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    Downloadable Content FAQ by Thundercleese

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                         <<< Version 1.11 >>>
                          FAQ/Guide Authors: 
                    Incossee (aka Thundercleese)
                               Tyler D 
                        FAQ/Guide Maintainer:
                    Incossee (aka Thundercleese)
    11/7/05 Version 1.11: Completed, very minor additions and editing
    by Incossee/Thundercleese
    10/26/05 Version 1.1: Completed, added a new section discussing Ninja
    Gaiden Black and how the Hurricane Pack content compares.  Minor other
    changes and editing to reflect Ninja Gaiden Black's release, by
    2/18/05 Version 1.03: completed, yet more minor additions and editing
    by Incossee/Thundercleese
    2/16/05 Version 1.02: completed, some more minor additions, editing, and
    reformatting by Incossee/Thundercleese
    2/7/05  Version 1.01: completed, earlier additions joined, additions and
    editing by Incossee/Thundercleese
    1/29/05 FAQ/Changes Edition: completed by Incossee/Thundercleese
    1/17/05 Skeleton Edition: completed by Tyler D
    <<< SECTION I >>> 
    Introduction to Ninja Gaiden Downloadable Content
    <<< SECTION II >>>
    Non-Spoiler Explanation of Hurricane Pack 1 Changes & Additions
    <<< SECTION III >>>
    Non-Spoiler Explanation of Hurricane Pack 2 Changes & Additions
    <<< SECTION IV >>>
    Non-Spoiler Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the Hurricane Packs
    <<< SECTION V >>>
    How to Access Ninja Gaiden Downloadable Content/Online Features
    <<< SECTION VI >>>
    Comparison of Hurricane Pack Content to Ninja Gaiden Black Content
    <<< SECTION VII >>>
    Final Notes and Contact Information
    <<< SECTION I >>>
            +++++ READ THIS FIRST +++++
    This combination FAQ and Guide will explain everything a beginner may
    want to know about the downloadable content and online features for Ninja
    Gaiden on Xbox.  This FAQ/Guide contains NO SPOILERS and is written to
    help people who know little or nothing about Ninja Gaiden's downloadable
    content, but want to learn more about what it offers and how to play it.
    It does NOT contain a walkthrough or specific strategies regarding the
    Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox has downloadable content (DLC) called 
    "Hurricane Packs" (HPs).  There are two of these HPs, Hurricane Pack 1
    (HP1) and Hurricane Pack 2 (HP2).  They each offer two new and unique
    gameplay experiences and may only be acquired online through Xbox Live.
    Each is also designed to be part of a "Master Ninja Tournament" where you
    may upload your scores to Xbox Live (if you choose) to compete against
    other players from around the world.  Almost all of this content may
    also be found within the stand-alone game, Ninja Gaiden Black (NGB).  It
    is essentially a director's cut version of NG.
    If you have a specific question or are looking for specific information,
    check the table of contents above to find out which section will address
    your needs.
    <<< SECTION II >>>
    Hurricane Pack 1 is like playing through the game on "Normal" difficulty
    but with MANY changes and additions that make it play almost like an
    entirely new (and significantly more difficult) game.  Some of the
    numerous changes and additions include:
    1. New "action engine".  The overall game engine has subtle tweaks to 
    make it feel a little more fast-paced and responsive (not that the game
    wasn't fast and responsive to begin with!)
    2. Optional new camera.  Pressing the Right analog stick button toggles
    on/off a new camera system.  The new camera allows free control of the
    camera in 3rd person mode using the right stick (similar to many 3rd
    person adventure or shooter games).  Many people prefer this system, as
    it offers the player more control.
    3. A new weapon.  The new weapon is called the "Lunar", which is
    basically an intricate-looking staff.
    4. New moves for Ryu.  Ryu can now earn even greater powers, including
    the ability to "intercept" attacks.  This ability can dramatically
    change battle dynamics and will be an important key to success.
    5. Easier ultimate techniques.  Ryu can perform ultimate techniques more
    easily now.  Ryu can EITHER absorb essence to execute one as before, OR
    if you hold the 'Y' button long enough, Ryu can unleash both level 1 and
    level 2 ultimate techniques without absorbing any essence.
    6. New costumes.  There are unique new costumes Ryu may opt to select
    when starting a new game (via button codes).
    7. New, more challenging enemy layout.  Many normal battles have been
    changed to be more difficult.  For example, brown ninjas have been
    replaced with white ninjas, and white ninjas have been replaced with
    black ninjas.  A couple of old enemies (such as brown ninjas) do not
    appear in the game at all.  Expect major changes throughout the game.
    8. Brand new enemies.  There are several entirely new never-before-seen
    9. New moves and new artificial intelligence (AI) for old enemies.  Old
    enemies now have deadly new moves as well as  improved AI.  Some old
    easy AI abuses (such as Flying Swallow), are no longer as effective.
    New strategies and techniques will be imperative to effectively battle
    your foes.
    10. Faster enemies.  Enemies move and attack faster than before.
    11. Breakable guard.  Ryu's defense is no longer quite so infallible.
    Stronger attacks from enemies will break Ryu's guard, which means that
    if Ryu blocks such attacks, he must recover briefly before he is able
    to resume blocking, leaving him temporarily vulnerable to follow-up
    12. New treasure layout.  Many treasure chests contain different items. 
    There are significant changes as to when/where you find important items. 
    Some chests may even have unpleasant surprises...
    13. New starting inventory.  You start the game with both Nunchaku and
    the Dragon Sword.
    14. New scarab rewards.  Muramasa will award you different items at
    different intervals for turning in golden scarabs.
    15. New shop inventory/pricing.  Muramasa will stock a very different 
    array of items.  Prices and availability on both items and upgrades will
    change as well.
    16. No more Great Devil Elixirs.  They have been removed from the game
    entirely.  That'll teach you not to rely too heavily on Ninpo!
    17. New Kunai Scrolls.  A few new tips will come your way.
    18. Different essence distribution.  The frequency with which enemies
    leave yellow vs. red vs. blue essence has been changed.
    19. No "Successive Play" option.  When you complete the game and save,
    loading the file will instead give you the option to upload your score to
    the Xbox Live scoreboard.
    <<< SECTION III >>>
    Hurricane Pack 2 is nothing like any other game mode.  It takes the
    gameplay tweaks and additions of Hurricane Pack 1, adds further new
    content and changes, then applies them to a new and different scenario
    that is completely different from the normal game.  Ryu will begin in
    what looks like the Imperial Palace from Chapter 15, and must complete
    five progressively more difficult "Phases" that take place in an
    Underworld-like setting.
    Each Phase consists of several challenging battles against a wide variety
    of enemies and bosses.  After completing a Phase, you will have the
    opportunity to both save and purchase items from Muramasa, whose
    inventory is much larger and much different from other modes, offering
    numerous different powerful items. You will also find many weapons and
    power-ups scattered throughout each Phase to assist you.
    Ryu will begin the game with an extended health bar and a broad
    selection of weapons (some of them already upgraded). Once Ryu acquires
    ranged weapons, he will have an unlimited supply of ammunition for them
    (even if the weapons had limited ammunition in the normal game).  Ryu,
    however, will have a reduced capacity to carry elixirs.
    Along the way, Ryu will encounter several additional never-before-seen
    enemies as well as some entirely new bosses.  It is possible to complete
    all Phases in less than one hour (however, expect to take a good deal
    longer than that your first time, due to deaths).  After completing it,
    you will have the option of saving your game and/or uploading your score
    to the Xbox Live scoreboard.
    <<< SECTION IV >>>
    Got general questions about the Hurricane Packs?  Well look no further,
    as the answers will follow.  Probably 99 out of 100 questions asked on
    the Hurricane Packs are among the following.  I will do my best to
    answer them as clearly and completely as possible, without any spoilers.
    Q: Does it cost anything to download the Hurricane Pack(s)?
    A: No.  The HP's are absolutely 100% free downloads.  But you do need to
    have broadband internet and access to a valid Xbox Live account.
    However, you can use a friend's account, or use a 2-month free Xbox
    Live card if necessary.  With an active Xbox Live account you may freely
    download the HP's as many times as you want to as many different Xboxes
    as you want.  Read Section V for more details.
    Q: How long are the Hurricane Pack(s)?
    A: HP1 is the exact same length as the standard game.  Given the
    increased challenge, it might take you a little longer than just playing
    a full game on "Normal" though.  HP2 is relatively short.  If you know
    what you are doing and are a very skilled player, it takes less than an
    hour to complete.  Your first time through, however, will likely take
    substantially longer, as you can expect to die quite a few times.
    Q: How difficult is Hurricane Pack 1?
    A: It is significantly more difficult than the game on "Normal"
    difficulty.  Most people, however, feel it is significantly less difficult
    than "Very Hard" mode.  Most people find it roughly as challenging as
    "Hard".  Be warned though, the difficulty in Chapter 1 is drastically
    increased, so your initial introduction will be a challenging one.
    Q: How difficult is Hurricane Pack 2?
    A: It is arguably the most challenging mode in Ninja Gaiden (although it
    is close to the level of difficulty of "Very Hard").  It is a little hard
    to compare though, as it plays very differently from the other modes.  It
    is also much shorter than all other modes.
    Q: Do the Hurricane Packs have different difficulty settings?
    A: No.  The difficulty level is fixed and cannot be changed in both
    Hurricane Packs.
    Q: Do the Hurricane Packs have a new or expanded story?
    A: Definitely not in Hurricane Pack 1.  The story is exactly the same,
    with no changes or additions.  Hurricane Pack 2 basically does not have
    any story to speak of, though there are a couple of scenes where some
    brief new/different events involving Ryu and Rachel occur.  But these do
    not amount to any real "story".
    Q: Do the Hurricane Packs have any new cut-scenes?
    A: Hurricane Pack 1's cut-scenes are all identical to the normal game,
    with no new ones.  Hurricane Pack 2 has two new brief cut-scenes, one at
    the beginning and one at the end.  These cut-scenes use in-game graphics
    (not full motion video).
    Q: What is the new weapon (the Lunar) like?
    A: It is a staff weapon that can be acquired very early in HP1 or starts
    in your inventory in HP2.  It is a fast and moderately damaging weapon,
    that particularly once upgraded, allows for large combos.  It is less
    damaging than the Dragon Sword, but more damaging than the Nunchaku or
    Vigoorian Flail.  It can be upgraded twice (to a maximum of level 3),
    and allows for an extensive variety of unique attacks.  The Lunar excels
    at handling multiple enemies at once, due to its wide range.  It is a
    lot of fun to use, and very effective.
    Q: What exactly is the "Intercept" move?
    A: Intercept is a new move Ryu will receive from a Technique Scroll found
    very early in HP1 or in Ryu's inventory at the start of HP2.  It is
    similar to a "parry" in Street Fighter III, or a "hard block".  The way
    it works is if you wait until the moment before you get hit by an attack
    to block it (where you were NOT blocking before), you will intercept the
    attack.  When you intercept an attack, you will have an opportunity to
    INSTANTLY counter-attack.  You can use any attack or combo you like, and
    your enemy will be vulnerable.  Intercept is also effective against
    virtually all attacks, even some that you normally cannot block, or where
    blocking would normally damage you (you will never take damage with a 
    successful intercept).  Your guard cannot be broken while intercepting
    either.  It is an extremely useful move and it is important to master.
    Q; Where can I see some images of the Lunar, new enemies, and new
    costumes from the Hurricane Pack(s)?
    A: If you would prefer to be surprised, just play the Hurricane Packs and
    discover them for yourself.  Otherwise, try these links:
    Q: Will downloading the Hurricane Pack(s) affect my current save games
    in any way?
    A: No.  Do not worry about downloading them, as they do not in any way
    alter the normal game or your existing save files.
    Q: Will I still be able to start a new regular game after I download the
    Hurricane Pack(s)?
    A: Yes, absolutely.  The ONLY way to play games with the Hurricane Pack
    changes/additions is to start a new game in Master Ninja Tournament 2
    (for Hurricane Pack 1) or to start a new game in Master Ninja Tournament
    3 (for Hurricane Pack 2).
    Q: Should I complete the normal game before playing the Hurricane
    A: Yes, definitely. The Hurricane Packs are designed for experienced
    players only, and would be frustrating and excessively difficult for new
    players.  Furthermore, you will not appreciate all the changes and
    additions without having first completed the game at least once.
    Q: What order should I play through the different game modes? How
    difficult are they?
    A: Definitely complete "Normal" difficulty first (or "Hard" if you are a
    hardcore player).  Once you have finished the game a minimum of one time
    on either of those settings, then you should try Hurricane Pack 1 or "Very
    Hard".  Take your pick.  And only attempt Hurricane Pack 2 after you have
    finished Hurricane Pack 1 (and possibly "Very Hard" as well, though you
    can interchange the order of that if you like).
    Q: Where can I find a detailed FAQ/Guide/Walkthrough with specific help
    and strategies for completing the Hurricane Pack(s)?
    A: Not in this guide.  No spoilers, nor walkthroughs, nor strategies are
    contained within.  There are one or more of these guides available at
    GameFAQs (and other sites) that will help for HP1.  As far as I know,
    no one has yet written such a guide concerning HP2.  However, completing
    HP2 mainly involves playing with a high level of skill.  If you feel you
    absolutely need a guide, there is a very good chance you are not yet
    skilled enough to complete HP2.  Another option is to download and view
    videos of other players playing through HP2 (or other modes).  There
    are a number of skilled players with videos, which you may find here:
    Q: Is there now, or will there be in the future, some way to play the
    Hurricane Pack(s) without downloading them through Xbox Live?
    A: Yes and no.  To play the HP's in their exact original state, you
    must download them through Xbox Live.  However, you may alternatively
    purchase Ninja Gaiden Black and be able to play virtually all of the
    HP content (and a lot more) without any downloading.  See Section VI
    for complete details on how the HP's have been integrated into NGB.
    Q: I've downloaded the Hurricane Pack(s), but how do I play them offline?
    A: You CANNOT start a new Hurricane Pack game offline, it must be started
    online, even though you have already downloaded the HPs.  You CAN resume
    an HP savegame offline however.  Read SECTION V below for details.
    Q: Is it possible to use a memory card to copy the Hurricane Pack file(s)
    or Ninja Gaiden game saves?
    A: No and no.  The Hurricane Packs are too big to fit on a memory card.
    And while Ninja Gaiden game saves are small enough to fit, they are
    blocked from copying to memory cards.  Presumably this is an anti-cheat
    Q: Will there be any more Hurricane Packs in the future?
    A: NO. THERE WILL BE NO MORE HURRICANE PACKS, despite any interviews or
    rumors that you think may be to the contrary.  Sorry, but Team Ninja has
    made official statements that Hurricane Pack 2 is the final one.  Beyond
    that, Team Ninja has other projects, and it simply would make no sense to
    keep releasing more.  As much as we would all like more, we should all be
    thankful for what we got--the greatest downloadable content of all
    time--FOR FREE.  Ninja Gaiden Black may alternatively be considered to
    be the 3rd HP if you choose to look at it that way, although it is not
    for download, and must be purchased separately.  It also offers a lot
    more content than found in either HP.
    <<< SECTION V >>>
    So you would like to download and play the HPs?  Read the following to
    get set up and to know what you are doing before you get started.
    1. What you will need to download the Hurricane Packs
    Functional Xbox
    Xbox Live/Gamertag
    Broadband Internet Connection, ethernet cabled to the Xbox.
    These things are absolutely necessary at the time of download due to
    signing and anti-hacking measures. It is possible to use your Xbox in the
    place of a friend's however, as Gamertags can be transferred via memory
    unit... actual NG saves cannot.
    While in theory it might be possible for mod users to find the HPs DLC at
    disreputable file sharing sites, for the common man it would be far too
    much trouble and require far too much technical ability. The
    recommendation here is that you simply use a 2-month free trial
    subscription or standard subscription to XBL to achieve HP download.
    2-month free trial cards are available in many Xbox Live games.  They
    are also common enough, that people often give them away free.  If you
    ask nicely on a relevant message board, there is a strong chance that
    a Good Samaritan will e-mail you the code to one of theirs.
    2. Procedure for beginning online play
    Insert the main game disc. Go to the main menu. An option on the main
    menu list is 'Master Ninja Tournament'. Pick that one. There is a decent
    amount of loading time at the Kunai knife here, so wait it out.
    The next prompt will offer the choices 'Trial Missions/ Content
    Download'. Pick 'Content Download'. Download everything (IT IS ALL 100%
    FREE). Hurricane Pack 1 is 2047 blocks (about 32 MB), Hurricane Pack 2 is
    3134 blocks (about 49 MB).
    Once you have downloaded everything, start over from the main screen of
    the game disc. Go back to 'Master Ninja Tournament' from the main menu.
    This time you will go to 'Trial Missions'. These missions are as
    follows. ( press A to start one of the missions )
    Master Ninja Tournament 1....... Regular game.
    Master Ninja Tournament 2....... Hurricane Pack 1 competition.
    Master Ninja Tournament 3....... Hurricane Pack 2 competition.
    Scores for all three tournaments can still be posted as far as I know.
    3. Selecting your costume
    There are new costumes for Ryu in the HPs, selected by holding down a
    corresponding button when starting a new game.  Previous alternate
    outfits are still available and selected in the same way.  Here is how
    to select the brand new costumes:
    Note: Buttons must be HELD DOWN when pressing A for a new Trial Mission.
    You will hear a confirmation sound if done correctly.
    Hold black button..... the 'Ashtar'/Demon Ninja costume.
    Hold white button..... the Dead or Alive Ryu costume.
    4. Playing Offline
    In order to play the HPs offline, you must reach a save point in either
    one and establish a save; providing you have the content downloaded you
    will be able to resume those saves offline. As the HPs have no
    successive play, keeping the HPs for posterity requires the player to
    reach the first save in each, keep them in easily remembered save slots,
    and leave them untouched. The player should then use a DIFFERENT slot for
    subsequent saves as he/she progresses.  Leaving your first save in the
    HPs untouched will allow you to come back and replay them offline.
    5. Downloading & playing the HPs without an Xbox Live account
    If you do not have an Xbox Live account, you can still download and play
    the HPs with the benefit of a friend's account.  Use a memory card (or
    account recovery function) to get your friend's Xbox Live account onto
    your Xbox (the one you want to play the HPs on).  Then connect to Xbox
    Live (probably at your friend's house, but it can be basically anywhere
    that has a broadband connection).  Now just follow steps 2 through 4.
    Be sure to follow step 4 carefully, so that you will not need to connect
    to Xbox Live in the future.
    <<< SECTION VI >>>
    Ninja Gaiden Black (NGB) is essentially a "Director's Cut" of Ninja
    Gaiden (NG).  NGB is a stand-alone game (not an expansion pack, no
    original game required), that effectively gives you NG, both HP's,
    and a bunch of other stuff, all at a budget title price.  What a
    NGB offers virtually all of the HP content, as well as a great deal of
    additional content, however, there are some differences between the
    HP's and the overlapping modes in NGB.  While all of the additional
    new content found in NGB will NOT be covered, here is a comparison
    of what the HP's offer and what NGB includes that is meant to
    correspond to the HP's.
    A. Hurricane Pack 1
    Hurricane Pack 1 is largely the same as the "Hard" difficulty in NGB.  In
    NGB, you may select Hard right from the start if you have a completed game
    save from the original NG on any difficulty on your Xbox.  Also note that
    if you have  already completed HP1 and have a game save to that effect, you
    will also have "Very Hard" difficulty selectable from the start.  If you
    do not have any cleared game save data from NG, you must complete "Normal"
    or "Ninja Dog" difficulty in NGB to unlock "Hard" in NGB.
    NGB's Hard has virtually identical enemy layouts to HP1, and plays very
    similarly, but there are a number of notable differences including:
    1. Generally harder difficulty.  This means that while HP1 was effectively
    set to "Normal", NGB's "Hard" has all the trimmings of an increased
    difficulty setting: Ryu does less damage, enemies do more, enemy AI
    and aggressiveness is enhanced, and Fiend Challenges are increased from
    60 to 80.
    2. No Intercept.  The HP-exclusive move, Intercept, has been removed from
    3. Boss minions.  In NGB, starting in Hard difficulty, bosses have lesser
    enemies who back them up in battle.  Bosses do not have minions in HP1.
    4. New items.  There are several new items in NGB (including Hard) that
    cannot be acquired in the HP's, such as new armlets and smoke bombs.
    5. New cut-scenes.  There are several new cut-scenes in NGB (including
    Hard) that do not appear in the HP's.
    6. Armlet of Tranquility is out.  This item which is available in the
    HP's, was removed from NGB's story mode.  However, it is available in
    some NGB missions in Mission mode.
    7. Great Devil Elixirs are back in.  They were removed in HP1, but they
    are available in each difficulty (including Hard) in NGB.
    8. Different items layout.  The treasure chests in HP1 and NGB's Hard
    contain different items in some cases.
    9. Different scarab rewards.  The scarab rewards also differ.
    10. Different costume availability.  NGB offers different costumes that
    may be worn under different conditions.
    11. Kitetsu improved.  The Kitetsu is improved in NGB (including
    Hard), where it no longer drains health, and can be upgraded to level 3.
    12. Guillotine Throw changed.  This technique's command is changed in
    NGB to be X+A at the same time.
    B. Hurricane Pack 2
    Hurricane Pack 2 is virtually identical to the Mission "Eternal Legend" in
    NGB.  In NGB, the "Missions" mode (MM) becomes available once you have
    completed NGB's main story mode on any difficulty.  Note that no save data
    from the original NG will unlock MM right away.  In MM, you initially have
    2 missions (each with 5 phases) selectable.  Once you have completed any
    5 phases, a new mission with 5 new phases becomes playable.  There are 10
    separate missions in all (totallying 50 phases), with the last mission
    being titled "Eternal Legend".  This means that you must complete any 40
    phases in MM to unlock Eternal Legend (EL).  EL plays just like HP2, with a
    few differences including:
    1. No Intercept.  The HP-exclusive move, Intercept, has been removed from
    2. No Armlet of Tranquility.  This item was available in the shop in HP2,
    but is not available in EL.  It is, however, available in different missions.
    3. New Armlets and Smoke Bombs.  EL allows you to purchase certain new
    NGB-exclusive items not found in HP2.
    4. Kitetsu improved.  The Kitetsu is improved in NGB (including
    EL), where it no longer drains health, and can be upgraded to level 3.
    5. Guillotine Throw changed.  This move's command is changed in NGB to
    be X+A at the same time.
    6. Selectable difficulties.  While HP2 can be played only on the
    equivalent of "Normal" difficulty, each mission in NGB's MM, including EL,
    is playable on four seperate difficulties (Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and
    Master Ninja).  Once you complete a mission on one difficulty, the next
    hardest becomes selectable.  Higher difficulties cause Ryu to do less
    damage, enemies to do more, and enemy AI and aggressiveness to be enhanced.
    The Karma you earn receives a higher multiplier on harder difficulties.
    <<< SECTION VI >>>
    Thanks to Team Ninja and Tecmo for producing such an amazing game.
    Thanks to Team Ninja and Tecmo for producing such amazing downloadable
    content.  The Hurricane Packs really go far above and beyond what any
    developers rightfully need to do to make their fans happy.  I cannot
    believe this stuff is free!
    Thanks to the guys on the GameFAQs Ninja Gaiden message board for their
    The authors of this FAQ/Guide retain the copyright to this work.  No part
    may be reproduced or reprinted anywhere without express prior permission
    from the authors and/or the maintainer.
    This FAQ/guide may appear only on the following sites:
    This FAQ/guide is meant to be a self-contained, self-explanatory work.
    I respectfully request that should you feel the need to contact me
    regarding this FAQ/Guide, it ONLY be to notify me of serious errors or
    major omissions (of which I am fairly confident there are none).
    But if necessary, please include the words "Ninja Gaiden" in the subject
    line.  My e-mail address is: incossee_1DELETETHIS -at- excite.com
    Make sure you remove the words "DELETETHIS" from the address, and
    change " -at- " to "@" before trying to e-mail me.  I make no guarantees
    as to when or if I will be able to respond.
    I also recommend that if you have questions regarding Ninja Gaiden's
    DLC which are not adequately answered here that you try asking on the
    Ninja Gaiden message board at GameFAQs or Gamespot.  There are usually
    friendly and helpful people there who will promptly assist you (just
    make sure that you are in turn friendly and polite).
    RANDOM CLOSING COMMENT:  If Ninja Gaiden is ever adapted into a movie,
    I would like to make the following two requests:
    1) Get Tony Jaa to play Ryu Hayabusa. (Seen Ong-Bak?  If not, check it
    out, and see what this man can do without the benefit of special effects
    or wires.)
    2) Don't let Uwe Boll anywhere near it!
    That is all.
    <<< END OF DOCUMENT >>>

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