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    Swimsuit Guide by Xenon / Xereth18

    Version: 1.52 | Updated: 08/30/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dead or Alive Xtreame Beach Volleyball Swimsuit Guide
    By Xenon and Xereth18
    Version 1.52
    Guide Started 2/15/2003
    Last Update 4:38 PM 8/30/2004
    Table of Contents
    2. Legal Stuff
    3. Characters
         a. Kasumi
         b. Hitomi
         c. Lei-Fang
         d. Helena
         e. Ayane
         f. Tina
         g. Christie
         h. Lisa
    4. Types of Swimsuits
    5. List of all Suits
    6. Credits
    7. Version History
    8. Contact Information
    9. Closing
    Hi! Welcome to Xenon's In-Depth Guide on Swimsuits in Dead or Alive Xtreame 
    Beach Volleyball (DOAXBV). Want to know which character can buy each
    particular suit? How about the cost of the suits? Want an opinion on some of 
    how the higher cost ones look? Well, you've come to the right place. With the 
    help of Xereth18, I'm proud to present you with the Swimsuit Guide to Dead or 
    Alive Xtreme Beach volleyball for the XBOX.
    We've got a lot of info to cover, so let's get started!
    This Document is copyright Luke M. Stevenson (c)2003. It is intended for 
    private home use only. Any reproduction, transmission, or distribution in part
    or in whole without the author's(MY) express written consent is unlawful and 
    just plain not nice.
    As of 12:41 AM 6/13/2003 these sites have permision to post this guide.
    GameFAQs  www.gamefaqs.com
    If you see this guide anywhere else, please E-Mail me so i can do, well, 
    something about it.
    3. Characters
    Here's the Deal, in this section you can find all the swimsuits you can buy, 
    divided up by character. First, I'll give a geveral overview of all the suits 
    of the character. Most seem to follow a certain theme. Then I'll list the 
    name, price, the type of suit,and any other comments I may have. Finally, 
    I'll also the Suits that Zack gives to you.
    Let's get started.
    Name             Price         Type          Comments
    ----             -----         ----          --------
    Lily              5000         Bikini
    Tulip             5000         Bikini
    Lilac           550000         Bikini
    Acacia          550000         Bikini
    Cherry Blossom   50000         Bikini       
    Peony            20000         Bikini
    Marigold         45000         One-Piece
    Pansy            20000         Bikini
    Carnation        12000         Bikini
    Sasanqua        370000         Other          It looks like a White Night Gown
    Sweet Pea       220000         Camisole       Ugh.
    Dahlia           50000         Bikini
    Salvia          310000         Shorts         
    Camellia         10000         Bikini         
    Daisy            10000         Bikini
    Amaryllis        10000         Bikini
    Hydrangea        20000         Bikini
    Gerbera         370000         Other          It looks like a Black Night Gown
    Chamomile       220000         Camisole       Even more Ugh.
    Morning Glory    45000         One-Piece      
    Clover           12000         Bikini
    Carnation(skirt)100000         Skirt
    Indigo (skirt)  100000         Skirt
    Dandelion        50000         Bikini
    Iris             45000         One-Piece
    Cyclamen         10000         Bikini         Red/White checkers, think picnic
    Marguerite       20000         Bikini
    Begonia         310000         Shorts
    Hyacinth          5000         Bikini
    Cosmos           45000         one-Piece
    Olive             5000         Bikini         Uh, it's Brown.
    Cattleya        550000         Bikini
    Clover (skirt)  100000         Skirt
    Bougainvillea   220000         Camisole       Yet again, Ugh.
    Indigo           12000         Bikini
    Camellia         10000         Bikini
    Freesia          50000         Bikini
    Rose             20000         Bikini        
    Pink            370000         Other          Pink Nightgown. _Original_ Name. 
    Zack Suits
    #1  Genetian
    #2  Jasmine
    #3  Bunny
    Name              Price         Type          Comments
    ----              -----         ----          --------
    Serpent           220000        Shorts
    Perseus            70000        Camisole
    Gemini             20000        Bikini
    Norma              70000        Camisole
    Chameleon          50000        Bikini        Camo!
    Comet             220000        Shorts        Cat on the Rear
    Taurus            170000        Bikini
    Nova                5000        Bikini
    Carina             30000        Bikini
    Libra              70000        Camisole
    Meteor             85000        One-Piece
    Eridanus           50000        Bikini
    Colt              275000        Shorts
    Lepus             170000        Bikini
    Whale             370000        Skirt         Blue and Gold         
    Puppy              30000        Bikini
    Unicorn            30000        Bikini
    Shooting Star       5000        Bikini
    Pyxis             125000        Bikini
    Milky Way         370000        Skirt         Pink and White
    Nebula             20000        Bikini        Black with White Polka dots
    Pictor             30000        Bikini
    Zodiac            170000        Bikini
    Centaurus          50000        Bikini
    Lynx               20000        Bikini
    Cygnus             85000        One-Piece
    Dolphin            20000        Bikini
    Marlin             30000        Bikini
    Hydra              50000        Bikini
    Scorpion          275000        Shorts
    Southern Cross      5000        Bikini
    Andromeda          85000        One-Piece
    Corona             85000        One-Piece
    Little Bear       220000        Shorts        Bear on the Rear
    Lapus             170000        Bikini
    Flying Fish        85000        One-Piece
    Virgo               5000        Bikini
    Aries               5000        Bikini
    Sagittarius        20000        Bikini
    Cepheus           220000        Shorts        Star on the Rear
    Fox               275000        Shorts
    Draco              20000        Bikini
    Leo                30000        Bikini
    Lyra               30000        Bikini
    Galaxy            125000        Bikini       
    Raticulum         220000        Shorts        White Bear on the Rear
    Capricorn          20000        Bikini        
    Cancer            370000        Skirt         Red and Yellow
    Aquarius           30000        Bikini        White with Blue Polka dots
    Eagle              30000        Bikini
    Giraffe           275000        Shorts
    Pegasus           370000        Skirt         White and Blue
    Zack Suits
    #1 Cassiopea
    #2 Orion
    #3 Bear
    Name              Price          Type          Comments
    ----              -----          ----          --------
    Nene              10000          Bikini
    Swan              10000          Bikini
    Penguin          370000          S.O.S.
    Flamingo         170000          Camisole
    Albatross         30000          Bikini
    Swift             30000          Bikini
    Raven             30000          Bikini
    Sparrow          125000          Camisole
    Hummingbird      170000          Camisole
    Oriole           600000          Shorts        Darn Suspenders!!
    Bluebird          50000          Shorts
    Sea Gull           5000          Bikini
    Pigeon            30000          Bikini
    Canary             5000          Bikini
    Emu              250000          One-Piece     Semi-Sheer
    Sparrow (skirt)  500000          Clothes
    Robin              5000          Bikini
    Cardinal          45000          Bikini
    Rosefinch         50000          Shorts
    Hawk (skirt)     500000          Clothes
    Swallow           75000          One-Piece    Flowers all over
    Pipit (skirt)    500000          Clothes
    Falcon            30000          Bikini
    Pigeon            30000          Bikini       Spider-like thing on Rear
    Goose            170000          Comisole
    Bush Warbler      45000          Bikini
    Cuckoo            30000          Bikini
    Paradise          10000          Bikini
    Ibis              10000          Bikini
    Pipit            125000          Camisole
    Nightingale       10000          Bikini
    Hummingbird      170000          Camisole
    Goldcrest          5000          Bikini
    Parrot            10000          Bikini
    Heron            170000          Camisole      Panda on Rear
    Condor           125000          Camisole
    Skylark            5000          Bikini
    Kiwi              50000          Shorts
    Woodpecker        30000          Bikini
    Falcon            30000          Bikini
    Condor (skirt)   500000          Clothes
    Hawk             125000          Camisole
    Zack Suits
    #1 Peacock
    #2 Phoenix
    #3 Panda
    Name              Price        Type          Comments
    ----              -----        ----          --------
    Manhattan        350000        Bikini
    Cafe de Paris    550000        Bikini
    Spritzer         125000        Camisole
    Summer Time      125000        Camisole
    Gimlet           500000        Bikini         Semi-Sheer Butt
    Angel's Wing     550000        Bikini
    Polonaise         20000        One-Piece
    Gin & Tonic       50000        Bikini         Strapless
    Daiquiri          40000        Bikini         Strapless
    Martini          550000        Bikini         Strapless
    Czarine          500000        Bikini         Semi-Sheer Butt
    Blue Moon         50000        Bikini         Strapless
    Black Velvet      50000        Bikini         Strapless
    Habana Beach      30000        One-Piece Thong
    Golden Girl       50000        Bikini         Strapless
    Chi-Chi           40000        Bikini         Strapless
    Mint Frappe      350000        Bikini
    Kir Royal         30000        One-Piece Thong
    Adonis           270000        Bikini
    Papagena          10000        Bikini
    Tequila Sunrise  350000        Bikini
    Singapore Sling   10000        Bikini
    Mai-Tai           20000        One-Piece
    Little Princess  270000        Bikini
    Acapulco         500000        Bikini         Semi-Sheer Butt
    Moscow Mole       30000        One-Piece Thong
    Bloody Mary       40000        Bikini         Strapless
    Blue Lagoon       20000        One-Piece
    Sidecar          125000        Camisole
    Salty Dog        270000        Bikini
    Shandy            20000        One-Piece
    Panache           10000        Bikini
    Zack Suits
    #1 Champs-Elysees
    #2 Margarita
    #3 White Cat
    Name             Price        Type          Comments
    ----             -----        ----          --------
    Cait Sith          5000       Bikini       
    Dryas             10000       One-Piece
    Neries            10000       One-Piece
    Lamina             5000       Bikini
    Banshee           30000       Bikini        Strapless
    Oreas             10000       One-Piece
    Ariel             80000       Camisole
    Ainsel           370000       One-Piece
    Spriggan         370000       One-Piece
    Rousalka          30000       Bikini        Strapless
    Nymph              5000       Bikini
    Elf              125000       Clothes
    Gruagach         270000       Camisole
    Fay               30000       Bikini        Strapless
    Pixie            370000       One-Piece
    Meliae            80000       Camisole
    Gnome             50000       Clothes
    Apsaras          125000       Clothes
    Shylph            80000       Camisole
    Morgan           270000       Camisole
    Echo             550000       One-Piece
    Kikimora           5000       Bikini
    Drac             270000       Camisole
    Undine            50000       clothes
    Nixie             65000       Shorts
    Roane            475000       One-Piece
    Salamander        50000       Clothes
    Merrow            65000       Shorts
    Maridah          125000       Clothes
    Neck             125000       Clothes
    Wilde Frau       370000       One-Piece
    Selky            270000       Camisole
    Naias             10000       One-Piece
    Zack Suits
    #1 Mermaid 
    #2 siren
    #3 Raccoon
    Name             Price        Type          Comments
    ----             -----        ----          --------
    Merope            50000       Bikini
    Antares          500000       Other         Red Bunny Suit
    Aldebaran        120000       Bikini
    Altair            10000       Bikini
    Spica            225000       Bikini        Tassles
    Atlas            500000       Other         Blue Bunny Suit
    Chara            175000       Bikini
    Betelgeuse       280000       Shorts
    Thuban           175000       Bikini
    Pleiades         120000       Bikini
    Pleyone          280000       Shorts
    Sheratan          10000       Bikini
    Vega              20000       Bikini
    Sirius            10000       Bikini        American Flag design
    Dheneb           225000       Bikini        Tassles
    Arcturus         225000       Bikini        Tassles
    Celaeno           10000       Bikini
    Procyon           25000       Camisole
    Castor            25000       Camisole
    Regulus           25000       Camisole
    Mira             120000       Bikini
    Pollux            25000       Camisole
    Apollo           500000       Other         Shiny Black Bunny Suit
    Maia              50000       Bikini
    Capella           10000       Bikini
    Albireo          175000       Bikini
    Arneb            500000       Other         Black Bunny Suit
    Alcyone          370000       Thong
    Fomalhaut        370000       Thong
    Asterope          50000       Bikini
    Algol            500000       Other         Gold Bunny Suit
    Rigel            500000       Other         White Bunny Suit
    Bellatrix        370000       Thong
    Presepe           20000       Bikini
    Mizar             50000       Bikini
    Taygeta          370000       Thong
    Zack Suits
    #1 Canopus
    #2 Polaris
    #3 Black Cat
    Name             Price        Type            Comments
    ----             -----        ----            --------
    Moonstone       170000        Thong           I really Like this one
    Jet             330000        Slit
    Spinel          170000        Thong
    Carnelian       170000        Thong
    Azurite         500000        Slit
    Onyx            220000        Clothes         Looks like underwear
    Turquoise       375000        Thong
    Viridine        275000        Thong
    Heliodor         40000        One-Piece Thong
    Amber           330000        Slit 
    Orthoclase      125000        Bikini
    Sapphire        330000        Slit
    Emerald         125000        Bikini
    Jasper          500000        Slit
    Topaz           115000        Shorts
    Pearl           220000        Clothes          Looks like underwear
    Amethyst         90000        Thong
    Aquamarine       40000        One-Piece Thong
    Citrine         220000        Underwear
    Opal             90000        Thong
    Jade            375000        Thong
    Cat's Eye       125000        Bikini
    Black Pearl     500000        Slit
    Agate           220000        Clothes
    Peridot         275000        Thong
    Lapis Lazuli     90000        Thong
    Incarose         40000        One-Piece Thong
    Obsidian        115000        Shorts
    Alexandrite      40000        One-Piece Thong
    Bloodstone      375000        Thong
    Ruby            125000        Bikini
    Garnet           40000        One-Piece Thong
    Iolite          275000        Thong
    Flourite        170000        Thong
    Zack Suits
    #1 Diamond
    #2 Pyrope
    #3 Panther
    Name             Price        Type          Comments
    ----             -----        ----          --------
    Mach              60000       V-Thong       Silver V-Thong, My Favorite
    Venus           1000000       String
    Victoria         170000       One-Piece
    Cardea            20000       Bikini
    Eirene           600000       V-Thong       Blue V-Thong
    Hela             600000       V-Thong       Green V-Thong
    Selene            45000       Bikini
    Sati              20000       Bikini
    Hastia            20000       Bikini
    Ishtar            10000       Bikini
    Eos               90000       Bikini
    Epona             10000       Bikini
    Lilith            90000       Bikini
    Flora            245000       Bikini
    Cybele           375000       S.O.S.        Orange
    Tiamat           375000       S.O.S.        White
    Bellona           10000       Bikini
    Leto              90000       Bikini
    Gaia             600000       V-Thong       American Flag V-Thong
    Astarte          600000       V-Thong       Red V-Thong
    Ratri            600000       V-Thong       Grey-Green V-Thong
    Usas             600000       V-Thong       Gold V-Thong
    Calliope          20000       Bikini
    Thaleia           10000       Bikini
    Aphrodite         70000       One-Piece
    Diana            170000       One-Piece
    Luna              45000       Bikini
    Kali             375000       S.O.S         Black
    Minerva           90000       Bikini        oooo...Shiny!!
    Demetar           70000       One-Piece
    Athene            20000       Bikini
    Jono              10000       Bikini
    Izanami          245000       Bikini
    Freya             45000       Bikini
    Trivia            10000       Bikini
    Frigg             20000       Bikini
    Sophia           170000       One-Piece
    Aurora            70000       One-Piece     Like a prism
    Brigit            10000       Bikini
    Amatarasu        245000       Bikini
    Dike             170000       one-Piece
    Zack Suits
    #1 Arthemis
    #2 Nike
    #3 Leopard
    4. Types of Swimsuits
    Well, since I can't include pictures in this guide, I've divided the suits up 
    into various types based upon what they look like. Here's where you'll get an 
    explanation of what they mean.
    Type Name                      Description
    ---------                      -----------
    Bikini                         Here's the standard two-piece suit that you'd 
                                   expect. This is he most varied catagory, by the
                                   way. You'll find all types of different Bikinis
                                   but they'll be similar, the only difference 
                                   being something small, such as a string side or
    One-Piece                      Uh, it's a one-piece swimming suit. There's 
                                   not much you can really say about it. Suits 
                                   that I classify as just One-Piece are pretty 
    Thong                          It's a thong Bikini. The tops come in various 
                                   levels of skimpiness. Also, it seems that the 
                                   more expensive the Thong, the smaller the 
                                   little triangle is.
    One-Piece Thong                This is an odd little contradiction. We have 
                                   the modest One-Piece design, but with a thonged
                                   butt. Eh, oh well.
    Skirt                          These are suits that have skirts for the bottom
                                   half. Some of them look like cheerleader 
    Clothes                        These look like standard everyday clothes. 
                                   Well, not standard, but short shorts and a 
    Camisole                       These have some sort of shirt like top.
                                   I don't particually care for most of these.
    Shorts                         These have some sort of shorts for the bottom.
    Shorts over suit (S.O.S.)      These are when it appears that they are wearing
                                   some sort of swimsuit, but it is partially 
                                   covered by shorts.
    Slit                           One-Piece Suits with a slit down the middle
    V-Thong                        These are one-piece suits, but they only cover 
                                   the "essentials". Hence, they are shaped like 
                                   a V, and that's the source of the name. Lisa is 
                                   the only character that can purchase these.
    String                         There's only one Bikini in this class, the 
                                   Venus. Lisa is the only one who can buy it, and
                                   I chose to give it it's own class because of 
                                   how revealing it is. Basically, it's strings 
                                   little discs on the top and a triangle on the 
    5. List of all suits
    Want a Particular Suit, but don't know who has it? Look here. Listing of the 
    Suit and who can purchase it (if anyone). If Zack has to give it to you, then 
    I'll say Zack, and then the name of the girl he gives it to in parenthesis.
    Name                                Purchaser
    ----                                ---------
    Acacia                              Kasumi
    Acapulco                            Helena
    Adonis                              Helena
    Agate                               Christie
    Ainsel                              Ayane
    Albatross                           Lei-Fang
    Albireo                             Tina
    Alcyone                             Tina
    Aldebaran                           Tina
    Alexandrite                         Christie
    Algol                               Tina
    Altair                              Tina
    Amaryllis                           Kasumi
    Amatarsu                            Lisa
    Amber                               Christie
    Amethyst                            Christie
    Angel's Wing                        Helena
    Aphrodite                           Lisa
    Apollo                              Tina
    Apsaras                             Ayane
    Aquamarine                          Christie
    Aquarius                            Hitomi
    Arcturus                            Tina
    Ariel                               Ayane
    Aries                               Hitomi
    Arneb                               Tina
    Arthemis                            Zack (Lisa)
    Astarte                             Lisa
    Asterope                            Tina
    Athene                              Lisa
    Atlas                               Tina
    Andromeda                           Hitomi
    Antares                             Tina
    Aurora                              Lisa
    Azurite                             Christie
    Banshee                             Ayane
    Bear                                Zack (Hitomi)
    Begonia                             Kasumi
    Bellatrix                           Tina
    Bellona                             Lisa
    Betelgeuse                          Tina
    Black Cat                           Zack (Tina)
    Black Pearl                         Christie
    Black Velvet                        Helena
    Bloody Mary                         Helena
    Bloodstone                          Christie
    Bluebird                            Lei-Fang
    Blue Lagoon                         Helena
    Blue Moon                           Helena
    Bougainvillea                       Kasumi
    Brigit                              Lisa
    Bunny                               Zack (Kasumi)
    Bush Warbler                        Lei-Fang
    Cafe de Paris                       Helena
    Cait Sith                           Ayane
    Calliope                            Lisa
    Camellia                            Kasumi
    Canary                              Lei-Fang
    Cancer                              Hitomi
    Canopus                             Zack (Tina)
    Capella                             Tina
    Capricorn                           Hitomi
    Carnation                           Kasumi
    Carnation (Skirt)                   Kasumi
    Cardea                              Lisa
    Cardinal                            Lei-Fang
    Carina                              Hitomi
    Carnelian                           Christie
    Cassiopea                           Zack (Hitomi)
    Castor                              Tina
    Cat's Eye                           Christie
    Cattleya                            Kasumi
    Celaeno                             Tina
    Centaurus                           Hitomi
    Cepheus                             Hitomi
    Chara                               Tina
    Chameleon                           Hitomi
    Chamomile                           Kasumi
    Champs-Elysees                      Zack (Helena)
    Cherry Blossom                      Kasumi
    Chi-Chi                             Helena
    Citrine                             Christie
    Clover                              Kasumi
    Clover (Skirt)                      Kasumi
    Colt                                Hitomi
    Comet                               Hitomi
    Condor                              Lei-Fang
    Condor (Skirt)                      Lei-Fang
    Corona                              Hitomi
    Cosmos                              Kasumi
    Cuckoo                              Lei-Fang
    Cybele                              Lisa
    Cyclamen                            Kasumi
    Cygnus                              Hitomi
    Czarine                             Helena
    Dahlia                              Kasumi
    Daiquiri                            Helena
    Daisy                               Kasumi
    Dandelion                           Kasumi
    Demeter                             Lisa
    Dheneb                              Tina
    Diana                               Lisa
    Diamond                             Zack (Christie)
    Dike                                Lisa
    Dolphin                             Hitomi
    Drac                                Ayane
    Draco                               Hitomi
    Dryas                               Ayane
    Eagle                               Hitomi
    Echo                                Ayane
    Eirene                              Lisa
    Elf                                 Ayane
    Emerald                             Christie
    Emu                                 Lei-Fang
    Eos                                 Lisa
    Epona                               Lisa
    Eridanus                            Hitomi
    Falcon                              Lei-Fang
    Fay                                 Ayane
    Flamingo                            Lei-Fang
    Flora                               Lisa
    Flourite                            Christie
    Flying Fish                         Hitomi
    Fomalhaut                           Tina
    Fox                                 Hitomi
    Freesia                             Kasumi
    Freya                               Lisa
    Frigg                               Lisa
    Gaia                                Lisa
    Galaxy                              Hitomi
    Garnet                              Christie
    Gemini                              Hitomi
    Genetian                            Zack (Kasumi)
    Gerbera                             Kasumi
    Gimlet                              Helena
    Gin & Tonic                         Helena
    Giraffe                             Hitomi
    Gnome                               Ayane
    Goldcrest                           Lei-Fang
    Golden Girl                         Helena
    Goose                               Lei-Fang
    Gruagach                            Ayane
    Habana Beach                        Helena
    Hastia                              Lisa
    Hawk                                Lei-Fang
    Hawn (Skirt)                        Lei-Fang
    Hummingbird                         Lei-Fang
    Heliodor                            Christie
    Heron                               Lei-Fang
    Hummingbird                         Lei-Fang
    Hyacinth                            Kasumi
    Hyadrangea                          Kasumi
    Hydra                               Hitomi
    Ibis                                Lei-Fang
    Indigo                              Kasumi
    Indigo (Skirt)                      Kasumi
    Incarose                            Christie
    Iolite                              Christie
    Iris                                Kasumi
    Ishtar                              Lisa
    Izanami                             Lisa
    Jade                                Christie
    Jasmine                             Zack (Kasumi)
    Jasper                              Christie
    Jono                                Lisa
    Jet                                 Christie
    Kali                                Lisa
    Kikimora                            Ayane
    Kir Royal                           Helena
    Kiwi                                Lei-Fang
    Lamina                              Ayane
    Lapis Lazuli                        Christie
    Lapus                               Hitomi
    Leo                                 Hitomi
    Lepus                               Hitomi
    Libra                               Hitomi
    Lilac                               Kasumi
    Lilith                              Lisa
    Lily                                Kasumi
    Little Bear                         Hitomi
    Little Princess                     Helena
    Luna                                Lisa
    Lynx                                Hitomi
    Lyra                                Hitomi
    Mach                                Lisa
    Maia                                Tina
    Mai-Tai                             Helena
    Manhattan                           Helena
    Margarita                           Zack (Helena)
    Marguerite                          Kasumi
    Maridah                             Ayane
    Marigold                            Kasumi
    Marlin                              Hitomi
    Martini                             Helena
    Meliae                              Ayane
    Mermaid                             Zack (Ayane)
    Merope                              Tina
    Merrow                              Ayane
    Meteor                              Hitomi
    Milky Way                           Hitomi
    Minerva                             Lisa
    Mint Frappe                         Helena
    Mira                                Tina
    Mizar                               Tina
    Moonstone                           Christie
    Morning Glory                       Kasumi
    Moscow Mole                         Helena
    Morgan                              Ayane
    Naias                               Ayane
    Nebula                              Hitomi
    Neck                                Ayane
    Nene                                Lei-Fang
    Neries                              Ayane
    Nightingale                         Lei-Fang
    Nixie                               Ayane
    Norma                               Hitomi
    Nova                                Hitomi
    Nymph                               Ayane
    Obsidian                            Christie
    Olive                               Kasumi
    Onyx                                Christie
    Opal                                Christie
    Oreas                               Ayane
    Oriole                              Lei-Fang
    Orion                               Zack (Hitomi)
    Orthoclase                          Christie
    Panache                             Helena
    Panda                               Zack (Lei-Fang)
    Pansy                               Kasumi
    Panther                             Zack (Christie)
    Papagena                            Helena
    Paradise                            Lei-Fang
    Parrot                              Lei-Fang
    Peacock                             Zack (Lei-Fang)
    Pearl                               Chrisite
    Pegasus                             Hitomi
    Penguin                             Lei-Fang
    Peony                               Kasumi
    Peridot                             Christie
    Perseus                             Hitomi
    Phoenix                             Zack (Lei-Fang)
    Pictor                              Hitomi
    Pigeon                              Lei-Fang
    Pigeon (skirt)                      Lei-Fang
    Pink                                Kasumi
    Pipit                               Lei-Fang
    Pipit (skirt)                       Lei-Fang
    Pixie                               Ayane
    Pleides                             Tina
    Pleyone                             Tina
    Polaris                             Zack (Tina)
    Polonaise                           Helena
    Pollox                              Tina
    Presepe                             Tina
    Procyon                             Tina
    Puppy                               Hitomi
    Pyrope                              Zack (Christie)
    Pyxis                               Hitomi
    Raccoon                             Zack (Ayane)
    Ratri                               Lisa
    Raven                               Lei-Fang
    Raticulum                           Hitomi
    Regulus                             Tina
    Rigel                               Tina
    Roane                               Ayane
    Robin                               Lei-Fang
    Rose                                Kasumi
    Rosefinch                           Lei-Fang
    Rousalka                            Ayane
    Ruby                                Christie
    Sagittarius                         Hitomi
    Salamander                          Ayane
    Salty Dog                           Helena
    Salvia                              Kasumi
    Sapphire                            Christie
    Sasanqua                            Kasumi
    Sati                                Lisa
    Scorpion                            Hitomi
    Sea Gull                            Lei-Fang
    Selene                              Lisa
    Serpent                             Hitomi
    Shandy                              Helena
    Shertan                             Tina
    Shooting Star                       Hitomi
    Shylph                              Ayane
    Sidecar                             Helena
    Singapore Sling                     Helena
    Siren                               Zack (Ayane)
    Sirius                              Tina
    Skylark                             Lei-Fang
    Southern Cross                      Hitomi
    Spica                               Tina
    Spinel                              Christie
    Spriggan                            Ayane
    Spritzer                            Helena
    Summer Time                         Helena
    Swallow                             Lei-Fang
    Swallow (skirt)                     Lei-Fang
    Sweet Pea                           Kasumi
    Taurus                              Hitomi
    Taygeta                             Tina
    Tequila Sunrise                     Helena
    Thatleia                            Lisa
    Thuban                              Tina
    Tiamat                              Lisa
    Topaz                               Christie
    Trivia                              Lisa
    Tulip                               Kasumi
    Turquoise                           Christie
    Undine                              Ayane
    Unicorn                             Hitomi
    Usas                                Lisa
    Vega                                Tina
    Venus                               Lisa
    Virgo                               Hitomi
    Viridine                            Christie
    Whale                               Hitomi
    White Cat                           Zack (Helena)
    Wilde Frau                          Ayane
    Woodpecker                          Lei-Fang
    Zodiac                              Hitomi
    6. Credits
    Me- Well, I DID write the thing, I should get credit for it.
    Josh (xereth)- For alot! Owning the game, helping with the typing, a LOT 
                   of stuff.
    CJayC - Owner of the site, he HAS to get credit for it.
    Elly Person - E-mailed me
    7. Version History
    Version 0.39
    Started Guide. Added Basic suit information for Lisa, Tina, Helena, and some 
    Kasumi. Started List of all suits.
    Version 0.77
    Added a BUNCH of suits. Finished Lei-Fang, Christie, and most of Kasumi. A 
    little more.
    Version 0.94
    March 2003
    Finished Kasumi, started Hitomi. One more update should do it.
    Version 1.00
    Finished Hitomi, basics are finished. Still missing some Zack suits for 
    Lei-Fang, Tina, Helena, and Ayane. Missing Types for several of the suits.
    Version 1.50
    First update after posting. Added the types for all the remaining suits. 
    Added information for ALL of the suits.
    Version 1.51
    Changed the my E-Mail for the Contact information (ME being Xenon).
    Version 1.52
    Made two price corrections (props to Elly, see credits).
    8. Contact Information
    Questions, comments, fan, and hate mail should be directed here...
    Or here
    put an @ symbol in place of (AT), spam is evil.
    Also, feel free to E-Mail Spelling problems in the guide. With so many suits 
    that have odd names, it's easy to miss a few letters.
    9. Closing
    Well, that's the end of the guide. I hope that it's helped you dress your 
    girls for success. Now go have some fun and relax!!!!
    Copyright (c)2003, 2004 by Luke M. Stevenson & Joshua Adam Fenton

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