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    Dark Dragon Blade/Kitetsu FAQ by VampireHorde

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    Ninja Gaiden
    The Dark Dragon Blade/Kitetsu FAQ
    Authored by VampireHorde
    Thanks for clicking on the FAQ.  This FAQ will focus on obtaining and 
    using the most underused (or unused) weapons in Ninja Gaiden: 
    The Dark Dragon Blade and Kitetsu.  
    I have seen various Ninja Gaiden players using different weapons for 
    combat but never seen these two used.  I will give an overview of what 
    each is capable of and by the end I hope you'll stop using the Dragon 
    Sword or Unlabored Flawlessness for a while and change your combat 
    **I will only give tips and hints for the Hurricane pack Volume 1. I 
    don't plan to update the FAQ anymore for Volume 2 so please don't ask.
    This weapon is the main reason why Ninja Gaiden is set into action and 
    I feel I should explain its worthiness.
    What is the Dark Dragon Blade?
    It is an evil blade that has been sealed away by the Hayabusa Ninja 
    Clan.  Chaos brings out its hellish power.
    The DDB has the look of the Dabilahro and its combos are a mix of the 
    Warhammer and the Unlabored Flawlessness.  (Which are both a good and a 
    bad thing.)  Since you can't perform a combo longer than XXY I suggest 
    you only use this weapon on smaller enemies.
    How do I obtain the Dark Dragon Blade?
    The Dark Dragon Blade is an unlockable weapon obtained by beating Ninja 
    Gaiden on any difficulty.  Reload a Successive Play file and play the 
    game again until you reach Chapter 13.  After activating the portal in 
    Twin Serpents Plaza, teleport Ryu back to Hayabusa Village.  When you 
    head to Muramasa's shop in the village the DDB should be on the second 
    floor sticking its "truly evil" head out.  Grab the weapon and get 
    ready for some "truly evil" fun!
    **HP UPDATE: You can obtain this weapon by giving Muramasa all 50 
    Golden Scarabs.
    Gleam of Heaven and Earth: 		X, Y
    Flaming Hell Slash: 			X, X, Y
    Dark Dragon Descending Fiends: 	Y
    Dark Dragon Flaming Dragon: 		Hold Y
    Dark Dragon Cauterizing Slash: 	Hold Y w/ one essence
    Dark Dragon Gates of Hell: 		Hold Y w/ max essence
    Hundred Demon's Bite: 			Right, X
    Flaming Whirlwind: 			Right, Y
    Reigning Spiral: 				X or Y while blocking  
    Hundred Man Slash: 			rotate analog stick, Y
    Corpse Crusher: 				X or Y near a downed enemy
    The Dark Dragon Gates Of Hell ultimate attack of this weapon is the 
    most stylish move I've seen in the entire game.  The attack can 
    sometimes catch three enemies who are standing in the way during the 
    attack.  The only downside is that any enemies behind Ryu will be 
    unscathed.  IMO, its ultimate attack puts the Unlabored Flawlessness 
    ultimate to shame.  
    And like the UF, the Flaming Whirlwind attack will decapitate all small 
    enemies just as easily.  The Dabilahro is no match for this bad boy.
    I don't know whether to call this a glitch or a flaw.  When Ryu absorbs 
    one essence during a heated battle and releases for the attack, he can 
    still take damage if there's any enemy attacking BUT he will still 
    complete the attack!  That's what I said!  An enemy will attack him 
    while he's absorbing essence and his health will decrease but it 
    doesn't interrupt the attack animation.
    This is VERY annoying especially during Fiend Challenges. 
    **WARNING to beginning or intermediate players:  The DDB has VERY few 
    combos and should only be used for fun.  Fighting the last few bosses 
    with this weapon is NOT recommended!
    The only places where I think the weapon is most useful are during the 
    Fiend Challenges that involve smaller fiends.  On a Successive Play 
    file I suggest you skip any small fiend challenges after Chapter 10 and 
    keep going until you've obtained the DDB in Chapter 13.  
    When fighting off multiple fiends, abuse the Reigning Spiral counter 
    attack. With this tactic you can kill off more than 10 fiends back-to-
    back without flinching.
    Use the DDB in the following challenges:
    Aquaducts 3: 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge
    Peristyle Passage: 60, 80, 0r 100 Fiend Challenge
    Outside the Hall of the Flame Dragon: 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge
    Stairway to the Imperial Palace: 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge
    Fiendish Depths: 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge
    Also, you can use the DDB during the boss fights in Chapter 15 that 
    involve the pink fiends.
    The DDB is no match for the Unlabored Flawlessness.  All the combos and 
    attacks of the UF are much more powerful than the DDB's.  
    As much as the attack power of the Dark Dragon Blade is similar to the 
    UF it doesn't have the pure bludgeoning effect at times.
    Unlike the UF, the Dark Dragon Blade DOES NOT have the 5% health trick 
    either.  This means that if Ryu were almost near death, this weapon 
    couldn't save his life even if it were "truly evil and powerful".
    The only thing that these two have in common is its Reigning Spiral 
    counter attack. It can decapitate enemies easily and has no lag time 
    between hits.
    Hands down the most powerful weapon of the two is the UF BUT the most 
    stylish weapon to use is the Dark Dragon Blade.  Learn to use this 
    weapon and it'll make up for its limitations.
    This weapon is the second most underused weapon in the game.  For some 
    reason, players tend to obtain the weapon yet not use it.  Why aren't 
    you people using this weapon?
    What is Kitetsu?
    The weapon used by Doku, it is a cursed Japanese sword that feeds on 
    the souls of those it slays.
    This weapon is the only one that can be split into two for a more 
    powerful attack.  
    How do I obtain Kitetsu?
    After defeating Doku in Chapter 11 the blade will be lying on the 
    ground at the beginning of Chapter 12.  
    This weapon's life-sucking attacks are what I love about it.  
    Most of the attacks involve Ryu stabbing an enemy and sucking its 
    health all while restoring any lost health back to Ryu.
    The downside to using this weapon is its life draining effect.  
    As Ryu equips this weapon his health will very slowly deplete to zero 
    unless he sucks some health back into it.  (Just like in Shinobi.)  
    To reverse the effect Ryu MUST equip the Armlet of Tranquility to stop 
    the draining.  
    But it really doesn't kill Ryu right away. It would take about 5-6 
    minutes for the blade to completely drain his health. So if Ryu dies 
    because the blade drained him, YOU my friend REALLY have too much time 
    on your hands.
    Dark Rain: 				X, X, X
    Stab of Overpowering Evil: 	X, X, Y
    Dead Soul Bind: 			X, X, right, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X
    Soul Eraser: 			X, X, right, X, Y
    Blade of Nirrti: 			X, Y, X, X, X, X
    Izuna Drop: 			X, Y, X, X, X, Y
    Stab of Extinction: 		Y
    Haze Straight Slash: 		Hold Y
    Extinction Straight Slash: 	Hold Y w/ one essence
    Bassara: 				Hold Y w/ max essence
    Crazed Bones Slash: 		Right, X
    Azure Dragon: 			Right, Y
    Scarlet Dragon: 			Right, Hold Y
    Beheaded Demon: 			X, X while running
    Hundred Curses Slash: 		Rotate analog stick, Y
    Fiend Sealer: 			Y next to downed enemy 
    IMO, the Stab of Extinction attack isn't all too useful.  When Ryu 
    throws the sword it doesn't home in on an enemy too often.  
    So AVOID this move.  The best attack on the list is the Dead Soul Bind.  
    Ryu performs two slashes followed by a stab with a "life-sucking" 
    What is the cool thing about this move?  When Ryu performs the move 
    other enemies can attack him but Ryu WILL NOT take damage or get 
    interrupted during the "life-sucking" animation (if done properly).
    And then there's the ultimate attack Bassara.  This ultimate attack is 
    the second most stylish move behind the Dark Dragon Blade.  When Ryu 
    absorbs max essence he unleashes a two-sword flurry of slashes that 
    will AMAZE you.  
    **WARNING to beginning or intermediate players: Because of the blade's 
    life-sucking power on Ryu, the Armlet of Tranquility will not be useful 
    if you haven't discovered the boss patterns yet so I recommend using 
    this weapon ONLY if you've learned the boss tactics.  
    If you end up taking major damage during the boss fight switch over to 
    another weapon, you'll have no chance with Kitetsu if you lose more 
    than 60% of health.  PRACTICE!
    The only thing I hate about boss fights with this weapon is that you 
    CANNOT use the Dead Soul Bind attack on them.  Why can't I suck the 
    life out these bosses?  Can it even be done?
    Use Kitetsu on these bosses for some life-sucking fun (sort of)!
    This boss takes a lot more damage with this weapon compared to the 
    Dragon Sword.  Use the Hundred Curses Slash and the Dark Rain attack 
    for faster results.  AND you'll look stylish.
    The worm also takes more damage with this weapon.  Use the Dark Rain or 
    Scarlet Dragon to kick some worm ass!
    Although I don't recommend this weapon for this fight I dare you to try 
    and do the Dead Soul Bind or the Soul Eraser move on this sucker's 
    head.  If it actually works, email me and send me a screencap of you 
    performing the move.
    **Unfortunately, I DO NOT recommend that you use this weapon after 
    obtaining the True Dragon Sword in Chapter 13.  
    But I do suggest something else though.
    Use Kitetsu on the following Fiend Challenges:
    Ritual Room: 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge
    Peristyle Passage: 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge
    Zarkhan Stadium: 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge
    Stairway to the Imperial Palace: 60, 80, or 100 Fiend Challenge
    Drawbridge Square: 3 Fiend Challenge  
    This is my favorite one.  Since these purple zombies have a REALLY long 
    life bar, you can just spend the whole fight just sucking their life 
    Like I mentioned above, DO NOT use the Kitetsu after obtaining the True 
    Dragon Sword.  The TDS has 3x more attack power than Kitetsu and is 
    more efficient on bosses from Chapter 13 and on.
    BUT the Kitetsu in all its glory has the better ultimate attack than 
    the TDS.  Don't you get tired of Ryu flinging an enemy into the air 
    just to do 12 stabs and a downward slash?  I know I do.
    Hands down the TDS is the better weapon.  But UNTIL you get the TDS, I 
    recommend using Kitetsu from Chapter 12 on.  It'll suck the life out of 
    you. Literally.
    Hey you made it to the bottom!  Thanks for reading.  I understand that 
    Kitetsu and the DDB aren't easy to use but try practicing with these 
    two weapons and I'm sure you'll change your mind about their power.  
    IMO, the Dragon Sword and Unlabored Flawlessness are SO overused that 
    you forget that you've got OTHER weapons.  Take a rest from the obvious 
    and go with the alternate.  If you still can't use these weapons 
    properly after much practice then I don't know what to tell you.
    This FAQ is only for use on GameFAQs.  You may not link, copy, or 
    publish my FAQ to your publication or website without my permission.  
    If you want to use my FAQ e-mail me at kroqjock@charter.net.  I have no 
    problems with anyone who asks.  June 2004.  

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