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    Scarab Location Guide by Johanass

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 03/10/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Scarab FAQ
    Version Listing:
    1.0 - Preliminary listing that has rough directions to 47 of the scarabs.
    1.5 - Listing of 49 of 50 scarabs, will go through and flesh out the
    locations in a little bit.
    1.7 - All scarabs listed, will flesh out the locations in next revision.
    Scarab locations by Chapter:
    CHAPTER 1-2
    No scarabs
    1. Airship: "Captain's Quarters", Next to the window, fairly obvious
    2. Airship: Go all the way to the back of the living quarters area
    When you unlock all the doors, open the room in the far back, it's
    Full of large steel containers, climb over the containers to the
    Rear of the room, you will find the scarab between the chests.
    3. Airship: After climbing the stairs to the 2 sentry guards at the
    end of the level, do a wall climb up to the next level and kill the
    three guards, you will see a large steel box to your left, jump on
    top of it and look up, bird flip up to the next level through the
    opening, you will find the scarab on that catwalk.
    4. Tairon: When you enter "The Great Bridge" area, Check the map for
    the exact place. it's the door with the green gems next to Murasma's,
    right after you enter, look to the left and you'll see a fountain
    with a scarab in it.
    5. Tairon: Same area as above, on the way to the switch to unlock the
    gemmed door, you'll find this scarab lying next to a downed ninja, I
    believe his name was Sabu; you get his diary here also.
    6. Tairon: In the Han's Bar area, you will find this scarab down the
    alleyway you wall-run and jump to get to the windmill shuriken and the
    giant Xbox symbol.
    7. Tairon: After you leave the drawbridge area, walk through the Blue
    Gemmed door, walk about halfway through till you see an opening on both
    sides of you, on the left is a chest with the Pegasus key, on the right
    you will be able to see a scarab in the left hand building. Do a wall
    run on the right hand building and continue the run to the far wall
    then jump into the alcove to claim the scarab.
    8. Dworku: Once you've climbed up the area called "Drawbridge Hill" you
    will find a save point directly in front of you, there is also a scarab
    in the same alcove.
    9. Dworku: Same area as above, looking at the save point turn right,
    watch the left hand buildings as you walk down and there will be a small
    alcove, inside is a scarab.
    10. Monastery: The right hand room of the monastery, "The Archive" you
    will find the second floor has a bunch of glass cases, break the glass
    and claim the scarab hiding there.
    11. Monastery: Same room as above, when you continue around the second
    floor, you need to bird flip up to the next level, when you land, there
    will be a scarab next to you.
    12. Monastery: Head out of that room, you will be in the upper part of
    the large cathedral. Walk over to the left side and jump to the balcony
    on the left, there is a scarab on the floor of the balcony.
    13. Underground Cemetery: After you put the Book of Eons in the altar,
    climb down and look to the right, there is a scarab on the floor.
    14. Underground Cemetery: After you run from the walk and go all the
    way down the spiral ramp you enter a room with floating one-eyed fiends,
    kill them and go to the far right corner, bird-flip into the alcove in
    the corner and grab the next scarab on the floor there.
    15. Underground Cemetery: After you climb down the spiral ramp to the
    very bottom, where the giant plates are that the giant chains are
    connected to, go into the next room at the base, look to your right in
    that room, you will find a scarab
    As you enter the tombs, there's a Scarab in a hole on the right.
    16. Hidden Underground: After you kill the giant dragon and it falls to
    it's death climb all the way down. When you drop into the chamber with
    the dragon's bones, climb around to the back of the room, you will find
    a scarab in one of the coffin chambers that are recessed in the wall.
    17. Hidden Underground: Once you enter into the room with the large
    suspension bridge, look to the right, and grab the scarab.
    18. Hidden Underground: In the chamber that holds the blue eye you push
    in you will find another scarab underneath the far platform.
    19. Hidden Underground: After the entire place gets flooded, swim to the
    elevator, just before you go in you should see another scarab that is on
    the floor.
    20. Tairon: Now that you have the Skull key you can go to the door, which
    is next to the entrance to the Military Base and open the skull door and
    grab the scarab on the other side of the fence. (If you can't find the
    room, when in the Military Base entrance, look at the building and go into
    the door on the left, after that, the door is on your right)
    21. Tairon: Same room, Bird-flip up to the third story, (where you get the
    strong bow) and jump to the wall opposite the third floor to wall run to
    the left into another alcove with a scarab in it.
    22. Military Supply Base: Just after you exit the tunnel look to the left
    and to find a scarab just outside the exit.
    23. Military Supply Base: When you first enter you will see a train to your
    right, go to its rear left side and do a wall run up the side, at the top
    press Y and the attack will drop you on top of the train next to a scarab.
    24. Military Supply Base: Once you get to the third tier of the warehouse,
    wall jump up the small room and on top of it there is another scarab. (the
    room is the one with the shutter key and map in it)
    25. Military Supply Base: After you take down the Helicopter you proceed
    along the catwalks to the area that you need to bird-flip all the way to
    the top of the building, at the top you will see a scarab at your feet.
    CHAPTER 10
    26. Aqueduct: After you get the Inazuma Ninpo scroll from the dead electric
    eel, turn around and look up, you will see the wall does not go all the way
    to the top of the room, wall-run up it to find another scarab.
    27. Aqueduct: From the above room, once you exit the room and you will be in the
    upper tier of the "Hall of Balance," on the opposite side, the back right
    from where you start, you will find yet another scarab
    28. Aqueduct 1: In the "Red Water Reservoir" you will see a chest on your
    left and on your right is a scarab.
    29. Aqueduct: After you open the door with the water spirit and go down the
    shaft, walk in and around the corner on your left will be a tunnel leading
    to a boss fight with the two electric eels, on the left will be a scarab.
    30. Aqueduct: After you defeat the two eels the one on the left was hiding a
    scarab in his alcove.
    31. Aqueduct: In the "Blue Water Reservoir" you will find a scarab at the
    bottom of the pool.
    32. Peristyle Passage: Once you enter the room turn right, and look up to the
    top of the pillars on the right, One of them doesn't go all the way to the top.
    Wall-jump between the two pillars and you will find a scarab on top of that one.
    33. Underground Sanctuary: When you first enter the "Underground Sanctuary"
    enter the room on the left, you will find a room full of debris, with a dead
    Ninja and a scarab on the floor.
    34. Underground Sanctuary: On the top tier of the "Underground Sanctuary"
    room you find the Brand of Valor, left of that you will see a column, walk
    around the column for another scarab.
    CHAPTER 11
    35. Moat of Zarkhan: Dive into the moat and swim to the right, swim under
    the grate into the opening and you will be rewarded with another scarab.
    36. Moat of Zarkhan: After you see Murasma swim into the next pool, and swim
    to the surface, there is a scarab on the platform in front of you.
    37. Moat of Zarkhan: Once you exit into the large chamber with the silver
    medallion and the large sunken boat, you will find this fairly obvious scarab
    next to the entrance you came in from, and it's also the only way out of here.
    You should be able to see it once you’re leaving.
    38. Moat of Zarkhan: After you use the hand crank and swim back into the
    bottom of the ship you will find a scarab to the direct right of the oxygen
    39. Hidden Underground: Back in the room with the sarcophagus where you got
    the statue of the Wolf Deity and the Skull key, swim up to the top of the
    room and you will see a scarab is on the wall above the sarcophagus.
    CHAPTER 12
    40. The Stadium: In the Stadium, after you defeat Doku, go into the room
    opposite the one you entered through, on the immediate left you will find
    a scarab.
    41. The Stadium: Above the entrance you came into the stadium to fight Doku,
    go all the way around, running on each wall to each new platform until you get
    a platform to lower beside the entrance, then wall jump up the wall and grab
    the scarab.
    42. The Stadium: Once you get to the top of the Stadium (there are many ways to,
    choose whichever way works best for you) you will find a scarab on the far left
    of the upper tier.
    43. Stairway to the Imperial Palace: Past the stairway, you find a save point
    with three large stone heads next to it, smash the three heads with the hammer
    and you will be rewarded with a scarab and a life of the gods.
    44. Stairway to the Imperial Palace: Further down you will find a small lake,
    swim to the bottom for another scarab.
    45. Ice Cavern: After grabbing the Cog of Vigoor and proceeding down the ice
    corridor, you will find a save point and a scarab right near it.
    46. Fire Cavern: Once you come to a large chamber with a platform that moves like
    a see-saw, look to the right and you will see a scarab on a long platform.
    47. Fire Cavern: Once you come to the Fire Path with the Tower Flamethrowers, at
    the second set of them, (the set that has two of them going of in 2 directions at
    you) go to the left alcove from at their intersection for another scarab.
    CHAPTER 13
    No scarabs
    CHAPTER 14
    48. The Labyrinth: After opening the door of the Lion, take a left and you will
    follow the corridor down to another scarab.
    49. The Labyrinth: once you move past the corridor with fish, the path will twist
    to the right and gently starts to slope downwards, at the bottom of it take a left
    and then another quick left for another scarab.
    CHAPTER 15
    50. The Core: After exiting out of the 4rth chamber you can walk off the ledge to
    the left, do that, and continue around to find another scarab, turn around and walk
    off the other side and you'll find yourself on the outside of the third chamber
    with the large skulls.
    This Document is Copyright 2003 by Johanass (Chris Lefevre)
    Ninja Gaiden and all related marks are copyrighted and trademarked by their
    respective owners. I am not affiliated with them in any way.
    This FAQ was created by me Johanass and has been put together from information I
    have found myself from playing the game. I can be contacted if you have any
    questions at: dimmesdale@netzero.com
    Thanks to Team Ninja for an Awesome game,and to MethoD_X for telling
    me how to get scarab #26, and HorseCalledWar for scarab # 32
    You may not copy or publish this FAQ anywhere, as it is copyright to me. I have only
    given my permission to Gamefaqs.com to publish it.
    This FAQ may not be posted on any site in part or in full, unless I have been
    notified and have personally approved it. Also nobody is allowed to profit off of
    this FAQ.
    You may save this FAQ and also print it out if you wish.

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