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    Christie by Tom Thomson

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                          Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball
                                   A FAQ on Christie 
                                   By Tom T. Thomson
    *Table of Contents*
        A  Introduction
             A(a) FAQ Intro
             A(b) DOAX Intro
        B Christie
             B(a) Profiles
                  B(a)-a DOA3
                  B(a)-b DOAX
                    B(a)-b(a) Stats and what they mean
             B(a)-c Moods
             B(b) Items
                  B(b)-a Love Items
                  B(b)-b Like Items
                  B(b)-c Dislike Items
                  B(b)-d Hate Items
             B(c) Swimsuits
        C Miscellaneous
            C(a) Notice on Venus
            C(b) Gifts and Replies
            C(c) Holes
            C(d) Tips on Jump Serves
            C(e) Tips on Skimpy Suits
        D Credits
          D(a) Legal stuff
          D(b) Contact
          D(c) Thank yous
    A Introduction
    A(a) FAQ Intro
         This is a FAQ on a very misunderstood character, Christie.  She's one
     of my favorites characters in Beach Volleyball and I think she's also one
     of the easiest to please.  All I want to do in this FAQ, is to help people
     play as her or give things to her, etc...
    A(b) DOAX Intro
         Game: Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball
         Platform: Xbox
         Rating: M (mature)
    B Christie
    B(a) Profile
    B(a)-a The following is from Prima's Official Dead or Alive 3 Strategy 
    Christie has all the characteristics required of an assassin, and this 
    cold-blooded woman has undergone the ultimate adaptation- excelling in the
    art of She Quan, which she employs to the fullest.  Christie has been hired 
    Donovan, leader of DOATEC's anti- Douglas faction, and she enters the Dead 
     Alive tournament to keep an eye on Helena.
    Nationality: English
    Birthday: December 18
    Age: 24
    Blood Type: B
    Height/Weight:5'10",126 lbs
    Measurements: Bust 37", Waist 23", Hips 35"
    Fighting Style: She Quan (aka Snake Fist)
    Occupation: Assassin
    Likes: Tomato Juice
    Hobbies: Driving
    B(a)-b The following is from the Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball 
    An incomparably cold-hearted woman with all the characteristics required of 
    Nationality: British (English)
    Height/Weight: 5'10", 126 lbs
    Body Size: B37" W23" H35"
    Birthday: December 18
    Age: 24 years old
    Blood Type: B
    Hobbies: Driving
    Likes: Tomato Juice
    Favorite Color: Black
     B(a)-b(a) Stats and what they mean
    Power: # # #
     Three...  Not a powerhouse.  But she does have amazing power if you time 
    right.  I've found the longer the distance the ball travels, the more 
    the spike.  By no means that that mean she can hit Tina hard enough to have 
    her fall, but she can get almost everyone else.  If timed properly, a spike 
    from Christie can knock down everyone except Tina and Hitomi.  Not bad.  It 
    could be worse.  She could have been like Kasumi, with one...
    Technique: # # #
    Once mastered, technique is the best weapon in the game.  Use it.  For those 
    who have no idea what that means it's simple: it's where you aim. Example: 
    run up to the net  for a spike, after waiting for the best moment to spike 
    do... and  the ball smacks into Lisa who was waiting right in front of the 
     She in turn passes the ball to Tina, who was waiting on the far left, and 
    spikes and scores.  Or you could: run up to the net for a spike, wait for 
    time that will give you the most power, then quickly push the thumbstick/
    d-pad to your right and hit that nice big hole Lisa and Tina forgot to 
     That's what technique does.  Use it.  The AI players leave a ton of holes 
    far to often.  If you aim of them, you will properly win.
    Defense:  # # # #
    Affects two things: blocking and back court perfromance.
    This is what I have to say on blocking:
    Why oh why must her strength be the one thing you shouldn't do?!?!  Why!?  
    What I'm saying is, despite the fact she's the strongest in this area than 
    anything else, you should not block.  ...  Well I guess I shouldn't say that.  
    I do block.  But I only let myself block one good block 
    per match.  Chances are the block will be their point.  It almost always is.  
    So, just to be safe, don't.
    B(a)-c  Moods
     How to read your Christie 101.  What am I talking about?  That little 
     of her, that's what.  I find her fairly easy to read.  Some people don't.  
    There are about one key tad bit that you should look for when reading 
    Christie's mood.
    If she's looking towards your right, she is unwilling.
    If she's looking towards your left, she is usual.
    If she's looking at you, head slightly down, she's confident.
    Okay, now that you know how to read your Christie, what should you expect 
     her.  If she's unwilling, most likely she will stand there and 
    look pretty and let the ball pass her, and sometimes let it hit her.  
    Sometimes, though, she will pass/ receive/ spike the ball.  But not very 
    If she's usual, she may eat sand for you/ her partner.  But not very likely.  
    She will play fairly well.If she's confident, she will do everything in her 
    ability to help you/ her partner win the match.  Which is a lot.
    B(b)  Items
    Or what I like to call: A Fast And Easy But Surprisingly Expensive Way To 
    Christie To Love You!  Or AFAEBSEWTGCTLY for short.  This section will have 
    four part to it: Love Items (One, two, three, and she loves you), Like Items 
    (One, two, three...  Nope, she wont marry you), Dislike Items (One...  Oops too 
    many items from this category) and Hate Items (O- NO!  DON'T GIVE HER ANY OF 
    THESES!!).  Fairly strait forward.  
    Note on the notes: The music notes that fly above her head tell you how much 
    she likes you.  None mean she doesn't like you, when they don't go away, 
    that's the best time to ask her to a) marry you or b) give her Venus.
    Note on below: There are three columns.  Each column is from a store.  
    the first one, this one only applies if you're not Christie.  That column is 
    swimsuits.  None of her own is included.  The second column is from 'Zack of 
    All Trades'.  And the last is from the Accessory Shop.  Also, the section 
    Items has items that you can only get at 'Zack of All Trades'.
    B(b)-a Love Items
    Army Knives
    Blue Guitar
    British Bread
    Brown Guitar
    Gold Revolver
    Guitar (Blue/Red)
     Guitar (Brown/White)
    Leather Steering Wheel
    Orange Guitar
    Pistol (Black)
    Silver Revolver
    Sub-Machine Gun
    Tomato Juice
    White Guitar
    Wood Steering Wheel
    B(b)-b Like Items
    Andromeda       Black Compact                        Black Bangle
    Black Velve     Black Fan                            Black Sneakers
    Centaurus       Nail Polish (Black)                  Black Wristwatch
    Chameleon       Scholarly Book "Anti-Gravity"        Camouflage Sneakers
    Chara           Scholarly Book "Clone"               Goggle Sunglasses 
    Eridanus        Scholarly Book "Cyborg"              Low Profile Cap (Black)
    Fay             Scholarly Book "Time Machine"        Oval Sunglasses (Black)
    Gnome           Scholarly Book "Warp"
    Hawk            Union Jack Ball
    Tequila Sunrise
    B(b)-c Dislike Items
    Acapulco              Collar                    Navy Ribbon
    Alcyone               Crystal Ball              Pink Ribbon
    Angel's Wing          Doughnuts                 Purple Ribbon
    Apollo                Frying Pan                Red Polka-Dot Sandals
    Aquarius              Grape Juice               White Ribbon
    Arneb                 Hourglass
    Cafe De Paris         Lavender
    Cepheus               Lily
    Cherry Blossom        Microwave Oven
    Clover (skirt)        Milk
    Comet                 Orange Juice
    Czarine               Polka-Dot Volleyball
    Dahlia                Prototype Xbox
    Dandelion             Recipe "Sanuki Udon"
    Emu                   Recipe "Sashimi"
    Fomalhaut             Recipe "Shabu-Shabu"
    Freesia               Recipe "Sukiyaki"
    Gerbera               Recipe "Sushi"
    Gimlet                Recipe "Tempura"
    Ibis                  Recipe "Yakisoba"
    Indigo (skirt)        Recipe "Yakitori"
    Little Bear           Silver Set
    Pipit (skirt)         Stars And Stripes Ball
    Pixie                 Strawberry Juice
    Ratri                 Strawberry Millefeuille
    Reticulum             Tarot Cards
    Sirius                Ukulele
    Sparrow (skirt)
    Wild Frau
    B(b)-d Hate Items
    Acacia                 Amethyst
    Algol                  Aquamarine
    Antares                Balloons
    Astarte                Blancmange
    Atlas                  Blue Conch
    Cancer                 Blue Origami
    Cattleya               Checked Cushion
    Cybele                 Cherry Pie
    Echo                   Chinese Dessert
    Eirene                 Clover Brooch
    Flamingo               Cute Cushion
    Gaia                   Diamond
    Goose                  Dolphin Brooch
    Hela                   Dolphin Clock
    Heron                  Dolphin Sea World Ticket
    Hummingbird            Emerald
    Kali                   Flower Brooch
    Lilac                  Garnet
    Mach                   Green Murex
    Milky Way              Heart Brooch
    Oriole                 Jewel Brooch
    Pegasus                Marrons Glaces
    Pink                   Music Box
    Rigel                  Opal
    Roane                  Orange Origami
    Sasanqua               Panda Doll
    Tiamat                 Peridot
    Usas                   Pink Feather Fan
    Whale                  Pink Murex
                           Purple Conch
                           Shell Brooch
                           Sky Blue Feather Fan
                           Sky Blue Shell
                           Star Brooch
                           Swallowtail Brooch
                           Teddy Bear (Brown)
                           Teddy Bear (Pink)
                           White Conch
                           White Origami
                           White Shell
                           Yellow Feather Fan
                           Yellow Murex
                           Yellow Shell
                           Zack's Autograph
                           Zack's Figure
    B(c) Swimsuits
    The following will be just a list of her swimsuit names and how much they 
    Moonstone 170000
    Jet 330000 
    Spinel 170000 
    Carnelian 170000 
    Azurite 500000 
    Onyx 220000 
    Turquoise 375000 
    Viridine 275000 
    Heliodor 40000 
    Amber 330000 
    Orthoclase 125000 
    Sapphire 330000 
    Emerald 125000 
    Jasper 500000 
    Topaz 115000 
    Pearl 220000 
    Amethyst 90000 
    Aquamarine 40000 
    Citrine 220000 
    Opal 90000 
    Jade 375000 
    Cat's Eye 125000 
    Black Pearl 500000 
    Agate 220000 
    Peridot 275000 
    Lapis Lazuli 90000 
    Incarose 40000
    Obsidian 115000
    Alexandrite 40000 
    Bloodstone 375000
    Ruby 125000
    Garnet 40000
    Iolite 275000
    Flourite 170000 
    C  Miscellaneous
    This section is just a bunch of info on Christie and the game.  Random.  Or 
    not so.  
    C(a) Notice on Venus
    You may or may not have noticed that I have placed Lisa's infamous swimsuit 
    Venus under 'Dislike'.  This is true. She is the only character in the game 
    that doesn't hate Venus.
    C(b) Gifts and Replies
    Now, when you give her a gift (and she likes you enough to open it), she 
    say something.  
    If you give her a Love Item (see B(b)-a), she will say: "Hee hee, thanks a 
    If you give her a Like Item (see B(b)-b), she will say: "Thanks, I mean it."
    If you give her a Neutral Item (not included, anything not listed), she will 
    say: "Okay, I'll keep it."
    If you give her a Dislike Item (B(b)-c), she will say: "What's this supposed 
    to mean?"
    If you give her a Hate Item (B(b)-d), she will say: "Huh...What is this?"
    C(c) Holes
    Before I mentioned holes.  These are normally because someone will move to 
    block your spike, but you've already jumped for it.  If you're going to 
    block, block.  
    C(d) Tips on Jump Serves
    We've all seen the jump serve, right?  And I'm sure we've all tried it, 
    And I'm sure we've all had the ball hit the net, right?  Of course!  Tip:
    Watch the girl's left hand (the one outstretched), when it's the right time
    to finish the serve, the hand will be a fist.  The best time to finish the 
    serve is right as her hand is formed into a fist.  Also, try the normal 
    overhand serve a few times.  The timing on both are more or less the same.
    C(e) Tips on Skimpy Suits
    Having trouble getting that really skimpy suit on that really sweet girl?
    Vist http://www.tecmogames.com/ubb/Forum23/HTML/002790.html
    This is a link that will take you stright to a thread on Tecmo's website.  
    Fuzzy Fuzzpuppy has a foolproof method.  It is a bit complex, but if your 
    pressed, I bet you'll do it. (Tip: you don't have to be as strick with going 
    and off the pool icon in PlanB as he has you.)
    D Credits
    D(a) Legal Stuff
    Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball is (c) of Tecmo and Team Ninja.  This 
    however, is not.  This is (c) of Tom T. Thomson, me.
    D(b) Contact
    If you want to tell me something about this FAQ or otherwise, my e-mail is 
    tomtt(at)fitzgibbon.com  You may contact me through that.
    D(c) Thank yous
    I have to thank Xenon/Xereth18 for letting me use their Swimsuit Guide.  
    guide may be found on the website www.gamefaqs.com  Thank you to you both.  
    also must thank Robert Goode (shipwreck) for letting me use his Loved Item 
     (which can be found at www.gamefaqs.com) in this FAQ.  And of course thank 
    you to you, the clueless fan boy who read this.

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