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    Essence Farming FAQ by MasterGamer00

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/27/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Platform:  Xbox
    Game:  Ninja Gaiden
    Release:  March 2004
    Genre:  Action/Adventure
    Rating:  9.6/10
    Rated:  Mature
    Guide made by:  MasterGamer00
    Email:  no.match@gmail.com
    Update 1.1:  Revisions/Grammatical corrections.
    Update 1.2:  Revisions/re-wording.
    Table of Contents
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Notation
    3.	Essence Pools
    a.	Chapter 1 - The Way of the Ninja
    b.	Chapter 2 - The Hayabusa Ninja Village
    c.	Chapter 3 - Skies of Vengeance
    d.	Chapter 4 - Imperial City Infiltration
    e.	Chapter 5 - The City of Fiends
    f.	Chapter 6 - The Monastery
    g.	Chapter 7 - Hidden Underground
    h.	Chapter 8 - Tairon Under Alert
    i.	Chapter 9 - The Military Supply Base
    j.	Chapter 10 - The Aqueduct
    k.	Chapter 11 - The Path to Zarkhan
    l.	Chapter 12 - The Caverns
    m.	Chapter 13 - The Fiendish Awakening
    n.	Chapter 14 - Vengeful Spirit
    o.	Chapter 15 - The Core
    p.	Chapter 16 - The Dark Dragon Blade
    4.	Copyright
    ~ 1.  Introduction ~
    Thanks for looking here.  Here will be basic information for the
    Advance gamers that are looking for some money (Essence currency).  The
    organization of this guide is in just ordinary chronological chapter
    order.  I tried dividing the types of Essence Farming but it just
    didn't work, and this is way much easier to navigate.
    Essence Pools also known as (Re-spawn pools) basically give you essence
    in mass amounts depending on how much you fight the infinitely spawning
    enemies.  Also the amounts of essence you receive depend on the combo
    or let's say the number of "hits" your combo consists.  This also gives
    it the name Spawning Pool as well.  This method is used to gather
    Essence quickly to upgrade weapons, buy items, and just to look cool.
    Throughout the game there are many, many Essence Pools.  And this FAQ
    will show you where they are and give you some sort of technique to
    gather Essence quickly.
    This FAQ is one big spoiler so if you are a person that does not like
    to read ahead, use with caution.  I also assume you have a pretty good
    idea where everything is relatively located.  Please, also e-mail me if
    you have found essence pools that could be used in this FAQ.  Thanks in
    ~ 2.  Notation ~
    I might use abbreviations in this FAQ so here I will tell you what I
    will use.
    DS = Dragon Sword (TDS = True DS)
    UF = Unlabored Flawlessness
    VF = Vigoorian Flail
    EP = Essence Pool
    SP = Spawning Pool
    UA = Ultimate Attack
    NOTE - If you would like even more essence then use the ultimate
    attacks that you can do.  With that more essence will be created
    because of your combos, actually just because it is an UA, it'll give
    you more.
    ~ 3.  Essence Pools ~
    a. Chapter 1 - The Way of the Ninja
    Location:  Right after the dojo fight.  (Room with trap door and sliding panels)
    Well here is the first spawning pool you will encounter in the game.  Here you
    will have had to cut through the wall and you are now in another room only with
    gliding hidden panels which enemies come out.  You should be able to beat them.
    You will also encounter white ninjas, a new enemy type.  They are a bit
    stronger than your brown ones.  You should be able to kill them all.  Again
    repeat as many times as you want by exited by cutting through the wall or going
    back.  Use (Highly recommend you save)
    Location:  Right after you have beaten the room with sliding panels.
    This is where you first see bats.  There will be like 5 in there, but they will
    still give you essence.  There are two paths, one to the right and one to the
    left, both containing bats on the ceiling.  Just kill them with your shurikens
    and collect their remaining essence.  Repeat as many times as you wish.
    b. Chapter 2 - The Hayabusa Ninja Village
    Location:  Right after you get out of the Murasama's building.
    Here is not an enemy spawning pool but an archery range.  There will be a plank
    of wood lying down on the ground somewhere.  And there will be some targets
    across from that.  You must be behind the plank to shoot and get essence.  You
    can do this as many times as you wish.  There is also a dead ninja that gives
    you infinite amounts of arrows northeast of where the plank is sitting.  The
    left target gives you blue essence, bottom right gives you red essence, and the
    top right gives you your "money" essence.
    c. Chapter 3 - Skies of Vengeance
    None (as of now, if I find some, I will post)
    d. Chapter 4 - Imperial City Infiltration
    Location:  Around Murasama's shop.
    Here you will have to run around in doors and get away from a spot.  There is
    no specific spot so I recommend you just go through a door available and just
    re-enter.  But if you enter and exit the shop no enemies will appear (that you
    already killed).  Just re-enter like I said before and then just kill them and
    do it as many times as you wish.
    (NOTE:  Might not always work depending on your completion status.)
    Location:  Han's Bar after you get the ticket.
    After you get that guy to say that you can't come in, go to the sign and read
    it and then go back to Muramasa's shop to get the ticket, but you must purchase
    something there.  Come back and you will see a brief cut scene with a Gallas
    (Red reptile fiend) and a chick, Rachel a new character.  This now is going to
    be a new spawning pool.  Even though you are on top of the building just go
    down through the obvious one way hallways and out you go.  There is a save
    point nearby and also that "secret weapon" up on the balcony.  There is also
    the Xbox logo that gives you health.  So when you do exit enemies will appear,
    kill them, then enter the Han's Bar and then exit again.  Repeat as many times
    as you wish.  *This is one of the most useful essence pools to get weapons
    upgraded and other helpful items early on in this game.*
    e. Chapter 5 - The City of Fiends
    Location:  Right outside the Monastery.
    This area is in Dworku, just outside the Monastery after you have unlocked it
    or if you didn't.  But if you have unlocked it, it is much easier to gather
    essence.  This area is met with three passages coming directly in front of the
    doors to the Monastery and on from the left and right.  Here you will have to
    fight around 5 yellow fiends.  These fiends don't leave a whole mess load of
    essence but if you use your UA on them after killing 2 of them you can gather
    much more.  Again if you have unlocked the Monastery doors then just go through
    and go out of them and they will re-spawn.  But if you don't have them unlocked
    then you will have to go through one of those passages out and back in.
    Location:  Left passage of the Monastery doors.
    Here will be your left if you face the Monastery doors.  Here you will be
    facing up to 3 black ninjas (spider clan), one of the hardest enemies in the
    game for beginners.  But they do drop good amounts of essence so that is good.
    Just kill them and gather with an UA and your good to go.  You could use this
    as a combo with the EP above because once you kill these guys you can go right
    ahead and kill the yellow dudes.  Repeat as many times as you wish by exiting
    the area and entering.
    f. Chapter 6 - The Monastery
    Location:  After or before you beat the Dino Boss.
    There is a room where you have to do multiple jumps to get to the top to the
    save point. You should save. Again bats are key. In that room I believe there
    is a scarab which you must bird flip up to it to get it. Anyways in that room
    are many bats. Do the technique I mentioned above: kill 2, absorb them with the
    tornado UA = high essence.
    Location:  In the Ritual Room where you fight the 100 Skeleton Fiends.
    Here you will fight 100 Skeleton Fiends.  You can fight them all and rack up
    essence or you can just fight 99, exit then simply re-enter.  Or instead just
    defeat them all and you can enter and they re-appear.  They will be limited but
    they do re-spawn.  Repeat as many times as desired.
    Location:  The Archive.  After you have beaten the boss.
    This is, I believe the first 100 Fiend Challenge you will come up against.
    (Correct me if I am wrong, I am tired)  It is a mix between flying scythe
    fiends and wolverines.  Use many UA.  You can either kill them all or kill just
    99 and leave and re-enter, again they should just re-appear.
    g. Chapter 7 - Hidden Underground
    Location:  Suspension Bridge room.
    If you try to go over the bridge, you will fall because a dumb skeleton hammers
    it down.  You will fight a couple sewer fiends and a decent about of Skelies.
    Kill the sewer fiends first, they are annoying.  Then just kill the skeletons,
    not all, because if you do, they will not spawn ever again.  This is a part
    similar to a 100 Fiend Challenge because if you kill all they disappear forever.
    So don't kill them all, there are like 19 kills in total, or something in the
    20 area.  Kill a couple, enter a door on either side then re-enter where you
    just had fought.  Skelies are extremely slow, so just flying swallow them and
    their heads pop off, then do the Blade of the Dragon's tail move like 3 times
    facing their backs.  Make sure both of there heads are off.  Then kill two and
    absorb for a UA and they will drop 2 large hunks of essence.  Then just repeat,
    absorb them 2 and so on.
    h. Chapter 8 - Tairon Under Alert
    Location:  Around Han's Bar (again)
    If you read it before then you know what to do.  (Go to 2.4)
    Location:  Around Murasama's Shop (again)
    If you read it before then you know what to do.  (Go to 2.4)
    Location:  Outside The Monastery's main entrance.  (again)
    If you read it before then you know what to do.  (Go to 2.4)
    i. Chapter 9 - The Military Supply Base
    Location - Where you get the card key after you beat the bosses.
    There should be 3 army guys that launch rockets in a room at you.  Just kill
    them.  Most likely you won't get the card key right away.  So you must go down
    and check the door that is locked, in needing of the card key of course.  Just
    go back and kill them again, repeat.  Again not a whole lot of essence here but
    it's the only EP in the chapter so far.
    j. Chapter 10 - The Aqueduct
    Location:  Right before you enter the Aqueduct.
    There is another save point right before you do this trick just like above.
    Hopefully you read the above Essence trick and understand it because this is
    going to be similar. This trick also has bats to deal with. Kill 2 bats then
    absorb with that same Essence attack like before. (spin joystick and hold Y)
    Ryu will spin up in a tornado and then kill them leaving huge amounts of
    essence to be gathered.
    Location:  Right when you enter that door from the foyer with the bats.  (Game
    should start loading)
    You will have to fight more annoying sewer fiends, very, very easy.  Just kill
    2 and instant charge with a UA.  And repeat as many times as you want.
    Location:  The hallway with the entrance to the "Door with an Insect Symbol".
    Here more sewer fiends.  Kill 2 and charge with instant charging with a UA.
    There are about 16 of these fiends.  And for faster gameplay, just use the UF
    and counter with X.  It should just decapitate them.  Then UA them.
    Location:  Stair-step cave.
    Here are even more annoying sewer fiends.  By now you should know what to do.
    If you are a beginner and still haven't gotten the "good" part of the fighting
    down, the steps might be a little trip to adjust to.
    Location:  The "Nameless" Room with the stone elevator.
    This is another 100 Fiend Challenge.  Just kill them all, using a lot of UA,
    and you can't exit.  You can get loads of essence with this.
    Location:  The Peristyle Passage.
    This is a 100 Fiend Challenge.  Either just kill them all, of course using you
    UA frequently.  Or kill 99 or whatever exit then re-enter; they should just
    come back.  If you do kill all 100 then when you exit and enter the passage,
    which ever way you choose, a couple more of these fiends will pop up.  Just
    kill, UA, and then repeat.
    k. Chapter 11 - The Path to Zarkhan
    Location:  Everywhere where there is fish.
    Kill them, go somewhere else and then re-enter, and kill them again, and repeat.
    Location:  The second save point you encounter.  (Near Murasama's Shop)
    There are a couple bats, you know what to do.
    Location:  The Stairway of the Imperial Palace.
    Another darn 100 Fiend Challenge.  A mix of wolves and sewers, very easy.  Just
    decapitate them with the UF.  You can either kill them all and rack up essence,
    or kill 99 run away until it disappears and them come back to kill them again.
    Location:  After you kill Doku, anywhere before you enter the Caverns.
    Another freakin' 100 Fiend Challenge.  This time 100 Red Dragons.  Have fun.
    The UF, I found was the easiest method.  The XXY is good when your health is
    low and the UF is glowing in joy.  The Red Dragons drop a ton of blue essence
    so if absorbed with a UA and it attacks, they will drop a ton of yellow essence.
    You could leave 99 and restart or just kill them all.  Most likely sometime
    they will bite you and "somehow accidentally" throw you out of the arena,
    making you start over again.  Again, have fun.
    l. Chapter 12 - The Caverns
    Location:  Right before entering the Caverns.
    By now you should have a level 3 Dragon Sword, and also be able to do a couple
    moves. After you save,(highly recommended) you see a lake on one side, just run
    over to the other side. Then you drop to a hole. Here are bats, mans best
    friend. Before you drop do a flying swallow or just jump and slash and kill at
    least 2 and then gather their essence with Annihilating Gleam (360 analog,
    charge Y).  With the two gathered Ryu will spin up in a tornado and kill the
    bats.  And of course they will give off awesome amounts of essence. The bats do
    come in waves one after another until you kill them all. Then you CAN climb
    right back up; Ryu just barely can make it.  Then go up at least to where the
    waterfall is and then just go back. And repeat.
    Location:  Right by the save point before the entrance to the Caverns.
    There will be a save point will a rather large unimportant area.  There will be
    a log on one side just jump over it, you will be by the Stairway to the
    Imperial Palace.  There will be re-spawning enemies, mix between wolves and
    sewers.  It must be a glitch in the game, because it doesn't add to your Karma.
    Just get out of the area and then repeat.
    m. Chapter 13 - The Fiendish Awakening
    Location:  Any room with beetles.
    Any room with Beetles can get you tons and tons of essence.  Anywhere, just
    kill them and they drop huge amounts of essences.
    n. Chapter 14 - Vengeful Spirit
    Location:  Anywhere where there are Ghost Fish.
    Just equip the VF or DS and A...X, A...X, A...X (jump, hit X) or just slash
    away with anything, weapons and Ninpo except projectiles.  The move I mentioned
    before is just a jump basic hit, repeat etc.  If you get a 20 or more combo
    they will give you more essence.
    Location:  When you first encounter the Clawed Fiends.
    There are Ghost Fish to deal with and there is a fat dude that distracts you so
    be careful.  Take the GF out first then the Claw dudes.  They drop decent
    amounts of essence.
    o. Chapter 15 - The Core
    Location:  Anywhere and anything I mentioned above.  So basically everything is
    unlocked for you to explore.
    p. Chapter 16 - The Dark Dragon Blade
    ~ 4.  Copyright ~
    I composed everything I have on this and is copyrighted by law by MasterGamer00.
    Updates with other information coming from other people will be credited.  This
    is only for personal use and may print for individual use.

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