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    X-Raiden VR Missions Record Breaker FAQ by Child of Asuka

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ----- WHAT'S NEW ? -------------------------------------------------------------
    Submissions Dates
     - Version 1.0 - 4:15:00 P.M. April 14, 2003
    Version | Accomplishments                       | Submissions Status
    1.0     | Established the guide                 | Flames, Errors
            | Every Mission Complete                | Also alternate routes
    1.1     | A submission                          | See above
    Because I have not played this game in a very, very long time, I really don't
    want to deal with submissions.  I'm really very sorry it's got to be like this,
    but I have other things going on besides this FAQ.
    ----- RANDOM X-RAIDEN STUFF ---------------------------------------------------
    This FAQ is very small.  Why?  Because X-Raiden is Raiden in all the glory he
    was born with.  That means he's nude, the way you see him in the Jejunum after
    the choking scene in Sons of Liberty.  This also means that not only can he not
    hold weapons (his hands are hiding what shouldn't be seen), but he cannot even
    strangle, punch, or throw guards.  Thus, there is only one type of mission for
    X-Raiden, and a very natural one, considering his situation.  That mission is,
    of course, trying to avoid being seen.  It's called STREAKING MODE for a reason
    yuo know.  And when you mess up and are seen, there are police sirens.  Oddly
    appropriate, don't you think?
    Regardless, X-raiden's only Streaking mode mission is a 5 phase mission which
    must ultimately be completed with 1:31:67 or more remaining.  This gives you a
    mere 58.33 seconds to complete the entire of X-Raiden's missions.  Good luck.
    ----- STREAKING MODE ----------------------------------------------------------
    Phase 01 – You should be well beyond familiar with this level by now.  Really.
    Just run up and behind the guy when he gets to you.  You should have at least
    2:24:00 at the end.
    Phase 02 – Don’t wait at the beginning.  Run north, east, and north (make sure
    that when you turn north, you’re on the WEST side of the aisle).  Now cling to
    the wall on the west until the north guard has turned away.  Now make a break
    for the goal.  You should have 2:16:00 or so remaining.
    right from the start, i just ran around that soldier right above me on the map
    he wont see you, then i waited for the slodier on the right to turn around,
    ran behind hm, and cartwheeled through him. That method seems to be quite
    effective for other levels too and I just thought you might be interested.
    Phase 03 – Go east, north, and east ABOVE THE GUARD, and wait for him to turn
    to continue east.  Run north, a bit east, then north.  Flip through the guard
    and continue on to the goal.  There’s very little waiting involved to achieve
    a time of 2:09:00 or thereabouts.
    Phase 04 – tap on the wall to the north of you, then run west, north, and east
    around the box.  Turn west, then north, and cling before the corner to the box.
    When the northeast guard isn’t looking at you, run east and north behind him to
    the goal.  1:57:00 is a good enough time, I figure.
    Phase 05 – Probably the only challenging level in all of X-Raiden’s repertoire.
    Go up the stairs on the west side, then flip down the next set.  Cling to the
    wall that presents itself.  Now, when that guard looks away, hide behind his
    cone of view.  When he looks east, run north and keep going all the way up the
    stairs (the camera might be an issue if you go too slowly, so don’t). The guard
    on the north side of the now present wall won’t look at you, so rush the goal.
    Congrats – you have just gotten a gray character red.
         -     My Record – 11620 (1:35:83)
         -     Goal – 11000 (1:31:66)
    ----- LEGAL INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------------
    This FAQ, in whole or in part, can be viewed and hosted solely by GameFAQs and
    its users.  That means hhtp://www.gamefaqs.com/
    This FAQ is my own work, and thus my own intellectual property.  Stealing it is
    theft under similar laws.  If you want to get more specific about ownership, my
    GameFAQs username is Child of Asuka (how you probably know me), and my actual
    name is Richard Rast (how lawyers will probably know me).
    The game, Metal Gear Solid and all attributed names, games, images, etc. belong
    to Konami (or someone related) and I claim no rights to them or ownership of
    them.  Any claims to the contrary are preposterous and ridiculous.

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