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    Gambling FAQ by Agent Plisken

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    Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball
    By: Tecmo
    DOA:XBV Gambling FAQ
    Ver. 1.61 FINAL
    By: Agent Plisken
    VERSION 1.3 FIXED SPELING ERORZ, reduced liable slurs
    Considering updating faq to include Roulette.
    VERSION 1.6     =FINAL=
    Thats it kids, this Piece is Done
    VERSION 1.61
    For those of you who read the earlier versions of my FAQ, I
    would like to appologize for a few of the things I said at
    the bottom in the "no thanks to/" section which were
    not true and which were uncalled for. I was frustrated at
    the time about issues I was having which were not my district
    manager's fault, where in fact he was working to resolve them.
    The fact is, my DM is doing a difficult job handling 'trouble'
    situations and I felt he just didnt have time to handle the
    little people that weren't standing out as being a problem.
    This was because of a miscommunication between departments,
    and I just wanted to accknowlede that he is doing a great job.
    As for the other comment making references of Sony being the
    Devil, this was intended to be an insult aimed at Sony, and
    NOT a negative comment about EB or anybody employed by EB.
    I appologize here too for any misunderstandings.
    This guide is to explain how to win at gambling in DOA:XBV.
    Except in slot machines because there really isnt any strategy
    there and I know nothing about them.  The strategies in this
    guide are not from any other source other than my knowledge of
    statistics, so there may be some 'other better way' to win,
    and I would not recommend using these strategies in real life
    These strategies are to maximize your winning and minimize
    your losses, they arent "magic".
    I.   Before you begin gambling
    II.  Recommended gambling games
    III. Blackjack
    	1.Basic Rules
    	3.Broken Down for lazy people
    IV.  Poker (comming soon)
    	1.Basic Rules
    V.   Roulette
    	1.Roulette 101
    	2.Table Layout and Payout
    VI.   Credits / Thanks / Acknowledgements
    VII.  Copywrite and Permissions
    I recomend getting a good amout of starting cash before you begin the
    gambling process in DOA:XBV.  I recommend around $500,000 but less
    may be acceptable for you.
    Gaining your starting money can be accomplished playing the volleyball
    game, you can win over $150,000 each match if you get a 7-0 score.  Keep
    your partners happy by getting them gifts that they like (check the manual
    for girls favorite items and colors) and you can get a nice bonus for
    serves and spikes when they compliment you.
    The two games that I recommend playing above all others are Blackjack
    and Poker. Statistically speaking blackjack pays off a little under
    50% of the time, while the odds in poker are somewhat better if you
    take advantage of the 'double down' and the ZACK feature. That
    will all be explained soon enough.
    1. Basic Rules
    	* The object of blackjack is of course to get as close to 21 as possible.
    	* The computer must take another card at 16 or lower, and must 'stay'
    	   at 17 or higher.
    	* Hit - Take another card.
    	* Stand - Keep the cards you have.
    	* Double Down - Take ONLY one more card and double your initial bet.
    	* Surrender -  lose half of your original bet and end the current hand.
    	* Split - when your two cards are the same value you can split them apart
    	    and make a hand out of each of them, which doubles your bet.
    	    NOTE: if you split ACES you only get ONE more card per ACE.
    2. Strategy
    	To bet $100,000 per hand, change chips to '10,000' and hit bet 10X, then deal.
    	The basic idea of winning at blackjack is to have a grasp of statsticaly
    	what the dealers hidden card value is and what your likely to draw if you
    	pick another card.
    	This may sound complex, but it is very SIMPLE.
    	Just imagine the dealer has a '10' value card, and if you draw another card
    	you will draw a '10' valued card.  The reason behind this is simple:
    	There are sixteen '10' value cards in a deck and only four of each other
    	value.  That is four times as many as any other value.
    	For a more accurate statistical breakdown to use trying to guess if you
    	should hit or not, see the following (the following apply to the dealer's
    	hidden card, as well as the next card on the deck that will be drawn):
    	53.8 % chance card is '7' value or GREATER (not including aces)
    	30.7 % chance card is '10' value.
    	30.7 % chance card is '5' value or LOWER (including aces)
    	What all this means is you can guess better if you should hit or stay or
    	surrender or double or even split your hand.  If you dont want to figure
    	this out yourself see my next section, but it is impossible to include
    	every possible scenario, so you must use your own common sense and apply
    	these statistics yourself.
    	INSURANCE -  is offered when dealer is showing an ACE.
    			If you choose yes you will
    			offer up 1/2 more of your original bet; if dealer has 21
    			you win back double your 1/2, and lose your original bet,
    			so basically its like the hand never took place.
    			IF you choose YES and the dealer does NOT have 21, you lose
    			that 1/2 extra bet, and the hand continues as normal.
    	Statistically DO NOT accept insurance when it is offered.  Due to my
    	calculations (which could be wrong but I doubt it) insurance has roughly
    	a 60% - 40% lose-win payout ratio.  The only exception to this is if you
    	have a really strong hand you may want insurance, if you have a really weak
    	hand, dont get insurance, and surrender if they dont have blackjack.
    3. Broken down for lazy people
    	* If the dealer is showing a '7' or higher, we will consider that
    	   a 'powerful hand', ACE is included here
    	* If the dealer is showing a '6' or lower, we will consider that
    	   a 'weak hand' 3, 4, and 5 are REALLY weak hands.
    	* If column says "split", it means split IF you have doubles
    	   weigh the risks of doing each of the options depending on dealers hand
    	* Use common sense there are many exceptions to this chart here
    	* split and double down often depend on HOW strong or HOW weak the dealers hand is
    sr  = surrender
    st  = stay
    sp  = split
    dd  = double down
    ht  = hit
    !   = BEST CHOICE (DO THIS if you can!!!)
    *   = statistically WORST CHOICE (dont do this, unless your feeling lucky, punk)
    	              DEALERS HAND
    YOUR HAND       Powerful	Weak
    20		st		sp!/st
    19		st		st
    18		st		sp/st
    17		st		st
    16		sr/dd		sp/st
    15		sr/ht*		st
    14		sp/sr/ht*	sp!/ht
    13		ht/sr		ht/st
    12		ht		ht/dd
    11		dd!/ht		DD!! <--- double down! 61% you get 17-21
    10		dd/ht		dd!/ht
    9		dd/ht		dd!/ht
    8		dd/ht		dd!/ht
    7		ht		dd/ht
    6		ht/sp/sr	ht/sp
    5		sr/ht		ht
    4		sp/ht		sp/ht
    Ace/Ace 	sp/ht		sp!/ht
    ---------------==============POKER POKER POKER POKER POKER POKER POKER============---------------------
    	*  The key to poker is to recognize which cards in your hand you should hold,
    	   and which you should discard.  Basically just pick a goal (like a flush)
    	   and hold the nessisary cards, discarding the others.
    	*  If you win one of the hands (of the list at the top) you get a chance to
    	   go to the 'Double up' game.
    		When you choose 'yes' you are going double or nothing.  One card is
    		chosen and lays face up, you must guess one of the face down cards
    		that is HIGHER than the face up card.
    		The REASON the odds are good in this are two fold.
    		1. There are JOKERS in the face down cards, but never as the face up card.
    		   This means the odds of successfully doubling up are BETTER than 50%.
    		   It takes some tactics to make money here, ill explain more later.
    		2. All you can lose is your ORIGINAL BET, not the pot.  FOR EXAMPLE:
    		   Lets say you start with 100,000 and you bet 10,000, then you win
    		   a hand that gives you 30,000.  You double to 60,000 and double again,
    		   but miss.  You now have 90,000.  All you really lost was the ORIGINAL BET.
    2.  STRATEGY
    	*  There are [either 1 or 2] Jokers in the deck;  since I am unable to determine
    	    how many jokers (Zacks) are in the deck, all statistics I will present to you
    	    in this section do not factor in the joker wild cards.
    	*  The strategy in game is simple, but confusing to many people.  You must think
    	   about the statistics before making every decision.  Here are a few examples.
    	*  You have two of a kind, do you discard the other three cards?  YES.  You discard
    		three of them.
    		The calculations for this turned out to be a little bit more complex than I
    		had originally anticipated, but you do have SLIGHTLY better odds of getting
    		a winning hand if you discard three rather than two of your cards.
    	*  You have three of one suit, if you discard the other two, you have a 4.6% chance
    	   	 at the flush.
    	*  You have four of one suit, discard the other card you have a 19% chance at the
    	*  Basically, winning at poker is hard as hell, you wouldnt break even if it werent
    	  	for DOUBLE DOWN.
    Make your money here.  Press your luck, but not TOO MUCH, or you wont gain anything.
    You have slightly better than 50% chance of winning this game, do it a few times and stop.
    Think of your chances like this:  You have about a 50% chance of doubling your bet, each
    time you go to double down, HOWEVER, to double down twice in a row, you only have a 25%
    chance of succeeding.  Doubling down 3 times in a row: 12.5% chance.  And so on, and so on.
    The key here is to STOP when your ahead, people cant grasp this part.  Do it once always,
    only do it again if you can afford to not win that money, do it again if you feel like
    pressing your luck.  Keep going and your luck WILL run out though.  Watch yourself or
    you will never win anything.  (ive been up to 1,920,000 and doubled down again and LOST)
    Guess which card has zack under it.  Win once for 1x your bet, twice for 2x, up to five wins.
    Use your psychic powers, or just randomly guess... either way works about half the time here.
    ---------------==============Roulette Roulette Roulette Roulette Roulette============---------------------
    1.  ROULETTE 101
    	Please keep in mind that of all the games presented in this strategy guide,
    	roulette has the least favorable odds of winning.  The are a little under 50%
    	odds of winning. Actually according to my rough calculations (which are
    	always right) you have 47.37% odds of winning here.
    	Quite simple really:  ((1-(1/38*2)*100)/2)
    	This particular version of roulette is the worst kind, because it has both
    	'0' and '00'.  I believe this is 'American Roulette', but roulette tables
    	exist elsewhere on earth with only ONE '0' square.
    	Contrary to [somewhat] popular belief, the green '0' and '00' are not
    	"bonus good squares! make big American money!", in fact they are the direct
    	opposite of that.  That is where the house makes its money off of the
    	mindless herd huddled around their roulette table.  The reason:  as people are
    	betting on the individual numbers, groups, or colors, which would normally be
    	EQUAL payout, they take the cake every time it lands on one of the green 'zeros'
    	*  The table is broken down into 36 red and black numbered squares, with 2
    	    additional green squares at the top, '0' and '00'.
    	*  Here is the explanation of some of the trickier bets in roulette:
    		-Rows- Place chip on the line to the left of the row you wish to bet on.
    		-Columns- Place chip in the square at the end of a column.
    		-Split Bets- Split a bet between two or four squares by placing chip in
    		   between the numbers.
    	*  There are several ways to bet in roulette.  As follows:
    	===BET POSITION==================PAYOUT==========ODDS===
    	*  Red / Black			 2 to 1		47.37 %
    	*  [1-18] [19-36]		 2 to 1		47.37 %
    	*  Even / Odd			 2 to 1		47.37 %
    	*  [1-12] [13-24] [25-36]	 3 to 1		31.58 %
    	*  Column			 3 to 1		31.58 %
    	*  Split Between 4		 9 to 1		10.52 %
    	*  Rows 			12 to 1		 7.89 %
    	*  Split Between 2		18 to 1		 5.26 %
    	*  Individual Numbers		36 to 1		 2.63 %
    I have noticed, and it has been brought up to me, that
    DOAX appears to use some sort of extra programing other
    than pure random numbers for the outcomes of roulette.
    It was observed by Archon Shiva that repeating numbers
    i.e. two identical numbers comming up in a row
    occur way to frequently to be coincidental.  It should
    only happen once every 1444 times, and in his and my
    experiences, it happens MUCH more frequently than that.
    (just look on the leader board, theres almost always a
    doubled up number there)
    So what does this all mean?  Perhaps it has to do with
    how much they want you to win, so you wont lose interest
    in the game if you win $50,000,000.  Or perhaps there is
    some way to gamble to your advantage depeding on your
    characters mood or something.  At this point there really
    is no way to tell for sure, but I would love to hear your
    Strategy is really a personal preference here.  There are
    many theories about how to spread money around and "beat
    the odds" but truly you can not.  No matter how much you
    spread your bet around, you always run the risk of losing
    more than you win.  This is because if you spread the money
    evenly accross the board, on EVERY number lets say, you are
    making 38 bets, but it only pays 36 to 1.  So your loosing
    money.  However the practice of spreading the money around
    may work if you plan to lose a little for a couple of turns,
    and then win big, and quit while your ahead.  Just know that
    if you keep doing it over and over, you will eventually run
    out of money.
    Agent Plisken.  All the information above was calculated and thought up by me.
    Windows 98 calculator.
    Team Ninja.
    Archon Shiva (for math help)
    xxSoulfly86xx (for spelling help)
    Electronics Boutique
    Steve Duncan (for coodinating a winning district)
    194 (200% ps2 revival)
    This FAQ should only appear on Gamefaqs.com and GamersUnderground.net and Faqs.ign.com
    If you find this FAQ elsewhere, please inform me so I can sue them and finally make some
    money off of my work.
    If you want this FAQ for your site, email me!

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