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    Easter Egg FAQ by Refreshment

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                                 NINJA GAIDEN DETAILS GUIDE.
    Publisher: Tecmo
    Creator: Team Ninja
    Date: 03/02/04
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Co-author: Aaxe                Author: Refreshment (GCPS)
                                      I.   Introduction.
                                      II.  Version History.
                                      III. Details Guide.
                                      IV.  Thanks/Credits.
                                      V.   Legal stuff.
                                      VI.  Contact information.
    I. Introduction.
    This guide started as a the "Some interesting details" topic in Gamefaqs
    "Ninja Gaiden Board" as a tribute to Ninja Gaiden, wich has prove to be not
    only a very fun, incredible looking, challenging game but also a game that
    offers a considerable amount of cool and subtle details.
    This guide has the risk of passing as inane but take in mind developers create
    this game worlds from ground cero, realizing them in their minds and
    materializing them through thounsands of hours of code, sweat, blood and tears
    So the reason for the guide is to apreciate that.
    As for the details listed we picked the ones that are subtle but also the ones
    that while obvious are too damn cool. So heres hope you find this guide
    amusing in a very good way and who knows? maybe this is yet another incentive
    to replay this great game this time paying close attention to the surroundings
    II. Vesion History.
    05/10/2004....................Hurricane Pack section added.
    19/05/2004....................Corrections and more details for errors section.
    30/04/2004....................Version 1.1   Added normative grammar errors.
    19/04/2004....................Version 1.0   First attempt.
    III. Details Guide:
    How to read:
    The thematic is inside the >>>Theme<<<. Followed by the subject between
    ===Subject=== and proceeds with the person that made the contribution.
    The themes are: Levels, Enemies/creatures, Ryu, Weapons, Water,  Grammar
    errors & other mistakes and Miscelaneous.
    ===CHAPTER 1===
    -Ok everyone, lets backtrack to the beginning of the game. We are at a
    waterfall. We move forward for a bit, and a flower-kunai comes flying down and
    leaves a note for us. We later find out Ayane sent it to us. We reach
    Murai later on. Talk with him, and Ayane is rushing towards us. She finally
    reaches Murai, to tell him "Master Murai, the Hayabusa Village --- Mr Ryu...."
    This leaves me in shock. The way she says "Mr Ryu" sounds like she didn't
    expect him to be here. Well why is that? If she sent kunai notes to him, she
    was trying to help him get there and yet she runs in there at the end of the
    first level like a madman and then is surprised to see Ryu there. I'm honestly
    at a loss to why she wouldnt be expecting him.
    -On chapter 1 in the room with the trapdoor, if you fall down it while
    fighting any other ninja that falls down it with you dies.
    -When you destroy the torches near the incline the pieces will slide gently.
    -Also when you destroy the jars in the rooms, the pieces stay for a quite a
    long time.
    -You can see the leaves falling from the trees in the corridor that leads to
    -On chapter 1 in the outside areas that are high enough you can see an a huge
    mountain (or inaptive volcano) that is very similar to Japans mount Fuji.
    -Chapter 1 begins at day time. When you fall through the trap door and make it
    pass the caverns the day turns to dusk. And at the begining of chapter 2 dusk
    turns to night as soon as you enter the well.
    -At the entrance of Ninja fortress if you look to the mountains is posible to
    see a very thin layer of mist going through the trees.
    -In Hayabusa Village, if you stand behind the board on the ground where you
    first fight the mages, you can shoot the targets with arrows and receive
    Author's Note: The left target gives you yellow essence, the upper right one
    gives blue essence and the other one red essence. And you can get a maximun of
    10 essences for each target. Thanks to "mmaag" for the correction regarding the
    number of orbs you can get.
    Moose master
    -Hayabusa is the Japanese word for the peregrine falcon,so maybe the bird that
    appears in the two cut scenes is an ancestor spirit,or perhaps it is the
    guardian of the clan.
    -First time in Hayabusa village the sky is clear so is posible to see the
    stars, upon your return its raining and all the stars are blocked by the
    -Other interesting detail in Hayabusa village. If you notice the bridge where
    you fight against the Captain horseman below there isnt any water, when you
    return in chapter 13 and its raining youll see a water cuarrent moving there.
    -When its raining in the village instead of each step kicking dust it raises
    small drops of water. Yea, crap but....
    -In Hayabusa village when you fight the multiple horsemen you can knock them
    in the fire and they take damage. But the same aplies to Ryu.
    -On chapter 2 in the sliding hill that ends in the moat you have the option to
    jump while slading down and reach 3 branches to swing to the other said over
    the obstacle. It seems not to have any function save for looking cool.
    ===CHAPTER 3===
    -If you look outside when on the airship (chp 3), you can see cities. What
    many might not notice is this: There are various types of cities that pass you
    by,and each one of them are slightly different in lighting/construction.
    Obviously this resets after sometime.
    -On Chapter 3, the window you have to smash to get into the generator room has
    tape over it or something, but before you smash it, look through the window
    opposite. You cannot see any tape at all.
    -In the small Intercom Room connected to the Crew Compartment in the Airship
    has a wall clock. If you look closely you will notice the Dead Or Alive Xtreme
    Beach Volleyball symbol on the clock face.
    -In ch.3 after you cross over the wire there's a black vigoorian guard dude,
    and he can do this one throw where he knees you and you go flying. He did that
    to me and i fell off the edge, instantly 'game over'-ing me! lol.
    -If you are trying to get those missing scarabs on successive play, be careful
    if you miss any in chap 3 you can never go back, 'cause the Airship blown up.
    -In chapter 3 office and in the main bridge you can see real or better said
    acurate world maps. One is on the wall and the other one in a monitor.
    -In the main control bridge, where you get the key card, looking at the ground
    in the front part of the room is posible to see the sky, even the lighted city
    -In the battle with General Fatso, you can see water driping from the sides of
    the airship.
    -Inside the airship you can see the world oscilating due to the ship
    -Once you destroy the energy generator most of the lights (ilumination) turns
    -In the airship chapter when outside if look down you can see the lights of
    the city shining.
    -Also outside the airship in the place that has the destroyable generators you
    can knock the guards out of the ship sending them over the rails.
    Whats interesting is that you cant get orbs from the dead bodies. I dont know
    if this was intentionally programed like that, but it makes sense since the
    guy knocked most be so far away.
    -In chpt 3 at the officer office looking at the wall there are many pictures,
    one of them is from a airship very similar to the Hindenburg. This one is the
    famous (infamous) ship that on May 3 1937 lifted off the Frankfurt airfield
    for Lakehurst and got burned in mid air.
    -Interesting is the fact that the chapter 3 ends exactly like that.
    -Also at the chapters 3 begining you have the chance to interact with the bed
    and it says something along the lines of "its not time to think about
    -Not just the picture on chapter 3 looks like the Hinderburg but the entire
    Airship is a  replica of the Hinderburg.
    -You have rooms like the Crew rooms similar and the pasenger rooms down to the
    furniture has the same style.
    -The same inclined panoramic windows.
    -They even rendered the "gas cells" for the airship similar. The "gas cell" is
    the one big room before the boss fight.
    -The gas tanks in the cell room look like Hydrogen tanks. This makes alot of
    sense since the airships explodes at the end.
    -Once Tairon is occupied, you can see Helicopters flying around in the sky
    everywhere (even in the Monestary).
    -Once you defeat the tentacle fiend for the first time (chp 5), in the next
    chapter, you can cross over the Monastery Annex towards the Monastery. While
    on the crossover bridge, if you look a bit to the left, you can observe a
    fenced off area, which you go to via the stone circles in chp 13.
    -The ninja whose body holds the nunchucks apparently held 2 of them. If you
    check his body at chapter 13 (after the everybody becomes fiends), you'll find
    that he has another pair. Unfortunately, Ryu can't hold another one and go
    dual nunchucks.
    -The clocktower in Tairon works. Each minute the large hand moves and each
    hour the short one.
    -The clocktower reflects the XBOX realtime clock.
    -Muramasa wasnt joking in the pamphlet near Hans bar about being the last day
    offer. As soon as the night ends in Tairon (after chapter 7) the pamphlet is
    removed from the wall.
    -In the different chapters that happen in the imperial city (Tairon) the time
    of the day changes. From day, dusk to night.
    -During day time in Tairon every light is turned off even does big freaking
    lights in Han's bar.
    -Enter Muramasa's shop in Tiron city and look to the left. There'll be a
    Warhammer hanging in the wall very similar to Rachels one but not as cool
    -At Han's bar theres a handle for a drink dispenser? that has the form of a
    -You can see the sunken ship in the corridor that leads to the monastery some
    chapters before 11.
    -The arcade machine in Han's bar is quite similar to the real Ninja Gaiden
    arcade machine. But the Ninja Gaiden arcade machine has an extra 3 buttons and
    joystick to acomodate a second player for multiplayer. It wouldnt make sense
    to put the extra buttons since the other NG games dont feature multiplayer.
    -An obvious one. The X-shaped object near the windmill shurinken is a copy of
    the XBOX prototype that appeared at the GDC.
    -In the Imperial city early chapters theres a corridor with a water channel to
    the side where you fight some Spider Ninjas. There are even small balconies
    that are above the water. Here you can see the fish from chapter 11. And also
    above the draw bridge. Is posible to hit the fish with arrows and they react.
    -The stained glass of the Altar Hall in the Monastery has a the Great Flame
    Dragon on the left side and the Great Bone Dragon and the right, foreshadowing
    Ryu's two encounters with dragons later on. The dragons are drawn in the more
    classic Japanese style.
    Void of Genocide
    -The cathedral of Tiron is a nice mixture between Middle Eastern and Gothic
    architecture (along with other such elements from proto-Christian architecture
    that maybe the developers didn't know about but where there anyway)
    -On the outside, the Cathedral has a very typical Middle Eastern look and it
    even looks as if it were a centralized floor plan (Like some Proto-Christian
    Churches adapted from Roman mausoleums, which were inspired by Etruscan burial
    sites, which were round) even though on the inside is not.
    -The gothic elements on the outside are the Rose Window in the main facade
    (http://ah.bfn.org/a/DCTNRY/r/rose.jpg) and the Flying Buttress
    (http://ah.bfn.org/a/DCTNRY/f/fly.jpg) around the building.
    The entryway (the two ramps) was made up by Tecmo, but even if we take it in
    consideration, the Cathedral is made up of just one Nave
    (http://ah.bfn.org/a/DCTNRY/n/nave.html) instead of the usual three used for
    service (as you can see on the left and the right of the main nave in the
    -There are two small naves in the area near the Chancel
    (http://ah.bfn.org/a/DCTNRY/c/chancel.html), but they are just for decoration,
    it seems, since the other two naves had to run lateral to the main nave.
    -Around the Chancel, one can see an ambulatory, but it seems to be just for
    show and cannot be accessed. The ambulatory was a half circle with small
    chapels where the relics of saints were placed. It was designed to be accessed
    by the faithful during Processions.
    (http://www.elore.com/Gothic/Glossary/image/apse.gif) The ambulatory is around
    the apse (Letter A)
    -The arches inside the Cathedral are Middle Eastern and can be found in many
    Mosques (Red and white strip coloring around the arch)
    -Also, for it being a Cathedral, it is devoid of any chairs for the faithful.
    Maybe, like in the Mosques, the faithful have to knee? This explains the
    absence of many other Gothic elements.
    -When you kill Alma the roof cathedral gets destroyed. If you go outside of
    the cathedral from many places,I.E. by the doors or the walkaway you can see
    the dome is gone.
    -Also after Alma every room in the cathedral gets destroyed from the library
    to the monk's room. You can see alot of books in the floor. Something
    interesting, if you go to pick up the Mhytos books after the destruction they
    will be in the same place yet the glass bookcases and everything is destroyed.
    -At the library before the fight against Alma i just opened the glass case
    with the explosive Shurinken. After the Alma fight i returned and all the
    cases were destroyed and the items (scarab and elixir) were laying on the
    -Also after the cathedral dome is destroyed you have a beautiful outside look
    of Tiron city and the mountains from within the cathedral inside. This is
    better apreciated if you go to the second floor. It just a flat texture but
    the thought is there.
    -You can see the Hidden Underground Passage from the Grail room in the
    Underground Cemetary. There are windows there.
    -In chapter 7 if you dont cross the bridge and instead fall to the bottom the
    first time the bridge will be there after you defeat the Tentacle fiend.
    -In the Military Base Warehouse there is no background music until you turn
    the power on. Then the music starts, skips a bit at the beginning as if there
    isn't full power yet and then finally plays normally.
    Spy Hunter X
    -In the level "Military Supply base" as soon as you walk through the door to
    the tunnel after the first save point, the outside will instantly turn from
    dusk to night. Even if you go back after entering.
    ===THE AQUEDUCTS====
    -It is an odd little detail in the Aqueducts. So you go through peristyle
    passage and end up in that room full of bats/fish. Instead of opening that door
    at the end, equip the flails, and then run up the door to the underground
    sanctuary, flying bird flip off, move analog stick in the opposite direction,
    and hit X. You should land on top of a hidden ledge. Follow it around to find a
    chest with a LOTG. Now turn to the right and look in first person view (or with
    a bow is better so you can zoom). There is a mural hanging there that shows the
    4 deities sitting around smoking from a pipe!! hahaha They're color coded and
    everything. Curiously, there is another one in the next room that drops down
    when you shoot an arrow that the red switch that has a more faded picture.
    -On The Aqueducts B2 the walls have pipes that drip water to a small channel
    near the wall, this channel extend all around the basement. I noticed this
    because i didnt understand why the floor wasnt flooded with water.
    ===THE CAVERNS===
    -The tree next to the Imperial Gates has a stone face in it with which you may
    -In the Magma Cavern, your vision is impaired by a heat effect.
    -Everytime the cavern shakes in the Ice and Magma Caverns, stuff falls from
    the ceiling.
    -When the Purple Fiends tunnel, they are visible by a little grey cloud on the
    ground. In the Caverns, this cloud is blue to account for the ice.
    Dragondude r
    -In the Caverns, there's a pool of water separating the Ice Cavern and Fire
    Cavern. Doesn't exactly explain how they coexist, but noticeable anyways and
    it's located on the other side of the melting pot, where you get the Cog.
    -After you melt the iron pieces in the ice world a dense fog covers the room
    for some time.
    ===CHAPTER 13===
    -After you reactivate the Twin Serpents Statue, and teleport back to Hayabusa
    Village, you can no longer see the Portal in the sky given that Hayabusa
    Village is presumably somewhere in Japan.
    -The night of the Fiendish Awakening is a full lunar eclipse. You can see this
    from the Path to Zarkhan (the teleporters).
    -In the Pyramid when you fight the bugs, the magical doors that keep Ryu in
    the room react to his presence like water.
    -In the pyramid after the second form of Alma, at the mirror thingy, if you do
    an attack with the DDB, the after-image thing won't show in the mirror. You
    know, the black arc that appears when you attack. And if you hold down Y, the
    purple energy stuff around the sword won't appear in the mirror image.
    Author's note: This also happens with Nimpo techniques and charge moves.
    Void of Genocide
    -The area where you fight Alma a second time, the temple is a typical Aztec
    -When you enter the arena where the Alma fight will take place stand there
    without activating the cinema. Take out your bow and look on top of the
    pyramid. There is Rachel chained like in the cinema. Heres the cool part, if
    you shoot here she dies and you get a GameOver screen. Nice.
    -The giant Fiends in the Labyrinth display the same body style as the Emperor
    (and to an extent Alma). That is, a detached head with wings on it.
    -Chapter 14, Vengeful Spirit could have a double meaning. The Vengeful Spirit
    could be Doku as much as it could be Ryu. That is, Doku was destroyed by Ryu
    once, Ryu screws up the Awakening, and then he kills Doku. Doku then curses
    him. Ryu on the otherhand is obviously a Vengeful Spirit, otherwise there
    wouldn't be a game.
    ===THE CORE===
    -The Door to the Core has pictographs of the 4 Deities in it.
    -The Core is completed upside down, as it is attached to the bottom of the
    Imperial Palace. You spend the whole level actually traversing down, not up.
    -The walls of the room in which you use Serpent, Deity of Creation harness
    fetuses (i.e. creation).
    -The umbilical cords feeding the fetuses in the 4th level of the Core actually
    have stuff moving through them. Gross.
    -Once you use the Deity statues in the Core rooms, the rooms pulse with energy
    -I always wondered why the Dragon Sword/DDB looks like metal when they were
    carved out of bones (presumably out of creatures like the Flame Dragon). Well,
    I just noticed something that ties it all together. The Flame Dragon is not
    the same type of Dragon as the Dragons mentioned in the Mythos. All but one of
    them were good guys.
    When you're playing Chapter 15, The Core, once you get to the Decayed Soul
    Door, the camera will pan up. At the very top (bottom, actually) of the Core
    where the Gate to the Underworld is, you can see teeth jutting out of the top,
    and they look like the same material that makes up the Dragon Sword.
    -The statues in the Core all give off a different effect once they're placed
    (Raptor - Yellow Fountain, Wolf - Blue Sphere, Devil - Green Whirlwind,
    Serpent - Blue Electricity, Demon - Red Fire).
    -The central column in the Core looks like it's a giant tree or mass of
    muscles, but once you get to the top, you can see what it really is. Womens'
    upsidedown heads have hair flowing out of them and proceed down into the lower
    -In the Core, the enemies will spawn right next to you before you defeat the
    room. After you defeat the room and have to go back into it, they'll all spawn
    around the door that you have to open to exit.
    Author's note: Just get close to the door and press the stick up and "X" at
    the same time.
    -The raptor deity room features all Dinosaur fiends and also the room is made
    of stones. (remember in the flinstones cartoons where everything was made of
    -The wolf deity of wisdom room features nerve cells.
    The Devil deity of immortality room features eye balls which some how relates
    to immortality.
    -The serpent deity of creation features unborn embrios or fetuses.
    -The demon deity of destruction is the core imperial palace area where there
    are teeth and a bone spiral stair case.(bones and teath are left over even
    after you are destroyed supposebly)
    J Pizzle
    -In the core chapter, when you offer demon, the door opens and you see the
    stairs. if you walk around on the stone platform before the door without
    actually going through it and look, the stairs dissapear. Coolest thing IMO.
    -There is a nice view of Tairon at the Core. I was surprised to the Monastery.
    Void of Genocide
    -In the Core's entrance, overhead the sphinxes, you can see a series of
    twisted columns. They are Salomonic Columns
    (http://www.calatayud.org/enciclopedia/capuchinas_jsecano.jpg) NG's salominc
    columns are not as twisted as the ones in the picture, though.
    -In the same entryway, in the floor, you can see the Aztec calendar
    -The eyes in the Core room track Ryu's movement.
    ===CHAPTER 16===
    -You can also shoot Rachael when she comes to help you in chapter 16.
    Despite being atmospheric details you can "interact" with these animals.
    -If you kill a crow itll drop a small blue orb.
    -Same with the rats, kill one and youll get an orb.
    -While Ryu's basic shurikens are cross throwing stars, Brown and White Ninjas
    throw 3 sided curvy throwing stars
    -When you take the Horsemen of the horses with the bow they stay stunned in
    the ground longer than when you shoot the arrow to on foot enemies. It makes
    sense, since they fall from a considerable hight and speed.
    D.J. Tuchalski
    -The undead Fiends look just like the Greater Bonewalkers from The Elder
    Scrolls III: Morrowind.
    Matt Glover
    -The biting attack of the undead fiends can also be taken away by hacking off
    one of their arms.
    -If you cut the head of the undead they wont do that biting attack.
    -An obvious one regarding the zombies not mentioned yet. When you take their
    heads off they loose the hability to follow Ryu. They just start attacking
    -Some zombies attack with a big mace. At the end of the mace handle theres a
    small chain attached that animates with very convincing physics, it moves
    -The vigorian guards and soldiers both have loading rutines after they
    constantly shoot for some seconds.
    -You can knock the grenade launcher out of the hands of the MSATs.
    -The Black Spider Ninja Clan ninjas can do the Whirlwind Slash from the
    original Ninja Gaidens, but Ryu cannot. Perhaps, this is where he learned it.
    -When you fight black spider ninja's they will most of the time if not all
    throw incediary shuriken at you. If you do a move with an animation to it say
    Ultimate essance attack or Blade of nritti(or annother combo) the incediary
    shuriken will either not hit you or if its stuck into you already before the
    animation will blow up but you will not be harmed.
    -If you get caught by an Inc. Shuriken, you can roll away from the damage if
    you time it so it explodes mid-roll. Just a neat little trick.
    Matt Glover
    -The black spider ninjas you fight are all extremely pale.
    -The Red fiends get stuned when they try to ram you and instead hit the wall.
    -Alert choppers red lights reflects in the water.
    -The fiend transformed army guards have 3 eyes. One of them is above the mouth
    where the nose is supposed to be.
    -Is posible to decapitate the Soldier Fiend. Whithouth the head they have
    trouble tracking Ryu's movements just like the Undead Fiends. Infact this enemy
    shares the same animations rutines with the Undead Fiends and like them is the
    only enemy that remains attacking even after they have been decapitated.
    ===ELITE FIEND===
    -The Elite Fiend is the most powerful form of the fiends, the one with pincers
    in the hands. Anyway at high dificulties, specially "very hard", at the Core,
    in levels 3 and 4, they have an special attack. The Fiend will hug/grab Ryu and
    proceed to go down the ground with Ryu dumping him in the previous room. The
    problem is that it resets the state of the upper room so youll need to star
    killing all over again if you havent unlocked the doors.
    ===GHOST FISH===
    Matt Glover
    -Against the ghost fish - if you have the dragon sword or kitetsu equiped and
    contuinously jump and use the Blade of Nittri attack, they will never touch
    -In chapter 1, throwing shurinkens to Murai will make him knock them with the
    nunchakus back to Ryu. I think this is the only boss that does that.
    -Also the fatguy from the airship is in fact a general. You can see decorative
    stars in both lapels near his neck.
    -In the cinema before the tank fight you can actually see 3 soldiers heading
    to the tank. Thats how the tanks are operated in real world. One MachineGun
    man, one that operates the canon and the other manuvers the tank.
    -The Helicopter reflector actually reflects light in the enviroment. Is not
    something incredible but i wasnt expecting it since the lighting effects in
    the game are quite bare bones, for frame rate purposes.
    -The helicopter raises wind and dust when it flys close to the bridge Ryu
    stands during the fight.
    -Looking close at the helicopter it posible to see the two pilots heads. I
    even think they have helmets. I saw this by zooming with the bow when the
    helicopter finished doing the under bridge pass.
    -Did you know that you could break electric worms, electricity ball with your
    weapon? timing is rather tricky but it sure is cool thing to do.
    -If you hit chapter 10 boss in the feet with a strong attack hell kneel. I
    wonder if the inspiration for this weakness comes fron the Achile's heel tale
    from  Greek mhytology.
    -This boss head is the weak point. The dragon always takes damage in the head,
    it doesnt even matter if it enters the "no damage" fase.
    -Doku means poison in japanese.
    -The ice cavern boss has hair in the back and neck. Its actually rendered by
    the Xbox and not just a texture.
    When fighting the fire dragon in Chapter 12, you can jump onto his head, by
    pushing A and then A again over his head, when he puts it down. After he will
    shake you off, and you can push Y to slam his head into the ground for quite a
    bit of damage. I think this only happens on the bottom floor.
    -The fire cavern Dragon likes to byte Ryu. When he grabs Ryu after the dragon
    ends the munching Ryu actually stands up inside the mouth and with its hands
    and feet starts opening the beast jaw. Whats really cool is that if you start
    hiting "X" instantly and quickly Ryu will open the beast mouth even faster
    taking less damage.
    -His throne is composed of three eyed skulls just like him.
    -Gogohn appears very bored while Ryu is fighting in the Fiend realm if you look
    up at him mid-fight. He only perks up when he throws fireballs at you (and
    -The Lord Demon in the fiend realm has a fire ball attack, if those enemies he
    summons are close to the attack explosion they take damage.
    -Murai summons the Dark Dragon to attack you in one of his moves, and you can
    use many of the same combos when you get the Dark Dragon Blade.
    -When Murai uses the Dark Dragon Blade, it completely negates the use of Ninpo
    -If your in ninpo animation while dark murai tries the dark dragon technique,
    he wont do it, he'll teleport to the rock then right back.
    -The Future Ninja outfit gives off a gold Phantom rather than Blue whenever Ryu
    does a teleport. By extension, in HP1, the Wind Run move is gold instead.
    -Ryu can run on the ceiling (thanks to Renamon and oasisbeyon)
    -The Ashtar Costume that you get with the Hurricane Pack, the only thing that
    changes after you beat Doku is his eyes turn solid red.
    -Ryu's helmet has a Dragon's face on it.
    -Ryu has 3 walking animations per weapon (nudge, walk and run).
    -When Ryu stands over a rock or stair or something, his foot will move over it
    accordingly instead of clipping through it (dead bodies included).
    -Ryu's rolling animation always has his weapon unsheathed, unless it's a
    cutscene animation going through a door.
    -If you play with the Space Ninja outfit, Ryu will still turn into a Fiend
    with the Space Ninja outfit.
    -Ryu's DOA ninja outfit looks a lot like the Shadow Ninja Masters.
    -As I stated before, when Ryu runs or jumps, he automatically throws 3 or 4
    shurikens. What's really cool, is that you can throw 1, 2, 3 or 4 shurikens
    while standing, and he has a different animation for each. If you tap B super
    fast four times, he'll cross his arms over accordingly for 4 different
    shuriken tosses.
    -The war hammer, dabilahro, and vigoorian flails all have jewels at the bottom
    of them, kinda like the jewel that ryu put at the bottom of his sword to power
    it up, but they dont glow.
    -If you walk with your sword (dragon) out, Ryu holds it in that stalking/ready
    stance (to the side of him in one hand, angled downward, slow walk). He WON'T
    sheath it, and it looks pretty cool. If you do this with the Nunchaku, he will
    hold them like Murai did in your first boss fight (crossed over in front of
    you). Yet again, he won't put them away untill you move faster. I'm betting
    the same walk animation is with the Vigoorian Flails, and I don't know about
    the Warhammer/Dark Dragon Blade/Plasma Saber/Wooden Sword/Unlabored
    Authors note:
    It works with the Dragon Sword, Saber, Kietsu, Vigorian Flail, Chacos, even
    with the bow. But not with the powerful 2 handed weapons, DDB, Warhammer,
    Dabilahro or the spear gun.
    The exact way to get the animation is to tilt the stick lightly to activate
    the walking animation while the weapon is out, and do not interrupt the
    walking animation by runing or stoping or Ryu will automatically put out the
    Major Power
    -Ryu turns his head to lock-on enemies. I really notice this when I had him
    blocking some clawed fiends that were circling him. He seems to lock on one
    enemy at a time. If the enemy start out in front, he will look over his
    shoulder if they are behind him.  He'll also lock-on enemies when he's not
    blocking, like when he is running or standing above an enemy.
    -Ryu never blinks, he might in cutscenes, but not "in game".
    - Ryu never runs with his sword unsheathed for more than 4 steps.
    Psychotic Kiske
    -In just about every cut scene where Ryu is in a confrontation with an enemy,
    he fortify's his stance by twisting/shifting his ankles, spreading his legs to
    distribute his weight evenly.
    -During the FMV's you'll notice ryu has 'two' black scarfs while his in-game
    model only has the one.
    Strider M
    -Ryu's Agility stays exactly the same with the added weight of having the War
    Hammer or Dabarlo(sp?) equipped. He can also stay afloat of water with these
    -In the Chapter 2 movie where Doku kills Ryu, the piece of cloth that is over
    his mouth is black, but it was blue before.
    The Shoon
    -Ryu's stats as listed in the DOA3 instruction manual:
    Birthday: June 15th, age:23
    Blood Type: A
    Height/Weight: 5'10", 154 lbs
    Body size: B41" W33" H36"
    Fighting style: Haybusa style Ninjutsu
    Occupation: Owner of curio shop (Anybody know what the hell Curio is?)
    Likes: Sushi
    Hobbies: Mountain climbing, fishing
    -When charging the Dragon Sword for an Ultimate attack Ryu is actually only
    holding the sword with his right hand. His left hand is open, palm facing the
    Zero Beat
    -Before the train crashes, when the camera zooms in on Ryu's eyes, you can see
    some of the blood vessels in his eyes.
    -Everyone of the equiplable weapons can be seen on Ryu, take special atention
    to the bracelets.
    -After leaving a body of water  small water drops drips from Ryu.
    -If standing above a body of water, put the bow in first person view, youll
    see the bow reflection in the water and everytime you shoot youll see 2 arrows
    -In the balancing bridge in the fire world. Let Ryu stand there. You can see
    how Ryu corectly distributes its body weight. This is the best place in whole
    game to notice that animation detail.
    -Acording to what height you drop Ryu will react diferently. If you drop from
    a big height Ryu will absorve the impact with his legs and be stuned for a
    -When Ryu is below the water surface bubles come from Ryu (dont get any funny
    ideas). The interesting thing comes from switching to first person view, the
    bubles really look like they are coming from Ryu's mouth.
    -The blue outfit has a dragon design in the bandana (or metallic crown) on its
    -With the Dragon Sword or Kitetsu, the single X slash will come out
    differently depending upon the enemies orientation. If Ryu is completely
    in-line with them, he'll do an overhead slash, if the enemy is directly
    behind him, he'll do a turning overhead slash, if they are to his left,
    he'll slash from left to right and vice versa if they are on the right.
    -If you do Crimson Slash with the Dragon Sword (X, X, X). You can do it with a
    regular X or a 6+X or an On-Landing X. If you do an On-Landing X, the following
    X will look differently than if you just stood there and did X. Ryu will raise
    the DS vertically, instead of keeping it totally horizontal. This means that
    they just didn't paste the two animations onto each other. They must have
    either mo-capped or programmed the two different scenarios.
    -I don't know if it's because of the Hurricane Pack. Someone should check the
    original game.
    -Every single hit with Kitetsu's UT gives off an Essence Explosion like you've
    just sucked up a Blue or Red Essence. This is the only weapon that does this.
    (The DDB, Nunchaku and Flail only give off the ET Essence Explosion. I just now
    noticed that the Flying Swallow for Kitetsu leaves behind a little red trail.
    The DS doesn't do this.
    -The Lunar has a new set of walking/nudging/running animations with the Lunar
    out (like the DS/Kit/WS and the Nun/Flail).
    -When you do an aerial decaptition with the Windmill Shuriken, it actually
    spins the body around as well as cutting the head off.
    -The collision detection in this game is insane. If you scrape a weapon along
    the ground, the correct amount of sparks will fly out. Even if you Windmill
    Slash over a curb and just barely nick it, you'll get just a little spark.
    -The ledgendary samurai was named miyamoto musashi. He used the wooden sword
    once and it was against his only rival, kojiro sasaki. That was also the last
    time he used it. He made the wooden sword on the ferry ride to the island where
    they would have the duel, it was carved out of one of the boat oars. This is
    why the wooden sword turns into that paddle when fully upgraded.
    -When you upgrade the Plasma Saber to Mk II. It crackles with energy.
    - The Plasma Saber is longer than the Dragon Sword. It clips through the desk
    when Muramasa holds it.
    -The charge moves for the Dark Dragon Blade glow purple like the blade really
    -When Ryu finishes his Storm of the Heavenly Dragon, he makes a motion like
    he's wiping the blood off of the blade.
    -The Wooden Sword/UF glows when your health is low to signify the increase in
    -Shurikens stay stuck in whatever they hit, and they make the appropriate
    sound (clang with metal, thunk with wood).
    -There is an undocumented move for the Dragon Sword. You can get a unique move
    on landing from a jump if you hit X. It's sort of like a spin slash.
    -The Six Paths Spin with the Level 2 Warhammer impales man-size enemies on the
    tip. They will swing around until they die and other enemies can be struck by
    their body.
    -The jewels in the Dabilahro and War Hammer definitely glow. And their swings
    have different colors (Flail - blue, Hammer - teal, Dabi/Kit - red, Plasma
    Sword green, TDS/UF/Wooden Sword - white).
    -The War Hammer also breaks up the ground with its regular Surging Wave attack
    -The move for the Ultimate Technique for Kitetsu is called Bassara. Bassara is
    Greek for fox, and it is one of the things that Ryu says to make platform in
    the fight with the Emperor.
    -Some interesting facts about the Unlabored Flawlessness:
    The Eku (boat oar) was used by Okinawans as a defensive weapon against Samurai.
    They were fishermen so it was a readily available object. It was effective
    because the reach could keep an attacker at bay. Technique often involved
    kicking the "blade" up to fling sand in a Samurai's eyes, leaving him open to a
    lethal attack.
    -The Spear gun has a lot of recoil, Ryu backs up with every shot.
    -Also, big rocks and the thing that needs a "heavy and blunt object" can be
    broken by the Lunar. I think at lv 2 or 3 only. I haven't tried using the lv 1
    Lunar to break it.
    -If you perform a combo and toss the windmill shuriken mid-combo, it can
    decapitate most enemies (like those army guys in ch7).
    Spy Hunter X
    -The bow you find in chapter 2 has an arc when firing an arrow (ie., you have
    to judge the arc when shooting long distance). When you get the strong bow, it
    fires the arrow straight no matter how far away.
    -With the Wooden Sword you cant make cutting attacks. I.E. decapited an enemy.
    -Fighting Murai in chapter 1 and Lord Doku with the Dragon Sword some times
    the weapons will collide and get sort off tangled, hit "X" rapidly will stun
    the enemy. This gets more dificult in Hard and Very Hard modes.
    -AFDS Cores go through enemies so you can hit multiple targets with a single
    -Firing the bow in first person view you can see that each arrow type (besides
    the obvious destruction effects) have a different body, feather and head.
    -When firing an arrow in places with low light conditions or iluminated just
    by fire like for example inside underground places, cementary, Village 2, etc
    the arrow will cast light through all the trajectory. A dynamic light.
    -Weapons sparks also iluminate the surrounding area.
    -When you fire an arrow to an enemy it will stick to the body part that hits
    for some seconds. Its funny to hit an enemy in the but and watching runing
    after Ryu with his ass impaled.
    -In the Fiend-realm-type place in HP#2, the slash trail of the DS (that is,
    when you look through the slash, everything's slightly brighter) is much more
    pronounced. The TDS also glows brighter than usual.
    -The Windmill Shuriken - when folded up on your arm - you can actually see the
    four individual blades. Doesn't seem like much, but considering it's VERY
    difficult to tell, it shows how much detail's in the game.
    Volt Omega
    -As you upgrade the War Hammer, more blades and orbs are added to it. As you
    do likewise with the Dabilahro, grooves and curves are added to its design.
    -The blur of the water as you swim down the fissure has the same distortion as
    when salt water and fresh water mix.
    -They did a good job with water. Water that moves with current doesnt reflect
    the surrounding enviroment. On the other hand tranquile water reflects the
    enviroments. Yet not enemies or Ryu.
    -When Ryu or an enemie walks through water the wakes produced distorts the
    reflecting pattern.
    -When you submerge and get out of a river water drips from Ryu, thats easy to
    see. You can get the same effect in shallow water also, if Ryu is walking and
    does a roll the water will start driping from hes body.
    -Enemies make wakes when they are standing in the water. Yet one small but
    interesting mistake happens when the fiends create wakes even though they dont
    have feet. Maybe its some sort of energy disipating the water?
    -When you first go below the monastery Ryu gets chased down a passage by a
    large rolling stone statue head. Ryu makes his final escape from it by jumping
    out onto some bars in a cavern at the end of the passage. The stone head falls
    down into the depths of the cavern, but when Ryu makes his way to the bottom of
    the cavern the head is nowhere to be seen. There is no debris either.
    -Ok everyone, lets backtrack to the beginning of the game. We are at a
    waterfall. We move forward for a bit, and a flower-kunai comes flying down and
    leaves a note for us. We later find out Ayane sent it to us. We reach
    Murai later on. Talk with him, and Ayane is rushing towards us. She finally
    reaches Murai, to tell him "Master Murai, the Hayabusa Village --- Mr Ryu...."
    This leaves me in shock. The way she says "Mr Ryu" sounds like she didn't
    expect him to be here. Well why is that? If she sent kunai notes to him, she
    was trying to help him get there and yet she runs in there at the end of the
    first level like a madman and then is surprised to see Ryu there. I'm honestly
    at a loss to why she wouldnt be expecting him.
    -When Ryu pulls the DDB out of the ground in the underground part there is no
    hole where the blade was embedded in the ground.
    -In the custcene where Ryu grabs the DDB he is looking at the ground and then
    turns his head to see Rachel before she starts calling out his name. His
    spidersense must have been tingling or something.
    Bolth of Ramuh
    -At the end of Chapter 3, the airship goes down in a fiery explosion. However,
    hydrogen explosions are almost clear.
    -Look at the size of Doku's sword when he is fighting you - it is quite a bit
    bigger than when he drops it and you use it - it is then dragon sword sized.
    Darth Reven
    -In chapter 14-15, when Ryu is a fiend, you see white streakes across his arms
    and eyes, but in that cut scene when Ryu falls towards the emperor, Ryu has no
    white streaks. Did anyone notice this?
    -When you return to the Hayabusa village, walk near Kureha's grave but don't
    get close enough to trigger the cut-scene. Zoom in with your bow and take a
    look at the jewel, it curves to the left. Now trigger the cut-scene and you
    will see that the jewel is now pointing to the right.
    -Did anyone else wonder how the heck that sunken ship in chapter 11 got there?
    It's surrounded by walls on all sides. The city would have been built around it
    or the ship was built there and sunk.
    -In the cutscene where Murai falls down the hole, Ryu's right eye is brown.
    -I also got an extra life of 1000 gods from the ritual room fiend challenge.
    -Also when in the coffin chamber at the upper level, using the Dabi's charge Y
    attack will depress the switch but the plate doesn't move.
    Jeff M Grayum
    -On the back of the case for Ninja Gaiden, there is a checklist of things the
    game supports. This list says the game supports the use of a memory unit, but
    in the booklet, under saving your game, it clearly says the game does not
    support a portable memory unit.
    -One of the more obvious ones that people have probably noticed are that the
    descriptions for the armlet of benediction and the armlet of fortune are
    switched around.
    -I beleive it was the book of genesis that displays during loading. it has a
    typo where it has the word "to" placed right next to another "to" ie. it looks
    like "to to".
    -After the first fight with alma. Rachels strikes doku with her warhammer. if
    you watch the scene with english subtitles, you will notice that doku says,
    "..that such power has to go waste". Had it been written correctly it should
    have read "..that such power has to go TO waste" more than likely this was
    some sort of translation error.
    Matt Warner
    -I was reading your FAQ, and I noticed that you forgot something that's a
    pretty major blunder on Team Ninja's part.
    Easiest way to do this: Beat stage one to view the cinematic that shows Ayane
    running up to alert Murai and Ryu that the Hayabusa Village is burning. She
    gets to the top of the walkway, throws the doors open and says something to the
    effect of "Master! The Hayabusa Village...Master Ryu..."
    Now exit out to the movie viewer option, load up the conclusion of the first
    Tentacle Demon battle, and listen to Ayane's voice! It's completely different.
    In chapter one, she sounds suspiciously like Rachel, particularly when she says
    "Master Ryu". At the end of Chapter 5, however, she's reverted to a much
    higher, little-girl type voice. My guess is that Team Ninja got Tara Strong
    (Rachel) to fill in for the voice of Ayane so they could get the demo out the
    door, then hired another voice actress for the remaining part without going
    back to change Ayane's first set of lines. She only speaks twice in the entire
    game, but it's still rather suprising that nobody seems to have noticed this.
    -I don't know if this has happened to anyone but the contents of the 4 chests
    in the area, where the portal in Tairon that connects the Fire cavern and
    Hayabusa Village, sometimes interchange. It happened to me that the ghost fish
    was at the other chest rather where it was suppose to be.
    -The Chapter 15 "The Core" introduction has an incorrectly written word:
    "Feeling the blood of the Fiends pounding in his "viens"..."
    When the correct word is "vein"
    -Heres another interesting mistake. The page 10 of the manual says:
    Projectile weapon attack:
    Use your projectile weapon with A button.
    The Shoon
    -On the armlet of the moon Team Ninja spelled engraved "Ingraved", but they
    spelled it right on the armlet of the sun and the armlet of tranquility.
    -In the beginning of chapter 9 when you start at the gate, go to the left lane
    of the road and stand ust outside the entrance to the tunnel. Ryu's feet are
    sunk into the ground.
    -When you get the Dark Dragon Blade in the Hayabuse village, go to the first
    flight of stairs leading to the graveyard and walk up about 4-6 steps. Equip
    the DDB and stand as close as you can to the wall and face it. Now press Y to
    do the move where he jumps up and stabs downward. When he lands he should be
    -There's no handles on the Monastery doors.
    -There's no echo in the monastery after it gets destroyed.
    -When fighting Doku for the first time do the haze straight slash on him. If he
    blocks it the wavy effect of the dragon sword will continue longer than it
    -When in the ritual room (the room where you get the grail and do the zombie
    fiend challenge) you can see the room where you get the skull key and the wolf
    deity from two little windows near the floor on each side of the grail's altar.
    Now, when the hidden underground and the room with the wolf deity and skull key
    get flooded no water gets into the ritual room, even though the windows are
    -We all know if have the Kitetsu and the Armlet of Tranquility armed your
    health bar won't diminish or increase. But, if you use a Ninpo like the
    IceStorm, Inazuma or Inferno (but not Firewheel) during the animation your bar
    will increase like if Ryu didn't have the Kitetsu equipped.
    -Before HP2 was even out, a very observant NG fan found "Take It Easy" in the
    song listing. This tune is not played anywhere in the game. Ever. It only
    appears in the song list, never being played.
    -"Take it easy" is now played as the savepoint/buy point in Hp2. :p
    *Authors note: Special thanks to Derek Monago for pointing this out and the
    poster that created the first thread explaining this.
    -The Fiends that come straight from the Fiend Realm have green blood (i.e. Imp
    Fiends, Tentacle Fiend, etc...)
    -The Fiends that were once human in the Earth Realm keep their red blood
    (Dragon Fiends, Fiendish MSATs, etc...)
    -Whenever you flee from an encounter, different enemies have different ways of
    disappearing. Fiends just teleport away like they teleport in, but Ninjas do a
    little smoke bomb disappearance thing. The best way to see this is in the very
    first chapter with the very first encounter, readjust the camera to look at
    the two Shadow Ninjas as you run away from them.
    -The jar breaking sound is almost exactly the same as the Zelda jar breaking
    sound. An homage to be sure.
    -The last time you can open the Monk's safe, the ledger says that it's as
    useful as a dog turd.
    -The dead ninja at the beginning of the Caverns holds a map unlike any other
    map in the game. It looks like he drew it himself, and it shows how the
    different levels are connected. You can't bring it up with the white button.
    You have to go into the map screen to see it. It's pretty cool. (He even drew
    a little dragon... Awww...
    -Dai, the last dead Spider Clan Ninja, isn't dead at the top of the Imperial
    Palace Gate before you enter the Caverns. So, the last date in his diary,
    February 29th, is absolutely recent to the events in Ninja Gaiden.
    -Fiend blood is green, and human blood is red. But, the Fiends that were once
    human have red blood as well.
    Bane_v2 and Fondlenanners
    It deals with the nine Life of the Gods kanji.
    Fondlenanners wrote:
    Rin - Strength
    Pyo - Focus
    To - Harmony of Spirit
    Sha - Healing
    Kai - To Sense Danger
    Chin - Knowing the Thoughts / Fighting Patterns / Techniques of Others
    Retsu - Invincible
    Zai - Mastery of the Elements
    Zen - Enlightenment / To Bring All Others Together
    Dark Falz213
    -The sound of Ice Storm Lv. 2 is exactly like a sandstorm in Ald Ruhn in Elder
    Scrolls III: Morrowind.
    Darth Reven
    -If you look at the Dark Disiple, you'll see a backwards "S" symbol on his
    cloak. Ironically, that Same "S" symbol is on Ayane's C1 black Shinobi attire
    in DOA3. Weird huh?
    Dreadnought nemesis
    -This may seem obvious but the Demon Statue is the Dark Statue from the NG 1.
    Guilty Spark 343
    -In the monk's room, where the safe is, if you look behind his desk at the
    planet on the globe holder... deal. You can see that the planet looks like
    Jupiter. On the bottom hemisphere, you can see the Great Red Spot, the largest
    storm in the solar system, and the longest running one as well.
    -When you knock enemies into the water they die. I.e. samurais into the pond
    that you slide down the hill into on chapter 2.
    -If you experinment and never got the oxygen thing in chapter 11 and went
    straight to that save thats under water, by that time your breath meter should
    be low, but if you save while the breath meter is low, and die, then come back
    the breath meter will be full again.
    -The owls eye is more than just the eye, its the wing too.
    -You can get two elixir of devil way from the dead ninja near the clocktower in
    Tairon. First is from Ch.4 up to Ch.8 and the second is from Ch.13 up to Ch.15.
    -Once you get NG2 early in the game (most likely chapter 4 on sucessive play),
    if you come back later (say around chapter 12) and shoot the clock tower again
    it produces another NG2 chest, though "no more of this item can be carried".
    -Heres how you know you have all the Life of the Gods. Where it shows those
    bright Japanese letters in the start menu, if every single one is bright and
    they do not change even after you use a Life of the Gods/Thousand Gods, you
    have every one. I had got the last Life of the Gods, my bar went all bright,
    then back to all black because I didn't have all the Life of the Gods/Lives of
    the Thousand Gods. After I used the last Lives of the Thousand Gods the letters
    stayed bright.
    -I noticed this glitch. If you go back to the Holy Grail room after getting the
    Life of 1000 Gods (the 60 Fiend Challenge), and defeat the Zombies again, a
    chest appears that you can't open. Kind of disappointing after all that work!
    -Also you can find 2 more Iron Ore then you need in the Magma Caves, but
    haven't found a use for them.
    -I think this one works, some1 try it out b/c it accidently happened to me,
    anyways: I was playin, and decided to start over from the beginning of ch.2 (i
    was only on ch.3 at the time) and at the end, where Ryu suits up in his new
    suit, since I didn't feel like sitting there and watching it, I skipped it
    with the START button. This made Ryu keep his dumb old blue costume but the
    cinemas stay the same. (i can tell this wasn't the cheat version b/c from that
    very saved game i already had gotten past there, watched the cinema, and got
    the new black suit.)
    Teron S number 17
    -Before you fight the fire dragone and get the deity in the cut scene ryu has
    the same weapon as he does in the game, like the bow on his back equiped with
    a dabilharo or a wind mill shuriken and a dragon sword.
    -I dont know if this was mentioned before or not but, in the chapter where you
    get the air tank thing, your vision is impaired with black cloudy stuff when
    swimming under water.
    -In the manual it says that ryu can run accross water which he can which is a
    cool little extra, but he can only run across water that is deep enough to
    swim in, he cant run across the water that is shallow, also, i think if you
    keep tapping A you keep running on top of the water until you stop tapping it,
    even if you are running into a wall.
    -Right before you get the third piece of the stone tablet for the serpant
    statue, you read a diary that tells the location of all the pieces. Thought it
    was wierd since i didnt need it but i dont know.
    -Talisman of rebirth doesnt save Ryu from drowning.
    -The strange filter effect you see at the Core rooms is also used at the Han's
    Bar roof top at night time.
    -At the end of chapter 12 or any other that features a cinema with the Dark
    Disciple in it, look for some good close ups to the Dark Disciple masked face.
    Look closely.... you can see very clearly the eyes.... those are Murai eyes.
    -Since Tairon acts as a big HUB in the game, developers made an effort so that
    in most open spaces is posible to see the game main landmarks, these are the
    Clock tower, the Palace and the Cathedral.
    -Every map that is laying somewhere (I.E. not on a dead ninja) is textured
    correctly with the exact map pattern that suposely represents before the pick
    up. It may not seem such a big deal but developers could easy put a generic
    model laying there and after the pick up represent the map.
    -If you kill a enemie near a ledge it will slide down, hit the ground and
    -When cuting an enemie underwater (fish only one) the blood effect is
    different it disolves in the water.
    -Enemies react correctly to explosion locations. If you make an explosion near
    an enemy instead of hiting it directly, the body will fly to the oposite
    direction of the explosion.
    -A hughe difference in sucesive play is that you get to use all of your
    weapons against the Dark disciple in the final battle of the game.
    -The "Guillotine Throw" is a move brought from the Ninja Gaiden arcade game,
    yea from the  late 80's beat'em up.
    -You can destroy the missiles (RPG) in mid air with an arrow.
    -When human enemies arent aware of Ryu's presence they are on alert or have
    patroling rutes. The Samurais sheathe the sword and start looking around.
    Officers toy around with the plasma baton or patrol. Army guards patrol or
    the rocket launcher guy stand around watching side to side.
    -If you look in the baskets which you recive arrows frow,the actual arrows will
    be lying in there.
    -If you shoot the engraved stone in that same realm in HP#2 you hear Rachel
    scream and get a game over, just like shooting her in The Fiendish Awakening
    or when escaping the volcano.
    -For as much emphasis they put on the daggers Ryu sheaths on his legs in the
    costume cutscene, he never uses them whatsoever.
    Volt Omega
    -At the end of Chapter 2 (after Doku kills Ryu) and the Falcon flies in, Ryu's
    carcass looks exactly like the (non-FMV) dead Ninjas.
    -Hatamoto is not considered a boss anymore. He does not have a Boss life Guage,
    and he can now be knocked from his steed. Right before the fight, he taps his
    mount twice with his foot. He does three times the damage of the regular
    Samurai when on foot. (His one uppercut Slash will remove 3/4 of your starting
    life gauge).
    -Shadow Alma seems to be Alma's reincarnated evil side. She has black tear
    stains on her face, and her abdomen is missing the Globe that contained Alma's
    soul/humanity, whatever. Her Firewheel attack is much worse, and her teleport
    throw has a greater range.
    -Shadow Rachel seems to be Rachel's potentially evil side. You can't see her
    face, but she has a tentacle on her right arm (where Rachel's grappling hook
    resides), and she actually uses it as such. She also has the huge Stripper
    boots like Rachel.
    -The Shadow Imps have a singular eye protruding from their mouth on the stump
    of their neck.
    -The skulls that made up the Core in the original game and HP1 are now floating
    around the Shadow Realm. There are two skulls connected by a spinal column.
    -The Bezerkers and Shadow Alma share design traits (rows of spikes on their
    backs, etc.)
    -Vigoorian Ninja resemble the Vigoorian Samurai slightly, and the Windmill
    Shuriken can hit Ryu on the way to him and on the way back.
    IV. Thanks/Credits.
    Special thanks to aaxe, for sugesting creating a guide out of the topic.
    Thanks to DeathBlade2099 for granmar corrections.
    Credits and thanks to everyone that contributed with details, these people are
    clearly identified in the guide.
    All sites/links are the sole property of their repective owners.
    V. Legal stuff.
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