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    Speed Guide by VampireHorde

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    Ninja Gaiden
    Speed Run FAQ
    Authored by VampireHorde
    Thanks for clicking on the FAQ.  This guide will take you on a step-by-
    step speed run through Ninja Gaiden.  
    Here I will point out every area that has scripted fights that CANNOT 
    be skipped.  Any fight that is NOT scripted CAN be skipped so just rush 
    by the enemy to the objective at hand.  Every chapter has an objective 
    and the point of the speed run is to complete it in a short amount of 
    So what exactly is a scripted fight?  Any time a door locks or a gate 
    slams shut; you'll have to fight your way out in order to progress.  
    Defeat the enemies required and the doors or gates will unlock.
    This speed run applies for ALL difficulties.  The downside to this 
    speed run is that you'll only have enough essence to upgrade few 
    weapons; you'll have fewer karma points and you'll have a shorter life 
    bar but that won't bother you, right?  At the end of the FAQ I will 
    reveal my own stats and give my own personal advice.
    There are four types of players in Ninja Gaiden:
    -Hardcore Advanced
    What do these ranks mean?  It basically shows where you stand as a 
    gamer and how fast you can complete Ninja Gaiden for this speed run.  
    Here's the breakdown and see where you rank:
    -Has finished NG at least once or twice
    -Relies very heavily on the Flying Swallow move
    -Has difficulty defeating every boss (meaning more practice!) 
    -Uses elixirs every so often (even before fighting the boss)
    -Has a hard time with their defenses (blocking too much)
    -Cannot break the enemies defense (resulting in long meaningless back 
    and forth sword swings)
    -Does not use ultimate attacks
    -Still getting used to the Reverse Wind move
    -Has to use ninpo (even during boss fights)
    -Cannot find all 50 Scarabs
    -Is not proficient with any other weapon other than the Dragon Sword
    -Can obtain the Unlabored Flawlessness before or after Chapter 14 (but 
    does not use it)
    -Uses the Flying Swallow move less
    -Can defeat bosses without too much damage (but still uses elixirs)
    -Can get through a chapter faster
    -Use one or more different weapons during fights
    -Uses less ninpo during fights
    -Uses the Reverse Wind move effectively
    -Uses the ultimate attack occasionally
    -Can obtain the Unlabored Flawlessness by Chapter 13 (but not know how 
    to use it effectively)
    -Has beaten Very Hard difficulty
    -Relies heavily on blue essence for health instead of elixirs
    -Can defeat bosses without using elixirs (but take damage when 
    -DOES NOT use the Flying Swallow on regular enemies too much
    -DOES NOT need to use ninpo during boss fights
    -Is more offensive and is the first one to strike the enemy
    -Can beat bosses faster
    -Can achieve a 100 hit combo or more
    -Proficient with different weapons on different enemies
    -Relies heavily on the Reverse Wind jump
    -Abuses the ultimate and counter attacks
    -Can obtain the Unlabored Flawlessness by Chapter 10 (and defeat bosses 
    easily with it)
    -Can defeat bosses with NO damage or elixirs used AT ALL
    -Can obtain the Unlabored Flawlessness before Chapter 10 (and defeat 
    bosses in record time with it)
    -Spends more time receiving higher karma points
    -Can defeat bosses with ANY weapon
    -DOES NOT use ninpo ever
    -Can do a combo over 300 hits or more without a hitch
    The rankings for each category highlight how fast you can do a speed 
    run.  Players in each category can complete a speed run game in the 
    following times:
    -Beginner:     10-12 hours or more
    -Intermediate: 6-9 hours 
    -Advanced:     4-5 hours 
    -Hardcore Advanced: 3 hours or less
    See how you do in the speed run!
    -I will not give full strategies on how to beat bosses or sub-bosses so 
    please refer elsewhere (but I'll give the occasional tip).
    -I will assume that you can (and know how to) beat the chapter boss.
    -If you're taking more than 1-2 minutes to make the first blow to the 
    boss, then don't attempt a speed run.  Get more practice instead. 
    -I will also assume that you know your way around the game.  If you get 
    lost or don't know what to do next, then don't attempt a speed run!
    **For beginning or intermediate players, I suggest starting your speed 
    run on a Successive Play file so that you can obtain the Armlet of 
    Tranquility in Chapter 2 (if you found the scarabs), advanced players 
    need not apply**
    -When entering doors, keep pressing the A button to make Ryu enter the 
    room faster.  Also, keep pressing the start button to skip all 
    cutscenes and CG scenes.
    -On all scripted fights, use ultimate attacks to make the fight 
    quicker.  Whether it is a one or two essence ultimate, just use it!
    -To get from one area to another quicker use the Reverse Wind Jump. 
    Press the block button while running and the jump button to make Ryu do 
    a roll jump (it's the same move in Jak and Daxter).
    -Be evasive but defensive!  Don't think you can just run past certain 
    enemies without taking damage.  Use the Reverse Wind wisely.
    -For killer boss strategies go to www.master-ninja.com/ng and download 
    this guy's boss videos. BEWARE though, it's a one-file WinRAR file over 
    600 megabytes long!  You'll need a DSL or broadband connection to even 
    crack the download time in half.
    -Weapons you will upgrade for this run only: Dragon Sword and 
    Dabilahro.  You won't have time (or enough essence) to upgrade the 
    rest. So no Unlabored Flawlessness for this speed run, sorry.
    -Use save points at your own pace.  I'll mention a few key points on 
    when to save but it's up to you to choose when you want to save your 
    Energy Enhancements To Be Ignored
    The following places must be skipped in order to finish the game in 
    record time.  You'll end up with a REALLY short energy bar but at least 
    you're skilled enough right?
    Chapter 6: Spirit of The Devils; 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge in the 
    Archive before fighting Alma 
    Chapter 6: Lives Of the Thousand Gods; 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge 
    in the Ritual Room
    Chapter 10: Talisman of Rebirth; 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge in area 
    where you obtain the Jewel of the Demon Seal
    Chapter 10: Lives of The Thousand Gods; 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge 
    in Peristyle Passage
    Chapter 12: Lives of The Thousand Gods; 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge 
    in Zarkhan Stadium
    Chapter 12: Lives of The Thousand Gods; 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge 
    at the base of the stairs near the Imperial Palace Entrance
    Chapter 13: Talisman Of Rebirth; 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge near 
    the first save point in Chapter 13
    Chapter 13: Talisman Of Rebirth; 3 Fiend Challenge near the Drawbridge 
    (this challenge can be re-done each time you come back to this area)
    Chapter 13: Lives of the Thousand Gods; 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge 
    near the Great Bridge
    As much as you want to obtain these items, you MUST skip these 
    challenges in order to finish the game in less time.
    ++Remember that any fight that is not scripted MUST be skipped!  Just 
    run past the enemy and complete the objective at hand!
    ++If you need to find the Lives of A Thousand Gods or a Life of The 
    Gods or a Talisman of Rebirth then do so at your own pace. Take the few 
    seconds to grab whatever you can and finish your objective.
    Let's start the run!
    Chapter 1 Way Of The Ninja
    -Objective: Enter the Ninja Fortress and find the Fangs Of The Samurai.
    Skip all the ninjas and make a mad dash for the Fangs!
    <>Scripted fight: Yellow-walled room. 
    Kill the ninjas and run for the Fangs.
    -Objective: Get the Key of Courage and head to Murai's lair
    Insert the Fangs on the display and dash over to Murai.
    <>Scripted fight: Inner Sanctum.
    Kill all the white ninjas as fast as you can.
    ^^Boss fight: Murai. Good luck! Try not to worry about taking damage 
    during the fight; just beat the boss.
    ++BTW, if you die (or use all of your elixirs) to this boss this early 
    in the speed run then stop and consider getting more practice.
    Chapter 2 The Hayabusa Village
    -Objective: Head for the Village Entrance
    Skip all the samurais and warlocks and dash to the entrance.
    -Objective: Obtain the Bow and find Doku!
    Ignore all samurai and head for Muramasa's statue. Exit his shop and 
    dash for the sub-boss fight.
    ^^Sub-boss: Horsemen. Good luck! 
    Killer tip: On Normal difficulty; after slashing a samurai off his 
    horse, use an ultimate attack on him using one essence left by his dead 
    horse to decapitate him instead of fighting.  But beware of the other 
    horseman too! Time your attacks accordingly! (On Very Hard, the 
    ultimate doesn't decap them.)
    ^^Boss fight: Samurai Horseman.  Good luck!
    Chapter 3 Skies of Vengeance
    -Objective: Get the Map and the Wing Key.
    Grab the map in the third room first. You can ignore the fight in this 
    small room but I suggest you kill the two soldiers just in case.
    <>Scripted fight: Kill the soldiers and get the Wing Key.
    <>Scripted fight: Cabin Room.
    Kill the soldiers in the cabin to unlock the door.
    -Objective: Find the ID card.
    Make a mad dash to the Control Room!
    <>Scripted fights: Control Room.
    Kill the soldiers and grab the ID card.
    -Objective: Destroy the Engine Room
    Make a mad dash to the room with the crank.
    <>Scripted fight: Kill the soldiers that come rappelling in and 
    continue the objective. Kill the other two soldiers with the bow and 
    cross the zipline to the Aft Cabin. Kill the lone soldier and finish 
    the objective.
    -Objective: head for the roof of the zeppelin.
    Dash for the roof! Ignore all encounters (that you can) from here on.
    ^^Boss fight: Vigoorian Commando. Good luck! 
    ++For this chapter, you can try and skip the last half of the enemy 
    encounters leading up to the boss, but fight whoever gets in your way. 
    Be sure to upgrade the sword and purchase the Izuna Drop.
    You can obtain Master Ninja ranking by finishing within 10 minutes with 
    a full ninpo bar.
    Chapter 4 Imperial City Infiltration
    -Objective: Head to Muramasa's Shop
    Ignore all soldiers up to the Military Base Entrance.
    <>Scripted fight: Military Base Entrance.
    Kill all the soldiers and continue past the unlocked single-jeweled 
    door. Ignore all the other encounters and complete the objective.  
    -Objective: Unlock the multi-colored door and head to Han's Bar.
    <>Scripted fight: Muramasa's Shop
    Before unlocking the green-jeweled door, fight off a bunch of soldiers. 
    Complete the objective and run to Han's Bar. If the black ninjas are 
    giving you problems then kill them. 
    -Objective: Grab the Windmill Shuriken and go back to Muramasa.
    Make a mad dash to Muramasa's shop and buy something and run back to 
    Han's Bar ignoring EVERYBODY!
    Chapter 5 City Of Fiends
    -Objective: Release the Drawbridge.
    Just make a mad dash to the Pegasus Key (jump down from the roof of 
    Han's Bar to save time) and ignore all soldiers and black ninjas. 
    After getting the key on your way back to unlock the door, kill the 
    three black ninjas (if you need to) and then open the door and release 
    the Drawbridge. Make a mad dash for the Monastery Area Clearing.
    -Objective: Head for the Monastery.
    <>Scripted fight: The gates will slam shut at the Monastery Plaza. 
    Fight off all the soldiers and continue the objective. Ignore all the 
    black ninjas and head for the Monastery Area Clearing.
    <>Scripted fight: Monastery Area Clearing.
    Fight off soldiers before the red-dino fiends show up.
    ^^Sub-boss: Red-dino fiends.  Good luck!
    Killer tip: Use the Blade of Nirrti attack to make the fight quicker 
    and abuse the ultimate attack.
    ^^Boss fight: Tentacle Boy.  Good luck! 
    Killer tip: On Normal difficulty it takes 4 well-timed ultimate attacks 
    to finish off this boss.
    Chapter 6 The Monastery
    -Objective: Obtain the Book of Eons.
    Make a mad dash for the Monk's Room on the second floor as soon as the 
    chapter starts.
    <>Scripted fight: Archive.
    Kill the fiends in the Archive and continue the objective. 
    **DO NOT go back to the Archive after obtaining the Book Of Eons
    <>Scripted fight: Monk's Room.
    Once you obtain the Book of Eons (and the statue) kill all the fiends 
    to unlock the door.  Jump down to the Altar Room and place the book on 
    the altar and jump down to the Corridor of Doom.
    -Objective: Obtain the Holy Grail and place it on the altar.
    Run down the Corridor Of Doom and make a mad dash to the Ritual Room 
    while ignoring EVERY encounter. DON'T JUMP from the top of Econtra 
    Babel Specus! 
    *Don't forget the Vigoorian Flail*
    <>Scripted fight: Ritual Room.
    Kill all the fiends and zombies and grab the Holy Grail.  Run out to 
    the rotating platform while ignoring the zombies outside the Ritual 
    Room.  Make a mad dash back to Econtra Babel Specus with Incendiary 
    Shuriken equipped. Use it on the three archers on the way up. Complete 
    the objective.
    Boss Fight: Bone-Dinosaur Fiend. Good Luck! 
    Killer tip: Make good use of the Windmill Shuriken. After severing a 
    limb, throw the WS at its other limbs (from the left side of the 
    screen) as it recovers and moves.
    Chapter 7 Hidden Underground
    ++After the fight from Chapter 6, DO NOT jump down!  Head for the save 
    point AND THEN jump down!
    -Objective: Head to the Chamber of Everlasting Sleep.
    Scurry past the four archers and head for Muramasa's statue to upgrade 
    your sword. Don't cross the bridge in the Suspension Bridge Room! Jump 
    down instead. Ignore the zombies and fiends and head to the red or blue 
    <>Scripted fights: Red and Blue Room.
    Technically, none of the zombie archer fights in the blue or red room 
    are scripted but use your bow and take them all out as fast as you can 
    anyway. Continue the objective.
    ^^Sub-boss: Tentacle boy.  Aren't you tired of this "boss" already?
    Continue the objective and make a mad dash past the archers and zombies 
    to the chamber. After the flooding save your game.  Take the underwater 
    elevator; skip the black ninjas and head back to the Altar Room.
    -Objective: Fight Alma
    ^^Boss fight: Alma.  Good luck, you're going to need it!
    Chapter 8 Tairon Under Alert
    -Objective: Obtain the Strongbow.
    Make a mad dash for the Drawbridge.
    <>Scripted fight: The gates slam shut near Monastery Plaza again.  Kill 
    all the armored soldiers and scurry along for the Strongbow.
    **Alternate route: After crossing the Drawbridge to the blue-jeweled 
    door, run to the chest where you found the Pegasus Key and jump down 
    from there and head back to the Lily Door. This way you don't deal with 
    RPG-soldiers shooting rockets at you. Dash over to the door with skull 
    and complete the objective. 
    <>Scripted fight: Military Base Entrance #1
    After obtaining the bow, head for the Military Base Entrance with 
    Incendiary Shuriken equipped.  Kill the two gunmen and wait for the 
    <>Scripted fight: Military Base Entrance #2
    Just block the helicopter gunfire.  When it leaves, stand next to the 
    dead body with arrows and have your bow ready.  Shoot the RPG-soldier 
    in the blue-colored window.
    -Objective: Open the Military Base door.
    Ignore the three soldiers (or kill them) near the skull door and 
    complete the objective.  Exit and head for the Military Base entrance.
    ++For a very odd reason, this chapter relies on a massive body count 
    for Master Ninja ranking.  Considering that this chapter can be 
    finished in less than 10 minutes with only 2 objectives it's unfair 
    that you need a lot of kills for a chapter so short.  The only way to 
    get Master Ninja in this chapter is to do the Fiend Challenge in the 
    Ritual Room to get the kills required.  Oh well!
    Chapter 9 Military Supply Base
    -Objective: Obtain the Warehouse Key and enter the Warehouse.
    Only fight off the soldiers in your way.  Aim the Strongbow from around 
    the corner to the first tower gunner then move forward to the next 
    gunner.  After both perish, dash and grab the Warehouse key while 
    ignoring everyone else and head for the Warehouse!
    *Don't forget to load up on Explosive Arrows before entering the 
    -Objective: Find the Shutter Key and exit the Warehouse.
    You can ignore the mini-copters or waste precious time shooting them 
    down with APFSDS Cores. DO NOT use Explosive Arrows here! You need them 
    for the Tank fight.  If you choose to ignore these copters, then 
    remember that when you press the block button their lasers won't fling 
    Ryu a dozen feet away (but he'll still take damage)!
    Complete the objective and exit the Warehouse.
    <>Scripted fight: Locomotive Turntable.
    You'll fight wave after wave of armored soldiers (remember, ultimate 
    attacks are your friend here).  Kill them then save your game.  Now 
    head for the unlocked door.
    ^^Boss fight: Military Tanks x2.  
    Killer tip: Use one Explosive Arrow (it'll make the tank drive in 
    circles) then switch to Cores to make the fight less hurtful and quick. 
    Repeat while evading any gunfire for the second tank.  Replenish your 
    stock before taking the elevator. 
    BTW, if you waste both your APFSDS Core and Explosive Arrows (30 total) 
    before the second tank arrives then reload the save again.  Both tanks 
    can be destroyed with 24 arrows on Normal and 28 on Very Hard.
    -Objective: Destroy the Communication Tower.
    ^^Boss fight: Tomahawk Helicopter.  Good luck!  
    Killer tip: Dodge missile fire at the last second to avoid damage. 
    Continue the objective.
    ^^Boss fight: Communications Tower.  Good luck!
    -Objective: Escape the base.
    Complete the objective.
    ++The next few chapters will have few scripted fights. You can 
    basically finish the speed run without fighting every enemy.  
    Chapter 10 The Aquaducts
    -Objective: Enter the Aquaducts.
    After the fiends appear from the sewer, RUN FOR THE SEWER! Do not fight 
    these guys and just run for the manhole.
    -Objective: Obtain the Red Tablet of the Stream
    Ignore all fiend encounters and head for the Hall of Balance.  Grab the 
    Insect Key and dash to the first electric worm boss.
    ^^Boss fight: Electric Worm.  Good luck!  
    Killer tactic: Try and get a 413-hit combo using the Nunchaku only on 
    Very Hard.  It can be done!  Complete the objective.
    -Objective: Grab the Water Statue and open the door.
    Use the Red Tablet and head for the other side of the Aquaducts. Ignore 
    all fiends and make a mad dash for the Water Statue!  Dash to the door 
    and insert the statue.
    -Objective: Obtain the Blue Tablet of the Stream
    Jump down to the Underground Waterway.
    ^^Boss fight: Electric Worm x2. Good luck! 
    Ignore all fiends and complete the objective.
    -Objective: Escape the Aquaducts.
    Use the Blue Tablet and head for Peristyle Passage.  Open the door and 
    head for the Underground Sanctuary. Ignore the fiends here and get the 
    Brand Of Valor and insert it on the ground near the exit.
    ^^Boss fight: Bone-Wing Dragon.  Good luck!  
    Killer tip: Slice and dice him from behind for quicker results!
    Chapter 11 Path To Zarkhan
    -Objective: Get the Silver and Gold Medallions and the Breathing Tank.
    You're going to have to deal with Ryu's slow swimming animations. 
    Complete the objectives and insert the medallions at the altar.
    -Objective: Head for Zarkhan Stadium.
    Save your game and take the elevator to the stadium.
    -Boss fight: Doku.  Good luck!
    ++It is possible to get Master Ninja in this chapter if you can finish 
    in less than 15 minutes with a full Ninpo bar on any difficulty.
    Chapter 12 The Caverns
    -Objective: Solve the stadium puzzle and head for the caverns.
    Refer elsewhere for a walkthrough on solving the puzzle. Ignore all 
    enemies to the caverns and complete the objective.
    -Objective: Find the Shield Of Vigoor and insert it in the door.
    Ignore all enemies in the Ice Caverns and complete the objective.
    -Objective: Find 4 Iron Ore to make the Cog of Vigoor.
    Ignore all the blue-dino fiends in the Magma Caverns and complete the 
    objective.  (But be sure to kill the ones that sit in the lava!) 
    -Objective: Get the Eye of Ice. 
    After obtaining the Cog of Vigoor, head for the save point to save your 
    game. Smash the block of ice near the save point.
    ^^Boss fight: Ice Fiend. Good luck!
    -Objective: Insert Cog Of Vigoor at the door and find the Eye of Flame.
    Avoid the flames and quickly head to the boss.
    ^^Boss fight: Flame Worm.  Good luck! 
    Killer tip: Use the Dabilahro for quicker results. Complete the 
    -Objective: Insert the Eye of Ice and Flame at the door and obtain the 
    statue in the Hall of the Flame Dragon.
    ^^Boss fight: Flame Dragon.  Good luck!  
    Killer tip: Do not block the dragon's heat wave attack (when he flaps 
    his wings) because you'll take damage even if you block!  Instead do a 
    well-timed Reverse Wind to avoid damage altogether.
    ++This chapter also relies on a massive body count for Master Ninja 
    rank. (I was able to get Master Ninja rank on Very Hard by doing the 
    100-fiend Challenge in the stadium and near the Palace gates even 
    though it took me an hour to complete the chapter).  You will always 
    get Ninja Dog or Lesser Ninja rank even if you finish this chapter in 
    less than 20 minutes with full Ninpo because of a small number of 
    kills. Sorry, but that's the way it is for this chapter.
    Chapter 13 A Fiendish Awakening
    -Objective: Activate portal in Twin Serpents Plaza and obtain the True 
    Dragon Sword.
    Ignore all enemies (except for bats maybe) and just rush to the Plaza. 
    Complete the objective and head for the portal at the end of the 
    Graveyard until you reach the Pyramid.
    ^^Boss fight: Alma. Good luck!
    -Objective: Find the statue and exit the Pyramid.
    Refer elsewhere for guidance on how to solve the tablet puzzle.
    <>Scripted fights: After placing the tablets in their correct place in 
    the left room, you'll fight a swarm of beetles. This takes place twice 
    so be ready. 
    Chapter 14 Vengeful Spirit
    -Objective: Find the Griffon Key to open the gate.
    There's a portal near the only save point here. Enter the portal. 
    <>Scripted fight: Fiendish Depths.
    Kill all the enemies to complete the objective.
    -Objective: Find the Key of The Lion and open the door.
    When finding this item, you have no choice but to kill the enemies in 
    this area to obtain it.  Complete the objective and open the door.
    -Objective: Find the Key of the Lioness and open the door.  
    You can try and run past all the fish to complete the objective, but if 
    not then take the time to slay them all. Head for the door.
    ^^Boss fight: Doku.  Good luck!  
    Killer Tip: Use the Flying Swallow (as a distraction to get an even 
    bigger combo on him)-I'll let you figure out the rest. Doku can be 
    defeated in less than 30 seconds using the True Dragon Sword only, 
    believe it or not.
    Chapter 15 The Core
    -Objective: Find the Key of the Decayed Soul and open the door.
    Make a mad dash past all the fiends and fish and head for the key.  
    Grab the key and dash back to the Palace entrance.
    -Objective: Find the Demon, Deity of Destruction statue.
    Make it to the top of the Palace in one piece.
    <>Scripted fights: You'll encounter fiends in each of the four floors 
    of the palace. Have the Armlet of Tranquility and some skills ready. 
    Head for the top. 
    ^^Boss fight: Tentacle, Ice, and Supreme Fiend.  Good luck, I guess.  
    Complete the objective.
    -Objective: Open the Gates of Hell and kill the Emperor.
    Use the statue and climb the stairs.
    ^^Boss fight: Vigoorian Emperor form 1 and 2.  Good luck!
    Chapter 16 The Dark Dragon Blade
    -Objective: Get the Dark Dragon Blade and escape from there!
    ^^Boss fight: Evil Murai.  Good luck! 
    Killer tactic: You can beat Murai in less than a minute with a special 
    obvious tactic on Very Hard difficulty. That's all I'm going to say.
    My speed run time on my first try was 3 hours and 42 minutes on Very 
    Hard difficulty.  I'll list a few places where I had problems and some 
    key strategies of completing objectives faster:
    Energy Enhancements:
    I wasted a few minutes gathering most of the Life of The Gods and the 
    free Lives of a Thousand Gods.  On a speed run, I suggest ONLY 
    collecting the Lives of the Thousand Gods from boss encounters and 
    whatever Life of the Gods that aren't too hard to find.  Doing this 
    should decrease game time.
    Chapter 6: Corridor Of Doom
    I realize the boulder rush isn't easy but here's my tactic:  Run on the 
    LEFT SIDE ONLY and use wall runs near the spikes.  When running on the 
    walls be sure to jump before Ryu lands to get an extra boost.  With 
    this tactic I completed this part in one try.
    Chapter 9: Warehouse
    I wasted ten minutes of precious time trying to dodge those mini-
    copters.  This is probably the only area where I got frustrated 
    (especially for a speed run).  My only advice is to hold the block 
    button to avoid being flung in the air and just finish the objective.
    Chapter 14 and 15: The ghost fish
    My advice for this part is to just kill whatever fish you can and just 
    quickly roll away.  Use the Art of the Fire Wheels if you need to.  
    When obtaining the Key of the Lion in the Labyrinth, kill the fish BUT 
    do it from the upper walkway.  This way you can avoid that damn laser 
    Chapter 15: The Imperial Palace
    I completed all four floors of the Palace and made it to the top in 10 
    minutes without wasting elixirs.  Use whatever ninpo you find effective 
    and abuse ultimate attacks with the True Dragon Sword.  If you die on 
    either floor DO NOT reload the save!  Reset the XBOX so your game time 
    will not increase.
    I hope some of these parts don't interrupt your progress.  Anyway, I 
    realize that my speed run time isn't that impressive for an advanced 
    player but I'll see what I need to do to decrease the time on my next 
    playthrough.  Updates soon!
    The Hurricane Pack is still the same game with brand new enemies and 
    more aggressive A.I. 
    All speed run info still applies here with the exception of changed 
    enemy placement. Either way, you should still be able to complete the 
    HP speed run in the same exact time as your original Ninja Gaiden run.
    Thanks for reading.  So how'd you do?  If a player can at least make it 
    past 4 or 5 chapters without using elixirs then by all means do a speed 
    run for fun! E-mail me @ kroqjock@charter.net for any inquiries or 
    questions you may have about my FAQ.
    This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQS.  You may not link, copy, or 
    reproduce this FAQ on your publication or website without my 
    permission. If you want to use my FAQ, please e-mail me at my address 
    above.  I have no problems with anyone who asks. April 2004.

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