box as he turns to face the
    right and is very near the dividing wall on the right (you should have been
    clinging to it).  Cling to the protrusion in the wall until the guard on the
    right side of your radar looks away.  Go to the left side of the box, then cling
    to it until the guy on the left side of your radar looks away, then go up until
    you get to the top of the box and cling until the guy on the lower right looks
    away, then go left over it and up the stairs. Once you finally get up the stairs
    go to the top of the walkway you're on and snipe the guard across the pit. Turn
    downward and let your auto aim find another target, and take it out.  Run across
    the bridge and down the walkway, finally sniping the 7th man. Run to the goal.
    A little post note - sometimes, you can snipe the last two guards purely on auto
    aim and luck.  That's why my score is about a thousand higher than it should be.
         -     My Record - 31874
         -     Goal - 30000
    Level 10 - After that horror, this couldn't possibly be anywhere near as bad. It
    isn't. Like the Holdup mode, the only difference is a lack of radar and stealthy
    guards. That would have made the last level totally impossible, but not this.
    Enjoy.  There're some thermal goggles to the right of the lockers, if you like.
    This FAQ will assume you got them for timing issues.  After getting the goggles,
    go out the door on your right and down the stairs.  Hold up/M9 the guard, then
    hang from the rail until you can drop onto the stealthed guard below (this is
    where thermal goggles come in handy).  Snipe the guard on the opposite catwalk
    and get the SOCOM bullets on the end of his catwalk.  Go around the bend, and
    snipe the guard on the opposite catwalk with your PSG1T. Go up for some M9 ammo.
    Go left and down the catwalk.  Rambo time.  Equip your M9, and run up the stairs
    (thermal goggles are a must!).  Shoot each person that appears in the head, then
    get to the goal.  You should have no problems getting the top record now.
         -     My Record - 28178
         -     Goal - 27000
    ----- ALTERNATE MISSIONS - HOLD UP MODE ----------------------------------------
    Level 01 - Run up, hold up, drop the gun, run forward.  You should run down the
         -     My Record - 21034
         -     Goal - 21000
    Level 02 - Wait right outside the range of inspection, then chase him, down.
    Tap square behind him to get him, then get behind the second guy and tap square.
    Run to the blue circle while the second guy disintegrates.
         -     My Record - 20024
         -     Goal - 20000
    Level 03 - Run right, grabbing the book, and hold up the guard the instant they
    aren't looking at you.  Run up to the other guy and hold him up as well.  Run
    down, and when their backs are turned, hold the left guy up.  Hold the right
    guy up as well - they shouldn't even turn around - and the run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 18340
         -     Goal - 18000
    Level 04 - Ignore the calls thing and the books.  Hold up the guy instantly,
    then run around clockwise, flip over the first noisy floor on the right alley,
    hold the second guy up, then run to the blue circle.
         -     My Record - 19696
         -     Goal - 19000
    Level 05 - Run into the room on the right, then hold up the guy who is on the
    lower level while on the stairs.  Run up to the two boxes and hold that guy up.
    Run back to the reporter's party, which should be beside the first door.
    Hold them up simultaneously.  Goal time.
         -     My Record - 19104
         -     Goal - 19000
    Level 06 - This first move only seems hard.  Run up to the boxes and duck up
    against them (leaning while ducking).  When he can't see your position, stand
    and move towards him and tap square.  Run up to the guard who is close to you
    and hold him up, too.  You should be behind the uppermost guard, so run up
    behind him and hold him up.  That was all easy.  But how to get the two on the
    bottom, quickly?  Go to the rail in the upper left corner and drop the instant
    they aren't looking at that spot.  Hold up and run to the other guard.  Hold
    him up before he turns or you won't be fast enough.  BE on the goal.
         -     My Record - 18194
         -     Goal - 18000
    Level 07 - Very, very easy.  Run right, Hold up. Run up, wait for it, hold up.
    Run left, hold up.  Run down, wait a while for the opportunity, hold up.  The
    only challenge is running fast enough after the last hold up to get 18000.
         -     My Record - 18036
         -     Goal - 18000
    Level 08 - Run right and wait until the right guard looks away.  Hold him up
    and hold up the left guard as he walks up.  Run up and hold up the bottom
    guard of the pair as he gets behind the box.  Run around the right side of the
    box and hold up the guard that is there.  Run up behind the fifth guard -
    directly above you and to the left - and hold him up.  Up the stairs.  Run down
    to the third bridge, across it, and quickly hold up the guard as he turns his
    back to you.  You must now flip across the pit in front of you.  Get a good
    running start.  Nab the guard as he walks away - no hesitation. Keep running and
    get the final guard. In all reality, you should only stop running twice - once
    for the very first guard, for about half of a second, behind that box, and once
    for the fourth guard behind the box.  To the goal.  Don't feel bad if it takes
    you a few tries - it's a hard mission.
         -     My Record - 15830
         -     Goal - 15000
    Level 09 - Okay.  Go very fast on this one.  Go up the right side and under the
    top box.  Hold up the guard when he faces up.  Now, go down to the row you came
    from and hold up the two guards to your left.  A guard should see you. Go down,
    then left, and up the alley so that you are very near a guard.  Hold him up,
    then the same for the guard that saw you.  Very quickly, go to the goal.
         -     My Record - 19406
         -     Goal - 19000
    Level 10 - You don?t have radar, AND there are stealthed guys?  It's okay, it's
    not as hard as number 08.  You won't be able to do this the first time, though,
    as a warning, because the timing will be off if you have to look for anyone.
    Go left, then up and hold up the guy who's back is turned.  Go into the
    president's room and hold up the stealthed guy who is under the bar.  Go back
    down and down the stairs. Go above the box and hold up the stealthed man, then
    left some more and hold up the man who is about to turn around.  Run up the
    stairs, then into the room on the right.  Take out the stealthed man.  Run back
    into the hall and let the unstealthed man see you, before diving into the hall
    to your left.  When you can, go out into the hall and hold him up.  Go up and
    hold up the final man at the corner of the two hallways - he's stealthed.  Now
    run to the goal.
         -     My Record - 17002
         -     Goal - 16000
    ----- ALTERNATE MISSIONS - PHOTOGRAPH MODE -------------------------------------
    Side note - This is a weird mode.  Also, to get maxed points, make sure you get
    3 stars on your map score.  This means getting it as zoomed in and centered as
    you can without leaving anything out.
    End Side note
    Level 01 - Atop the lockers on the right is the statue.  Zoom in a bit, then
    take its picture.
         -     My Record - 50470
         -     Goal - 45000
    Level 02 - There are two guards at the top.  You have get just one of them
    looking at a book.  Place a book somewhere, then "tap" the guard to it.  Take
    his picture when he sees it.  Make sure to put the book in such a way that he
    can't see you, but remember that you have to take a picture of him as he sees
    it, and you have to do it from the front.  You have to physically get him while
    he's jumping - not an easy task. He looks left, looks right, then jumps.  You
    *don't' have to get him as arms are fully extended, so don’t worry about that.
         -     My Record - 49292
         -     Goal - 45000
    Level 03 - Okay.  Go a bit so that you can see through the door.  First person
    view, then just shoot him and then switch to the camera.  You have to zoom in a
    bit, but make sure that the exclamation point is in the center of the camera.
    Be very quick.  You will need three stars for the record, which means zooming
    in, and centering.  The point must be big on the screen, yet wholly contained
    within it.
         -     My Record - 49988
         -     Goal - 49000
    Level 04 - Time to make some stars.  Get behind the guard, then do the following
    combo (any fewer hits won't work): single punch, single punch, single punch,
    punch/punch/double kick combo. Alternatively, you can equip the Nikita and punch
    him once.  Now photograph the stars.  You don't have to be zoomed in very much.
         -     My Record - 49514
         -     Goal - 48000
    Level 05 - This is kind of stupid.  You have to find a ghost, but he doesn't
    actually look any different from other guards.  To get him, don't move.  Turn on
    your camera.  Look down, you will see part of a soldier (the whole soldier as
    there, you just can't see him because of the railing).  Center the camera around
    his head, and snap a shot. I didn't touch the zoom to get three stars. To easily
    snap his head, wait until he turns, and his head gets a little elevation.
         -     My Record - 50172
         -     Goal - 45000
    Level 06 - Okay...weird mission. Go up to the next alcove, the one with a light.
    Use your USP to "turn it off".  Now, very quickly, switch to your camera to snap
    the ghost.  I recommend standing back a bit, or you're going to have to react
    very, very quickly (he moves forward).
         -     My Record - 49218
         -     Goal - 45000
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