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    Tuxedo VR Missions Record Breaker FAQ by Child of Asuka

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ----- WHAT'S NEW ? -------------------------------------------------------------
    Submissions Dates
     - Version 1.0 - 12:29:00 A.M. July 15, 2003
    Version | Accomplishments                       | Submissions Status
    1.0     | Established the guide                 | Flames, Errors
            | Every Tuxedo Snake Mission Complete   | Alternate routes
    Because I have not played this game in a very, very long time, I really don't
    want to deal with submissions.  I'm really very sorry it's got to be like this,
    but I have other things going on besides this FAQ.
    Q. WTF?
    A. errr...?
    Q. How come you didn't write very much in this one?
    A. I figured people's skills were pretty good at this point.  That and I think
       Tuxedo's missions are actually easier than Pliskin's.
    0. Combo Targets Table
    0. Frustration
    0. Vocabulary (the stuff I say that you might not know)
    I. VR Missions
       A.Sneaking Mode
         2.Eliminate All
       B.Weapon Mode
         2.Assault Rifle
         8.No Weapon
       C.Variety Mode
    II.Alternative Missions
       A.Bomb Disposal Mode
       B.Elimination Mode
       C.Hold Up Mode
    ---- COMBO POINT TABLE ---------------------------------------------------------
    I was going to put this at the bottom, but then I thought, what with the
    emphasis on combo points in the Weapons Modes (by far the hardest missions of
    Snake's missions), you need this pretty often.  So there.
    *Points accumulate.  Thus, for the 5-hit combo, you get the bonus for 2, 3, and
    4-hit combos beforehand.  They aren't replaced.
    Combo Hits | Last Hit | Total Combo Points Accumulated at this point
    1          | Nada     | 0000
    2          |  010     | 0010
    3          |  020     | 0030
    4          |  030     | 0060
    5          |  050     | 0110
    6          |  070     | 0180
    7          |  100     | 0280
    8          |  150     | 0430
    9          |  200     | 0630
    10         |  300     | 0930
    11         |  500     | 1430
    12 and on  |  500     | 1930, 2430, 2930, 3430, etc.
    ---- FRUSTRATION ---------------------------------------------------------------
    When you've been trying something for a long time and you just can't get it
    right, it's natural to be frustrated.  Don't believe me?  Read all my complaints
    in the sections involving hard levels.
    The problem is that your playing ability goes down, causing greater frustration
    and only rarely a better score.  Thus, you must ot be frustrated.
    You can stop frustration by taking your mind physically away from the game for a
    minute or two.  It doesn't take long, but things like getting a drink or taking
    a bio break don't help much.  You need to actually do something else.  Do some
    chores, mow the lawn, work on that science project that you've been putting off.
    When you get back tot he game, you'll feel better, and, more importantly, play
    Why do I bother to write this?  Well...this FAQ is to help people, right?  And
    you can't beat things like Snake's Variety missions when you're concentrating
    on all the ways you can smash windows, etc.  So this should be helpful to
    people who get easily frustrated (of which I am one).
    ---- WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ? ? ? ------------------------------------------
    Okay, now I'm going to be explaining a few of the terms that came up before.
    People apparently have differing images of what I mean when I say corner trick,
    bumping, sniping, and Hold Up/M9.
    Ambush - It's like the corner trick, but you lure the guard beyond your location
    and then do a hold up kill before they turn back around.  Generally it means any
    time you get a hold up style kill while the enemy is green on your radar.
    Box - Any square or roughly square shaped wall formation.  It could be big or
    small, but it always fits on one screen.  Usually I mention them when a guard is
    going to one corner and you run around the whole box to get behind him.
    Bumping - A trick with the Stinger missile launcher which is required to beat
    the Stinger levels.  You can lock on to any of the squares, and then point the
    Stinger somewhere else and quickly fire.  The missile will start off in the
    direction you fired but (probably) eventually hit the target.
    Corner Trick - It usually involves luring a guard to Your position on one side
    of a corner, either from being spotted from a distance or tapping.  This differs
    from ambushing in that with this, you lure them to a point before your position
    and do a hold up kill when they turn back around.
    Hold Up/M9 - This simply means to run up behind or beside someone and taking a
    quick shot with an M9 from a very close distance.  If I use it with the Ninja
    Raiden levels, It means the same thing as ambush, except you don't wait for them
    to move, you run up and get them.
    Knock Out - Just knocking out someone.  That's when the stars appear, OKAY?  To
    do it against a normal opponent, you need...
     - 5 straight punches with an AK-74u or M4
     - 1 solid punch while holding a Nikita missile launcher
     - You can do it with straight punches, but it takes AGES. I don't recommend it.
    Sniping - I don't actually mean "sniping" as in with a sniper rifle, I mean to
    use a handgun in first person perspective, generally from the front of an enemy.
    This is to avoid getting spotted whilst quickly dispatching a guard in
    Elimination Mode or Eliminate All Mode.  I always mean M9 unless otherwise noted
    (or there's no M9 in the level, in which case I mean SOCOM or USP).
    ----- SNEAKING MODE - SNEAKING ------------------------------------------------
    Side note: If you used my Pliskin FAQ, you know that I LOVE to shoot walls and
    divert attention.  That's still true here, because I still have a gun.
    End site note
    LEVEL 01 - Run up to the guard and hold him up, but use L1 so that you don't
    even stop moving for an instant.
         -     My Record - 15966
         -     Goal - 15500
    LEVEL 02 - Run right, then turn north and hold up the middle guard.  You have
    to go pretty fast. Anyway, keep running through him wiht L1 and go to the goal.
         -     My Record - 15742
         -     Goal - 15000
    LEVEL 03 - Run up the west aisle and hold up the guard at the end.  Run to the
    goal when the middle north guard turn south.
         -     My Record - 17784
         -     Goal - 17000
    LEVEL 04 - Toss a 'zine north, then go east and north around the guard into the
    center corridor.  Hurl a 'zine up and be in between the 2 middle blocks.  When
    the east guard moves by, you have a clear shot under the double's box to the
    goal, so take it.
         -     My Record - 17202 (2:06:69)
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 05 - Move east a tad and tranq the guard on the noisy bridge. Roll across
    and move north. Snipe the guard on the far end of the ledge and drop off to the
    goal.  Very easy.
         -     My Record - 19548
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 06 - Run north and cross over the pit.  Hold up the guard north of the
    pit, then move right a tad and head shot the guard SE of you.  Walk slowly over
    the noisy floor and wait for the NE guard to look south.  Hold him up and run
    for the goal.  Faster snipes = better times.
         -     My Record - 19442 (2:25:32)
         -     Goal - 18500
    LEVEL 07 - Tranq the guard ont he ground, then run to the NE corner and wait
    for a sec.  Hold up both guards as they come around the corner and M9 them.
    Now go all the way round to the goal, M9ing the guard on the way.
         -     My Record - 18146 (2:14:55)
         -     Goal - 14000
    LEVEL 08 - Go up and down the stairs, and at the end of the wall to the
    immediate east, aim NE and get a guard (L1 at first can find him).  Now go
    under the camera to the NW corner.  When the guard looks away, hold him up and
    go for the goal (up the stairs).
         -     My Record - 18780 (2:19:83)
         -     Goal - 17000
    LEVEL 09 - Run north and hold up/M9 the guard on the west side. Now go east and
    hold up/M9 the guard due east. Wait for an opportunity and jet for the goal.
         -     My Record - 36712
         -     Goal - 35000
    LEVEL 10 - Climb over the box to the east and then turn north.  Follow the east
    wall and hold up the guard and go east along the wall.  When the guard above
    turns away from the north, go under the bridge and snipe the guard ahead with
    your M9.  Go almost up to him and when the guard comes to kick him, tranq him
    too.  The camera is like glued to the sleeping guards, so go around the west
    side of the wall with a camera, and bolt for the goal before the team comes in.
         -     My Record - 27152
         -     Goal - 25000
    ----- SNEAKING MODE - ELIMINATE ALL --------------------------------------------
    Side note - The times to get are fast.  That means go fast, aim fast, and don't
    waste bullets.  I would especially like to emphasize aiming fast and getting a
    single head shot every time (or a chest shot, your call but I prefer head shots)
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Snipe the guard from the other side of the level and get to the goal.
         -     My Record - 15576
         -     Goal - 14500
    LEVEL 02 - Run up the second aisle from the west and hold up/M9 the guard at
    the top.  Go up to the NW corner and snipe west at the guard.  Go back to #1's
    location and go to the next horizontal aisle down and hold up/M9 the south
    guard.  Follow the last guard and hold up/M9 the last guard.  Get to the goal.
         -     My Record - 13766
         -     Goal - 13000
    LEVEL 03 - Hold up/M9 the guard near you and go west.  Aim north and snipe the
    second guard.  Go to #2's spot and head east a little to the aisle.  Aim down
    the aisle and take out #3. When you can, go south and get the last guard. Goal.
         -     My Record - 16120
         -     Goal - 15000
    LEVEL 04 - Toss a 'zine up and go east a little, then north and hold up/M9 the
    attracted guard.  Now hold up/M9 the wandering guard, then toss a 'zine to the
    top of the center aisle.  Get the guard that is attracted and then the other.
    Go to the goal.
         -     My Record - 15726
         -     Goal - 15000
    LEVEL 05 - Run east a little and snipe the guard north with the M9.  Now drop
    from the rail onto a guard. Snipe the other three guards in any order and goal.
         -     My Record - 18268
         -     Goal - 17000
    LEVEL 06 - Run north and hold up/M9 the guard as he comes to the north edge of
    the level.  Immediately step into the aisle and look south and snipe the guard.
    Run east only a little and snipe the guard from the NW to the SE.  Run through
    #3's position and get behind #4.  Hold up/M9 him and get to the goal.
         -     My Record - 18252
         -     Goal - 17500
    LEVEL 07 - Run south, east, and north and east a tad.  When the guards come
    around the corner, hold them up and M9 them.  Go south and east.  Hold up the
    guard, then go to the other and hold up/M9 him too.  Goal.
         -     My Record - 17674
         -     Goal - 15500
    LEVEL 08 - Run up the stairs near you and get on the west side of the window.
    Snipe the guard to the east (don't wait for him to stop moving) and quickly
    get down the next set of stairs and hold up/M9 the attracted guard.  Step
    out a little east and snipe the guard that is moving east (wait for him to
    turn).  Cross under the camera and hold up/M9 the last guard.  Goal.
         -     My Record - 17584
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 09 - Go north and hold up/M9 the guard straight up from you.  Cross east
    and hold up/M9 the guard a little east.  Now go SE a little and wait for the S
    guard to look S and hold up/M9 him.  Grab the USP equipment, go to spot #2 and
    wait for the N guard to loook east.  Hold up/M9 him and goal. 
         -     My Record - 34780
         -     Goal - 34500
    LEVEL 10 - Run west, turn north, and snipe the guard.  Now go up the southern
    stairs and go east a little.  Look north and wipe out the north guard, then the
    NW guard.  Look east and really low to get a 4th guard.  Now head to the bridge
    and aim north.  There is a guard by the camera tower ao shoot him.  Go down the
    stairs and turn west.  Flip across the paint floor and shoot the last guard.
    Go under the camera and go to the goal.
         -     My Record - 47870
         -     Goal - 44500
    ----- WEAPON MODE - HANDGUN ----------------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Get 500 on each shot.  It's really, really easy.
         -     My Record - 14382
         -     Goal - 14000
    LEVEL 02 - Get a 12-hit combo.  500 on each shot is nice, but the combo is much
    much easier.  I recommend it.  It reduces your time too, so it's good.
         -     My Record - 14030
         -     Goal - 13000
    LEVEL 03 - Here's a key for you.  I'm going to give a three letter code.  First
    is elevation: (H)igh or (L)ow.  Next is Left/right distance: (R)ight, (M)iddle,
    or (L)eft.  Finally is Front/Back: (F)ront, (M)iddle, or (B)ack. That out of
    the way, hit the explosive I tell you, and quickly.  Combos matter.
    LMF, LRF, LMB, LLB, TLM, BLM, then find the targets as they fly by.  If you get
    a nice high combo, you should be fine.
         -     My Record - 39682
         -     Goal - 38000
    LEVEL 04 - Not much to say here.  Just try to rack up combo points by shooting
    quickly and keep moving.  I don't know much to say here, except try getting
    above the first flight of stairs and then turn around and shoot them, then turn
    back around and shoot the combo targets in the field.  If you get a 13-hit
    combo, and get done with, say 40 secs to spare, you'll be fine.
         -     My Record - 22092
         -     Goal - 21000
    LEVEL 05 - First off, get 500 on all the little targets here.  Now start a big
    combo.  It needs to go from the combo targets here to the moving targets next,
    to the explosives in the back.  It's tough.  But with a little luck, you should
    get it.  Especially if you get the explosives in one shot.
         -     My Record - 52290
         -     Goal - 50000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - ASSAULT RIFLE ----------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Just get 500 points on each target and go kind of fast.
         -     My Record - 11121
         -     Goal - 10000
    LEVEL 02 - just like last level.  500 points and kind of fast.
         -     My Record - 9576
         -     Goal - 7500
    LEVEL 03 - Same as last time.  These levels are phenomonally easy for scores.
         -     My Record - 14568
         -     Goal - 13000
    LEVEL 04 - I love these levels.  Just go around and collect combo points, toss
    ammo conservation to the wind.  See if you can beat my combo score: 40.
         -     My Record - 44804
         -     Goal - 38000
    LEVEL 05 - Get loads of combos in themiddle and you can be really lazy the whole
    time.  I just used L1 targeting the whole time and didn't even try for 500 point
    shots at the beginning or the end.  I got BOTH deduction targets at the end and
    still I got the score below.  Don't try too hard on this one.
         -     My Record - 39912
         -     Goal - 38000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - C4 / CLAYMORE ----------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - Place an east facing claymore in themiddle of the stage, on the line
    that the targets sit on.  Grab the C4 and finish the level.
         -     My Record - 8602
         -     Goal - 8400
    LEVEL 02 - Grab the claymores and go up and put one under the central target.
    Grab the C4 and finish the level.
         -     My Record - 12906
         -     Goal - 12500
    LEVEL 03 - Grab the claymore and place one on the left half of the right hole,
    facing north.  8 hit combo.  Go left, quick, and put one down facing left.  That
    should be everybody.  If not, clean up.  Grab the C4 and finish up.
         -     My Record - 17242
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 04 - Map!
       [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
       [ ][x][x][x][ ]         [ ][ ][ ]
       [ ][ ][#][x][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][x][ ][ ][ ]
             [ ][ ][ ]         [ ][x][x][x][ ]
                   [ ]   [x] # [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                   [ ]   [x]   [ ]
                   [ ]         [ ]
                   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                   [ ][x][x][ ]
                   [#][ ][ ][ ]
    Key: # are C4
         [ ] are black box floor tiles
         [x] are holes
    Cool, huh?  I ripped it off of my Pliskin FAQ.  Grab the C4 and place it on the
    S spot and detonate almost immediately.  Place the NW one and then go get the
    claymores.  Whenever you hit the time 1:12:xx, hit O.  Play clean-up basically
    for a little while.  Note that before that, you should have two 3 hit combos.
    Time goal: about 55 secs left.
         -     My Record - 14506
         -     Goal - 14000
    LEVEL 05 - Grab the claymores and then run to the SW end of the line.  See, they
    will form into a line, and you want to have just placed a claymore.  4 hit combo
    is good.  Go up to the NE leg and use 2 claymores to take the out.  Now go out
    to the W leg and place a west-facing claymore in the middle.  That should be it,
    so get the C4 and goal time.
         -     My Record - 16858
         -     Goal - 15500
    ----- WEAPON MODE - GRENADE ----------------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - Grab the launcher and use two shots to get the targets.
         -     My Record - 8662
         -     Goal - 8300
    LEVEL 02 - Get the launcher and aim carefully.  Remember to back away from the
    target to the SE before shooting or you're gonna feel it.
         -     My Record - 8558
         -     Goal - 8200
    LEVEL 03 - Toss a nade as lightly as you can, then get the launcher and get the
    one remaining target in the S leg.  Now get the two in the middle leg, go to
    the N peninsula, and get the last two.  Goal time.
         -     My Record - 15658
         -     Goal - 14000
    LEVEL 04 - Get the launcher and aim at the left middle real fast for an easy hit
    and then look left one square.  A target is floating around quickly, so hit it
    for a 2 hit combo.  Now the rest are in the lower left corner, the whole upper
    row, and the lower right corner.  Grab the ammo when you'r done.
         -     My Record - 19508
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 05 - Grab the launcher and then shoot the one that's going around the pit,
    fast.  Now shoot the one that just appeared in the inner NE corner.  Now get out
    FPV and go left and get back in it.  Look at the far bottom left and camp there,
    in the corner.  Now look at the slightly longer box a bit above and camp at the
    top-left end, by the pillar.  Now look at the corner-shaped hole and fire a shot
    into it when the target to the upper-right drops.  Now look a little left of the
    top-center for an angle-shaped block: camp the top-right corner of it.  Now camp
    the inside corner of the larger angle shaped block to the right.  Now you have
    three left (the hard three).  The one in the far upper right corner can best be
    camped by a pillar near it, sort of at the left corner of its circuit. The other
    two are nigh-on impossible to catch, and will take the majority of your time
    and bullets.  Just keep trying (and retrying) and try not to kill anyone.
         -     My Record - 21328
         -     Goal - 19000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - PSG - 1 ----------------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - One on the top left, two on the center, one right below that, one on
    the bottom beow that, and one on the bottom right, in the hole.  Get out of FPV
    and move left some.  There are three down the left side.
         -     My Record - 14858
         -     Goal - 13000
    LEVEL 02 - Two on the top right, two on the center, one below, one on the
    bottom row (towards the right), one in the hole, and move to get the three down
    the left side.  Goal.
         -     My Record - 13676
         -     Goal - 13000
    LEVEL 03 - Go downstairs and sh\tart shooting.  I can't figure out a really good
    strategy because I never get more than about 2 hits on an explosive.  Shoot them
    first anyway, but you kind of need luck. Or something. Anyway come back upstairs
    when you don't see any more good shots from downstairs: about 13 targets down,
    then 5 from the goal. And go FAST.  I can't think of anything else to say except
    that combo points help. You'll probably just keep get closer and eventually win.
         -     My Record - 18396
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 04 - Go downstairs, blast the deduction target, then start shooting.  The
    shots in particular that will help you along are one just to the left of the
    deduction at the start; a 5 hit combo.  After that swing left and go from left
    to right, trying to get as many speed combo shots as possible and you'll get a
    good score.  Good enough, anyway to get a red level.  Not a world record.
         -     My Record - 20992
         -     Goal - 20000
    LEVEL 05 - Aim at the deduction in building 1, and then hit the explosives there
    and the two in #2.  Go get the pentazemin atop the left platform and look at #3
    and #4.  You should be able to get 6 from there.  Now get on the right platform.
    There's one more in #3/4, so get it.  Now look at 5.  There are two on top (13)
    one on the next floor down (14), 2 on the next (16) and an explosive and 4 on
    the bottom (21).  Goal.
    Approximate time goal: 2:33:34
         -     My Record - 29480
         -     Goal - 29000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - STINGER ----------------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Hop up on the box, launch a missle, then bump it down when the target
    appears.  Hop back down to the goal.
         -     My Record - 8476
         -     Goal - 8200
    LEVEL 02 - Targets in the left, middle and right "walls".  Shoot them.  Then two
    appear near your level, so shoot THEM.  Simple.
         -     My Record - 17018
         -     Goal - 15000
    LEVEL 03 - Climb the stairs and watch the second target from the top.  When it
    starts going right, fire on it and hope for a 4 hit combo.  When the new ones
    appear, launch a missle into the bottom one and then into the top.  When the
    last set appears, launch a missle into the top one and run down the stairs.
         -     My Record - 20048
         -     Goal - 19000
    LEVEL 04 - Standard bumping, you just have to be fast.  Ish. If you got this far
    then you know the drill and I'm not going to keep wasting words.
         -     My Record - 21010
         -     Goal - 19500
    LEVEL 05 - Same last level as always, complete witht he fight at the end (but
    it's a UFO now).  Just standard bumping and it's even easier than last level.
         -     My Record - 41056
         -     Goal - 40000
    ----- WEAPON MODE - NIKITA -----------------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - Just cycle around and hit them all.  Same first Nikita as always.
         -     My Record - 7348
         -     Goal - 7300
    LEVEL 02 - 2 north, 1 south, and 1 west.  Follow them and kill them.
         -     My Record - 12236
         -     Goal - 10000
    LEVEL 03 - Up the middle ramp, turn left 90 degrees and go up the ramp to the
    target.  Up the middle ramp, back and slightly left, then ram the box that the
    target is sitting on.  Lower level.  Under the ramp in front of you, then turn
    fully around 180 degrees and go down the ramp to the target near Snake.  Goal.
         -     My Record - 12618
         -     Goal - 12000
    LEVEL 04 - Fire straight off and you'll dodge the firstones.  After that you're
    on your own, just follow the path.  You should know it by heart at this point.
         -     My Record - 11888
         -     Goal - 11750
    LEVEL 05 - Fire from atop the box and go down the left side of the field of
    deductions.  Guide yourself through until you come to the top ramp area, where
    you should go all the way up, go up the close ramp, then go up the far ramp at
    the bend, then maneuver yourself up the last ramp into the target.  It's tough.
         -     My Record - 14100
         -     Goal - 13500
    ----- WEAPON MODE - NO WEAPON --------------------------------------------------
    Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
    help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
    Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
    successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
    but if you want a challenge, go for it.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Roll throught he first target, PPK the next two, and roll through the
    last bunch to the end.
         -     My Record - 10230
         -     Goal - 8000
    LEVEL 02 - PPK everything except the pins, which you should PPK the rod into or
    just roll through them.
         -     My Record - 10980
         -     Goal - 9000
    LEVEL 03 - Whenever I PPKed something, it just hit everything and it was great.
    I would explain how to do this best, but I have yet to figure out a wy to mess
    up.  Just PPK things into other things.
         -     My Record - 24656
         -     Goal - 21000
    LEVEL 04 - The only one that even requires an explanation is the bowling thing:
    on the first true platform, there is a rod, then a gap with a floating red, then
    a bunch of greens.  PPK the first rod north when everything appears and the red
    is at the bottom of its flight.  Just PP, PP everything else.
         -     My Record - 14394
         -     Goal - 11000
    LEVEL 05 - PPK then immediately roll.  PPK the remaining one SOUTHWARD and roll
    through the above targets.  Cross over and PPK everything.  To get the far one,
    knock the west one on the top level west.  For the next set of platforms, wait
    till everything has appeared and then PPK the north one west.  For the bowling
    one, you can roll the stuff, sure.  But it's easier to roll the top and then
    roll through the "ball" going south.  Just my opinion.
         -     My Record - 29310
         -     Goal - 29000
    ----- VARIETY MODE -------------------------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - This one's kind of evil.  No pentazemin.  I recommend using the kill
    bullets because otherwise it's just too hard.  Anyway get the ones that come
    from the very top and then the ones in the hallway to the noodles.  Keep
    trying (unless you get it right off, which I find highly unlikely).  Of course,
    if you want the record, you MUST use the tranqs EXCLUSIVELY.  So good luck.
         -     My Record - 41700
         -     Goal - 40000
    LEVEL 02 - Do whatever you have to in order to see.  Now, run north, turn east,
    and get a headshot on the guard.  That done, face north and use R2+L2 to look
    up and get the guard on the platform north of you.  Now, if you're a good shot,
    go out of your little alcove and get seen.  Now fight your way through the 5
    guards with 5 tranquilizer bullets.  Fun.  When there's just one left, go to
    the goal and you'll see him on your way.  The score to get isn't very high.
         -     My Record - 34696
         -     Goal - 32000
    ----- BOMB DISPOSAL MODE ------------------------------------------------------
    Side note - In addition to routes, I'm going to provide simple bomb locations
    for people who want to earn the record themslf but simply cannot find a bomb.
    End side note
    LEVEL 01 - Hold up/throw the guard near you.  Run up into the Prez's room and
    cling to the boxes as you make your way east across the room.  Keep south as
    much as you can and get to the east wall.  Get Bomb 01. Now run down the stairs
    and in front of the nappy guard to hold up the SW guard.  Now face north and
    get bomb 02.
         -     My Record - 26805
         -     Goal - 25000
    LEVEL 02 - Run out the door and drop off the rail to kill a guard.  He doesn't
    HAVE to die, but I like him to.  Run down the stairs and hold up/M9 the guard,
    then go across the little bridge and go north almost all the way up the alley.
    Duck and face east to get bomb 01.  Now go south to the main staircase area and
    snipe both guards.  Go north up the ground floor aisle and turn west a little,
    then south to the rail, then west under the box, then turn north and get out
    your coolant.  Bomb 02 is in the alcove.
         -     My Record - 34711
         -     Goal - 34000
    LEVEL 03 - Go get bomb 01 in the torture room and get out into the Jejunum. Run
    straight out east and around the box.  Hold up/M9 the guard.  Go up the the box
    in the middle of the stage and face north.  Snipe the guard to the north.  Now
    go north up the level, keeping up against the west wall.  When the detector
    starts going crazy, look west and get bomb 02 off the leg of a meal gear.  Now
    step right a little and snipe the guard at the north end of the level.  The box
    at the very end has the bomb under it, so go get it.  Crawl from the west.
         -     My Record - 54413
         -     Goal - 52000
    LEVEL 04 - Step NW into the lounge and snipe the far guard.  Step back out and
    repeat the favor on the pair on the stairs.  Look north through the west plant
    get bomb 01.  Head up the stairs and out the west door.  Snipe the guard north
    of you.  Step into the stairwell, duck, and get bomb 02. Step out into the rain
    on the Aft Deck.  Go up the stairs, run south along the path, hold up/M9 the
    guard, and continue down the other side.  Crawl under the sub and get bomb 03.
    Go back in the door you came from and go up the stairs to Deck C.  Snipe the
    guard from across the hall and go up to Deck D.  Snipe the two guard in the
    kitchen and go out the door to the south.  Don't go all the way out, though.
    Just enough to where you can see the bomb.  Then aim at it in FPV even though
    you can probably no loner see it.  Just get it.
         -     My Record - 68273
         -     Goal - 67000
    LEVEL 05 - There's no way around it: you're going to be spotted on this level.
    But you can slow the pain if you stun both guards.  Run out and snipe the guard
    in the middle, then wait for the right guard to get past the door to hold up/M9
    him.  Now run to the north alcove on the west wall and get bomb 01.  Run to BC
    bridge and restart. No losses, see?  Now run out and snipe the guard across the
    bridge and toss a chaff grenade.  Run out to the end of the bridge and turn
    right.  Get bomb 02 and get in Shell C.  Step east a little and defuse bomb 03.
    If you were spotted, urk.  Get to CD bridge and restart.  Otherwise snipe the
    guard across the hall and all will be well. Once on the bridge, snipe the guard
    across the bridge and toss another chaff.  Get out onto the bridge proper and
    turn left to see some C4 in an interesting pattern.  Get them all.  Now head to
    D Strut.  Snipe the two guards on your level.  Now cross the spoke closest to
    you and get on the SW side of the hexagon in the middle.  Face east and get
    bomb 10.  Now get on the north west side and face east and duck.for bomb 11.
         -     My Record - 85798
         -     Goal - 80000
    LEVEL 01 - 01 - East edge of power converter
               02 - Lower air duct in south aisle
    LEVEL 02 - 01 - Far east wall, under the floor
               02 - Far west alcove, ground floor, on east side
    LEVEL 03 - 01 - On the roof east of the computers, torture room
               02 - Under the far north box, ground floor, Jejunum
               03 - On the leg of a Metal Gear RAY, west side
    LEVEL 04 - 01 - On the bench in the west of the lounge, Deck A
               02 - Under the fire extinguishers, west stairwell, Deck B
               03 - Aft Deck, East side, under the small submarine
               04 - Deck D, staircase to bridge
    LEVEL 05 - 01 - SW corner of NW alcove, B Strut
               02 - BC Bridge, NW cooling tank, north side
               03 - C Strut, east side of flower bed
               04 - CD Bridge, next to the C in C strut
               05 - CD Bridge, next to the C in C strut
               06 - CD Bridge, next to the C in C strut
               07 - CD Bridge, next to the C in C strut
               08 - CD Bridge, next to the C in C strut
               09 - CD Bridge, next to the C in C strut
               10 - D Strut, hexagonal center, center south side, inside the rail
               11 - D Strut, hexagonal center, center north side, on the inner tank
    ----- ELIMINATION MODE ---------------------------------------------------------
    LEVEL 01 - 6 fugging guards!  Wtf!  It's LEVEL 1!  Erg.  Run out into the bridge
    and snipe guards as fast as you can.  There are several targets available right
    off, but with human reflexes, you're probably going to get seen.  Keep trying
    until you don't then jump off the side and hold up/M9 the guy by the ammo, grab
    the ammo, snipe across the bridge at the two remaining guys (get the one by the
    goal first) and finish the level.
    Time goal: 1:51:67.  Arg.
         -     My Record - 19194
         -     Goal - 18500
    LEVEL 02 - Go fast.  It's a straight line, nothing special, so snipe the first
    guard, look down the hall and snipe the second.  Now run out into the bottom
    aisle and get spotted but shoot all three as quickly as you can.  Now run to
    the NE corner and get the last guard.  Goal.
    Time goal: 1:59:59 if you don't miss and get spotted ONCE
    Note: If you're getting too little of a sneaking bonus, make sure that either
    the other guards see you while the first guy is on the radio (don't get him
    too fast) or that you snipe so fast that they don't even see you.  I like the
    second one, personally, as it goes faster. 
         -     My Record - 18382
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 03 - Quick, run out onto the bridge and blast the gun CYPHER.  Switch to
    your M9 and take out the guard on the other side of the bridge.  Now run out and
    get the PSG1-T.  Aim for the far top guard, beause if you miss once, you'll be
    able to get the next one donw with your M9.  Hopefully that won't happen, but...
    Anyway, once both have been defeated.  Get on the west stairs and snipe both
    guards.  Goal.  Time is a little tight, but it's easier than Level 02.
    Time Goal: 1:49:59 with no misses or findings
         -     My Record - 17258
         -     Goal - 17000
    LEVEL 04 - Get spotted by the camera, then shoot out the guard on top.  Now go
    down the west side, shooting guards as you run.  The last two guards are near
    the goal in the SE corner and kind of wondering what's going on.
    Note: Watch out for the shotgun.  Bullets hurt, but shotguns KILL.
         -     My Record - 16907
         -     Goal - 14000
    LEVEL 05 - Equip stun grenades.  Run down either side and pull out a grenade as
    you pass the middle support beam on the wall.  Toss it in the room and then drop
    another towards the goal.  Allow yourself to be knocked down by a shot and the
    guards should crowd around the grenade.  That should be everyone, so finish the
    level.  This is almost TOO easy.  One must wonder about the first few with the
    hellish time limits.  Can I say hellish?  I guess so...
         -     My Record - 21380
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 06 - Wait for the two guards in the middle to look away from each other,
    then run out and hold up/M9 the north one.  Now go around counter clockwise
    and take out every guard with a headshot.  Aside from the fact that you can't
    miss, this mission is a cakewalk.  Try for a perfect sneaking bonus.
         -     My Record - 32484
         -     Goal - 30000
    LEVEL 07 - Wait a sec, then run out and hold up/M9 the first guard.  Turn north
    and hold up/M9 both guards in the Prez's room.  Now go south and down the stairs
    and wait on the SE corner of the box.  When the guard hits the SW corner, jump
    out and ambush him.  now go west and up the stairs.  Hopefully a guard is just
    walking intot he little gun camera room on the east wall.  If not, reset and go
    faster.  If so, cross over the gap to attract a guard.  Cross back over and wait
    behind the wall, on the stairs.  The guard who went into the camera room will
    come out.  Hold up/M9 him, and then wait for the attracted guard to turn back
    around and snipe him from where you attracted him.  Be very fast.  now go north,
    wait a sec, then duck into the coke machine room.  A guard will walk by the west
    door, so hold up/M9 him.  Go out the west door and watch your radar.  When the
    last guard looks east again, go out ans snipe him.
         -     My Record - 32612
         -     Goal - 28000
    LEVEL 08 - This is my favorite route in the whole game.  Why?  I just love stun
    grenades.  Run out and hold up/M9 the guard near you, then look NW. When a guard
    turns his head to look at you, blast him. Now run over tot he indentation in the
    west rail and toss a stunner as lightly as possible.  Aim in FPV with your M9 at
    the stairs on the lower level and blast the guy.  Drop off the rail and shoot
    down the last guard, then drop to the ground and goal.  Mwahahaha.  Urp.
         -     My Record - 36462
         -     Goal - 31000
    LEVEL 09 - Do this first move QUICK.  Go north into the little alcove and get a
    headshot on the guard to the N.  Now go up the west stairs.  There's a guard
    coming form the north so snipe him quickly. Go out into the middle of the bridge
    and look north, on the level below you.  Headshot. NW, on your level, is another
    walking target.  Get him and go north up to the next bridge.  Aim at a guard on
    your own level, to the NW, and get a headshot.  No more M9 bullets.  Darn. Equip
    your PSG-1 and aim low.  There're three headshots jst waiting to happen, but if
    you miss one, they'll come to you.  Time is NOT tight here. When you're finished
    abusing your playmates, get to the goal.
         -     My Record - 30346
         -     Goal - 26000
    LEVEL 10 - Go out the door, down the stairs, and get a headshot on your first
    victim at the bottom of them. Now get at the top of the next set of stairs, duck
    and get ready to nail two stealthed guards as they walk up.  Now hurl a stun
    grenade down the stairs to get the panic on. If you throw it hard enough, you'll
    get a guard down.  Anyway, stuff is coming.  Equip your PSG-1 and take them as
    they come.  After that, switch to your RBG6 and take out the pair that comes.
    Once 07/08 are down, take out your weapon of choice out of whatever you have
    left and go to the first set of stairs on the other half of the level.  Don't go
    up them; go around on the ground floor and get the M9 bullets.  Equip them.  You
    should meet the last guard at the top of the next set of stars, so be careful
    when you get to that part.  Sometimes he has a shotgun.  Goal.
    Time is a LITTLE tight here, so...just go fast on the last part, okay?
         -     My Record - 26274
         -     Goal - 25000
    ----- ALTERNATE MISSIONS - HOLD UP MODE ----------------------------------------
    Side note: You know that thing you do with Pliskin, the thing where you shoot a
    guard to stop him from turning?  Doesn't work with an M9.  So there.
    End side note.
    LEVEL 01 - Right straight out and hold him up.  Goal.
         -     My Record - 20868
         -     Goal - 20000
    LEVEL 02 - Run out and across the very top to hold up one guard.  Hop over the
    rail, and when you have a chance, hop right back up and get the second guard.
         -     My Record - 19608
         -     Goal - 19000
    LEVEL 03 - This is a little ough to move fast enough, so concentrate.  Run down
    the right and wait at the absolute farthest south point that you can go.  When
    the mobile guard turns west, go holup the center guard and the mobile guard.
    FAST.  Now run down the west aisle and hold up the guard moving around in the
    south.  Duck into the computer room. Go up to the top-right guy and hold him up,
    then duck south a little bit.  The left guard will turn south, so go west and
    hold him up.  Goal.  Even easier with practice.
         -     My Record - 17710
         -     Goal - 17500
    LEVEL 04 - Run straight out and roll across the intersection into the small
    inner alcove.  Hold up the guard when he comes by.  Roll after the guard on the
    right (although he may be mostly north) and hold up.  Wai for the last guard to
    turn south.  Now roll after him via the W corner.  Hold up.  Run to the goal.
    Time Goal: 2:30:01
         -     My Record - 18454
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 05 - Run out into the west aisle and get "spotted" by the pair at the end,
    then run back tot he south aisle.  When they turn back around, hold them up
    simultaneously.  Run in the door and hold up the north guard (he's facing west)
    and the south guard (facing whatever. It varies).  Goal.
    LEVEL 05 (alt) - Don't distract the guards. When they turn left FOR THE 2ND TIME
    run into the door.  Hold up the guard near you, then flip to the guard north a
    little and get him as well. The pair outside are now yours for the taking. Goal.
         -     My Record - 18880
         -     Goal - 18000
    LEVEL 06 - Run into the small corridor and get up against the boxes.  When the
    close guard looks away, hold him up and then go up the west side and hold up the
    guard.  When the next near guard turns away, hold him up and go down the stairs.
    When the radar shows both near guards looking away, go for the NW of the pair
    and then the SE one.  Continue under the box and hold up the last guard.  He
    won't turn around on you, just go.  Goal.
         -     My Record - 17528
         -     Goal - 17000
    LEVEL 07 - Hold L1 the entire time.  Run left from the start and stop behind the
    little alcove and wait for the guard to turn north. Hold him up and keep running
    north.  Hold up the north guard as he gets to the west end of his path. Go on to
    the next guard and just go around some more to the last guard and the goal. It's
    a simple circuit, no real waiting or strategy involved.
         -     My Record - 18654
         -     Goal - 16000
    LEVEL 08 - Run right across the gap and get in the hole in the right between the
    box and the wall.  This should attract a second guard.  Get back behind the box
    and hold up the first guard, then run around the box and get the second.  Run
    north and wait a sec, then get the guard from the west.  Now you have to get
    "the twins", which I recommend doing by keeping east behind the box then running
    along the east wall when they turn west.  You'll probably have to roll to make
    sure they don't see you when their view swings back.  Get the east one, then the
    west one, then go up the stairs.  Now run straight south and get the one in the
    FAR south (don't stop running or wait for a turn) and immediately run across the
    bridge halfway (the cam should be pointed up) and hold up the guard that just
    walked to the bridge.  Now recross the bridge (it should be down) and run north
    to the LAST bridge.  Hold up the guard and run back north to the goal.
    Time Goal: 1:56:67
    Note: if you have problems, just keep trying until you can reliably get every
    move down without difficulty in order (i.e. get the first two DOWN before trying
    the other stuff).  Also make sure that nobody gets pulled until I say so, unless
    you get lucky you're going to lose.
         -     My Record - 14332 (1:59:43)
         -     Goal - 14000
    LEVEL 09 - Run NW and then go straight north to the middle of the northmost box.
    Two guards should be attracted.  Wait a sec, then go north over the box and hold
    up the north attracted guard. Go south and get the next attracted guard. A third
    guard is gonna be attracted, but there's nothing to be done.  Go back up north &
    get him.  Run back down south and attract a guard. When he goes west over a box,
    go east under it, go up, and get him.  Directly east is a guard glancing around
    like a moron.  Get him (attracting a guard) and get under the box.  The guard's
    coming there, so get him from around the box and go west to the goal.  Note: if
    the last guard doesn't come, it's because you shot.  Never shoot.
         -     My Record - 17652
         -     Goal - 15000
    LEVEL 10 - Run straight into the Prez's room. In the NE corner (actually against
    the south wall) there is a guard.  Behind the boxes. He's tough to get, but just
    kind of weasel up near him and hold up. Now run back down past the starting spot
    and keep going.  Go down the stairs.  Climb up on the box and hold up each guard
    before dropping down.  Now run west and get the guard hiding behind the stairs.
    Run up the stairs and north very quickly into the coke machine room.  Get the
    guard above the north door and the one a little to the west, and go east against
    the north wall a little way.  get tot he corner, as far out as you can go.  When
    the guard looks east, run out a step and hold him up(quick reflexes).  Now goal.
    NOTE: If you have trouble jumping out on the last guard, try clinging to the
    wall and hitting square the instant he looks right.  That way you don't have to
    have street fighter combo button skills.  I hate those things.
         -     My Record - 16642
         -     Goal - 16000
    ----- LEGAL INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------------
    This FAQ, in whole or in part, can be viewed and hosted solely by GameFAQs and
    its users.  That means hhtp://www.gamefaqs.com/
    If you want to host it on your site, e-mail me.  I'll almost cetainly say yes.
    If this is the case, put it up on your site but keep it current.  Be sure to
    credit Child of Asuka, not Richard Rast.  Thanks.
    This FAQ is my own work, and thus my own intellectual property.  Stealing it is
    theft under similar laws.  If you want to get more specific about ownership, my
    GameFAQs username is Child of Asuka (how you probably know me), and my actual
    name is Richard Rast (how lawyers will probably know me).
    The game, Metal Gear Solid and all attributed names, games, images, etc. belong
    to Konami (or someone related) and I claim no rights to them or ownership of
    them.  Any claims to the contrary are preposterous and ridiculous.  Also BS.
    ----- SPECIAL THANKS -----------------------------------------------------------
    Konami and especially Hideo Kojima for this great game that has sucked up more
    hours of my life than anything since SSBM
    Nobuo Uematsu, whose music I listened to while I muted this game's drab and
    boring music

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