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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Subliminal Celsius

    Version: V. 2.25 | Updated: 12/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 NINJA GAIDEN
    Ninja Gaiden walkthrough (XBOX)
    V.1 (March 9, 2004)
    V.1.25 (March 9, 2004)
    V. 1.50 (March 13, 2004)
    V. 1.75 (March 20, 2004)
    V. 2.0 (June 26, 2004)
    V. 2.25 (December 20, 2004) 
    Author: Celsius (Me, the one typing this)
                          Table Of contents (CTRL + F if you need help finding)
                                 I. Contact information
                                II. Disclaimer
                               III. Version history
                                IV. Game information
                                    a. Staring information
                                       b. Controls
                                         c. Gameplay basics
                                 V. Inventory
                                    i. POWER-UP ITEMS
                                     ii. RESTORATION ITEMS
                                      iii. ARMLETS
                                        iv. PROJECTILE WEAPONS
                                          v. MELEE WEAPONS
                                           vi. NINPO
                                          vii. TECHNIQUE SCROLLS
                                VI. Karma
                               VII. Chapter Listing
                              VIII. Walkthrough
                                    A. The Way Of The Ninja
                                    B. The Hayabusa Village
                                    C. Skies Of Vengeance
                                    D. Imperial City Infiltration
                                    E. City Of Fiends
                                    F. The Monastary
                                    G. Hidden Underground
                                    H. Tairon Under Alert
                                    I. Military Supply Base
                                    J. The Aquaduct
                                    K. The Path To Zarkhan
                                    L. The Caverns
                                    M. The Fiendish Awakening
                                    N. Vengeful Spirit
                                    O. The Core
                                    Q. The Dark Dragon Blade
                                 IX. Successive Play information
                                  X. Bestiary
                                 XI. Combat 101
                                   i. Infinte enemy respawn
                                    ii. Moving faster
                                      iii. Dragon Sword/Plasma Saber
                                         iv. Vigoorian Flails/Nunchaku
                                           v. War Hammer
                                            vi. Dabilahro
                                              vii. Kitetsu
                                                 viii. Unlabored Flawlessness
                                                    ix. Dark Dragon Blade
                                                     x. Ninpo
                                 XII. Scarab locations
                                XIII. Life enhancement locations
                                XIV. Ki enhancement locations
                                XV. Hurricane Pack Volume 1
                                XVI. Hurricane Pack Volume 2
                                XVII. Credits
                                XVIII. Affilates
          I. Contact
    Contact info: 
    AIM - Sin Serenity; 
    MSN: Subliminal_Celsius@hotmail.com; 
    Emails - Subliminal_Celsius@crapmail.com, Subliminal_celsius@hotmail.com
                                     ------ II. DISCLAIMER------
    This FAQ is for personal use only. 
    You are not allowed to use it for profit.
    (ie: selling this) Please DO NOT rip off any part of this guide, 
    and you arenot allowed to use it as a basis for making your own. 
    You are allowed however, to post this FAQ/Walkthrough on your 
    non-commercial/non-profit website. 
    provided that the entire content of this document remains as is.
    And last, if you wish to post this guide on your site please inform me. 
    This document may be printed out for 
    personal use.
    This FAQ is a copyright of (c) Celsius 
    If you would like to add any advice, another alternative, comment, 
    or otherwise, feel free to contact me.
                                     ------ II. DISCLAIMER------
     III. Version history
    v.1 MARCH 9, 2004 - I am forgetful, and will be updating this as I uncover 
    more, & remember more, please share the patience.
    V. 1.25 MARCH 10 2004 - Fixed some typos, and added some things, including
    full walkthrough of chapter 10 for those of you having trouble. I promise to
    have at least a guide up to Chapter 13 by Friday.
    V. 1.50, MARCH 13, 2004 - Well, I lied. Hopefully I made it worth your while,
    though. This won't be the last update, though, but will most likely be, for
    a while.
    V. 1.75, MARCH 20, 2004- What I believe will be my last update for quite a 
    while. I've made little changes here and there and mostly completed this 
    guide but can't consider it a FINAL just yet. Thanks to everyone and sorry
    if you feel I left you out in credits, but I got so many messages that not
    only were some people late getting information to me, I could almost not
    keep track.
    V. 2.0, JUNE 26, 2004 - This update is pretty small, fixing a little here and
    there, and adding some new categories. 
    I'm sure you're all aware that Ninja Gaiden 1.1 will be along
    in about six weeks. Unfortunately I don't have Xbox Live, but
    I may be able to do something about that later this year, (Halo 2, anyone?)
    and once I get my hands on that new version... this is pretty much a
    ******FINISHED***** FAQ, but I'm a perfectionist, and will not call it
    so until even Ninja Gaiden 1.3 is out.
    V. 2.25, DECEMBER 20, 2004 - I'm back. I got Xbox Live and the first thing on
    my mind was the two Hurricane packs. I'll try and provide as best information
    I can to the changes made to the game by both packs, their features, etc...
    But it will be pretty vague compared to my original walkthrough. I'm not done
    with either pack, but within the next few weeks, things should be wrapping up.
    I sort of wanted to get this one out a little quick, so the next update will
    add a lot more.
    If you've got anything you want to add about the Hurricane Pack strategies:
    like for the Lunar, or enemies, please tell. Don't however, tell me what is
    in store - other guides have spoiled that for me. ;) I'm just doing it at my
    own pace.
    Oh, I'd appreciate any advice for Hurricane Pack Vol. 2, though.
    ALSO keep in mind that this FAQ is written on my own experience and
    preferences. So if I say a boss is hard, that is not only because I thought
    it so, but others had problems with that certain boss, I'm going by the
    majority. If it's easy for you, fine, but don't whine to me about it, please.
    Also thanks for the e-mails and I have given credit to the whole lot of ya'
    that I felt really deserved it.
    IV. Game information
    a. <-Starting information->
    Platform: Xbox
    Genre: Action
    Release date: March 2, 2004
    Publisher: Tecmo
    Developer: Team Ninjas
    ESRB: Mature - Blood & Gore, strong violence
    Players: 1
    Memory units: 8 blocks
    - HDTV 480p
    - In-game Dolby(R) Digital
    - Content Download
    - Scoreboards
    - Xbox LIVE enabled
    |Left trigger| Block
    |Left thumbstick| Movement, attack command input, 
    precision aiming with bow and arrow
    |Start button| Start game, pause game, display inventory screen
    |Right trigger| Center camera behind player
    |Y| Strong attack, (Hold to charge), special attacks, combo finishers, etc.
    |X| Basic attack, action button (interact), confirm selections
    |B| Use projectile weapon (secondary weapons, like shuriken, bow & arrow)
    |A| Jump, move forward underwater
    |Black button| Display map
    |White button| Display karma (points)
    |Right thumbstick| 1st person mode
    Walking & Running
    Use left thumbstick to run, lean it slightly to walk.
    Use A button to jump
    Melee weapon attack
    Both X and Y button are used for meel attacks; 
    Y button is capable of more intense, but slower attacks. 
    X is basic attack, use both in combinations accordingly.
    Projecticle weapon attack
    Use projecticle weapons with the B button, can also be used while jumping.
    Ninpo are powerful magic attacks. Press both Y and B buttons simultaneously
    to activate the currently equipped Ninpo. 
    Use left trigger to block enemy attacks.
    Press the X button when you see the interact display on the screen to
    interact with the objects in the enviornment.
    Wall Running
    You can run on walls by jumping diagonally towards a wall,
    and continuing to hold down the left thumbstick.
    By jumping straight at walls, you can run right up them for a limited
    distance and time.
    Wall running jump
    You can also jump in the middle of a wall run. This will take some practice
    but is crucial on later levels when you must use wall running jump
    to wall running jump!
    Flying Bird Flip
    Jump while running straight up a wall to back flip off. 
    This technique may get you to new places.
    Wall clinging
    When jumping on a wall, 
    let go of the left thumbstick right after impact on the wall to
    perform a wall cling for a short period of time. 
    You can also jump from a wall cling.
    - If there is a handhold after running up a wall, you can hang on the edge.
    - If there is a handhold such as a rail or bar, you can hang by
    jumping and clinging onto it.
    - When running near a ledge, you will often not fall off,
    but be able to hang instead of running off.
    Jumping foward strongly in front of poles and branches to swing on them. 
    Press A button to jump off, making use of your momentum.
    Reverse Wind Technique
    Leaning the left thumbstick in the desired direction while blocking
    performs the Reverse Wind Technique, a basic rolling maneuver. 
    Use it to dodge enemy attacks.
    Wind Run Technique
    Pressing the X and A buttons simultaneously allows you to perform the
    Wind Run, a jump that homes in on the nearest enemy.
    Use left thumbstick to point yourself in deseired direction, press A to swim.
    Running on water
    When stepping off land onto water (you must step off, not jump), 
    press the A button rapidly to run across a surface of water.
    Bow and Arrow (Precision aiming)
    Hold down the B button the draw the bow and then press the left thumbstick to
    enter 1st person aiming. Use left thumbstick to aim,
    release B to shoot, you can zoom up to two steps by pressing
    the right trigger.
    [Other techniques and information]
    ESSENCE - There are three types
    |Yellow| Most common, used to buy items or upgrade weapons.
    |Blue| Restores some of Ryu's health
    |Red| Restores some or Ryu's Ki power.
    The affect of the essence can be determined by size. i.e. 
    A small blue essence will only restore a small portion of your health.
    After defeating enemies, essence is released. 
    If you press and hold the Y button, you will absorb nearby essence
    and become charged with power until ready to explode. 
    This is when you should release the Y button.
    You will release an ultimate attack, 
    according to what weapon you have at the time,
    and what move you perform while charged, and attack a nearby enemy with this.
    Enemies defeated by this release more essence than normal! 
    A good breeder for more essence. 
    Remember nearby essence you absorb with this only counts as 1/5 of the amount
    you would normally recieve.
    And do NOT forget, you are very vunerable while charging.
     V.                                  INVENTORY
    |Life of the Gods| Increases Ryu's health gauge permanently for ever 9
    you find and use.
    |Spirit of the Devils| Increases Ryu's Ki power gauge by one.
    |Jewel of the Demon Seal| Increases the level of one of the Ninpo attacks
    |Lives of the Thousand Gods| Increases Ryu's health gauge instantly.
    |Elixir of Spiritual Life| A spiritual elixir that heals Ryu's
    wounds slightly. 
    [Max: 10]
    |Great Spirit Elixir| A spiritual elixir that completely heals Ryu's wounds.
    [Max: 5]
    |Elixir of the Devil Way| A spiritual elixir that replinishes
    Ryu's Ki power slightly 
    [Max: 5]
    |Great Devil Elixir| A spiritual elixir that replinishes 
    Ryu's Ki power greatly 
    [Max: 3]
    |The Talisman Of Rebirth| A talisman that protects it's owner. 
    When Ryu's health is fully depleted, it will automatically revive him. 
    [Max: 3]
    iii. ARMLETS
    |The Armlet Of the Sun| An Armlet engraved with a picture of the sun. 
    When equipped, Ryu's attack power will increase. 
    (Purchase, 5,000, available after a certain amount of Golden Scarabs)
    |The Armlet of the Moon| An armlet engraved with a picture of the moon. 
    When equipped, Ryu's defensive power will increase. 
    (Purchase, 5,000, available after a certain amount of Golden Scarabs)
    |The Armlet of Benediction| 
    An armlet emblazoned with the figure of a goddess. 
    When equipped, increases Ryu's yellow essence absorbtion. 
    (Available after 15 Golden Scarabs)
    |The Armlet of Fortune| 
    An armlet emblazoned with the figures of two elephants. 
    When equipped, increases Ki power buildup. 
    (Available after 30 Golden Scarabs)
    |The Armlet of Tranquility| An armlet engraved with the picture of an angel. 
    When equipped, it gradually replinishes Ryu's health. 
    (Available after 40 Golden Scarabs)
    |Shuriken| A simple cross-shaped throwing star.
    |Incendiary Shuriken| 
    A shuriken with a small timer-detonated explosive at the tip. 
    Can be found in chapter 6, archive room in Monastery)
    [Max: 20]
    |Windmill Shuriken| 
    A giant shuriken with four folding blades. 
    When thrown, it returns to the thrower like a boomerang. 
    (Can be found in chapter 4, wall jumps in the alley across from Han's bar)
    |Bow and arrow| 
    As a projectile that makes no sound, it is of great use to Ninja during their
    covert activities. 
    (Can be found in chapter 2, room with Muramasa statue)
    [Max: 10]
    A composite bow made in Vigor in medieval times. 
    It cannot be pulled by people of average strength. 
    (Can be found in chapter 8, second floor of building where skull key allows 
    access to)
    [Max: 15]
    |APFSDS Cores| The core section of tank shells. 
    Made from a heavy tungsten material, they have superb penetration ability.
    (Can be found in chapter 9)
    [Max: 15]
    |Explosive Arrows| Arrows wotj explosive tips. Very destructive. 
    (Can be found in chapter 9)
    [Max: 15]
    |Dragon Sword| "A Japanese sword passed down through the generations
    in the Hayabusa Ninja Clan. 
    It is said to have been carved out of the fang of a dragon."
    Max level: ***
    |True Dragon Sword| "The legendary ultimate form of the Dragon Sword,
    achieved by fitting the Dragon's Eye into it."
    Found in chapter 13, at Hayabusa Village graveyard
    Max level: N/A
    |Nunchaku| A weapon made by joining two sticks together with a chain. 
    It is very suited to free-form combo attacks. 
    (Found in chapter 4, on the corpse of the ninja near Pleasure street.)
    Max level: N/A
    |Vigoorian Flail| "A weapon used by Medieval Vigoorians. 
    It can be swung like Nunchakus in combat."
    Found in chapter 6, right before Ritual Room. Right near the entrance to 
    Tomb Of Eons
    Max level: **
    |War Hammer| "Rachel's War Hammer. A Fiend Hunter's weapon, it is suitable for
    taking the heads off fiends."
    Can be found on Chapter 8. Go back to where you fought Alma, and it should be
    on the left portion in the Altar Hall, lying amongst ruins.
    Max level: **
    |Dabilahro| "A two-handed sword used by ancient Vigoorian Berserkers. 
    Due to it's 100-pound heft, it is very powerful."
    Obtained by turning in 20 Golden Scarabs.
    Max level: ***
    |spear Gun| An auto-reloading spear gun. It is not of much use outside water.
    Can be found in Chapter 11, The Moat of Zarkhan, in the Island in the Moat.
    Max level: N/A
    |Kitetsu| "The weapon used by Doku, it is a cursed Japanese sword
    that feeds on the souls of those it slays."
    At the very spot where Doku was defeated. VERY hard to miss, as you start
    off next to it.
    Max level: N/A
    |Dark Dragon Blade|  "An Evil blade that has been sealed away by the Hayabusa
    Ninja Clan. Chaos brings out it's hellish power."
    This can only be obtained on a successive save play through. On Chapter 13,
    upon using the teleporter and arriving in Hayabusa village, remember the room
    you had to go through where you first get the bow and arrow? Well, before you
    drop down in that room, the Dark Dragon Blade rests on the 2nd floor.
    Max level: N/A
    |Plasma Saber| "A state-of-the art weapon that uses a magnetic field
    to contain a stream of superheated plasma."
    Obtained by holding down left trigger when starting new game, after beating 
    Ninja Gaiden. It must be a brand new game and not successive save.
    Max level: ***
    |Plasma Saber Mk. II| "A upgraded version of the Plasma Saber, in which the
    plasma oscilliator has been tuned to the maximum."
    Obtained in Chapter 13 while playing with Plasma Saber. You get it in the
    same way you got the True Dragon Sword.
    |Wooden Sword| "A sword made from wood. It is used
    mainly to practice sword fighting and it is incapable of cutting attacks."
    Can be bought from Muramasa on any chapter after Chapter 1, for 500.
    Max level: *******
    |Unlabored Flawlessness| The true form of the  Wooden Sword.  Containing an 
    ethereal sense of weight, it's impacts are incredibly powerful."
    This is what the Wooden Sword turns into after being upgraded seven times.
    Max level: N/A
    vi. NINPO
    |The Art of the Fire Wheels| "Allows Ryu to control the spiritual waveforms
    around himself and create fire wheels that circle him."
    Impossible to miss, you get it at the Altar.
    Max level: N/A
    |The Art of the Inferno| "Allows Ryu to control fire at will, 
    first enveloping him in flame and then shooting a fireball in front of him."
    Can be bought from Muramasa for 1000, in Chapter 2 and any after.
    Max level: ***
    |The Art of the Ice Storm| "Allows Ryu to quickly change the atmosphere
     around him, creating a whirlwind containing shards of ice."
    On the corpse of a Ninja in the Hidden Underground, Chapter 7
    Max level: ***
    |The Art of the Inazuma| "Allows Ryu to amplify his internal bioelectric
    current and blast it out to the surrounding area."
    After defeating the first Eel in Chapter 10, it is an obvious pick-up on the
    ground where the Eel was.
    Max level: ***
    VI.  <====================>
    - Karma are total points to show your overall performance. 
    Karma is the factor of your level score, the rankings go in A to F status,
    like this:
    [Master Ninja] A 
    [Head Ninja] B
    [Greater Ninja] C
    [Lesser Ninja] D
    [Ninja Dog] F
    The factors of your ranking are:
    To get a good score:
    Time - Try to have it low. Really helps the score. TIME IS STILL COUNTED WHEN
    Kills - Probably the least biggest factor, but still it helps to kill
    everyone you come across ONCE as quick as possible.
    Essence - The overall amount of essence you got. 
    Ultimate techniques and multi-hit combos will really help this.
    Ninpo - This doesn't matter until the end of the level. 
    Make sure you have your entire ki meter full to get the points. 
    Easiest factor.
    Extra: I once got 0 points for my time, but got everything else very high
    in score. Apparently it is not essential to get top score in EVERY category
    as I got Master Ninja on that level. 
    vii. <===========================>
                TECHNIQUE SCROLLS
    There are only three technique scrolls in the game. Because you can get 2
    of them at anytime, you may miss them. Don't, and save yourself the trouble.
    |Counter Attacks| [Can be obtained after beating Chapter 2 boss]
    Gleaiming Cross - While blocking, X
    Fiend's Bane Kick - While blocking, Y
    |Gullotine Throw| (Can be obtained on Ninja's body in Military Gate area.)
    Gullotine Throw - While jumping foward, at an enemy, press Y 
    (Make sure your sword is not drawn or you do this right on time, otherwise
    you'll end up doing another arial attack, like Flying Swallow)
    |Izuna Drop| [Can be purchased in Chapter 2 and so on for 1000]
    Izuna Drop - A throw attack; X, Y, X, X, X, Y
    VII. <======================>
           Chapter Listing
    1. The Way of the Ninja
    2. The Hayabusa Ninja Village
    3. Skies Of Vengeance
    4. Imperial City Infiltration 
    5. The City of Fiends 
    6. The Monastery
    7. Hidden Underground
    8. Tairon Under Alert 
    9. The Military Supply Base 
    10. The Aquaduct
    11. The Path To Zarkhan
    12. The Caverns
    13. The Fiendish Awakening 
    14. Vengeful Spirit
    15. The Core
    16. The Dark Dragon Blade
    A.                {Chapter 1}
                  The Way of the Ninja
    "In the mountains of Autumn, there is one who walks the path of the Ninja..."
    Start off by running foawrd and jumping on the ledges, 
    wall running up the wall, hoisting yourself u[, and then running up the tree. 
    Get ready to fight. Just two brown ninjas. VERY weak. 
    Just be mindful there is one behind you. 
    It should only take you a few seconds to kill them each. 
    There are two elixirs in this area, 
    so make sure you grab them before heading in the cave. 
    Wall jump to the ledge, and make quick work of the ninjas in the hallway. 
    Once you go up the mine shaft, you will be at the Ninja Fortress, 
    greeted by two ninjas again. I
    Once you reach a room with a Samurai suit of armor in the background, 
    in a hallway this ninjas, take notice of this armor. Grab the elixirs by it.
    You will need something to get the key in it's hand! 
    Continue onward, and grab the item from the box, again,
    you have ninjas to contend with. 
    This item will permanently increase your health. 
    Now slash the wallboard, and run through. 
    Do not fight the ninjas, they're an annoyance and waste of time. 
    Just go over to the obvious trap door at the end of the room.
    There are two items you need down here, so grab them. 
    Make your way out of the cave, and up, but watch out for the ninjas on
    the ramp, the camera can be a hinderance here. 
    Grab the talisman from the box before dropping down. 
    Now go back to where you saw the samurai armor, insert the face, grab key. 
    Continue to the room with the trap door, only this time, avoid it,
     and cut down the wallboard. The statue with a floating dragon
    is a save point. I recommend you save! Go up the stairs and over the bridge.
    White ninjas here. Better than the ninja you have fought so far,
    but still weak. Go through the door and prepare for a fight with more
    white ninjas. Make sure to come out of this relatively in good health
    if you're low on health items. Now press on, through the door. 
    It's time for the boss fight, and the end of chapter 1!
    |Murai| - Boss
    Murai is a very big, powerful guy. He is suprisingly fast with his attacks, 
    but his range is limited and he is predictable. There is a potion in the vase
    to the left. His attacks to watch out for are his basic three hit combo, his
    throw, and charge. Shurikens are useless here. If you want to be cheap, or 
    safer, do wall attacks on him. You may also damage him right after he charges or
    does a combo. 
    Do not get into a battle of attrition(rage) against him, do not jump over
    him, and don't try and be a show off. After his health is down to 3/4, the
    battle ends.
    ********Golden Scarabs*********
    - None
    B.               {Chapter 2}
              The Hayabusa Ninja Village
    "The village is burning. Before long, Ryu hears the screams of his 
    Go back to where you started the level, and then go towards the screen. 
    The doors will be open. Grab the ninpo scroll, and go down the lift. 
    You'll have a few samurais to deal with here. 
    They're not too smart or strong vitality wise. Continue through the forest.
    Run across the wall and grab the item from the box. 
    In the next area, you encounter a samurai mage. Focus on him first. 
    Pretty easy to kill, just quick and he can cast a mean fireball.
    Grab the map of Hayabusa village up the tree, 
    then jump across the broken bridge. Pull yourself up on the ledge and then
    turn to see an alcove. Here you must step off the ledge and run across
    the water. Your reward? A Life of the Gods. 
    Go save your game and head into the village. In the village, you will find a
    ninja with an elixir on his body. Beware the samurai here, also. 
    here will be a statue head, put it back on the statue near the entrance to
    recieve a Life Of The Gods. Now where you see the open window,
    wall run up these, and drop down inside. You can buy some elixirs here,
    or whatever else you feel, I'd recommend buying an elixir or two if you need
    it, and saving the rest of your money. Pick up the bow,
    go outside and be prepared to fight some samurais. 
    The least of your worries, as once you jump over some wreckage, you will be
    fighting some samurai on horses. Grab arrows as needbe of the ninja's corpse.
    Get out of their way while they're coming towards you and fire two areas to 
    knock them off. You will have to fight a total of four. Two, then two. Go on,
    and get ready for the next boss fight.
    |Samurai on horse|
    This can be very hard/annoying or easy. What will make it hard,
    are his minions, the samurai mages. They have an unblockable fireball,
    teleport, and are very quick at striking. They are useful for giving you
    health, or other essence, if you want to hit the boss with an ult.attack
    Now, you can kill them off eventually, so if you don't mind taking your time,
    do this. Then all you have to do is hit him with arrows, and use your ninpo,
    which will really mess him up. Overall, use your ninpo when he is close and
    use hit and run attacks on his horse, because if you leave his minions alone,
    you probably won't be able to get a good shot with arrows. 
    Grab the scroll for the counter technique (you'll be needing it),
    then sit back and watch the pretty movie...
    **********Golden Scarabs***********
    - None
    C.                            {Chapter 3}
                               Skies Of Vengeance
    "The Hayabusa Village has burned, and The Dark Dragon Blade is gone. 
    Ryu has stowed aboard an Airship headed for the Vigoor Empire.
    His goal: vengeance..."
    Check every room in this portion of this ship, to get items. 
    You will run into Vigoor Officer's here, they come in two forms. 
    One uses a gun and has a shield, along with being able to punch and kick,
    and the other has a stun rod. Don't let em' grab you. 
    You must kill all of them at the end of the corridor and get the key. 
    Take note of the door behind you. When you get the ID card, you will want to
    come back to that door and go into that room for 3 items you must have.
    In here, you will see two staircases. The one on your left leads you to
    Muramasa's shop. IMMEDIATELY buy the upgrade for your blade overall else.
    (3000) If you still have 1000 left, I recommend Izuna drop afterwards.
    At least start saving up for this anyways.
    Don't bother with the other stairway, instead head to the other doors. Go to
    the first door on the left. In the kitchen, the box has a Life of the Gods.
    Go to the other door on the right side. Be prepared for a fight in the
    Crews Quarters. Go through the white door, then in the hallway, the door
    across from you. Pick up the scarab, then down the elevator. 
    Go through the other door, and in the Helm, be prepare for another fight.
    After that, grab the ID card, and enter the fore cabin for an item. Go back
    the way you came. Now that you have an ID card, you can access that door I
    was talking about earlier. Remember it? Near the beginning of the level,
    go back there. You need to get on the top crates in here and get to the back
    of the room. Now go back down that stair case and through
    the door left of the save point. Once you start the crank, 
    you'll be interupted by more enemies. When they're done, finish. 
    Before you jump on the wire on the right to shimmy across, take care of the
    guards with your arrows. Once over there, take out the guy hiding by the
    otherside, and break the window. Jump through, smash all the machinery, 
    then go back to the area near the captains quarters. 
    You'll have to take out guards along the way. 
    Continue through this room until you reach a ladder that you can climb up.
    Instead of climbing up it, wall jump several times between the walls until
    you reach an opening near the top. Go to the back and flip the switch. 
    Go back, drop down and climb up the ladder. Now it's time for the captain to
    go down with his... zepplin.
    |Cyborg Captain|
    He looks very imposing, I know, but he's really somewhat of a pushover.
    His attacks do pack power. Make sure your Dragon Sword is at level two before
    this. Why? You can totally own this guy with Flying Swallow attacks
    (jump towards him and press Y in mid-air). If you're at a distance, he will
    use his gun, but it can be dodged. At mid-range, he will try to swipe at you,
    and if you stay behind him and attack, you will be sorry unless you are quick
    and know his pattern. Hit and run attacks are good here. His pattern is easy
    to follow, so once you get the hang of it...
    ************Golden Scarabs***************
    1. By window in Captain's quarters
    2. In back of room over the crates in the large room by the Living Quarters.
    3. In Gas Compartment Passageway, run up large metal box, then run up wall
    and do a flip off, and land on the catwalk.
    D.                           {Chapter 4}
                           Imperial City Infiltration
    "Ryu has escaped from the crash of the Airship. 
    Spread out before him is the city of Tairon, capital of the Vigoor Empire..."
    You probably want to save. Jump down and take care of the Vigoor Officers. 
    In the Twin Serphents Plaza, be on the lookout for the opening in the fenced
    in area, and get the item in the box. You can only go one way here, so go
    that way and kill more Vigoor Officers/Enforcers. 
    At the military gate, grab the scroll off of the ninja's body. 
    The Gulliontine throw! Very, very useful and easy to use. 
    Will kill the white guards instantly. Now head through the other door,
    after the fight (take out the dude with the grenade launcher first), 
    kill more guards. Go through the alley before going down the stairs, pick up
    the first of three stone tablets and unlock the gate for a shortcut to be use
    d later. Now go back down those stairs. At the area with stairs, take out the
    two guards with your arrows. Jump up to the area of the wall with blue lining
    and you will be able to shimmy over this somewhat disguised part. 
    When you are on the ledge where the guard was, stop, there will be two guards
    on the balcony, take them out with arrows, then shimmy across on the wire.
    Pick up the Lives of the Thousand Gods to get a health increase. 
    Jump down and go through the door on your far right. 
    In the Clock Tower Plaza, head to your left, pick up the nunchakus off of
    the dead ninja. Then head to your right. However, if you decide to go up the
    stairs, beware to fight the toughest of enemies at this point in the game!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!Black Spider Clan Ninjas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are strong, they are quick, and they are very cheap with those
    incenidary kunai! Usually they show in groups of 3 to 4. Never focus on just
    one. Some people suggest using nunchakus for multi-string combos, but I
    prefer just skill and use nothing but my dragon sword. Their kunai can be
    blocked. It will do minimal damage if you're blocking while one is stuck to
    you. Also move towards them when one is stuck to you, the explosion will harm
    one of them at least. Concentrate on brief slashes, lots of reverse winds
    (rolling), and Flying Swallow attacks. Wall attacks will also help. Izuna
    drop is perfect, too. Best of luck.
    Tip I heard: When you wall jump onto the platform, 
    instead of just jumping right down, just jump to the left and get the chest,
    this will void the ninja battle! jump to the left, got the chest, and 
    jumped straight to the door though, so you might need to jump straight to 
    the door 
    (Use at own risk :P)
    After the fight, check the chest nearby for a Spirt of the Devils.
    Now, go back near the shop, and at the door with the green orbs, press the
    switch to unlock it then go through. Be prepared for some battles with the
    Black Spider Clan Ninjas here. For some currency help, go through the area
    behind the fenced in area, take care of the ninjas, and in the chest will be
    health and yellow essence. Now go back near the Great Bridge Square, but
    instead go to the stairs on the left. You will wall jump in the alley, and go
    along the rooftops, until you hit the switch to unlock the door with the
    jewels on it. Go through that door, and once you approach Han's bar, the man
    will tell you, that you need a ticket to get in. Save nearby, and go towards
    the alley across from the bar. You'll get a kunai scroll telling you of a
    legendary weapon...
    It's not that easy to get. You will want to jump at a high diagonal angle on
    the first wall for your first wall run, then jump to the other, 
    and the other. It's tricky, as you need to jump off the third just right to
    land on the ledge over there where the weapon is. Ryu will not grab on the
    ledge even though you get close to it.. The weapon is worth it. It is the
    windmill shuriken! Also the Xbox looking machine in the corner will replenish
    all your health and ki. Go back to the old mans shop and talk to him, and
    exit out of that menu, then he will give you a ticket. Go back to the bar,
    and you will be treated to another movie, then that is the end of the chapter
    ***************Golden Scarabs************
    4. In fountain before Great Bridge Square
    5. On balcony near dead ninja's corpse in same area 
    (Golden Bridge Square area)
    6. In alley where you get the Windmill shuriken
    7. In the Drawbridge area, walk through Blue Gem door, walk halfway, until 
    you see opening on both sides of you. On the right, is a scarab, do a wall 
    run to the right and then jump to get it.
    E.                         {Chapter 5}
                              City Of Fiends
    "Tairon is full of mysteries: strange creatures called Fiends and Rachel the
    Fiend Hunter. However, Ryu still has no clues to the whereabouts of Doku..."
    Grab items as you make your way back through Han's Bar, and you will have 
    gotten a key. Go back to the area with the stairs and the guards on top that
    you shot with the bow, and the door on the left can be unlocked with the Lily
    key. Mop up your old Vigoor friends in the alley here. Prepare to fight 3
    black ninjas, then go through the hallways and up the stairs. Clear out more
    enemies, grab the Pegasus key from the box. Go back to the hallways before the
    save point, use the pegasus key on the caged door and pull the switch for the
    drawbridge. Go across the bridge, up Drawbridge Hill, take care of 3 more
    black ninjas, and save. WARNING! Be prepared, as after this save point, you
    have quite a few fights coming up (including, of course, a boss), so make
    sure your ready. Head on near the Dworku monastery where you will have to
    fight some Vigoor guys. After that, head right past the monastery, the door
    is locked. Prepare for a fight against four black ninjas. Then be prepared to
    fight 3 more. Use your ninpo here to get past relatively unscathed, unless
    you want to gamble that you'll get some blue essence. After a brief 
    fight, in the Monsatery Inner Clearing, get prepared for a little mini boss
    |Three Red Dragons|
    At this point in the game, these dragons can tear you to shreds very easily.
    You want to be both cautious and cheap. 
    Wall attacks are best for them. Even better, lure them to a wall, and
    when they run at you, dodge, they'll hit the wall and be stunned. So do a 
    wall attack, then get in a combo and break away. Also, one ninpo attack to
    each does major damage. I have also found your strong attacks stop them
    completely in their tracks!
    Right after this, you get no break. Rachel is capture by a fiend who
    confronts you. Time to save the girl... no sweat.
    |Tentacle Fiend|
    Easiest boss in the game! His only real attacks are his tentacles. They can
    be blocked. Flying Swallow and Air Destruction Slash are your friend here.
    You can use ninpo, but I see it as a waste of time. You can get in three
    combos before he grows back his tentacles, I prefer X, X, Y.
    Another movie, end of chapter 5.
    **************Golden Scarabs**************
    8. After you cross the drawbridge, you climb Drawbridge Hill and fight three 
    ninjas at the summit, right in front of a save point.  
    Turn right at the save point, and go down the hill.  Keep an eye on the left
    wall.  At the base of the hill, there are two very short alleys on the left.
    The first has a Scarab lying on the ground, the second has an 
    Elixir of Spiritual Life.
    9. In Draw Bridge Hill, there is a scarab in the same alcove as the save 
    F.                            {Chapter 6}
    The Monastery
     "It is said that there is a secret path leading to the Palace of Zarkhan    
    underneath the Dworku Monastery..."
    Head up, grabbing what you need along the way. In the courtyard, before the
    entrance to the monastery, you will face a new enemy. They are actually weak
    but attack very fast and respawn via teleports. They'll be a bigger annoyance
    later. Head in the Monastery...  In the Altar Hall, you will be greeted by
    your yellow Fiend friends and a new one, I like to call them "Reapers", they
    teleport around, hover, and carry scythes. They can also cast a mean spell on
    you if you stand in one place for too long. Take care of these guys ASAP.
    When all is said and done, head through the only door, the one on the left,
    go through the hallway, and the other door. Your goal in this room, after you
    take out the enemies, is the top floor. There are some books for you to grab,
    and halfway there are some items in glass that you may find useful. Available
    only after defeating all Fiends, though. Wall jump up until you reach a 
    cracked wall. You should have the Incendiary Shuriken now 
    (it was in the glass in the Archive below), throw it on the wall, and step
    through to the balcony after taking care of Fiends in the hallway. Take note
    of the items, then go through to the Monk's room on the otherside. Grab the
    Raptor, Deity of Sentiment, off the pedastal near the desk. Then read the
    diary: "It is the 27th day of the 12 month" I have received the Book of Eons
    as a birthday gift from His Majesty the Emperor. It is a great honor. I shall
    place it in the so that no one will take it." At the end of entry, there are
    notes reading, left, right, right, left
    Now the numbers may be different for you, I am not sure, but the two numbers
    in the dates of the journal mentioned are the four numbers you will be using.
    You turn it to the left to the 2, press X, to the right to the 7, press X, to
    the right to the 1, press X, and finally, to the left to the 2, press X.
    Take the Book Of Eons, and get ready to fight. Now after this, back in the 
    Altar Hall, after finishing off these fiends, place the Book of Eons on the 
    Altar, and drop down in the new entrance. Grab the map of the Underground 
    Cemetery out of the box. In the Corridor of Doom (friendly name, hm?), before
    you go up, blow up the cracked wall. Then get ready to run! Once you make it
    out, you are in Econtra Babel Specus. (whatever that means...) Save. Take 
    care of the bats, and go down... carefully. It's usually death if you fall, 
    unless you get lucky and make it to a lower ledge. More bats down the shaft,
    then some fiends. Be careful not to fall off while fighting. Go through the 
    gate to meet a new kind of Fiends. Nothing to worry about. Just horribly 
    mutated wasps. Use your windmill shuriken, makes sushi out of them. If you 
    make your jumps, there is a Life of the Gods in the chest. Golden Scarab on a
    ledge in here too. Go down the path then through the hallways until you reach
    a room with a switch. Jump up and press Y to activate it. On your way down, 
    you'll have some fiends to keep you company... in the room at the bottom, you
    will find the Vigoorian Flail in a box. In the Ritual Room, slaughter all the
    insects mercilessly, and once you do, you're treated to a nice movie, and it
    is time for the awakening of the living dead...
    Zombies! And you're surrounded. Grab the chalice, you'll be needing it, and
    take care of the zombies. Best method is to do a Flying Swallow to take off
    their heads (and maybe one of their arms), and then use either your flails or
    dragon sword to beat down on them. Getting combos on zombies is really easy,
    they just take so much damage and are slow. But first things you want to take
    care of are the archers. They are very accurate and blocking arrows is a pain
    because it knocks you back so much. Kill them swiftly.  Continue back the way
    you came. Your goal? Return to the first area with the fossil. The hardest
    part is that room with the chains at the bottom. There are zombie archers on
    the platforms. I would recommend using your fireball Ninpo to take out the
    first, then jumping to the next platform and blocking quickly. If possible,
    use fireballs on each so you won't get knocked down. Once done with this, you
    have some platforming to do to get back to where you have to. Put the chalice
    on the altar. Now it's time to put sleeping beauty to sleep, permanently...
    |Skeleton Dinosaur|
    The goal here is to disable each of his feet. The Dragon has four attacks,
    but one you will be hit by so rarely, there are really only three. The most
    dangerous is his lunging attack. It is easy to dodge, but it may catch you 
    off guard unless you are a vigilant warrior. When attacking his feet, he will
    shoot out bones at you that can be blocked. So, get in a few slashes, block,
    then slashes again until he does something else. When he puts his foot down
    on the ledge, this can be considered an attack, because you can (rarely) get
    hit by this. I have only heard this, though, it never happened to me. Now,
    the last attack to watch out for is when he moves. You will have to jump over
    his tail twice. You cannot block this, just jump at the right time.
    Now that he is done, be VERY careful not to fall, or you will have to fight
    him over, seeing as you have not saved in a while. So go back to the area
    where the chains in the ground were, and proceed down...
    End of chapter 6.
    ***************Golden Scarabs***************
    Chapter 6
    10. In archive glass
    11. In archive, room, just before the door to the balcony
    12. In balcony area, left side as you are exiting from archive
    13. After dropping down into the Underground Cemetary, it is right across
    14. In the room where you first encounter the Wasp fiends, to the far left
    (if you are standing at top of the room) or to the far right alcove (if you
    come from the other entrance to room), run up the wall and there will be a 
    golden scarab. You can get this scarab on your way up the room before 
    fighting the Skeleton Dinosaur boss.
    15. In the Tomb Of Eons, in a hole in the wall
    G.                          {Chapter 7}
                             Hidden Underground 
    "A dark underground world leading deeper and deeper. Does the path to Zarkhan
    truly exist?"    
    **************************60 FIEND CHALLENGE!***********************
    Go back to the ritual room after defeating the skeleton boss and you will
    face Zombie Fiends About the usual 60
    PRIZE = Lives of the Thousand Gods
    Go back to the room where the huge chains hoist the metal floor plate up, and
    this is where the boss dropped, if you paid attention. Go through the hole
    he made, just drop down. Go through the door and be prepared for some zombie
    fiend archers. There are four and the hallway is narrow, giving them a slight
    advtange, so be quick to block. After this, you will run into one of the shop
    statues. You may (should) strengthen your Dragon Sword and/or Flails. 
    Dragon Sword is a priority over Flails. Don't worry, you will get more cash
    throughout the level, and since zombies always respawn, in one particular
    place, if you have been turning in Golden Scarabs (about 15), this will
    greatly help. If you are missing one or two from this count, don't worry,
    there are two to be found soon, and more still in this chapter. You should
    save, then grab the items before heading on. 
    IT IS POSSIBLE to not have the bridge destroyed. Easy thing, really. Just
    roll off/fall off the ledge instead of crossing the bridge. Once you are done
    with the Blue/Red Eye Chambers and beat the Tentacle Fiend, you may run 
    across the bridge freely once up there without it being cut down.
    You've got a set of fights ahead of you. Unless you are confident to defeat
    all the fiends without using your items (assuming you have a precious amount),
    head through one of the doors.
    - The Chamber of the Red Eye
    One of the two chambers you must go through to progress. You have to press
    the red eye at the other end. The problems? Archers and pendulums. In this
    room, drop down and shoot arrows from them at the bottom to reduce your
    chances of being hit. Out of arrows or need more? Go to the Blue Eye chamber
    and grab arrows of the Ninja's corpse. After you take out the archers in the
    room, proceed across, remember getting hit by the pendulums will knock you
    off. The last part is hardest. Try to stay in the spiked area to avoid
    getting hit and try to go past the last pendulum ASAP. After you have pressed
    the button, back to the Blue Eye chamber
    - The Chamber of the Blue Eye
    Once you have taken out the archers here, to press they eye, you have to
    shoot the red panel with an arrow to your right. This creates a path to the
    button, for a limited time. You can also shoot the red panels above the
    pendulums to momentarily slow them. Watch out for the two breaks in the path
    near the end. You will want to wall run and then jump towards the button.
    After it's pressed, go back and through the new door. Here you have an little
    interruption. Remember him?
    |Tentacle Fiend, return|
    Same guy, nothing new, refer to my above strategy.
    After that, grab the item, and wall jump back up, thanks to the new wall.
    Grab the item off the chair and head through the passage. You can save right
    here, no reason not too. Archers will greet you in the next hallway. It is
    very narrow, so time your movement with blocking. If you go past them a
    little, you will see a dead Ninja corpse. Examine him and get a new ninpo.
    This is useful when you are in closed areas with enemies. So use it here.
    Continue on. In the Chamber of Everlasting Sleep, you will have a puzzle to
    solve. When you are on the bottom, the sarcophagus raises up. Stand on the
    switch to press it down, and go to the other balcony, do not go down on the
    floor, stay up there. Now wall run to the other platform, which will go down,
    and the sarcophagus stays. Grab the Wolf, Deity of Wisdom, and Skull key,
    which you use to unlock the gate. Now things get very wet, but it's brief. 
    Before you go up in the elevator, go swim through the Great Corridor and you
    will find a save point here. Now you should take the elevator up. You'll have
    black ninjas to deal with. After they're dead, another safe puzzle. Remember
    my advice from before, just read the book twice to get the information you
    need. Grab the item, and head on out. You have two options, you can get a
    special item right now, if you go through the Archive: 
    *************60 FIEND CHALLENGE!**************
    In the archive, you will have to fight the Reapers and and smaller yellow
     quick fiends (let's call them Wolverine Alpha or Wolverine A.'s).
    You will have to fight a total of sixty in waves.
    PRIZE = Spirit Of Devils
    Now you should go back and save if you attempted this. 
    Approach the Altar when you're ready....
    Now here is a boss everyone seems to have trouble on. Perhaps I can make your
    life easier? 
    Alma is very pattern based. She packs a punch in everything, but that's all.
    No suprises. Her attacks are as follows, and I will tell you how to 
    avoid them:
    Pillar throw: She throws two pillars from in the room. You cannot block these
    without taking damage, and a single roll or jump does not totally avoid them,
    because it avoids one, usually. How do you avoid this unscathed? Well, there
    are two ways; Immediately jump to the side and roll upon landing, or roll to
    the side, and jump. It's that easy!
    Fireballs: You cannot block these without taking damage, but they are easy 
    to dodge. What you do is
    just run away. Run to the side or somewhere, they don't home in on you,
    though it seems that way.
    Head-diving attack: Fast, but easy to see coming. Just jump over this, or 
    roll. She often does an attack after this, so get away, fast.
    Diving attack: When she does this, it's your que to move out of the way AND 
    you can do some damage to her. Be quick, try to either run over to her and 
    slash, hit her with a fireball (Ninpo), or my personal favorite, try and nail
    her with a Flying Swallow attack. Your first attack usually stuns her, so 
    then you can get in about 4 slashes, I think. Then move away.
    Ultimate attack: When Alma is hovering, do not stay close to her long. If you
    do, she will scream (when you hear the scream, run and roll for your life, 
    it's your only chance), the ground will glow underneath you. If you are not
    quick to get away, you cannot avoid what she does. You are sent into the air
    by some sort of magic and then she knocks you back into the ground for major
    damage. I may have made it sound hard to dodge, but again, if you're 
    vigilant, it will be no trouble. If you are in trouble, activate Ninpo right
    away if you cannot get away and you will remain untouched. But this will not
    always work.
    You should also try hitting her in the air with Flying Swallow. She'll 
    probably dodge it, but eventually you will hit her. Just remember how to 
    dodge her attacks and be patient. Don't panic if you don't 
    have healing items. If you are low on health, you can go to the other room 
    before fighting her and fight the enemies! They will usually eventually 
    cough up some blue essence. What helps is when you first fight her, 
    try to get used to her attacks as I have labeled them, and when you get the 
    hang of them, die on purpose and try her again.
    When Alma is on her own two legs, don't underestimate her. She can still do
    all of her attacks and her own melee attacks. But she just happens to be
    more vunerable to your attacks.
    Watch movie, end of Chapter 7.
    *****************Golden Scarabs***********************
    16. In one of the wall holes where the skeleton boss lays. Back of the room.
    17. Right before bridge, on the left ledge
    18. At the bottom area in the Blue Eye Chamber, right below the Blue Eye.
    19. Junction Chamber, below surface of water, near elevator.
    H.                              {Chapter 8}
                                 Tairon Under Alert
    "The battle with Rachel's sister, the Greater Friend, Alma, ended without a 
    victor. However, the aftermath of the battle has caused the Vigoor Army to be
    Before you do anything, go back into the Monastary. You might want to check 
    out the Archive for some healing items. Now go back to where you fought Alma. 
    If you watched the movie, you will have noticed Rachel dropped her
    War Hammer. It's yours for the taking now.
    In any case you must look for it. You will be needing this later, but you 
    really don't need to spend money upgrading it unless you don't like to use
    the Dabilharo (which in my opinion is much better). Now your ultimate goal is
    the Military Supply Base. Remember the Military Gate not too far from
    Twin Serphents Plaza? That's your destination. Throughout this level, are the
    Vigoor soldiers. They are suspectible to Flails more than anything.
    They shoot grenades that explode slowly from a distance, can slash you with
    their Bayonett, their gun fires fast rounds, and they have a killer throw
    move that can be blocked. They're totally easy but there are lots here. Use
    this to your advantage if you need money! You will need to lower the 
    drawbridge. Now watch out, here. There are two APC's 
    (Armored Personel Carrier), and they have machine guns at the top that can
    be destroyed by arrows, I think. Also you will be greeted by an RPG-carrying
    soldier. It cannot be blocked and does good damage to you. Kill him ASAP,
    and get at the back of the APC and stand at the ramp, taking out any enemies
    that comeout. 
    The RPG Vigoor soldiers are the ones you want to take out first in a 
    group always. There are not that many, but you will know them when you see
    them. Before you go to the Military Gate, go to the area with the fences 
    and use your Skull key on the door, in this area you can buy items or 
    whatever, and make sure to get the items.Now run up the wall, jump off,
    and go through the building. Exchange your bow for the Strongbow. Now 
    you can carry 15 MAX arrows and can get two other types of arrows. 
    Head down to the Military Gate. There are gunners to take care off. 
    Wait until they stop firing and then fire off arrows at them. Once 
    they are done, you have to survive the Helicopter! He is not really a 
    boss, just here to try and kill you until he runs out of ammo or
    something, as he goes away eventually. Stay on the move always or 
    just block his machine gun fire. You must pay attention closely, 
    because if you get caught by his missles he will fire very many more. 
    After the missles he goes away, and if you were evasive enough he might not 
    have even done them. Keep mind of the window where you got the Strongbow, it
    overlooks this area and there is a soldier with an RPG up there. 
    Go back there and precision aim through the window, shoot one arrow through
    the glass and then shoot another to hit the switch. 
    Now go back and you will be going through the gate, time for the 
    Military Supply base...
    ********Golden Scarabs**********
    20. Behind the gate unlocked with Skull key
    21. In that gate area unlocked with the Skull key, bird-flip up to the third
    story. Wall run along the wall opposite of the third floor, to the left, to
    find an alcove with the scarab in it.
    I.                              {Chapter 9}
                                Military Supply Base
    "The Vigoor Army is after a renegade element, Ryu. The Military Radio Tower
    is key to the Army's organization..."
    Save and start going the only way you can. You'll run into a group of Vigoor
    soldiers in and after them, you will have two APC's and more Vigoor soldiers
    , along with two in turrets. The APC turrets will not fire at you from this
    distance. Take out the two turrets, proceed and eliminate the soldiers.
    Head into the warehouse. You will notice it is quiet and dark, yes? Pick up
    what items you need and then head to one of the switches. Upon doing so, you
    switch on the power and also activate minuature security helicopters. These
    are annoying with their blue laser, just take them out with your windmill
    shuriken as they get close. I recommend you keep killing them until they stop
    respawning so you can proceed interrupted through this room. To activate the
    other moving lift, go down to the first level and hit the switch closest to
    shutters. Go back up and proceed across, then up the stairs and into the room
    After getting that card, go out of the shutters. You're at the Turntable now.
    Vigoor soldiers to deal with, but head into one of the nearby warehouses and
    save. After killing the soldiers, go on some more. You'll see a cutscene. 
    Get your bow out, and get ready...
    Core arrows are your best friend. While the main gun is easy to dodge, 
    the gunner will make this a pain in the ass for you. Don't dawdle around 
    and get ran over. Just be quick. You will be fighting two tanks, 
    one after the other, so take mind of that.
    Start by using an explosive arrow. Shoot it at the tank. This will cause the
    gunner to hop back inside the tank. Switch back to the Core arrows and shoot
    as much as you can until the gunner comes back up. When this happens, switch
    back to the explosive arrows and repeat. This is useful because the tank can
    only shoot a shell every few seconds and if it shoots a shell at you and you
    hit it with an explosive arrow, it will usually drive towards you and stop 
    long enough for you to shoot 3 Core arrows at it or take out about 60% of 
    it's health.
    After you are victorious, go up the stairs. 
    (You might want to go back and save.) Guess what, remember the 'copter
    earlier? Here is the chance to avenge yourself...
    For this, the core arrows and explosive are your friends. 
    The core do more damage, naturally, so you will want to use them. 
    Don't worry about ammo.  He does about two sets of missiles and then breaks
    off, just roll away from these, he fires a cluster in a general direction,
    they can't home. In fact, the only thing that may damage you, is his machine
    gun, and you can block all of the bullets, but you may want to try hitting
    him with arrows during this time, too. He is suspectible to arrows after 
    shooting missles and when he is flying by or hovering.
    As you proceed, and once you see the tower in the distance, you will see a 
    problem. Vigoor soldiers with RPG's. Do not bother with them. Just take note
    of their positions and dodge their rockets. They can be shot out of the air
    but you expose yourself to another rocket because the bow is not a gun and is
    slow! Now you want to ignore them because they never stop coming. Just shoot
    ALL the radar dishes with an arrow. One to each, you will know when you get
    them. The doors unlock. Go through the other. Wall run here, watching out for
    the minuature secrurity helicopters, and make your way to the room. After 
    killing the Vigoor RPG soldiers, you should get a key, if not, try again.
    Continue until you reach another room and use the key to go inside.
    After this, go back to the Locomotive Turntable. 
    Kill all, but one of the guards on the platform.  By leaving one guard,
    the RPGs on the radio tower will not spawn.  Run around a corner which blocks
    the guard from hitting you, and then, you can quickly / safely destroy 
    the dishes on the tower.
    End of chapter 9.
    **********Golden Scarabs***********
    22. Just after you exit the tunnel, look to the left to find one outside the
    23. In Warehouse on top of one train. Get on the train across from it.
    Then jump towards it, and press X in mid-air to go farther. You need to use
    your dragon sword with this jump for it to work.
    24. At the top of the shed in the warehouse. It's at the other side of the 
    warehouse,that you get the shutter card in. Wall run up to the top of the 
    room and it will be on the top
    25. Before rooftop, on ledge, bird flip all the way to the top of building
    J.                         {Chapter 10}
                               The Aquaducts
    "The Army's organization has crumbled; there is no need for Ryu to stay in
    the now-silent capital..."
    After the movie, get the item nearby and go through the gate. You're back
    in Tairon. You can't technically go anywhere, YET. Walk around a bit until
    the manhole opens. Here you will deal with the purple Wolverine fiends, or
    as I like to call them, "Wolverine Beta". They are very sneaky and quick.
    I cannot give you a particular strategy to defeating them, just experiment
    on what suits you best. And it is in your best interest to master killing
    them. As this whole level, you will be dealing with them! Go down the manhole
    you can save again, and once you go through the brown door, you can prepare
    for some fighting to be done. Check the Ninja's body in the hall for the
    Aquaduct map. If you go north of his body, you will reach a door. You can't
    go through there yet...  instead go through another brown door. In here, more
    wolverines. Take note of the door that says it has an Insect symbol and is
    locked. You'll be coming back here sort of soon. Should you need items...
    Go north of here and to the left. You should be near the Blue Water Resevoir
    (on map). 
    You can buy items here, but you can get items from the old man. 
    Go back to Aquaduct B2 (place with dead Ninja) and drop down to Aquaduct B1
    which is a hole hidden to the right of the door leading to Hall of Balance. 
    (Towards the hill) If you need to get backup for whatever reason, just use
    your wall runs/jumps to get back up.
    In B3, you have more Wolverines. Fun thing about these is that after they're
    dead, they will not respawn here anymore. In this room, you have three places
    to go. To the north, The Hall Of Balance, to the left, Underground Waterway
    , and further down, the Red Water Resevoir, and to the right, a nameless room
    Go north and then before going in the Hall of Balance, check to the right,
    there will be a chest and a save point. Please save to save yourself some
    trouble. Cause this level is going to get tough. Go into the doors now. 
    When you enter, a brief cutscene shows you the chest with the Insect key.
    To get it, go to your left, run up the wall near where the rats are, and you
    will automatically start hanging, just go to the right and get it.
    Now head back to the 'nameless' room. Prepare for a fight before you check 
    that chest. I recommend the War Hammer and your Ice Storm Ninpo.
    When you open the chest, and get the item, little armored-like slugs crawl 
    out of the ground! Do not judge them by size. They have thick armor and their
    attacks are powerful. Once that particularly annoys me is their 'face hug'
    where they jump on you for some decent damage and continue to gnaw. Use
    your ice storm only when you are surrounded or about to, but otherwise jump 
    off of the walls and do either Raging Thunder or the Avalance Drop.
    These moves kill them instantly, but leave you kinda vunerable. Time your
    attacks, because they love jumping at you, and if you get jumped on while
    a lot are around you (more than 3-4), you're probably screwed because once
    you get up you'll probably be jumped on again. They can also knock you out of
    the air! 
    Go back to the hall with the Insect symbol-door. Now your toughest challenge
    so far, in my opinion.
    Eels greatly annoy me. But they are very limited as far as attacks go. 
    You just have to time your attacks. Their most lethal attack is easily their
    grab. Sometimes it's easy to see coming, sometimes, no. You avoid this 
    completely if you're on the walls a lot. Don't get grabbed! It really, 
    really hurts. Might even kill you first time. 
    They can electrify the water, so it's a hazard to step in. When they do their
    little swipe, you will see this coming, so immediately jump at a wall to
    avoid, then do a flying swallow and/or run at them and get in some slashes.
    Be quick. The only other attack to watch out for are their lightning balls.
    Just dodge these. I find the best way to go about them are using your arrows
    and windmill shuriken. Use up these first, if you like. 
    Again, there are other strategies to them. Some like to use I. shurikens,
    the war hammer or dabilharo, windmill shuriken..
    Also Ninpo is useless mostly. They retreat in their hole when doing so.
    You fight one eel alone, the first encounter, second encounter, 
    two at the same time.
    Pick up your new Ninpo scroll. This is your last... the following hall will
    take you back to the Hall of Balance, only in a new location, above it.
    If the worm fight hurt you bad, you should have some essence to go back and
    stock up, and if not, go out in the Hallway and fight Wolverines.
    This is one of the spots to get an unlimited amount of money in the game.
    I recommend Vigoorian Flails at level 2.. used right, they can cover you
    completely, just keep mashing buttons, heh. Don't get careless, though.
    In the Hall of Balance, pick up the Red Tablet of the Stream. You know where
    to put that, right? If not, go to the Red Resevoir. Some Wolverines in here.
    Ninpo makes short work of them. Do Flying Bird flips until up there, but
    before you go in the Red Resevoir, check that upper area for a chest.
    The Spirit of the Devils is your prize.
    Proceed, place the item on the stand. Wolverines to contend with... now go 
    up to B2, and in that alternate Red Resevoir room, grab the statue on your
    left. Go back to B3 and place the statue on the door with the Earth statue.
    Proceed... you have a tough battle coming up, young grasshopper. I hate to 
    spoil, but you have two Eels to take care of in the caves, in the obvious'
    room. My Eel strategy before may not have been so helpful, so I will try
    YOUR best friends: Dragon Sword, I. Shurikens, Windmill shuriken
    Your focus here should be to kill one Eel. Attack them at equal opportunity,
    but your previous strategy will have to change. Your space is limited here
    and making mistakes will probably kill you, cause if one eel doesn't get you
    the other will. Start off throwing I. shurikens at both. Once your out, 
    switch to the windmill shuriken. You CAN use your arrows, but I find it to
    be a waste of time, but if you go that approach, do not do precision aim...
    Also I forgot to add in my last strategy that you can block their head swipe.
    I beleive it's more optional against one because you could jump on the wall
    that time and there was only one Eel to worry about. Blocking it you will
    not receive damage, just be quick to counter. 
    Check where each worm was, then head down the middle path. In the Stairstep 
    Cavern, to get out of here, go to your left upon stepping in, and go back
    the way you came. First, explore this area, though. You should be rewarded
    with the Blue Tablet of the Stream eventually.
    *********60 FIEND CHALLENGE***********
    Go to the room with the face hugging insect freaks; the place were you get
    the Demon Seal. And start beating on them, again another battle of 60. 
    PRIZE = Talisman
    Your destination is now the Blue Resevoir room. Insert the item and jump down
    ...through the door (watch out for Wolverines. I jumped when them came
    through so fast, so be alert..), and follow the hallway all the way to the
    Hall of Balance. Now you will notice that big door is unlocked! Almost done.
    Head through the door...
    **********60 FIEND CHALLENGE*************
    It's a beautiful room. Shame it has to get dirtied with blood... just keep
    killing the Wolverines. This is also great for money, so if you have the
    armlet of Benediction USE IT.
    PRIZE = Lives of the Thousand Gods
    See the switch on the floor by the statue? Wall jump back and forth until you
    finally drop, dropping
    down on the switch which opens the door. Recommend you go back and save now.
    Before you enter the Underground Sancturary in the small room where you get 
    attacked by bats. There is a box on the top left entrance of the room it 
    contains one Life of the Gods.
    Now you will go to the Underground Sancturary. You will discover you cannot
    proceed without a ceremonial sword to insert into the hole...
    This item is at the very top of the room. Head into the room on the left, and
    take out the Wolverines. You will have to time your wall jumping/running
    to get up to the ledge. Once up there, use your strongbow to hit the wall 
    switch, and activate a panel. Looks useless, right? No, you have to run
    across it to get to the other side. Continue around until you reach the sword
    and you should probably go back and save... once you put that sword in, you
    have a boss to content with, the Guardian.
    Stay close to him always. His attacks are as follows:
    Laser: You will hear and see it before you take damage, but he only does this
    when you are at a distance. Don't underestimate range.
    Stomp: While you are close, occasionally he will jump up and then come down,
    causing a gust of wind to come down, that hurts. It can be blocked.
    Bite: Stay in front of him while close and he will eventually bite at you. 
    This causes a lot of damage, don't let it happen. 
    Claw swipe: Occasionally he does this when right next to you. Pretty powerful
    good luck avoiding
    On a rare occasion, when he gets on the platform, if you are under it, he
    will attack you with wind from his wings..
    Stay behind him while striking. You will notice your attacks do damage, but
    not as much as usual. That is okay, just keep at it. Use whatever attacks you
    like. Now and then, he will drop his head as if from exhaustion. Now be quick
    and slash at his head. Combos I used to inflict good damage 
    (he takes more damage from hits with his head down): X, X, X, Y, Y;
    X, X, Y, Y
    Follow him whenever he runs to get away. When he jumps on a ledge to fire his
    laser, get under it to avoid it completely. 
    With his defeat, comes the end of chapter 10.
    **********Golden Scarabs********
    26. In Blue Resevoir Room
    27. In Red Resevoir Room, Aquaduct 1
    28. Second floor in Hall Of Balance, near Blue Resevoir exit.
    29. Cave BEFORE Worm Cavern, left alcove.
    30. Where the first Eel was, right behind you, there is a wall that does not
    go all the way up; run up this
    31. Where one of the Eels in the cave was.
    32. In Underground Sancturary, room to the left with Ninja's corpse.
    33. In the Peristyle Passage, one of the pillars on the right does not go all
    the way up, wall-jump between the two to reach it.
    34. To the left of Brand Of Valor (the ceremonial sword)
    K.                            {Chapter 11}
                              The Path To Zarkhan
    "Using the Aquaduct, Ryu has arrived at the moat surrounding Zarkhan. However
    a great wall blocks his path into the Palace itself..."
    Ah, swimming. If you didn't like it before, you're going to hate it here.
    You'll be doing it 95% of the level.
    Grab the map right next to you and save. Take a look at it. The Sunken Ship
    is one of the most important areas. It gives you an important item VITAL to
    progress on this chapter. Apparently it is possible to go without it for a
    short time, but you will soon be up the creek... I feel for you if this
    Now, YES, there are big fish in the water. You can fight them, but it's a 
    waste, in my opinion. Wait until you get the Speargun. But go under the hole
    in the gate to get the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOLD MEDALLION!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Apparently some have missed this so I thought I'd point it out.
    To get out of here, go back the other way and on the side of the wall (left)
    is a hole, go through here.
    If by some chance you miss the Ninja corpse along the way, the combination
    is: 0971
    As you continue, you will see what you need to use the combination on...
    however it is too dark! You need an item to see... it's up ahead. Grab the
    OWL'S EYE off of the Ninja corpse, and now you can put in the combination.
    If you have trouble with the safe: Select all the numbers, THEN press X.
    Keep swimming, but now dive up for air. Get the Speargun off the Ninja, and 
    you may purchase items here.
    Keep going... save point in cave, grab items in chests. (Don't miss the LOTG)
    Take note of the door being "held shut by a mysterious force". Just go the
    other way... You have two options here. Keep going straight, but to the left, 
    in the direction of the Sunken Ship area. Do not skip the brief cutscene, it
    gives you hints on what you must do. Now what makes this area annoying are
    the little helicopters... remember them from Chapter 9?
    Well, here, they have the advantage. Don't underestimate the range of their
    laser... two shots to each with the spearguntakes em' out. 
    You need a Hand Crank for the rope pulley on top of the sunken
    ship. Go into that hole in the ship and simply get it out of the box.
    Use the Hand Crack. Again, watch the very brief cutscene. Go under there
    and open that door... swim up in the room, and grab the Oxygen Cylinder
    sitting innocently on a table in the back of the room. Go back through
    the hole in the gate, and just keep swimming foward to the other area. Go 
    through this area, which is sort of like a Labyrinth, until you reach the 
    chest with the Silver Medallion. With both Medallions in hand..
    Back to the Island in the moat. Insert both in their respective slots on the
    wall piece (which is in that cave with all those wasp fiends, if you were
    wondering), now that door being held shut MYSTERIOUSLY, is open.
    Take care of the enemies in this area before going into that huge rift where
    all the bubbles are coming up, if you want to.
    Into the rift... Ah, back to the Hidden Underground. Such fond memories.
    Whether you noticed or not, the entire place is flooded, you must navigate
    through this. Your ultimate goal is The Great Corridor, where you take the 
    lift to "Zarkhan". It's in the same area where the elevator is that took
    you back to the Monastery.
    Go back up the lift, but watch out for the Black Ninjas. Go search the ruins
    of the desk for the Monk's notebook. Which yet again has shown he has put
    something else in the safe.
    The code is: 1223
    left, left, right, left
    Prize = Jewel of the Demon Seal
    The way is outlined on your map for you, really. I don't need to hold your
    hand through this. There are no suprises. Once you do reach the lift, SAVE.
    Take it up, get ready to fight the fight of fights and claim VENGEANCE!
    He is very powerful. Two hits can bring you two your knees. You will want to
    have healing items before fighting this boss. Great Spirit Elixirs, I would
    Now, onto Doku.
    He is very pattern based, but instead of memorizing all of his attacks, what
    you need to remember is he is suspectible to damage right after attacking.
    Most of his attacks can be blocked. 
    Sword throw: Just jump over this. If you're at least decent, you can hit him
    with a Flying Swallow.
    Slash: Self-explanitory. Strike quickly, precisely.
    Multiple slashes: GET AWAY! Hit him after this. He will pause for a second 
    before doing his last slash, so don't rush and get fooled.
    Grab: Stay too close after attacking or attack too much and he will grab you.
    This will hurt, to say the least...
    Breath: I'm serious, he has bad breath. He will use this when you are at a
    distance in front of him. It's sort of like a flamethrower.
    Shockwave: When you are very far away or occasionally close, it depends, he
    will slam his sword swiftly into the ground and create a wave of fire that
    can be easily jumped over. This is sneaky, but he does it rarely...
    Dash: Pulls his sword back and dashes at you, can be easily avoided but
    will knock you down hard if it connects.
    Hit and run attacks and using that little opening he gives you after he
    attacks will help you win this. Despite his armor, he takes a good amount of
    damage from your attacks. And for good reason, your Dragon Sword should be at
    level 3 right now. 
    With his defeat, end of chapter 11.
    **************Golden Scarabs**********
    35. In first body of water, right in front of you in the beginning. Swim 
    under the grate to reach it.
    36. After "Island in the Moat" area, to the left after coming out of the exit
    37. Next to Oxygen Cylinder in Sunken Ship, in the compartment you unlock.
    38. After entering large chamber with silver medallion and sunken boat area,
    there is a scarab next to the entrance you came in from, also the only way
    out, very hard to miss
    39. In Hidden Underground, in the area where you got the Skull key, far above
    the Sarcophagus, it is on the ceiling
    L.                          {Chapter 12}
                                 The Caverns
    "Although it appeared as though Ryu defeated Doku, his vengeance is still
    incompletel; the Dark Dragon in the hands of the Holy Vigoor Emperor. What
    will become of Rachel and her sister?"
    I will tell you right now this level is going to be hard. Before you head
    into the caverns in the level, be stocked up on healing items
    I will finish the rest of this now, but I will first give a solution to the
    puzzle the seems to trouble so many at the beginning of this level:
    Very important, though, PICK UP DOKU'S WEAPON!
    Those platforms around the room are what make up the puzzle in these ruins.
    Go straight ahead, to where Rachel was being held, and to the right, pull
    down the switch to activate the platforms. Go back outside and go to your 
    left from this direction. Jump up on the lowest platform on the left and
    hit the switch. Then go to your right, jump on the lowest, and hit the switch
    and then you must wall run from this platform to the next. The next part is
    a bit trickier but you've done it before. Hit the switch on this platform.
    Jump over to the next. And pull the switch here, too. Pay attention to THIS
    platform as it is the one that matters, where it moves... NOW go back to
    the exact platform you were on before and pull the switch. You'll see why,
    soon. Jump down now to that very first platform on the right. You want to use
    your abilities to get you to that platform near the ledge. Once you are on
    the platform, you do NOT NEED TO GET ON THE LEDGE ABOVE IT! No, you turn
    around, and you will be wall running in the direction you came. Why?
    Your wall running here will be higher, as a result, you can get to that
    platform that will get you to the top. So... start your wall run, then jump
    to the next wall, then the next and jump on the platform! Then you will see
    where to go. 
    You have probably now jumped up those ledges, now in the Zarkhan area, right
    by the Imperial Palace. 
    ********************60 FIEND CHALLENGE********************
    Wolverines. About 3 at a time, two purple, one yellow. You can get this right
    as you enter the area, since they won't stop respawning until you defeat 60.
    Prize = LOTG 
    The door leading to the Imperial Palace are locked... for now. You have two
    ********************60 FIEND CHALLENGE********************
    Back where you fought Doku, if you take the elevator back down and then back
    up again, you will have to defeat 3 Red Dragons in waves of 3.
    Prize = Lives of the Thousand Gods
    (Your choice) Head back to Tairon to talk to the old man. 
    This is more riskier than beneficial, as there are two new types of enemies 
    in town. Basically the Vigoor soldiers & officers have all become much meaner,
    learner, killing machines.
    I would recommend Flails and trying to not let one get too far, or they
    do a really annoying fireball. As for the soldiers, proceed at your own risk.
    They soak up a lot of damage even with your most powerful of weapons.
    Also, here, near the Great Bridge Area, is a portal that will take you to
    the Fiend World...
    *****************60 FIEND CHALLENGE************************
    Here you will face a mix of 60 Wolverines and Cyclops.
    Prize = Lives Of The Thousand Gods
    Head to the Caverns. There are two items to pick up in the Falls area. 
    Run across the water or swim... in the cave, all you have to contend with
    are bats, and here they are a good source for building up some money.
    BE WARNED! Once you go in The Caverns, you will not be able to get out until
    you complete the chapter. So... when you think you are ready, slide down the
    Once inside, you're confronted by a few Wolverines, and a new type of
    Dragon Fiend. Let's call them Ice Dragons. This is really the only time you
    will fight them in this portion of the level, but they are deadlier than
    the Red Dragons you fought earlier. The Dabilahro is perfect for them, as
    long as you don't let up. Try and finish one dragon in a single combo.
    When you're done with all the fiends, run up the wall, do a backflip onto
    the ledge, and go in the next area. Jump across the broken floor and save. 
    You'll notice a pentagon-shaped symbol on the door next to you. Drop down,
    and prepare for a basic fetching quest through the ice caves. 
    Just Wolverines here. Once you come to the area with the stalacites of ice
    blocking your path, look for the Ruins area, which is a short distance. You
    can pick up what you need here. Now go back to that door and place it in.
    You are now in the Magma Caverns. Pick up the Stone Tablet, Iron Ore 
    (you'll need it later) and take out the Dragons before proceeding. Wait until
    they're finished doing their flame breathing, then wack them good with either
    War Hammer or Dabilahro. Avoid the lava as you can until you reach an area 
    with steam popping out on the walls now and then. (Make sure to get the iron
    ore here) Go near the cliff overlooking lava, and run up the wall, and you 
    should grab on a ledge. Wait for the steam next to you to blow twice, and 
    then make it across to the other side. Here, you want to go to your left.
    In this room, you have a lot of Dragon Fiends to deal with. These are more
    Dragon-like fiends than the others, because they do actually breathe fire...
    in addition to their brother's usual attacks. It's crowded here. Use Ninpo
    and proper guarding effectively, keep your cool...
    When you come to the room where you are at the bottom of the cliff to the 
    right, do a vertical attack on the switch and jump on the platform that
    appears. Then jump foward and swing across to the other (the bar isn't as far
    as it seems). You can buy items here. See the ruined walls to your right?
    Run along these to the next room. Some more dragons to slay here. Then run
    up the wall and into a room with a large see-saw structure. It's easy to
    figure out. Explore the area for more iron ore before you go north. Once 
    here, put each piece of iron ore in the cauldron (you need 4). The heat from
    this melts the stalacites that blocked your way back in the Ice Cavern.
    Head back there now. Right before the room, you may save. Once you do, and 
    head into this suspiciously large room...
    |Mammoth Eel|
    This seems to be an eel... with arms. I am not sure. It is powerful and 
    completely different from other eels. Just get behind it, and slash away. It
    often turns itself around with one arm, but you can get around this. 
    Just don't stay in front of it very long. You really can't block it's punches
    Another attack you can't block is the ice shards rising from the earth. Just
    roll around, they seem to pop up randomly. 
    Pick up the eye, head through the door. If you want to increase your ninpo,
    as you finally get to the very top of the room, drop down, and as Ryu passed
    the ledge with the chest you couldn't get, he will grab on it. After taking 
    that, you're back in a familiar part of the Ice Cavern. Now you have one of 
    two eyes you need... ALSO make sure you grab the Cog back in the Ruins area 
    here. You will need to backtrack to the Magma Cavern, to that place across
    the Magma Lake. Put the Cog on the door. Now you are in the Path Of Flame.
    This is like a little gaunlet labyrinth. Really easy. Just don't get hit
    by the flames! Once you reach the end and head into the room with a pool of
    lava, you'll be greeted by a cousin of an old friend.
    |Magma Eel|
    Same strategy as other eels, except you fight this one alone. Another thing
    is the ring of fire it shoots out. Basically, if you jump -straight up- 
    right as it breathes it out, the ring will go right around you.
    Jump across, take the Eye. In the next room, you have to hit the switch and
    make it across quickly before the flame rises again. Hint: Before the poles
    don't jump at them, instead run along the wall, and Ryu will be more precise
    at grabbing them, thus you won't land in the lava.
    Now that you are out of their, you will want to proceed to that big door
    in the Magma Lake area with the big face. Put both Eyes here, and step into 
    the Hall of the Flame Dragon. (What does THAT tell you?), take the Devil,
    Diety of Immortallity. 
    Apparently this made your sleeping friend very angry. You'll have to get him
    out of the way, then...
    |Flame Dragon|
    The hardest thing about this boss is the entire level. 
    Before you get to him, because you can't escape from the caverns and because
    enemies don't respawn here, and you might have had "accidents" with lava 
    along the way, you may be in a bad state fighting him. 
    If you fit into the "bad condition" category, this may be a tough battle.
    Unless you can remember patterns very well. Well, like most bosses, he has a
    distinct pattern of attacks. They come at random times, so I guess it's not a
    pattern, more like limited attacks, here they are:
    Lunge: This is his most powerful attack next to the somewhat unblockable, and
    will shave off 2/3s of a full life bar, even if you manage to break out of 
    the entire attack (which is common, but it's that first bite that gets you.) 
    If he misses the lunge, get in some slashes. Always roll away after the 
    slashes. He may do another lunge. 
    Fireball spit: Oddly this causes more damage when you try to block. Just roll
    away from them. There is no splash damage. He does about 2 to 3.
    Hot blast of air: You can hear this before it comes, but if you are just 
    watching his movements, you may be tricked into thinking he's going to spit
    fireballs, and you will be in for a world of hurt if you are not blocking
    when this comes. While you're blocking, roll forward just as the flames are 
    about to reach you. If you don't make it, then your block absorbs the blunt 
    of the attack. If you do make it, you lose no health whatsoever. Don't 
    underestimate, he will sometimes do this three times in a row.
    Fire breath: Easiest attack to avoid. Just run in the opposite direction of 
    You may also sneak in a few shots on his head when it is low and he is not
    really moving around.
    An alternate strategy is hitting one of the platform switches to take you
    up 2nd level. He rests his head here more often and is suspectible to 6 hit
    combo from Dabilahro (or other weapons)
    Overall, damage him when he is resting his head and after he does his lunge,
    which you should avoid, and quickly retaliate.
    Once he is slain, walk along his body, pick up the LOTG, and head through the
    door. End of chapter 12.
    *********************Golden Scarabs**********************
    40. On ledge in Stadium
    41. In Stadium area where switch to activate platforms is, to the back left
    42. On the very top ledge of the stadium, accessed via platforms
    43. The three stone heads by the save point can be smashed for items. Use
    War Hammer or Dabiliharo. In the remains of one is a scarab.
    44.. Bottom of Zarkhan Falls lake
    45. In path of flame, right across from second flamethrower statue
    46. Furnace area, on the right, near lava (Fire Cavern)
    47. Ice Cavern Depths, right by save point
    M.                          {Chapter 13}
                           The Fiendish Awakening
     "All events thus far have lead up to one place: the depths of the palace of
    Zarkhan. Will Ryu be able to discover the path inside?     
    A short distance, there is a save point. Head into the room, your only way
    out of here...
    ******************60 FIEND CHALLENGE*****************
    Kill all the Wasp Fiends. Very, very easy.
    Prize = LOTG
    Wall run and wall jump up, it's very easy, the camera will probably throw 
    you off at the most. You have to do some backtracking now. Your overall goal,
    is Twin Serphent Plaza back in Tairon, where you will insert all three
    stone tablets...
    And as this happens, you will instantly be teleported to...
    Hayabusa Village. Why are you here? You'll find out soon, seeing as it's a
    very straightfoward path... Once in the graveyard, you will receive the
    True Dragon Sword. Continue on and take the next teleporter after the next,
    until you reach an area you've never seen before, a very wide, open field...
    Run towards the pyramid... there is evil abrew..
    |Alma, Awakened|
    Alma is far easier this time around. She is a total letdown compared to how 
    impressive she was before. (Personal opinion)
    Watch out after her first few strikes. She'll proceed with a throw that will
    crunch you like a nut.
    One move she's kept is the fireballs. Same as last time, just outrun them.
    Also, watch out for her occasional charge, when she is on the ground.
    After this is done, you have the pyrmaid to contend with before the chapter
    is over. There is a very easy puzzle in here. It revolves around placing the
    correct tablets in their places. Each time part of the moon shows on the
    door, you will be confronted by enemies. The face hugging slug fiends...
    Take the Serphent, Diety of Creation. At the end of one of the halls 
    (the side with the water tablet) there is a mirror opposite a throne chair. 
    In the mirror it shows a flame on each side of the throne but there really 
    are none next to the real throne.  Use one of the fire Ninpo on the throne to
    light up the 2 flame and recieve a Jewel Of The Demon Seal.  This should 
    allow you to finish the game with all of your Ninpo at Level 3.
    Head out of the Pyramid when you feel you're done here.
    End of chapter 13.
    ******************Golden Scarabs***************
    - None
    N.                             {Chapter 14}
                                 Vengeful Spirit
    "The fate of the sisters has been decided. Ryu now heads for the depths of
    Zarkhan, determined to fulfill his vengeance once and for all..."
    You are in the Labyrinth of Zarkhan. Though it's hardly a labyrinth to get
    lost in. You'll be chasing after Doku's spirit, in a sense.
    The gate with the Beast on it cannot be opened yet. So instead go to the
    right. Inside this area, you may save your game and buy items. Further inside
    reveals a glowing pool of light on the ground... you need to go through here.
    After a little introduction to things, you'll need to defeat every fiend you
    come across, until they stop respawning, and you are rewarded with a key.
    You can get out of here now, and now proceed to unlock the gate.
    A short distance, you'll be presented to the new enemy for these last few
    chapters of the game. Phantom Pirhanas. 
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Defeating Phantom Pirhanas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These phantom fish can seem very hard to defeat without a scratch at first.
    Afterall, they respawn quickly, and if you attack one, they come at you in
    a swarm and latch onto you, depleting your health with powerful... bites.
    But they are very predictable and weak, vitality wise. One hit from anything
    will kill them. Your Ninpo is effective, but ultimately... use NOTHING else
    but flails. If you missed the flails, you should most likely not be playing
    this game! The flails are perfect for them, but do not get in a button 
    mashing frenzy. Between their respawns, you have a moment to stop so you
    can start a combo again, because if you just keep mashing X, you'll finish
    the combo string and leave yourself open to attack everytime. Also these
    fish are very good for getting rich. Perhaps no other enemy in the game will
    give you essence in a more plentiful amount, not to mention this fast. 
    After you have purged this area, make sure to take the LOTG in the opening in
    the wall. Continue through the path, up the steps.. now you have two ways
    to go. It doesn't matter which, you should go one way and come back to the
    other. But if you REALLY want a decision, the right way gives you a Ninja's
    diary, and Great Devil Elixir, the left way is the path to progress.
    You cannot go through the Lion door that Doku went through, go down the path
    to get this key. It is here you will run into a new Fiend.
    (I have much trouble with these, so any strategies before I start on the
    bestiary are appreciated)
    I believe these to be cousins to the Wolverines. Let's call them Cyclops. 
    They have a very mean throw, a laser that they will use even close range,
    and probably the least of his attacks is a punch with his claw that is
    easily blocked. Good luck.
    Oh, there are a few P.P.'s(Phantom Pirhana) here, too. To get the Key of the
    Lion, you must be on the top path, which is very narrow. At the bottom, is
    simply a chest full of various essence.
    As you go through the Lion door, you see Doku going already through yet
    another door you need a key for. Head to your right... up those stairs, and
    get the Great Spirit Elixir in the chest in this area, if you need it.
    Go back down them and continue going right... the terrain in this hallway
    gives the P.P. a very good advantage. For one, the camera angles will mess
    you up, you won't sometimes be able to tell when they are coming around the
    corner or behind you. Just stay alert, and I recommend not going
    around the corner until the fish stop coming. They WILL come to you after
    you start your initial kill. Just be patient and they will still come, don't
    let your guard down.... when done, go to your right. There is a great spirit
    exlixir nearby if you need it. Now at the end, another hallway with P.P.'s.
    Once done, take your prize, go back to the area where you last saw Doku.
    Before you can go through, though, you're confronted by Cyclops and P.P.'s.
    Whether you ran or killed them, once you're through the door, a showdown with
    Doku, so very inevtiable, commences.
    |Spiritual Doku|
    He is the same as he was last time, though I noticed he backs a little more
    power and maybe a new attack or two? Maybe not. Same ol, same ol. 
    Looks like the Greater Fiends are pushovers for their returns.
    One attack to watch out for is when you are at a distance, he'll detach his
    arm to get at you. 
    End of chapter 14.
    ****************Golden Scarabs*********************
    48. After door of the Lion, take a left and follow the corridor down.
    49. In Labryinth area right before fighting Doku, just search everywhere, it's
    out in the open.
    O.                            {Chapter 15}
                                    The Core
    "Doku's hate continues to slowly transform Ryu into a Fiend. Feeling the
    blood of the fiends pounding in his veins, the Dragon Ninjas stands before
    the gates to the source of all evil, the core of the Imperial Palace!"      
    This is it. The final level. As in final, I mean, any scarabs you forgot
    or locations you want to go back to for finding scarabs or any other reason,
    now is the time to do it. Unfortunately for you, the Imperial Palace is very
    large, with expected tough fights, and you will probably be backtracking.
    In the Palace Compound, first head to your right, get the item from the chest
    and then run in the opposite direction. Don't bother going to the palace now,
    because you need a key anyways. (Don't forget the ninja corpse nearby the 
    save point) As you're going through these next areas, you will have the usual
    Fiends to slay. Head through the doors, and check the Ninja corpse, for it
    has the key you need. 
    When you are ready, head to The Core of the Imperial Palace.
    You have to get WAY to the top. Get ready for the fights of your life. :)
    After using the Key of the Decayed Soul, you have to kill all the enemies in
    this room, then place a Diety on the hourglass-like holder to proceed. 
    Now I will tell you what to expect in each room so you can prepare 
    1st Floor - Red Dragons; 8 to defeat
    2nd Floor - Red Dragons, Flame Dragons; 8 to defeat in all
    3rd Floor - Wolverines, Cyclops; 5 to defeat in all
    4th Floor - Cyclops; 5 to defeat
    Now you are at the fitting, Gates Of Hell. Save here, and for good reason.
    That portal, you need to go through, in order to get the final Deity.
    However, it is there where you will face your hardest of fights so far.
    1st Round - Purple Wolverines
    2nd Round - Tentacle boss
    3rd Round - Purple Wolverines, with help from the Fiend King, which includes
    throwing fireballs that home in on your previous location, also includes 
    splash damage.
    4th Round - Mammoth Eel
    5th Round - Demon Fiend himself, with Wolverine assitance.
    |Demon Fiend|
    Arial attacks are all you need, besides the occasional combo when he lands on
    the ground. Watch out for him when he lands on theground, just be sure not to
    be in the landing radius. He wil throw fireballs you've seen earlier, and 
    just watch out for him when he takes off to get in the air again 
    (hint, don't be in front). Also he can grab you and do a charge while 
    Take the final diety. Go back to the Gates Of Hell. Save, and place the diety
    in the container. Head up the stairs if you think you're ready. Watch movie.
    It's very cool. Ryu is such a badass.
    |The Evil Vigoor Emperor|
    Big guy. Trouble, right? Don't worry about falling off the platform! You must
    get used to controlling it. It's very cool.
    What you want to do is attack each of his shoulders until they turn red, then
    go for his head and chest. All you have to watch out for are his lasers. 
    Once you get used to the somewhat new controls, you will be able to dodge 
    these lasers. 
    |The Evil Vigoor Emperor, II|
    This is very annoying. Your windmill shuriken and Inazuma ninpo are your best
    friends here, maybe your only? This strategy is assuming you have items to 
    restore your KI and are at full KI.
    Now... you want to be constantly throwing your windmill shuriken at him. 
    It Does mediocre damage, but it's quick, so don't complain. When the skulls
    come out, you can r try and dodge them, but I prefer using my Inazuma ninpo.
    Usually twice, because after all the skulls are out 
    (as they hit you, it's a plus because the boss also takes damage), 
    his horned head comes out to try and bite you. If you use your ninpo as this
    happens, he'll take damage, and you, none. The Inazuma ninpo is effective for
    damage here. In fact, Ninpo is more effective here than other boss fights.
    With his death... end of chapter 15.
    ***************Golden Scarabs*************
    50. The final scarab. On the 4th floor, to the right of the door is a ledge.
    Drop off and you will find yourself just where the skulls are on the tower.
    Follow around to the right and you will see the final Scarab.
    P.                            {Chapter 16}
                             The Dark Dragon Blade
    "Ryu has defeated the evil Vigoor Emperor, and the Dark Dragon Blade is out
    of the reach of the Fiends. Now, Ryu must quickly escape the depths before
    the cavern comes crashing down on him!
    In contrast to you 'must quickly escape', you actually have lots of time, but
    you WILL die via a cutscene if there for too long. 
    It's very simple, so I shouldn't have to tell you how to get out of here. 
    Just some acrobatics here and there
    Once you reach The Dark Dragon Blade, this serves as a checkpoint for you,
    should you die later... continue on until you reach Rachel. After another
    movie, you have one last battle to finish.
    This battle is so easy, do you really need a strategy? And do you really need
    another spoiler? 
    The end of chapter 16.
    ******************Golden Scarabs***************
    XI. ******************                        **********************
                        Successive Play information
    What you unlock from your first play through:
    - Very Hard mode
    - Option to start with alternate costume & Plasma saber. Press left trigger
    while selecting new game to play with this.
    Unlock Ninja Gaiden 1: If you obtained 50 Scarabs, and give them to Muramasa.
    Unlock Ninja Gaiden 2:
    After you get Ninja Gaiden 1, shoot the clock face in Tairon near Muramasa's
    shop. now a chest should appear on the roof of the building across from you
    (where those 3 pesky black ninjas appeared at) and in it is the ninja gaiden
    2 disc.
    Unlock Ninja Gaiden 3: 
    After getting Ninja Gaiden 2, go to the ceremonial room in the Aquaducts, and
    do the triangle jump, back up to where you got the golden scarab on top of 
    the broken pillar.
    In Tairon, at Han's Bar, there is a machine there, that will allow you to 
    play the games.
    They can be accessed via main menu
    Get Mk Saber II: Beat on very hard? Afraid not...
    Actually you get the Mk Saber II on chapter 13 in the same way you get the 
    True Dragon Sword
    Evil Ryu: Beat on Very Hard. Press and hold R(right trigger) while
    starting new game
    Dark Dragon Blade: Can be found on Chapter 13 while playing Successive Play.
    1. Q - "Can I start over with all my equipment from the previous game"?
       A - No, you must start over each time completely fresh, regardless
    of starting a new game or playing on Successive.
    2.   Q - "Will I keep all my scarabs from the last game?"
         A - Yes, only if you play on the successive play file.
    3. Q - "Can I get all 50 Golden Scarabs before beating the game?"
       A - Yes, you can, and you can most likely get all 3 Ninja Gaiden games
    before beating it. There are two levels that you must not miss these scarabs
    on, you cannot backtrack like you can with others.
    Chapter 3 & Chapter 9 - All scarabs must be found if you wish to get all 50
    your first time through, as you cannot come back to these areas later.
    |Insert enemy| = Name, followed by when encountered
    - Summary of behavior, attacks, tips
    ESSENCE: Types of essence and what will come most often 
    Difficulty: *****/*****, ****/*****, ***/*****, **/*****, */***** (one being
    |Brown Ninja| [Encountered only in Chapter 1] 
    - Weakest of enemies and ninja especially. 
    - Athletic, like Ryu somewhat, can only slash to attack
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: N/A
    Red: N/A
    |White Ninja| [Encountered only in Chapter 1]
    - Better than Brown Ninja
    - Athletic, like Ryu somewhat, will do slashes, wall attacks, and throw
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Uncommon
    Red: N/A
    Difficulty: *
    |Bats| [Encountered throughout game]
    - THE weakest enemy, does very little damage alone
    - Attacks with several sometimes, or by itself if alone, one hit kill
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Uncommon
    Red: Rare
    |Murai| [Encountered only in Chapter 1]
    - Strong, takes a licking (only because you are just starting), very limited
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: *
    |Samurai| [Encountered only in Chapter 2]
    - Takes more damage, attacks and blocks more than any Ninja
    - Does little else but slash
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Uncommon
    Red: N/A
    |Samurai Mage| [Encountered only in Chapter 2]
    - Teleports around, casts a fireball that can still be blocked for minimal
    damage, will do several quick slashes
    - Doesn't take much damage, but can teleport away while being attacked
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Common
    Red: Uncommon
    |Mounted Samurai| [Encountered only in Chapter 2]
    - Can come with a bow or spear. Rides on a horse. Spear rider is deadlier,
    can slash and slam you into the ground
    - Shoot off with bow and arrow or knock off with arial attack
    - Normal samurai once off horse
    Difficulty: *
    |Red boss Mounted Samurai| [Encountered only in Chapter 2]
    - Advanced form of mounted samurai. *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: *
    |Vigoor Officer| [Encountered chpts 3, 4, 5]
    - Uses hand to hand moves,, slit your throat with stun baton, swipes at you
    with stun baton, and finally, shoots at 
    distance with pistol
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Rare
    Red: Rare
    Difficulty: *
    |Vigoor Enforcer| [Encountered chpts 3, 4, 5]
    - Somewhat armored, used a shield to block, can use hand to hand as well as
    - From distance, uses a pistol, or occasionally grenade launcher
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Common
    Red: Uncommon
    Difficulty: *
    |Cyborg Captain| [Encountered in Chapter 3]
    - Large cybernetic human equipped with a rail gun
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: **
    |Black Spider Clan Ninjas| [Encountered at spots in various chapters]
    - Very fast, powerful, skilled ninja. Appears in groups of 3-5
    - Uses incendiary shurikens, almost every acrobatic Ryu can do, and they
    are overall very lethal.
    - Learn to block, never focus on one, continue blocking if a shuriken is
    stuck to you to reduce damage
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Uncommon
    Red: Rare
    Difficulty: ****
    |Red Dragon| [Encountered in chpts 4, 12, 15]
    - Powerful fiend with nice defense. Takes most damage from heavy weapons
    - X, X, X, X, X, Y combo with Dabilahro kills them quick, one time does it
    - Attacks must connect and stop them from making attacks, as just a few
    slashes will get you a nasty counter
    - They will charge, bite at you, knock you back with their tail, and do a
    one-two swipe.
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Common
    Red: Common
    |Tentacle Fiend| [Encountered in chpts 4 & 6]
    - Fiend with tentacles and lots of eyes. Cut off tentacles to inflict damage
    Difficulty: *
    Difficulty: ***
    |Yellow Wolverines| [Encountered throughout game past chapter 4]
    - They move without legs, can teleport hither and there
    - Burrow through ground, appearing as little black cloud, use claws for quick
    - Pretty weak enemy as far as soaking up damage goes
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Rare
    Red: Rare
    Difficulty: *
    |Reapers| [Encountered only in the Monastery]
    - Teleport in and out of movement and attacks
    - They use a scythe and if you stay in one spot too long, they cast an easily
    avoided spell
    - Very vunerable to arial attacks
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Uncommon
    Red: Uncommon
    Difficulty: **
    |Wasp/Bee Fiend| [Encountered in chpts 6, 10, 11, 13]
    - Very slow moving most of the time, any weapon works, uses stinger for a
    lunge attack
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Rare
    Red: Rare
    Difficulty: *
    |Skeletal Zombies| [Encountered in Chapter's 6 & 7]
    - Uses a variety of weapons, from bow, to axe. 
    - One arm and/or head can be cut off to hinder their attacks
    - Archers are very accurate and shoot quickly, those that use melee weapons
    attack slow but swing in a very wide arc
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Rare
    Red: Uncommon
    Difficulty: **
    |Skeletal Dinosaur| [Encountered in Chapter 6]
    - Large fossil creature, one of the largest bosses
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: ***
    |Alma| [Encountered in Chapter 7, Monastery]
    - Greater Fiend, Rachel's sister. A fiend that uses a variety of melee, arial
    and projectile attacks. 
    - *See walkthrough*
    |Vigoor Soldier| [Encountered in chpts 8 & 9]
    - Soldier with red eyes, uses an automatic rifle with bayonet on end
    - Uses brief automatic fire, bayonet slash and sometimes thrust (for throw)
    at short range, and grenades at longer ranges
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Uncommon
    Red: Uncommon
    Difficulty: **
    |Vigoor RPG Soldier| [Encountered in chpts 8 & 9]
    - Uses only a shoulder mounted RPG (rocket propelled grenade), at any range
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Common
    Red: Uncommon
    Difficulty: **
    |Security Helicopter| [Encountered in chpts 9 & 11]
    - Uses a blue laser at any range, that cannot be blocked, but does minimal 
    Difficulty: *
    |Military Helicopter| [Encountered in chpts 8 & 9]
    - Uses machine gun, missles
    - *See walthrough*
    Difficulty: ***
    |Purple Wolverine| [Encountered throughout game after Chapter 10]
    - Similar to Yellow Wolverine, except larger, quicker, and more powerful
    - Attacks in larger groups and is prone to respawn often
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Uncommon
    Red: Common
    Difficulty: ***
    |Eeels| [Encountered in chpts 10 & 12]
    - Only 3 in the game. Uses projectile attacks, a sweep, biting lunge, and
    enviornment to it's advantage
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: **** (****** with 2)
    |Guardian| [Encountered in Chapter 10, Underground Sancturary]
    - Uses it's wings, a laser-like attack, and body for attacks.
    - *See walthrough*
    Difficulty: ***
    |Aquatic Fiend| [Encountered in Chapter 11]
    - Occasionally charges at you to try and bite you, will sometimes jump above
    surface of water to get at you. Very slow.
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Rare
    Red: Rare
    Difficulty: *
    |Doku| [Encountered in Chapter 11, Arena in Zarkhan]
    - Heavily armored samurai that weilds the cursed blade, Kitetsu. Lord of the
    Greater Fiends.
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: ***
    |Ice Dragon| [Encountered in Chapter 12]
    - Similar to Red Dragon, very few of them, they look more menacing
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Common
    Red: Uncommon
    Difficulty: ***
    |Fire Dragon| [Encountered in Chapter 12]
    - Similar to previous dragons. More plentiful on this level. They can use 
    flame breath at a medium distance and do a quick rolling attack.
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Common
    Red: Uncommon
    Difficulty: ****
    |Mammoth worm| [Encountered in Chapter 12]
    - A worm with two limbs to support it. Powerful melee attacks, shares no
    other characteristics with other worms except for the biting lunge and a few
    Difficulty: ***
    |Flame Dragon| [Encountered in Chapter 12]
    - Largest and most powerful of the dragons!
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: ****
    |Alma Awakaned| [Encountered in Chapter 13]
    - 'Evolved' form of Alma, basically a dumbed down version
    that uses physical attacks much more
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: ***
    |Zombie Soldier| [Encountered in Tairon anytime after Chapter 11]
    - A much slower but much more powerful version of the Skeletal Zombie
    - They weild overgrown, mutated bayonets and will occasionally do a few
    - They take many hits with even the most powerful of weapons, but are 
    incredibly slow
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Uncommon
    Red: Uncommon
    Difficulty: **
    |Fiend Officer| [Encountered in Tairon anytime after Chapter 11]
    - Very, very quick fiend with a balance of power and defense
    - Uses a fireball from long to medium distance, often will throw you and
    blocks and slashes accordingly, often attacking with two more
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Common
    Red: Common
    Difficulty: ****
    |Phantom Pirhana| [Encountered anytime after Chapter 13 in Zarkhan areas]
    - Voracious fish that always appears with more than 5 'friends' and is quick
    to latch onto you. 
    - One hit against them kills, yet the mere smell of blood attracts others, so
    prepare accordingly
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Common
    Red: Common
    Difficulty: ***
    |Cyclops| [Encountered in Chapter 14]
    - Related to the Wolverines. A large, metallica creature with pinchers and 
    a large eye
    - Uses lasers at any range, swiping attacks, very agile and able to block,
    also utilizes a throw
    Yellow: Common
    Blue: Uncommon
    Red: Uncommon
    Difficulty: *****
    |Spiritual Doku| [Encountered in Chapter 14]
    - Slightly stronger form of Doku's former self
    Difficulty: ****
    |Demon Fiend| [Encountered in Chapter 15]
    - Fiend that sits on throne in Fiend World
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: ***
    |The Evil Vigoor Emperor| [Encountered in Chapter 15]
    - First form of the Vigoor Emperor, largest boss
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: **
    |The Evil Vigoor Emperor| [Encountered in Chapter 15]
    - Final form of the Vigoor Emperor, like a pile of walking skulls
    - *See walkthrough*
    Difficulty: ***
    |The Dark Disciple| [Encountered in Chapter 16]
    - Dark Dragon Blade is all that fuels his mediocre powers. He can teleport,
    do some decent blade attacks... nothing to worry about, really.
    Difficulty: ***
    XI.    <============================>
                     Combat 101
    It is here I shall 'enlighten' you with combat tips for most weapons, the 
    most effective moves, the proper uses of Ninpo, and etc.
    i. Infinte enemy respawn
    - It is true there are a number of areas throughout the game where you can
    go back and back, and back again fighting the same enemy to get loads of
    essence. This is MOST common with bats. 
    Example: The Phantom Pirhanas in Chapter 15
    ii. Faster movement
    - If you need to move faster, roll, then press A to jump, and roll upon 
    landing, continue doing this. Keep doing this to move much faster than while
     running and look cool.
    iii. |Dragon Sword/Plasma Saber|
    - This is probably really the only weapon you ever need to kill anything in
    the game. Seriously, you can get it upgraded max fairly early and I used
    it on every boss, always, even though it's possible to beat them with other
    \It has average speed, power, and defense. All around good.
    \It has a number of arial attacks and underwater attacks
    \Easy to decapitate with
    Most effective moves:
    Tiger Roar |X X Y| - The meat and potatoes of any button smashing assault.
    Fang of the Wolf |X X Y Y| - Until your blade is at level 3, this is probably
    one of the more powerful combos yet easiest to remmber
    Blade of Nirriti |X Y X X X X| - A useful combo yet very easy for button
    smashers to figure out!
    Izuna Drop |X Y X X X Y| - The key to pulling this off flawlessly is PATIENCE
    and TIMING. After the inital slash, when you press Y, it SHOULD send them
    into the air. (This will not work on just about any enemy, namely
    those bigger than you) You will automatically jump up with them, and press X
    exactly three times before pressing Y, which is when the foe will be slammed
    down head-first.
    Flying Swallow |Jump towards enemy + Y| - Hands down best move in the game, 
    in my opinion. It is a flawless move. It can be blocked, but often homes
    in on the closest enemy and goes right through them in a move reminding
    me of those anime sword fights! 
    Gulliontine Throw |Jump towards enemy + Y| - Same as Flying Swallow? No, 
    there is a difference. With the Flying Swallow, your blade must be out. With
    this move, to pull it off, your sword must be sheathed. Or press Y right when
    you are really close to the point where you would *realistically* crash into
    them, but don't since the game physics aren't THAT accurate. 
    Flying Crane |Move stick in full circle + Y| - Perfect for when you are
    iv. |Vigoorian Flails/Nunchaku|
    - At max level, Vigoorian Flails are probably 2nd best weapon to use in the
    game. I pretty much ignore Nunchaku, but for the small time they can be
    useful, they are similar to the flails.
    \EXTREMELY useful for multiple enemies and when you are surrounded. They
    has nice reach and with proper stringed combos, protect you flawlessly
    \Very, very, very easy to combo with. Every button smasher should love this
    Most effective moves:
    - Let's be honest here, this weapon really doesn't have any moves that stand
    out like they do with other weapons. They are excellent for button smashing,
    wasting enemies quickly, and getting yourself out of tight spots.
    v. |War Hammer|
    - Somewhat useful, as it will help you get through cracked walls. But very
    few people find use for this, compared to the Dabilharo. Good to use until
    you level that weapon up. It's very slow.
    \POWER! Perfect for enemies like the dragons and even wolverines, which
    it can kill in 2 to 3 hits.
    \It's arial attacks, which are limited, are incredibly power and stop just 
    about any enemy in it's tracks.
    \Only one price for an upgrade, and it's fairly cheap
    Most effective moves:
    Gleam of Heaven and Earth |X Y| - A lovely, basic finisher. The first
    hit will knock your enemy down or back, and the second will crush them to
    the ground!
    Flaming Torrent |Y Y| - Nice all around attack. Nothing special.
    Earth Slide |Press X wile running| - I found this useful for most enemies
    that were not bigger than me. It would knock them down and leave them wide
    open for pain.
    Raging Thunder |During Flying Bird Flip + X or Y| - Excellent for crushing
    enemies quick and cheaply. 
    Six Paths Spin |Rotate stick + Y| - It's long range and power will put the
    hurt on any all around you.
    vi. |Dabilahro|
    - Probably the 2nd best weapon in the game once at max level. It boasts
    more power and defense (as in quicker to block with) than almost any weapon
    and rivals that of the Dragon Sword. It has the best speed as far as heavy
    weapons go.
    \Extremely easy to decapitate enemies with. You will find yourself killing 
    enemies on average in 2 to 3 hits with this.
    \The staple weapon for taking on big fiends. You can kill any dragon fiend
    with one combo of this weapon
    Most effective moves:
    - It's combos are extremely basic, and the other moves are similar to that of
    the War Hammer, but there is one move, what I like to call the 
    "Dragon Slayer"
    Flaming Hell Slash |X X X X X Y| - This is an extremely easy combo to pull
    off and after two swings it gets very fast. It decimates anything!
    vii. |Kitetsu|
    - I find this often better than the Dragon Sword, and actually it's my fave.
    weapon. It's a blade that is much more than meets the eye.
    \A mandatory requirement for the Kitestu is that it is more beneficial to you
    if you have the Armlet of Tranquillity equipped. This will stop your health
    from depleting the way the blade normally would do to you, but you
    will not recover your health like usual.
    \You can suck the life force of your enemies to gain health for yourself
    with one move
    \Don't be suprised if the blade doubles, this is normal!
    Most effective moves:
    - The Kitetsu is similar to the Dragon Blade in some areas, but it has some
    of it's own moves, many which are both sinister and devastating...
    Dark Rain |X X X| - This is the meat and potatoes attack of the Kitetsu. Two 
    slashes and the hits following brings them down.
    Stab of Overpowering Evil |X X Y| - A great simple finisher. It starts off
    simple enough, but then Ryu unleashed the blade, which if it doesn't 
    decapitate the foe, comes back like a boomerang to hit them again!
    Soul Eraser |X X+Foward X Y| - A straight on assault, ending with a one-way
    through to your enemy
    Hundred Curses Slash |Rotate stick + Y| Like the Flying Crane move, only
    viii. |Unlabored Flawlessness|
    - A very expensive weapon... is it worth it? I would say you'd have to
    use it for yourself. It is similar to other weapons, so I guess it borrows
    what it can to make a tuned-weapon.
    \It has decent speed, but serious strength in the blow
    \Like I said, it has borrowed moves from other weapons, with a few of
    it's own. You can even do an Izuna Drop with this weapon that packs the power
    of the War Hammer.
    Most effective moves:
    Izuna Drop |X Y X X X Y| - No-brainer (As in, this should be a default move
    to use)
    Flying Dragon Falling Slash |While jumping + X X X X| - An incredible arial
    combo. It's best used before you complete the Izuna Drop.
    Flying Dragon Falling Slash |X Y X X X X| - A very quick and powerful combo,
    it finishes off with arial attacks. 
    Hundred Demons Bite | Foward + X| - A perfect starting move. This simple
    attack packs quite a bit of power, the enemy won't know what hit it.
    ix. |Dark Dragon Blade|
    - Consider this to be exactly the dark equivalent to the lvl 3 Dabilharo.
    \My strategy for this weapon will be about the same as that of the Dabilharo.
    Most effective combos:
    Flaming Hell Slash |X X Y| - A very quick and powerful combo.
    Dark Dragon Descending Fiends |Y| - An impressive attack that is actually
    a simple combo. Use with caution, as there is a brief pause before execution.
    x. Ninpo
    Ninpo guidlines:
    - Ninpo, upon use, makes you invunerable to all damage.
    - Ninpo kills most Fiends in one hit
    - Ninpo is not the most effective on a boss
    |The Art of the Fire Wheels| - Pretty useful for a few chapters, depends.
    It will hit enemies that attack you, but cannot be upgraded and doesn't
    last very long.
    |The Art of the Inferno| - Arguably the most powerful Ninpo technique. It
    kills enemies touching you with your self-immolation going on, and Ryu homes
    in on the nearest enemy with a huge fireball. There is usually an explosion
    that hits everything nearby. BOOM!
    |The Art of the Ice Storm| - Useful in tight spots when you are surrounded.
    |The Art of the Inazuma| - Hands down, the best Ninpo. Not only powerful,
    but it hits everything. I never found it as useful as the Inferno one was for
    bosses, though. 
    |----Scarab locations----|
    {Ch. III - 3 Scarabs}
    [You cannot return to this level if you miss the scarabs.]
    1. By window in the Captain's quarters.
    2. In back of room over the crates in the large room by the Living Quarters.
    3. In Gas Compartment Passageway, run up large metal box, then run up wall
    and do a flip off, and land on the catwalk.
    {Ch. IV - 4 Scarabs)
    4. In fountain before Great Bridge Square. It is along the wall.
    5. On balcony near dead ninja's corpse in same area.
    (Golden Bridge Square area)
    6. In the alley where you get the Windmill shuriken.
    7. In the Drawbridge area, walk through Blue Gem door, walk halfway, until 
    you see opening on both sides of you. On the right, is a scarab, do a wall 
    run to the right and then jump to get it.
    {Ch. V - 2 Scarabs)
    8. After you cross the drawbridge, you climb Drawbridge Hill and fight three 
    ninjas at the summit, right in front of a save point.  
    Turn right at the save point, and go down the hill.  Keep an eye on the left
    wall.  At the base of the hill, there are two very short alleys on the left.
    The first has a Scarab lying on the ground, the second has an 
    Elixir of Spiritual Life.
    9. In Draw Bridge Hill, there is a scarab in the same alcove as the save 
    {Ch. VI - 6 Scarabs}
    10. In archive area, on the 2nd floor, smash open one of the glass cases.
    11. In archive, room, just before the door to the balcony.
    12. In balcony area, left side as you are exiting from archive.
    13. After dropping down into the Underground Cemetary, it is right across
    14. In the room where you first encounter the Wasp fiends, to the far left
    (if you are standing at top of the room) or to the far right alcove (if you
    come from the other entrance to room), run up the wall and there will be a 
    golden scarab. You can get this scarab on your way up the room before 
    fighting the Skeleton Dinosaur boss.
    15. In the Tomb Of Eons, in a hole in the wall.
    {Ch. VII - 4 Scarabs}
    [You cannot get the scarab in the Chamber of Everlasting Sleep, that is on
    the ceiling, until Chapter 11]
    16. In one of the wall holes where the skeleton boss lays. Back of the room.
    17. Right before bridge, on the left ledge.
    18. At the bottom area in the Blue Eye Chamber, right below the Blue Eye.
    19. Junction Chamber, below surface of water, near elevator.
    {Ch. VIII - 2 Scarabs}
    20. Behind the gate unlocked with Skull key.
    21. In that gate area unlocked with the Skull key, bird-flip up to the third
    story. Wall run along the wall opposite of the third floor, to the left, to
    find an alcove with the scarab in it.
    {Ch. IX - 4 Scarabs}
    [You cannot return to this level is you miss the scarabs]
    22. Just after you exit the tunnel, look to the left to find one outside the
    23. In Warehouse on top of one train. Get on the train across from it.
    Then jump towards it, and press X in mid-air to go farther, w/ weapon.
    24. At the top of the shed in the warehouse. It's at the other side of the 
    warehouse,that you get the shutter card in. Wall run up to the top of the 
    room and it will be on the top.
    25. Before rooftop, on ledge, bird flip all the way to the top of building.
    {Ch. X - 9 Scarabs}
    26. In the Blue Resevoir Room.
    27. In Red Resevoir Room, Aquaduct 1.
    28. Second floor in Hall Of Balance, near Blue Resevoir exit.
    29. Cave BEFORE Worm Cavern, left alcove.
    30. Where the first Eel was, right behind you, there is a wall that does not
    go all the way up;  run up this wall.
    31. Where one of the Eels in the cave was.
    32. In Underground Sancturary, room to the left with Ninja's corpse.
    33. In the Peristyle Passage, one of the pillars on the right does not go all
    the way up, wall-jump between the two to reach it.
    34. To the left of Brand Of Valor (the ceremonial sword), lying near a column.
    {Ch. XI - 5 Scarabs}
    35. In first body of water, right in front of you in the beginning. Swim 
    under the grate to reach it.
    36. After "Island in the Moat" area, to the left after coming out of the exit.
    37. Next to Oxygen Cylinder in Sunken Ship, in the compartment you unlock.
    38. After entering large chamber with silver medallion and sunken boat area,
    there is a scarab next to the entrance you came in from, also the only way
    out, very hard to miss.
    39. In Hidden Underground, in the area where you got the Skull key, far above
    the Sarcophagus, it is on the ceiling.
    {Ch. XII - 8 Scrabs}
    40. On ledge in the Stadium.
    41. In Stadium area where switch to activate platforms is, to the back left
    42. On the very top ledge of the stadium, accessed via platforms.
    43. The three stone heads by the save point can be smashed for items. Use
    War Hammer or Dabiliharo. In the remains of one is a scarab.
    44. Bottom of Zarkhan Falls lake.
    45. In path of flame, right across from second flamethrower statue
    46. Furnace area, on the right, near lava. (Fire Cavern)
    47. Ice Cavern Depths, right by save point.
    {Ch. XIV - 2 Scarabs}
    48. After door of the Lion, take a left and follow the corridor down.
    49. In Labryinth area right before fighting Doku, just search everywhere, it's
    out in the open.
    {Ch. XV - 1 Scarab}
    50. The final scarab. On the 4th floor, to the right of the door is a ledge.
    Drop off and you will find yourself just where the skulls are on the tower.
    Follow around to the right and you will see the final Scarab.
    |||||| Life enhancement locations||||||
    - These are the locations for Life of the Gods & Lives of the Thousand Gods.
    [Life of the Gods]
    [27 total = 3 life gauge upgrades]
    {Ch. II - 2 LOTG}
    1. In the area with a broken bridge and waterfall, just after you exit the
    the forst, drop down into the river. Get on the platform on the north
    side of the river. If you are in the right place, to the front of you will be
    a cove. Step off the platform, and run across the water, into the
    inlet. Inside, keep hitting X until you pick up the LOTG.
    2. In Hayabusa Village, head north until you are confronted by samurai.
    Now look around on the ground, especially near the dead body. 
    There is a stone head on the ground, that you need, and once you find it,
    head back near the entrance of the village and put it on the headless statue.
    {Ch. III - 3 LOTG}
    3. In the room with two staircases, head to the northeast (to your front left)
    door, in the box will be the LOTG.
    4. After getting the ID card, enter the door behind you, get it in
    the chest.
    5. If you have gotten one scarab, turn it into Muramasa and he will give
    you a LOTG. 
    {Ch. IV - 1 LOTG}
    6. When you come to the balcony area, where you will see two enemies
    shooting at you from their own balcony, notice the kunai that was just thrown.
    The blue pipe right by it, you must shimmy on, so just keep moving against
    the pipe until Ryu flips over to shimmy... then do show and get the LOTG
    from the niche.
    {Ch. VI - 2 LOTG}
    7. Right where you start. Check the chests.
    8. In the Underground Cememtery, when you first run into
    those flying creatures, drop down. Try and make your way
    back up. Once you see what to do, take notice of one of the crates
    on a platform vital to your escape route, the LOTG is in there.
    {Ch. VII - 2 LOTG}
    9. In the Suspension Bridge Room, on the ground level, left corner.
    10. In the Monk's room, right before you fight Alma, use the code on
    his safe (1 right, 4 left, 1 right, left 0).
    {Ch. IX - 3 LOTG}
    11. Inside the warehouse, smash the crates in the path to find it.
    12. After fighting 3 soldiers at the stairs, go down, then turn and look
    for an inlet, then get it in there.
    13. After the train wreck, check the chest nearby.
    {Ch. X - 3 LOTG}
    14. In the second floor of the Hall of Balance, go through the tunnel,
    make a right where the path splits into a Y, and it will be in a chest.
    15. After the fight with the 2 electric eels, check the right crevice
    for a chest with the LOTG.
    16.  In the room after the Peristyle Passage
    (hall entered from Hall of Balance), in this room with the bats, perform a
    wall run, and then jump to the wooden walkway above, where you will then be
    lead to the chest with it.
    {Ch. XI - 2 LOTG}
    17. In the tunnel where you insert the gold & silver medallions, it's located
    in a chest to the left of the entrance of the shrine.
    18. You will find it in a chest in the middle of the bar cage maze,
    where you first get the silver medallion.
    {Ch. XII - 6 LOTG}
    19. At the top of the stadium, it is in on the left of the stone balcony.
    20. From the first balcony in the stadium, jump across, at the far end is
    another chest with a LOTG.
    21. In the Great Bridge Square area, smash open the cracked wall with one
    of your heavy weapons, wall run along the wall, then wall run across to
    get another inside the chest on the ledge.
    22. At the save point at Zarkhan Falls, smash the stone heads with a heavy
    weapon. The LOTG will be in one of the head's remains.
    23. At the bottom of the lake in Zarkhan Falls is a chest, near the 
    golden scarab.
    24. After defeating the fire room, the next room has a chest to the right,
    containing a LOTG.
    {Ch. XIII - 2 LOTG}
    25. At the beginning of the chapter, it is inside a chest, in the room with the
    flying fiends. 
    26. In the Pyramid, check the lower left-corner of the Leaf Tablet room.
    Inside the chest is what else - LOTG.
    {Ch. XIV - 1 LOTG}
    27. After first meeting the Phantom Pirhanas, make a left past that wall,
    and it will be in a chest at the end.
    [Lives of the Thousand Gods]
    {Ch. I - 1 LOTG}
    1. In the room just after the one with the samurai armor, in the middle of
    the room, the chest contains it. 
    {Ch. IV - 1 LOTG}
    2. In the area where a Kunai scroll is thrown to you on a blue pipe, and
    where two enemies will fire at you from seperate balconies, you must kill them
    and shimmy across to reach the balcony on the otherside that contains the
    {Ch. 7 - 3 LOTG}
    3. On the floor at the start of the chapter.
    4. Left by the Tentacle Fiend after you defeat him.
    5. Go back to the Ritual Room (where you first fought the zombie fiends), and
    you will have to defeat 60 of them to get this item.
    {Ch. X - 1 LOTG}
    6. In the Peristyle Passage, which is before the Underground Sancturary,
    you must fight 60 of the floating fiends in this room to obtain the LOTG.
    {Ch. XII - 3 LOTG}
    7. After completing the puzzle, return to the stadium area.
    You will have to fight 60 fiends again for the LOTG, this time
    against the dragon fiends.
    8. After the puzzle area, it may not seem like it, but you
    will have to fight 60 of these fiends to get them to stop spawning,
    for now... when you do, you get the LOTG.
    9. After defeating the Fire Dragon, the LOTG will be on his back, which
    is pretty much in front of you already. 
    {Ch. XIII - 1 LOTG}
    10. Go back and talk to Muramasa. Follow his directions, going
    back to that area, and entering the portal. (you must unlock the portals)
    Inside, you have to survive.. I mean, defeat, all the fiends. A total of 60.
    You don't need to worry about getting hit, you get the LOTG either way, if
    you beat them.
    ||||||| Ki enhancement locations||||||
    - For your Ki scrolls, there are a total of six upgrades for you to get.
    The maximum amount of Ki one can have is five. (You start with 1)
    [Jewel of the Demon Seal]
    {Ch. VII}
    1. Lying on the throne across from you in the Suspension Bridge Room.
    {Ch. X}
    2. In the B3 Aquaducts level, take the lift in the west part of the room down.
    Take the Jewl of the Demon Seal out of the chest, but be prepared to fight
    a lot of Fiends.
    {Ch. XI}
    3. I know it's late in the game, but return to the Monk's room in the Monastery.
    Crack his safe again (1 left, 2 left, 2 right, 3 left). You MUST have gotten
    all previous items in the Monk's safe to get this, though. 
    {Ch. XII}
    4. In the room after the boss in the caverns, you will come to an area
    where it appears you have to jump between walls... however, go to the top, but
    immediately drop down to that ledge, and Ryu will grab on, then get it
    from the chest.
    {Ch. XIII}
    5. In Hayabusa Village, crack the cracked stone with a heavy weapon,
    thus recieving the item.
    6. In the pyramid, when you come to an odd mirror, use the Art of Inferno to
    light all of the torches, and the item will appear.
    [Spirit of the Devils]
    {Ch. IV}
    1. Near Muramasa's shop, there is a stairway leading up near the clocktower.
    Take it, and at the top will be more enemies, more so, NINJA. Defeat them, and
    take the item from the chest in the corner. 
    {Ch. VII}
    2. Instead of first fighting Alma in the Monastery upon your return, 
    go back through the library. Inside, you will have to fight
    60 fiends to get this item.
    {Ch. X}
    3. In the Red Water Resevoir room, check the chest in the eastern part.
    {Ch. - ANY after obtaining 10 scarabs }
    4. Turn in 10 golden scarabs to Muramasa and he will give you
    a Spirt of the Devils, anytime in the game.
    About Hurricane Pack Vol. 1:
    This Hurricane Pack is available off of Xbox Live only, thus far. 
    While it must be started from "Master Ninja Tournament", via Xbox Live, once
    you have saved your game after starting, you do not have to be connected to
    Xbox Live to continue playing on your save file and so on. Likewise, if you
    must start again, you must be connected to Live.
    Each Hurricane Pack is 2000+ blocks plus, and to my knowledge, cannot be
    transfered from Xbox to Xbox. 
    Here are some changes I want to get out of the way -
    +Improved game engine - faster, more stable.
    +Difficulty/A.I. of enemies increased, making a more challenging game.
    +Change to Karma scoring (I'll explain what I can later, as I get used to it.)
    +Weapon and item locations changed.
    +Weapon upgrade prices increased.
    +All Ninpo and technique scrolls can only be purchased.
    +Items given to you for golden scarabs have been changed.
    +You also start with Nunchaku's and your Dragon Sword.
    +Changes to fiend lineup in 60 fiend challenges.
    +Minor changes to key item placements.
    +Minor changes to item quantities found, per level.
    +Additional moves for most enemies. (Later, I'll make a seperate bestiary.)
    +Use of INTERCEPT - a new technique where you block an attack right before it
    hits - succession is indicated by a flash. Get more info from the scroll! :P
    +Camera is improved, and fixed, here and there - depends on player perception.
    +Two costumes have been added. As you select the new game in the 
    Master Ninja Tournament menu, you must hold down either the white or black 
    button as you select a new game for the Hurricane pack you will be starting.
    A voice will be your sign to confirm that you did it properly.
    White button = Ryu's Dead Or Alive series costume.
    Black button = The wickedly awesome costume. (!)
    Before I begin this vague walkthrough, note that I am only adding changes
    and warnings for each level, along with encounters of the new fiends. 
    {CHAPTER 1}
    ENEMY WARNING: The ninjas you will face here will be both white ninjas... and
    BLACK ninjas. 
    NEW WEAPON: The LUNAR is the only new weapon added. It is imperative you do
    not miss this:
    *The Lunar is to be found in the room with the chest containing the item that
    upgrades your health - find it by pressing X near the weapons on the floor,
    near the exit of the room. 
    CHEST WARNING: Beware the chest in the cave... open it, and recieve a face
    full of bats. Trick chests like these seem to have been placed here and there
    in the game. 
    Found in the upstairs attic of the Ninja Fortress.
    {CHAPTER 2}
    MURAMASA: Not that you can afford any, but take note of the prices here, and
    what you need to save up for. 
    All Ninpo - 20,000 essence EACH.
    All technique scrolls - 10,000 essence EACH.
    Dragon Sword - Level 2: 3000 essence.
    {CHAPTER 3}
    NEW BOSS ATTACK(?): The big man will sometimes surround himself with an
    electric shield, keeping you away and firing his gun rapidly - temporary.
    {CHAPTER 4}
    ENEMY WARNING: You'll find the SAT's and MSAT's to have become cyborgs - thus
    increasing their attributes and overall ability to be a pain in the arse. 
    ENEMY WARNING: Feline fiends! Your first encounter will be at the top of the
    tower, where usually you were attacked by black ninjas. They are very fast...
    their most deadly attacks are: An attack similar to your own Flying Swallow -
    and an attack like a throw, they will use if they cannot break your guard, 
    and when they are close. This does lots of damage and leaves you open. 
    From this point on, you'll run into these feline fiends, replacing previous
    encounters of other fiends. 
    {CHAPTER 6}
    CHEST WARNING: At the starting point, beware the dark red chest.
    NO VIGOORIAN FLAILS - see Chapter 7.
    ENEMY WARNING: Gold legless fiends found in Underground Cemetary.
    {CHAPTER 7}
    *VIGOORIAN FLAILS can be had by Muramasa, provided you have 15 golden scarabs.
    Level 2 - 10,000 essence.
    ENEMY WARNING: In the chamber containing the Wolf Diety & Skull key, you will
    encounter Ghost Pirhanas, and also in the tunnel before the flooding. 
    ...More coming soon.
    About Hurricane Pack Vol. 2:
    Vol. 2 stresses on evolving your foes, rather than the expansion and 
    improvement given to us by Vol. 1 - so while the previous refinements to the
    game are in place, there are other changes to be aware of - 
    +Takes place all on one level, the last level.
    +You are very "weak" - you start out with the same amount of health and ninpo
    as though you started a new game. This is permanent throughout Vol. 2
    +Your start off with:
    DRAGON SWORD: Level 2
    DABILAHRO: Level 1
    LUNAR: Level 2
    Counter Attack, Intercept, & Izuna Drop technique scrolls.
    +It is a linear type of game, where you defeat all enemies in a room.
    +The number of your projectile weapons is unlimited.
    +Um... this is pretty hard! 
    Defeat a mix of white and black ninjas.
    Pick up Incendiary Shuriken out of chest before heading to 2nd floor.
    Purple ninjas that use both incendiary shurikens and windmill shuriken.
    They are very adept with the sword and at acrobatics. 
    *Apparently you do not have to defeat any of these to leave the rooms.
    Art Of the Fire Wheels ninpo at the top.
    A mix of the purple ninjas, black ninjas, and mages.
    Three chests - one with the STRONGBOW, one with an elixir, and the other
    contains bats. Step into the portal to let the real games begin. 
    PHASE 1
    Your first fight is against both the Samurai and archer on horses. To make
    matters worse, you're in a very tight area. First, pick up the War Hammer.
    It's lying on the ground. 
    Time your attacks here and be very patient, you only have to worry about
    taking damage. 
    With their defeat, grab the Lives Of The Thousand Gods off the floor.
    You have a save point and Muramasa before you, but there are some things to
    be aware of in his shop...
    Elixir of Spiritual Life - 1500
    Elixir of the Devil Way - 1500
    Great Spirit Elixir - 5000
    Lives of the Thousand Gods - 5000
    Spirit of the Devils - 2000
    Jewel of the Demon Seal - 2000
    Technique Scroll: Guillotine Throw - 2000
    The Art of the Inferno - 3000
    The Art of the Ice Storm - 3000
    The Art of the Inazuma - 3000
    The Armlet of the Sun - 2000
    The Armlet of the Moon - 2000
    The Armlet of Benediction - 2000
    The Armlet of Fortune - 2000
    The Armlet of Tranquillity - 2000
    Dragon Sword: Level 3 - 5000
    Vigoorian Flail: Level 2 - 5000
    War Hammer: Level 2 - 5000
    Dabilahro: Level 2 - 5000
    Lunar: Level 3 - 5000
    Now... when you are ready, smash the red switch to continue.
    ...More coming soon. 
       |- - - - - - - -|
       |- - - - - - - -|
    I would like to give credit to the following:
    Team NINJA and Tecmo: For putting together such an awesome game. Truly the
    best of action games to come out in the past decade and then some. This
    should not only be looked on as a great Xbox game or exclusive, but should
    set a standard for all third-person action games to come. It may portray a
    more 'mainstream' Ninja people have gotten to know, but with it's technical
    superiorities, balance of old-school gameplay with new, and overall fun
    factor, it is a win!
    IGN, site and board members:
    For the past few days, the site's code section and members that answered my
    questions to help me progress were amazing and I am grateful. I must also 
    thank them for their own perspectives on the game that somewhat helped me to
    put this together in my own view and in a view that may help a general group
    of people playing this! 
    seto21, steve haberstroh (CvaniaOnPS2ng4onXbox) on IGN boards: What I lacked
    in memory, they helped in, for telling me the names of the Chapters.
    QWAD, IGN boards: Thanks for the information about the 60 fiend fights for 
    fuzzy, IGN boards: For organizing the FAQ thread which helped motivate me to
    make this.
    SlickTrick: His information about the Dark Dragon Blade.
    Andy(Canaan),LAFFCAM: Information on Golden Scarab in Chapter 5
    Anthony Casedonte(boonskers): Tip on avoiding Alma's ultimate attack
    Jareth Tillery: Tip on totally avoiding Black Ninjas in Chapter 4
    Galaxy Galaxy: Suggestion for movement/battle tips
    Julie Gagnon: BIG THANKS to her for being the first to send me
    a detailed guide of where every scarab was. 
    Chris Zawada: Credit goes to him for being the FIRST to tell me about how to get
    the other NG games. THANKS TO EVERYONE ELSE!
    Zwaffle, Suggestion to add infinte enemy respawn information.
    Mohammad Hamad: Tip for LOTG in Chapter 10
    Ben Rabbani: Tip for Jewel of the Demon Seal in Chapter 13
    Scott Punty: Unlabored Flawlessness information
    Wade G. &Ed Green, from GameFAQs Ninja Gaiden boards: Credit for being the 
    first two to give the tip on dodging the Flame Dragon's seemingly unavoidable
    Tenjinmon NINJA: Credit for Plasma Saber Mk II and Evil Ryu information.
    Rob Melillo: Tip for avoiding destruction of Suspension Bridge in Chapter 7
    JeFFxPx: Alternative strategy for Flame Dragon, other combat suggestions.
    Zach Sekar: Dabilahro tips
    Danny Rego: Suggestion to mention time is counted while game is paused.
    Adam Khan, Chris Nguyen: Info on the fact that you CAN die by wasting time in
    Chapter 16
    Frank Sanchez: Thanks for great tip on dodging the Magma Eel's attack easier.
    RuffRyderZilla: Tip on beating Tanks
    Martin Gilday: The very FIRST person to tell me of the 60 fiend challenge in
    the arena. 
    Pham Scott: Thanks for that tip about avoiding the RPG guards on the radio
    Copyright 2004 Celsius (Paul Willis)

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