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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Forman

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    <Still under construction, but there's not far to go now, baby.)
    Table of Contents \
    1. Introduction                                              |
    2. Walkthrough                                               |
       2.01 - Chapter 01 - [xx01xx] - The Way of the Ninja       |
       2.02 - Chapter 02 - [xx02xx] - The Hayabusa Ninja Village :
       2.03 - Chapter 03 - [xx03xx] - Skies of Vengeance         |
       2.04 - Chapter 04 - [xx04xx] - Imperial City Infiltration :
       2.05 - Chapter 05 - [xx05xx] - The City of Fiends         |
       2.06 - Chapter 06 - [xx06xx] - The Monastery              :
       2.07 - Chapter 07 - [xx07xx] - Hidden Underground         |
       2.08 - Chapter 08 - [xx08xx] - Tairon Under Alert         :
       2.09 - Chapter 09 - [xx09xx] - The Military Supply Base   |
       2.10 - Chapter 10 - [xx10xx] - The Aquaduct               :
       2.11 - Chapter 11 - [xx11xx] - The Path to Zarkhan        |
       2.12 - Chapter 12 - [xx12xx] - The Caverns                :
       2.13 - Chapter 13 - [xx13xx] - The Fiendish Awakening     |
       2.14 - Chapter 14 - [xx14xx] - Vengeful Spirit            :
       2.15 - Chapter 15 - [xx15xx] - The Core                   |
       2.16 - Chapter 16 - [xx16xx] - The Dark Dragon Blade      :
    The brackets on the right hand side of each chapter number   |
    are keywords that will allow you to skip to that section     :
    without having to skim through the whole guide - simply      |
    bring up the 'Find' function and type in the keyword within  :
    the brackets to skip there quickly.                          |
    Don't type in the brackets as well, mind. That'll get you    |
    nowhere.                                                     :
    3. Hurricane Pack 2 Guide.                                   |
    4.                                                           |
    5.                                                           |
    7. Ninja Enhancing Collectables                              |
       7.01 - Golden Scarab Locations                            |
       7.02 - Life of the Gods Locations (Normal game)           :
       7.03 - Life of the Gods Locations (Hurricane Pack 1)      |
       7.04 - Lives of the Thousand Gods                         :
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                                    1. Introduction
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    The Evil Dark Dragon Blade... a legendary sword, said to have been carved out 
    of the bones of a Black Dragon. It brought plague and death to the world 
    during the age of ancient myth.  It has been sealed by those of the Dragon 
    Lineage since the dawn of history, because of its incredible capacity for 
    evil, made possible by the souls of the vanquished Black Dragons that dwell 
    within it.  
    It is said that if the Blade's seal were to be broken it would gather the 
    hatred and evil of mankind and confer it upon the one who wields it, 
    transforming him into the Devil incarnate. However, not even those of the 
    Dragon Lineage who protect it know the true extent of its power...
    The Dragon Sword, another weapon protected by the Dragon Lineage since ancient 
    times. This sword, which is said to have been used by ancient warriors to slay 
    the Black Dragons, is now handed down from generation to generation in the 
    Hayabusa Ninja Clan, the modern descendants of the Dragon Lineage. And now, 
    the Dragon Sword is gripped firmly in the hands of young ninja, Ryu Hayabusa.
    Thrilling stuff, eh?
    More to the point, why are you reading this? It's all in the manual, you know,
    and you get it thrust into your face like a broken shard of glass every time 
    you start the game. 
    You really must be terminally bored to be reading this part, so why not venture
    forth into all the good stuff down below? 
    Run! Dont walk, run!
    I'm going to keep this rather simple, just like myself - there are spoilers in
    this faq. Tons of the unwholesome little things. While I'll never make 
    reference to upcoming events before they happen, it may be a good idea for 
    first time players never to skip ahead of the section they're currently playing
    Okay, so the story isn't the most complex in videogame history, but do you 
    really want to find out that Ryu was transfused with the blood of a monkey at
    birth before the game drops that particular bombshell on you? 
    Of course you don't.
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                                    2. Walkthrough
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    _________________________/                            \________________________
    Don't let the name deceive you, good sir. The term 'walkthrough' might imply a 
    nice, sedate trot through the game, but the reality is somewhat different.
    In fact, It's more along the lines of a wartime panic driven rush through enemy
    lines in order to avoid a carpet bombing of incendiary weapons your allies just
    dropped on top of you, and you're fighting your way through tooth and nail at 
    all times with everything you've got - and when that accursed knife breaks off 
    in the sternum of yet another faceless foe you just stabbed, it's time to lunge
    at him with those pearly white teeth of yours and, metaphorically speaking, 
    tear him a new mud flap. That's the only way you're getting through this game 
    alive, baby.
    Walkthrough, eh? I spit on the term. Why, you'll be lucky if you don't lose a 
    kidney getting through to the end!
    Take note - While I've mentioned most of the major changes to the Hurricane 
    Pack version of the game, trifling details may have slipped through the net.
    Many chests have had their contents changed, so if you were expecting a Life
    of the Gods or whatever, don't be too surprised if you get essence instead.
    If you want to know where the energy enhancing items have been relocated to,
    skip to the 'Ninja Enhancing Collectibles' section.
     /Chapter 1 - 'The Way of the Ninja'| xx01xx \
    |                                                                             |
    |'In the mountains of Autumn, there is one who walks the path of the Ninja...'|
    |                                                                             |
    |                                                                            \\
    |All the Kunai messages in this section say something different in the        |
    |Hurricane Pack. I won't list what they say, since if you're reading this, you|
    |can certainly read them as you come across them.                             |
    Your journey begins here, amidst the splendour of the Mountains of Autumn. For
    some reason this opening section is brighter than the rest of the game, 
    possibly due to the light from the misty dawn morning callously forcing its way
    into Ryu's retinas, so don't bother adjusting the colour of your TV just yet. 
    As soon as you start this level, you'll notice that Ryu isn't wearing his funky
    black Ninja garb from all the promotional material - forget about wearing them
    for a while, it's still a while off before you're an awesome enough Ninja to 
    wear such funky threads.
    There's a waterfall behind you cascading away down a ravine, but don't bother
    trying to leap in - you'll be stopped by one of those ever popular invisible 
    wall things. 
    Instead, run forwards and take a left up the incline. You won't have to jump up
    the first few ledges - they're small enough that Ryu will simply hop onto them
    as he goes. After the second one, you'll have a kunai (Ninja throwing knife)
    chucked your way, but fear not! Instead of embedding itself in your soft, ninja
    flesh, it will instead smack into the cliff face and stay there.
    You'll have to jump the hole in front of you in order to get to it, so do so 
    and pick it up with the 'X' button.
    Gadzooks, a Ninja message! This one explains that Ryu is able to jump into a 
    vertical facing and run up it for a short stint, grabbing a ledge if one rears
    its head before gravity kicks in. Try it out on the cliff wall that's blocking
    your way in front of you and shimmy off to your right, then tap 'A' to hop up.
    Oh, and if you fall at any point during this section, it's easy to get back up.
    Remember the first hole you jumped over? If you go to the bottom of that, you 
    can wall jump your way back to victory, ending up right before the shimmying 
    Hey, it saves a little time.
    |                                                                            \\
    |See that rat running around on the ledge? When you see one of these, it      |
    |always means that there's a ledge nearby that you can hang onto.             |
    |                                                                             |
    |If you can't see a ledge, but you can hear a rat merrily squeaking away to   |
    |itself, take a look around. There's bound to be a ledge somewhere.           |
    Another Kunai smacks into the cliff to your left, but ignore it for a moment 
    and look to your right. Aha! A treasure chest surely means treasure! Kick the
    box open with your 'X' button to secure an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> for 
    Now, face the opposite direction and snatch the Kunai. This one informs you 
    that you can use the right thumbstick to look around in first person view in
    order to get a better look at the environment, and that you can centre the
    camera using the 'R' trigger. 
    Use the thumbstick to look directly above you and - lo and behold! - there's
    a ledge you can grab onto. Do so, and haul yourself up.
    Ignore the path to the left since there's bugger all of interest over there, 
    and run up the oddly angled tree. The crows won't attack you, so you can leave
    them alone or kill them for essence. I vote live and let live, but you might
    be a bit more sadistic than I am.
    As you follow this path around, you'll be treated to a quick cutscene where 
    you'll be ambushed by lesser enemy ninjas, identified by their brown ninja 
    Aha! Enemies!
    These two gormless fools aren't exactly the definition of 'skilled' so kill 
    them off swiftly. Remember to block - it's an important part of enjoying Ninja
    Gaiden, since getting kicked around by gangs of enemies without the ability to
    defend yourself is rarely fun. I speak from personal experience, so you can
    trust me on that!
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      If you're playing the Hurricane pack, there aren't any of those piffling 
      Brown lesser ninjas on this level. They'll have been replaced with the more 
      powerful White versions, who have in turn been replaced by the Black Spider
      Who, incidentally, can now grab you.
      If this is your first time through, it might be a better idea to start off
      on the regular version of the game. It really is so much easier.
    Having killed the most biodegradable enemies in history - no need to bury their
    pathetic remains since they instantly disappear in a bloody vapour - squeak in 
    fright as another Kunai narrowly misses embedding itself in your forearm.
    Reading this one mentions that your Mad Uber Ninja Skillz will allow you to run
    along walls, so try it out on the one to your right and valiantly cross that
    yawning chasm in front of you. Your reward is another treasure chest containing
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Or, perhaps, the Intercept scroll if you're playing through the Hurricane
     Pack. The importance of this scroll *cannot* be overstated. Get it.
     If you miss this somehow, and you'd need to have the observational skills
     of a dead yak in order to do so, you can get it off Muramasa by trading in
     a single Golden Scarab. Even so, if you don't get it here, you'll have to 
     finish the first two chapters without this crucial skill.
     Just get it, okay? It's really not that hard to just pick it up...
    Now it's time to try out another new skill. See that tree branch sticking out
    of the cliff face between you and the other side? Well, jump towards it and
    press jump as soon as your deft ninja fingers grab onto it. You'll spin a 
    little, then somersault safely to the other side.
    |                                                                            \\
    | It might take a little getting used to, since waiting even a moment before  |
    | tapping jump can have you sent spinning helplessly back the way you just    |
    | came. 								      |
    | 									      |
    | It's rarely fatal, but it does make you look like a total gimp to anyone    |
    | watching. I would know.                                                     |
    Another Kunai will whomp into play here. This one will teach you the Flying
    Bird Flip, also known as the common wall jump. The camera will change angle
    here, so jump into the wall to your left, run up it a short distance, then
    press jump again to hop safely onto the ledge behind you.
    Three more lesser ninjas will attack you in this cave so deal with them as you 
    see fit. Preferably through decapitation, unless you're one of those poor sods 
    with the European version of the game. Like me. Grr.
    Smash the pots at the end of the cave for more yellow essence, then duck into
    the alcove at the end and repeatedly wall jump your way to freedom.
    New Area - Ninja Fortress
    Pretty cool looking place, huh? There's not a great deal of time to appreciate
    the scenery, however - two lesser ninjas are going to leap out of the entrance
    and make a beeline for you.
    Unless of course, you do it first. Run over and dispose of the little 
    blighters, and smash the braziers in the courtyard to let them know what you
    think of their hospitality.
    This done, run up the stairs into the Fortress and open the first door you 
    come to. There's no other way in, so it shouldn't be hard to find.
    |                                                                            \\
    |You can skip the door opening sequence around the time Hayabusa becomes      |
    |visible again by pressing 'A' on the pad. Hey, it saves time, right?         |
    By the Gods, you've just walked in on three lesser ninjas!
    Kill them, they've seen too much already.
    Your murderous urges sated, smash up the pots for more essence, then hop over
    to the corner to the right of where you came in and kick open the chest for 
    another <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>. They're so great, aren't they? You'll only
    get yellow essence in the Hurricane Pack, mind.
    In the opposite corner of the room is a secret passage, one of those spinning
    wall sections you can see in just about every ninja film ever made. Judging by
    the scratches on the floor, however, this one hasn't been constructed
    particularly well. Head on through.
    You're about to learn just why it was such an obvious path - halfway into the
    next room the doors will lock and a bunch of lesser ninjas will try to chop
    you into tiny little bits. It's a trap!
    Unfortunately for them, they're the ones who've been trapped. Show no mercy
    to these pitiful beings, and after you kill nine of them the doors will open
    up again allowing you to continue your rampage. Hasten forth into the next 
    There are three more lesser ninjas to the right of the door you come in, and
    once you dispose of them, head the other way to the left of said door. You'll
    find two more <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> hanging around, and a suit of Samurai 
    armour. Ignore it for now and head back the way, past where you killed the 
    three ninjas and go through the new door.
    There are nine more lesser ninjas in this room, so kill them all and check the 
    chest near the back of the room for a <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS>. This handy
    little item will instantly increase the limit of your maximum health. Use it 
    now, you might as well. Show your appreciation by chopping up the candles 
    alongside the chest - one will release another blob of yellow essence for you
    to absorb, you greedy little piggy, you.
    Now, see that scroll hanging on the wall next to some breakable pots? Show what
    you think of such terrible art by hacking it in half. Your passionate art 
    critique will uncover yet another hidden passageway. Hoorah!
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      If you're playing the Hurricane Pack, this is also where you'll find the
      Lunar. It's a damn handy weapon, so snatch it up like a fat kid snatches
    Continue on into the next room, and watch in wonder as the enemy ninjas start
    jumping out of the very walls in an attempt to finish you off. There are about
    twelve in total before they stop swarming you, and this is also where you'll
    meet your first greater ninja, the white clothed bastards that they are.
    Or, if you're playing the Hurricane pack, here comes your first sighting of the
    black Spider Ninjas. Have fun.
    Either way, the stronger enemies in here will sometimes drop blue essence, 
    which is great for recharging your health bar when it gets low.
    Anyway, mop up everyone in this room and stand on that oddly coloured patch of
    floor over there. Even the trapdoors lead to important areas these days, so
    run into the corner behind you and smash up the pots to reveal a chest 
    containing a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>. 
    Bats will attack you in this room - if you haven't been using shuriken up until
    this point, here's a good place to start. They'll home in on the flying little
    scumbags and take them down in one hit. I'm not quite convinced that the 
    average bat contains as much blood as this game portrays them to, but what the 
    hell. It looks cool.
    Follow the path presented to you, and before you come to the braziers blocking
    your escape route, check the alcove to your left. It contains a chest with 
    the all-important Fangs of the Samurai.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      Heh heh heh...
    Now that you have this awesome do-hickey in your collection, it's time to 
    scram. Smash down the braziers and emerge into the fresh mountain air. Hop up
    the ledges to your right, and collect the Kunai note that comes streaking in as
    you climb.
    This one basically retreads the 'running up walls' theme, but mentions that
    you can flip over the top if you can run far enough and there aren't any hand
    holds for you to cling on to. Do so, and run along the path to your right which
    winds along the outside of the fortress. You'll be attacked en-route by two
    lesser ninjas. They really should know better by now, don't you think?
    Once you get back inside the base, you'll start off in an attic with a hole in
    the centre of the floor. Creep around the edges, and you'll find a chest with
    a <TALISMAN OF REBIRTH> inside, which is really quite a handy thing to have. 
    It'll stop you kicking the bucket when you die, save for a few particular 
    situations where it'll be unable to revive you.
    ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\_______________________________________________
      Ah-ha! No Talisman of Rebirth for you this time, but something even more
      important dwells within this chest. Be sure to get it.		   
    Now that you've given the contents of this room a good scavenging, hop down 
    through the hole in the floor and make your way back to where the suit of 
    Samurai armour was located and examine it with 'X'. You'll automatically return
    its teeth to it, and the key clenched within its grasp will come free, earning
    you the Key of Courage, which you'll automatically stick in your inventory.
    Return back the way you came, and into the room with the trapdoor. All your
    ninja pals will be back again, so kill them all as a token of your 
    appreciation. Or avoid them if you like, though it's probably the more awkward
    and less satisfying option of the two.
    Anyway, hop over the trapdoor and slice up the scroll hanging from this wall
    as well, then dive through. Immediately to your right, you'll see a curious
    podium with a dragon head statue floating atop it. This, dear reader, is one
    of those awesome save points you've read about, so examine it and save your 
    Having saved your game, hotfoot it up those stairs beside you and run along the
    wooden walkway, disposing of two white ninjas as you go. Continue on until you
    reach two large double doors, then feel free to examine them good. You'll 
    automatically use the Key of Courage to unlock them, and you'll continue on 
    inside. Which is great, y'know, since it's exactly where you're supposed to be
    going. Handy, eh?
    You'll instantly get locked in with a bunch of greater ninjas. Nothing much 
    else for it but to mindlessly SLAUGHTER THEM ALL. Once you've helped them 
    shuffle off this mortal coil, smash the candlesticks for more essence, then 
    go through the newly opened door on the upper balcony.
    Typical. You casually saunter through a door and the next thing you know you've
    disturbed a meditating Ninja who obviously eats steroids for breakfast.
    Wait, it's Murai! Hooray!
    'I see you have made it this far,' he then says needlessly, picking up a pair 
    of Nunchaku and proceeding to show off with them like the egotistical pile of 
    dog vomit he undoubtedly is.
    Cue boss fight.
    Boss: Murai
    Ah, Murai. I've heard tales of people giving up as soon as they get to him, 
    their sanity and self esteem demolished within minutes. You're not going to 
    let that happen to you though, are you? Damn right you're not!
    Murai, like many ninjas hopped up on steroids, loves to cave in your skull 
    with repeated nunchaku attacks. In order to prevent him from doing this, you 
    have to dodge around him repeatedly and stab him with the pointy bit of your
    sword whenever you get the chance.
    So! How can our muscular friend shunt you into an early grave? Read on and find
    out the methods behind his madness!
     - His main attack is a quick three strike twirl of his Nunchaku that does a 
       fair amount of damage to you and is relatively fast. If he gets you, dodge
       as soo as you can, blocking the second the hit connects.
     - When attacking him, he will occasionally counter you, knocking you to the
       ground before looping the nunchaku around your neck and hurling you away.
       Most of the time, there's not much you can do about this - he usually pulls
       it off as you perform a combination on him while he's blocking.
     - If you spend too long blocking and not enough time dodging and attacking, 
       Murai will simply reach out and grab you. This sucks, mainly because he 
       then dumps you on the floor, cracks you on the skull with a lump of wood,
       then kicks you in the ribs to shove you away.
       Obviously, this isn't beneficial to your health bar, so don't block too 
       much and if you see him raise his arm, dodge. Quickly.
     - It's possible to end up in a 'clinch' while fighting Murai. If your swords
       lock, hammer the buttons like hell to overpower him. If you gain the upper
       hand, you'll stagger him - which, of course, means free combos for you!
       If you lose, on the other hand, he'll attack you while you're off balance.
       Try and roll out of the way before he attacks you if you can.
     - Oh, and never, ever throw shuriken at him. He's well practiced in batting
       them back your way which always results in cuts and scrapes you can avoid
       by simply not using the sharp little blighters.
    Watch out for when he rolls at you, since he can close the distance faster than
    you might expect and send your eyeballs flying out of their sockets with a
    swift crack to the back of your skull.
    So, how to beat him? If you want to take it slowly, simply keep jumping off
    the wall and performing the Helmet Splitter until he's quite dead. It'll take 
    a while since he's good at backflipping out of the way of this attack, but it
    will kill him off in the end.
    Alternatively, do what I do. Roll in, strike with X, X, X, and roll away if
    he tries to counter. You'll often end up in a clinch, so break it and overpower
    him before using the Fiend's Bane Kick to do the most damage you can - that's 
    the X, X, forward and X, X attack. You might get countered every once in a 
    while, but it generally doesn't do enough damage to invalidate this tactic 
    from being utterly awesome.
    X, Y, Y can help you too, but I don't use it too often - Murai tends to block 
    it rather a lot.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Not much different here, but it's worth noting that the Lunar takes more 
     damage off Murai during a Helmet Splitter than the Dragon Sword does. 
     He also seems to block more, and take more damage, but there's nothing new
     in the way of attacks to look out for.
     And, HEY! Fellow master of the Ninja Gaiden arts, Grantisimo, brought my 
     attention to a cheeky little tactic that will splatter Murai like a ripe 
     melon dropped on a cold stone floor in the Hurricane Pack - simply equip the
     Lunar and use the Lion's Rage (Fwd+Y) on him repeatedly to make him die. He
     not only stands there like a complete raving idiot as you repeatedly pummel 
     his face into a pile of unrecognisable mush, but also keeps trying to swing
     his nunchaku back into the neutral position - preventing him from blocking
     your attacks.
     Seriously. He doesn't counterattack if you use this technique correctly. 
     Not ever. 
     Which, naturally, means you're looking at the easiest boss fight in the entire
     Hurricane Pack.
     You have to hit him first, mind. Sometimes he just smacks you in the face in 
     retaliation if you can't get the first hit in past his guard - but once you 
     land that one blow, you're all set to hit him with the next fifteen or so. If
     you time that first blow to hit him after he fails one of his charges, he's
     all yours, baby.
    Murai will deflect a few more attacks, then attempt to nail Hayabusa who
    quickly rolls aside, lunging back in with a slash which Murai avoids.
    This done, they bow to each other and then proceed to chat like the very best 
    of chums. 
    No, it doesn't make much sense. If someone was sending ninjas out to kill me, 
    I'd probably be a little peeved at the best of times. On the other side of the
    coin, I can't see Murai being too happy with all his pots being broken, his
    chests looted for everything he owned... and to top it all off, ninja guts and 
    bloodstains splashed liberally all over the fortress. Even with copious amounts
    of Bleach and Mr. Muscle, it would take forever to clean.
    Oh well. Maybe the ninja guts really did disappear after all once they'd been
    killed. If only real life was like that.
    Anyway, a short conversation ensues in which we learn our awesome Ninja boy has
    been entrusted with the Dragon Sword while his father is off training in the
    sacred wilderness. The sister blade, the Dark Dragon, has been left at the 
    Hayabusa village under the protection of his clan members - 'they'll ensure
    that it remains untouched,' boasts Hayabusa. Stupidly, I might add.
    Ayane soon barges in on their meeting however, and blurts out 'Master Murai! 
    The Hayabusa Village!'
    Ryu, catching the tone of her voice, quickly rises and ambles over to the 
    window in order to see what's going on. He soon notices that there's a huge 
    plume of smoke rising from the general location of his village.
    Oh, shit.
     /Chapter 2 - 'The Hayabusa Ninja Village'| xx02xx \
    |'The village is burning. Before long, Ryu hears the screams of his           |
    | brethren...'                                                                |
    Oh bugger, isn't this just typical? You go out for a stroll, maybe do a bit of
    training along the way or meet an old acquaintance, then all of a sudden a huge
    fricking army descends upon your village, pillaging, raping and killing all the
    Time to get your ass back home and repel those bastard foreign invaders, son.
    Just remember that hearing the screams of your brethren isn't a good sign 
    unless you're the one making them scream.
    If you feel like it and aren't using the Hurricane Pack, speaking to Murai will
    begin a useless little training session detailing how to roll and utilize 
    essence in your attacks. Ignore him completely - you've a village to save.
    Speaking of saving, on your way back to the starting area make sure to save 
    your game. If you're playing the Hurricane Pack, you'll be attacked by a bunch
    of Black Spider Ninjas once you reach the first room you got locked in. You
    don't get trapped in this time, so take them out or ignore them as you please. 
    Get back to the starting area, then hop down to ground level. Behind the cliff
    is a newly opened path which leads to the...
    New Area: Altar
    No time to stop, baby. Grab the scroll from the shrine blocking your way to 
    receive the Art of the Fire Wheels Ninpo, and the shrine will promptly descend 
    out of your way. 
    Run over it and into the lift, activating it with the 'X' button. Once you 
    reach the bottom, leap backwards into the camera, and kick open the hidden 
    chest to get your grubby little mitts on another <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>.
    Continue along the obvious path, wall run across the wall to your left and
    leap across the chasm. Don't worry if you fall in, just climb back out and try
    again. Hang right once you're across and open the easily spotted chest for an
    <ELIXER OF THE DEVIL WAY> which will restore one use of Ninpo magic.
    Fairly soon, you'll meet a new enemy - Samurai. I like to think of them as 
    undead Samurai for some reason - not so much because I'm a humanitarian, more
    that I find it odd that a nation as technologically advanced as the Vigoor 
    empire would send in a bunch of swordsmen for this task when their standard
    army is equipped with assault rifles, rocket launchers and grenade launchers.
    Oh well. You're being attacked by samurai regardless, so kill the unholy sons
    of bitches. Make them rue the day!
    These cretins disposed of, make your way on down the hill. The going is steep
    over here, so once you start sliding you have two choices - drop into the pool
    at the end and drag yourself out at the other end, or jump right before you 
    take the plunge, swing along three sets of branches and get the drop on another
    enemy patrol from above.
    The latter option is by far the more satisfying. There'll be another new enemy
    for you to contend with here - the floating mage. He chucks fireballs at you,
    teleports about, and attacks you with sais if you get too close.
    He won't fire at you if you're not on screen with him (although if he starts it
    when he's onscreen, he'll still fire it when he's no longer visible), so use
    this to your advantage. He's not got much health, so a few swift stabs to the 
    face will sort him out good and proper.
    Now that everyone but you is dead, run up to the watchtower you saw further 
    down the path to your right and climb to the top to reveal a treasure chest 
    with a map of the Hayabusa Village inside. Then hop down and continue on your
    way until you come to a broken bridge overlooking a fast flowing river.
    This is the point of no return, baby. Steel your nerves and take the plunge,
    swimming swiftly to the far bank. Before you move on, however, turn around and
    take a look behind you. Across the water stands a section of the bridge which
    hides a room containing a <LIFE OF THE GODS>, so water run across to it and 
    collect it. 
    How? Oh, good grief.
    Walk quickly into the water, then tap jump repeatedly until you're across. I 
    mean, come on - did you even read the section I posted on how to control 
    Anyway, run back across once you have the orb in your possession, then run up 
    the walls and save your game at the Dragon Statue save point. To your left is
    a chest containing an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>. Grab that too and head on
    up the stairs until you come to...
    New Area: Hayabusa Village
    Well, we're finally here. There's not much happening, because pretty much 
    everyone is dead.
    Head left and run around the back of the huts to find a dead member of your
    village who is holding onto an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>. It didn't do much
    for him, but it might still be of use to you, so feel free to prise it from
    his cold, dead fingers.
    Head back and check the Jizo statues - one of their heads is missing. This 
    shall soon be remedied, so go left and head up the path to a small shrine with
    a cracked rock resting inside it. You're not going to be doing anything with 
    this for a hefty chunk of the game, so ignore it for now, continue left and hop
    down to ground level.
    Around this point you'll be attacked by a bunch of samurai - six or seven of
    them. Don't hold back, let them see how upset you are with them for killing 
    pretty much everyone you know. Once their bodies are fit for the worms, 
    continue down the hill and pick up the Statue Head. Ignore the dead ninja and
    circle of rocks nearby, as they contain nothing of interest.
    Well, while the invading army may very well have killed pretty much everyone in
    your village, they won't get away with such rampant vandalism! Head back to
    the Jizo statues and examine them again to recapitate (chortle) the one with 
    his head missing. You'll be rewarded with a <LIFE OF THE GODS>.
    So, where to go now? Head about halfway down the hill, and take a left into
    the row of houses you see. One of them allows you to wall run up towards an
    open window, which is your next destination. Hop in, and get onto ground level
    whilst inside.
    There's a few things of interest here. First off, the very first shop in the
    whole game can be found in this warehouse. Pretty much directly below the 
    window you entered from will be a statue of the old man Muramasa. Examine it
    in order to teleport directly to his shop where you can exchange your Yellow
    Essence for items and upgrades. He also gives you special gifts in exchange for
    Golden Scarabs, but you don't have any of those yet...
    |                                                                            \\
    |For now, the Inferno Ninpo is a pretty good buy. Don't waste your money,     |
    |though - the shop in Chapter 3 allows you to upgrade your Dragon Sword for   |
    |the first time which is very, very highly recommended to be done as soon as  |
    |you get the chance.                                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    |If in doubt, leave it out. The Inferno is useful, but the Dragon Sword       |
    |upgraded to level 2 is much handier for the majority of situations you'll    |
    |come across.                                                                 |
    After leaving Muramasa's shop, check the shelves to the left of the exit for
    an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> and an <ELIXER OF THE DEVIL WAY>. The dead ninja
    doesn't offer up any goodies, but he is lying right beside a Bow equipped with
    five arrows. You'll need to pick it up before you're allowed to leave, so you 
    really can't miss it. Equip it right away, the shurikens aren't going to help
    much in the next area.
    We're done for now, so leave through the exit beside where you picked up the
    Bow. You'll be attacked by more samurai and a couple of mages. Only one mage
    attacks at a time, so just maul the lot of them - mages and samurai alike only 
    take a single shot from a Bow and arrow, so feel free to use up all your shots.
    There's a dead villager in the corner who's been shot full of arrows. Ryu 
    reveals his hard, practical (and quite possibly morbid) side by having no
    problem whatsoever with pulling usable arrows out of his dead friends and 
    adding them to his own personal stockpile. If you run out, reload from a dead 
    friend! You know it makes sense!
    |                                                                            \\
    |See those targets set up over at the far end of the street? If you fire at   |
    |them when you're close, nothing will happen. If, however, you go as far as   |
    |you can away from them and shoot them with arrows, they'll start to reveal   |
    |some hidden essence for your imminent collection.                            |
    |                                                                             |
    |The top right target contains yellow essence, the bottom right one contains  |
    |red essence, and the one on the left contains blue essence.                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |Handy or What?                                                               |
    Now that we've exhausted the possibilities of this area - and yes, the ninja
    by the targets was too poor to afford anything that might be useful to you - 
    it's time to get going. Refill your arrows, then take the only path available
    until you come across...
    Mini Boss - Horsemen
    Fantastic. The building behind you just collapsed, so there's no running away
    from this fight. You'll find yourself in a fairly circular arena, with a ninja
    stuck chock full of arrows near the edge of the ring.
    There are two horsemen on screen at any one time, and it starts out with one 
    horseman brandishing a spear and the other running around firing at you with a 
    bow and arrow of his own. 
    If the spearman hits you, there's a chance you'll be impaled and set for a
    rather painful and humiliating ride around with him until he slams you down
    again. Try and avoid this attack in particular - it really bloody hurts.
    So, how do you beat them, then?
    Get your bow and arrow ready, then roll into the back corner and start 
    blocking. What you want to do is block the Spearman's attacks and wait until
    he charges away (he'll wheel round for another attack soon, so you have to be
    fast) then shoot the bowman in the face with your own arrows. After three shots
    or so, start blocking again so you don't get surprised by a big pointy spear 
    poking you in the chest.
    Once you knock the bugger from his horse, shoot him again, or stab him with a 
    Fiend Sealer whilst he's still on the ground, then attack the spearman with 
    your arrows. 
    There are a total of four horsemen here, assuming you're playing on 'Normal'
    difficulty. Trust me, this section isn't as hard as it seems at first.
    Oh, and your arrows tend to land more often if you're launching them in manual
    aiming (first person) mode. They occasionally bounce off in automatic aim.
    Now that you've disposed of the travlling circus act, it's time to continue 
    onwards. Remember to refill your arrows from your porcupine resembling friend, 
    then leap over the broken section the horsemen came from. There's another save 
    point here, so use it! To the right of the save point is a dead ninja holding a
    <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> so feel free to pilfer it from his corpse. Cheers, mate!
    To the left of the savepoint is a path leading to the graveyard, so go and 
    check it out if you feel like it. If you don't, there's nothing there yet 
    anyway. What you want to do is continue past that dead ninja you got the elixer
    from and carry on along that path onto the bridge where you meet...
    After a quick cutscene, you'll be back in control of Hayabusa once more. How
    come things always collapse behind you and block your path at the most 
    inopportune times?
    Anyway, this big evil spear weilding guy is assisted by twelve mages, two of 
    which can be onscreen at once. Get your bow and arrow ready, boy, cause you're
    gonna need it!
    The fight begins with Mr. Big Angry Spearman thundering down the bridge towards
    you. Roll the hell right out of the way and engage the mages near the back.
    One arrow is enough for them, or the old X, Y, Y combo with the Dragon Sword, 
    so maul them in order to cause them to drop sweet, sweet essence.
    Now, with this essence you can do one of two things - collect it, or use it to
    power up your attacks on the boss. Keeping your health high is a priority, so
    collect blue essence until you're feeling groovy, then use it in your attacks.
    Red Essence should always be utilised, unless you're missing a Ninpo for
    whatever reason.
    So! Kill the mages with arrows or physical attack, roll if they fire at you, 
    and use essence attacks on the boss. Remember that the bow is slow, however, 
    so only use it when the Horseman is far enough away from you and the mages 
    aren't about to unleash a fireball at you right way.
    If you kill all the mages and the boss still isn't dead, use any arrows you
    have left, or get in close and block. Once he hits you and is ready to wheel
    away, slash him twice and start blocking again.
    Keep this up and he'll soon go down.
    Hear that beeping noise? That would be a present the boss left you after you
    ripped his throat open, so don't be shy - stroll on over and pick it up.
    Turns out that it's the good old Counter Attack Scroll! Yay!
    This is a really handy move which allows you to simply block, and at the moment
    of impact (without letting go of block, remember) tap either X twice or Y to
    instantly counterattack. Y is the better move, since it does more damage and
    sets up the Fiend Sealer (the ground stab) quite well for what is generally an
    instant enemy kill.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      Tough cookies, Bob. Your only reward here in this case is a Life of the 
      Thousand Gods.
      But hey, the Intercept is a much better scroll if you know how to use it, 
      so it really isn't that big a deal. Is it?
    Now that you've picked up your reward from his cold, dead hands, it's time to 
    head through those doors and end this level once and for all.
    CG Cutscene
    The following event is completely awesome, if somewhat confusing.
    Ryu arrives at the central shrine in his village, only to find it ablaze and 
    that the fighting is still raging on back here. Dashing further in, he notices
    that Kureha's a little on the mortally wounded side - or maybe she just faints.
    She really doesn't like she's been stabbed or anything... perhaps it's just 
    smoke inhalation that got the better of her. 
    Behind her, Ryu gets a good eyeful of one of the Vigoorian commanders twisting
    the head off one of Ryu's fellow ninja, before turning slowly to reveal that he
    HAS NO FACE. His whole body is comprised entirely of flame, and only the suit 
    of armour he wears shows any semblance of humanity.
    More importantly than that, however, he's holding the Dark Dragon blade in his
    hands. Oh, crap.
    Ryu attacks him, and pretty much gets cut in half from two solid whacks. He
    collapses on his face after a brief stint coughing up blood, and lies defeated 
    with a massive cut running through his body. From far above, a falcon circles 
    down and surveys the scene... 
    Here's an example of how thoroughly stupid the censorship in Europe can be. 
    We had the decapitations removed from human enemies in-game, right? So how come
    polygons losing their heads is supposed to be too shocking for us to possibly
    comprehend, when the cutscene above graphically shows a ninja's severed head 
    hitting the floor, followed shortly by his body - with torrents of blood 
    gushing forth from the ruptured veins in his neck?
    what the hell? That's Europe for you.
    Having recovered somehow from being cut in half - and no, it doesn't get 
    explained at any point - Hayabusa is seen preparing for his revenge. Having 
    ditched his common blue ninja outfit and traded it in for his shiny black 
    leather one, he stuffs a few knives into his leg sheaths and picks up his 
    Dragon Sword, checking the blade's killing edge before re-sheathing that, too.
    All this time, Murai is informing Ryu that the attack on his village was 
    sanctioned by the Vigoor Emperor and that the being who stole the Dark Dragon
    Blade was named Doku - The Lord of the Greater Fiends of the Vigoor Empire.
    Upon hearing this, Hayabusa repeats the name and commits it to memory. Check 
    Ryu's eyes here. You can tell that he's NOT happy.
    Not that you'd expect him to be, what with all his dead friends and all.
     /Chapter 3 - 'Skies of Vengeance'| xx03xx \
    |'The Hayabusa village has burned, and the Dark Dragon Blade is gone. Ryu has |
    |stowed away aboard an Airship headed for the Vigoor Empire. His goal:        |
    |vengeance...'                                                                |
    You'll begin the level in a first class passenger cabin - if you're going to 
    stowaway, after all, you might as well do it in style. Check out how the 
    inertia from your flight causes the screen to bob up and down. Cool, huh?
    First thing to do is check the bed behind you - you don't really have to, but 
    in a rather motivational and helpful manner it will mention that 'This is no 
    time to be sleeping'.
    Baby, you ain't kidding.
    Opposite the bed in the corner is a Dragon Statue where you can save your game,
    so it would probably be a good idea for you to do so now, lest you get mauled 
    by the new enemies you're about to go up against.
    This done, exit the room. Ignore the unseen door to Hayabusa's left - we'll get
    to that one later on. Enter the room directly across from the one you just
    came from and you'll find an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> lying on top of the 
    table. Take it and leave, then head off up the corridor and into the room on 
    your left - the room on the right holds nothing, so simply ignore it.
    Over in the corner of this room by the bunks is a treasure chest containing an
    Airship Map. You have to collect this before you can continue on through the
    Zeppelin. Step away from the chest and head back towards the door and, quite 
    naturally, Special Forces soldiers will crash through the nearby window and 
    kick the door in to surprise you.
    Teach them the errors of their ways by killing them. Watch out though - now 
    that you can counterattack, certain enemies will now be able to throw you in
    order to prevent you just doing counterattacks all the time. Starting with 
    these ruffians, in fact. So, if you don't want your throat slit or to be kneed
    in the face, it's time to think about dodging rather than blocking - not that
    you can't block their attacks, but try not to make it easy for them to grab 
    The room redecorated with their insides, head back out into the hallway and
    head further up, stopping in by the room on the right to get yourself another
    <ELIXER OF SPIRITIAL LIFE>. Assuming you picked up the Airship Map on the way, 
    you'll be attacked by more Special Forces troops once you hit the more open
    area beside the double doors. Kill them all, pick up the Wing Key they'll drop
    once they're all dead, and unlock the double doors before continuing on.
    Once in the next room, you'll notice that there are several ways you can go.
    Take the left staircase down and you'll discover a new shop. I hope you're in
    a spending mood, because it's time to buy some excellent new upgrades.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Whatever you do, don't waste all your money buying healing items, armlets or |
    |any of that garbage at this point. The most important thing you can buy here |
    |is the Dragon Sword Level 2 Upgrade, located under the 'Blacksmith' tab in   |
    |the shop. This  will allow you to use many more fighting moves, including    |
    |the extremely useful 'Flying Swallow' technique.                             |
    | 									      |
    |More than this, it will also entitle you to buy the 'Izuna Drop' technique   |
    |scroll which is powerful enough to kill any enemies you can use it on        |
    |instantly, and severely hurts anything foolish enough to loiter around       |
    |underneath you whenever you use it.					      |
    |									      |
    |Of course, if you're playing the Hurricane Pack, you won't be able to        |
    |afford the Izuna Drop yet, nor any of the Ninpo scrolls since they're        |
    |hellishly expensive. Life's tough, huh?                                      |
    Now that you're a happy shopper, it's time to climb back up the stairs. Head
    down the other flight of stairs to save your game if you feel like it, then
    come back up again.
    Facing the way you've been heading, you'll see a set of double doors (which are
    locked) and two paths leading to either side. Take the left path and head 
    through the door, kicking open the treasure chest contained within to reveal a 
    Head back out, go past the double doors and take the other path forward, 
    opening two sets of doors before ending up in the...
    New Area: Crew Compartment 
    Well, it seems like these Special Forces troops you just walked in on have
    been forewarned of your arrival. They're all heavily armed, and are ready to 
    take you on. At least, they think they are.
    The doors will lock you in at this point, so kill the first guy who rushes in
    at you, then charge his friends who are providing covering fire with their 
    puny little pistols. A few more guards will come crashing through the windows,
    so finish them off swiftly and watch the doors unlock as if by magic.
    Head through the new door, then double back and unlock the double doors at the
    near end of the hall - this isn't necessary, but it does allow you a faster
    route to the boss later on. Head back in (opening the doors will take you out
    of the hall back into the room with the stairwells - the Main Deck, as it turns
    out to be called) and then take the door on your left.
    You'll find yourself in a cosy, well furnished little room with a desk near the
    back wall which contains both a Map of Tairon and a note which mentions that 
    due to their current, aging electrical systems, any malfunctions of the Primary
    Power Unit found in the aft cabin will cause all locks onboard the airship to 
    deactivate as a safety precaution.
    Interesting stuff, I'm sure you'll agree - looks like it's time to help the
    power unit along in malfunctioning.
    Before you go off on your murderous rampage against power units however, take a
    deep, calming breath and check the cabinets beneath the window sill behind you.
    See that big glowing yellow thing that you can't possibly miss? Of course you 
    That, sonny boy is a <GOLDEN SCARAB>, and is key to getting tons of utterly 
    awesome stuff off old man Murai whenever you visit his shop. Just talk to the
    old dude and he'll ravenously sweep your Scarabs off you and reward your 
    efforts with some really cool items and weapons once you find enough of them.
    So what are you waiting for? Snatch it up!
    |                                                                            \\
    |Don't ignore it - while most Scarabs can be collected at pretty much any     |
    |point in the game, there are a few that you can only collect whilst running  |
    |through their particular section. 					      |
    | 									      |
    |You're not coming back to this Zeppelin once you leave directly after        |
    |killing the boss, so as soon as you come across a Scarab, be sure to collect |
    |it.									      |
    Now that you've pretty much exhausted all the possibilities for personal gain
    found within this room, trot over to the elevator in the corner and hit the
    button to descend a floor into the Fore Cabin.
    No, it's not an interesting enough room to be classed as a 'New Area'. Run all
    the way around and enter the elevator at the far side to descend down another 
    Perfect - more human meat to feed your hungry sword. Slaughter the first two 
    guards, then bump off the other three idiot who consider rappelling through a 
    window in order to attack a homicidal ninja is their idea of a good time.
    This done, a Black Special Forces dude will appear via the elevator you just
    came from. Kill him, and then steal his ID Card, which will appear over beside
    the steering wheel.
    Well done. In your unholy bloodlust you apparently just killed the pilot. 
    Thankfully, the zeppelin seems to be quite capable of flying off towards the 
    Vigoor Empire by itself so his unfortunate end at your hands doesn't really 
    seem to be all that important. There's nothing in the navigational space
    below the wheel, so head back and open the door beside the elevator (the ID 
    Card deals with the lock) and kick open the chest to receive another <LIFE OF 
    THE GODS>.
    Now, exit and head back up in the elevator. See that door close by you that
    you passed by earlier? Head through it, and kill the next two morons that you
    encounter. Continue your way through, and save at the Dragon Statue.
    Now that you have an ID Card and can unlock certain doors, you can now head 
    through the other door in this room, so please do. You'll find yourself on a
    walkway connecting two seperate parts of the zeppelin, so head on into the next
    section and DON'T JUMP OFF ALONG THE WAY, you suicidal ninja, you. Such an act
    of random stupidity will kill you off, as you might very well expect. No 
    invisible barriers to hold your hand here, my boy.
    In the next room you'll find a crate full of arrows directly to your left, so 
    feel free to pilfer their supplies to outfit yourself with any you might be
    missing. There are five wooden crates in here a little further along, so smash
    them up and collect the yellow essence you find.
    Over by the cargo hatch you'll find a crank to open it up, so flex those ninja
    arms of yours and get yourself to cranking! 
    After three turns, of course, more Special Forces operatives will come bashing
    through the windows (don't they ever just use the doors?) and attempt to kill
    you. Play the same joke on them by slashing them to death. Once they've 
    painfully shuffled off this mortal coil you can get back to more important 
    matters - wind that winch!
    Once it's as far down as it can go, hop out onto the cargo ramp like the 
    psychopath you are and kill the guys on the other side of the gap with some of 
    the arrows you stole earlier. On the right side of the ramp you're standing on
    will be a cable running along the underbelly of the zeppelin. Hop up and grab
    on, then shimmy your way to the other side where the Aft Cabin is located.
    If you haven't killed the enemies on the other side before attempting to cross,
    they'll shoot you off midway. Trust me, kill them. They obviously deserve it 
    for attempting to do their job.
    Once there, run around the catwalk and kill off the single Black Special Forces
    guy - who initially remains hidden since the camera doesn't swing around the 
    cabin to give you a better look at him.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Don't get let yourself be grabbed by him, whatever the hell you do. If you   |
    |get kneed over the railing, you have a long way to fall.		      |
    | 									      |
    |For similar reasons, the Izuna Drop should also be out of the question. While|
    |suplexing a guy from several thousand feet will undoubtedly kill him, it     |
    |isn't particularly handy for staying on the Airship.                         |
    Follow the path all the way around for another treasure chest containing an
    <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>, then head back and check out the window which is
    apparently being held together by, uh, Duct-Tape.
    Examine the window and it'll say 'What a careless repair job! Are they trying
    to make fun of Ninjas?'
    AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Team Ninja, you crazy japesters! Stop, or I'll wee 
    Seriously, I don't get it. 
    Show your contempt for such inexplicable jokes by smashing up the window then 
    heroically leaping through into the room beyond, Ninja-style. 
    Hey, if it's good fun for the enemies, it's good fun for you. And what do we
    have here? Why, the three sections of the ships' Primary Power Unit!
    Unleash your inner Ninja on these little mechanical bastards, and then bask
    in satisfied glory as your rampant vandalism causes the engineers to switch
    over to the emergency backup power supply - the result of which means that all 
    the locks have been disengaged as a safety precaution. Hooray!
    You can now leave through the previously locked door, and make your way back
    across the cable (no enemies will attack you this time) to the room with the 
    Dragon statue, remembering to collect some arrows along the way. 
    Save your game, observe that the red emergency lights are now lit up, and then 
    head up the stairs.
    Before continuing on through the level, head back towards where you first 
    started (in the Living Quarters) and head into the door at the end of the hall,
    nearest the room where you started the level.
    You'll find yourself in a cargo room full of boxes. Manouvre your way up on 
    top of them, and leap across until you can get in at the back of the room - 
    this can be tough at first, so take your time and use the right thumbstick and
    right trigger to set up your jumps before you attempt them. If you fall, it's
    no big deal. Just get back up on the boxes and attempt them again.
    Your efforts will be rewarded once you make it - there's a chest with an 
    <ELIXER OF THE DEVIL WAY>, a chest containing a <TALISMAN OF REBIRTH> and a 
    lovely <GOLDEN SCARAB> all waiting for you to steal them from their rightful
    Bet you're glad you made the trip now, eh?
    Okay, get back over the boxes and head out the door you came from. Run down the
    corridor, enter the main deck through the double doors you unlocked with the 
    Wing Key and then head through the next set of double doors into another 
    hallway. Run all the way down it and open the door at the far end, which has 
    now been unlocked by your efforts in destroying the airship's power source.
    You'll find yourself in...
    New Area: The Gas Compartment Passageway
    Head up the stairs and kill the two Special Forces guys firing at you from
    the top, then wall run up the ledge behind you and kill the next three.
    Before you continue on your quest of vengeance, take a look around. See that 
    big box beside you? Run up it, and get on top. Then wall run up the wall beside
    it and flip off onto a hidden walkway right above you. 
    A <GOLDEN SCARAB> hidden away like this? Crafty! 
    Collect it, revel in your treasure hunting talents, and then drop back down.
    Continue along the only real path open to you, and open the chest along the way
    for a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>. Use the platforms to continue along, and kill the
    three Special Forces guys at the other side. Run along to the end of the path,
    and wall run up the box, then the wall, and flip off to land on a catwalk
    located directly above your current position - the red lights are a good 
    checkpoint to guide you on your way. Send two more Special Forces guys on their
    way into the next life, and head towards the ladder in the corner.
    The hatch at the top is locked, so wall jump your way up into a hidden niche
    where you will find a lever sitting there doing nothing.
    Oh, go on. Pull it!
    The hatch will now be unlocked, so drop back down and climb the ladder all the
    way to the top. You'll come out on top of the Airship, just in time to come
    face to face with...
    Boss: Dynamo
    After a very short cutscene, you'll be thrown into battle with this huge tub
    of lard and metal. He's covered from head to toe in armour and equipped with a 
    massive energy cannon, so he does look rather tough.
    Fortunately, looks can be deceiving - he's really rather simple. As he charges
    up his energy cannon, give him the old flying swallow. He'll be knocked back
    from the impact, and then try to charge it up once more - so do the same thing
    to him again. It's entirely possible to win the fight by repeating this one 
    tactic alone.
    If he's not charging up the energy cannon, it's likely that you'll bounce off
    his armour when you attempt a flying swallow. A good alternative is to run
    past him and tap 'X' twice for the 'Violent Gale' move - two swift swipes with
    the sword, after which you should roll away to prevent a counterattack.
    If he manages to charge up his energy beam without being interrupted, he'll 
    start firing a rapid series of electrical shots off at you - run, roll and 
    dodge like hell when this happens, and remember that the closer he is to death,
    the faster the shots will come.
    Oh, and don't let him grab you. Getting fried alive is rarely pleasant.
    Before too long, you should be able to wipe him out with the tactics above, and
    Uh oh - it looks like Dynamo's gone and eaten his last pie courtesy of your 
    blade. Now that you've cut the living hell out of him, his suit is starting to 
    malfunction - which means that he's firing indiscriminately at everything 
    around him (including the supporting Airship above yours - bye bye!), unable to
    control himself. 
    Until he explodes, of course.
    Dynamo's demise then sends a vast surge of energy down into the ship below, 
    quickly igniting the gas chambers and turning the whole ship into an instant 
    ball of flame, burning alive everyone unfortunate enough to still be inside.
    Guess that takes care of the cremations then, eh? Bwahahahahah!
    With this done, the ship soon crashes into a forest on the outskirts of 
    Tairon. Control those heart palpitations you're undoubtedly having, sir - 
    Hayabusa's not done for yet. 
     /Chapter 4 - 'Imperial City Infiltration'| xx04xx \
    |'Ryu has escaped from the crash of the Airship. Spread out before him is the |
    |city of Tairon, capital of the Vigoor Empire...'                             |
    With the remains of the Airship and crew cheerily burning away in the distance,
    the camera cuts to Ryu standing triumphantly atop an electricity pylon some 
    distance from the city. I'm not entirely sure how he got there, but hey - he's 
    a ninja. That's reason enough for me.
    Spreading his arms wide, he allows himself to fall towards the cables 
    connecting each pylon and soon crosses his wrists to catch onto them, sending 
    him zooming off, flipping expertly between wires towards his ultimate 
    destination - Tairon.
    The cables run out as he enters the City outskirts, and he lands in yet another
    cool Ninja pose, surveying the city from his vantage point on top of a small 
    stone platform.
    It's time to get going.
    The level begins with you right beside a Dragon statue, so feel free to save
    your game if you wish. There's nothing else to do up here, so get off that 
    stone ledge of yours and continue onwards to victory - which, for now, is where
    those streaming multicoloured lights in the distance are originating from.
    Oh, and kill those damn Special Forces guys directly below you, too. Don't
    they know any better by now? I guess not, so teach them with pain. Sweet, 
    glorious pain.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Instead of the Special Forces Troops you'll find waiting for you in the
     regular game, you'll find the somewhat deadlier (and distinctly more stupid
     looking) Mechanized Assault Troop variants waiting for you here and 
     throughout the rest of Tairon. 
     Keep those shurikens holstered, cowboy, since they'll just bounce right off 
     the shiny metal exterior of these gimps.
    Now that this first set of enemies are on their way to the afterlife, continue
    down the only path available to you and pick up the Kunai that gets chucked at
    you on the way. It'll mention that there's an awesome pub called 'Han's Bar'
    in Tairon that you can go and get drunk at, so obviously that'll be your next 
    port of call.
    After strolling down that windy path for a short while, you'll come out at...
    New Area: The Twin Serpents Plaza
    This area is called this because of the huge statue placed smack-bang in the
    centre of the Plaza. From where you originally entered, turn left and head into
    the fenced off area in order to locate a chest containing a <GREAT SPIRIT 
    ELIXER>. Which is nice.
    Now, head left as you exit and follow the first path you come to, which should
    be inhabited by three more Special Forces punters. Kill them, then continue
    through the wooden gate.
    You'll find yourself in a courtyard near the entrance to the Military Base -
    you won't be going in for a while though, so as you enter make sure to pillage
    the body of the dead ninja off to your left for a Technique Scroll containing 
    the secrets of the Guillotine Throw. It's handy - you'll maybe have seen this
    move in the original Arcade version of Ninja Gaiden, or in his movelist for 
    Dead or Alive 3.
    Right in front of the gate lies another porcupine ninja - that is, he's been
    peppered with arrows and subsequently sent on his way to hell - so feel free to
    restock your supplies if you need to. There's a sequence coming up where arrows
    will be quite a handy thing to have, so be sure and pilfer them if you need to.
    Now that you've received goodness and joy, trot along to the other wooden gate
    to... a-ha! Ambush! Take a moment or two to kill the guys who drop off the 
    wall, and then go on through the gate.
    There'll be another three guys for you to murder here, so kill them off and 
    walk on past the door you can see in the fence to Hayabusa's right as he enters
    this area - it requires the use of the Skull Key, which you haven't got your 
    hands on yet. Continue on past the stairs leading down until you come to a 
    Stone Tablet lying on the ground. Take it, unlock the gate right beside you,
    and then go back and head down the stairs.
    When you finally come out near a new flight of stairs heading down onto ground
    level, you'll notice two Special Forces dude firing at you from two nearby 
    balconies. Shoot them dead with your trusty arrows and then collect the Kunai 
    that came flying in as you entered this section. It'll inform you about blue
    beams marking the trail - so put it to the test and run off past the blue beam
    the Kunai landed on.
    Hooray! Hayabusa flips over and hangs on! Shimmy off to your right, hop up and
    claim your <LIFE OF THE GODS> hidden away in another chest. Go on, you've 
    earned it. Now, flip back down and return to where you were. 
    Now, instead of going down the stairs, you'll see a blue beam on the wall to 
    the right heading over to where one of the guys was firing at you from. You can
    run up and grab this before shimmying over, or you can perform a wall run 
    followed by a jump and tap 'X' for that final lift to get there faster. 
    Whichever way you choose, do it and get up there. 
    Once up, you'll see what looks like a telephone cable above your head - hop up
    and grab it, then shimmy over to the other balcony where your reward will be
    waiting in the shape of a chest containing a <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS>.
    Awesome! Now kill the two Special Forces runts who've appeared where you 
    originally came from and hop down, taking the path to your left. You should 
    come out in...
    New Area: Clock Tower Plaza
    If you run right ahead from the gate you appeared from, you'll find a path 
    leading to a dead ninja and a door you can't open from this side. Hence, move
    ninjawards and steal everything you can from his cold dead fingers!
    Sweet - Nunchaku. A new weapon for you, matey boy!
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Okay, so it's just an <ELIXER OF THE DEVIL WAY>. Sorry for getting your hopes
     up, but hey! You already have a pair of Nunchaku, and you don't need two.
     Yes, even though Dual-Wielding Nunchaku would have been awesome.
    Now that you've heroically robbed the dead of his goodies, head on back and 
    turn left into the main section of the street. Head on down it, not moving down
    any side-paths and you'll have a quick cutscene pointing out Muramasa's shop.
    Ignore it for now (unless you need to buy things, of course), and continue on 
    until the street gets shut off and you get ambushed by more hopeful Special 
    Forces troops with a death wish.
    You know the drill by now. Make their children weep.
    Now that they're ALL DEAD, halt and backtrack a bit. You see the gate leading 
    down a side path that closed off in the cutscene a moment ago? Head there. As 
    you traverse it and climb a few sets of stairs, you'll be attacked by three
    more Special Forces guards, then you'll come out directly below the big clock
    and be attacked by another new enemy - Black Spider Ninjas.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Or Cat Fiends. Black Spider Ninjas attacking you at this point wouldn't
     exactly be new now, would it?
    These guys are a little tougher than what you're used to so far, so it might
    be worth your time to check out my nifty 'enemies' section and learn how to
    kill them off with ease. There are three of them, and they take a bit of a 
    beating, so finish them off and continue around the clock base to reap your 
    well-deserved reward - a treasure chest containing a <SPIRIT OF THE DEVILS>, 
    which will boost your Ninpo gauge by one happy spurt of Ninpo. Now, you can use
    two shots of magical death before having to refill! Isn't that just awesome?
    Hop back down to street level or retread your steps and take the stairs, then
    shuffle back to the door beside Masamune's shop and flip the switch to open it,
    then hop through.
    Another Kunai will fly by as you enter this section, so trot over and pick it
    up. It will warn you that the Black Spider clan of Ninjas acting behind the 
    scenes to hinder your progress and hints that you shouldn't let them leave 
    Tairon alive. Basically, this means that you shouldn't suppress any homicidal 
    urges you might have towards them.
    Near the Kunai's landing spot will be a drinking fountain next to a wall - if
    your eyes are keen enough, you'll notice that it's sparkling with a faint 
    golden sheen which can only mean one thing! 
    Someone's urinated in the drinking water!
    Ah, no, just kidding. There's actually a <GOLDEN SCARAB> submerged beneath such
    lovely life sustaining quantities of H2o, so retrieve it from its' aquatic 
    Now, face the directing you were originally facing as you entered this section.
    To your left and up some steps is the path you'll be taking shortly, which is 
    your 'real' destination for the moment. Straight ahead is the path to the 
    Emperor's Palace, which you can't access for a vast chunk of the game, and 
    to your right is the path you should now take. Ignore the walled-up doorway for
    now, since you'll need something a little more substantial that what you have 
    on you in order to break it down.
    You'll soon find a gate that refuses to open from this side and an alley that
    contains nothing of interest - or does it? Run up the wall to your left and 
    perform a wall jump to reach a new ledge, from where you can bypass the locked
    gate you just passed and enter the enclosed section. You'll be attacked by 
    Spider Ninjas here, so kill them off and check the area to find a chest 
    containing multiple types of essence - money, health and magic, streaming into
    your very pores!
    Now, go back and unlock the gate, then head over to the 'real' path I mentioned
    earlier - the one that heads up some steps. You'l be attacked by two Spider
    Ninjas, one who drops from the sky and one who leaps out from an alley - kill 
    them both, then head into that very same alley. You'll probably notice that the
    walls are quite close to one another - time for some wall jumping action, so
    don't hold back those insane ninja urges of yours to climb up walls in the 
    craziest manner possible. Once up on the roof, leap the first gap you come to,
    use the wall on the right to traverse the second pit, and head through the 
    open doorway.
    O-ho! A dead Ninja! Well, let's pilfer the fruits from his body and read his 
    diary, shall we?
    |                                                                            \\
    |It turns out that 'Suke', our not-quite-alive friend, was a bit of a pervert |
    |in life. Can't really blame him, though - he's seen the wonder that is       |
    |Rachel, and it has to be said that such an event does things to a man. In    |
    |fact, he was so smitten with her that all his skills somehow failed him and  |
    |he promptly got wasted by the MSAT forces.                                   |
    | 									      |
    |His last thoughts? He wishes he could see Rachel again. I admire his         |
    |tenacity, if nothing else.						      |
    |									      |
    |He also mentions that death during an assignment is the wish of every Ninja, |
    |which is absolute lies and hints that the Black Spider Ninjas are utterly    |
    |insane. Perhaps this is why they keep attacking you, which is the safety     |
    |equivalent of sticking their head into a moving turbine.		      |
    Head on, dear Ninja, and grab the <GOLDEN SCARAB> not three metres from Suke's
    cold, dead corpse. Continue along the roof until you drop down onto a platform
    containing a chest holding a <GREAT DEVIL ELIXER>, and has a switch nearby.
    Run over and pull it, unlocking the door directly beneath you, and then jump
    down and kill everyone nearby before heading through that newly unlocked door. 
    You know it's the right thing to do.
    And lo and behold, you now find yourself in...
    New Area: Pleasure Street
    Sounds good to me! Head along the only path available to you, and you'll
    come at last to Han's Bar. Unfortunately, there's a party in progress which
    triggers the following cutscene.
    As Ryu ambles up to the door, a steroid chomping bouncer stops him and politely
    enquires as to whether he has a ticket for the party.
    'No,' replies Ryu in the most unconcerned manner in recorded history.
    'I'm sorry sir, but you're gonna need one to get in,' replies the apologetic
    bouncer. It's a good thing he minds his manners throughout this encounter, or 
    Hayabusa would probably just hack him in half without thinking twice.
    Also, not that I mean to decry the standards of Han's Bar as a whole, but what
    kind of nightclub will permit a masked, fully armed ninja to just casually 
    stroll inside? It's for this reason alone that I nominate Han's Bar as the 
    finest nightclub in all of existence.
    So, you need a ticket, basically. If you look on the message board at the side
    of Han's Bar you'll find a flyer thanking the customers of Muramasa's shop for
    their continued patronage - which is odd, since normal people probably don't
    go around harvesting souls - and that there's a special promotion going on
    where all paying customers will receive a free ticket into Han's Bar.
    Before heading back, though, there's two things to do here. The first thing to
    do is save your game at the nearby Dragon statue - you should have no problems
    finding it.
    The second thing to do is go back to the front door of Han's Bar and face 
    across the street. A Kunai will probably have been thrown into the wall as you
    returned - and can you see the two blue lines on the wall above it? This is 
    actually a guiding light for a wall run you should now attempt in order to 
    retrieve a hidden weapon. If you read the Kunai scroll, it'll mention that 
    it's hidden away in a place where only a Ninja - or anyone in the world owning 
    a ladder - can reach it.
    So! Run at the wall at an angle, leap to the next set of blue lines, then again
    and finally jump one more time, tapping 'X' to get that last bit of height if
    you need it. It shouldn't take you long to get the knack of this multiple wall 
    jumping carry on.
    All being well and groovy, you'll have landed on a ledge with the hidden weapon
    in question - the Windmill Shuriken, which I rarely ever use. It does have 
    unlimited uses, however, so that's something. Over in the corner stands a 
    mysterious, glowing prototype Xbox (seriously!) so go over and examine it to 
    have all your health and magic instantly recharged. 
    Feel the power of X!
    |                                                                            \\
    |You can return here at any time in the whole game to have your health and    |
    |Ninpo replenished absolutely free of charge. Not such a bad deal, is it?     |
    | 									      |
    |Did you notice all the Xbox imagery in this section, by the way? Even the    |
    |pedestal where the Windmill Shuriken is mounted looks like the upper part of |
    |an Xbox.								      |
    |									      |
    |Itagaki-san sure loves the Xbox, I can tell you.			      |
    This done, your new weapon and rejuvenated body in tow, fall down and go into
    the far end of the alley for another <GOLDEN SCARAB>. Doesn't this area of the
    game absolutely rock?
    All great things come to an end, however, and you've grabbed all the good stuff
    from this place. Make your way back to Masamune's shop, and head right in. A
    brief cutscene will play with him dittering about aimlessly, and then you're
    ready to buy stuff!
    If you want the ticket as cheaply as possible, just buy a single arrow off him.
    That'll cost a wallet-busting 10 essence, and net you the ticket into the 
    For completionist's sake, I recommend buying the Guide Map to the Capital of
    Vigoor off him, which should now be available for sale. However you do it, even
    the most measly of purchases will get you that ticket you so desperately need.
    Oh, and talk to him if you feel like offloading the Scarabs you've collected
    thus far.
    Now that you have a ticket to Han's Bar in hand, it's time to party! Head on
    back to Pleasure Street, offing the three Black Spider Ninjas that attack you 
    as you enter, and head triumphantly up to the door with your prize in hand.
    End of level, baby!
    As Ryu approaches the door, a swarm of party-goers suddenly rush out and start
    falling over each other.
    'It's a Fiend!' one screams before rushing headfirst into the door and promptly
    knocking himself onto his ass. What a clown.
    Keep your eye out for the guy rolling down the stairs, too. This scene is 
    comedy gold if you know what you're looking for.
    Ryu, undeterred, strides onwards into the Bar...
    CG Cutscene
    Oh, baby. It's Rachel's triumphant appearance!
    As Ryu enters the mystical world of Han's Bar, he pauses for a moment, possibly
    considering what he's going to have to drink. Just as he's about to order, 
    however, he notices that there's a big red thing that looks a bit like a dragon
    about to munch one of the bar staff - who happens to be dressed in leather and
    has a massive hammer at her side. 
    Hammer, face. Face, meet hammer. Cue bloody spray.
    Having caused the Fiend to die instantly via a remarkably crushed skull, she 
    walks over to Ryu and the scene stops there. 
    All things considered, this sequence is absolutely fantastic. It has Rachel,
    but more importantly, it has Rachel bashing a Fiend's brains clean out of its
    skull in a manner that heartily laughs at all the censorship in Europe and 
    exposes it for the fraud it undoubtedly is.
    Shame on you, Europe. Subjecting a game as wonderful as Ninja Gaiden to such 
    mindless censorship in this day and age.
    Now that Rachel has heroically seperated the Fiend's brains from its head with
    the aid of her trusty hammer, her and Ryu take a stroll out onto the roof and
    begin chatting. We learn that the Fiends are actually ex-humans who've been
    transformed into powerful killing machines, and that anyone with susceptibility
    to the curse, no matter how nice a guy they are, can turn into these murderous 
    bastards at the drop of a hat.
    Awesome - more meat to chop! CHOP! CHOP!
    Ryu quizzes her gently, not even having the intelligence to ask her for her 
    phone number, and asks if she knows anything about Doku.
    'Why do you want to know about him?' she asks.
    Ryu's answer is straight to the point. 'I'm going to kill him,' he says in a
    perfectly emotionless voice.
    Rachel seems amused by the comment. 'You've no idea what you're up against, do
    you?' she asks, not knowing that he understands full well - having been killed
    by him, and all.
    As it soon transpires, Rachel's not best pleased with Doku, either - the big
    metallic bugger happens to be the one responsible for turning her sister Alma 
    into a Greater Fiend.
    Before anything else can be discussed, however, Rachel senses a Fiend elsewhere
    in the city and prepares to get going. 'It's going to be a busy night,' she 
    mutters before leaping off the roof and swinging away, Spidey style, with her 
    grappling hook.
    'You seem have quite a way with the ladies, my friend,' says a nearby figure, 
    complimenting Ryu on his excellent chat-up techniques. There's nothing quite 
    like casually mentioning that you're off to murder someone in order to get the 
    ladies weak at the knees, it seems.
    Ryu turns and looks at him at this point.
    'Don't mind me, I'm just passing by,' he mentions, seemingly oblivious of the 
    fact that he's walking around on a rooftop. 'By the way, good luck with that 
    Doku guy - sounds like you're going to need it.'
    Ryu continues to look at him oddly.
    'Oh, and I know Rachel quite well. She'll be just fine,' he says before 
    dropping off the roof and performing the patented disappearing manouver. Ryu
    scoots across and looks over the side of the roof within half a second of him
    falling off, and yet the trenchcoat wearing wonder is nowhere to be seen.
    Incidentally, how ARE all the shady guys in games and movies able to accomplish
    this? I want to know!
     /Chapter 5 - 'The City of Fiends'| xx05xx \
    |'Tairon is full of mysteries: strange creatures called Fiends and Rachel the |
    |Fiend Hunter. However, Ryu still has no clues to the whereabouts of Doku...' |
    As soon as this level begins, a Kunai will fly into view from a fixed camera
    position. When you go over to collect it, it will tell you that in order to
    find Doku you should go and investigate the Dworku Monastery - which is located
    in the Dworku district, oddly enough.
    The Kunai will have landed beside a treasure chest containing a very important
    item: the Lily Key. Be sure to collect this before continuing on your way.
    There's also a Dragon statue for you to save your game at a little further back
    on the roof - so hell, why not? Go for it!
    Well, the roof is getting boring, as I'm sure you'll agree. There are two ways
    out of here - dive off the roof like Gamov did, or hop down the trapdoor. Both
    lead in the same direction, but Gamov's route lands you practically on top of
    a chest containing an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> and looks more stylish, so I 
    usually go that route. This done, head back into the building.
    If you didn't pick up the Map of Tairon back on the Zeppelin, it'll be staring
    you in the face as you come through the door, stuck on the pinboard in front
    of you. To your left is a corridor filled with Special Forces miscreants - deal
    with them, and continue along until you find a chest containing another <ELIXER
    OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> and shortly afterwards you'll encounter another batch of 
    gormless goons. Waste them, and move onwards down the stairs.
    As you head into the bar area, you'll notice an arcade machine sitting in the
    corner by itself. You may as well ignore it for now - there's no game installed
    in the mighty ancient beast. Head up to the bar and search the counter for an
    <ELIXER OF THE DEVIL WAY> and a Map of Dworku. Nothing much else to do in here
    for the time being, so leave through the doors beside you.
    What is it with Tairon and all the disposable Special Forces units they own?
    You'll be attacked by six of them as you leave, though there's only going to
    be three attacking you at a time. Nothing worth getting worked up about, just
    leave them behind you in more pieces than they used to be in, then amble off 
    and save at the Dragon Statue if you feel like it. Head up the alley and leave
    Pleasure Street, then head straight forwards through the door with two yellow
    gems so that you enter the area where you first came down the stairs and got
    your hands on the Lives of the Thousand Gods. Head in, but rather than going
    back up the stairs, take a right and you'll find a door with the same design on
    it as the Lily Key.
    Score! Head on through to the other side!
    You'll be attacked by three more meatbags, so hack them apart and soon you'll 
    find a dead end. It's really no big deal, use the wall on your right to perform
    a wall run, then jump to the next one and wall run that, then hop up and over
    onto the balcony above. You'll be rewarded with an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>
    and the path onwards.
    Once you leave the next alley, you'll be molested by Black Spider Ninjas as 
    soon as you exit. You'll be warned by the way the camera sways to accomodate
    their presence, so kill them off to find yourself in...
    New Area: Moat Road
    Okay, it's not the most important place in the world, but it does get a name,
    so what the hell. If you wander over through one of the gates and look around
    a little, you'll see some bloody huge fish swimming around in the moat. 
    Good thing we're not fighting those buggers, eh? Eh?
    Anyway, there's only one real path through this place, so take it. You'll head
    into a tunnel that looks a little like a cellar, with a locked gate containing
    a Pegasus symbol. Oh well, plenty of time for that later.
    You'll soon exit facing a door with three red gems, so pull the switch beside 
    it to open it up. This will allow you to get back and forth to the Clock Tower
    area more easily, which is always good when you want to visit Muramasa's shop
    or visit the Prototype Xbox pedestal for a health and Ninpo recharge. 
    Rather than heading through, however, it would be better if you saved your game
    at the Dragon statue and then face directly opposite it, heading up the stairs
    beside the gate. As you exit, you'll be attacked by three Special Forces 
    guards, which obviously means you're in another...
    New Area: Drawbridge Square
    Two new areas this close to one another I'd usually avoid, but this square is
    a hub connecting the two main sections of Tairon together, so you should 
    probably get familiar with it.
    Once your aggressors are dead and gone, you'll notice that the drawbridge is 
    currently raised - which isn't great for crossing the little bugger, I can tell
    you. If you look around for a moment, you'll notice a door with a single blue
    gem embedded in its surface, which is where you should now head through.
    As you enter this area, more Special Forces troops will attack. Good for them,
    kill them all. Try and kill the grenadier quickly, since focussing on murdering
    his buddies can be difficult when you're suffering from the effects of shrapnel
    and explosion-induced third degree burns.
    Ignore the broken wall at the end of the path, for now head about midway up 
    the street and survey the area around you. Off to one side will be a chest 
    containing the Key of Pegasus, which is awesome, and to the other side will be
    a drop back down to the Moat Road.
    Before you leap down, however, you might have seen something shining away in
    a corner to your left.
    By Jimmy! A <GOLDEN SCARAB>! Wall run off the right, leap and wall run again
    to reach the alcove containing its Scarab-ey goodness. This golden nugget of
    joy procured, hop down and head along the Moat Road path, killing Black Spider 
    Ninjas as you go, until you reach the gate with the Pegasus emblem once more.
    Open it up, and flip the switch inside to lower that mighty drawbridge we
    encountered earlier on in our travels.
    As you'll probably remember, the Drawbridge Square is directly above you, so
    head out via the nearest exit and lurch up the stairs. Kill the enemies who've
    respawned, and cross that bridge, baby!
    You'll be in a new area, Drawbridge Hill, but it's not really important enough
    to warrant its own heading. Just head along until you exit this long and 
    winding path, where you'll promptly be attacked by three Black Spider Ninjas.
    Kill them, then head over to the Dragon statue you'll have noticed right before
    you were ambushed, and... hey! there's a <GOLDEN SCARAB> on the sill to the 
    Neat! Grab it, and then feel free to save your game.
    Now, facing the opposite direction from the Dragon statue, you can go left or
    right. For now, we'll take the left path in order to obtain goodies.
    Confused by my directions? You should soon head down a flight of stairs. 
    Otherwise, you'll have taken the wrong path. You dolt.
    Now, as soon as you reach the bottom of the stairway (both of them, 
    technically) look to your left, and in a hidden niche you will see another
    <GOLDEN SCARAB> which should make you gurgle in glee and roll around happily.
    A little further on lies a chest containing an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>, so
    pocket it and head further on. Before long you'll come to...
    New Area: Monastery Plaza
    Of course, as is customary in Tairon, they greet their visitors by locking them
    into a courtyard and having Special Forces troops ambush them. You know what
    to do, so feel free to do it. There's a grand total of four enemies here, so 
    you shouldn't have all that much trouble in ending their pitiful lives.
    |                                                                            \\
    |If you're not confident in your Ninja Skills, you might want to go back and  |
    |restock at the shop at this point. Many beginning players have trouble with  |
    |the following section since there's a ton of enemies, some new ones thrown   |
    |in for fun, and not much around to pick up healing items from.               |
    |									      |
    |It's up to you, good sir!						      |
    Now, if you've been following my directions, you'll know which gate you came
    in from. The Monastery Gate is locked, which leaves two paths open - going up
    the stairs will lead you back to the Save statue we passed a short while ago,
    so head down the only remaining path.
    Great, four Black Spider Ninjas. Or... meat? Gyahahaah!
    In a side alley lies a chest containing a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>, so head in and
    nab it before you go any further. A little further along the main path lies 
    three more Black Spider Ninjas, so finish them off continue on your way. After
    a short while you'll come to the...
    New Area: Monastery Inner Clearing
    The new areas are coming thick and fast now, huh? This one is kind of important
    though, so pay attention.
    Once you go in far enough, the area will be sealed off and you'll be...
    ... yes, you've been ambushed by the bloody Special Forces troops again. Don't
    they ever quit? Head on back and kill two of them, possibly three if you're 
    fast, before...
    A primal scream rends the clean night air, causing both Hayabusa and his 
    attackers to pause and consider where it might have come from. Unfortunately
    for one of your attackers, it came from a Fiend which leaps right on top of him
    and starts using him as a squeaky chew toy.
    The other Special Forces agent understandably freaks out a little and tries to
    escape, but it simply jumps on top of him instead and he shares the same fang
    filled fate.
    There's some bad news in store, here. The Fiends are still hungry, and there's
    only one human left alive. You.
    With this, Hayabusa readies his sword and prepares to kick some demonic ass.
    Mini-Boss: Red Fiends (3)
    While Rachel might very well be able to break their faces off in a single blow,
    Ryu... well, to put it simply, he can't.
    Your absolute best friend here is the Blade of Nirrti combo, which is 
    essentially the combo you use to bust out an Izuna Drop, only without using the
    Izuna Drop itself, and an extra slash added in its place.
    Right, now these guys love to charge about. If they run headfirst into a wall, 
    they'll end up stunning themselves for a short while, so keep that in mind.
    Never attack them from behind, since they'll tail slap you right across the 
    face, which hurts something fierce. You can block their claw attacks, which 
    will also knock you off balance, but be sure to watch out for when they rear 
    back - they're about to munch your head, which is unblockable, does hefty 
    damage, and ends up with you getting slung across the Plaza like a rag doll.
    The very best way to deal with them is to isolate one from his friends, get in 
    close, and then perform a Blade of Nirrti combo on him. Block as you land, and
    most of the time he'll rear back his head in an attempt to feast upon your
    soft ninja brains. Roll aside from the bite and perform the Nirrti again - it 
    should keep him off balance to prevent any counterattacks before you finish the
    If his friends are getting close top attacking you at all, just roll away and 
    isolate another one for more mass maimage. 
    Fortunately, they drop blue essence when defeated (assuming no Ultimate 
    Techniques kill them off, of course), so you can heal your health after each 
    Fiend is killed - except for the last one.
    Eventually, they'll all be dead. Which is nice.
    'Not bad,' comes an excellently casted voice after Ryu slays the last of these
    red cretins. He glances up to find Rachel sitting on the Monastery wall viewing
    the end of the fight. 
    'So what exactly are you?' she asks him. 'You're much more powerful than just a
    Ryu, always the self righteous type, replies 'My strength comes from training -
    not from some curse in my blood.'
    Yada, yada, yada. Well done, Mr. Ninja. Don't ask for her phone number yet, 
    we've all the time in the world for you to make a move.
    Rachel's a little miffed at this offhand remark, and mentions that she thought
    her blood once was pure, also. The fact that she and Alma are mightily 
    susceptible to being turned into Greater Fiends, however, kicked that 
    particular delusion straight in the teeth.
    It transpires that she became a Fiend Hunter in order to kill Alma off herself,
    and she mentions that beneath the Monastery lies...
    ... well, we'd have found out sooner if a MASSIVE BLOODY FIEND didn't smack her
    with a tentacle, pick her up and wave her around threateningly, and then 
    deposit her inside himself before crashing though a nearby wall.
    And no, I didn't make any of that up.
    Boss Fight: Big Squidgey Fiend Thing
    If nothing else I have to admire how honest this boss is with itself. It wanted
    Rachel, and it wasted no time in letting her know that fact. 
    If only Ryu could be so confident in his ability to pick up Rachel... but I 
    You're not on a time limit here, despite Rachel being stuck inside the beast,
    so you can take your time and let her enjoy the slimy interior of a Fiend for 
    a while. This boss just sort of waddles around waving its tentacles at you 
    ...tentacles. Stop sniggering at the back there, you immature person, you.
    Getting slapped is moderately painful, though generally not life threatening
    unless you're low on health. Very rarely, it'll be able to grab you when it
    whips you from a distance with its tentacle - I've seen it happen only once in 
    my hundreds of hours playing the game.
    Finally, his outer skin is extremely tough - only his tentacles will take 
    damage until he opens up the eyes outside his skin.
    So! Not much to this guy, then - he's really quite easy once you know how.
    Basically, what you do is perform Flying Swallows on his 'arms' when he's not 
    flailing them around randomly, and after two or three passes, one of these
    tentacle 'arms' will fall off and turn into essence. Do the same to the other
    arm quickly, then suck in the essence it drops and unleash an Ultimate 
    Technique on the boss, since once both his arms fall off his eyes will open up 
    and you can start dishing out some real damage. 
    Do it twice per cycle if you can, though it might be an idea to collect the 
    blue essence rather than using it for a UT if you're low on health. If you 
    can't use essence for any reason such as collecting it for health or Ninpo, or
    it disappears before you get the chance to use it, the Blade of Nirrti combo 
    will do considerable damage as well - assuming the eyes are open, of course.
    Once it closes its eyes once again, it'll spew out fire through the top of
    its body - simply avoid this attack and repeat until it dies.
    CG Cutscene
    Ryu backflips a few times, somersaults over a final, flailing tentacle attack
    as the boss dies, and then performs a rugby dive in order to catch a slimy,
    oiled up Rachel who gets spat out from the mouth of the monster.
    As you can probably tell, it's already the greatest cutscene in history.
    Being the tough, upright, modern day lady that she is however, she shrugs off
    his chauvenistic helping hand and starts gasping for air.
    'Was that a Fiend as well?' Ryu asks stupidly.
    'I've never seen one like that before,' Rachel replies. 'Something's strange...
    there's so many of them.'
    Oh-ho-ho. It looks like the Dark Dragon Blade's busy cooking up trouble for our
    heroes! As they contemplate this madness, a Kunai smacks into the ground by
    Ryu's feet, marking the CG debut of Ayane.
    'Ayane! Busy running errands for Murai again, you little scamp?'
    'The boldness of the Fiends is the work of the Dark Dragon,' she replies, 
    nonplussed. She then mentions that it is able to bestow unfathomable strength 
    on anyone wicked enough to weild it. Like the bad guys, for instance.
    'That would explain the stirring in my blood,' Rachel mentions.
    'No, that's just me,' replies Ryu. 'Anything else?'
    At this, Ayane goes utterly barking mental and starts blabbering random 
    gibberish about how blood dominates mankind and is assisted by the power of the
    First I've ever heard of it, I can tell you that.
    'Ayane. Take care of Rachel,' Ryu commands her in an effort to bring her back
    to reality, probably not realising just how it might sound to the audience at 
    'Understood,' she says as he turns to leave.
    'Ryu,' Rachel says, stopping him. 'I've heard that there is a hidden path under
    the Monastery that leads to the Emperor's Palace. Doku will also be there.'
    Thus leaned, Ryu heads through the hole in the wall caused by the Tentacle 
    Fiend's appearance and onwards towards the Monastery...
    From high above the Monastery Inner Clearing, two figures watch the events
    transpire. Gamov is one of these shadowy figures, and the other is the 
    mysterious Dark Disciple.
    They discuss how there is no doubt that the Dark Dragon Blade is growing in 
    power with each killing, and Gamov proudly mentions that he provides the other
    man with only the most reliable information.
    Apparently, the Dark Disciple has arrived just in time...
    ... but for what?
    End of Chapter 5!
     /Chapter 6 - 'The Monastary'| xx06xx \
    |'It is said that there is a secret path leading to the Palace of Zarkhan     |
    |underneath the Dworku Monastery...'                                          |
    As this level begins, there's a Dragon statue directly to your left, so trot 
    over and save your game. Don't go into the Monastery quite yet, though - right
    behind where you start off lie two treasure chests, one containing a <GREAT
    SPIRIT ELIXER> and the other holding a <LIFE OF THE GODS>.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     If you're playing the Hurricane Pack, about all I can say is...
     Open them anyway, the Life of the Gods is still there.
    Your treasure hunting done for the moment, head on into the Monastary Annex and
    up the steps. Collect the <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> on the way, and kill the 
    bats with good old fashioned Shuriken.
    While you're here, you can look over the sides of the Monastery Path and see
    some locations you'll be visiting later if you like. Once your curiousity is 
    satisfied, amble on and descend the next set of stairs you come to.
    Except, there aren't any for some strange reason. Oh well, hop down through the
    hole in the floor and look around before you leave. You'll notice that the
    stairs actually exist but don't reach the top for some bizarre reason best
    left unknown, and...
    Hey, there's a shop! Awesome!
    Alas, no new upgrades are available for your weapons, but you can replenish 
    your stocks of items or ammunition which you might have used up on the way 
    This done, exit through the door behind you and head out into the courtyard.
    Over to your right lies a treasure chest containing an <ELIXER OF THE DEVIL
    WAY>, and to your left lies a bloodthirsty group of new enemies charging at you
    head on.
    Typical. These are the imaginatively titled brown demons, and they're really
    quite easy to beat. If you want to beat them with a minimum of effort, just 
    use the counterattack until your mind atrophies from disuse. They can't break 
    your guard or throw you, see.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Well, yes they can. However, you'll be fighting your old cat friends here
     instead, so don't worry about these brown demon guys smacking your guard
     around quite yet.
     In fact, don't worry about them at all - by the time you end up fighting them,
     you'll already have fought far more powerful enemies and you should really
     find them quite easy, additional guard breaking abilities or not.
    Once they're dead, head along to the front door of the Monastery, collecting 
    the Map of the Monastery from the dead Ninja on the way. Save your game at the
    Dragon statue, and then head on inside and go up either set of stairs, 
    opening the chest at the top to get your hands on an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL 
    Move on a little bit further, and it will point out that you're in a...
    New Area: Altar Hall
    Pretty cool place, huh? There's all these nice marble effects everywhere, and 
    what have you. So, as always, it's time to kill off all the inhabitants!
    Let's start off by running over to the altar. If you're named 'Gullible 
    McGullible' you might actually believe that the statues beside said altar are
    actually statues, despite their scary appearance. Once you get close to them,
    however, they'll cast away their cloaks and attack you in a very un-statuelike
    No, these things are what I like to refer to as 'Reapers', given their hooded,
    skeletal appearance and noted preference for slashing you in the face with a 
    razor sharp sickle. As soon as you kill the first of them, some brown demons 
    will run in and join in the party. Well, the more the merrier.
    Once you're done with these guys, take a look around this area. Off to the 
    sides of the room will be a chest containing an <ELIXER OF THE DEVIL WAY>, and 
    directly opposite that, a doorway leading off into a side room of the 
    Monastery. Take it, and go through the next door as well. You'll find yourself 
    in the Library Archive, where a cutscene will show part of the room being 
    sealed off by a security gate. Of course, as soon as this happens, you will 
    immediately be attacked by Reapers and brown demons.
    After they're done and dusted, the security gate will automatically open for
    fear of reprisal. Before you go bounding up the stairs to feast on all the 
    goodies it was trying to hide from you, take a moment to browse amongst the 
    fine books on offer. Blue ones can be collected and read, and you'll learn a 
    little more about the background of Vigoor and the Fiends. The Vigoor Emperor
    in particular is considered to control everything - real or ephemeral, and is
    pretty much one step short of being some sort of demonic God.
    Interesting, eh? Now that you've nourished your mind a little, it's time to 
    hop into the previously sealed off section and act like a complete thug. Smash
    up the display cases and steal the contents, which include a Stone Tablet 
    (Right), an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>, a <GOLDEN SCARAB> and the all-important
    Incendiary Shuriken.
    The big iron ball thing in the middle is a complete mystery, by the way. Looks
    cool though, huh? HUH?
    Now that you've commited such a hideous criminal offence, it's time to bail. 
    Leave the display section and take the right path along, pausing as you come to
    the end and wall running up the tiled section on your right. Leap off at the
    top to go up a level, collect the <GOLDEN SCARAB> that's staring you straight 
    in the face, and follow the ledge around until you reach a section with a 
    cracked wall.
    Examining it gives you the less than subtle hint that 'The crack looks like it
    can be widened with a strong impact or small explosion', so equip your recently
    acquired Incendiary Shurikens and hurl them at the crack. Woo-hoo, new passage!
    |                                                                            \\
    |If, for some incomprehensible reason, you went nuts as soon as you collected |
    |the Incendiary Shurikens and started randomly hurling them into walls until  |
    |you squandered your entire supply, Muramasa's shop will be selling them for  |
    |100 essence a pop after you first pick them up.                              |
    |									      |
    |You didn't actually waste them, did you? 				      |
    Once through the crack, you'll be accosted by more Reapers and brown demons, 
    so kill them off and go through the door you find.
    You'll find yourself on a ledge overlooking the Altar Hall, with a path 
    circling around to another doorway. Don't go that way yet, however - go the
    other way and try to drop off the platform. Hayabusa will flip over and hang 
    onto the ledge with his fingers, so drop him safely on top of the new ledge 
    below. You know, the one held up by the pillars and arches underneath it.
    Walk along this ledge to come across a chest with a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> 
    inside it, then hop straight over it and get onto the platform above. Jump 
    right from here to reach a balcony with a chest containing an <ELIXER OF 
    SPIRITUAL LIFE>, then get back to your starting position and take the circular
    path round.
    Don't go in the first door you come to, mind. This side is exactly the same as
    the one you came in, so repeat the process to collect a <GREAT DEVIL ELIXER>
    and a <GOLDEN SCARAB>. Awesome!
    NOW you can go back and enter the door you just passed. You'll find yourself
    New Area: Monk's Room
    It might not seem worthy of its own section, but this room should be revisited 
    several times during the game, since the safe gets restocked from time to time
    with new goodies. Isn't that nice of the owner?
    Once in the main part of the room, you'll see a desk to your left, and beside 
    it lies a statue. It looks expensive, so slip in into your ninja pockets as
    quickly as you can. Turns out that this is a statue of the Raptor - Deity of
    Good stuff!
    Now, read the diary on the desk. The Monk writes that he has been granted the 
    Book of Eons as a birthday gift from the Emperor, and that he has decided to 
    store it away securely in his nearby safe. Unfortunately for him, he has also
    foolishly written down the code for the safe in the same entry. The code he 
    uses is actually the same as the date the entry was posted - on the 27th day of
    the 12th month.
    The huge green text in the entry when it mentions the date should clue you in 
    on this, really. Also, at the end of the entry it will say that there's a note
    which reads:
    Left, Right, Right, Left.
    This is the order in which you must turn the combination dial to unlock the 
    Now that we've all the information required to perform yet another robbery, 
    swagger on over to the safe and open it up by doing the following:
    - Turning the dial left and choosing '2'.
    - Turning the dial right and choosing '7'.
    - Turning the dial right and choosing '1'.
    - Turning the dial left and choosing '2'.
    If you've done this right, success! The safe opens up and Hayabusa takes the 
    Book of the Eons in his sweaty grasp - it's all in a good cause, after all.
    Needless to say, certain people aren't too impressed with what you just did, 
    you thief. The door locks behind you, and more Reapers and brown demons will 
    attack you for your light fingered ways. Convince them that 'might makes right'
    by bashing their skulls in for them, and leave. 
    Rather than jumping back down to the altar, take the path back to the Archive
    and you'll find a bunch of new enemies waiting for you. What's more, they seem
    to keep coming no matter how often you kill them, which can only mean one 
    thing: it's a Sixty Fiend Challenge! Hooray!
    Sixty Fiend Challenge - The Monastery
    The enemies here are Reapers and brown demons, so just hack and slash your way 
    through them until you've killed all sixty of the hopeful little blighters.
    Once this is done, a quick cutscene will show a treasure chest materialising 
    out of thin air on an upper ledge, so go up and open it for your prize - a 
    <SPIRIT OF THE DEVILS>, giving you yet another shot of Ninpo to murder 
    opponents with! Isn't that just grand?
    Watch out, though - getting too close to the door during the battle may cause
    Hayabusa to leave the room when you press the 'X' button for an attack. It can
    be rather annoying when you've two enemies left, since you'll then have to
    do the whole lot again.
    |                                                                            \\
    |This Sixty Fiend Challenge must be completed before the end of Chapter Seven,|
    |otherwise it will be gone for good. All the enemies in the challenge will be |
    |replaced by a mere three Spider Clan Ninjas, and you get nothing special for |
    |wiping them out instead.						      |
    |									      |
    |Guess you might as well do it now then, eh?				      |
    Now that you've killed off half the population of Luxembourg in a single room,
    it's time to leave this crazy town. Leave through the door on the bottom floor,
    continue on through the next one and then head up to the altar, killing anyone
    who gets in your way - more Reapers and brown demons, basically. Once there,
    examine the altar itself and Hayabusa will place the Book of Eons back where
    it belongs - discounting the safe where he found it, of course.
    This, logically, causes the pedestal lurking deviously behind the altar to 
    slide away, revealing a new path for Hayabusa to follow. So, make him follow
    it and hop on down into the caverns below.
    Pretty much as soon as you're down there, you'll be accosted by a swarm of 
    bats, so teach tham that your Ninja blood is not for feasting upon by killing
    them all. Having done this, collect the <GOLDEN SCARAB> hidden in the corner,
    the Map of the Underground Cemetery waiting inside the treasure chest and 
    finally ransack the belongings of the dead ninja lying on the floor over there
    to top up your reserves of Incendiary Shuriken. It's not like he needs them or
    his wallet anymore, so don't be shy - raid the dead!
    This accomplished, walk on over to the Dragon Statue in the middle of the room
    and save your game to your heart's desire. Once is probably more than enough, 
    Okay! See that metal gate over there by the Dragon Statue? Exit through it and
    stare in stupefied wonder at the massive stone head on your left. You're now
    in a new area called the 'Corridor of Doom' which, coupled with that 
    magnificent head, might give you a clue as to what's about to happen. For now
    though, head the only way you can and chuck an Incendiary Shuriken at the 
    cracked wall.
    Oh, and it might be an idea to start running like hell around now, too. A 
    cutscene will kick into play about now, showing that the explosion has 
    dislodged that exquisitely proportioned head, and the stone cranium in question
    is now hurtling towards you in true Indiana Jones style. 
    Get running, you lightning fast Ninja, you.
    Chase Sequence!
    I'm surprised that this section wasn't cut for the European release of the 
    game. I was sickened to my European stomach when I noticed that there's a stone
    version of a giant DECAPITATED HEAD rolling towards you, and everyone knows 
    that us frail European types can't handle gory details such as these without
    running off to our censorship friends for our own protection. 
    On with the walkthrough, enough with the sarcasm!
    For this section of the game, you'll have a fixed camera angle facing towards
    you as you flee this mighty boulder, which is both a good and a bad thing. It's
    good, since it shows you how close the head is to turning you into mush. It's
    also bad, however, because it gives you limited time to react and avoid the 
    traps that have been cunningly placed along your only escape route.
    Don't worry about dying here, though - while the spiked pits might very well
    kill you off if you're low on energy, getting hit by the rolling head will 
    simply warp you back to the start of the chase sequence. Just blow up the 
    cracked wall again and head on through.
    So, here are the traps in order of appearance:
    1. Spike pit - Jump over the bugger.
    2. Large spike pit - Wall run along the left wall, jump at the end.
    3. Spike pit - Jump over it.
    4. Spike pit - Jump again. It's quite near the previous one, so be ready.
    5. Three falling stone columns - They fall from the right, then the left, then
       the right of the corridor. Swerve around each in the opposite direction from
       which they fall.
    6. Irregular spike pit - The middle section can't be jumped over - head down 
       the left hand side and jump the jutting out section that gets in your way.
    7. Small spike pit - Hop over or swerve around.
    8. Devious spike pit - Don't be fooled by the dip in the ground right before 
       the spike trap, it's really quite safe to run along. Jump the spikes when
       you come to them.
    9. Large spike pit - Wall run along the left and jump again for this one.
    That's it! Run along a little further and make sure you don't get squashed to 
    trigger a cutscene with Hayabusa leaping onto an iron bar spanning a chasm and 
    swinging along it. The poor head isn't quite so athletic - it drops away to its
    doom in fine style.
    It transpires that you're in...
    NEW Area: Econtra Babel Specus
    Now that you're back in control of Hayabusa, swing jump over to the rock ledge
    in front of you and open up that treasure chest to claim yourself a <GREAT 
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     On second thought, don't bother. Not unless you enjoy getting jumped by a 
     ton of bloodthirsty bats locked away in a treasure chest, at any rate.
     How do they breathe in there, anyway?
    Save at the Dragon Statue, and make your way down the outsides of the cavern.
    You'll be attacked by bats several times during your descent, so change your
    subweapon back to the standard shuriken to make life easier and also to prevent
    you from accidentally wasting any Incendiary Shuriken. They'll come in handy
    soon, trust me.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Falling down the pit may very well be the fastest way to the bottom, but it's|
    |also the fastest way to the game over screen.                                |
    |									      |
    |Watch your step and don't fall in. This is the only place in the game other  |
    |than the Airship where falling off a platform can kill you instantly.        |
    As you make your way down the abyss, you'll no doubt notice a huge dead bone 
    dragon thing clinging onto the sides. Hop over his totally dead and harmless 
    claws as you come to them, and you'll soon see a side room which has a pit 
    inside with bats pouring out of it. Kill them and drop down, then open the gate
    and step out onto a new ledge where you'll be attacked by some hopeful brown 
    demons. You know the drill, and this is where they will make their first 
    appearance in the Hurricane Pack.
    You may very well notice an alcove by the wall which contains an old, decrepit
    altar, but it's about as useless as a chocolate fireplace for now so just walk 
    on by and head in through the next iron gate you come to.
    Down the stairs will be a bunch of new enemies - the technical name for which
    would have to be 'Big brains with eyeballs and bee stingers protruding from
    their asses'. Use your bow to take them out, or utilise your Windmill Shuriken
    to finish them off - two hits from the four bladed wonder will do the trick
    rather nicely.
    Before you leave the room, look around and you'll find a <GOLDEN SCARAB> right
    below the ledge you entered this section from, and a treasure chest up on high
    containing a <LIFE OF THE GODS>.
    This part of the game can be annoying at first, since even getting back up can 
    be a complete hassle if you don't know just how to do it.
    Okay. Assume you're on that Iron Circle in the middle of the room, right at the
    very bottom. There's a path going down and out of the room, which we'll ignore
    for now. Facing that way, but to the left, is a place where you can wall jump
    up to claim a Golden Scarab hidden away in a little niche. 
    Do this and then face out and jump onto the ledge directly in front of you. To 
    your right is another platform within easy jumping distance, so hop onto it.
    Look up from here and at a slight angle to the walls' left to discover a ledge 
    with a treasure chest stowed away on it.
    Now, here's the tricky part. The thing is that wall running in this area is 
    a little erratic, so you don't want to be doing that in order to reach the 
    ledges. That said, the platforms are a little too far apart to jump across
    comfortably, so we do have a little bit of a problem here.
    The answer?
    Equip the Dragon Sword, walk to the edge of the platform (you won't fall off)
    and jump towards the ledge with the treasure chest, tapping 'X' at the height 
    of your jump to get a little extra height and boost yourself onto it. Collect 
    the Life of the Gods, then you can jump to the ledge nearest and slightly above
    you, and from there it's just a simple jump and some wall climbing to get back 
    out through the higher gate you initially entered the room from.
    Simple, huh?
    Okay, now that you know how to get back up, it's time to ignore everything I 
    just told you and leave through the bottom exit. You'll come across a Dragon
    Statue on your way out, so be sure and save the game when you do. If you don't
    have any Incendiary Shuriken or healing items on you at this point, you might
    want to go back to the dead Ninja and Muramasa's shop (the statue, not the real
    shop) to get some.
    If you've plenty of them, or you're just feeling brave, continue your descent!
    It should be noted that you can dive into the pit from here - there's actually
    just one section of it which kills you, and that's if you fall past the 
    previous room with the brain things in them without using the room itself to
    go down.
    So, dive on down! Kill the brown demons that appear once you land on the sealed
    floor plate with the chains holding it in place, then scour the outskirts of 
    the area to find a new route heading further into the cavern. Head along it, 
    making sure to grab the <GOLDEN SCARAB> hidden away in a small recess on the 
    right hand side of the corridor, that cheeky young monkey. Move along.
    You'll now find yourself in the 'Tomb of the Eons', which is quite an elegant 
    name for what is essentially one huge grave. Kill the bats as they attack you, 
    and drop down the pit you come to. Annihilate the new batch of flying vermin
    you encounter, and then open up the next chest for an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL 
    LIFE>. Oh, happy days!
    Head into the circular room right beside you, and you'll notice that the walls
    are suffering from a bad dose of the pox - but, more importantly, there's a
    switch lying slap bang in the centre of the room. Jump over it and press 'Y'
    to slam down on top of the switch and get the whole room moving. Turns out that
    the floor is actually a rotating lift of some sort, and you just sent yourself 
    on your way down even further into the bowels of the tomb.
    Angry at having missed the elevator, some brown demons leap in after you in a
    frenzied effort to spill your blood. Spill theirs instead, and remember to tap
    the right trigger to centre the camera if the rotating platform spins you 
    Once at the bottom, head through the door and open the treasure chest located
    behind the nearby rock pillar to uncover a handy new weapon - the Vigoorian
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Or maybe, you know, not the Vigoorian Flails.
     If you're wondering where they've gone, Muramasa now gives them to you in 
     return for a mere (XX) scarabs.
    There's nothing else here, so head up the corridor and open up the door at the 
    far end like some sort of supernatural comet to enter the Ritual Room, baby!
    You'll be attacked by a new bunch of flying brains, so kill them off as swiftly
    as you possibly can.
    Once this is done...
    CG Cutscene
    Well, there's nothing like a spurting spray of yellow blood across an altar to 
    redecorate it in a pleasing new way that catches the eye of any casual observer
    who might be passing by. 
    Unfortunately, the Holy Grail also catches an eye - one which bursts free from 
    your brainlike aggressors, as a matter of fact. The sacriledge of having an 
    eyeball landing in one of their treasured holy artefacts is enough to anger the
    dead into rising from their eternal slumber... which is exactly what happens, 
    and the Vigoorians start clambering out of their resting places in order to 
    greet our awesome hero.
    With axes and arrows.
    Uh oh.
    As soon as you're back in control of Ryu, just flip out and kill them all, 
    otherwise you won't be allowed out of the room. 
    Some basic tips against these guys - be sure to attack the archers first since 
    they have less endurance than the other zombies, and also because getting shot 
    in the back from miles away is never fun. Also, perform a Wind Run and then 
    follow up with a Flying Swallow on the same enemy to decapitate him, impairing 
    his aim (for obvious reasons) and also removing his ability to grab you and 
    feast upon your head if you get lazy with your dodging skills.
    Once they're all dead - and there's quite a few of them - grab the Holy Grail
    off its pedestal and make a break for it through the newly reopened door. There
    will be more undead, axe and bow weilding zombie enemies in this area, so take
    care of them or just run on by until you get back to the rotating lift.
    Activate the switch in exactly the same manner you did last time, and then fend
    off yet more zombies shuffling out of their resting places in order to give 
    you a damn good chopping up. Once you finally reach the top, leg it through the
    door. You don't have to kill them all before doing so, but hey - they do give 
    you decent amounts of essence.
    Run back through the corridors until you come to the steel plate held up by
    those massive chains, and then waste all the zombies who're all holding a party
    up here too.
    Now, we're about to have some fun. Make your way back up the winding path near 
    the edge of the room, and soon you'll come across three zombie archers who are
    firmly implanted upon their platforms. One single shot from them will send you 
    flying, probably back to the ground floor, and this will have the side effect
    of bringing any you managed to kill right back to life. Or undead life, or 
    whatever state it is they happen to exist in.
    Some tips for these smarmy buggers - if you block an arrow, it will break your
    guard so roll as soon as this happens. If you don't, his friend will likely 
    send one streaking right into your skull before you recover.
    Secondly, put those Incendiary Shuriken to work! Three hits with an Incendiary 
    Shuriken will put them back to sleep for good, and even one hit will stop them
    firing at you long enough to get in close and do some damage. If you're flush
    with Incendiaries - and you should be - stick them until they die, blocking
    between throws in case his buddy retaliates.
    Finally, never, EVER Flying Swallow these jokers. You'll hit them, yes, but 
    you'll probably end up falling back down to the bottom as you overshoot the 
    ledge, which will prompt a respawn of the bastards and therefore negate all 
    your hard work. Tough life, isn't it?
    |                                                                            \\
    |This part is often considered the most annoying part in the whole game. I'd  |
    |probably agree, especially when I remember the first few times I attempted   |
    |it. I'd always miss a jump or get shot in the back while attacking one of the|
    |archers, causing Ryu to plummet back to terra firma - only to have all those |
    |lovely enemies reappear once I climbed my way back up to the top.            |
    |									      |
    |Grr.                                                                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |However, if you kept some Incendiary Shuriken handy for this part you'll be  |
    |through before you know it.                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |You did take my earlier advice on this matter, didn't you?                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |Didn't you?                                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |Oh, COME ON.                                                                 |
    When you come across the Dragon Statue once again, be sure to save your game
    since there's a boss fight about to take place once more. Head into the room 
    beside you. As you'll no doubt be pleased to find, the flying brain things have
    been replaced by plain old bats. Kill them for essence, and then use the 
    climbing technique I mentioned earlier (around the first time you got here, in 
    fact) to make your way back up. Exit through the gate at the top, and head on
    over to the disused altar and place the Holy Grail where it really wants to be.
    The flames on the altar will flicker to life and, unfortunately, the same can
    be said of that huge bone dragon you've been ignoring all this time during your
    manly descent into the bowels of hell. It rears up and lets out a scream that's
    surprisingly powerful given the fact that it doesn't seem to have any lungs
    Oh well. Boss fight!
    Boss fight: Bone Dragon
    Some players have problems with this boss, but he's really not that hard - and
    despite what you may have heard, the camera won't go nuts unless you run right 
    into it for whatever crazy reason may be manifesting inside your head.
    Your target for this fight isn't particularly tough to single out - you see 
    how he's keeping himself level with you by gripping onto the stone ledges with 
    the aid of his bony claws? Let's see him try that after we cut off his hands!
    First off, equip your preferred weapon of unbearable pain and start hammering 
    the claw nearest you with your favourite combos. X, Y, Y with the Dragon Sword
    is quite good, mainly because it's mobile - as you attack, the Bone Dragon will
    often shoot shards of bone off its spine at you - you'll see that it rocks 
    its whole body a couple of times, and then the shards will fly at you. Dodge
    them any way you like. If it raises its foot to stomp you, roll quickly aside.
    If it draws back its head, dodge like hell since it's about to try and bite 
    you. If it catches you with this attack you'll lose a substantial amount of 
    life, and needless to say, you can't block it. 
    Every time you kill off a claw, the Dragon will shriek in pain and turn around,
    offering you a new one to take care of - usually turning the other way in an 
    effort to swipe you with its tail. Take care to avoid this attack by jumping
    over or rolling under it. You'll have to decide which evasive move to use when 
    it attacks, as it varies the height of the swipe from time to time.
    If you want to inflict damage on the rest of its claws, use any Incendiary 
    Shuriken you may have or whip out your bow and start attacking the ones you
    can't otherwise reach. The Windmill Shuriken does good work too, but it's 
    completely ineffective in the Hurricane Pack - it literally does no damage and
    simply bounces off the bone.
    Once our bony nemesis has taken enough punishment and has the bone sheathing
    on its claws smashed asunder, it finds that it can no longer support itself 
    with those weakened paws and soon plummets to its doom - breaking the rusted
    chains and dislodging the metal panel which sealed the lower sections of the 
    caverns off from you previously.
     /Chapter 7 - 'Hidden Underground'| xx07xx \
    |'A hidden underground path leading deeper and deeper. Does the path to       |
    |Zarkhan truly exist...?'                                                     |
    First of all, locate the source of that beeping noise in order to procure for
    yourself a shiny new <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS>. This done, it's time to 
    get back down to where that metal plate used to be - and for the love of all 
    that is holy, don't try jumping down from here or you'll have a quick spell of
    INSTANT DEATH on your hands. 
    Which, naturally, you don't want. Go down the usual way, save if you feel like
    it, and make your way down around the edges of the cavern until you reach the 
    same level as the tunnel branching off to the Ritual Room.
    |                                                                            \\
    |If you return to the Ritual room now, you'll be invited to kill off sixty of |
    |those evil zombie buggers in return for a <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS>. The  |
    |extended health bar is always a bonus, so feel free to trot on down and      |
    |liberate said treasure from their zombielike hands if you want.              |
    |                                                                             |
    |There's no rush though - you can come back and kill them off at any point in |
    |the game, so there's no real problem either way.                             |
    Whether or not you decide to go and extricate that handly little treasure from 
    their unholy grasp, you'll soon want to be moving ever onwards. If you don't
    feel like going for it, just dive into that big gaping pit beside you. I 
    recommend leaping from the Dragon Statue for the full 'GYAAAAAAH' effect. This
    will lead you to the...
    You'll land in amongst the remains of the previous boss, who is now completely
    dead and not merely feigning it. Search the edges of this circular room, and 
    almost directly opposite the doorway leading out you'll find a lovely <GOLDEN
    SCARAB> waiting for you in a burial shelf. Sweet! Now that we're done doing
    what we were doing in this place, exit through the only door available to you.
    Joy - more zombie archers, and four of the buggers at that. Well, waste no time
    in disposing of their services, and laugh like a madman as you slice their
    kneecaps off. Continue on past them and you'll come across a tiny little room
    with a Shop in the corner and some broken pillars in the centre.
    See if you can guess which is more important.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Sir, I implore you to upgrade your Dragon Sword to level 3. You might also   |
    |want to upgrade the Vigoorian Flails too - it's a handy little weapon, and   |
    |certainly worth learning to use properly.                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |And it can also make a complete mess out of a boss that's coming up in a     |
    |little while.                                                                |
    Now that your urges to trade away your souls have been sated once more, leave 
    this room via the new doorway. The one with the steps. Follow the path around
    until you come to another small room containing a treasure chest which is in 
    plain sight. Open it up to receive a Map of the Underground, and then go and 
    save at the Dragon Statue beside you. This done, go through the next doorway
    to find yourself in a...
    Hey, curb your enthusiasm. Before you go bounding across that titular 
    suspension bridge like a hyperactive puppy on crack, let's take a moment to 
    smell the coffee. Ah, sweet, sweet coffee. Aromatic and perfectly blended 
    coffee. Coffee of the Gods!
    With me now? If so, look around the first ledge you come to upon entering this
    area. To your left lies a treasure chest containing a <LIFE OF THE GODS>, so 
    hop on over and pick it up. On the other side of the ledge lies a <GOLDEN 
    SCARAB>, which is always neat. Go and get that too, and then take a trot across
    the bridge.
    Typical, typical stuff. You just want to walk across a simple bridge, and then 
    zombies come along with their big ass axes and chop the bloody thing down while
    you're only halfway across.
    They couldn't just do it when you're not actually using the thing, could they?
    As a little aside, you can skip this cutscene and preserve the glory of such an
    intricately wrought bridge by jumping down into the chasm of your own accord.
    Now that you've been unceremoniously dumped on the floor below, it's time to
    unleash your aggression on some of the poor fools down here who think that you
    look like a tasty, ninjaey snack. There's a bunch of brown demons and axe
    weilding zombies down here - nothing too scary, but there are a few of them. If
    you upgraded your Dragon Sword, you'll notice that they're falling in far less
    hits than they used to.
    Once they're all DEAD, take a look around. You'll notice a door at one end of
    the room is blocked off by a couple of iron snakes holding red and blue orbs
    in their mouths. Now, go to the door furthest away from this one, and enter.
    [The Chamber of the Blue Eye]
    As usual, you'll have your own welcoming party as soon as you step into the
    room. Kill the zombie archer directly in front of you, and start pulling arrows
    out of the dead ninja, quick style. There are more archers on the opposite end
    of the room firing off their own particular brand of death at you, so kill them
    with your newly acquired supply of arrows before they do the same to you.
    A handy method for doing this is to hop down onto the floor, get fairly close 
    to them and use the broken pillars as cover. I find it beats having to squint
    past the swinging maces in order to aim at zombies made tiny by their distance 
    from you, anyway. It's up to you how you approach this, however.
    Once they're dead and gone, return to your dead benefactor and start pulling
    arrows out of his flesh again. Directly opposite the doorway you came in and
    slightly above your line of sight is a window-like recess with a glowing red
    orb inside it. Shoot an arrow into the orb, and it will turn green and show a 
    brief cutscene informing you that a partially visible pathway has appeared 
    bridging the gap to the opposite side.
    You'll have to be quick, though - it doesn't last forever, and there's those
    swinging maces doing their best to impede your progress. Follow the blue 
    streams of smoke around, roll past the swinging maces, and jump the gaps you
    come across. Only pass the second last mace when it swings away from the wall
    you'll be running past, and then leap to victory!
    Don't rush too much though - you've certainly enough time to afford being 
    careful here. Centre the camera whenever you have to, and all that life 
    preserving stuff.
    Once on the other side, climb the small set of steps up to that magnificent
    Blue Orb shaped like an eye, and push it in with 'X'. A cutscene will play 
    showing the snake with the blue orb in the other room sliding away from the 
    One down, one to go!
    Before you scoot back into the other room, however, drop down from the ledge 
    you're standing on and take a look underneath it, behind one of the pillars.
    Hey, another <GOLDEN SCARAB> awaits! Now, run back to the other end of the room
    and collect the <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> from the treasure chest before running
    up the stairs.
    Oh, and pillage the ninja's body one last time before you leave if you haven't
    got a full stock of arrows.
    Once back in the main room, you'll be attacked by more brown demons and 
    zombies. Do the decent thing and kill them all, then run down to the doorway
    nearest the 'snake door' and make yourself acquainted with the room on the
    other side.
    [The Chamber of the Red Eye]
    More archer zombies await in this room. Kill them as before, and then let's 
    get down to business. Oh, and the previous tactic of hopping down, using cover
    and shooting them from up close still works well.
    First off, grab the treasure chest you first noticed upon entering the room to
    net yourself a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>. Now, turn around and check out the path
    that lies before you. A thin path runs all the way to the other side of the
    room, and as luck would have it, this very same path is littered with traps -
    namely swinging maces and pressure-sensitive spike plates.
    There's not much to say for this bit. I'll break it down for you, anyway.
    1. Roll past the first swinging mace.
    2. Jump over the first spike trap, 
    3. Wait until the mace isn't in the way, and then jump over the next spike 
    4. Shoot the base of the swinging maces with arrows - notice how they have
       little red orbs there? This will slow them down, allowing you to leap past
       the rest of the spike pits without getting mauled by the maces.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Is step four turning out to be too much of a hassle for you? It's actually   |
    |easier to roll past the mace into the spike trap, wait until the next mace   |
    |swings by, jump into the *next* spike trap and then leap past the last       |
    |swinging mace as it passes.						      |
    |									      |
    |It does damage you, yes, but it's less likely you'll get smacked off the     |
    |platform by one of those bloody maces and have to start over from the start  |
    |of the path. 								      |
    |									      |
    |And hey, that's what all those healing potions you've been collecting are    |
    |for.                                                                         |
    Once safely on the other side, it should be obvious what to do. Run along and
    hit that Red Eye for another cutscene of the second snake retreating from the
    doorway, opening up the path ahead for you!
    There's nothing else to do on this end of the room, so drop down, run back 
    across and collect the <ELIXER OF THE DEVIL WAY> from the chest on the bottom
    floor, then run up the stairs and leave the room.
    Your destination is obvious - run through the newly opened Snake door and there
    will be a brief cutscene before...
    Mid Boss: Big Squidgey Fiend Thing
    Well, doesn't this guy look somewhat familiar? 
    Oh, that's right. We killed him two chapters ago.
    He really hasn't changed that much, to be honest, so all the previous tactics 
    still apply to this fight. You, however, have picked up one extra move that 
    will make mincemeat out of him.
    Flying Swallow his tentacles off as per usual, don't collect the health or 
    ninpo essence he releases, and then use them in order to perform the
    'Annihilating Gleam' with the Level 3 Dragon Sword (twirl the stick 360 
    degrees, hold 'Y' and unleash). You'll look like the center of a hurricane when
    you use this move, and each use does more than 25% damage to this boss.
    So! Follow this technique, and you'll have him dead in two attack cycles.
    Good riddance.
    Now that he's dead and gone, another quick cutscene will kick in showing the 
    walls shifting around a little outside. Collect the blue essences left behind,
    and, of course, pick up the <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS> before you leave, too.
    They're always handy to have.
    Once outside, hang an immediate right and wall jump all the way to the top -
    this whole section could have been done in moments were it not for those stupid
    zombies with their axes. Can't leave those bridges alone, they can't.
    Anyway, once on the upper ledge you'll see a throne with something shiny 
    resting upon it. Go over and pick it up to obtain your very first <JEWEL OF THE
    DEMON SEAL>. This handy little doohickey will upgrade any ninpo scroll you have
    on you other than the Art of the Flame Wheels, enhancing their attack power. 
    Feel free to use it on your Inferno scroll right away.
    Now, before continuing on, you can go back to the shop you visited right before
    the bridge was destroyed (since an identical wall has come out on the other 
    side of the pit that you can use to wall jump back up) and you can go and 
    pillage that dead ninja in the Chamber of the Blue Eye for arrows one last 
    Be sure to get any scarabs you've missed, because this place will be sealed off
    for good before much longer. Wouldn't want to miss out now, would you?
    Ready? Then leave via the door beside the throne which held the Jewel of the 
    Demon seal. Save at the Dragon statue in the next room, then set off down the
    new passageway nearby. You'll notice that two zombie archers are firing at you
    as you descend towards them in fury, so take evasive action as you close in on
    them - wall running into a Flying Swallow is a favourite of mine.
    This next section, as you'll notice, contains loads of zombies. Take some time 
    out of your busy schedule to kill them all, and remember that Ultimate 
    Techniques can be really, really fun in such close quarters. 
    Once you've done a victory lap on them, saunter over to the dead ninja in the 
    corner and ruffle through his possessions to uncover a new Ninpo scrolls - The
    Art of the Ice Storm! Hooray!
    Wait, it sucks ass. Collect it anyway, and then descend further into the depths
    of Vigoor where you'll be accosted by bats. Bats! You know what to do, so go
    ahead and do it.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     If you're playing through the Hurricane Pack, there's some good news for you: 
     you won't be attacked by bats at this point.
     There's also some bad news, though - it'll be a swarm of Ghost Fish trying
     to tear meaty chunks out of you instead.
     You have upgraded the Lunar or Flails by this point, haven't you? If not, you
     may have some problems. Still, jumping back and forth with the Dragon Swords'
     'X' attack should make it all work out in the end.
     Oh, and that last dead ninja isn't holding the Ice Storm Ninpo, but rather a
     Great Spirit Elixer - which is probably the better of the two items, so it's
     not all bad.
    Once past here, you'll be in the...
    [Chamber of Everlasting Sleep]
    Now, there's a pretty simple puzzle in place here. Touch the floor, and the
    sarcophagus will rise out of reach. Therefore, we simply make sure that we 
    don't touch the floor.
    From the entrance, there's a set of steps leading down, and to the right lies
    a panel - this will cause the sarcophagus to lower itself back down to floor
    level where you can get your grubby mitts on it once more. 
    All said and done, though, you should really head off to the left. Wall run 
    over to the jagged 'sandy' section in front of you, and your weight will cause
    the ledge in front of it to descend to the same level as the sarcophagus. Head
    on over, not touching the rest of the floor, to search said coffin for two 
    highly important items - the <WOLF, DEITY OF WISDOM> statue, and the <SKULL
    KEY>. Search the sarchophagus twice to obtain both items, and then walk over
    to the nearby Skull Door and unlock it.
    Head on out, and kill all the bats you come across - unless you're playing the
    Hurricane pack, which will have them replaced with you know what - until you
    come to...
    Well, the crack in the wall you caused by killing the last Chapter's boss has 
    finally stopped trickling water. Unfortunately, it has done so by caving in
    completely and replacing the 'trickle of water' with a 'torrent of water'. The
    corridors are now flooding, and Hayabusa's caught smack bang in the middle of 
    it all.
    He looks a little puzzled as rats start scurrying past his feet, but he soon
    realizes why - he looks around as a massive wall of water bears smashes into 
    him. He catches onto a nearby support beam to try and hold out against it, but 
    can't keep his grip as he's swept along with the current and dumped into a 
    nearby pool of water.
    Oh well.
    Yippee! You're swimmin'! 
    First thing's first - you now have an air gauge whenever you go underwater. It
    shouldn't be a problem for now, though, so just point Hayabusa the way you want
    him to swim and hold down the 'A' button. Tapping it makes him swim faster, but
    don't bother trying to manouvre when you're doing so - 'A' and a direction are
    used for quick dives up or down.
    Okay! First off, go and swim down to where that shiny golden thing is for -
    would you believe it - another <GOLDEN SCARAB>! Ignore the elevator beside you
    for now, since you'll probably want to go and save your game. To do so, simply
    head down the submerged tunnel beside where the Scarab was and head along until
    you resurface a little further down the line. Head up the stairs and save at 
    the Dragon Statue.
    |                                                                            \\
    |If you're not reasonably stocked with healing items and Ninpo, you might want|
    |to save this particular section to another save slot, especially if it's your|
    |first time through the game. The next section can be rough for new players,  |
    |and there's no way to get back to a shop where you can restock on healing    |
    |items and the like.                                                          |
    |									      |
    |You've been warned, baby.                                                    |
    Ignore this motionless elevator too, since you'll be coming back here later in 
    the game once it starts working - and don't bother trying to wall run up to the
    top either, because it just isn't possible. That said, there's only one way to 
    go from here, and that's back the way you came. Backtrack, and then head into 
    that first elevator you passed earlier on whilst swimming around.
    Once you reach the top, you'll be back in the Monk's room. The door locks, and
    then three Spider Clan Ninjas will attack you - finish them off, and then 
    look at the Monk's Diary again. Isn't that interesting... there's a new 
    combination for you to try. Amble on over to the safe and do the following:
    - Turn the dial right and enter '1'
    - Turn the dial left and enter  '4'
    - Turn the dial right and enter '1'
    - Turn the dial left and enter  '0'
    This will open up the safe again, allowing you to rob the poor monk blind yet
    again. Well, it should teach him right for being such an idiot.
    This time you'll get your hands on a <LIFE OF THE GODS>, which is always nice
    to have. Your business concluded, exit via the door that leads into the main
    section of the Monastery - the one that unlocked itself when you killed 
    You'll find yourself on the balcony overlooking the main altar.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Well, this is your last chance to complete the 60 fiend challenge in the     |
    |Library Archives. The chapter will soon be finishing up, and once it's over, |
    |you'll lose the chance to complete it forever - or at least until your next  |
    |game, anyway.                                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |Likewise, if there's anything you want from the other balconies up here, go  |
    |and get them before dropping down to ground level. They're also going to be  |
    |made permanantly unavailable after this next section.                        |
    Are you ready? Well, hop down and approach the altar. Don't bother trying to
    leave via the main door in order to save, since you'll be informed that a
    mysterious force is holding the door closed. Once you approach the altar, 
    you'll be introduced to the owner of that mysterious force via this cutscene...
    CG Cutscene
    Our good pal Hayabusa senses that something isn't quite right with this scene,
    probably as a result of having nobody try to kill him in the aisles. He lifts 
    his head to the bright light streaming through the stained glass window above 
    the altar and notices that a large, ominous shadow is closing in on the 
    Monastery. Seconds later, a female demon crashes through the window, the raw 
    power around her holding the broken shards of glass in stasis.
    The moment passes, and the broken glass falls to the floor along with this new,
    deadly looking enemy. From her knees, she calmly looks up at Ryu as she slowly
    raises herself off the ground.
    As the tension of the moment rises, the camera unneccesarily zooms in on her 
    huge scaly ass as Ryu unsheathes his sword in the background...
    Boss: Alma
    Wheyhey! This is the boss that most players get to, fight a few times and then
    start chewing on the carpet in frustration. She's not really that bad, but it
    is kind of a shock the first time you meet her and she starts doing interesting
    things to your health bar.
    As soon as the fight begins, immediately attempt to Flying Swallow her. It may
    or may not hit, but there's no better way to start the fight. If it does hit 
    her, it'll quite probably knock her on her ass - run right over before she
    recovers and perform the Blade of Nirrti on her for excellent damage. 
    These two moves are going to be your key to beating the hell out of her. She'll
    dodge the Flying Swallow every so often, and eat it occasionally. It's when it 
    knocks her out of the air that you have to strike - so do it quickly!
    Of course, she isn't going to just fly around waiting for you to hit her, so
    here's what you should be watching out for:
    From afar, she'll generally perform one of the following moves -
     - She'll dive at you quickly. You can perform a Flying Swallow on her for 
       guaranteed damage, but you won't knock her out of the air.
     - She'll form pinkish fireballs and start hurling them at you. They hurt, so 
       it's time to start dodging like hell. Roll around, jumping and rolling until
       she stops firing them at you. If you're playing the Hurricane Pack, feel
       free to intercept these whenever you feel like it.
     - She'll use her magical powers to rip pillars out of their roots from afar
       and start hurling them at you. Same idea as the fireballs, but they're more 
       damaging. You can intercept these too in the Hurricane Pack.
    And when she's in close, she might bust out the following -
     - She floats around, and you'll hear a sort of 'warping' sound. Upon hearing 
       this, you'll notice that she's surrounded by a purple glow which reaches to
       the floor. If you get caught in this (and you can't block it, so don't try),
       you'll be lifted into the air and caught on the business end of a three hit
       combo which ends with you being axe-kicked back to the floor. 
       You'll take damage from bouncing off the floor too, but you can pause and
       heal between the axe kick and the sudden impact with the floor if you're 
     - She'll stomp you, which often leads to her simply walking around as if she 
       owns the place. Get too close to her while she's walking and she might hit
       you a few times or perform a Frankensteiner throw on you, which isn't 
       particularly pleasant and can quite easily strip half your health off. 
    Reduce her health to zero, and it's all over for her, baby!
    Upon being soundly defeated by your uber Ninja skills, Alma suddenly finds 
    herself unable to control the vast power she weilds. Ryu wisely backs off as 
    she leans back and a huge burst of energy suddenly streaks out of her forehead 
    and blows the roof clean off the Monastery. Eagle eyed viewers may spot that 
    it also blows the top of her head off into the bargain.
    Holy. Crap.
    CG Cutscene
    As Alma sways around on her knees, her power currently spent, a figure can be
    seen standing on a high up section of the recently destroyed Monastery. That
    figure, moreover, is obviously Rachel.
    She sends a grappling hook into a nearby section of rock then swings down 
    towards Alma, celebrating their meeting by booting her straight in the face and
    sending her flying. Crossing over to where Alma lies helpless, she raises her
    hammer up on high and... hesitates.
    Not to fear though, because she swings it up again and... hesitates once more.
    Their eyes meet, and Alma uses this opportunity to escape by melting through 
    the floor. Didn't see that one coming, did you?
    Rachel, frustrated, then sinks to her knees. 'I couldn't do it,' she confesses 
    to Ryu, who's just sort of standing around as if he has nothing to do with
    anything. 'I couldn't kill my own sister.'
    Before he can say anything, an alarm can be heard echoing throughout Tairon -
    your Monastery exploding antics have not gone unnoticed, it would seem.
     /Chapter 8 - 'Tairon Under Alert'| xx08xx \
    |'The battle with Rachel's sister, the Greater Fiend Alma, ended without a    |
    |victor. However, the aftermath of the battle has caused the Vigoor Army to be|
    |deployed...'                                                                 |
    Before the level begins, we're treated to a cutscene showing that the Vigoor
    Military has now become involved in your quest - namely, they want to hunt you
    down and kill you. The Internal Affairs Security Forces are unleashed out into
    the streets of Tairon, and over the louspeakers we learn that this is a Code
    Orange situation, a curfew is hereby enforced, and that they're requesting
    all the information they can get on the target, though there's nothing new to
    report at this time.
    Remember, you're the target. Not feeling so cocky now, are you? Huh? HUH?
    The scene then switches back to the messed up interior of the Monastery. Ryu
    questions Rachel on a new theory of his - that the Greater Fiends still have a
    'Yes,' she says. Turns out that the Greater Fiends are the only ones still able
    to retain a spirit after their transformation and that there are only three 
    of them - Alma, Doku and another that guards the Emperor. 
    'It's not safe to be around me,' Ryu then tells her before leaving. 'You 
    should go now.'
    Of course, Ryu isn't even gone for three seconds before she goes and gets 
    herself into some rather serious trouble. It turns out that Doku was nearby
    when the fight occurred, and he's made his way over here while Rachel was still
    deciding what to do next.
    In true villain fashion, he declares that he should kill Rachel now for the
    pain she inflicted on Alma. However, he has an even better idea - he'll use 
    her to make Alma even stronger than before through the cursed blood of a twin
    Wow, sucks to be a twin sister in this universe. Rachel, obviously, isn't too 
    pleased with Doku and shows this by smashing a huge warhammer straight into 
    his grinning face. Far from pulping his facial features, however, this attack 
    doesn't even put a dent in his armour. He says it's a shame that such power
    has to go to waste - Rachel could have become an even more powerful Fiend than
    She tries to smash his face in once more, but Doku simply backhands her across
    the face and sends her sprawling senseless to the floor. This done, he scoops
    her up under one arm before leaving the monastery - and her Hammer - behind 
    Doku. What a guy! 
    So, back to Ryu!
    The Kunai which smacks into a nearby wall at the start of this chapter mentions
    that Tairon is now on full alert and under the control of the military. As 
    inconvenient as this might be for you, you should be able to utterly rear-end 
    their ability to respond to the threat you pose by taking out the Radio Control
    Tower located next to the Military Supply base.
    Well, that would be a start, I guess.
    You'll find yourself outside the front doors of the Monastery, though from 
    the last cutscene it's fairly obvious that you should take a walk back inside. 
    Climb the ramp, approach the altar - then swing left before you reach it and 
    start poking around the wreckage in that area. As you may have suspected, 
    Rachel's War Hammer is lying around in there, so sweep it up and make some use 
    of it.
    As your first heavy weapon, you will find that this is rather handy for 
    breaking down brittle, cracked walls scattered around all over the place. If 
    nothing else, it's easier and cheaper than using Incendiary Shurikens to open 
    them up.
    Talking of Incendiary Shuriken, hop down the pit beside the altar to restock 
    your supplies from the dead ninja down there, then return. Take a look around,
    appreciate the damage caused by Alma (the gaping hole where the ceiling used to
    be is particularly nice to look at), and marvel at the helicopters flying 
    around outside. 
    Ready? Good. That Monk who owns the safe is probably going to a little bit 
    pissed off with what you and Alma have done to his house.
    It's time to leave the Monastery behind us, so exit and save at the Dragon 
    Statue outside the main door, and then climb the steps and leave the grounds
    In the courtyard, you'll notice that the whole area has been sealed off with 
    iron fences - walk in a little further and you'll be attacked by your first
    squad of troops from the Vigoorian Army. 
    Tactics for these guys are pretty standard - run over and kill them. They can't
    throw you, contrary to popular belief, but they can stick you with their 
    bayonet and blow you off with a grenade in what *looks* like a throw. They
    can also break your guard with a stab of their bayonet, and as you engage one 
    the others will often lay down suppressive fire as a way of supporting your
    opponent - or simply chuck a grenade or two your way which will both cause 
    block damage and break your guard if you try to block it.
    They're easier than they sound, but do take some getting used to at first.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Something to watch out for in the Hurricane pack is that there's always one
     Rocket Trooper to every two Machine Gun Troopers. Try to kill the Rocket 
     Troops off first if you get the chance, since getting hit in the face by 
     rockets is never much fun.
     Oh, and the standard troopers can now throw you with a real, honest to 
     goodness throw. Gah.
    Once they're all dead, head up the stairs and make your way onwards. What we're
    really doing here is heading back to the gates of the Military Compound you 
    came across not long after your arrival in Tairon. When you come across the
    Train Yard you'll be attacked by a squad of three troopers, so kill them and 
    continue on, heading right at the junction with the Save point and heading 
    off towards the drawbridge.
    When you arrive, you'll notice that some skank has raised the bloody thing, so
    hop over to the level on the nearby wall and give it a yank. The cutscene will
    show the drawbridge being lowered and some nasty armoured troops and their 
    assault vehicles blocking your way. Run across and take care of them as usual,
    avoiding the gunfire from the turrets mounted on their APC's. You can destroy
    these guns, which I heavily recommend - simply hurl a single Incendiary 
    Shuriken at them or use the Windmill Shuriken three times to send them off into
    their own mechanical heaven. 
    Keep your eyes on the troops pouring out the back of one of the APCs as you 
    fight, and then take a small breather once they're all in tiny little pieces.
    You'll notice that there's a bloody hindering awkward ton of metal blocking
    one of the exits now, so you're pretty much forced to go through the door with 
    the blue gem in order to continue. Do so.
    Kill the three guys in this alley, don't fall off the sides halfway up, and
    walk up to the cracked wall at the far end. Now, brandish Rachel's War Hammer
    in your muscular arms, draw it back and then strike out at this offending wall 
    with the fury of a thousand dragons. The foe shall be sundered through use of 
    your righteous anger, and the true path shall then open amidst the defeated 
    rubble of thine enemy.
    So, pop through and collect the <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> in the chest ahead. The
    spoils of war!
    Continue through the slightly bendy tunnel until you come to a locked gate - 
    open it up and pass on through, taking a right and following the path up the
    stairs. You'll be attacked by three more clowns from the army, so finish them 
    off and head right.
    This area should be familiar to you - you're right beside the Military Base.
    Before actually going through the door into the Military Courtyard, however, 
    use your Skull Key on the door in the nearby fence and head through to a 
    previously sectioned off bit of ground. Swipe the <GOLDEN SCARAB> right away,
    kick open the chest for an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> and then use Muramasa's 
    shop statue for anything that you might need to replenish or upgrade.
    It's your choice, mind, but I don't really think that the War Hammer's worth 
    upgrading, especially if you've been busy collecting all the scarabs along the 
    way - you can trade in twenty of them before long for something far better.
    Once you've stocked yourself with whatever you needed to buy, head to the back
    area of this section where the camera pans out slightly and you can see a ledge
    above you. It's ninja acrobatics time! Run up the wall opposite the ledge, and
    jump off so that you land on the bugger. Do the same for the ledge above that,
    and head inside the building. Take the only route you can, and you'll 
    eventually end up at a window overlooking the Military Base. Hanging on the
    wall behind this window is a brand spanking new weapon that you just can't
    wait to get your grubby mitts on - the Strongbow!
    You will, of course, have to give up your old bow and arrow to get your hands 
    on this new one, since it's held in place by a Resident Evil style plaque that 
    will only release the new weapon when you trade in your old one. Given the fact
    that the new weapon is much better than your old one, this shouldn't cause you 
    too much anxiety or sleepless nights before making your choice.
    Trade it! TRADE IT!
    Now, take note of this very room - we'll be coming back here shortly. Head back
    to the doorway you entered from and step out onto the ledge. Don't drop back
    down yet, though - look to your left, and you'll see another cool yellow 
    glowing thing tucked out of the way in a little resting place. Jump off towards
    it at an angle, use the wall to run along into the alcove it rests in and 
    prepare to snatch up yet another <GOLDEN SCARAB> for your collection. Hooray!
    Drop back down, exit via the skull gate and turn left. Open the door and 
    proceed into the Military Courtyard, where you'll immediately be attacked by
    two mounted turrets nestled above the gate. Use your newly acquired bow to make
    short work of these jokers, and...
    Mini Boss: Attack Helicopter
    It's tough to call this guy a boss, actually. All you have to do is run into
    the middle of the courtyard and block until he gets bored firing at you and
    Tough as hell, eh?
    Don't start running around the edges like a deranged yak, however, or he'll 
    start firing missiles at you which is a tad more dangerous than the brutally
    ineffective gunfire that can only really kill you if your block button 
    breaks before the battle.
    Good riddance, Mr. Helicopter. You suck ass.
    Take a moment to compose yourself from that epic, riveting boss fight and watch
    the brief cutscene that follows. Apparently, someone inside the base took a 
    passing interest in the fact that there was an attack helicopter attempting to
    gun down a ninja outside his window and lowered the armoured shutters in order
    to take a look.
    Foolish mistake, anonymous army guy! You'll rue the day!
    Run over to the dead ninja who's STILL stuck full of arrows, STILL lying in 
    front of a heavily populated Military Base and STILL very corpselike. You'd 
    think they'd have dragged him away by now, but their loss is your gain - steal
    those arrows from his dead ninja flesh! 
    I don't know, maybe he used some arcane ninja art to seal himself to the floor
    where he died for some bizarre reason as one final act of vengeance. I just 
    don't know. 
    What I do know, however, is that directly opposite the gate at an upper window 
    will come a rocket trooper trying to get the drop on you whilst you're busy 
    pillaging arrows from a corpse. Keep your groovy new Strongbow aimed at him 
    until he appears, then stick two or three arrows into his stupid little skull.
    Another quick cutscene will show that there's - gasp - something to collect up 
    there. Or was, at any rate. it's actually in your hands already.
    You'll still need to go up there, though, so exit back the way you came and
    go through the Skull Gate (killing off the three enemies that have appeared 
    here), hop back to the top ledge and make your way back to the window 
    overlooking the base. Now that the armoured shutters are open, look out the 
    window and loose a couple of arrows at the Blue Gem directly opposite your
    sniping point. The first will break the window, and the second will hit the 
    Blue Gem with the resulting effect being the opening of the Military Gates!
    Now, get over there sharpish! Collect yet MORE arrows from the dead ninja lying
    at the gate and head inside.
    Mission over, and there's no boss this time!
     /Chapter 9 - 'The Military Supply Base'| xx09xx \
    |'The Vigoor Army is after a renegade element, Ryu. The Military Radio Tower  |
    |is key to the Army's organization...'                                        |
    First thing's first. As soon as the chapter begins, trot over to the Dragon
    Statue and save your game. Once this is done, continue on down the road and 
    head through the tunnel until you come to a small door on the right hand side.
    Head through it, changing the time of day to night time, and then kill the 
    three army troops you encounter. Head on in, and explore the left hand side of
    the exit to the tunnel for another shiny new <GOLDEN SCARAB>.
    Unfortunately, you'll now have more people shooting at you, trying to kill you.
    There are two turret towers and the mounted gun on an APC parked between them,
    so back away until you're out of range against the back wall and take them out
    with your Strongbow. Before long, troops will start pouring out the back of the
    APC, so introduce them to the reaper at your leisure.
    See that glowing thing over there that appeared when you took out the gun 
    towers? You need it, so head on over and pick it up to obtain the Warehouse 
    Key. This mystical artefact opens the warehouse beside you, believe it or not.
    Before you head on through, however, rummage through the crate beside the door
    to obtain a new type of ammunition for your Strongbow - the Explosive Arrows,
    which totally rock for when you want to shoot things and blow them up.
    Now that you've stolen some army surplus for your own personal gain, head 
    inside the Warehouse. There's an odd lack of music in here, but don't let that 
    deter you. To your immediate left lies a chest containing an <ELIXER OF 
    SPIRITUAL LIFE>, and in the trenches between the train lines lie wooden crates
    that you can smash with your weapons to find an <ELIXER OF THE DEVIL WAY> and
    a <LIFE OF THE GODS>. 
    Now that you've collected everything you can from the floor of the Warehouse,
    head back to the left of the entrance and follow it around until you find a
    stair leading up onto a catwalk. Follow it up, open the chest at the top of
    the first flight in order to receive a selection of various orbs, and then
    follow the path around.
    Oh, joy. A small cutscene kicks in showing some little helicopter turrets 
    flying out of the upper windows and homing in towards you. These things are
    an absolute nightmare, to put it bluntly. As unlikely as they are to kill you
    with their mounted laser guns, they send you flying when they hit and you can't
    block the beam either. The best way to deal with them is to whip out your 
    arrows, zoom in at them from a distance, and let fly. There's twenty in total,
    so you'll have to change ammunition before they're all dead - if you run out,
    there's a new crate of arrows further along the path, or you can swap to your
    Windmill Shuriken and take them out with that. One hit will do, unless you're
    playing on a harder difficulty.
    I wouldn't recommend trying to destroy them with hand to hand combat. It'll end
    in tears... of sheer frustration, if nothing else.
    Once they're out of the equation, run along and pilfer those arrows I mentioned
    from the crate near the end of the catwalk. These are a shiny new breed of 
    arrows known as the APFSDS Cores, which is a singularly stupid title if ever I
    saw one. They're more damaging than Explosive Arrows, however, and are 
    therefore awesome. Once you have them, head up the stairs beside you and hit 
    the big glowing switch at the top. This will turn the electricity in the 
    warehouse back on and light the place up - and also have the music come back
    Run around the last section of the catwalk and hit the switch at the end. This
    will cause a crane to start moving back and forth, carrying a sheet of metal
    that will come in handy before long. Now, leap off and drop back to ground 
    level before traversing almost to the diagonal opposite of the room. A quick 
    look around will uncover another switch almost identical to the one you just
    pressed. Not the purple one, however, it's the one on a raised platform just 
    beside a train carrying a huge cannon. This will activate another crane right
    beside you.
    Head back up the stairs and follow the path around until you come to the crate
    containing the APFSDS Cores. When the crane swings by you, hop onto the sheet
    of metal it holds and allow it to carry you over near the top of one of the 
    trains. Jump on the roof, and hop onto the roof of the carriage beside it. Look
    to your right and you'll see another <GOLDEN SCARAB> on the roof of the 
    carriage in front of you.
    |                                                                            \\
    |This scarab is a bit tougher than most of the others to get hold of - if you |
    |don't know how to 'air' yourself by using an attack during a jump you'll be  |
    |unable to get your hands on it.                                              |
    |                                                                             |
    |Fortunately, you DO know how to do that. Simply equip the Dragon Sword, take |
    |a running jump towards the thing and press 'X' to get that extra boost you   |
    |need in order to collect it.                                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    |If for whatever reason this isn't working for you, there's an alternate      |
    |method to get a hold of it. What you have to do with this method is run up   |
    |the side of the carriage (the elevated side, not the 'trench' side) and press|
    |'Y' during Hayabusa's automatic wall flip. This will land you up on top of   |
    |the steel behemoth and allow you to claim your well deserved reward!         |
    If you're currently on the roof of the carriage containing the scarab, hop back
    over to the previous one. Jump onto the platform carried by the crane you 
    haven't used yet, and then leap victoriously to the other side once it carries
    you near enough to make the jump.
    Congratulate yourself by kicking open the chest and obtaining a <GREAT SPIRIT
    ELIXER> before following this new path around and up the stairs at the end. 
    Kick open the nearby chest to collect an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>, and then
    head along until you come to a cabin, also known as the Guardhouse. 
    By the way, this is where Team Ninja got a little bit cheeky with their Scarab 
    hiding tendancies. Ignore the cabin door completely for now, and simply wall 
    run up the cabin. Hayabusa will grab onto the top of the room, so pull him up
    and you'll see a <GOLDEN SCARAB> right in front of you. 
    Not only is it exceptionally well hidden (most players see the Guardhouse as 
    the objective and don't assume there's anything else of importance up here), 
    but you can't come back here later on if you decide to go scarab hunting. 
    Nasty, nasty!
    Anyway, drop back down to the front of the cabin and head on in. On the small 
    table in front of you you'll find the rather important Shutter Control Card Key
    along with a Map of the Military Supply Base. There's not much else to do up 
    here, so exit and simply jump back down to terra firma. Now, run to the wall
    opposite the side where you first entered the warehouse and go up to the big
    glowing switch. Use the Shutter Control Card Key on it, and Hayabusa will leave
    the Warehouse and end up at...
    New Area: Locomotive Turntable
    As soon as you enter this area, the exits will be sealed off and more Vigoorian
    Army troopers will attempt to kill you. Don't take any of their crap though - 
    stab them, stab them, and stab them some more until the only thing they'll be
    doing is filling up space in a nearby graveyard.
    Once they're all dead, and there are a few of them to make dead, the exits will
    all open up. You can't head back into the warehouse, though, so hopefully 
    you're well enough equipped to deal with the upcoming sections.
    If you take a quick look around, you'll see that one of the garages has its 
    doors wide open. Head on over and go inside, kicking open the chest to claim
    yourself an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> before heading over to the nearby Dragon
    Statue in order to save your game. Leave the garage, run left around the 
    turntable and follow the wall around until you notice a door with a soft green
    light beside it. 
    Head on in and you'll find yourself in the Military Supply base. Run a little 
    further in, hombre, and prepare for a fight.
    If you're particularly sharp eyed, you'll have noticed a parked tank to your 
    left as you entered this area. Just as Hayabusa spots it, three Vigoorian Army
    Troopers start legging it over to the vehicle and hop in.
    Ooop, Hayabusa tries to respond before they make it, but for purposes of 
    plot and gameplay, he doesn't make it over in time despite the fact that they
    seemingly take hours to start the damn thing up.
    Boss fight!
    Mini Boss: Tanks
    Yep, note the plural version of 'Tank'. You'll only have to fight one at a 
    time, though, so don't cream yourself and start begging for mercy just yet.
    Okay, you're really dealing with three seperate threats here. Three soldiers
    means three different functions - which would be the gunner up top trying to
    perforate you with high velocity rounds, the turret operator who's busy 
    launching cannon shells at you, and the driver, who's... you know, sort of 
    driving the tank around and will squash you under the tracks if he gets the
    Despite those three seperate threats from the Tank, you'll only be plugging
    away at one section of it, so you won't need to aim at the seperate components.
    Right! Put away your Dragon Sword for now, since you're not going to be using
    it. No, seriously. Try to chop up the Tank with melee weapons and you'll simply
    end up getting mauled for your effort. 
    What you want to do is pull out your Explosive Arrows, dodge the first shell
    that comes streaking in towards you, and then shoot the Tank - preferably in
    first person view to increase accuracy - straight in the face. Or side, or
    whatever. The explosion will cause the gunner to duck out of the way, allowing
    you some additional time to attack without getting riddled with bullets.
    Once the gunner's suffering from a nervous breakdown and hiding himself away,
    whip out your APFSDS Cores and start hammering the Tank in the main body
    section. Be ready to dodge cannon shells, and rememeber to switch to explosive
    arrows to make the gunner hide himself away when he pops up again. The gunner 
    can do decent damage, so don't let him just plug away at you for the whole 
    If you run out of arrows, you can find a crate full of each type at opposite 
    ends of the battleground near the support towers.
    Before long, you should blow the Tank and its passengers to high hell. A quick
    cutscene will show a shiny new Tank being deployed from a nearby warehouse
    before attacking you, but the next Tank fight is exactly the same as the old 
    one. Treat it as such, and prepare to continue on!
    Once the gunner's out of the way, run in close and position yourself directly 
    to the side of the Tank. It'll begin to circle you uselessly, and you're too
    close for the cannon to be of any use to it. Save for the gunner, who does
    much, much less damage than a cannon shell ricocheting off your teeth, you 
    can't be hit. 
    And heck, just put him back down with an expolosive if you're low on health -
    if you're doing fine on the medical front, you can just hammer in the APFSDS
    Cores after he's hiding for a very, very fast victory. Even if he pops up 
    again, the Tank should be just about ready for the scrapheap.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      Forget what I said about getting in close for enhanced safety. The Driver's 
      AI has been redone so that he can actually reverse a little, home in on you,
      and then run you over.
      If you're willing to circle around the Tank yourself, however, you can still
      get in close. You just can't stand still any longer and expect to come out
    Once the Tanks are nothing more than a cheerfully burning memory, head on over
    to the nearby lift which just arrived, and kick open the chest beside it for
    a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>. If you can't hold it, gulp down one of your own and
    then pick it up since you can't save this one for later. Also, remember to 
    restock your arrow supplies from both crates before continuing.
    Now, into the lift - up, up and away!
    Once you arrive at the top, hang right and save at the Dragon Statue. Turn on
    the spot and charge down the platform towards two rocket troops who are going
    to try to kill you. Kill them instead, and as soon as they die it'll be time
    Mini Boss: Attack Chopper
    Aha, where have we seen this guy before? He's fully prepared to fight you to 
    the end this time, so those arrows I told you to procure after the Tanks will 
    come in handy, eh? 
    You forgot them? Oh well - there's more crates on each end of the platform, so 
    trot over and restock. Preferably before the fight starts, if you can. 
    Okay, forget about using Explosive Arrows here. They don't do quite as much 
    damage as the APFSDS Cores, and there's no discernable side benefits to be had 
    from using them. So, ready your APFSDS Cores and start firing away at the 
    flying pest. Zoom in for greater accuracy, and remember that it's a moving 
    target, so compensate for this by aiming slightly ahead of it whenever it isn't
    close enough to hit directly from a straight shot. 
    After a short time, it'll start firing at you with the onboard gattling gun. If
    you've plenty health, ignore the initial burst and continue firing, then turn 
    as it passes overhead and keep up the attack. Once it hits the far end of its 
    flight pattern and turns, it'll start firing groups of rockets at you. Don't 
    bother trying to block them, start rolling and jumping to evade them. Chances 
    are that it'll dive under the overpass you're on after this, so turn and start 
    hammering shots into the steel beast as it rises. Once it's level with you, 
    more rockets will come pouring out at you, so be ready to dodge. 
    At this point, it'll retreat a little and start firing at you with the gattling
    gun followed by more rockets, then run along the overpass directly overhead 
    possibly dropping bombs and firing at you with the gattling gun. 
    From here, it'll swing around near one of the towers in the distance, continue 
    firing at you with the gattling gun and rockets, then it'll pretty much repeat 
    the sequence from the start with the odd change of plans. 
    It's certainly possible to finish it off by the time it starts rising after 
    flying under the bridge if you're an excellent shot with the bow, but take as 
    long as you need to. Just don't get killed, kill it instead and everything 
    will be groovy. 
    Rambo time. Hayabusa aims, takes out the stuttering chopper with one well 
    placed arrow, and watches impassively as it crashes facefirst into the dirt 
    and expodes on impact. 
    After smashing up the attack chopper, head on over and restock your arrows from
    the nearby crates, and don't be shy about going back and saving your game if 
    you need to.
    Ready to continue? Then let us jaunt along the overpass and head to the 
    opposite side. After a short, winding walk you'll see a treasure chest lying
    around on the ground past an enclosed area in the wall to the right. Head on 
    over and open it up for an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>...
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      ...or the very real possibility of a Game Over screen...
    ...and head to the right. A Muramasa shop statue lies in wait! About time, too.
    Head on over, buy what you need and make sure you talk to him in order to 
    exhange your scarabs for wonderful little goodies. If you have twenty of them 
    by this point - and you should - you'll get your hands on the wonderful, 
    wonderful sword known as the Dabilahro. You won't need to use it quite yet, but
    it's certainly worth getting to grips with and enhancing to full power via the 
    blacksmithing option.
    Once you're full of supplies, backtrack to that little enclosed space in the 
    wall you passed a few moments ago, and wall jump up to the very top. As soon
    as you make it up there, you'll notice a <GOLDEN SCARAB> lying around doing 
    nothing. Snatch it up good, and then head through the door. You'll emerge 
    on the Rooftop, and finally be confronted with the Radio Tower itself. 
    True to form, the door then locks behind you and seals you in. Typical.
    Mini Boss: Radio Control Tower
    I wasn't really sure whether to class this as a boss or not, but what the hell.
    It does take a little bit more effort to beat than regular baddies, so it might
    as well get its own section.
    First off, Vigoorian troops will start pouring out of hatches to your right,
    so confront and destroy them. Once they're all dead, the real fun will begin.
    See the Radio Tower over there? What you're going to want to aim at is the 
    little white satellite dishes dotted around the side of it. There are nine in 
    total you'll have to destroy to obliterate the tower, so good aiming skills
    will be quite a bonus to you. 
    The problem is simple - Rocket Troopers will start appearing on the tower and
    keep firing bloody missiles at you. While you can kill them all off - indeed,
    if you're after the time bonus for this section you have to kill off all the 
    troops before destroying the tower - it does take a while. 
    Basically, just make sure you dodge the rockets, aim and fire at the satellites
    whenever you get a chance, and once they're all destroyed a cutscene will play
    showing the tower being ripped apart by explosions and the doors will unlock.
    I'd recommend using Explosive Arrows here - there's a crate of them in the 
    corner near the hatches where the first squad of guards initially come jumping
    out of.
    If the rockets are really getting on your nerves during the second section,
    why not walk into this area and immediately start firing arrows at the 
    satellite dishes? You're likely going to take decent damage from gunfire by the
    first squad of troops, but it saves you having to jump and roll around the 
    place while you're waiting for a shot at the dishes...
    Your choice, and either way is a viable option.
    Now that you're not being shot at by bloodthirsty enemies, take a walk over
    and open the chest to the left of the entrance for a <GREAT DEVIL ELIXER>...
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      ...which no longer exists, so you'll get '' instead...
    ...and head along to the only other door leading off the rooftop. A Kunai will
    streak in as per usual, so head on over and peruse the contents. This one 
    mentions that the Vigoor Military is now about as useful as a chocolate 
    fireguard without their Radio Control Tower, and that stealing a train should
    be easier than unfairly beating a young child.
    Head off through the door, and take out the two flying laser turrets you find
    on the other side. Wall run across the fence to the right in order to clear the
    gap in front of you, and take out the next two turrets before running to the 
    end of the walkway and heading through the nearby door.
    O-ho! A small, narrow room with three Rocket Troops inside! Wall run across the
    wall to close the distance (or don't, if you have a better way - such as 
    unloading your explosive arrows the moment you enter the room), and kill them
    dead. Open the chest beside their stiffening corpses to find an <ELIXER OF THE
    DEVIL WAY> and open the door behind you. Head down the oustide stairs and
    follow it around to the nearby lift. Take it down, and head through the next 
    door you see. 
    More crazy Army monkeys, only this time the gunner kind. Finish them off, and
    take a look around the side of the stairs to find a chest holding a <LIFE OF
    THE GODS> within it. Try the door and you'll find that it's locked, so 
    backtrack through the door you came in, up the lift and back one more door.
    There'll be more Rocket Troops here, in the narrow room where you fought three 
    of them before, so kill them off and grab the Control Room Key before 
    backtracking down the lift again and going through the door.
    Use the Control Room Key in the previously locked door here and head on into 
    the Control Room. Just step up and use the contol panel in front of you to
    finish the level and leave the Military Base behind for good!
    Well kids, we're lucky to have a preview of Team Ninja's next title here - Ryu
    Hayabusa's Xtreme Train Driving!
    The Locomotive Turntable starts a-turning, and Hayabusa hops on before it 
    completes the circle, locking the tracks into place.
     /Chapter 10 - 'The Aquaduct'| xx10xx \
    |'The Army's organization has crumbled; there is no need for Ryu to stay in   |
    |the now-silent capital...'                                                   |
    In a slightly odd manner, there's a little bit of the level to play before
    the chapter title pops up. You'll start right beside the remains of the train
    Hayabusa just crashed, and will have immediate access to a chest containing a
    <LIFE OF THE GODS> and a crate stacked with Explosive Arrows. Not a bad place
    to start off, come to think of it.
    Wander over and unlock the nearby gate, which leads you out into the Dworku
    district not far from the Monastery grounds. The whole place is locked up tight
    though, so wander around a bit until some newish enemies come bursting out
    of a nearby manhole. They're purple versions of the Brown Demons you were 
    fighting earlier on, so I'm going to rack my brains a bit and call them Purple
    Demons from now on. Aren't I clever?
    Well, kill the little buggers off and drop down into the sewer they came from
    since there's really nowhere else to go. The chapter title will finally kick
    in here, so skip it and kill the flock of bats that immediately attack you
    before taking a quick look around the room and saving your game at the nearby 
    Dragon Statue. Once you've done so, exit via the only door out of the place.
    You'll be attacked by eight Purple Demons out here, though only four will 
    attack you at once. Once they're dead, flick a rude gesture at them and move
    down the tunnel to the right of where you came in and heading towards the
    gate-like iron railing at the far end. You can't get through it, so head left
    into the nearby door as you approach. Head down the stairs here, killing all
    the Purple Demons who try to stop you. Once you come to the junction, head 
    right and pillage the dead ninja of all his possessions, which just so happens
    to be a Map of the Aquaduct. 
    Turn around and head the other way. Go right when you get the chance, go down
    the steps and turn the corner, dropping down to the floor below. Head out into
    the lit up area and you'll find yourself in...
    New Area: Aquaduct B3
    Three Purple Demons will teleport in at the start of this section and attack
    you, one after the other. This, as you may have guessed, isn't particularly 
    hard to deal with, so go ahead and eviscerate them.
    Continue straight ahead from where you dropped down to B3, and you'll come to
    a large door and a enclosure directly to the right of it where you'll find a 
    Dragon Statue and a chest containing a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>. Do the needful,
    and then head through the door.
    [The Hall of Balance]
    Nice statue, huh? We'll be messing with it soon enough, don't you worry. To
    the left side of the hall you'll notice a small platform raised off the floor
    away from the water, so head over and climb on. Face the wall and run straight
    up it, causing our man Hayabusa to grip onto the edge from where you should
    shimmy him along to the right and climb up into the small section tucked away
    into the wall. Kick open the box here to receive a Key of the Insect, which is
    an absolute necessity to escape this place. 
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Nope, no Key of the Insect for you here, son. You'll find a <SPIRIT OF THE 
     DEVILS> instead, so look a few pages further down the guide to find out where
     it is - it's in the [Red Water Reservoir] section just off the main B3 room.
    Hop back down and exit via the door you came through, running through the knee
    deep water until you hit a junction. If you want to continue on without 
    grabbing a few optional treasures, simply skip the indented section below.
     Optional Section
     First off, this section will be much easier if you have a Dabilahro upgraded
     to level 3 or the Art of the Izuna. Feel free to come back and try later if
     you're low on health, ninpo, or just don't think you're up to this yet - it's
     not insanely hard or anything, but with a decent setup it'll go much easier
     on your fragile ninja bones.
     Head left at the previously mentioned junction and enter what looks like a 
     disused doorway at the end. A small stone section you stand upon will spring
     to life and descend with you into a new room. Once you stop, a treasure chest
     can be seen directly opposite you and up some steps - head on over and pilfer
     the contents - a lovely little <JEWEL OF THE DEMON SEAL>. 
     As you try to leave, of course, the stone platform you came down on will 
     shoot back up and trap you inside with a bunch of bloodthirsty... well, bugs.
     And giant bugs at that.
     The Dabilahros' Flaming Hell Slash (X, X, X, X, X, Y) is a Godsend here, and 
     will help you carve through these enemies like butter. The Art of the Inazuma
     Ninpo will also kill every single one of them currently on screen, so both 
     those weapons will help immensely. If they jump and latch on to your face,
     shake the stick and bang the buttons to get them off before they suck away 
     all your energy.
     If you don't have the above weapons, plenty of Ultimate Techniques should 
     serve you nicely. You won't get the same amount of essence if you try that,
     Once they're all dead, the stone platform will feel bad about leaving you in
     the lurch and return to you in a shamefaced manner. Hop aboard, and let it 
     carry you back up to B3. Save if you like, and then go straight back down to
     kill more of the little buggers.
     This is actually a Sixty Fiend Battle, so appropriately enough, you'll be 
     battling a total of sixty fiends. Once they've gone the way of their 
     predecessors, a new treasure chest will appear at the top of the steps in that
     highly suspicious stone section which looks exactly like the one the other
     treasure chest lies upon. Open it up for <THE TALISMAN OF REBIRTH>. 
     Exit as before, and head back to the nearby junction. 
     Optional section over, baby!
    Head up the stairs (back the way you entered B3 from) and wall run up the left
    wall, jumping along until you make it back up to the ledge you initially 
    dropped down from. Continue on up and take the right path when you come to a 
    junction, heading along and going through the door at the end. 
    You'll be attacked by another bunch of Purple Demons here - kill them off with
    reckless abandon. If you have the Dabilahro sufficiently upgraded, a single
    counterattack will lop their heads clean off. Once you're ready, enter the door
    at the bottom of the slope, to the left of where you came in. Hayabusa will use
    the Key of the Insect on the door, and then you can head on through to meet...
    Mid Boss: Giant Electric Worm
    Oh, man. Just as you walk through a door, what else can you expect but for a 
    Giant Electrified Worm to instantly try and take your face off? 
    A hint for the battle ahead - don't bother testing out the water the worm's 
    flailing around in. Shockingly enough (ho ho), the water is conducting the
    electricity generated by the worm and stepping into the water will therefore
    fry you. It's not instant death or anything, but it does leech energy off you
    fairly rapidly.
    Your best bet here is to equip the Dabilahro. While you can do more damage at
    once if you catch the worm with an Annihilating Gleam (360 twirl, hold Y and
    release with the Dragon Sword equipped), it's harder to do than the technique
    mentioned below and more likely to get you smashed in the face.
    As soon as the fight starts, roll into the front left corner of the screen,
    as close to the water and wall 'corner' as you can get by rolling. Don't worry,
    you can't roll into the water.
    Now, from here the worm can only hit you with two of its attacks. The first one
    is a blast of electricity from its mouth - if you see it rearing back above
    the water, wait for the beast to start forward at you and immediately roll 
    aside to a free section of the stone ledge in order to avoid the blast. If it 
    gets ready to fire again, wait as it rears and roll back as it spits the 
    electricity out at you.
    Now, the other attack is more beneficial for you. The huge monstrosity will 
    pull itself back, coiling up like a whip, and then spring across to whip you
    in the face with its massive bulk. All you have to do here is wait in that 
    corner I mentioned, and then roll into the corner - not a free section of the
    ledge, the corner itself - whenevr it springs at you. You'll roll right under
    the attack. 
    To retaliate, tap forward and Y with the Dabilahro equipped for a swift, single
    swing of the sword which will cause the beast to retreat into its original 
    position, from where it will attempt one of the attacks above on you. Simply 
    repeat this tactic until it dies.
    It may, from time to time, simply stick its head into the water. Less than
    frightening, this odd behaviour also provides you with a chance to give it a 
    firm smack for being so utterly stupid. 
    Oh, and don't stand in front of it. Ever. Doing so will cause it to snake out
    and grab you with its needle-like teeth before bashing you off the walls.
    Finally, don't bother with combos - you can only get in a few hits with most 
    weapons before it retreats. If you have the Unlabored Flawlessness by this 
    point, you can kill it in the same manner as above but with three or four hits
    instead of around twelve.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Uh, no Electric worm at all. It turns out that this is actually a Fire Worm
     instead, so head on over to the boss section to learn exactly how to deal 
     with it.
    Easy, eh? The Worm will disappear, freeing up the archway that was hidden 
    behind it. A big glowing item has been left behind where the worm used to be
    as well, so make sure you collect it as it is none other than the completely
    awesome 'Art of the Inazuma' Ninpo scroll! Hooray!
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Nope, no new Ninpo for you. Life can be hard at times, and this is one of 
     those times.
    The news just keeps getting better - head on through the archway you unblocked
    by killing the worm, then immediately turn around and run up the wall to reach
    the ledge above the doorway. Directly above the archway is a big shiny golden
    thing, also known as a <GOLDEN SCARAB>! Could life get any better than this?
    Well, hop down and continue on. Follow the tunnel around and up, and then
    turn right to find yourself suddenly overlooking the Hall of Balance. Go right
    and open the chest you see directly before you for a quick spurt of various 
    Turn in place and open the chest at the other side to find the Red Tablet
    of the Stream, which you'll be needing quite soon, and move past it to the 
    opposite side of this ledge for another <GOLDEN SCARAB>. Head on into the new
    tunnel nearby and take a right at the fork for a chest containing a <LIFE OF
    THE GODS>. There's nothing the other way for now, so return to the ledge 
    overlooking the Hall of Balance and drop back down, exiting through the only
    door you can and saving at the nearby Dragon Statue. 
    Wouldn't want all that effort to go to waste, would you?
    Now, head to the 'crossroads' at the end of this tunnel and head right. Pass
    the entryway on the right as you exit the water, and climb to the door at the 
    [Red Water Reservoir]
    As soon as you enter, more of those Purple Demons will pour in and attack you,
    so do the needful yet once more. Laugh a little if you like, and chew on their
    guts as they try and stuff them back in. Once they're gone, head over to the
    two walls facing each other closely, and wall jump your way up to the top. As
    soon as you hit the top, run back around the lip of the room down below and
    open the chest for your fifth and final <SPIRIT OF THE DEVILS>!
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Or your first Key of the Insect. Bloody hell, they sure like to make this 
    Once the chest is open and the contents in your ninja pockets, run back around
    and head into the new section with the iron grating overlooking a water-filled
    area. Head over to the easily recognizable pedestal and interact with it to
    place the 'Red Tablet of the Stream' inside and drain the water from down 
    below, prompting a quick cutscene showing the Statue of Balance being tilted by
    the water.
    As you might expect, more enemies attack at this point. Do your worst and kill
    them all. Make absolutely sure you collect the <GOLDEN SCARAB> before you 
    leave, and open the treasure chest directly opposite it for a <GREAT SPIRIT
    ELIXER>. Drop back down, and exit into the main tunnel of B3. 
    Head down the slope into the water, turn right when you can and wall jump back 
    up to B2, then turn left when you get the chance and run past the rotting ninja
    all the way to the door at the top. Now that you've drained the water out of 
    the room, the door can be opened... so you know, open it up and head inside.
    On the left of this room is a shelf containing the only object of note - the
    Statue of the Water Spirit. Collect it, exit the room, and then make your way
    back down to B3. Once back in the water, hang left towards the Red Water
    Reservoir and turn right before you exit the water to go down the side path 
    you ignored earlier. Check the dead ninja for a diary, and then examine the 
    huge door nearby. Hayabusa will place the Statue of the Water Spirit down in 
    its rightful place and the door will unlock.
    |                                                                            \\
    |This next part is fairly long. Go back and save it first if you need to,     |
    |since you'll be fighting a whole bunch of enemies and another mid-boss along |
    |the way.                                                                     |
    Ready to party? Then head on through and go forwards until you come to a deep
    hole at the end of the tunnel. A bunch of bloodthirsy bats will come pouring
    out of it and attempt to chomp you, so kill them off before you proceed down
    the hole.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      You probably know what's replaced the bats for this mode, so get out your
      preferred Ghost Fish slaying weapon and start slaying.
      And for the rest of this level, any mention of bats in the walkthrough 
      pretty much means a pack of Ghost Fish for all you crazy Hurricane Pack 
    Now that you're at the bottom - and somehow having avoided your legs being 
    broken on impact with the ground - you'll find yourself in a deep underground 
    cavern known as the Underground Waterway. Go straight ahead and ignore the 
    tunnel off to your right for now, navigating around the bump of rock in front
    of you in order to procure a <GOLDEN SCARAB> for your collection. Now, stop 
    ignoring that tunnel and head on down it, killing off all the bats you 
    encounter on the way. Head on into the next room of the cavern and prepare to
    do battle with...
    Mid Boss: Two Giant Electric Worms
    As soon as you enter this part of the cavern, the passageway behind you will
    collapse and these jokers will ambush you.
    Typical. You kill someone off, and their family members take offence and try
    to murder you in return.
    The best way to start this fight is to immediately roll into the right hand
    corner nearest the water and basically do a repeat performace of the last time
    you fought one of the buggers. The only additional difficulty you face is that 
    there are two worms to watch out for, so if you see one rear back to spit 
    electric at you, get ready to roll out of the way as necessary.
    Don't ever come out of that corner. Equip your Dabilahro. Roll away (into the
    corner) when they swipe, and retaliate with the 'Flaming Whirlwind' attack, 
    which is a simple Fwd+Y move. Thrown projectiles at them if you feel like it,
    and simply keep this up until you win. 
    It's much easier than it may seem at first, so long as you don't do something
    insane like try to fight from the middle of the platform you're stuck on.
    Once they're dead, gone, buried, chopped into confetti and strewn around the 
    room, you'll notice that there are three tunnels - the left and right ones
    are obviously just little caves containing goodies, and the one in the centre
    is the way foward. So skip into the left one and collect a <GOLDEN SCARAB> 
    first of all, then enter the right hand one and boot open the chest to pick up
    a <LIFE OF THE GODS>. Head out, and scoot off down the tunnel in the middle,
    picking up the chest on the right for a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> when you pass by
    it and taking out all the bats you come across. You'd think they'd know to 
    avoid you by now, but...
    Once you come out in a larger area filled with knee-deep water, you'll be 
    attacked by more purple demons who'll seemingly drop out of the sky to stab 
    you - they're still not much of a problem, so keep slicing them until they've 
    all died hideously and continue on. Don't take the tunnel to the left quite 
    yet - what you'll want to do is climb up the rock ledges the purple demons were
    leaping off at you from. On the top ledge you'll find a chest containing a
    <GREAT DEVIL ELIXER>, so grab it if you need to and walk around the path to
    your left to come to another chest containing an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>
    and a door right beside it. Once you're ready, through you go.
    You'll find yourself in a larger cavern full of stalagmites and stalactites
    being assaulted by a cloud of bats from time to time. Head through, killing 
    off the furry little buggers as they appear, and check out the dead ninja
    lying on the floor for another diary.
    Poor Sabu. His first mission, and he apparently bites the dust after being 
    attacked by a bunch of these bats. What he wrote in the diary is correct... 
    he most certainly wasn't cut out to be a ninja.
    Oh well. Forget Sabu, and continue on. Once you round a series of twisty 
    tunnels, you'll find a bunch of flying brains waiting to consume you. Unleash
    the art of the Inazuma for pure hilarity, or just kill them in whatever way you
    feel like and climb the stairs of the mini-altar to find a chest containing
    the Blue Tablet of the Stream - which is the whole reason why we're down here 
    in the first place. There's another path leading past the altar, but ignore
    it for now since it won't come into play until later in the game.
    Retrace your steps back past Sabu, kill anything that might attack you on the
    way, and exit through the door you came through. Hop back down into the water
    from the ledge, and follow the wall around until you find a tunnel you haven't
    been down yet. For reference, it's at the base of the rock ledges.
    Head on inside, follow the winding trail around until you come across another
    dead ninja you can loot for Incendiary Shurikens. They're always nice to have,
    so stock up on the things while you have the chance, and then destroy the pack
    of purple demons that will attack you as soon as you come into the area. 
    There's a chest holding an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE> around here, so grab it
    if you like and continue on past until you come to a wall with a huge yellow 
    crack in it. Smash it with a heavy weapon or blow it up with explosives and
    then go through, heading left until you come to the base of that massive hole
    from before. Wall jump your way to the top of the shaft, making sure to kill
    all the bats off first, of course.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      Again, there's a bunch more Ghost Fish infesting the shaft. One thing to 
      keep in mind, however, is that these pests can't munch you while you're 
      doing wall jumps. As odd as it sounds, they'll happily latch onto you but 
      you'll soon notice that they don't actually do any damage until you land. 
      This makes it incredibly easy to wall jump up about halfway, perform a heavy
      attack such as the Helmet Splitter (which will kill a group of them off at 
      once), and then start wall jumping again to collect more ravenous Ghost Fish
      that you can then kill off at your leisure.
    Once at the top, head through the only door available and head left at the 
    tunnel exit to Aquaduct B3. Head left again at the fork to save your game at 
    the Dragon Statue if you feel like it, then return to this fork and head up
    the stairs, wall jumping along the way to return to Aquaduct B2. Head right 
    when you get the chance, and go through the door. Kill off the eight purple
    demons that attack you here, and then head up the slope to your right, opposite
    the door which led to the first worm boss fight. Once you come to a door on 
    the left hand side of the tunnel, take it.
    Head up the stairs and follow the path around to find another statue based
    shop of Muramasa's - not quite sure why he'd want to set one up here, but it's
    certainly handy. Buy what you need to, trade in your scarabs if you feel like
    it and then get ready to continue. There's a chest to the left of the statue
    (assuming you're facing it) containing a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> so grab that if
    you haven't already came along this way and snaffled it up.
    Go up the short flight of stairs and examine the blue pedestal to use the 
    Blue Tablet of the Stream. This will cause the pool of water in front of you
    to drain away, and will flicker to a brief cutscene of the Statue of Balance
    being shifted once again. Jump into the newly drained water pit in front of
    you and collect that lovely <GOLDEN SCARAB> before offing another group of 
    purple demons. 
    They just never learn.
    There's only one path available from here, so run down it and take a right at
    the fork you come to and you'll end up overlooking the Hall of Balance. Hop 
    down, go left through the waterfall door to save your game, and then return 
    here and go through the previously locked door at the other end to enter...
    New Area: Peristyle Passage
    Pretty much as soon as you enter this section you'll be ambushed by a seemingly
    endless number of purple demons. This can only mean one thing - a Sixty Demon
    Challenge! Hooray!
    I'd heavily recommend you take it now, for the simple reason that it's 
    incredibly easy. Just attach the Dabilahro to your muscular ninja arms and 
    counterattack until you're neck deep in a bunch of unattached purple demon's
    body parts. Once they're all dead, a chest containing a <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND
    GODS> will materialize at the opposite end of the hall.
    It's good to be you. 
    Done chopping bad guys? Then it's almost time to move on. First though, I'd 
    like you to go back to the start of this area. Don't go into the small tunnel
    leading to the door, though, just stand at the far wall facing the Goddess 
    Statue and the chest you just unveiled after killing all those poor buggers.
    Now, see all those pillars at either side of the hall? Go between the first and
    second pillars on the right, past the small area leading to the door, and wall
    jump your way to the top to find one of the sneakiest <GOLDEN SCARAB> locations
    in the entire game. Snatch it up and swear at it for a while for being so 
    damn well concealed.
    Our business here is concluded, so hop down to the floor and head up to the 
    Goddess Statue. Examining it produces the most obvious clue in history as to 
    what you have to do, so wall jump up to the top and allow yourself to drop back
    down to the stone. This will cause the nearby door to unlock itself, so trot
    on over and head on through.
    More bats/Ghost Fish are swirling around in this room, so take them out as
    necessary. Don't go through the door yet, however - see how the sides of the
    wall leading to the door are angled inwards?
    No? Well, maybe that description sucked a little. Regardless, you'll want to 
    approach the angled wall to the right of the door, jump into it and run up it,
    and then flip off at the top. If you do this right, you should make it up to
    a ledge above you - keep trying until you make it up there, and then run around
    to the back of the platfrom to find a chest holding another <LIFE OF THE GODS>
    for you. It would be rude to refuse, so go pick it up!
    Now, drop down and enter the door which will lead you to the Underground 
    Sanctuary - a huge hallway where you'll be attacked by a bunch of purple 
    demons. Stomp them.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      Actually, no purple demons for you. You're about to be introduced to a new
      enemy specifically designed for the Hurricane Pack - the Ogre. 'Ogres' would 
      probably be a more appropriate term here, because there's a grand total of 
      six of them to beat.
      They're not exactly what I'd describe as excessively easy. In fact, my very 
      face almost exploded in an unhealthy fountain of blood and rage the first 
      time I came across the little punks, since they can tear you in half almost
      by looking at you if you're unprepared for their hideous onslaught. Add to 
      this the fact that they're the only enemy in the game that the camera doesn't
      track adequately (due to their excessive size), and you're in for a world of 
      pain the first few times you come across them.
      If you need help with killing them, refer to the enemy guide I've prepared 
      further on in the walkthrough. Experience is all well and good, but 
      experience and a gameplan works even better, I find.
      If you're really having problems with them, chances are that you can just 
      run past these guys. I've never tried, but it certainly looks possible.
    Once all your enemies are dead and gone, or you've ignored them with your
    ninjalike disdain for your opponents, it's time to move on. around halfway
    across the hall in the wall to your left lies a doorway into an adjoining room.
    Take it, and immediately hang left to find another <GOLDEN SCARAB> glowing away
    contentedly to itself, then head over to the nearby dead pincush... ninja and 
    pillage his body for more arrows. 
    This done, it's time for a quick wall running session. Starting from the mucky
    broken stairs directly in front of the doorway, run along the wall in front
    of you to the left, jump onto the next wall and jump one more time to make it
    up. It's not hard, so feel free to experiment to find the best way up for you.
    At the top, peek through the open doorway and whip out your bow. Sight your 
    arrow so that it's aimed at the softly glowing reddish gem on the opposite side
    of the room and loose your shaft at it to turn it green and release a makeshift
    hanging wall to your right. Wall run across it and head past the gem, turning
    left up the stairs and climbing to the top.
    Turn around and you'll see a chest in plain sight - go across to it and kick it
    open for a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>, then follow the path around until it cuts
    off abrubtly. See that big root-looking thing coming through the wall in front
    of you? Use it as you'd normally use a branch, hopping onto it and swinging 
    across to the other side. directly in front of you lies the Brand of Valor, 
    which you'll need quite soon. 
    Before you drop back down to floor level, head left and go around the pillar 
    to find another <GOLDEN SCARAB> hiding away from you. I swear, it's like these
    things don't even want to be found.
    Well, hop on down and then go back and save if you feel like it, because as 
    soon as you place the Brand of Valor in the stone panel lying on the floor at 
    the other end of the room, it's time for an old fashioned boss fight.
    Are you ready, Freddy? Then set it in place, and let's go!
    Boss Fight - Sanctuary Guardian
    Big lad, isn't he? 
    The Sanctuary Guardian loves to change position every once in a while. It's
    a good idea to move out of the way when he tenses up, because this is a good
    indication that he's either about to attack you or fly across to the other end
    of the room. Occasionally he'll fly up onto a perch above you - don't worry 
    too much about this since he can only do his laser/fire attacks from up there
    and makes himself a pretty good target for your projectile weapons.
    From a distance, the Guardian will stream lasers at you which will then be 
    followed by a wall of flame. The laser itself is simply a sort of tracking 
    device and won't hurt you - it's the sudden burst of fire that follows it that 
    you have to be wary of. 
    If the laser travels from the Guardian's mouth towards you, dodge to your left 
    or right. If it goes horizontally from one edge of the hall to the other, dodge
    back or forth depending on whether you want to close the distance between the 
    two of you or not.
    Projectiles are pretty effective against this boss - whip out your Bow and 
    Incendiary Shurikens and aim for his head since it does more damage to him
    there. Be ready to dodge if he tries anything, mind. By the time you run out
    of ammunition, he should be quite severely mauled.
    Don't worry if you don't have much ammunition going into this fight, though. 
    Killing him off with melee attacks is a little more dangerous, but certainly
    Once you get in close, start hammering him with flying swallows until he falls
    over, then run around to the front and perform the Blade of Nirrti on that 
    huge exposed head of his. Keep an eye on him while you're in close, though -
    he'll alternate between stomping you, beating his wings twice and flying to the
    other end of the hall, all of which can do a hefty chunk of damage if he 
    catches you with them.
    Another thing to watch out for is his bite. If he rears his head back while 
    you're in close, dodge. Quickly.
    Other than that, he's not so bad. Fairly tough health-wise, but not all that 
    dangerous if you stay on your toes and watch out for his attacks.
    Also, if you have the Unlabored Flawlessness, you can kill this thing in a 
    grand total of two combos. Simply run up and whack it with two Blade of Nirrti
    attacks - one of whice makes it fall over, and the other one should be primed 
    to smash it in the face and make it die very, very quickly.
    Aren't secret, semi-hidden weapons awesome?
    The bigger they are, the harder they evaporate into some sort of translucent
    magical mist, as they say. This proves it, and our boy Hayabusa wastes no time
    in performing some crazy ninja pose as a result.
    Now that the Guardian is dead, the doors open themselves up and Hayabusa 
    strolls on out into the fresh night air. He senses that someone is watching 
    him and looks to a distant rooftop - where the Dark Disciple stands, observing
    his every move as glowing embers swirl around him dramatically.
    The total bastard.
     /Chapter 11 - 'The Path to Zarkhan'| xx11xx \
    |'Using the Aquaduct, Ryu has arrived at the Moat surrounding Zarkhan.        |
    |However, a great wall blocks his path into the Palace itself...'             |
    This is a relatively short, predominantly underwater stage which some players
    aren't particularly fond of - personally, I think it makes for a nice, 
    refreshing change of pace before the action goes nuts again.
    Anyway, you'll start this chapter on a stone pier overlooking the Moat of 
    Zarkhan. There's a treasure chest containing a Map of the Moat on your right
    just beside a Dragon Statue save point, so kick the chest open and then go save
    your game. Opposite the save statue lies another chest containing a <GREAT
    SPIRIT ELIXER>, so boot it open and seize your prize. 
    As this stange began, no doubt you'll have noticed the brief cutscene showing
    that the moat is filled with some bloody enormous fish equipped with razor-like
    fangs. They're also not particularly friendly, and will attempt to chew you
    up if you get in their way - and remember, your combat ability is significantly
    impaired whilst underwater, so your usual melee tricks won't work worth a damn.
    As a result, simply whip out your bow and arrows and murder them from the 
    safety of the pier, sending shaft after shaft into their defenceless, scaly 
    Now that you've cleared the way, it's time to dip your toes into the water and
    have a swim around.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Hayabusa has to breathe, mind. He may be some crazy ninja from beyond the    |
    |very boundaries of human limitation, but his lung capacity isn't anything    |
    |particularly special.                                                        |
    |                                                                             |
    |Once in the water, keep an eye on the gauge that appears on the left of the  |
    |screen. As soon as it starts to reach dangerous levels of emptiness, swim    |
    |like hell for the nearest air pocket and break the surface of the water to   |
    |get some of that nice fresh air back into your body.                         |
    |                                                                             |
    |Assuming you let that gauge on the left run out, your health will start to   |
    |rapidly drop. If it hits rock bottom you're dead, baby. Talisman of Rebirth  |
    |or no Talisman of Rebirth.                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    |The motto of this long, rambling story? Keep your air supply topped up.      |
    Okay! Now that we've cleared out swimming 101, we'll start where you first 
    stood on the pier overlooking the moat. Jump in, and head off to your right.
    You should be able to spot the telltale golden glow of a <GOLDEN SCARAB> lying
    around in plain sight near the bottom of the Moat inside a broken railing, so
    paddle on over and pick it up. Continue on past where it was and look at the 
    back left of this area to spot a chest lying around - swim over and open that
    up too to get your hands on a handy little Gold Medallion.
    Nothing else is in here, so head back through the railing and swim the other
    way for a bit. Keep swimming until you see the open mouth of a drainage pipe 
    off to your left - get some air if you need it, then swim on through. Once you
    reach the halfway mark, you'll come across a small roomlike section - swim
    down there and you'll find a drowned ninja holding a note scrawled with 'filthy
    lettering'. Hayabusa has certain opinions about poor handwriting, it seems. 
    The note mentions that one of the dead guy's fellow ninjas found out that an
    upcoming combination is '0971', but that it's too dark at that place to 
    actually input the combination.
    Nice info, eh? Now, drop the corpse like a bad habit (as if pillaging the dead
    isn't a filthy habit of its own accord, but I digress), and continue along the
    way you were going. If you accidentally double back and come out where you 
    came in from, just restock your air supplies and head back in. If you went
    the right way, you'll come to a more open section with two more giant fish and
    two of those bloody laser turrets floating around firing at you. Ignore them
    if you like, or kill them off - it doesn't matter much unless you're going for
    a high karma score. Make your choice, and then head through the square 
    concrete passage on the other side of where you came in.
    You'll see a combination lock right in front of you, but attempting to use it
    at this point will result in a message mentioning that the numbers are barely
    visible. Just head on past the combination lock, swimming off to the right and
    heading out the other side of the tunnel. Another swimming ninja met his demise
    at this point, so head on over to him and search the body to come up with 
    another new item - the Owl's Eye!
    He's also got a note mentioning that it's worthless without the code. What a 
    sore loser. You, however, have both the eye and the code, so take a deep breath
    of fresh air and then head back into the tunnel. Obviously, don't pass the
    combination lock this time. Simply type in the code '0971' and watch the sealed
    door open up majestically!
    |                                                                            \\
    |Your air supply is still decreasing while you enter the code, so do it       |
    |quickly or suffer the most embarassing death imaginable.                     |
    Head on through, and continue swimming until you reach the next section. You'll
    be needing some air right about now, so move Ryu up to the surface and take a 
    quick look around. A small ledge awaits with yet another dead ninja lying 
    around and... another Muramasa's Shop Statue.
    I know Muramasa likes to place statues of himself in rather strange places, but
    this is just getting crazy.
    Crazy or not, however, it's still very handy for you if you need to restock on
    anything, so haul yourself out of the water and get your ninja self shopping.
    Your consumer urges sated, waddle over to that unfortunate ninja and rifle 
    through his pockets to find a brand new weapon - the Spear Gun! While it may 
    not be the deadliest weapon in your arsenal for the vast majority of the game,
    it can come in handy down here when you're being chased by giant sharklike 
    amphibians hungry for a taste of your good old ninja flesh. It's also handy for
    those damn laser turrets if you get close enough, which certainly makes it 
    worth picking up.
    Are we done here? Splendid! Let's move on, then. Hop back into the water and
    swim through the new tunnel with the 'rocky' mouth. You'll soon come out in 
    another open section with three laser turrets scooting around overhead. Swim to
    the opposite side and climb up onto the platform above the opposite tunnel,
    then take the damn things out with your Strongbow or Spear Gun. Right beside
    where you are now is a <GOLDEN SCARAB> which makes getting shot by lasers all
    worthwhile! Now, jump back into the water and head through the tunnel beneath
    You'll soon come to another cavernous section, so swim up to the surface and
    pull youself onto the ground in front of you, mauling the bats that take 
    offence at your intrusion of their home. There's a Dragon Statue here, so be
    sure to save your game before heading over to the nearby treasure chest for a
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     ... OR an unhealthy dose of pain...
    ...and then head along the path a little until you come to an open tunnel with 
    a chest lying beside the entrance. Kick open the chest for a <LIFE OF THE 
    GODS>, but don't bother with the tunnel for now. Hop into the water once more,
    and swim through the nearest tunnel. Ignore the 'door' in the first open 
    chamber space you come to, simply head directly right and swim through the
    other tunnel until you come out into a much more open area. Directly to the
    right of where you exit the tunnel lies another <GOLDEN SCARAB>, so grab it and
    then deal with all the giant fish swimming around this area.
    Now! There are two ways you can go here - one of which leads into a twisty,
    turney set of tunnels created by iron bars and will almost certainly drown you 
    if you attempt to make it to the end. Even if you survive, you'll use far more
    healing potions than you'd like just to keep yourself alive. 
    Therefore, we'll take the other route for now. There's a broken railing on
    the right side of the Moat (assuming you've turned left from the entrance to
    this section and are looking towards where the fish were swimming back and
    forth) so swim over there and slither on through like some sort of little 
    ninja eel.
    A brief cutscene will kick in showing you a small winch and a hole in the
    bottom of a nearby sunken boat. Swim over there, little fishy, and enter 
    through the broken underwater section of the ship in order to find a chest 
    containing a hand crank. No prizes for guessing what this does, so once you 
    have it, swim back out and climb up on top of the non-submerged part of the
    ship. Kill those turrets with a vengeance, too. 
    Man, I hate them so bad.
    Once your mechanical foes have been scrapped, use the winch (with the hand 
    crank, ooh!) to trigger another cutscene showing a trapdoor inside the ship 
    opening up. Dive back into the water and swim back into the hole, passing the
    recently opened chest and up through the trapdoor you just opened. Up here
    lies two things - a <GOLDEN SCARAB> to add to your burgeoning collection, and
    something else that should make you smile - a nice little set of Oxygen 
    Cylinders! As the message informs you, it's now possible to stay underwater for
    as long as you like! Hooray!
    Now, exit the ship back the way you came, and head out of this area back 
    through that broken railing you came from. Almost directly opposite you should
    be the entrance to that twisty, turny tunnel I mentioned earlier, so head on 
    in without any fear of drowning this time. Head to the other side, collecting
    the <LIFE OF THE GODS> from a chest on the way there, and then open another
    chest to claim for yourself a Silver Medallion. This done, head all the way 
    back to the Dragon Statue and save your game. It shouldn't be hard to find your
    way back.
    Once you've saved your game, move around the ledge the Dragon Statue's located
    on, dealing with another infestation of bats as you do so, and head into that 
    tunnel I told you to ignore earlier on. Obliterate all the flying wasps in the
    room at the end of the tunnel for good measure.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Actually, you guys'll have to deal with a bug infestation instead. It's 
     really no big deal.
    Once your foes are in the dirt, examine both sections of the altar in front of
    you to place the medallions where they really belong. A quick scene of an 
    underwater door bursting inwards will occur, and then it's time for you to 
    leave and head back into the main room with the Dragon Statue. Leap back into
    the water, and swim through the right tunnel towards where the ship was. On
    the way, you'll notice that there's a new path where the sealed door used to
    be, so break off and go through that way.
    There are more of those giant fish and laser turrets in this new section, so 
    kill them. Kill them all! When you're ready, head on over to the huge crack in
    the floor near the opposite end from where you entered and swim into it.
    |                                                                            \\
    |If this crevice reminds you on anything, don't bother asking me exactly what |
    |it reminds you on. You don't want to hear the answer.                        |
    Hey hey! Doesn't this place look familiar?
    Say hello to your departed skeleton friend here, and swim across the room to 
    the other broken chunk of wall before going on through. There's not much room
    for getting lost in here, so continue on until you come to the Sarcophagus
    Chamber from before - it's the one where you got the Skull Key, and is the
    biggest room you'll come to after the big dead skeleton boss one you just left.
    In here, swim up to the ceiling to find another sneaky <GOLDEN SCARAB> stuck
    to a wall up near the roof. You may have noticed it last time you were here, 
    but since you can only collect it once the place is flooded... well, you know.
    Head back down to the bottom of the room, and exit through the nearby skull 
    door you opened a while back. This is where you first got pulled away by the 
    torrential flood, remember? Ah, such fond, fond memories... keep moving through
    and then kill all the giant fish in the next room when you come to them. 
    You may want to take the nearby elevator up at this point for an optional
    bonus treat - so let's do that, shall we? Swim on over to that nearby elevator 
    and head back up to the Monk's Room one more time.
    It's looking a little bit wrecked, but the safe is intact - and holding 
    something shiny and new! Let's steal from the poor, stupid monk again, shall 
    The combination, as always, is written in his book over by the table, and he 
    also mentions that nobody will ever break into his safe again! The poor, 
    deluded fool. Head on over to the safe and start doing the following:
    - Turning the dial left and choosing '1'.
    - Turning the dial left and choosing '2'.
    - Turning the dial right and choosing '2'.
    - Turning the dial left and choosing '3'.
    This will net you a Jewel of the Demon Seal to upgrade your ninpo with again.
    And all it took was a vast amount of thievery from someone criminally stupid.
    You should be ashamed of yourself, you really should. Anyway, head back down
    the elevator and then swim off into the tunnel to the left with your ill-gotten
    gains. Once you emerge from the water, save your game at the Dragon Statue and
    head up this newly working elevator - we're gonna have ourselves a bit of a 
    Boss Fight as soon as you step into the arena above.
    As Ryu steps out into this arena, he looks up at the clouds and sees that the 
    corrupting influence of the Dark Dragon Blade is leaking out of the Emperor's
    Palace and flowing into the sky, spreading out over the capital of Tairon.
    You'll see what this means for you in the upcoming chapters. For now though,
    Ryu senses a malevolent presence at the other end of the grounds and looks
    over - to find himself face to face with the subject of his vengeance, Doku.
    He's still carrying Rachel around, anyway, which means he probably hasn't 
    been able to get to where he was going at the end of chapter 7 yet. Upon 
    seeing Hayabusa, he drops the hot chick and draws his sword as Rachel looks 
    pleadingly at you. Doku decides that a taunting is in order.
    'Failed protector of the Dark Dragon... must I take your life yet again?'
    Cheeky bugger. Let's kill him.
    Boss Fight - Doku
    You'll start the fight a goodly distance away from Doku, so start by running
    in closer so you can actually get some hits in. He'll almost certainly plant
    his sword into the ground and create a huge circular shockwave as you close
    the distance, so be ready to jump over it, or dodge his sword if he throws it
    at you. It'll return to him quite quickly, so watch for that as well.
    Once you're in close to him, you'll probably notice that he's remarkably 
    similar to the boss battle with Murai at the end of the first stage. He moves
    in the same, slow manner and loves to attack and grab you in pretty much the
    same style Murai used to. He has, however, a crapload more attacks than our
    Nunchaku-wielding friend used, and does tons more damage with each blow.
    His in-close attacks are listed here for your convenience:
     - He'll swing his sword at you a few times. Nothing special - but the first
       swing will break your guard, so be ready to roll and recover.
     - He'll spin in with a sword attack and burst into a six stroke sword combo 
       which hurts like hell, and of which you can only block the first stroke he
       hits you with. It'll break your guard immediately, leaving you wide open for
       all the remaining swipes. Needless to say, dodge until he's out of attacks
       and then return a few of your own.
     - He'll 'power up' for a moment from a close to medium range distance and 
       charge at you like Murai used to. This does substantial damage and cannot
       be blocked, so keep an eye out for it and dodge when you see it coming. 
       Try to stay close to where he stops though - you can usually get in a few
       hits before he recovers.
     - He'll remove his face plate and spew fire out in front of him in a small
       arc. It's one of his less dangerous moves since it's so slow, but, as
       always, dodge it whenever he performs it.
     - He'll 'counter' your attack by swinging around you, turning 180 degrees as
       he does so, and slashing you across the back.
     - He'll grab you. This generally does about half a bar of damage to you, 
       assuming that you've been keeping up to date with your energy bar 
       extensions. What's worse than this is that the longer he takes hold of you
       before you break free, the more damage he does AND the more energy he
       recovers for himself.
       Yes, this attack actually heals him.
       Since it's a grab, you can't block it - if you see him raise one of his
       hands back in preperation to lunge at you, dodge immediately. And if he 
       does get his hands on you, hammer the buttons to break the hold as swiftly
       as possible.
    So, how best to beat him? The solution is embarassingly simple - Flying Swallow
    the living hell out of him, dodging out of the way after you land, until he 
    keels over and dies. Even if he blocks, just keep on doing it.
    That's the short, cheap way to do it. 
    Alternatively, get those Flails equipped and wait until he performs his charge
    at you, then dodge and counterattack with Fwd+Y, Y, Y, Y before he recovers
    his balance.
    And remember, if you end up in a sword clinch with him, hammer the buttons to
    overpower him and attack him while he's off balance.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Well, scrap that lovely Flying Swallow method described above. You'll just 
     bounce off his shiny metal exterior if you try to perform it on him.
     Other than that, he's quite similar - only you can intercept his sword strokes
     now, so be sure to do it during his six hit combo and retaliate in a 
     suitably painful manner that strips a chunk off his energy bar.
     You CAN'T intercept his charging move, though, so don't even try - it'll just 
     end in bumps, bruises, sprains and tears. And possibly death.
     One new technique you can use if you've enhanced the Lunar up to level 3 can
     be quite useful for battling him. Get in close and perform the 'Lunar 
     Explosion' by holding forwards and pressing Y three times. It does a good 
     chunk of damage, and is one of my preferred methods for twisting that lovely 
     armour of his into a big pile of scrap.
     Psst: http://www.aubg79.dsl.pipex.com/dokugrab.avi
     It's not perfect, but check out the UT combo. Neat, huh?
    As Doku slumps to the ground in defeat, dropping his sword as he does so, Ryu
    walks in and demands to know where the Dark Dragon Blade is. Doku replies that
    it is now in the hands of the Vigoor Emperor. He mentions that Ryu's true place
    is at the Emperor's side, as the Dragon Lineage has similar blood ties as the
    Fiends, and that they worshipped the same ancient deities.
    Not particularly happy at having his ass kicked black and blue, he then swears
    that his hatred will not so easily be defeated as Rachel staggers over just in
    time to hear Doku claim that he will be sure to bring about the 'awakening'.
    Doku is then shrouded in a bright blue glow and rises into the air. He remarks
    to Rachel that her sister must be very precious to her, and then disappears
    into thin air.
    Rachel, predictably, is out of here. She runs off to one of the corners, uses
    her grappling hook to spear a high ledge, and flies out over the side of the
    arena - not even bothering to try and get her hammer back from Ryu. 
    Sigh. She's brave, there's no denying that. 
    Gamov, meanwhile, looks down upon the unfolding events from up above with a 
    satisfied smile on his face...
     /Chapter 12 - 'The Caverns'| xx12xx \
    |'Although it appeared as though Ryu defeated Doku, his vengeance is still    |
    |incomplete. The Dark Dragon in the hands of the Holy Vigoor Emperor. What    |
    |will become of Rachel and her sister?'                                       |
    You start this level pretty much where you finished the last - in the arena 
    where Doku's body once lay. While his soul and armour may have gone, his sword 
    remains so be sure to pick it up - turns out that this is the fabled 'Kitetsu',
    an evil sword rumoured to feed upon the soul of the wielder.
    Equip it and you'll soon see exactly what they mean if you keep an eye on your 
    health gauge. Even so, while it might not be quite as useful overall as a 
    powered up Dragon Sword, it's certainly not worth spitting on. Give it a whirl,
    see what you think of it. It'll never kill you when you hit no health, anyway, 
    so don't worry about that.
    Enough of the Kitetsu, let's move on. And what better to start a new level with
    than an annoying little puzzle, eh?
    It's not that hard, really, but I still failed to get it first time and started
    backtracking through the Monastery for a while before I finally sussed out what
    I was supposed to be doing. I'd been playing the game all night, though, so I 
    kind of had an excuse. Kind of.
    Anyway! First thing to do is run right ahead into the tunnel Rachel and Doku
    were in before your epic, era defining battle. There's a lever right in front
    of you, so head over to it and give it a yank - this will cause a number of
    floating stone blocks outside to shift their positions. Turn around, and before
    heading out, check the right of the exit. See that golden glow? That's a 
    <GOLDEN SCARAB>, if the vast amount you've picked up already hadn't tipped you
    off at all. Grab it, and leave this little room into the arena proper.
    Now, from this doorway:
    1. Run over to the platform on the far left, hop up and pull the lever you can 
       now reach. This will cause another block to move into position. 
    2. Before you do anything else, turn around and run to the block directly 
       opposite and use the lever on top of that too for another block shifting
    3. From this block, turn right and wall run up to the next one. Then perform 
       another wall run, jumping onto the adjoining wall and running along to the
       next floating stone platform. Pull the lever to send another block scooting
       into place.
    4. Turn right and jump over to the stone platform overhanging the doorway 
       below, grabbing the chest there for a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>. Continue past 
       it and jump onto the next floating block and pull the lever.
    5. Now, head back across that last platform containing the chest and jump onto
       the block described at the end of step 3.
       You know, the other one up here close to the chest. You've already pulled
       it, but it's time to pull it again. The block should return to the corner
       over near where the lever in step 1 is.
    6. Jump back down to the ground and run over to the block described in step 1 -
       the first one you pulled in this main part of the arena. Don't pull the
       lever here again, though - you'll want to wall jump into the corner, then
       jump again until you land on a higher block. 
       From here, run up the wall in front of you to find a <GOLDEN SCARAB> which 
       you should quickly pocket, then drop back down to this platform. 
       Now, wall run across the right wall, jump to the next wall, and then jump 
       again so that you're running across the side one of the balconies 
       overlooking the arena. If all goes well, you should run along the side of
       said balcony and run right onto the top of a floating platform.
    7. From here, jump to the next floating platform right in front of the balcony,
       and then leap up onto the balcony itself. There's a broken section for easy
       access, so use that and then take the two chests up here for a <LIFE OF THE
       GODS> and a <GREAT DEVIL ELIXER>.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      No Great Devil Elixers exist in this version of the game, mind, so see if 
      you can guess what they give you instead.
       From where you initially landed on the balcony, head left and at the end 
       leap onto yet another floating platform. This is just a stop gap, so jump
       forwards again when you land on it and head left. Pull that lever, and we're
       done with this puzzle section!
       Before you drop down, mind, continue along this ledge for a treasure chest
       holding a <LIFE OF THE GODS> and another <GOLDEN SCARAB> hiding around the
       corner. Then just drop down to the floor level - we're done up here for now.
    |                                                                            \\
    |If you want to go back down the elevator and save your game, that's a        |
    |perfectly viable option at this point. However, once you complete the above  |
    |puzzle and open up the next section for exploration, returning here from     |
    |another section - like the bottom of that elevator - will automatically      |
    |initiate a Sixty Fiend Challenge as they come bursting out of the floor.     |
    Sixty Fiend Challenge - The Arena
    Aha! Fun! After completing the puzzle described above with all those floating
    platforms, returning to the Arena will initiate a Sixty Fiend Challenge for
    This one is easier than it seems - you'll be taking on a grand total of 60 of
    those Red Dinosaur Fiends, which shouldn't cause you too much hassle so long
    as you've powered up your Dragon Sword or Dabilahro. Generally speaking, the 
    Dabilahro's Level 3 Flaming Hell Slash (X, X, X, X, X, Y) will kill the big red
    buggers off in one go, and the Dragon Sword's Blade of Nirrti attack isn't
    far behind it on the effectiveness front.
    So! Lure them into charging straight into a wall if you can, and then go for
    them as they lie temporarily stunned by such a shocking display of stupidity.
    Always be ready to roll aside when blocking if you see them preparing to munch
    your head, and generally just kick their scaly asses from here to hell and 
    One thing to watch out for, though - never, EVER go through either door leading
    in and out of the Arena, or all the Fiends will promptly dive through the 
    floor and you'll have to do the entire challenge again. 
    And that would truly suck, wouldn't it?
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Oh, for the love of Hell. One of the absolute toughest battles in the game
     awaits you here, since all those comparitively weak Red Dino Fiends have been
     replaced with a grand total of sixty Ogres for you to polish off.
     I hope you're skilled, son, because you'll need every inch of skill you have 
     in order to get through this one. Fighting three of them at a time isn't easy,
     and fighting so many of them in one battle is pretty much suicidal for less 
     skilled players.
     One way to stop the little (cough) scumbags from leaping into the air and 
     coming down straight on top of your fragile little head is to run and hide 
     underneath one of the platforms you used in the previous puzzle - they can
     still crunch your skull with their clubs, but they'll cut out all that 
     seriously annoying jumping unblockable madness.
    Once you've finished whatever battle the game presented you with, that familiar
    invisible treasure chest will warp into reality up beside the final lever of
    the previous puzzle. If you've forgotten how to get up there, refer to steps
    six and seven of the puzzle guide, hightail it up there and grab the chest for
    either a <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS> in the normal game, or a <SPIRIT OF THE
    DEVILS> in the Hurricane Pack.
    They're both rather nice, so be sure and get them if you're up to finishing 
    all those enemies off.
    Congratulations! You've just finished the longest and probably the toughest
    Sixty Fiend Challenge in the game!
    Man, that place was packed with things to do. We're finally ready to continue 
    on with the game though, so saddle up those goodies you got your hands on and 
    let's go!
    Head back into the chamber where Rachel and Doku were, and move straight ahead.
    You'll notice that there are now some freshly raised walls in front of you that
    you can run up, having completed that puzzle a short while back. Run up them,
    and you'll find yourself on a whole new path. There's another of Ayane's 
    kunai stuck in one of the pillars in front of you, so move on over and pick it
    up - this one mentions that Muramasa seems to have some important information 
    for you that's weighing on his mind to the point where he's unable to sleep at
    night. We'll check in there before long, though it's a strictly optional 
    cutscene. For now, head right and continue along the path until you start 
    getting attacked by brown and purple demons, collecting the <GREAT SPIRIT 
    ELIXER> form the chest as you go.
    Those demons keep coming?
    Sixty Fiend Challenge?
    All right!
    Sixty Fiend Challenge - Stairway to the Imperial Palace
    Man, this is excessively simple - especially after the previous one you may 
    have slugged your way through.
    Your opponents here are simply a bunch of brown and purple demons. There are
    two purple demons to every one brown demon, and they attack you until a total 
    of - get this - sixty of them have been killed.
    Equip the Dabilahro, counterattack until they're all dead. Or just fight them
    any way you like, since there's almost no chance you'll get killed here. Good 
    night my sweet, worthless enemies.
    The chest will warp in at the bottom of the stairs, so walk on over to it and
    open it up for an easily won <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS>. Simple or what?
    Alright! Now, let's say that the bottom of the steps here are considered a 
    crossroad of sorts. There's the way you just came, which now has nothing of
    interest to keep you going back. You can go running up the steps, which 
    currently leads to nothing more interesting than a massive set of locked gates
    you can't get through.
    This basically means that there are two ways to go. For now, search around the
    base of the steps at the left side of the archway to find a dead ninja. Again.
    This unlucky guy's name was Saru, and his diary mentions that there's a curse
    sweeping through Tairon, turning people into Fiends. He mentions at the end 
    that he now knows that the Dark Dragon Blade is cursed, and... well, he's not
    in great health.
    From here, head to the doorway inside the arch and open up the door to step
    out onto the Great Bridge. You may have seen this area before, but a locked
    gate would have stopped you setting foot on it. Head on over to the nearby 
    gate and unlock it from this side to eliminate that barrier once and for all.
    Continue straight ahead after going through. Another Kunai will fly into play,
    mentioning that there's a rumour about a cave leading to the greatest depths
    of Zarkhan near the Palace of Zarkhan's waterfall. That's back the way, so 
    ignore the information for now.
    Keep moving onwards and soon you'll be ambushed by the first signs of the Dark 
    Dragon Blade's curse coming into play - Fiend soldiers. They're fast, they're 
    powerful, and they're able to toss you around like a rag doll if you let them 
    get in close to you. I'd advise you in the strongest terms to equip the 
    Dabilahro for these guys from here on out since the staple combo 'Flaming Hell 
    Slash' works wonders against them. It's the standard X, X, X, X, X, Y combo 
    the Dabilahro is famed for, so don't be afraid to use it.
    If you go left from the fork where you got ambushed, there's a sealed up 
    doorway with a crack inside it - if you haven't been back here since getting
    your hands on explosives and heavy weapons, smash it open and dip your fingers
    into the nearby treasure chest to get your hands on an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL
    Obviously, that's not all there is in here. Look around and you'll see window
    ledges a little bit above you - wall run up to the first one, then turn left
    and wall run to the second ledge to find a <LIFE OF THE GODS> waiting in a
    treasure chest. Once you have it, drop back down and return to the fork, 
    killing all the respawned bad guys, before heading through the nearby door.
    More Fiend Soldiers are waiting here - kill them, and then go in by Muramasa's
    shop to pay him a visit and find out exactly what it is he wants to tell you.
    Muramasa's hard at work and welcomes Ryu into the shop. Ryu, understandably,
    asks about whether he's still open now that the majority of the population 
    are all turning into Fiends.
    'Do you think I would shut up shop over something like this?' he asks in reply,
    the complete nutter that he is.
    He then asks to see Hayabusa's sword and gives it the once over, noting that 
    it's an excellent weapon but still incomplete. For a Dragon Sword to be truly 
    powerful, being carved out of a Dragon's fang isn't enough - it needs a gem
    known as the Dragon's eye placed into the hilt. If that should come to pass,
    he assures our hero, the sword will be more than a match for the Dark Dragon
    Ryu seems startled at the old man's words, and Muramasa simply chuckles 
    knowingly. Of course he's heard of it, he's the legendary blacksmith after all.
    Buy what you need and trade in all the scarabs you've been collecting, and 
    then it's time to retrace your steps to the steps in front of the Emperor's 
    Palace - turn left as you exit the shop, go through the door and simply go 
    straight ahead until you arrive back there. Go right at the base of the steps,
    and follow the path around, leaping over the fallen tree on the way, until you
    come to a small clearing. Search the dead ninja on the left for a Map of 
    Zarkhan, then head over to the odd head statues on the other side and vandalise
    them with your Dabilahro or War Hammer. Smashing them into itty little bits
    will yield a <LIFE OF THE GODS> and another fabulous <GOLDEN SCARAB> for your
    collection. This done, amble over to the nearby Dragon Statue and save your
    This done, head further along the path. You can wall run along the right wall
    and swing off the branch if you want to look cool, or you can run along the
    surface of the water, or you can just go swimming. Indulge yourself.
    When you're swimming around, however, make sure you go over and unearth the
    <LIFE OF THE GODS> hidden in an underwater treasure chest before getting your 
    hands on the equally submerged <GOLDEN SCARAB>. 
    Once you've had your dip, swim on over to the side of the pool and haul 
    yourself back up onto dry land. Nice, eh? There's another chest with a <GREAT
    SPIRIT ELIXER> up for grabs here, so take it if you need it. From there, head
    left and go behind the waterfall to find a secret passage further into Zarkan.
    It's blocked, however, so you'll need to solve a devious puzzle in order to 
    pass - take out your Dabilahro and smack the cracked wall with it.
    Tough, eh? Head on in, the rest of the game's waiting for you. 
    Before long you'll come to a small hole, so drop on in and take care of the
    swarm of bats that comes along wanting to suck your noble ninja blood.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Or, you know, THEM.
    Once you've taken care of your unwelcome friends, search the nearby ninja 
    corpse for a Map of the Caverns, then submerge yourself into the pool of water,
    swim a short distance underneath it and surface out from the other side.
    There's a slope in front of you, and nowhere else to go. Oh well. Button up
    your courage, take a deep breath and plunge yourself headlong down that horrid,
    horrid slope of icy death.
    You'll soon drop into the imaginatively titled 'Ice Cavern', which at least 
    explains the place pretty well. A quick cutscene will show a semi-new enemy 
    jumping out of the ground in order to make your acquaintance - an icy version
    of the Red Dino Fiends you fought from before. They're a little tougher and
    do more damage, but aren't going to shock and amaze you with anything you 
    haven't really seen before. 
    There's a grand total of four of them for you to kill, and a couple of annoying
    purple demons running around, so do them all in before we continue. 
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Sorry dude - no Dino Fiends for you. There's a bunch of hulking massive Ogres 
     to keep you busy instead, though, so at least you won't be lonely.
     It's not just here, either. Any point where I mention Dino Fiends attacking 
     you will now be populated by a bunch of Ogres in their place. I hope you've 
     gotten yourself fairly skilled by this point in the game, I really do.
    From here, move over to the broken stone structure at one end of the cavern,
    and run up the obvious wall and jump off to reach the platform above. There's
    a chest up here with a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> inside if you need it, so grab it
    if you like and then jump up to the next icy ledge above you. Continue along
    into the tunnel, jump the small crevice when you come to it, and save your
    game at this Dragon Statue.
    The nearby door isn't of much use at this point given the Resident Evil style
    pentagonal indentation on its surface, so drop down into the nearby pit and
    kill the purple demons that warp in when you hit the bottom. The two brick
    walls facing each other are there for you to climb back up, so head the other
    way for now. Climb up the first ice face you come across, then the second and
    smash the thin layer of ice with a heavy weapon. 
    Continue through heading right, and you'll be accosted by more purple demons. 
    Mail their body parts home to their loved ones, then run up the next ice face
    you come to and haul yourself up over the edge. Ignore the nearby ice pillars,
    since you can't break them - they'll disappear later on after a certain event.
    Head right and perform a strong downward attack to smash the ice underneath
    you and fall down like a heavy lump of heaviness.
    Show the purple demons down here what it means to mess with an angry ninja,
    then head around the wall on your left and climb up to the top, jumping through
    the broken section of flooring above you and emerging in a new area, The Ruins.
    Directly behind where you came up lies the item you're here for - the Shield
    of Vigoor.
    Ooo, Pentagonal.
    Drop back down through the floor, make your way through the next room and use
    the parallel walls to jump back up through that ice floor you broke just a
    minute ago. Take the curving tunnel left, and head around and through the other
    sheet of ice you smashed open. Head on in, dropping down a few levels, and use
    the next set of brick walls to jump back up to the top.
    You should be right beside the Dragon Statue at this point, so run on over and
    save before examining the door with the interesting PENTAGONAL insert right
    beside you. Believe it or not, that pentagonal object called the Shield of 
    Vigoor you picked up over in the Ruins fits like a glove, and the doorway will
    swing open for you, which leads to the...
    [Magma Cavern]
    Well, walking next door from a cave resembling the arctic tundra to another 
    cave filled with molten lava isn't THAT great a leap of faith, I guess. As soon
    as you enter you'll be treated to yet another variant of the Dinosaur Fiends
    leaping out of a nearby lake of fire, so get that Dabilahro of yours ready for
    some action. 
    Straight in front of you lies the left fragment of the Stone Tablet you should
    have been collecting up to this point - if you've picked them all up like you
    should have been doing, a message will kick into play mentioning that all of
    the pieces have been found and that you can now place it on the pedestal of the
    Twin Serpents Plaza - which is one of the first things you'll have seen when 
    you first came into Tairon. 
    For now though, we should just concentrate on the task at hand. If you haven't
    killed those Fiends that were having a bath in the magma yet, do so now. To the
    right of where you came in lies some handy iron ore - it's over a small patch
    of lava, so navigate around or simply jump over it to get your hands on the
    good stuff. There's a door directly opposite this point you haven't been 
    through yet, but ignore it for now since you can't get through. And there's 
    another maddening stone circle right in front of you. Bet you can't wait to
    find out what they do, eh? Eh?
    Now that we're done with this place, go over to where the Fiends were and jump
    the first stream of lava, then the second. The next section is fairly tough to
    do without falling in - you have to wall run across the wall to your right,
    but stop short of going as far as you can so that you land on the small rock
    at the right hand side of the hot stuff.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Don't worry too much about falling into streams of molten lava, though - you |
    |simply lose a decent chunk of damage from your initial contact with the      |
    |stuff, then steadily (but relatively slowly) lose health the longer you stay |
    |in there.                                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |That's not to say you can safely wade through the stuff, mind. Try and stay  |
    |out of it as much as you can, but you can be assured that you won't instantly|
    |die on contact with the lava unless you've hardly any health left.           |
    From this rock, you can easily jump to the next safe patch in front of you, so
    feel free to do so and pick up another chunk of iron ore for your collection.
    Leap over to the last section of non-boiling rock, and wait a moment to sort 
    out the timing of these huge blasts of steam jetting out from the walls.
    The first few jets shouldn't give you any trouble at all, so roll past them 
    when you think you've got the timing down. Don't worry - you can't roll off
    the side of the drop in front of you and plummet into the lava so long as 
    you're actually performing a roll rather than sprinting into the drop like some
    sort of deranged monkey.
    Now, from the edge, take a brief look around. Hear that rat merrily squeaking
    away to itself? That, of course, means that there's something to hang on 
    nearby. Face the drop, then run straight up the wall to your left. Hayabusa 
    will hang onto the small ledge overlooking the drop, and then you can shimmy 
    him along to the right. Watch out though - there's one more jet of steam 
    looking to cook your face and make you drop into that nasty pit of lava right
    beneath you. 
    Get up close to it and wait - there should be two relatively quick spurts of
    steam followed by a pause, then two more. Make your move during the pause, and
    shimmy to the right like there's a fat kid trying to steal your cookies over 
    there. Once you're as far over as you can go, there's one more important thing
    to take note of. So important, actually, that I'm going to give it a note
    section all to itself.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Once you reach the end of this ledge with all your shimmying ninja antics,   |
    |you'll probably notice that the camera has turned in such an angle that      |
    |dropping off is quite difficult - if you tap Left and A to drop off, our     |
    |stupid hero will probably shimmy left and then drop himself straight into the|
    |lava. Even ninjas can act like gimps at times, I guess.                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |So, what can you do to in order to prevent this from happening? It's quite   |
    |simple, really. As soon as you've gone as far as you can on the ledge, tap   |
    |the 'R' trigger to centre the camera, then pull Down and A to drop off       |
    |safely. Awesome or what?                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    |If you do fall into the lava, just wall run up the other side and try again. |
    |It's no big deal - unless, of course, it causes you to die horribly since    |
    |you're out of energy.                                                        |
    Once you're safely on the other side, look straight ahead - the path in front
    of you leads to the boss chamber, but we can't get in there yet. As a result, 
    be sure to take the left path and drop down into a small pit in the tunnel,
    dealing with the Dino Fiends that leap out at you. Hop up onto the other side,
    and you'll come out in an area called the Magma Lake. It deserves its name,
    anyway - mainly because it's a massive lake of magma.
    Two more of those Rocky Dino Fiends from this area will jump up from their
    swim in the lake to make their presence known - before you do anything, whip 
    out your bow and put shafts into the two of them until they die. It's not worth
    getting in close, because they're not going to come out of the lava.
    Are they dead? Or do you have no long range weapons you can kill them with? 
    Either way, let's continue. Right beside you, on this side of the lake will be
    a large circular switch embedded in the floor. Hit it with a hard downward
    swipe such as the Helmet Splitter, and a safe path will rise out of the lava 
    for you to walk on. You have to be quick, though, because it'll sink back in
    before too long. Also, there's a bar to swing on midway - since the path is
    broken into two sections, you'll need to make use of it if you want to avoid
    taking damage.
    So! Run across, swing on the halfway bar and leap to the next section, then
    run to the end and jump onto the far side of the lake. If the enemies are still
    alive, avoid them or kill them as quickly as humanly possible.
    There's another switch on this side, but don't use it yet - it serves exactly
    the same purpose as the last one, so it's only handy for getting back across.
    The two doors in plain sight are a waste of time at present, since you can't 
    get through one from this side and there's a pretty big indentation in the 
    other one that looks like it should be holding something. Vague clue anonymous.
    Apparently Muramasa doesn't mind wandering into volcanic caves during his 
    travels, since there's another bloody statue of him on this side.
    Which is great! Go shop, buy some arrows and whatever else you've used since 
    last time you went shopping. Trade in those Scarabs as well - if you haven't
    picked up the Armlet of Tranquility from him by now, you're missing out on an
    awesome item that slowly replenishes your health over time. It works at about
    the same rate as the Kitetsu steals your health, so equipping them both means
    you won't lose energy using it!
    Something to try, anyway. The health bonus alone is probably still the better
    option, but if you want to use the Kitetsu that's the way to use it!
    Once you're done, look to the right of the shop statue. See how a wall sticking
    out from the lava curves around into a new section you can't quite see? Run
    along the wall to get there and drop into the new section - more Dino Fiends
    attack, so stab them all to death and collect the piece of Iron Ore lying in
    once of the corners. Once you pick it up, turn and face the opposite corner of
    the room. See that wall which leads up onto a platform right above a small pit
    of molten lava? Run up the wall and onto the platform, then head straight 
    through the nearby door.
    See the precariously placed platform in front of you? As you might be able to
    guess, the slab of stone balanced on the rock below it acts like a see-saw,
    so hop on to the end nearest you and run to the opposite side - but stay on
    the slab! You won't slide off, even when the platform tilts as steeply as it
    can. Wait until it tilts all the way to this side, and turn on the spot. Run
    back quickly and leap off at the end to enter a secret chamber located right
    above the door you entered from. In this room lies another chunk of Iron Ore
    and a treasure chest containing the fruity reward of a bunch of multicoloured
    orbs to heal and enrich you!
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Bloody hell, Itagaki. Nice little joke you placed here for everyone to die
     horribly at. 
     'It's hidden so it probably contains something good', eh? My ass.
    Once you've got everything here, hop back down onto the nearest end of this 
    platform and wait for it to tilt, then run along and jump up to the entrance 
    on the opposite side. You'll be attacked by a bunch of bats here...
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     ...Or some of our favourite ethereal flying friends...
    ...so kill them off and work your way along this short tunnel. You'll come out
    on the opposite side of the Ruins, which is where we're about to do magical
    things with all that precious Iron Ore you've been collecting. The first 
    smelting pot is unusable, so ignore it entirely and run up to the next one
    which is looking in altogether better shape than the other one. Climb the
    short set of stairs to the smelting pot and interact with it four times to
    fil it up to the brim with melted iron - as soon as this happens, the pot will
    tip over and pour the iron out through a chute and into a mold on the other
    side of the ruins - the icy side near where you picked up the Shield of Vigoor,
    in fact!
    Also, do you remember those pillars of ice I told you to ignore from before?
    As an added bonus, the heat from the molten iron has melted them to nothing,
    which explains the steam now floating around this section.
    Well, we're done here for now! Head down those steps and drop off the edge
    directly in front of you to land on a lower platform, then jump up to that 
    platform in front of you to your left and snatch that lovely <GOLDEN SCARAB>
    from its resting place. This done, climb the ledge in front of you and exit 
    the door to your left.
    What you have to do now is retrace your steps back to the other side of the
    Ruins. If you know how to get back there, fine - skip this indented section.
      From the room we're now in, hop down to a safe piece of ground (there's lava
      directly below the platform you're on, mind) and hang right. Climb the ledge
      once more, and wall run across the wall in front of you to get back to the
      side of the Magma Lake containing Muramasa's statue - refill your equipment
      if you need to, then hit the nearby switch to raise the path through the 
      lava and cross swiftly, hopping up onto the safety of the other side.
      Head through the tunnel in front of you, and when you climb up the opposite
      side, take a right and leap across the pit filled with lava in front of you,
      since as long as you hold forwards you'll flip over the opposite edge when 
      you hit the wall. Avoid the steam jets, and continue onwards avoiding the
      lava (remember, you have to wall run at one point to remain unboiled), until
      you come to the space you first entered this cavern at. Head through the 
      only door you can, and save at the Dragon Statue.
      Hop down back into the pit and continue left, hopping up two ledges and going
      through that first section of ice you broke. Instead of going right around
      the tunnel, however, go left and wall run up the ice face in front of you and
      haul yourself up over the edge - the ruins are just past the recently melted
      ice pillars (you'll now be able to splash around in a puddle - whee) over 
      there on your right. Go there!
    No matter how you got here, you'll notice that there's only one cast that the
    molten iron could have sizzled its way into, and that's the one just across 
    from where you picked up the shield of Vigoor. Head over to it and climb up, 
    then be sure to pick up the newly created Cog of Vigoor.
    You should be able to see a Dragon Statue from here, so wander over there with 
    that massive, back breaking lump of iron you just picked up and save your game.
    Go a little but to the right and snap up that <GOLDEN SCARAB> that's just lying
    around in plain sight, then head further in and smash the thin sheet of ice
    covering the floor at the end of the section. Allow yourself to fall in, and
    then start warming up those homicidal tendancies of yours - it's time for 
    another lovely boss fight!
    Mid Boss: Ice... Sloth Thing.
    If anyone knows what this is really meant to be, please let me know. Is it 
    supposed to be a Yeti, or a really big white bananna with fangs or what?
    Regardless of whatever species it is, however, the way that it took exception 
    to your sudden invasion of its privacy can mean only one thing - it's time to 
    send it down the river Styx with a broken spine and a ruptured boat.
    There may be better ways to beat this thing, but the following method works
    fine. Equip your Dragon Sword, look at the beast in a superior way, and then 
    get in close and start chopping away at it. The two best combos to use are your
    good old Blade of Nirrti sequence (for maximum damage) and the Blade of the 
    Dragon's Tail (for guaranteed damage.)
    That's the X, X, Y, Y, Y move in case you forgot.
    Now, our huge, ugly buddy has a couple of noteworthy attacks. The most annoying
    is when he starts pounding the ground around him, since you can't damage him
    at all while he's smacking away at the floor. Small circular formations will
    appear under your feet as he does this, so start running - they'll soon erupt
    into razor sharp fragments that don't last more than a moment, but will cut 
    you up pretty bad if you're above them when the bloom in their own deadly 
    fashion - and you'll take block damage if you try and deflect the ice, so 
    don't bother doing anything else than moving out of the way.
    He'll also start punching away at you if you stay in front of him - huge, slow
    punches that alternate between his left and right hands. They're not tough to
    dodge, which is a good thing since you'll take a decent chunk of block damage
    if you try and block the attacks instead.
    Likewise with his ice breath - he'll rear his head back then shoot a stream of
    ice at you in a straight line. Easy as hell to avoid, but don't try blocking
    unless you want to take damage.
    After a while, he may decide that this is all just a big mistake and try to 
    make friends with you by spreading his arms wide open and giving you a big hug
    to make up for attacking you on sight. Don't be deceived! As soon as he has 
    you in his loving grasp, his primal, animalistic nature will burst through his
    loving facade like the energy from a thousand exploding suns and he'll 
    immediately start chewing ravenously upon your face. To avoid this bittersweet
    end to your friendship, roll underneath his arms and perform the Blade of the
    Dragon's Tail - he's crouched over wondering why you're avoiding his love, so
    the Nirrti won't land every hit if you attempt it.
    Other than these attacks, watch out for when he's moving around the place - he
    loves to somersault and twist around the arena, and when he's hauling himself
    around on his arms, he can squash you if you're ever unlucky enough to be
    underneath them when they descend.
    So! Now you know how he attacks, simply avoid them whenever here attempts them
    and retaliate with the two combos I mentioned earlier depending on what he's
    doing at the time. It shouldn't be long until you render him down into a large
    chunk of frozen meat.
    Oh well, he'll at least stay fresh for a while down here.
    As soon as our big, slothy friend has bit the dust, that familiar pulsing sound
    will start up indicating that the boss has dropped something of note. Walk over
    to the middle of the room to find out what it is - the Eye of Ice! Huzzah! 
    Hooray! Bless the lord!
    Wait, what the hell does it do, exactly? 
    Well, we'll find out later, so for now head on over to the only door in the 
    room and open it with the Eye of Ice! It's making itself useful to you already,
    it seems. 
    The room you find yourself in is pretty easy to figure out - walk over to the
    parallel walls and jump like crazy to get up to the very top. You'll see chest
    hiding away in a little niche as you ascend, so once you hit the top go to
    the edge directly in front of the exit window (not through it, mind), and walk
    off. Rather than immediately plummet back down to the ground, Hayabusa will 
    flip over and start hanging on the edge. Allow him to drop, and he'll fall for
    a moment before catching onto the lip of the hidey hole containing that chest 
    you passed on the way to the top - let him pull himself up and kick open that
    damn chest for a wonderful surprise... it's a <JEWEL OF THE DEMON SEAL>!
    Now, drop back down and wall jump back up before leaving this place through 
    the small windowlike hole at the very top.
    Where to now, though? Make your way back to the Magma lake - you should know
    your way there by now, so I'm not going to spell it out this time.
    Yes, yes, I can be such a swine at times. Now, once you're back there, make
    your way over to the side of the lake which contains the shop statue of 
    Muramasa, and then examine the door with the circular indentation on it. Ryu 
    will proudly place his self-made Cog of Vigoor into the depression, and the 
    door will unlock - head on through!
    You're now in a cool little section known as the Path of Flame, which seems to
    be an old, abandoned trial of some sort. Open up that treasure chest in front
    of where you came in to be rewarded with a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>, then head to
    the nearby Dragon Statue and save your game.
    From here, head further in but be sure to STOP BEFORE THE JUNCTION OF THE 
    TUNNEL. The way that a burst of flame will caress your ninja nose instead of
    suddenly engulfing your body and burning you to a crisp should tell you why
    charging in wouldn't have been a great idea.
    During one of the pauses, run quickly to the left and left again, rolling to
    avoid the next blast of fire. Keep moving on until you come to another section
    with fire flowing past - It'll be a crossroad section where the fire blows 
    through one way and then the next. As the first stream flows by from right to
    left, prepare to roll into the section on your left as the fire ceases. You
    should be able to make it in quite easily before the second jet cremates you
    a little bit. Lo and behold, a <GOLDEN SCARAB> awaits you here as a reward for
    your bravery. collect it, and then turn around.
    Once it's safe, run left towards the fire idol thing that'll blast fire at
    you if you've timed it wrong, then dive to the right as you near it and into 
    the safety of a new tunnel. Head around the corner and excavate the contents
    of this chest here for a <GREAT DEVIL ELIXER>...
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     ...Or a bunch of yellow orbs. Hey, it makes a change from Ghost Fish spewing
     out and attaching themselves to your nether regions.
    Once you've opened the chest, head through the new door towards that fiery
    lake and it's time for another fight with an enraged mid boss. Splendid!
    Mid Boss: Fire Worm
    Look familiar? This is the scaldingly hot variation of those pesky Electric 
    Worms you killed off a few chapters ago.
    This guy is pretty much the same as his dear, departed brethren, except for 
    one important thing - he shoots rings of fire at you instead of those 
    electric globs his pals used on you. What's more, they act differently, so 
    attempting to dodge them in the same way will probably get you singed and take 
    a nasty chunk of damage off you as a result. The ring of fire has a decent 
    radius on it, you see.
    So, how to deal with this new and dangerous threat?
    Hop. Believe it or not, all you need is a simple, quick hop straight up into 
    the air to avoid the firey ring of death. As he rears back, prepare to hop. 
    When he whips forwards and spits the ring at you, perform the hop. You'll go
    straight through the hole in the centre of the ring and look like a total stud
    muffin at the same time.
    Other than that variation in tactics, he's insanely easy. Just roll into the 
    left corner nearest the lava, get your Dabilahro ready, and roll into the 
    corner as he swings out at you, smacking him with the Flaming Whirlwind 
    (forward and Y) as he leaves himself open to your counterattack.
    He'll die in record time.
    Once our poor, pitiful friend has bitten the proverbial dust, cashed in his
    proverbial chips and done a lot of proverbial and metaphorical things 
    associated with dying at the hands of a ninja, leap over the pit of lava 
    towards the safe section and pick up the big glowing object he was nice enough
    to leave behind for you. Turns out that this is the Eye of Flame.
    Hmm. It'll probably go well with the Eye of Ice, then.
    Once you have it firmly in your grip, follow the new path around and simply 
    ignore the switch you come to, dropping down the ledge just past it. On your 
    right is a higher ledge containing a lovely little chest for you, so get up 
    there and boot it open to receive a <LIFE OF THE GODS>. 
    NOW go back and use that switch. You'll notice that it turns off a wall of fire
    a little further in, so from here:
    1. Jump straight forward. Hitting the switch will have positioned you correctly
       for this first jump so there's no need to reposition yourself first.
    2. Same again, simply jump straight forward.
    3. On this big ledge, head to the left and look for some swinging bars you can
       jump to and swing along the way you were heading. There are two of them, so
       be sure to be ready and use the second one as well without delay.
    4. As soon as you jump off the second bar hold the analogue stick so that 
       Hayabusa runs along the wall he lands on, and then be sure to jump to the 
       next one and run along that. 
    If you've done it fast enough, you're through! If not, you can bask in the 
    hilarity of Ryu running straight into a wall of flame, burning himself badly 
    and then falling back into the pool of lava below. 
    You're though? Excellent! Keep going forwards and then open the door in front 
    of you with the Eye of Flame and you'll come out right beside the Muramasa's 
    shop statue. Go shopping if you like, since we're almost done with this level.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Now would be a very good time to head next door - through the door with the  |
    |Cog of Vigoor stuck in it, that is - and then save your game at the nearby   |
    |Dragon Statue.                                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |You never really know what the future holds in store for you, do you?        |
    Once you've restocked your flagging supplies, take a look across the lake from
    here. You see that high up section over to the right of the lake? The one 
    fairly close to that... uh... lavafall? That's where we're heading next.
    There are two ways to get up there - for simplicity's sake, we're going to 
    take the shortest route. Hit that switch on this side of the lake, then leap 
    onto the path that rises up from the fiery liquid. Run to the very first 
    corner of it, and then leap towards that higher section on our right and hold
    forward. Our Ninja wonder should leap towards the wall, run up it a little bit,
    and then hop up and over the lip of the ledge. Quick and easy!
    The other alternative is to go to the other side of the lake and circle around 
    the place so that you run along the path above that swinging bar and can jump 
    down to the section we're now on - but why bother now, eh?
    There are two thoroughly useless chunks of Iron Ore up here, so ignore them
    completely - we've already finished off that particular puzzle back when we 
    made the Cog of Vigoor. Of more importance is the large, freaky looking door
    up here adorned with a sculpture of some poor bugger missing his eyeballs.
    Walk up and interact with it twice to give him the Eye of Ice and the Eye of
    Flame, and the door will swing open from nothing more than the sheer gratitude
    of the guy who's had his eyes returned to him once more. Aww.
    You'll walk through into a large, large area called the Hall of the Flame 
    Dragon for some odd reason. It happens to be filled with a fairly large pit of
    molten lava and a semicircular 'safe' area you can walk on as you enter. 
    Straight in front of you lies an important looking statue on a pedestal - so 
    walk on over and pick it up to obtain another of the Deity Statues. This one 
    is Devil, the Deity of Immortality.
    As soon as you pick up the statue, the surface of the lava starts bubbling away
    furiously and a huge Golden Dragon bursts forth from the surface and roars 
    away at you, breathing fire everywhere. Soon it comes in for a closer look,
    and bloody hell - it's huge.
    You didn't really think it was going to be that easy, did you? Tricks are 
    for... oh, forget it.
    BOSS: Golden Dragon
    Soon after the fight starts, the Dragon will come in close to sniff around at
    you a little bit - waste no time in performing a Blade of Nirrti attack to do
    some decent damage right off the bat, but try not to fall into the lava with 
    the final slice. That's just not cool.
    So, what can we say about this Golden Dragon boss, then? First off - he's 
    golden. Secondly - he's a dragon. He loves to stay just out of range and pepper
    you with far range attacks, coming close every once in a while to allow you a
    stab or two before he retreats back out of reach. Since there's no easy way to
    kill him off quickly, let us go over his attacks first.
    In a manner reminiscent of the Worms you've fought up to this point, he quite
    likes drawing back his head before firing fireballs off at you. If you see one
    coming, start moving immediately. You can't block them at all, not even for 
    block damage. More are almost definitely going to follow, so keep running 
    until he stops spitting them at you.
    Another favourite trick of his is to beat his mighty wings and send out a 
    shockwave at you which will knock you off your feet if it hits - and since it 
    covers the whole room, there's no way to hide from it. It's quite easily
    identified by the screeching noise the dragon makes before performing this 
    move. What you need to do here is roll pretty much as soon as the 'screech'
    fades out. The timing may take a moment to get, but just remember to duck and 
    cover and everything will be all right! If you really can't avoid it, just 
    block - you'll take block damage for doing so, though.
    Sometimes the dragon will get all fiesty and lower his head in close before
    breathing a stream of fire at you, sweeping the platform from left to right or
    vice versa. Don't attack him at this point, since you'll probably just get hit
    by the fire - as it approaches you, jump clean over it to the other side in 
    order to avoid this attack.
    Finally, it loves to take a bite out of you every once in a while. There's no
    real build up to the move, it'll just streak forwards and snatch you up off the
    platform. If it grabs you in this fashion, start hammering the buttons on the 
    pad to prise open its jaws and escape from the horrific fate of becoming a 
    human hamburger. You still take damage, but it won't start chewing you up and
    causing more harm to you. If he misses the lunge for this grab, you'll have
    an excellent chance to counterattack and do some real damage.
    While not a real attack, every so often it'll scream loudly and cause two
    sections of the platform you're on rise up into the air - if you're on them
    at the time you can ride them up to a higher set of platforms. Alternatively,
    you can cause them to rise yourself by hitting the floor buttons embedded on 
    either section. 
    Other than that, what is there to say? Blade of Nirrti and Blade of the
    Dragon's Tail the bugger whenever he's close enough for you to hit him. If you
    have any Explosive Arrows you can fire them off at the beast, but don't bother
    with any other type of ranged weapon as they'll just bounce off the hard 
    scales of the dragon.
    Chances are that it'll take a while to kill, but eventually it'll die from 
    repeatedly getting stabbed and slashed in the face and throat. 
    Most things do, you know. Don't tell anyone I told you, though.
    The dragon dies. Shocking.
    Now that the boss is dead, you'll notice that his corpse makes an excellent
    bridge over to the other side. Leap on to his neck, run along his back and
    grab the glowing object for a rather handy <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS>, and
    then continue across down the tail and up onto the far end of the hall. Good
    thing the boss didn't just disappear like the rest of them, eh? Otherwise you'd
    never have managed to get up here - never!
    Head through the door, move along a little bit and - BANG! 
    Chapter end.
     /Chapter 13 - 'The Fiendish Awakening'| xx13xx \
    |'All events thus far have lead up to one place: the depths of the Palace of  |
    |Zarkhan. Will Ryu be able to discover the path inside?'                      |
    This level starts with a crapload of bats swinging in for a party on your juicy
    ninja flesh, so kill them all in quick style. A little further along this 
    cavern you start out in lies another dead ninja, so check him out to get your
    hands on a 'Complete Map of the Vigoorian Underground' and a sneak peek into
    his personal affairs via his diary. It turns out that 'San' has discovered
    that offering the lost stone tablet - which you recently rebuilt from three
    seperate pieces, as coincidence would have it - to the Twin Sepents will offer
    you passage into Zarkhan, then lists where the broken pieces used to lie before
    you picked them up - if you missed any, shame on you.
    Oh, and his last entry simply reads that he's hungry. Poor guy.
    Well, on with the show! Continuing on the path we were going before, you'll
    soon come across one of those handy Dragon Statue things that you can use to
    save your game. Do so, then open up the chest behind it for a <LIFE OF THE
    GODS>. Before long you'll notice that a bunch of flying wasp brains are coming
    down to see what the fuss is all about. Kill them, and more take their place.
    Sounds like another Sixty Fiend Battle to me!
    Sixty Fiend Challenge - Depths of the Magma Cavern
    There's not much of a problem here - the enemies will slowly float down to
    your level at which point you can take them out in whichever way you feel
    like killing them with.
    The Art of the Inazuma's quite nice for splattering them with, as are arrows
    and the Windmill Shuriken and all the rest of it.
    You'll have no problem here, and the enemies drop a relatively decent amount
    of Ninpo essence for you to absorb, so with the Armlet of Fortune equipped
    there's a good chance you'll be able to just Inazuma through the whole lot of
    Once they're all dead, a chest containing a <TALISMAN OF REBIRTH> will warp 
    into play at the top of this section.
    So, question is, how do we proceed from here? The room's small and square, and
    there seems to be no route to the top. The answer, obviously, is the wall run
    technique. Keep running in a clockwise or counterclockwise around the walls of
    this room and you'll steadily climb your way up to the top. If, by any chance,
    the camera starts giving you a hard time at this point, just hold the analogue
    stick in the same direction that Ryu's running and you'll still make it up 
    quite easily. Once there, grab that Talisman from the chest (assuming you did
    the Sixty Fiend Challenge, that is), restock your arrow supplies from the 
    porcupine ninja lying over there, and then head through the door nearby.
    Whoo! Back here, eh?
    Continue on through the cavern as before, killing off all the enemies that 
    attack you on the way and head through the door at the far end - remember that
    your glowing friends will attack you on the way if you're playing the Hurricane
    Once through that door, head forwards a little, then turn right and drop down
    to the floor level, heading through the tunnel that starts from the base of
    all these rock ledges. Replenish your Incendiary Shurikens from the ninja's
    corpse when you come to it if you need to, and then head on, slashing and a
    killing your way around the tunnel in front of you and going through the 
    wall you broke down during your last visit here. 
    As soon as you step out into the next section, a new cutscene will play.
    'Where is Ryu?' demands the Dark Disciple huffily, turning his beady eyes on 
    the nearby Gamov.
    'He's wandering somewhere around here, my excellency. Who knows what he's up 
    to?' You'd think as the head of information, Gamov would be a little more 
    interested in your progress than he is, but whatever. Our Evil Dark Disciple
    chum shrugs it off.
    'And what of the Dark Dragon?'
    As if on cue, Gamov launches into a massive speech about how the seal's been
    broken and is absorbing all the chaos of the battlefield, becoming a weapon
    far more powerful than they could ever have imagined. Makes sense when the
    ancients took such great measures to seal it away - by dumping it in a village
    full of completely inept ninjas.
    Interested by the impassioned tone that Gamov is using, the Disciple turns to
    him. 'Do I detect Greed in your voice?' he asks.
    'Not a chance,' lies Gamov blatantly. 'I'd rather rip out my own tongue and
    feed it to some starving children than lie you you, my esteemed lord of 
    'Good,' the evil guy replies. 'That is wise. You will be rewarded handsomely,
    I assure you.'
    Classic bad guy banter. We can deduce, therefore, that this Dark Disciple 
    character is a villain and a knave. As the scene draws to a close and the two
    of them finish their conversation, the camera pans out to reveal Ayane 
    standing in the shadows nearby...
    We come back in control of Ryu at the exact same point we left him. Head left
    towards the shaft at the end that leads up into the lower levels of the 
    Aquaducts, but remember to rid the tunnel of enemies before you reach the top.
    Head out of this section through the only door you can, then go out into the
    main tunnel and head left. 
    [Aquaduct B3] 
    You'll be accosted by three more purple demons here, so see then off and head
    over to the main 'crossroad' point of this tunnel. Assuming we're facing the
    way we first came in, left will lead to to a Dragon Statue where you can save
    your game if you like, and right is the way to go. Make your choice about
    whether you want to save or not, then go up the stairs currently to your right
    and wall run up to the next floor. Head out into B2, then hang left - kill
    everyone here, then head up the stairs to your right and out the door at the
    This will take you into Aquaduct B1, so kill all the purple demons out here
    and head up to the door further up and go through. There's another save point
    here (as well as a new infestation of bats), so do as you like and then head 
    up the nearby ladder which will take you back out into the streets of Tairon.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Remember, the streets are now populated by Fiend Soldiers. To make things    |
    |easier, getting that Dabilahro equipped might be a good idea.                |
    |                                                                             |
    |The Dragon Sword may be exceptonally handy for most enemies, but the         |
    |Dabilahro's huge attack radius and awesome destructive power is the perfect  |
    |aid for slaughtering these guys by the dozen.                                |
    Okay! From where you came out, head right of where Ryu's facing - this should
    take you away from the Monastery grounds, though it can be amusing to go back
    and read what that poor, pathetic Monk has written in his Diary this time.
    Remember that there's a bunch of Explosive Arrows in a crate beside the train
    wreck you caused nearby (through the gate near the sewers) if you need to 
    stock up on them for cheap.
    Keep going that way until you come to the fork with the Dragon Statue to your
    left, then head right and make your way down towards the Drawbridge via
    Drawbridge Hill. Go all the way down, then run up and give the lever a yank.
    Head across the bridge and do battle with these new enemies - very, very tough
    versions of the Zombies you fought back in chapter six. If the Fiend Soldiers
    look like mutated Special Forces troops, these guys are probably mutated 
    Army troopers.
    Either way, they're not so hard to kill, they just take ages because of their
    inhuman endurance. If you kill them off, a <TALISMAN OF REBIRTH> will warp 
    into the middle of the square and start flashing and peeping to inform you 
    it's there for your collection.
    |                                                                            \\
    |Those big purple zombie guys don't exist in the Hurricane Pack, by the way.  |
    |You'll be expected to take out three more Ogres instead, but the prize is    |
    |still the same.                                                              |
    From here you can take any path you like to get to the Twin Serpents Plaza,
    but for the sake of simplicity I'll lay out the fastest way there. Feel free
    to deviate from this guide and go shopping or whatever if you feel like it.
    Okay! Head through the nearby door with the single blue gem embedded in it,
    then run all the way up this alley, past the (possibly open) treasure chest
    and out the gate at the far end. Take a right from here, and head left up the
    stairs when you get the chance. Take another left at the top, and simply follow
    this twisting alley around until you come to your destination - the Twin
    Serpents Plaza!
    See the big statue in front of you? Go to the stone pedestal right in front of
    it and insert the stone tablets you've been collecting - if you don't have 
    them by this point, read San's diary from your information archives in the 
    menu and then scoot off and collect them.
    Also, did you notice how the ground in front of the pedestal is a curious 
    Stone Circle? Ooo!
    Once the complete stone tablet has been inserted, the inscription shall read
    'Offer me up before the twin-headed serpent; use me as a key to open the path.
    There is another who travels the paths formed in the bowels of the Earth by
    Dragons. These paths tie together far away places, making them but a few steps
    See if you can guess what that means.
    The statue kicks in to life, and starts spinning as it collects energy. A 
    blast of light appears underneath Ryu, and sends him flying through time and 
    space. The screen flashes white and...
    He appears back in the Hayabusa Ninja Village! Isn't that convenient for us?
    Why, we needed to get back here, there weren't any zeppelins available, and 
    BANG! We get back here without all the trouble of another airship level. It
    turns out that all those mysterious stone circles were actually receptacles
    for a teleportation device, which is really kind of handy.
    Nice music, eh? Nice and sad, and the rain helps to convey the mournful effect
    the designers were aiming for. Enough of that, though - we've a job to do.
    Run up the hill, pretty much all the way to the entrance of the village, then 
    turn around at the top and look back. Take the slope up to the right that heads
    towards the big cracked stone you found all the way back during chapter 2, then
    smash the bastard open with your Dabilahro. This will reveal a <JEWEL OF THE
    DEMON SEAL> for you, so use it if you like and then hop down to the lower 
    Close to where you land will be the two walls you need to run up to reach the
    window above you, so retread your steps from earlier in the game and make your
    way up there, leaping through and...
    |									     \\
    |If you're running through the game in successive play, don't drop down into  |
    |the warehouse below quite yet. Up here in the back left corner lies a very,  |
    |very tasty looking weapon for you.                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |Check out the secrets section if you want to find out more about this one.   |
    If you're done up here or have nothing to do, jump down into the warehouse,
    buy anything you like from Muramasa's shop down here, and then leave through
    the back door. Steer your ninja left through the streets, past where you 
    killed all those horsemen that attacked you, and leap the wreckage at the end.
    Save your game at the Dragon Statue if need be, then head left up the stairs
    towards the graveyard. There was nothing there before, but there certainly is
    Something... awesome.
    Once in the graveyard proper, head past all the crows lounging around on the
    gravestones of the deceased and you'll trigger a cutscene.
    Ryu stops at Kureha's grave and kneels down, lifting her softly glowing amulet 
    up from the stone it lies upon - it's almost a surprise that some thieving 
    magpies haven't just swooped down and snatched it up for their nests, but that 
    would be a little bit anticlimatic. 
    Just imagine - 'Ryu couldn't do anything in the end because some bloody 
    thieving magpies stole something he desperately needed. The end.'
    Fortunately, it's still here and in Ryu's hands now. If you haven't guessed
    already, this is what Kureha was trying to give him back while she was dying
    at the end of chapter 2 - the fabled Dragon's Eye, the secret to unlocking
    the full potential of the Dragon Sword.
    He attaches the Dragon's Eye to the hilt of his sword, and the weapon starts
    to glow a deep purple along the entire length of the blade in response.
    Ominously, the Dark Dragon Blade feels what has just happened and pulses 
    softly in return, suspended as it is between two giant hands deep in the 
    depths of the Emperor's Palace back in Tairon...
    So, what does all that really mean? Well, it basically means that the Dragon
    Sword is at full power from here on out - the attack power is up, you've gained
    some new moves as a result and you now have a really cool new Ultimate 
    Technique for when you absorb essence into the attack, known as the 'Storm of
    the Heavenly Dragon'. It looks cool, and does plenty of damage to anything
    unlucky enough to be on the receiving end.
    Also, you'll notice that if you had anything else equipped it'll have 
    automatically swapped you back over to the Dragon Sword instead. You can just
    swap it right back if you like.
    Well, we've got what we came for, so let's move on. Move through the last 
    section of the Graveyard to come to another teleporter and head on in. This 
    will take you to a fenced off area in the middle of nowhere - you can see it
    from the small overpass leading to the Monastery (it's also quite near the
    sunken ship section), but is impossible to get to without the aid of the
    teleporters you created when you activated those lovely stone circles.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     While this area is completely empty in the original version of the game, in
     the Hurricane Pack four chests have been placed into the corners. Two of them
     contain a <LIFE OF THE GODS> each, and the other two contain an infestation
     of Ghost Fish ready to swarm out at you when you open them.
     It seems that the safe chests and the dangerous ones shift at random, so 
     ready an appropriate weapon for dealing with these nasty blighters as you 
     open up the chests.
    Head on up the steps and into the next teleportation circle, and you'll be 
    transported over to a new section of the Magma Caverns. There's nothing in 
    here, though, so walk on over to the door, unlock it, and head out into a more
    familiar section. You can kill or ignore the respawned enemies here, it's up
    to you.
    If you want to save your game, now would be the time. Head right through the 
    door into the Ice Cavern and save your game at the Dragon Statue that greets 
    you before coming back into this fiery section and taking the next teleporter 
    into another new area of the game.
    This place looks kind of... templey, doesn't it? That may or may not be a real
    word, but it seems to fit so I'm going with it. If you pull out your Strongbow
    and zoom in to the top of the pyramid in the distance straight in front of you,
    you'll be able to see how successful Rachel was in saving her sister without
    even her Hammer to back her up.
    In short, she failed. She's hanging up there as a living sacrifice to awaken
    Alma to her true power. This would suck incredible amounts of ass, so run
    towards the pyramid to see if we can't do something about it.
    Operation 'Save Rachel' is now in effect!
    |									     \\
    | If you are utterly SICK IN THE HEAD, you can whip out your bow and arrow and|
    | kill Rachel by shooting her in the face from afar as she dangles helplessly |
    | amongst her chains.  							      |
    |									      |
    | You rat bastard, you. I'll find out where you live, don't you worry about   |
    | that.									      |
    |									      |
    | And, fortunately, the game's instantly over if you're twisted enough to do  |
    | this. Serves you right.						      |
    As you run across the grass, you may notice that there are small circular 
    patches that run around in a circle - once you cross the halfway point, 
    something rather interesting happens.
    CG Cutscene
    Boss: Alma II - Alma Awakened
    Oh, joy - she's back to make our lives miserable again, and looking even less
    human than she was the last time. This version of Alma is widely considered to
    be the easier one, but I'd probably have to disagree with that professional
    opinion because I'm totally awesome.
    Anyway, how does she fight? 
    Now that she's got lots of legs to run about with, she'll be spending a lot
    more time down on the ground and getting ready to dash at you in order to
    punch you clean in the face. Let's see what she can get up to now, shall we?
     - As mentioned above, she'll simply run at you and attempt to punch you with
       one of her claws. An excellent method for damaging her during this is to 
       run away and wait for her to start the attack, then ready a 'Roaring Gleam'
       (the new name for the 360 twirl, hold 'Y' attack - it was the Annihilating
       Gleam back then). As she comes in to punch you, release and do vast amounts
       of damage to her!
       The drawback is that if she doesn't do that move after all, you're at the 
       mercy of anything else she tries other than the new grab move she has - 
       while you're spinning in place, glowing fireballs could be biting chunks off
       your health.
       Oh, and you can still take damage from the punch, so use it with 
     - She can still form a bunch of pink glowing fireballs and throw them at you.
       Like before, start rolling and jumping to avoid them and try not to block 
       unless you have to - they'll still cause block damage and crush your guard.
     - She still has a thing for chucking big pillars at you. They're the same
       deal as before, so dodge them by rolling and jumping and don't block for
       the same reasons as outlined above for the fireballs.
     - She can now float around and charge up a rather huge fireball to shoot you
       with. Don't bother blocking this either - it won't cause block damage, 
       it'll just smash you clean in the face as if you hadn't even tried to block
       it. Jump and roll, duck and cover.
     - A new move she has, given the massive tail she obtained during the first 
       stages of the awakening, is to run in close and scoop you up in her tail,
       breaking every bone in your body before unceremoniously dumping you back
       down to the ground.
       To take advantage of this, run a short distance away and try to make her 
       run in with it - if she does, get that Roaring Gleam of yours going! You'll
       go straight through the grab and tear ribbons out of her energy bar to 
       boot. Nice, huh?
       Just don't get grabbed. The damage it does is insane.
    What else? Well, the Flying Swallow will bounce off her most of the time, but
    if you can catch her while she's trying a move you might hit her - or even
    better, knock her back on her ass like you could when fighting her first form.
    To take advantage of a knockdown, I would say that the best combination to use
    is the new one you picked up when you upgraded your Dragon Sword into the 
    True Dragon Sword - the Blade of the Twin Dragons. Don't do it like it says in
    the move list, though. Tap X, hold Y, then tap Y a few more times. It's 
    damaging, looks cool, and makes you feel like a stud every time you perform 
    Watch out, though - you'll hardly ever knock her down. In fact, even hitting
    with the Swallow is difficult enough, so don't rely on using it over and over
    again or you'll just get hammered. I'd recommend abusing the Roaring Gleam 
    technique instead, but that's just me. 
    Another handy technique is to block her punches if she gets into a boxing
    match with you and counter with a couple of slashes, block the next attack,
    and repeat. Watch out for her grabbing you, but this can do a surprising 
    amount of damage to her in very little time.
    As always, once her health bar hits zero, the fight is over!
    CG Cutscene
    Way to go! Rachel's safe, Alma probably isn't, and Doku's just had another of
    his nefarious schemes flushed straight down the crapper. You'd think that this
    would be the perfect place to wrap things up for this chapter, but wait - 
    there's still work to be done, as you'll probably be able to figure out from 
    the businesslike manner in which our boy Ryu backflips off the newly risen 
    pyramid and drops into a stereotypical ninja stance.
    Okay, see that massive glowing crack in the outer shell of the pyramid? The one
    you can't possibly miss because it's staring you right in the face? Well, whip
    out a heavy or explosive weapon and break it open for all the world to see. 
    With this done, venture on in and go through the door.
    Get your Dabilahro back on for this bit - there's bugs in some of the rooms 
    waiting to be killed off in your signature bloody style. Head down to the 
    opposite door from where you come in and turn left, heading through the door
    in front of you. Turn the corner and search the dead ninja to get your hands 
    on a Map of the Pyramid, then follow the stairs all the way down to the bottom.
    You'll come out in a small room with an altar facing a mirror - if you check
    the mirror it will mention that something seems strange about it. Take a good
    look. The reflected image of the altar has two flames burning on the pedestals
    beside it, but if you look at the altar as it is right now, there's no flames.
    Shock! Spooky! OUTRAGEOUS!
    Turn to the real altar and either cast your Art of the Inferno on the 
    pedestals, or shoot explosive arrows at them or whatever. A small explosion or
    your fire magic will light them up, causing a <JEWEL OF THE DEMON SEAL> to 
    appear across the altar. Pick it up, it would be rude not to.
    Now that we're done down here, hoof it back up the stairs and turn right into
    the first door you come to, right beside our decaying ninja friend. Kick open
    the nearby chest for a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>, then go to the other side of the
    room and pick up the small blue thing from the wall to gain the Tablet of 
    Water. Walk about two steps to the left and place it in the wall section with 
    the symbol of a drop of water below it. Doing this will cause a few doors to 
    open, another symbol to start lighting up, and a bunch of bugs to leap through
    the floor and immediately lunge at your neck. You're locked in now, so kill
    them off.
    Once they're dead, the force field will disappear and you can leave via the 
    door with the water symbol at its base. Go left, then right at the door with
    a newly lit up crescent moon on the surface. If you follow the path all the way
    to the end, you'll find a Dragon Statue to save your game at. Do that, then
    head back and go left through the door with the leaf sybol at its base. Open
    the chest in the corner for a <LIFE OF THE GODS>, and then go over to the 
    orange-red glowing symbol on the wall and grab it for the Tablet of Flame.
    Go back into the previous room - straight through the newly opened door and
    one room over - and place this tablet on the empty section in the wall. You 
    know, the one with the little flame pattern below it. This will cause the 
    crescent moon to become a half moon, and more bugs will appear, so do the 
    dirty on them and head straight back across into the other room where you 
    first picked up the Tablet of Flame. 
    Now pick up the Tablet of Leaves, which is the glowing green thing on the wall,
    and head into the newly opened door behind you for another Deity Statue - this
    one is the Serpent, the Deity of Creation. Now go back and place the Tablet of
    Leaves into the final space for it - the one, strangely enough, with the leaf
    pattern underneath it. 
    This will cause a few more doors to open and close, the half moon symbol to 
    light up into a full moon, the Pyramid will rise up some more, and the chapter 
    will end at last!
     /Chapter 14 - 'Vengeful Spirit'| xx14xx \
    |'The fate of the sisters has been decided; They're both going to marry him.  |
    |Ryu now heads for the depths of Zarkhan, determined to fulfil his vengeance  |
    |once and for all...                                                          |
    From where you start this stage, head out the door and go right to reach the
    Dragon Statue where you can save your game again if you want to. From here, 
    turn around and run straight ahead, curving around to the left and stopping at 
    that door which now proudly displays a full moon. You'll exit through the door
    back out into the night air, so start legging it down the hill in front of you.
    Ignore the pedestals that burst into fire as you pass - they're just there to
    look cool.
    You'll have a brief cutscene near the bottom with an eerily familiar blue glow
    just visible on the other end of a locked gate. To go and find out what it was,
    we'll need the key first. To that end, head left and through the doorway you
    come to - there's a chest holding a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> to the right as you 
    go in, and there's also a Dragon Statue to save at and a statue of Muramasa 
    you can buy whatever you need from. Once you're set, head further in through
    the corridor nearby, killing all the bats that try to attack you.
    Why do they bother, exactly? Once you're ready, head into the teleporter at
    the end for a cutscene.
    You find yourself in an alternate reality known as the Fiend Realm. Sitting on
    a throne far away sits one of the most powerful Fiends of all - Satan!
    He welcomes you to the Hellish Depths of the Fiend Realm, and then poses to 
    you the most important question of all - can you defeat him?
    Pshaw, obviously. We're not going to find out yet, though. He just chucks a 
    bunch of subordinates at you for the time being. They appear in a circle around
    Hayabusa, and prepare themselves for the attack.
    Depending on whether you're playing the Hurricane Pack or not, your enemies
    will be purple demons for the normal game, or Fiend Soldiers for the Hurricane
    They shouldn't take too long to kill, so have a party and splatter their 
    useless brains around in an artistic fashion. You can't go anywhere until you
    do them all in, as organic looking walls will rise up and fence you in if you
    try to go anywhere else.
    Once they're dead and gone, a new chest will warp into being nearby, so sing
    a few praises and then amble over to it and open it up. You'll receive the 
    Griffin Key for your efforts, and then the teleporter you arrived in will
    spring back to life. Satan boy will have to wait, it seems, so just take the
    teleporter back out.
    Run back to the Dragon Statue to save your game, and then head out of this 
    section and turn left towards the locked gate from earlier on. Unlock it with
    the Griffon Key and head on through.
    |                                                                            \\
    |It might be a good idea to equip the Art of the Fire Wheels as your Ninpo    |
    |and have something useful for killing Ghost Fish Equipped as your weapon.    |
    |                                                                             |
    |You're about to run into absolutely tons of the little needle teethed        |
    |scumbags, all waiting to strip the flesh from your bones and use your thigh  |
    |bone as a particularly stylish flute. Oh well. At least killing them pays    |
    |well...                                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |Secondly, from this point out until the chapter end there are no more Dragon |
    |Statues for you to save your game at. If you want to save at any point,      |
    |you'll have to leave this section and head back to the previous one near     |
    |Muramasa's statue.                                                           |
    I know what you're thinking - 'Oh sweet Jesus, Mr. Forman. How in God's name
    could Team Ninja be so cruel as to put a maze right at the end of an action
    game? Revenge of Shinobi's last level made me pull out my eyeballs in fury
    and nail them to my neighbour's front door in a juvenile act of rebellion!'
    Well, the simple answer is that they didn't. This is about as simple a maze as
    I've ever seen, for which I'm eternally grateful - I hate mazes too. Just head
    on in, it's not as bad as you might expect.
    Before long, a brief cutscene will detail what I just mentioned above - this 
    place is CRAWLING WITH GHOST FISH, so prepare yourself to become the object of
    their attentions before long. Take a deep breath and then charge into the
    middle of the little buggers, cleaving and cutting and killing them until 
    they're all dead. Or deader, at least. 
    Now, go left from where they all started attacking you from and go further in
    until you liberate a <LIFE OF THE GODS> from the chest at the end, and then 
    return here and head in the other way. Head up the stairs, and then head right
    up another flight of these large blocks. Or stairs. Going left will uncover
    a chest containing a <GREAT DEVIL ELIXER>, while going right will lead to the
    body of yet another ninja who died on his recent excursion into Tairon. 
    Turns out that this guy's called Gen. We finally find out exactly why the 
    Spider Ninja clan has been unleashed into Tairon - they've been charged with
    stealing the Dark Dragon Blade from the Emperor for their own evil deeds. 
    Are you ready for this? Their master wants to grind it up and use it for his
    herbal tea, as Dragon's Bone is considered a delicacy of the ancient world. 
    What a complete and utter gimp. How he became leader of a ninja clan instead of
    being, you know, drowned at birth is beyond me. 
    He also mentions that all his comrades have been slain... except possibly for 
    a friend of his named Dai, who must be hurrying to meet up with him at this 
    very moment with the key to the Emperor's Palace in hand. Well, at least he's
    optimistic about things.
    We're done here. Return to the steps and go down them, then move straight down
    the path in front of you. As you head down this lane, there will be a brief 
    cutscene showing our favourite unholy ball of ephemeral hellfire and hate 
    casually strolling through a wall before heading straight through a locked 
    gate. Also, take note that even without his armour weighing him down it would 
    still take approximately three years for him to walk more than a couple of 
    That Doku - such a crazy guy, even in semi-death!
    There's only really one way to proceed since the door Doku just wandered 
    through obliviously happens to be locked, so keep going down the path until
    you reach a section where a new enemy - the Crab Fiend - warps into being 
    amongst a bunch more Ghost Fish. If you want to finish him off quickly, equip
    the Art of the Inferno and chuck a huge fireball his way.
    Stroll on past the disappearing corpses of all the enemies down here, and head
    on over to the chest that should be in plain sight - kick it open for a nice
    selection of multicoloured essence, then run up the wall in front of you so
    that you end up on the ledge above. Follow it left to another chest containing
    the significantly more important Key of the Lion item, and then head back to
    the gate Doku strolled through earlier and unlock it - just head back and keep
    an eye on the left wall.
    As you walk through, you'll see another quick cutscene of Doku wandering 
    aimlessly though another locked door - let's go and get the bastard. 
    First, go left from the door and follow the path around into a small section
    containing one of the last <GOLDEN SCARABS> to be found in the game. Snatch it
    up and return to the door and head the other way. There's a crossroad of 
    sorts here - ignore the path where you came from for now, and head up the 
    steps nearby. At the fork turn left for a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> and then turn
    back and head back down the steps.
    Assuming you're facing away from the steps, head off to your right and take
    the only path available - a whole bunch of Ghost Fish should come in and 
    attempt to make your life a misery for you. Kill them off, as per usual, and
    wander down this lane until you come to a fork. Right leads nowhere, so turn
    left and... wait! Before heading up that small set of stairs in front of you,
    go left onto the grass and collect the <GOLDEN SCARAB> sitting around over 
    there. This done, head back to the path you were following and continue left.
    At the end of this lane, you'll find two paths leading off to the left. The
    first one will take you to a chest containing a <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>, so 
    head down there and then come back and take the other one to progress. 
    More Ghost Fish abound! Kill them as you find them, and then head around the
    weaving section at the end until you find the chest containing the Key of the
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
    Key obtained, it's time to head back to that last gate Doku went through! The
    directions would take too long to write, but... oh, bugger it. I'm too good to
    you, I really am.
    So, from the chest:
    Hop down and follow the path to the right. Once you get to your first corner
    after coming up the hill, head straight ahead ignoring the first path right.
    As soon as you climb the steps, head right down that path and follow it all
    the way along, killing all the Ghost Fish that have reappeared around here.
    Once you reach the top, you're back at the crossroads!
    Huzzah. Now, head back and save your game if you like, and then come back here.
    From the base of the steps, look straight ahead of them and walk down the small
    hill with the lit pillar at the entrance. As you come into the clearing at the
    bottom you should see that last door Doku totally walked straight through in 
    ghost like fashion. Also, another Crab Fiend will warp in here and start trying
    to kill you alongside his Ghost Fish buddies. 
    Dispose of them, steel yourself, and then walk through that door for a very 
    short cutscene of you becoming locked in with the recently appeared Doku.
    Boss Fight: Spirit Doku
    Man, this is almost ridiculously easy. Doku's a hell of a lot faster in this
    fight now that his armour's off, but the problem for him is that he's much,
    much lighter now - so light, in fact, that you can now perform the Blade of
    Nirrti on him, lifting him up into the air for stupid amounts of damage.
    Doku's pretty much the same as before, otherwise - so much the same, in fact,
    that I'm just going to paste in the old strategy for him. He does have one new 
    grab move to his name, so keep an eye out for that.
    His attacks are listed here for your convenience:
     - He'll swing his sword at you a few times. Nothing special - but the first
       swing will break your guard, so be ready to roll and recover.
     - He'll spin in with a sword attack and burst into a six stroke sword combo 
       which hurts like hell, and of which you can only block the first stroke he
       hits you with. It'll break your guard immediately, leaving you wide open for
       all the remaining swipes. Needless to say, dodge until he's out of attacks
       and then return a few of your own.
     - He'll 'power up' for a moment from a close to medium range distance and 
       charge at you like Murai used to. This does substantial damage and cannot
       be blocked, so keep an eye out for it and dodge when you see it coming. 
       Try to stay close to where he stops though - you can usually get in a few
       hits before he recovers.
     - He'll remove his face plate and spew fire out in front of him in a small
       arc. It's one of his less dangerous moves since it's so slow, but, as
       always, dodge it whenever he performs it.
     - He'll 'counter' your attack by swinging around you, turning 180 degrees as
       he does so, and slashing you across the back.
     - He'll grab you. This generally does about half a bar of damage to you, 
       assuming that you've been keeping up to date with your energy bar 
       extensions. What's worse than this is that the longer he takes hold of you
       before you break free, the more damage he does AND the more energy he
       recovers for himself.
       Yes, this attack actually heals him.
       Since it's a grab, you can't block it - if you see him raise one of his
       hands back in preperation to lunge at you, dodge immediately. And if he 
       does get his hands on you, hammer the buttons to break the hold as swiftly
       as possible.
     - The same idea as above, save for one spooky thing - his ghostly arm detaches
       from his body and floats across to grab you by the throat. Scary, huh?
       The throw's different too, and doesn't heal him. What it does is slash you
       multiple times, impale you, and then slash you off the blade. Pretty cool,
       but it's highly unlikely he'll ever actually catch you with it.
    So, how best to beat him? The solution is embarassingly simple - Flying Swallow
    the living hell out of him, dodging out of the way after you land, until he 
    keels over and dies. Even if he blocks, just keep on doing it.
    That's the short, cheap way to do it. 
    Alternatively, get those Flails equipped and wait until he performs his charge
    at you, then dodge and counterattack with Fwd+Y, Y, Y, Y before he recovers
    his balance.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Well, scrap that lovely Flying Swallow method described above. You'll just 
     bounce off his glowing, unearthly exterior if you try to perform it on him.
     Other than that, he's quite similar - only you can intercept his sword strokes
     now, so be sure to do it during his six hit combo and retaliate in a 
     suitably painful manner that strips a chunk off his energy bar.
     You CAN'T intercept his charging move, though, so don't even try - it'll just 
     end in bumps, bruises, sprains and tears. And possibly a large dose of death
     into the bargain.
     One new technique you can use if you've enhanced the Lunar up to level 3 can
     be quite useful for battling him. Get in close and perform the 'Lunar 
     Explosion' by holding forwards and pressing Y three times. It does a good 
     chunk of damage, and is one of my preferred methods for twisting that lovely 
     armour of his into a big pile of scrap.
     Oh, and the Blade of Nirrti doesn't work in this version. Them's the breaks.
    As Doku's spirit finally begins its ongoing spiral towards oblivion, he turns
    towards you right before he disappears and says 'Receive the curse... become
    a Fiend.'
    This isn't friendly advice, mind, this is him putting the curse on you without
    your consent. Hayabusa feels a sudden jolt to his body and watches his skin 
    briefly turn blue, back to normal, and then stay blue with white glowing veins
    running along his arms. His eyes, moreover, turn blood red.
    Ryu, understandably, looks a little freaked out by the change to his body. This
    could prove to be rather nasty...
     /Chapter 15 - 'The Core'| xx15xx \
    |'Doku's hate continues to slowly transform Ryu. Feeling the blood of the     |
    |Fiends pounding in his veins, Ryu stands before the gates to the source of   |
    |all evil, the Core of the Imperial Palace!'                                  |
    Brilliant. You finally kill off your arch nemesis and he doesn't even have the
    good grace to simply kick the bucket without unleashing some ancient curse upon
    As soon as this mission begins, Ghost Fish will gather around and mourn their
    fallen leader - by munching you as soon as they can. Kill every single one that
    appears, then climb up the hill and exit out the door that is no longer 
    blocked by the pillar. 
    Once you're outside, ransack the possessions of the dead ninja lying beside 
    you to obtain a Map of the Labyrinth - which you clearly don't need - and then 
    move over and save your game at the Dragon Statue right in front of where you 
    came out.
    Going up the hill to your right will lead you to a treasure chest holding a
    yummy <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>, so go over and grab it if you need to - if not,
    simply head left and up the hill. Before long you'll be attacked by a Crab 
    Fiend surrounded by a bunch of Purple Demons - kill the lot of them, then 
    search the edge of the area to find a chest containing a <GREAT DEVIL ELIXER>.
    Get it if you need to, and continue on the way you were heading.
    The path will soon narrow again, and as it does you'll be allowed to go right
    across a very strange looking bridge/path that seems to twist completely 
    around - ignore this for now, but keep it in mind! This leads to the Emperor's
    Palace, which is the last area in all Tairon that you can visit. However, the
    front door is locked at present, there's not much point going there yet. As a
    result, simply take the other path and head along it.
    Before long, our ravenous friends will warp in and attack you again - kill them
    all off, and then head up to the huge double doors blocking your path and open
    them. It turns out that these doors are the ones at the top of the Stairway
    to the Imperial Palace, so opening them up will mean you never have to wander
    through the labyrinth again - good thing, given all the teleportation it takes
    to get there. There's also a ninja lying around near the top of the steps -
    dead, of course - so ruffle through his possessions to come up with the 'key'
    item (ho ho) the 'Key of the Decayed Soul'.
    Not only does it look disgusting, but it has a cool name to boot. Rock on!
    |                                                                            \\
    |Once you have this key in your possession, it would be a good time to decide |
    |whether you  want to continue on with the rest of the game or go back and do |
    |all the stuff you missed back in Tairon, such as Sixty Fiend Challenges and  |
    |the like. You don't HAVE to do it all now, but it would probably help a      |
    |little in the long run.                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    |I'll mention the rest of the subquests right before you hit the upcoming     |
    |point of no return - we'll simply carry on with the game until then.         |
    The Diary informs you that the dead ninja is Dai, Gen's friend. It doesn't 
    mention much of interest, merely that he was badly wounded obtaining the key
    and sets off to meet Gen, but was ultimately stumped by the locked doors 
    leading to the Palace and met his fate here. 
    Apparently, ninjas aren't too well versed in the mystical arts of 'Ladders' or 
    'Grappling hooks' in the Black Spider Clan. Oh well, his loss is our gain.
    Yoink! Now, head back through the doors you came through and head to that small
    bridge leading to the Imperial Palace I mentioned not long ago - it's the first
    turn on your left after doing away with all those pesky respawned Ghost Fish.
    Try to ignore the fact that you're ignoring gravity by the end, since it's a
    well known fact that ninjas can quite casually stroll along anything whilst 
    suspended upside down. Now, approach the doors for a small cutscene showing
    off this final building and the mysterious set of doors up at the top of it...
    New Area: The Core of the Imperial Compound
    Head on in, using the Key of the Decayed soul to obtain entry. One thing to 
    point out here is that if you ever need to retreat and save your game, simply
    head out this door and across the bridge, then head left to get to the nearest
    Dragon Statue save point. You're not stuck in here, so don't be afraid to leave
    the place and save if you need to.
    [Imperial Palace Core 1st Floor]
    After a few short steps into the room, all the doors will lock down and you'll
    be accosted by a total of eight Red 'dragon' Fiends. This shouldn't be too hard
    for you, so kill them all off and then head over to the pedestal in the glowing
    part of the middle of the room. Interact with it to place the down the statue
    of Raptor, Deity of Sentiment, which will unlock the next door out of the room.
    Take it, and start heading up the steps - but watch out! There's a crapload of
    Ghost Fish here, so take them all out before proceeding. There's around 28 of
    the buggers, but it can vary by a couple of fish each time. Once they're dead,
    head to the top and kick open the chest near the door for a <GREAT SPIRIT 
    ELIXER> which is usually quite a handy thing to have. Grab it, then head 
    through the door.
    [Imperial Palace Core 2nd Floor]
    Walk in a few steps and gasp in horror as the doors lock you in once again. 
    Looks like you'll have to fight your way out again, young man!
    This time, we're lucky enough to be attacked by more of those Red Fiends, 
    backed up by their tougher 'Earth' counterparts from the Magma Caverns. Still
    nothing too deadly, but remember that those Earth Fiends can do a chunk more
    damage than the regular versions if they grab you.
    Once they're dead, head over to the pedestal and plonk down the statue of Wolf,
    Deity of Wisdom to unlock the next door. Head outside, kill all the Ghost Fish
    that attack, and head up the stairs and through the next door you come to 
    lodged in between the huge skulls.
    [Imperial Palace Core 3rd Floor]
    Nice. Eyeballs everywhere. As usual, step in further to have the whole room 
    lock down and introduce a fresh bunch of enemies for you to kill.
    Purple demons and a single Crab Fiend are the order of the day this time, so
    maul them all and saunter over to yet another pedestal before placing down the
    statue of Devil, Deity of Immortality. This, as always, unlocks the next door,
    so head over there and go through the door to get back outside.
    More Ghost Fish attack you here, so do the needful and head up the steps. Once
    you reach the top, kick open the chest for another <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER>, and
    then DON'T go through the door. A little further on from the door is a small 
    gap in the rock barrier that prevents you from falling off the sides - head
    through it and fall down. You should land on a small ledge running around the
    sides of the palace, so follow it around to find a wonderful treasure - the
    very last <GOLDEN SCARAB> there is to be found in the entire game! Isn't that
    |                                                                            \\
    |Assuming you've gone and collected all 50 Golden Scarabs, you can now run off|
    |and unlock the original Ninja Gaiden Trilogy!                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |Please refer to the 'Secrets' section for more details on how to do so - for |
    |now, we'll just continue along with our journey through hell.                |
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Got all 50 Scarabs thus far? If so, you can go back and see Muramasa to get 
     your hands on a certain legendary weapon...
     ...what exactly is Muramasa doing with this thing, anyway?
    There's no way to get back up, so drop down from the ledge and head back up
    the stairs, going through the 3rd floor room once more (ignore the enemies that
    appear, since the door's still open from before) and head up the stairs, 
    killing the Ghost Fish that have respawned. Once you reach the top, head on
    through the door.
    [Imperial Palace Core 4th Floor]
    Great, now there are unholy babies growing out of the walls. The Vigoorian
    Emperor's taste in decoration and art sucks balls, I have to say.
    This floor is a little tougher, unless you want to equip the Art of Inferno
    and kill the enemies off easily - there's a total of four Crab Fiends in here
    for you to kill, so maul them and use the next statue on the nearby pedestal,
    which happens to be the Serpent, Deity of Creation. The door unlocks as per
    usual, so head on through and up the stairs killing off the Ghost Fish you
    encounter on the way. Once you reach the top, you'll also reach a new area.
    New Area: The Gates of Hell
    Awesome. We're off on a trek through Hell, it seems.
    From the top of the stairs, head left around the rock pillars in the middle
    of the plateau. Don't take the teleporter yet, mind - there's a Dragon Statue
    beside it, so save your game there first. The treasure chest right next to it
    holds yet another <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> with which to revive your flagging 
    health, and a little past that lies another chest with a <GREAT DEVIL ELIXER>
    The nearby pedestal mentions that 'He who wishes to pass must offer proof of 
    his divine acceptance', and has an image of a Demon engraved on the inscription
    tablet, which can only mean one thing - time to run along and jump into that 
    nearby teleporter! Hop to it!
    You'll be teleported into the Fiend Realm once more, with Satan idly sitting
    on his throne in the background. A bunch of purple demons will appear and 
    start attacking you, so clear them out. As soon as you do this, that smug git
    on the throne will teleport you away and dump you in a new area. A brief
    cutscene ensues where he commands one of his servants, the Big Squishy Fiend
    Thing you fought at the end of chapter 5 and halfway through chapter 7, to
    rise from the underworld and take care of you once and for all.
    Mid Boss: Big Squidgey Fiend Thing.
    Again? Oh well.
    If you can't kill this thing on your own by now, something's wrong somewhere.
    He does take a little more damage than before, but is otherwise exactly the
    same as the previous two times you fought him. Hence, I'll just cut and paste
    the strategy from the first encounter you had with him:
    Getting slapped is moderately painful, though generally not life threatening
    unless you're low on health. Very rarely, it'll be able to grab you when it
    whips you from a distance with its tentacle - I've seen it happen only once in 
    my hundreds of hours playing the game.
    Finally, his outer skin is extremely tough - only his tentacles will take 
    damage until he opens up the eyes outside his skin.
    So! Not much to this guy, then - he's really quite easy once you know how.
    Basically, what you do is perform Flying Swallows on his 'arms' when he's not 
    flailing them around randomly, and after two or three passes, one of these
    tentacle 'arms' will fall off and turn into essence. Do the same to the other
    arm quickly, then suck in the essence it drops and unleash an Ultimate 
    Technique on the boss, since once both his arms fall off his eyes will open up 
    and you can start dishing out some real damage. 
    Do it twice per cycle if you can, though it might be an idea to collect the 
    blue essence rather than using it for a UT if you're low on health. If you 
    can't use essence for any reason such as collecting it for health or Ninpo, or
    it disappears before you get the chance to use it, the Blade of Nirrti combo 
    will do considerable damage as well - assuming the eyes are open, of course.
    Once it closes its eyes once again, it'll spew out fire through the top of
    its body - simply avoid this attack and repeat until it dies.
    See? It worked then, and it works now. Curiously, your 'True Dragon Gleam' move
    doesn't seem so powerful on this version, so stick with the usual Ultimate 
    Techniques this time.
    He's generally a complete wuss, so treat him like one.
    Once our friend dies for the third and final time, a small teleporter will 
    appear in the centre of the arena. Handy, eh? We could have starved to death
    out here otherwise!
    If you have the Armlet of Tranquility, you can rest here a while to regain your
    health. Either way, when you're ready, take the teleporter to the next area of
    the Fiend Realm.
    A brief cutscene will show that you've closed in on Satan, and he actually 
    takes notice of you this time - he remarks 'You're not as weak as I thought'
    and sends more purple minions after you. As usual, they're a bit of a pushover,
    but watch out for something new - Satan will start throwing fireballs at you
    during the fight. As soon as you hear him laugh, start moving. You can block
    them instead, but they'll cause block damage if you do and throw you off guard.
    Again, once they're dead, Satan sends you off on another little teleportation
    journey. Another small cutscene shows a familiar opponent being resurrected 
    from the dead for another chance at killing you...
    Mid Boss: Ice... Sloth Thing.
    Him again, eh? Well, he's no different from the last time save for taking and
    dealing out more damage, so it's time for another cut and paste job!
    (with the exception of one of the moves - the Blade of the Twin Dragons wasn't
    available last time)
    There may be better ways to beat this thing, but the following method works
    fine. Equip your Dragon Sword, look at the beast in a superior way, and then 
    get in close and start chopping away at it. The two best combos to use are your
    good old Blade of Nirrti sequence (for maximum damage) and the Blade of the 
    Twin Dragons (for guaranteed damage.)
    That's the X, Hold Y, Y, Y move in case you forgot.
    Now, our huge, ugly buddy has a couple of noteworthy attacks. The most annoying
    is when he starts pounding the ground around him, since you can't damage him
    at all while he's smacking away at the floor. Small circular formations will
    appear under your feet as he does this, so start running - they'll soon erupt
    into razor sharp fragments that don't last more than a moment, but will cut 
    you up pretty bad if you're above them when the bloom in their own deadly 
    fashion - and you'll take block damage if you try and deflect the ice, so 
    don't bother doing anything else than moving out of the way.
    He'll also start punching away at you if you stay in front of him - huge, slow
    punches that alternate between his left and right hands. They're not tough to
    dodge, which is a good thing since you'll take a decent chunk of block damage
    if you try and block the attacks instead.
    Likewise with his ice breath - he'll rear his head back then shoot a stream of
    ice at you in a straight line. Easy as hell to avoid, but don't try blocking
    unless you want to take damage.
    After a while, he may decide that this is all just a big mistake and try to 
    make friends with you by spreading his arms wide open and giving you a big hug
    to make up for attacking you on sight. Don't be deceived! As soon as he has 
    you in his loving grasp, his primal, animalistic nature will burst through his
    loving facade like the energy from a thousand exploding suns and he'll 
    immediately start chewing ravenously upon your face. To avoid this bittersweet
    end to your friendship, roll underneath his arms and perform the Blade of the
    Twin Dragons - he's crouched over wondering why you're avoiding his love, so
    the Nirrti won't land every hit if you attempt it.
    Other than these attacks, watch out for when he's moving around the place - he
    loves to somersault and twist around the arena, and when he's hauling himself
    around on his arms, he can squash you if you're ever unlucky enough to be
    underneath them when they descend.
    So! Now you know how he attacks, simply avoid them whenever here attempts them
    and retaliate with the two combos I mentioned earlier depending on what he's
    doing at the time. It shouldn't be long until you render him down into a large
    chunk of frozen meat.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     Pretty much the same as above, but he has some purple demons jumping around
     the place helping him out and trying to annoy the hell out of you.
     No need to change your strategy all that much, basically.
    Again, once this sub-boss dies, you'll be greeted with a new teleportation 
    circle appearing in the middle of the arena and given a chance to rest before
    continuing on your quest for justice and tons and tons of death. Once you're
    ready, take the teleporter to the next area.
    Your stubborn refusal to die, and your decision to chop his subordinates into
    bite sized slices of mincemeat has finally cheesed off the big cheese himself.
    'That's it!' he declares angrily as he rises from his throne. 'It's time for
    me to take you on personally!'
    Mwa ha ha ha... excellent. Time to show him just how much you disliked being 
    played around with as he cowered away just out of your reach.
    Rip him a new one!
    Mid Boss: Satan
    Well, he's finally decided to stop being a wuss and try to take you out by 
    himself. This does not, however, mean that he's above summoning in his minions
    to do their part at the same time as you're fighting him. The cheeky swine.
    When he's fighting, he spends an awful long time flying around just out of 
    reach. Don't bother trying to take him down with arrows - it's not really a 
    worthwhile tactic, and only Explosive Arrows will damage him.
    So! Let's list his attacks, and I'll tell you how to take advantage of them
    to finally put the uptight little scumbag into a hastily dug grave. 
    We'll start off with his attacks from a distance.
     - He'll cross his hands before holding them out in front of him, which is what
       he does to summon more enemies in to attack you. This doesn't hurt you,
       obviously, but it does make things more complicated since you'll then have 
       to deal with whoever he summons.
       He can summon one enemy at a time, three enemies can be attacking you at 
       once, and he'll stop doing this after he's summoned a grand total of one
       hundred and eight of the little buggers.
       You should have him dead long before then, mind - and this does have the
       rather groovy side effect of the enemies dropping essence for you to 
     - If he's a goodly distance away and suddenly drops down level with you, he's
       probably getting ready to shoulder ram you. He flies pretty damn quickly,
       so be ready to dodge!
     - Every once in a while he'll hang back and throw a series of three fireballs
       at you. Keep a look out for them and be sure to dodge them unless you like
       the sensation of roasting hot magma cooking your flesh. Remember, they 
       burst into a pillar of 'flame' upon impact with the ground, so don't hang 
       around the area where they land for long.
       This move often comes right before the next attack, assuming he's at a 
       reasonable distance from you, so be sure you're prepared for his follow 
       up - it's where you can do the most damage to him if he misses.
    In Close Attacks:
     - He'll take off into the sky, usually after hurling three fireballs at you,
       and then streak towards you as he attempts to drill you with his wings. 
       This move cannot be blocked, cannot be intercepted, and hurts like hell if
       he catches you with it.
       That said, it's easily the best move you can have done to you, because 
       dodging the attack causes him to slam headfirst into the ground at a vast
       rate of knots. This, thankfully, will stun the idiot so that you can get 
       some quality moves off on him. 
       Of course, you'll have to know when it's coming. If you can't see him for
       any reason, keep your ears open for a 'whirling noise' as he powers up the 
       spin. The camera always flicks to him as he performs this move, so keep your
       eyes peeled for a brief blue flash right before he comes speeding your way.
       As soon as you see this flash, roll to the side and you should be completely
       safe and in a great position to take advantage of him as he lies stunned.
       My personal recommendation would be the Blade of the Twin Dragons, 
       (performed with X, hold Y, Y, Y) as he kneels on the ground, shaking his 
       head to clear out the cobwebs. Also, a nUltimate Technique will do the job
       nicely if there's any essence floating around from defeated enemies.
       Only do it once however - if you're still standing around sticking your 
       sword into him as he recovers, he'll grab you and swing you around for a 
       bit before simply bouncing you off the ground. Be sure and get out of the 
       way with a roll as soon as you see him draw his arm back - then immediately
       perform a flying swallow to do a little bit more damage on him.
     - Occasionally he'll fly above you and laugh. This signifies that he's about
       to try and hammer you from above, so dodge like your life depends on it. 
       This is another non-blockable attack, and you can't intercept it either,
       though you can get in a quick hit or two on him as he finishes the attack.
    Well, that's about it for old Satan. Occasionally he'll shoulder ram you from 
    in close, but there's not really much else to his attack patterns. Just 
    remember to dodge his corkscrew attack before ripping the living hell out of 
    him, and you should be fine.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
     No purple demons this time - just those good old Cat Fiends springing up as
     he summons them.
    Well, well, well. Taking you on personally wasn't the smartest move that Satan
    ever pulled, and now he's been hacked into nothing more than vapour. As a 
    reward for killing him off, the fifth and final Deity Statue rises out of the 
    ground in the centre of the arena. Head over and pick it up to obtain the 
    Demon, Deity of Destruction statue. Then pull out an electric guitar and start 
    jamming away on it - we're almost at the end of the game!
    We're done here, so take the pathways (that sort of look like tongues) to get
    back to the only active teleporter available. Use it, then head off to the left
    to use the Dragon Statue to save your game. Directly opposite this statue lies
    the final Deity pedestal, so head on over and chuck your Demon statue on top of
    it - did you notice that this statue looks exactly the same as the one in the 
    original Ninja Gaiden titles? No? Neither did I.
    As soon as you offer up this final statue, the doors on the rock platform above
    will open at last and reveal a walkway inside that is only visible by looking
    through the open door - an effect that happens to be rather bloody cool, 
    Through this gateway to hell lies the Emperor of Vigoor, the target of your all
    your vengeance, and the stolen Dark Dragon Blade that was the cause of all
    this bloodshed. They're waiting for you.
    |                                                                            \\
    |This is the last chance you'll have in the entire game to go and do whatever |
    |it is that you haven't done. After you walk through these gates you will be  |
    |unable to purchase supplies, uncover items and health bar extensions, unlock |
    |the original Ninja Gaiden Trilogy... you get the point. Go through these     |
    |gates and you're on a one way track to the end of the game.                  |
    |                                                                             |
    |There's one Lives of the Thousand Gods I haven't mentioned during this       |
    |walkthrough, which lies near Muramasa's shop. Assuming you've just left the  |
    |shop, head left through the first gate, then head right at the first turn you|
    |come to. In the fenced off area on the right lies a teleporter to the Sixty  |
    |Fiend Challenge - it's been active ever since the teleporters came online.   |
    |                                                                             |
    |Inside you'll fight a bunch of purple demons and Crab Fiends - if you've read|
    |Muramasa saying something about beating them 'without a scratch', ignore him.|
    |He's probably going senile, since doing that earns you nothing more than the |
    |Lives of the Thousand Gods you'll get anyway.                                |
    |                                                                             |
    |If you want to unlock the original Ninja Gaiden games, please refer to the   |
    |secrets section of this faq - it'd disturb the flow of the walkthrough if I  |
    |were to break off and lead you there now.				      |
    Are you ready? Then step through the gate and get cracking! Run up those 
    As Hayabusa makes his way up the stairs, they inexplicably begin collapsing - 
    probably as a result of the Vigoorian Emperor hiring complete monkeys to build 
    his palace. Ryu wisely decides to turn around and leg it back the way he came,
    but he's nowhere near fast enough - he begins to fall, then proper gravity
    begins to reassert itself and he's sucked into the sky.
    Odd, and curiously timed. A coincidence? I think not.
    CG Cutscene
    Ryu finds himself falling swiftly through wispy patches of clouds. As he comes 
    closer to earth, he soon plummets into a field of brightly coloured flowers. A 
    huge stone statue of an angel sits in the distance, and after a short spell of
    rolling around aimlessly in the meadow our hero gets up and stares curiously at
    the odd stone behemoth. He notices that the head is floating above the 
    shoulders, and goes to take a closer look.
    A few steps towards it and he stops, suddenly noticing that the Dark Dragon
    Blade is suspended in thin air above the statue. A great light flares in its
    chest and it slowly rises to its full height, burning the flowers in the meadow
    to cinders using nothing more than the powerful waves of its presence. The 
    earth begins to crack around the statue, sending bursts of flame and dirt 
    rocketing up into the air.
    Knowing that chopping at the feet of the statue would be a futile task, Ryu
    chants a few choice ninja phrases and then spins in a circle, cutting a section
    of rock out from underneath him with the power from his hands - power that 
    obviously comes simply from being a ninja. He uses this previously unmentioned
    skill to levitate the rock, presumably so that he'll be able to get in at the 
    bastard's eyes and then stab them out in his righteous, furious vengeance.
    He takes a moment to test his footing on this new platform and then closes in 
    for the kill, drawing his sword as he does so.
    Boss Fight: The Vigoor Emperor
    There's something different about this boss fight. The fact that the Emperor is
    big enough to dwarf a small planet is part of it, and the other main change is
    that Ryu is floating around, orbiting the boss on that rock he stole during 
    the last cutscene.
    The controls for this boss fight have changed rather a bit as a result. 
    Basically, up on the analogue stick closes you in on the Emperor, left and 
    right go... well, left and right, and down creates some distance between you
    and the boss. All other controls are the same.
    So how do you raise and lower your height relative to the Emperor? Simple! Just
    hold down the left trigger as you press up and down, and you'll start ascending
    and descending on demand.
    Don't worry about blocking during this fight, either. Every attack he has will
    mash you if it connects. Jumping isn't much help, either - if by any chance
    you leap off your rock or are otherwise dislodged from it and fall into the
    lava below, you'l automatically teleport back onto it. Handy, that.
    He has three weak points for you to target - when attacking, go for both his
    shoulders and his strangely shaped chest. He's supposed to actually be a 'he',
    right? Or is 'he' a 'she'?
    Anyway! What attacks does our gargartuan friend possess? Not many, it has to be
     - If you hang around too close to him, he'll simply do what most people would
       do and punch you square in the face.
     - Other than that, he'll send up a bunch of lasers to swirl about and attempt
       to render you down into a pile of sizzling dog meat. Hold the left trigger
       down and sway in and out of then, attacking his weak points.
       Keep your spells handy here - you're invincible as you cast them, so it's
       a good way to stop Ryu from getting blasted off his rock.
    The easiest way I've found to take him out - and I don't care if he has a pair
    of breasts, 'Emperor' is a masculine term - is to get in close to either one
    of his shoulders or chest, perform a powerful combo such as the Blade of the 
    Twin Dragons rpeatedly, and release a dose of your Inferno Ninpo as soon as the
    lasers close in on you. They'll pass right through you, and the spell does 
    absolutely tons of damage to the big guy when you release it.
    Once both his shoulders and his chest have been destroyed, the fight is over!
    The Vigoor Emperor isn't having a great time of it - his huge, angelic body
    starts falling apart right before his head topples from his torso and plunges
    into the lava in truly comedic fashion.
    Ryu lands on a safe patch of rock amongst the magma, and as the Emperor sinks
    slowly out of sight his body begins returning to normal. Life isn't that easy
    though - there's a pulse of light during which he suddenly staggers, and the 
    curse starts taking over his body once again.
    'Enough of this. Your insignificant life ends here,' cries the Emperor as he
    re-emerges from the lava, his body having inexplicably changed into a form 
    held together with huge, bony Skulls.
    Ryu then suddenly pulls the most out of place pose in the entire game (RYU
    SMASH! GRARGH!), and the fight for bloody, lethal justice continues! 
    Rock on!
    Boss Fight: The Vigoor Emperor (Stage 2)
    Hey, you got all your health restored. Neat! Shame about the Ninpo...
    This boss fight is a lot more standard than the preceding one was. Taking place
    in what looks like the bottom of a Volcano, you'll have to watch your step
    while fighting this new form of the Emperor. Falling in won't kill you 
    instantly, but it will damage you a fair bit - picture the damage the lava did 
    during your romp through the Magma Caverns and you'll have a fair idea of what 
    to expect.
    Now, during this fight the Emperor will be cavorting in the lava, just sort of
    swimming around. He'll occasionally hop onto the platform so you can get at him
    with melee weapons, but since your ranged weapons are so effective, you don't
    really need to wait for him to come close to dish out the damage to his 
    cretinous features.
    So, here's his attacks!
     - His main attack is throwing skulls at you. If you have Ninpo handy, and you
       should do, light up the Art of the Inferno to crush the skulls as they 
       strike you. Since his whole body is a mass of skulls, destroying them as
       they hit you will directly damage the Emperor.
       If you have no Ninpo, dodge like hell as the skulls swarm around you. You
       can break them with your sword if you need to, but staying safe isn't a bad
       idea either.
       As the skull storm intensifies, the main head will slowly descend towards 
       you, picking up speed as it nears. Get the hell out of the way before it 
       reaches you, or it'll use our daring ninja as a common chew toy.
       Once the head retreats, the storm abates. Start sticking the swine with 
       whatever you have at hand.
     - When he jumps onto your platform, take care not to get squashed.
    As I mentioned earlier, most projectiles will do you the world of good. The
    best one you can use would have to be the Exposive Arrows, since they can take
    out a group of those skulls at once, but the alternative arrows you have 
    aren't bad for this guy, either.
    Putting arrows into his head does more damage - the main head, that is, the 
    horned one floating slightly ahead of the body - but attacking the body gives
    you the chance to kill more skulls at once, upping the damage quotient 
    exponentially. The choice is up to you, though the body is a far easier target
    to hit do to the size of it.
    The Incendiary Shurikens do good damage to the Emperor, too, which puts them 
    on a more or less even footing with the Strongbow. You pays your money and you
    makes your choice!
    Finally, if you run completely out of ranged weapons to attack with, wait or 
    he gets in close and start relentlessly hammering into him with the Blade of 
    Nirrti. All things said and done, you shoudn't find him too hard to dispose of.
    Once his energy is gone, so too is the Emperor - for real this time.
    As the Emperor's body is finally destroyed, Ryu lands on a nearby slab of rock 
    and watches as the Emperor slowly sinks into the lava. The Volcano isn't in 
    particularly good shape, either - the whole place seems to be collapsing in on
    itself, with jagged rocks breaking free of the ceiling and crashing down into 
    the depths below.
    Lifting his head, Ryu spots the Dark Dragon Blade embedded in the rock of a 
    distant platform, shimmering away to itself with its own evil power.
    Better go pick it up in case some poor kids cut themselves on the thing, eh?
     /Chapter 16 - 'The Dark Dragon Blade'| xx16xx \
    |'Ryu has defeated the evil Vigoor Emperor, and the Dark Dragon Blade is out  |
    |of the reach of the Fiends. Now, Ryu must quickly escape the depths before   |
    |the cavern comes crashing down on him!'                                      |
    Well, we've finally made it all the way to the last chapter of the game. Feels
    good, doesn't it? Yeah, it feels damn good!
    Don't dislocate your arm trying to pat yourself on the back quite yet though - 
    it's not over, and the fat lady hasn't sung. Now that the Vigoorian Emperor
    has been ruthlessly broiled alive in the murky depths of this volcano, it's 
    about time to get Hayabusa out of here so that he doesn't follow suit.
    The first thing to do is boogie on over to the nearby Dragon Statue to save 
    your game - choose another save slot if you're out of healing items, since 
    there's no shops nearby. That might be a good thing considering all the chunks
    of rock falling from the skies and threatening to bounce off your ninja noggin.
    Some platforming coming up, so from the statue...
    Head left and jump across the gap onto the next growth of rock sticking out of 
    the lava, then jump right and wall run up the rock face. Hayabusa will grab 
    onto the lip of the platform if you don't clear it right away, so be a dear 
    and haul him up then head left, hopping up onto the next ledge.
    Steer him into the cleft between the two rock faces, and wall jump all the way
    to the top. Another section of rock awaits to the right of the section you land
    on, so jump onto the first part and then jump and wall run up the next. From
    here there's one more ledge to run up the side of, and you'll land on a plateau
    holding the object of all our desires - the Dark Dragon Blade. There's nowhere
    to go from here but down, so pick it up!
    Ryu reaches out and pulls the Dark Dragon Blade free of the earth, causing a
    large pillar of stone to sink further into the lava as he lifts it up in front
    of him. He looks sorrowful for a moment, and possibly resigns himself to the 
    idea that he'll die down here... when all of a sudden he senses someone nearby
    and looks up towards the ceiling.
    It's Rachel! And she's calling for him!
    Ha, didn't think there was any way out of this one, did you?
    Fortunately, dear, sweet Rachel has cottoned on to the fact that you're in a
    pretty sticky situation and has therefore tracked you down in order to help you
    escape. The length of her grappling hook isn't limitless, however, so she's 
    hanging around the mouth of the volcano and waiting for you to hightail it up 
    close enough to her to allow you both to escape.
    |                                                                            \\
    |One other thing to keep in mind - with the recent demise of the Vigoor       |
    |Emperor and having reclaimed the Dark Dragon Blade, the whole place has      |
    |started to fall apart. Which, naturally, means|that you're now on a strict   |
    |time limit before you go and get yourself buried alive in rivers of molten   |
    |magma or crushed by falling rocks.                                           |
    |							                      |
    |If you take too long in escaping, you'll be treated to a cutscene showing    |
    |Hayabusa plunging towards a painful, fiery death.                            |
    |                					                      |
    |So what are you wasting time reading this for? RUN, DAMMIT!                  |
    Chances are, you'll die during your first few attempts at this section - it's
    a platforming challenge, and one against the clock at that, and since there's 
    been little opportunity up to this point to become Uber Leet(tm) at scaling 
    high walls without falling to your death it can be quite tricky the first few
    times you attempt it. 
    About the best advice I can give is not to fall in - it may sound like I'm 
    being cheeky, but you probably won't have enough time to climb back up to the
    top if you fall back into the lava at the bottom of the stage. Being fast is
    important, yes, but it doesn't mean that you should forget to be accurate - 
    take the time to line up your jumps with the right trigger and right analogue
    stick if you need to.
    So, from the very place you retrieved the Dark Dragon Blade from...
    1. Go right onto the rock platform that dropped down during the previous 
       cutscene. There are two ledges, and you have to make your way up to the top,
       so do so. Vertical wall runs will be necessary.
    2. From the top, looking left, you should see some strange clawlike 'branches' 
       sticking out of the nearby cliff face on your right. Swing across the three
       of them and then run across the wall to get to the next platform.
    3. Across the next gap lies another 'branch' - swing across it and leap to the
       next ledge. The ledge leads nowhere, so follow it to the end and then run 
       up the wall beside you on your right to get up to a higher platform.
    4. Again, run up the wall in front of you. Hayabusa will grab onto the ledge,
       so shimmy left and get him up on top of the platform at the earliest 
    |                                                                            \\
    |No matter how blindingly fast you are at this section, a small cutscene will |
    |play showing Ryu looking at the rocks collapsing around him by the time you  |
    |get up here.								      |
    |									      |
    |This is a friendly reminder that you're on a strict time limit during this   |
    |section, nothing more. Watch out though, you only get one... if another      |
    |cutscene happens to trigger at any point, it's simply to inform you that     |
    |you're dead.                                                                 |
    5. Having hauled yourself up, run left and jump the gap leading onto the next
       stone platform. Run along it, climb up onto the higher section halfway 
       across, then run to the end and jump onto the next platform, wall running
       up the side so that you flip over onto the ledge.
    6. Run left along the platform here, but STOP at the edge. No matter how rushed
       you are, it would be a good idea to use the right analogue stick to look 
       down in front of you so that you can see where you should be jumping to.
       Once you have the small section of rock below you lined up, jump down to it
       and then use the higher section of it to wall run up onto the next ledge.
    7. Circle around this platform to the left and make a beeline towards the 
       waiting arms of Rachel, like any real man would do.
    Rachel calls out Ryu's name again, as if he might have somehow made his way up 
    there whilst remaining completely oblivious of her presence. He sizes up the 
    distance between the two of them and then launches himself off the platform at 
    her, leaping majestically across the lava. 
    Their hands smack triumphantly together, but there's a problem - the added 
    weight causes Rachel's grappling hook line to snap, and they both plummet to 
    their deaths. An ignonimous end if ever there was one.
    Oh, okay, I'm speaking crap. Rachel saves the day, and starts winding up her
    grappling hook as the cavern beneath then starts to collapse in on itself. 
    Hooray for Rachel! I knew she was in the game to do more than just generally 
    act completely awesome and get rescued by our ninja hero repeatedly.
    CG Cutscene
    Hayabusa clings on to two of the most precious things in the game as Rachel 
    whisks him out of the collapsing volcano via her uber-handy grappling hook. A
    stream of dust and air catches up with them as they near the exit, however, 
    and it sends the Dark Dragon Blade spinning out of Ryu's grasp and into the 
    As it turns out, someone was waiting outside the volcano for this moment - two 
    someones, in fact. It lands right beside the Dark Disciple and Gamov, at the
    same time Hayabusa and Rachel are struggling to climb out of the collapsed
    remnants of the volcano.
    'Ah, Ryu. I expected nothing less,' says the Dark Disciple, closing in on our
    struggling hero. 'However, the power of the Dark Dragon is wasted on you.'
    Gamov cuts in at this point, offering his own thoughts on the situation. 'Don't
    you see?' he squeals excitedly. 'The Dark Dragon is now truly an evil blade! 
    His excellency, the Dark Disciple has been waiting for this very moment!'
    The Dark Disciple is pleased. 'You've done well, Gamov,' he tells his 
    subordinate, right before pulling villainous bastard technique number three on
    him - spinning on the spot and lopping off Gamov's head and right arm. Gamov 
    collapses, as you may very well expect him to after what just happened, and his
    body disintegrates rapidly as he falls away from the blade. 
    Ryu slowly pulls Rachel behind him as this happens, clearing the way for an
    attack and getting Rachel out of immminent danger. The Dark Dusciple, 
    meanwhile, reaches up to his mask and removes it. It turns out that it was 
    Murai all along!
    Yeah, like I didn't guess that when he started going on about the nature and 
    pursuit of power all the way back in chapter one. Still, it might surprise 
    somebody, I guess.
    'The Dark Dragon is mine!' Murai declares as his body rapidly changes into a 
    demonic form and he shatters the mask by crushing it slowly in one hand. 'No
    objections, I presume?'
    Cheeky bugger. Let's show him just how much we object to his absurd notion - 
    by killing him dead! As dead as a freshly squeezed grape! Ahahaha!
    Boss: The Dark Disciple
    For the last boss in such a tough game, Murai really is a complete pushover.
    If you're not playing through the Hurricane Pack, you can simply Flying Swallow
    him until he's dead. It's that easy, and honestly requires no further 
    explanation at all.
    Oh, to hell with it. Here are his attacks if you're interested in them at all.
    I won't go into too much detail, mainly because the fight is quick and easy.
     - He'll teleport out of sight and appear again in mid air, throwing a ton of 
       shuriken at you at once. Dodging them isn't difficult.
     - He can summon a bunch of shuriken to orbit his body, and he'll throw them
       at you one at a time. They're quite easy to avoid.
     - He can somersault backwards and then spring at you, the speed of the attack
       causing his body to blur. You can block this no problem.
     - He can jump into the air and perform a downward slash. Oooo!
     - Multiple slashes, baby. If you need to block, dodge after you block the 
       first attack to prevent the blockstun from getting you hit by the following
     - He'll follow up a quick slash by leaping into the air and twisting into 
       another slash. It's really easy to avoid. 
     - He can go still for a moment, powering up yet another unblockable charge 
       and slash. You should be well acquainted with this technique by now, so 
       watch out for it and dodge as necessary.
     - He'll grab you, impale you with the sword, and slam you down on the ground.
       Needless to say, this rather hurts.
     - He'll grab you, then throw you into the sky. As you rise like some sort of
       glorious comet, he teleports above you and simply slashes you back down to 
       the ground. As you may expect, this one hurts as well.
     - There will be a quick cutscene of him teleporting to a distant rock and 
       summoning a Black Dragon - his equivalent of Ninpo. It'll swirl around him
       for a moment, and then the camera will get back to you so that you can dodge
       it. It's insanely easy to avoid, it has to be said - I've only ever been hit
       by it when I deliberately tried to get in its way. 
       It's not an instant death attack, despite what you may have heard about it.
       In fact, it only does about half a bar's worth of damage. In short, don't
       worry about it.
     ___/Hurricane Pack Madness!\________________________________________________
      Oh, so you ARE playing the Hurricane Pack, eh? Well, he's a different 
      kettle of Ninja now, my fine young friend.
      First off, the Flying Swallow technique can be scrapped right away - it
      doesn't work on him anymore, and you'll just bounce off harmlessly if you 
      try to do so.
      What you'll have to do here is intercept his attacks, return a few quick 
      slashes his way, and then intercept again. If he tries to grab you, roll 
      away. If he tries to slash  you, intercept. If he breaks out the Dragon 
      Blade Ninpo, just laugh at him as the magical attack sails harmlessly by.
      He's definitely tougher than he is in the normal game - that goes without 
      saying - but you still shouldn't have too hard a time against him so long as
      you have at least a few health elixers you can use whenever Hayabusa takes a
      whallop from him.
      Keep mauling him and it'll be over before you know it.
    CG Cutscene
    Murai, defeated like the total waste of space he is, staggers back from Ryu 
    coughing up blood all over the place. He backs up to the edge of the volcano 
    and promptly falls in - creating one of those 'oh, he might not really be dead
    after all' endings people love to argue over. He looks pretty dead to me, but
    we'll see.
    The true cause of all this grief, meanwhile, lies at Ryu's feet - the Dark 
    Dragon blade lies ready for collection at long last. Hayabusa doesn't really
    feel like taking it home though - in much the same  way as you can only 
    tolerate so much mischief from your kids before selling them into slavery, 
    Ryu's had it up to the teeth with the Dark Dragon Blade. He flicks it into the
    air with one foot, then strikes it with the True Dragon Sword, shattering it
    into tiny pieces and probably unleashing some sort of curse on the world for 
    the sequel.
    The camera then pans back to reveal Rachel's backside as she watches him finish
    off the cause of all our trouble, then shows that Ayane is watching over the
    proceedings as well. She gets bored and leaves rather quickly however, or 
    perhaps she just feels like giving Ryu and Rachel some time together alone.
    Much sexual tension ensues as they stare longingly into the eyes of one 
    another and then...
    ...Ryu, blessed with the endurance and self sacrifice that only a ninja could 
    ever possess - or perhaps being the thickest son of a bitch ever created - 
    somehow manages to resist her charms, rudely tells her that 'it's over' and 
    promptly spreads his arms and turns into a beam of light before flying away, 
    shadowed by an ephemeral falcon.
    No, seriously. That's what really happens.
    Damn you, Hayabusa. Get with the program.
    The credits then roll, and you've finished Ninja Gaiden! Congratulations, You 
    now officially kick ass!
    Be sure to watch them through to the end for one final scene with Ryu returning
    to Kureha's grave for yet another touching, if somewhat brainless gesture.
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
                               3. Hurricane Pack 2 Guide.
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    And now, he must return to the very heart of darkness to fight for the greatest
    prize of all.
    Rachel. Encased in Carbonite.
    More than anything, really, this guide is to let you know what type of enemies
    you'll be up against and a few vague suggestions as to how to beat them. 
    Phase 1:
    One of a very limited number of cutscenes in this edition of Ninja Gaiden, it
    stars Rachel doing what she does best - cracking the skulls of Fiends and 
    looking good doing it. 
    You may notice that these are new enemies that she's killing off, but Rachel's
    mauling them all anyway - right up until the point that a few new enemies warp
    in behind her. She turns to face them, and... it's a new, cybernetic Alma! 
    Worse than that, even, there's an unknown enemy right beside her with little
    time for dressing herself, and even less for standing around not killing 
    The short, sad end to the story is that she whips Rachel across the face with
    her magnificent whip arm - one of her arms just so happens to be a whip, 
    incidentally - and Rachel immediately collapses with the camera showing a 
    cheeky 'through the legs' shot as she does so.
    Man, they never miss a chance, do they? Oh well. Time to go off and save 
    Rachel once again!
    Your mission begins here, in the depths of the Emperor's Palace. If you've 
    finished the normal game - and you should have, since this place will probably
    chew you up and spit you out otherwise - you'll recognise this as the very 
    first floor after you first entered the Palace from the outside.
    Floor 1:
    In this area you will be attacked right off the bat by some familiar enemies,
    Black Spider Clan Ninjas and those White Greater Ninjas. As in the original 
    version of the Hurricane Pack, the Black Ninjas are able to grab you if you
    stand around blocking too long, so don't give them an opportunity to do so.
    These guys shouldn't pose much of a problem - if they do cause you untold 
    levels of grief, go off and train in the mountains for a while. It only gets 
    harder from here on out.
    Head out through the only door you can, and collect the kunai that smacks into
    the bannister beside you as you enter the outside area - this one merely 
    mentions that holding down different buttons as you start the game can change
    your costume.
    |                                                                            \\
    |It'll soon become apparent that the Hurricane Pack 2 hasn't had quite the    |
    |same care and attention placed on checking for spelling and grammar          |
    |mistakes.                                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    |'Ninja has to be careful about his personal appearance' indeed.              |
    Head up the stairs beside you and climb to the top, passing the door on the 
    way and kicking open the chest for some lovely little Incendiary Shuriken with
    which to devastate your foes. Head back a little and another kunai message
    comes swooping in, so walk over and pick it up. This one mentions that your
    projectile weapons don't have a limit on them in this Hurricane Pack, so you
    can throw them out all day and you'll never run out of ammo.
    So, as the scroll tells you to, simply 'use them until you get satisfied!' and
    then head through the nearby door.
    Floor 2:
    As soon as you enter, you'll meet your first batch of new bad guys - the Shadow
    Ninjas. These enemies are a lot like the Spider Clan Ninjas, but they take a
    lot more damage and don't have any Incendiary Shuriken. That probably sounds 
    quite nice until they all start hurling their Windmill Shurikens at you 
    As usual, get the buggers on the ground and Fiend Seal them until they die, or 
    bust out an Izuna Drop on them and watch their neck snap quite spectacularly
    on impact with the floor. Don't forget to intercept their attacks in order to 
    set you up for your own, and remember that tapping 'Y' after an intercept will
    perform an instant UT - which these Shadow Ninjas will survive, but it'll still
    hurt them a fair bit.
    Oh, and get this - sometimes they can survive even the Izuna Drop, making them
    the only enemy in the whole game able to do so.
    Once they're dead, pick up the glowing, beeping Windmill Shuriken they dropped
    and head out the door to the outside section again. There's nothing on the
    outside this time, so just climb the stairs to the top and head through the
    Floor 3:
    Break time! There's only a small cloud of bats to do away with in here, and
    then you're free to leave through the next door.
    Run up the stairs, but don't enter the door quite yet - that chest located
    directly in front of it contains the <ART OF THE FIRE WHEELS> ninpo, so be sure
    to snatch it up. Now, head up past that door behind you and fall through the 
    small gap in the rocks that are there to help prevent you from falling off the 
    side. You'll land on a small, handy ledge that weaves around the side of the 
    Palace towards another chest containing an immensely handy <TALISMAN OF 
    Be sure to collect it! Once you have it in your possession, drop down and run
    all the way back up to the chest that held the Art of the Fire Wheels - there
    won't be any repeated fights on the way back, so don't worry - and take a deep
    breath before finally heading through that door.
    Floor 4:
    More Ninjas await you on this floor, along with a couple of mages. 
    Generally, the Ninjas (both Spider Clan and Shadow) will rush in at you and
    attempt to hack your legs off while the mages will float around out of reach
    and hurl massive barrages of fireballs at you whilst you're otherwise engaged.
    Getting the mages out of the way first might be a very good idea, but watch
    for sneak attacks by the ninjas. Izuna drop them if they get too close, since
    it does the most damage and is relatively safe - the Fiend Sealer good as well,
    but may sometimes be too slow if other enemies are attacking.
    Ah, and pinning the mage with an Incendiary Shuriken is instant death for him
    if you can get a shot off.
    Once these guys are buried, head out the door and climb the stairs to come out
    at the top of the Imperial Palace. Head right and you'll be able to open a 
    chest containing an <ELIXER OF SPIRITUAL LIFE>, and a little further on lies
    a chest containing the Strongbow. Don't miss it!
    If you climb up to where the path in the original game led to the Vigoor
    Emperor, you'll find that the doors have been sealed and a treasure chest lies
    in front of them. It's stuffed full of legions of bats, but you might want to
    open it up for the extra essence they provide. If you decide to do this, you'll
    have to deal with four swarms of them - pretty easy, but make sure you can
    take a bite or two before opening it up. It's a stupid place to die.
    Once we're ready, step through the big shining teleporter beam for a small
    After stepping through the teleporter, Ryu finds himself once again in the 
    bowels of Hell. A brief look around reveals that he's stuck inside a very small
    area, and - more importantly - Rachel is stuck inside a huge block of carbonite
    and suspended several meters off the ground.
    As he considers this information, two horsemen come in out of nowhere and 
    Boss: Samurai Horseman
    This guy is the same as the Chapter 2 boss from the original game with a few
    subtle differences. First off, there are no mages flying around trying to make
    your life hell for you, though there is one bowman riding around firing off
    shots at you. Whip out your Strongbow and shoot him when it's safe to - he 
    dies quickly, and it's easier to deal with the main guy when you're not 
    catching an arrow in the face every once in a while.
    As before, block as soon as the boss charges you to avoid being speared, and
    then start peppering him with shots from your bow. Do it. Make him resemble a
    living pin cushion, though he's not going to be away for long - the arena's
    rather small, so he'll turn around in fairly quick fashion and charge at you 
    again. Rinse, repeat.
    After you do enough damage with the bow, the next difference between this 
    version of the boss and the old version will make itself apparent - the clumsy
    sod falls off his horse and attacks you on foot like a regular horseman.
    There's not much to say about this form of him. He takes a lot more damage
    than a normal samurai, but doesn't have much in the way of new tricks to 
    impress and astound you with. If you knock him down, and this includes when
    he first falls from his trusty steed, run over and start hitting him with
    Fiend Sealers until he regains his footing to do some decent damage to him.
    The Izuna Drop also works a treat on him, but a word of warning - don't get
    hit. He's got a very nasty two hot combo where one slash sends you up into the
    air and the other smacks you across the room, taking a hideous amount of health
    off you.
    He takes a pummeling, and doesn't have a health bar, so just keep mauling him
    until he dies. You'll know when this happens, because he dies.
    First off, head on over and collect the <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS> that the
    boss dropped, and not that Rachel's Warhammer is lying around on the floor 
    somewhere around here, assuming you didn't pick it up during the boss fight. 
    Be sure to get your hands on it.
    You'll have noticed during the boss' death that some new objects have landed
    in the arena - there's a Dragon Statue with which to save your game, a 
    Muramasa's Shop Statue where you can go over and buy lots of cool and 
    interesting things - and a big, mysterious switch in the middle of the arena.
    Whatever you do, don't press that bloody switch first. That's actually what
    you hit when you want to continue onto the next phase of the Hurricane Pack 2,
    and doing so before you save, restock or upgrade our boy Hayabusa can have 
    alarmingly fatal consequences.
    So! Go save, go shop, then go hit that big button with a downward attack.
    |                                                                            \\
    |There's nowhere else to go in the HP2, so from here on out, I'll simply be   |
    |describing each wave of enemies as it comes and offering advice on how to    |
    |kill them off.                                                               |
    |                                                                             |
    |Oh, and while Rachel may be encased in carbonite, she's not bullet proof.    |
    |If you shoot her with a bow and arrow - you bastard - she promptly dies and  |
    |you get a nice little 'Game Over' for your trouble.                          |
    Phase 2:
    As soon as you hit that button mentioned previously, the first wave of enemies
    will teleport in.
    Wave 1:
    Your first wave of bad guys consists of a full squad of Vigoorian Special 
    Forces guards. There's the normal ones, the commanders and the grenadiers, and
    they all attack at once with more teleporting in as you kill them off.
    This shouldn't be too hard for you to get through. Just keep on killing.
    Total enemies: 8.
    Wave 2:
    This wave is comprised of both types of the Army Troopers - machine gunners
    and rocket troops. There's a bunch of them, so keep slashing and slaying until
    you're done. You've handled worse, but watch out for the gunners grabbing you.
    The swines can often go right through your attacks to grab you by the throat
    and lavish you with punishment.
    Total enemies: 7.
    Wave 3:
    Now, we've an interesting bunch of bad guys for you here. Four Rocket Troopers
    and nothing else at all.
    Don't block, whatever you do - they tend to fire simultaneously and since
    one rocket alone is enough to break your guard, four is enough to break your
    There's a bunch of methods you could use - the Dabilahro and left over essence
    is a good option, as is simply never staying in the same spot for more than 
    the briefest of moments. Use attacks that don't require you to stay grounded
    in the same place, and basically don't allow yourself to become a target or
    you'll get bounced around like a rubber ball from rocket to rocket.
    Total Enemies: 4.
    Wave 4:
    Ah, getting a little tougher now. This wave is basically every enemy you've
    come across in this phase so far, only now they're armoured and look a lot
    more intimidating. Shurikens won't work on them, remember.
    Word to the wise - don't Flying Swallow the armoured Army Machine Gun Troopers.
    They have a nasty little counter that will hit you each and every time you 
    attempt it, and that means you will definitely lose life every time you Flying
    Total Enemies: 9.
    Wave 5:
    Four Armoured Rocket Troopers. This is more or less the same as Wave 3, so 
    treat it in exactly the same way. The armour doesn't really make them that much
    harder unless you love your shurikens.
    Total Enemies: 4.
    After finishing off Wave 5 of the enemies, a chest will warp in and demand your
    attention. You have to open it to continue, so boot it open, grab the <GREAT
    SPIRIT ELIXER> tucked away inside, and then prepare for the boss fight of this
    Boss Fight: Dynamo
    Ah, the portly menace has come back for more, has he? 
    Well, this time he's brought along a few of his friends for company - during
    this fight you'll also be butting heads with those bog standard Special Forces
    types. They're not much to worry about, but try not to get shot in the back
    as you face the big cybernetic dough ball.
    To be honest, the involvement of the Special Forces troops makes this fight
    even easier than usual. Kill them off and you'll be rewarded with essence. 
    Use this essence in your attacks and you can do absolutely tons of damage to
    the big tub of lard, killing him off in record time.
    Moreover, he's got no new attacks to watch out for, and his pals will keel over
    and kick the bucket as soon as you defeat him so you don't even have to worry
    about a cheeky throat-slitting episode once he's been chopped into tinned meat.
    Basically, he's dead simple. Or simply dead by the time you get done with him.
    Once you've killed off Dynamo, two chests and a crapload of yellow essence will
    appear. Suck in that essence for making your upcoming purchases with, young 
    Now, kick open the chest on the left to get your hands on some good old APFSDS
    Cores for your Strongbow, then boot open the one on the right to get some
    Explosive Arrows. You probably suspected as much, right? 
    As soon as you collect the arrows from both chests, it's the end of Phase 2!
    Make sure to save at the Dragon Statue and visit the shop before hitting the 
    switch - being forced into doing it all again if you die isn't the fastest way 
    to finish the Hurricane Pack 2, you know.
    Phase 3:
    Wave 1:
    If you can't do this one, I've no idea how you got here. A mere three Red
    Dinosaur Fiends stand in your way - kill them with your Blade of Nirrti or
    Dabilahro techniques, and don't get munched. Collect any blue essence if you
    need the health and... well, just kill them.
    Total Enemies: 3.
    Wave 2:
    Ah, things are getting a little more serious. For this wave you'll be fighting
    three different enemy types - brown demons, Reapers and a couple more Red Dino
    Fiends. Keep moving, and if you're good at intercepting, use it to instantly
    execute UT attacks from the essence of dead enemies.
    It's not as hard as it might seem. The Dinosaurs tend to do their own thing 
    while the demons are attacking, and the Reapers' spells are very easy to spot,
    allowing you more than ample time to dodge away from them.
    Total Enemies: 13.
    Wave 3:
    A lot of bugs await you here, my friend. Whip out the Dabilahro and shower them
    with plenty of Ultimate Attacks to score an easy win. If you want money, be 
    sure to collect most of the essence - but remember to save a few orbs - between
    your UT's.
    Total Enemies: 30.
    Mid Boss: Big Squidgey Fiend Thing
    What to do here is simple. Chop off his arms and kill him. You'll likely have
    done this three times before, anyway, so if you don't know what to do by now.
    Sorry. This guy's repeat performances make me lose my mind at times. He's also
    got a few brown demon buddies helping him out, but they've really no chance
    of stopping your rampage if you've managed to get this far by yourself.
    Remember to use the Annihilating Gleam (or even the weaker variants) with the
    Dragon Sword and you'll chop him into bits in no time. After killing him off,
    you'll be treated to a spattering of yellow essence and a <LIVES OF THE 
    THOUSAND GODS> will appear on the ground nearby.
    A chest will appear which holds the Kitetsu inside. Open it up and carry on
    with your game.
    Wave 4:
    A bunch of Zombies will rise up from the floor and attack you. They're weak,
    so you shouldn't have too much problems with them. Remember to watch out for 
    the bloody archers, however - getting shot by these flea infested punks is 
    never a pleasant experience.
    Total Enemies: 6.
    Wave 5:
    Ack! Now there's a bunch of ill bred enemies trying to hack you down in the 
    prime of your youth. Purple Demons, a Zombie Archer and a cloud of Wasp Brains
    are all swarming around this tiny arena doing their best to beat you to death.
    Again, UT attacks are your friend, especially with the Dabilahro. And hey, be
    sure to make space before going for the UT, or doing them off an intercept - 
    if you don't, you'll often be hit during the short 'charge' period.
    Oh, and kill that bloody archer. He smells funny.
    Total Enemies: 20.
    Another chest warps in for your to collect. Why not go and collect it, then?
    A <GREAT SPIRIT ELIXER> lies inside for you to collect, after which you'll
    immediately be thrown into a confrontation with...
    Mid Boss: Ice... Sloth Thing.
    Oh, for the love of hell. Another repeat performance by our favourite actor.
    The only thing different about this fight is that the arena is tiny, which 
    makes avoiding the great big git a little harder than it used to be. You'd do
    well to keep the wall run in mind if he traps you in a corner, since taking 
    even a single punch from him hurts like hell.
    He's also got those Purple Demons running around underfoot giving him a helping
    hand and getting punched in the face by him every once in a while, but that's 
    not exactly new either - it's basically the same as it was in the Hurricane 
    Go forth and cream him. You've done it before, you can do it again.
    A chest appears, containing an awesome treasure - the True Dragon Sword! Snatch
    it up and lay waste to your upcoming foes!
    After you pick this up, you'll be presented with two lovely chests you can open
    up. You can only choose one, however, and then the other one will disappear for
    Maybe it's just me, but I always get blue essence orbs no matter which chest I 
    choose. It might be random, or it may just be the same reward no matter which
    one you open up.
    Once the chests disappear, it's time for the next phase - this phase of our
    attack is finally over, baby!
    Phase 4:
    Wave 1:
    Ach! Those Special Forces Fiends you find in Tairon near the end of the 
    original game have made their way here at last, and they're as annoying as 
    ever. Trying to pull off a UT when they're close is almost futile, since the
    yak punching buggers will usually just jump right on top of you and flip you
    away into a corner somewhere - often right before you get pounced on by his
    Izuna Drop city, or Dabilahro Plaza? You decide. There's also one of those
    stupid purple Army Zombie Fiends that have ridiculous endurance shambling 
    around as you fight, so take him out last. He's easy, but he'll take some time
    to kill - the Dragon Sword's UT should help, though. And remember that you can
    now use the Blade of the Dragon's Tail combo, which does good damage as well.
    That said, if you UT him with the Dragon Sword during the fight the other 
    enemies will sometimes idiotically leap into your attacks and die horribly.
    Total Enemies: 10.
    Wave 2:
    Whoo! We finally come across those weird demons that Rachel was smashing into
    mush during the introductory cutscene. They're pretty strong and annoying, so
    watch out for them. They have a nasty little sliding move that will trip you 
    up right before they jump on top of you and start punching their nasty little
    claws into your torso, so watch out for it. It doesn't go through your guard,
    but it will throw you off balance if you try and block it.
    Hmm, I think I'll call them Great Demons from here on out. Makes sense.
    Also, our Cat Fiend friends are back. Isn't that just awesome? Lots of UT's,
    Izuna Drops and plenty of EXTREME AND SUDDEN VIOLENCE is the order of the day 
    here, my friends. 
    Total Enemies: 12.
    Wave 3:
    Augh! It's obvious that Team Ninja got serious with this Phase of the HP2, 
    since the enemies scattered throughout are pretty bloody nasty. More of those
    Great Demons will do their best to syphon the blood from your body, and those
    damn Crab Fiends are running around throwing fire at you and grabbing you
    whenever they get the chance.
    If you've been buying Ninpo, this is a good place to use them - otherwise, 
    start using UT attacks like each and every one makes Rachel a playable 
    Use them lots, in other words. Go for the Crab Fiends first - they're deadlier
    and more annoying with their attacks, but don't really have all that much more 
    endurance than the Great Demons do.
    Or don't. Go for the Great Demons first, since they drop essence for UT's. Up
    to you, really.
    Total Enemies: 8.
    Wave 4:
    Ogre orientated joy this time! This is fortunately easier than it looks, 
    though you can still easily get hit a few times and die a messy, ninjalike 
    See, the thing is that aside from the Ogres, you're also being assailed by a
    swarm of those little green bugs. If you kill a few and then use the UT from
    your Dragon Sword, the bugs will mince themselves trying to attack you as you
    perform the move, releasing yet more essence for your next UT.
    Go for the Ogres with the UT, mind. They're the scary, horrible bad guys with
    the most chance of killing you. And be sure to kill the bugs first and not
    collect the essence! Every second you're not performing a UT is one more second
    that the enemies will be able to pound you into mush.
    There's four Ogres in all, so make sure that you don't waste your UT's... and
    if you're having problems killing enough bugs for essence, start using the 
    Helmet Splitter off the wall so that you're at least invincible half the time
    you're trying to creat enough essence for the UT.
    Total Enemies: 16. 
    Ooo! A chest! Quick, pilfer the contents!
    Turns out to be a bunch of blue essence orbs, which is decidedly handy since
    we're about to face...
    Mid Boss:Doku
    Exactly the same as before, only now he has two Shadow Ninjas backing him up.
    Don't worry so much about using the essence they drop to attack Doku, since
    he's pretty handy at blocking your UT attacks.
    You've fought him before, and he's more or less the same this time. As in the 
    Hurricane Pack, the Flying Swallow is more or less useless against him now so
    attack him in the same way I mentioned back during the main walkthrough. The
    Lunar's 'Lunar Explosion' and the Flails' 'Dragon Slaughter' are good attacks
    to use when he leaves himself open to counterattack. 
    In fact, you can use the Lunar Explosion whenever you're in close, so long as
    you leave some time aside for the move's 'startup' period which leaves you 
    open. It's a fairly safe move to use on Doku, so just watch for when the 
    attack ends - you become vulnerable again, so be sure to dodge any incoming 
    attacks as you land.
    Oh, and those ninjas can be as annoying as hell if you don't watch out for
    them. There's nothing quite like intercepting all of Doku's attacks only to 
    have one flip over you both and grab you before rudely sticking his sword 
    into your back. Or even that damn Windmill Shuriken hitting you in the face
    as you roll away from him. Gyeh.
    Your reward for beating him will be some yellow essence and the good old Dark 
    Dragon Blade - suppress that groan, however, this time it will actually serve 
    a purpose!
    Two chests appear, one will disappear after you open one of them. I chose the
    basic wooden chest and was rewarded with a handful of blue essence orbs - 
    handy enough, since you're about to fight another boss. Hooray!
    If you choose the other one, however, you'll get a flood of Ghost Fish in the
    face instead. Hey, it may still be random as to which one holds the reward, 
    I'm just telling you how it went with me.
    Edit: It IS random.
    Mid Boss: Satan
    Again, nothing new from the Hurricane Pack. He starts out with three of his 
    Cat Fiend friends running alongside him, so kill them and if their essence is
    floating around when you dodge his drill attack, use it to increase the damage
    you do to him. If not, simply perform the Blade of the Dragon's Tail as he
    lies there stunned.
    Easy! As a reward for killing him, another <LIVES OF THE THOUSAND GODS> will
    land alongside his cold, dead body.
    Two more chests, this time identical. Opening the right hand one caused a 
    swarm of Ghost Fish to pour out and tear off my face, which sucked ass on a 
    seismic scale. Four whole waves of the little needle teethed bastards.
    For the purpose of this guide I let myself die - nothing at all to do with me 
    forgetting that the X, Y... X, Y Dragon Sword trick doesn't work in the
    Hurricane Packs, mind you - and fought my way back before opening up the chest
    on the left. I was rewarded with...
    Yellow orbs? Huzzah! That said, what's in either chest is actually random 
    every time you play. It's all luck whether or not you get something nice or
    a plague of bloody fish decending upon your sweet ninja head.
    Once you've chosen your chest and killed off anything nasty that might come
    your way it'll be the end of Phase 4, and thank God for that!
    Phase 5:
    A phase of three sections, inhabited by new enemies. I'll change the format a
    little here, since it's almost classifiable as three boss fights.
    Section 1 - Skull Knights
    Crikey. These guys would be tough if there wasn't an incredibly easy way to 
    take them out without sustaining much damage. And that secret involves... the 
    Dark Dragon Blade! Who'd have thought it?
    What you have to do is stay strong in the face of adversity and intercept like
    crazy. When they attack, intercept the blow and counter with X, X, Y. Sometimes
    it may be an idea to not go for the 'Y' part if they look like they're about to
    smack you regardless, so use your own discretion. 
    When they explode into their Berserker form, intercept the explosion as they
    change and continue using the same technique.
    After one dies, hightail it to another part of the arena and intercept the next
    attack and tap 'Y' for an instant, full powered UT. The Skull Knight will leap
    backwards to avoid it, but you'll be able to close the distance and attack him
    very quickly before he backs out of range. After this, just continue the above
    until all four of them are dead.
    If you take too long, you'll end up fighting two at a time. Watch out for the 
    guy at the back, since he'll spend time casting spells that turn the floor
    below you into patches of superheated lava. Kill them quickly if at all
    Total Enemies: 4.
    Ah, a chest! How convenient. Boot it open, collect the blue orbs lying around
    inside it, and prepare for...
    Mid Boss - Alma III
    Don't worry too much when you're introduced to the scary looking metallic 
    woman, her changes are mainly cosmetic. The special 'Flails' method of taking 
    her out no longer works, however, and she's got a bunch of Great Demons 
    running around making life hell for you as you battle it out with her.
    She's based on her very first form, so her Alma II attacks aren't going to be
    bothering you during this fight. However, she takes more damage than she ever
    did, her Great Demon chums are as annoying as hell and I'm sure her grab is
    quite a bit faster than that of regular Alma - or perhaps it's a result of
    the smaller battleground you have to manouvre around.
    No chest for a change, but a bunch of standard bats will attack you at this
    point and try to suck your blood. They're no problem, so take care of them and
    collect the essence that they drop.
    A short cutscene will play after you take care of the bats, introducing your
    next and final opponent to the rousing sound of the Ninja Gaiden main theme!
    That opponent is...
    Final Boss - Shadow Rachel
    Remember when Doku once mentioned that Rachel might have become an even 
    stronger Fiend than Alma? Believe it or not, he wasn't kidding. Shadow Rachel -
    if indeed, this is Shadow Rachel - is a pretty bloody tough opponent unless
    you throw away all the skills you've learned up until this point and simply
    cheese her to death.
    Get in close, intercept like bloody hell, and repeatedly use the X, Y, Y Dragon
    Sword combo on her whenever you can. She'll dodge a good few of them, but will
    be hit far more often than with almost any other attack string you can use on 
    Alternatively, intercept then pull off a simple X, X, X, Y combo for good 
    damage - and when she's swinging around, charge up your Annihilating Gleam and
    then give her merry hell when she's foolish enough to land near you. You'll
    hear her yell before she streaks towards you, so let go a split second later to
    shred her life bar by a significant amount.
    As he walks towards her, the screen fades to... white. I have to admit that I 
    find this a little disconcerting, and probably means that he's not quite as 
    uninterested in her as his manly ninja countenance would have you believe.
    I hope there's nothing subliminal about this one. I really do.
    And that's it! You've finished the toughest challenge Ninja Gaiden has to 
    throw at you. Kick back, relax, and wait for Ninja Gaiden Black which will
    undoubtedly pwn you like a total n00bzor once again!
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
                                   X. Character Cast
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
     /Ryu Hayabusa/
    The tragic hero of our story. Only, replace 'tragic' with 'enraged'. His 
    village has been levelled, so he's off to level the entire Vigoorian Empire in
    return. Certainly not a man to do things by half, then.
    It's fairly well known that Ninjas are famed for following one of two paths 
    through life. They can either follow the silent, subtle and stealthy approach 
    to combat - or merely flip out and kill people.
    Fortunately, Ryu subscribes to the latter outlook on life, and therefore has 
    some of the greatest, most stylish killing manouvres ever shown in a videogame.
    He'll need them in order to randomly slaughter everyone in his path, believe 
    you me.
    Previously associated with the Hayabusa Ninja Clan, Murai left some years ago
    to form his own school of ninja known as the Shadow Clan. He is known to be 
    possessed with unsurpassed skill in all known Ninja arts, and loves to hit 
    things hard over the head with a pair of nunchaku until their skull fractures
    and they die.
    Rumours that he manufactures illegal steriods in his underground factories and
    eats them all at the end of every day are as yet unconfirmed - but likely.
    A young Kunoichi from the Mugen Tenshin Ryu (Hajin-mon side), she is the half
    sister of Hayate and Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series. Oh, and if you check
    out the Dead or Alive Ultimate introduction CG movie, you'll find out that her
    father is Raidou, one of the greatest psychopaths ever to grace a videogame. 
    Currently apprenticed to Murai for training, she acts as his messenger and has
    been told to help you out as you continue along on your quest for revenge -
    this takes the form of kunai with notes attached that will streak into view
    as you play through the game.
    Oh, and at one point she'll be told to 'take care' of an oiled up Rachel by 
    Ryu. This probably isn't quite as perverse as it sounds.
    Ryu's friend since early childhood, she serves the purpose of a random Shrine 
    Maiden protecting the Hayabusa Ninja Village.
    Well, she lasts about a grand total of three seconds or so during the Vigoorian
    Empire's assault on the village, making her one of the least consequential 
    characters in videogame history.
    Seriously. She gets killed so quickly that you don't even learn her name before
    she kicks the bucket, nor at any other point in the game - you have to look it 
    up in the manual if you're that interested in finding out who she is. 
    That said, she is in possession of something vitally important to Hayabusa's
    Doku is the Lord of the Greater Fiends, and the main focus of Ryu's revenge. 
    Responsible for both the attack on the Hayabusa Ninja Village and for luring 
    Alma into the fold of the Greater Fiends, he's not too popular with our 
    heroes right now. 
    He is known to be completely loyal to the Emperor and will fight to the death 
    for him. He is also heavily armoured at all times, and seems to be made from
    some form of spiritual fire.
    He's probably quite popular with the ladies, but it takes him years to walk
    around anywhere. I blame the armour. It looks quite heavy.
    He's big, he's round, he bounces on the ground - Dynamo! If his bald, 
    cybernetic head doesn't make you want to flee in terror, just wait until you 
    check out his crazy armoured suit and the huge laser cannon he carries around 
    with him just for kicks.
    One of the great Commanders of the Vigoorian Air Assault squads, Dynamo doesn't
    really have much to say or do in the game, but he does get in your way at one
    point and try to stop you.
    Foolish, foolish Dynamo.
    A legendary blacksmith currently residing in Tairon, he is able to work on any
    bladed weapon known to man and has come across almost every type of weapon 
    there is on his many travels. He loves to wander around and build small statues
    of himself at various locations around the world - such as in a sewer or in
    caves filled with molten lava - and it is known that these statues work in 
    exactly the same manner as if you were standing in his shop. Handy, that.
    Of course, he has a dark, dark secret hiding beneath his saggy, wizened 
    exterior - he trades in souls! 
    Seriously. He doesn't accept money for his work, preferring to collect the 
    essence of all those you slay on your travels. Forget everyone else, there's
    something scary about this man.
    Rachel. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Sweet, awesome Rachel.
    A Vigoorian Fiend hunter currently located in Tairon, she has been spotted 
    wandering around the capital hunting down Fiends in search of her sister, Alma,
    and a more casual set of clothes that don't show off quite so much flesh.
    She possesses incredible strength, and has the handy ability to sense where
    Fiends are located, thus allowing her to hunt them down before they start 
    biting chunks out of her or anyone else who happens to be around at the time.
    However, this ability comes at the expense of being susceptible to becoming a 
    Fiend herself, rather like a certain sibling of hers...
    If you need proof of just how incredibly hard she is, just check out her 
    introductory sequence with the fiend. Whoa, baby.
    She's also really, really cool and deserves her own game, or at least a place 
    in the Doa series.
    You may have noticed this at certain points during the walkthrough, but I 
    think she's rather ace.
    A special agent working for the Vigoorian Empire's Internal Affairs Bureau,
    he's basically in the game to check out what you're up to and report it back
    to those concerned. As if anyone wouldn't be concerned by a crazed ninja 
    running around their country and ripping the very guts out of it.
    It appears that he's not only working for the Vigoor Emperor, however... and
    he's pretty good at pulling that 'go out of sight for half a second and 
    completely disappear from the whole area' trick so popular in games and anime.
    Moreover, his interest in the activities of the Dark Dragon Blade seem to go 
    beyond the usual...
    Rachel's sister, and currently employed as one of the Greater Fiends - an 
    Elite combat group within the Vigoorian Empire. She became a Fiend after being
    lured in by Doku, though it's currently unknown as to whether she was willing
    to go through with the change or not.
    She makes gamers everywhere try to chew through their control pads in 
    frustration, which is also rather amusing.
     / The Dark Disciple/
    A shadowed figure who disguises his true identity with a metal mask and a large
    black hood, his voice is distorted beyond recognition through machine based
    Appearing in Tairon during the course of Ryu's revenge, his appearance cannot
    be nothing more than a mere coincidence - especially since Gamov has been seen
    reporting to him on the progress of Ryu and the Dark Dragon Blade. 
     /The Vigoor Emperor/
    The ultimate power within the Vigoorian Empire, the Emperor is considered to 
    be nothing less than an actual God, having control over all creation - real 
    or ephemeral.
    Although Doku is the subject of Ryu's initial revenge, it was the Emperor who
    ordered the attack on the Hayabusa Village as a means of obtaining the Dark
    Dragon Blade. With this is hand, the Emperor has a very real chance of taking
    control over the entire world.
    And that would just suck.
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
                                 X. Secrets and bonuses
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    1. Very Hard Mode
    Find the game too easy? Want to make things harder for yourself? Simply 
    complete the game once on either Normal or Hard mode to unlock the next level
    of difficulty to torture yourself with. 
    Enemies take more damage, there's more of them, some of them have new or longer
    attack patterns... it's the perfect way to prove your ninja manhood without
    getting arrested by the police!
    2. Movie Theatre
    During your playthrough of Ninja Gaiden, you'll no doubt have been marvelling
    at some of the particularly well done CG cutscenes the game contains. Well,
    finish the game and as a reward you'll unlock the Movie Theatre in the main
    options menu, where you can choose to view any of them at any time. 
    This is only the CG cutscenes, mind. Unfortunately, you can't choose to play
    any cutscene produced via the in game graphics engine.
    3. New Costumes For Hayabusa
    After completion, and upon downloading the Hurricane Packs posted up on Xbox 
    Live, a variety of new costumes will become available for our hero to wear.
    They don't do much to alter the way the game plays, but it does add a bit of
    visual variety for you.
    Note: These costumes cannot be selected in successive play. New Game for you if
    you want to these trendy new duds, matey boy!
    |'Ninja of the Future' Outfit|
    After you complete the game, it will inform you that you can select the Ninja
    of the Future costume by holding down the left trigger as you select the 'New 
    Game' option. You'll hear a brief yell to confirm you've done it correctly, at
    which point you can select the difficulty you require and start the game.
    From the very beginning he'll be wearing this odd white getup - no Blue Ninja 
    phase during the first couple of chapters this time!
    As an additional extra, say goodbye to the Dragon Sword - it'll be replaced by
    a plasma sabre that looks kind of like a lightsabre and emits similar noises 
    whenever you use it. Think Star Wars, but with legions of ninjas dying at the 
    hands of it.
    |Original Outfit|
    To be honest, I'm unsure whether or not you need to complete the game first to
    unlock this particular costume. Either way, what you need to do is hold down
    the right trigger whilst selecting the 'New Game' option. You'll hear Ryu 
    grunt to confirm that the code has worked correctly.
    Nothing much will seem to have changed when you first start the game - the only
    difference is that Ryu will not change over to his main costume after you
    reach stage 3, preferring to remain in his original outfit from the very start
    of the game.
    |Cursed Ryu Outfit|
    After you've beaten the game on 'Very Hard' mode, you crazy psychopathic ninja
    you, you can hold down both the left and right triggers before selecting the
    'New Game' option to choose this outfit.
    Once you start the game, you'll find that Ryu looks exactly the same as he
    does towards the end of the game after Doku attempts to turn him into a Fiend.
    You know, the one that makes him look like he's suffering from a nasty bout of
    |Ashtar Outfit|
    This outfit is only available while playing through either of the Hurricane 
    Before you start whichever version of the Hurricane Pack you intend to choose,
    hold down the '' button to select this outfit.
    As soon as the game begins you'll find yourself in an evil looking costume,
    with patterned veins along the armour that looks rather a lot like streams 
    of blood flowing along the outfit. You're also wearing a full helm outlined
    with bone that curves around to your face - added to which, your eyes are
    dead white and it looks like tears of blood are flowing down your face.
    This costume makes you look a bit like Ashtar from the original Ninja Gaiden 
    Trilogy, hence the name of the outfit. You don't get a cloak or anything 
    similar, but the helm does make you sort of look like him.
    |Dead or Alive Outfit|
    Likewise, this outfit is only available while playing through either of the 
    Hurricane Packs as well.
    While selecting either version of the Hurricane Pack, hold down the '' button
    to select this outfit.
    Once the game starts you'll find yourself in an outfit resembling Ryu 
    Hayabusa's main costumes from the Dead or Alive series. While his face is still
    masked, this is the only costume that allows you to have his hair flow freely.
    He's sort of a hippy in that regard.
    Makes sense - the Dead or Alive series has taken inspiration from his Ninja
    Gaiden costumes in the past (and the present - Doa Ultimate features his main
    Ninja Gaiden outfit from this game as well), so why not have it work the other
    way round and allow him a Doa costume for this game too?
    Besides, it looks pretty damn cool - most of his costumes do.
    4. Early Scarabs
    Selecting successive play to continue your game will provide you with all the
    Scarabs you collected during your previous game - handy for trying to unlock
    all the older Ninja Gaiden titles.
    You can also hand them over to Muramasa, but you won't get certain rewards such
    as the Dabilahro until you pass a certain 'trigger point' during the game 
    before going back to speak to him. Don't worry - he'll hand over the items as 
    soon as they're available, so there's no problem with giving him all the 
    Scarabs at the start of the game. Just consider it as paying him for the items
    in advance.
    You can't take the Scarabs with you between difficulties, however - successive 
    play always follows on from the same difficulty you selected during your 
    initial run through.
    5. The Sound Test
    After you complete the game once, you can dash into the options menu and choose
    to listen to any of the tracks from the game. Keep an eye out for one in 
    particular called 'Take it Easy' - this track never plays during the standard 
    game, although it's the main piece of background music for the second 
    Hurricane Pack.
    6. The Evil Dark Dragon Blade
    Hey hey! You know what would be really great? Getting your hands on that Evil
    Dark Dragon Blade everyone's going on about and kicking some severe ass!
    Alas, you can only collect it after completing the game AND continuing on via
    the 'Successive Play' option. And to put the boot clean through your teeth, you
    can only use it in its 'unawakened' form, so no Dark Disciple-type move madness
    for you! It's a powerful weapon, but intensely limited in what it can actually
    do - the combos attributed to the weapon suck, to put it bluntly.
    However! This section isn't to talk about its good and bad points, but rather
    to point you in the right direction then slap you hard on the buttocks so that
    you automatically run that way, yelping in pain all the while!
    What you need to do is simply play through the game a second time (in 
    Successive Play, mind), and make your way all the way along to chapter 
    thirteen - 'The Fiendish Awakening'. From here, play until you teleport back
    to the Hayabusa Village, and then enter the warehouse containing the Muramasa's
    Shop statue where you first found the Standard Bow and Arrow.
    On an upper ledge, near the back left of the warehouse from where you enter 
    through the window, lies your demonic prize. Try to hide your disappointment,
    though - it's highly damaging, but that's about it.
    7. The Ninja Gaiden Historical Collection
    Aha! This section will take a little bit longer to get through than the other
    secrets, since there's a certain amount of work you have to put in to obtain
    these groovy little games. All in the name of Nostalgia!
    Remember, they have to be obtained sequentially - you can't run ahead and get
    your hands on Ninja Gaiden 3 before you collect the first one, for example.
    Ninja Gaiden 1:
    As soon as you've collected all 50 Golden Scarabs in the main game, backtrack
    to Muramasa's shop (or one of his statues, either way is fine) and talk to him
    to hand over the glowing little wonders. 
    Muramasa will burst a blood vessel in gratitude that you'd go so far out of 
    your way to locate every Golden Scarab in existance and lavish upon you a 
    rather nifty reward - the Snes edition of the very first Ninja Gaiden on the 
    Nintendo Entertainment System! 
    Rock it on!
    Ninja Gaiden 2:
    After obtaining the pure, undiluted joy that is Ninja Gaiden 1, make your
    way over to the door leading from the street outside Muramasa's shop over to
    Pleasure Street, which, as you may recall, is where Han's Bar is located. 
    You'll need some standard arrows for this trick, so restock at Muramasa's if 
    you need to.
    Remember the lever you had to pull to open the door up in the first place? The
    lever located on the ledge above the door? Well, it's time to make your way 
    back up there, so exit via the door to the left of Muramasa's shop (assuming 
    you're leaving the store) and work your way up from that side.
    Once you stand proudly atop that lofty perch, what you'll want to do is look
    around for the clock tower high above you. Stand fairly near the treasure 
    chest and loose a shaft into the clock face - all being well and awesome, this
    will cause a new chest to warp into existence directly below the time telling
    Hop down from the ledge, run up the steps leading to the base of the clock 
    tower and then boot the chest open to discover an awesome treat waiting for 
    you - Ninja Gaiden 2!
    Ninja Gaiden 3:
    Two down, one to go!
    Now, this one doesn't have a weird and wacky method associated with it - simply
    hoof it down to the Peristyle Passage (in the Aquaduct, a few rooms before
    fighting the boss for that chapter) and jump up the pillars so that you land
    on the space where a Golden Scarab was initially hiding from you.
    No Golden Scarab this time, which makes sense since you collected them all,
    but it's been replaced with a chest containing the very last collectable Ninja 
    Gaiden game!
    To play them, simply go to Han's Bar and examine the empty arcade cabinet, and
    it will prompt you as to whether or not you wish to insert the cartridges.
    Remember to save your game first, though - obviously enough, selecting to
    play them will exit your current game.
    8. Classic Ninja Gaiden from the Title menu
    An easy secret this - once you've got hold of those lovely drops of videogame
    antiquity, simply complete the game with the cartridges in your possession. 
    The option to play 'Classic Ninja Gaiden' will appear as a choice in the main
    menu, negating the necessity to run over Han's Bar every time you get the urge
    to play the older Ninja Gaiden titles.
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
                                    X. Item Guide
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    Since I don't see the point in making an entry for every single item you can
    pick up in the entire game, only those of instant benefit to Hayabusa at any
    point in the game are listed.
    I'm such a lazy organic meatbag.
    |Elixer of Spiritual Life|
    Cost: 500 essence.
    Feeling a little run down? A little roughed up? Possibly suffering from a 
    little internal bleeding and wondering where chunks of your flesh have gone?
    Well, take a sip of this liquid-blue darling and watch your health shoot right
    back up! It may not be a total overhaul of your dwindling life bar, but it'll
    keep you stabbing your enemies in the face just that little bit longer.
    |Great Spirit Elixer|
    Cost: 5000 essence.
    Are you on your last legs? In fact, do you still even HAVE legs? Is the next
    cut you suffer going to be your last? The next white hot bullet caressing your
    kidneys and shattering your spine going to be the fatal one? Are you just as
    close to death as you could possibly be without strapping on a body bag and 
    leaping majestically into a nearby grave?
    Well, fret not! When all seems lost and your energy bar has almost expired, 
    quaff this magnificent beverage and watch your health streak back up like a 
    glorious summer sunrise!
    Then kill all those enemies foolish enough to think that they might actually 
    have been going home tonight! 
    Ahahahaa! Ha! Ahahahaha....!
    |Elixer of the Devil Way|
    Cost: 2000 essence.
    Do you ever think to yourself, 'Man, I could really use more magic right about
    now'? Don't worry, friend - 85% of men will suffer from the same embarassing 
    problem at some point in their lives, so it's really nothing to be ashamed of.
    Once your Ninpo gauge is no longer full, simply take a mouthful of this hearty 
    revival agent in order to regain a single spurt of Ninpo.
    Isn't that just grand? It might very well save your life, you know, and head 
    off potentially shameful results.
    So, don't delay - buy today!
    |Great Devil Elixer|
    Cost: 10,000 essence.
    Time for a joke, I think.
    Q. What's better than being dead?
    A. Being alive!
    Okay, calm down. I know it was a great jest, but there's truth in them there
    words. And what better way to remain alive than smiting your enemies with magic
    as they foolishly attempt to do you harm?
    That's what this baby does. When you're all out of Ninpo, simply glug this
    refreshing red brew down your gullet in order to regain a full rack of Ninpo
    uses! All your Ninpo returned to you via the merest swig of a potion!
    Awesome, eh?
    | Talisman of Rebirth |
    Cost: 15,000 essence.
    The point of this item isn't exactly tough to figure out - if you get killed
    at any point whilst romping around on your roaring rampage of revenge, this 
    handy little item will freeze time for a moment and resurrect you with full
    health and some shiny new Ninpo. It's the total refreshment package for the 
    recently deceased!
    There are two instances in particular where this crafty magical contraption
    won't step in to save you, however, so don't get too carried away with allowing
    yourself to get stabbed to death frequently.
    If at any point you're visiting the caverns underneath the Monastery, there's
    a cutoff point right below the Altar where you're supposed to place the Holy
    Grail. If you fall down the pit past this line instead of taking the route
    down through the side tunnels, you die instantly. It's kind of odd, since it's
    the only place in the whole game where you can fall to your death other than
    falling from the Zeppelin in chapter three.
    Secondly, if you happen to drown while you're off out for a swim, you're not 
    going to be coming back to shore, baby. The Talisman doesn't know how to 
    perform the kiss of life on waterlogged Ninjas, it would seem.
    It's obviously extremely handy to own if you're prone to getting yourself 
    killed but, if you're a good player you'll initially be better off purchasing 
    weapon upgrades and the like since it's, you know, a tad expensive to purchase
    and only works once.
    | The Armlet of the Sun |
    Cost: 5000 essence.
    This handy little fashion accessory will boost your attack power beyond the ken
    of mortal men. However, it actually sucks considerable ass - the attack boost
    is minimal, with a capital 'minimal'. 
    You know, like this: MINIMAL.
    If you hit an enemy about seven times, it may do another hits' worth of damage
    and no more - so don't waste your time on this one. Spend your souls on 
    something more useful instead, like shampoo.
    | The Armlet of the Moon |
    Cost: 5000 essence.
    Taking too much damage from the enemy attacks, are you? Well, get a load of
    this baby! It'll reduce the damage you take from enemy attacks...
    ... by a completely insignificant amount. This will save you a sliver of health
    from a heavy attack at best, and is another armlet not particularly worth 
    dishing out your stash of souls on.
    Heck, get some healing potions instead - you'll at least see them doing you 
    some good.
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
                                 X. Enemy Bestiary
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    Enemy Bestiary
    |Lesser Ninjas|
    Mobility   - Low
    Endurance  - Weak
    Lethalness - Low
    Attacks:     Two generic swipes of a sword. That's it.
    Comments:    These guys are Murai's lowliest minions, and as a result are 
                 incredibly weak. They're easily identified by their stylish brown 
                 costumes, a complete lack of attacks and their insanely low 
                 While they'll likely get the odd hit in when you're first starting
                 the game they're unlikely to do much damage and they're easy to 
                 hit. They can block, but don't do so all that often.
                 Just rip them apart as you come across them, and saunter past 
                 their corpses with the utmost contempt.
    Pack:        They were removed for the Hurricane pack because, as enemies, 
                 they're an absolute joke.
    |Greater Ninjas|
    Mobility   - Average
    Endurance  - Average
    Lethalness - Low
    Attacks:   - Up to four swipes of a sword.
                 Can throw shuriken at you.
    Comments:    A step up from the lesser ninjas, they're still not all that hard.
                 Remember that they can attack up to four times in one combo, and 
                 that they can use the walls to their advantage - often throwing
                 shuriken as they do.
                 A good air combo (followed by a Fiend Sealer if they survive) will
                 teach them the errors of their ways.
    Pack:        No changes, but they do replace all the lesser ninjas from the
                 original version.
    |Black Spider Ninjas|
    Mobility   - High
    Endurance  - Average
    Lethalness - Average
    Attacks:     Can attack with up to four slashes in a row.
                 Throws Incendiary Shuriken.
                 Can somersault towards you, grab you and then stab you in the 
                 back. (Hurricane Pack Only)
    Comments:    The dangers of fighting these little buggers are vastly 
                 overstated. They might be fast and able to dish out damage, but 
                 they have one fatal flaw in their armour - they can't break your
                 block. Added to this, you have a counterattack scroll when you
                 first come across them, so all you have to do is block until they
                 attack, tap 'Y' and stab them as they land with the Fiend Sealer.
    pack:        Ah, now we're talking. The filthy little oiks have learned how
                 to throw you, so blocking non-stop is out of the question. Added
                 to which, you won't have the counter scroll the first time you
                 come across them (they now appear in the very first chapter) so 
                 that particular method is now utterly useless.
                 To overcome them now, you'll need to know how to intercept and
                 counterattack with a decent combo, preferably stabbing them when
                 they hit the ground with a Fiend Sealer.
                 Also, get it into your head that when they roll to the side, it's
                 time for you to roll out of the way - chances are that they're
                 setting themselves up to throw you.
    Other stuff: If you get hit by one of their Incendiary Shuriken, perform an
                 'invincible' move as it goes off (rolling, attacking from a wall
                 jump, etc) and you'll take no damage from the resulting 
    Mobility   - Low
    Endurance  - Very low
    Lethalness - Low
    Attacks:     They can bite you. What did you expect, missiles?
    Comments:    Not the most hardened of adversaries you'll encounter on your
                 travels, a single attack with anything you have will kill them
                 The only real danger they can possibly offer is if you get swarmed
                 by them while you're extremely low on health.
    Pack:        No changes, but they do crop up in some very unexpected places...
    Mobility   - Low
    Endurance  - Average
    Lethalness - Low
    Attacks:     Up to three swipes of their swords.
    Comments:    Well, these guys do block a lot more than the ninjas, and take a
                 couple of hits to polish off, but you still shouldn't have that
                 much problems with them.
                 The best thing to do is use a move that breaks their guard, get
                 them on the ground and use the Fiend Sealer for a quick, painless
                 fight. Failing that, just rip them to bits with your usual combos
                 and air attacks, making sure to break their guard before moving
                 on to your more deadlier attacks.
    Pack:        Nothing much new with them, just that a few of their attacks will
                 now break your guard and leave you open to follow up attacks if 
                 you don't break the stun by rolling, grinding out a Ninpo or what 
                 have you.
    Mobility   - Average
    Endurance  - Weak
    Lethalness - Low
    Attacks:     At a distance, they'll cast a spell and throw a fireball at you.
                 In the Hurricane Pack, this becomes a LOT of fireballs at once.
                 If they get in close, they'll attack with a flurry of Sai blows.
    Comments:    Ah, those crazy levitating, teleporting magician types. Will they
                 ever change?
                 They'll try to hang back and chuck spells at you - fire an arrow
                 at them to kill them outright, or close in, block the flurry of
                 Sai blows as they teleport in next to you, and counter with a 
                 couple of decent attacks. They can't block or take much damage, so
                 killing them isn't really all that hard once you've closed in on 
                 Something that should be noted is that attempting to block a 
                 fireball will result in block damage. Roll out of the way if at
                 all possible.
                 Finally, they won't fire their spell until the circle they draw 
                 with their hands is complete - the circle starts wide and narrows
                 in as it nears completion. This'll let you know when it's time to
    Pack:        As mentioned in their attack list, they fire a ton of fireballs
                 at the same time, which seem to have a slight homing ability into
                 the bargain. Roll out of the way as they fire, and jump at the
                 end if you have to cover some more distance to escape. Or 
                 intercept the barrage with your nifty interception techniques.
    Other Stuff: Curiously, they won't start their spells if they're not on-screen 
                 at the time. Don't worry about being blindsided - but don't expect
                 them not to fire if they're finishing up a spell as they go out of
                 your view.
    | Vigoorian Special Forces : Guard |
    Mobility   - Medium
    Endurance  - Low
    Lethalness - Medium
    Attacks:   - Pistol fire from a distance.
                 In close combat, they can pull out their stun rod and smack you
                 with it a couple of times.
                 They also have a three hit combo, starting with a body check and
                 ending in two additional kicks.
                 If they get in close, they can lunge at you with a grab - which 
                 ends with them slipping behind you and slitting your throat, 
                 regardless of whether or not you blocked the attack. As the blood
                 sprays from your throat, they'll finish the move by kicking you
                 in the back. 
    Comments:    As you trek through the Airship and when you first enter the 
                 Vigoorian Capital of Tairon, you'll be coming up against a lot of 
                 these guys. They're not really that hard, but they're the first
                 regular enemy outside of the Hurricane Pack that can punish you 
                 for sitting back and just blocking all the time.
                 The best way to finish them is simply to perform the Blade of 
                 Nirrti on them, or the Izuna Drop when you get it. This'll keep
                 you out of harm's way when there's more than one of them, and also
                 damage anyone underneath you as you come down.
                 For quick results, running by them and tapping 'X' twice for the 
                 'Violent Gale' attack with the Level 2 Dragon Sword equipped is
                 usually an instant kill.
    Pack:        Did these guys change at all for the Hurricane Pack? I don't know.
    | Vigoorian Special Forces: Commander |
    Mobility   - Medium
    Endurance  - Medium
    Lethalness - Medium
    Attacks:   - Pistol fire from a distance
    Comments:    All things considered, these guys aren't that much harder than
                 their underlings. They are, however, markedly tougher and block 
                 more often as a result of the additional shield on their arm.
    | Vigoorian Special Forces: Grenadier |
    Mobility   - Low
    Endurance  - Low
    Lethalness - Medium
    Attacks:   - They'll hang back at a safe distance and pepper you with grenade
                 Once the Grenade Launcher is dropped, they essentially turn into
                 a common Vigoorian Special Forces Guard.
    Comments:    If you cause these guys to drop their Grenade Launcher, they 
                 basically revert to being a Vigooran Guard again. They can't pick
                 their launchers back up, so don't worry about turning your back on
                 them and getting a grenade in the face for your troubles.
    Pack:        These guys no longer exist, though the virtually identical 
                 mechanized versions have replaced them.
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    |Cat Fiends|
    Mobility   - High
    Endurance  - High
    Lethalness - Medium
    Attacks:   - 
    Comments:    Non-existant in the original version of the game, these feline
                 bastards were introduced specifically for the Hurricane Pack.
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    |Brown Demons|
    Speed      - Medium
    Mobility   - Medium
    Endurance  - Medium
    Lethalness - Low
    Attacks:   - 
    Comments:    These guys are really quite simple, especially since they arrive 
                 after you've had your teeth - not to mention your torso and legs -
                 cut on the Spider Ninjas.
    Pack:        Several of their attacks - namely their dashing slash and the one
                 they use whilst jumping out of the ground - will now knock you 
                 off balance. As always, intercept their efforts and punish them
    |Axe Zombies|
    Speed      - Low
    Mobility   - Low
    Endurance  - High
    Lethalness - Medium
    Attacks:   - 
    Comments:    Big, slow, ugly and lumbering - but enough about me, let's talk
                 about these guys for a bit.
    Pack:        You know, if these guys were changed at all for the Hurricane 
                 Pack, I totally failed to notice the difference.
    Other Stuff: Performing a Wind Run and stomping on their heads will stun them
                 long enough for a subsequent Flying Swallow to completely 
                 decapitate them. Not merely aesthetic, this will both prevent them
                 from executing their grab attack (since they can no longer use you
                 as a chew toy) and stop them from being able to actually aim blows
                 at you.
                 They can still hit you with their wild swings, of course, but they
                 won't be able to target your specific location in order to dish 
                 out the damage.
                 Unlucky for them, eh?
    |Army troops: Assault Rifles|
    Mobility   - Low
    Endurance  - Average
    Lethalness - Average
    Attacks:     Constant gunfire from a distance.
                 Up to three bayonet stabs in close quarters combat. 
                 The chance of impaling you in a type of 'catch' throw.
                 They hurl grenades at you from mid-range.
                 Grab you, throw you to the ground and stab you, then kick you 
                 away. (Hurricane Pack only)
    Comments:    These guys love to sit back and pepper you with bullets. While
                 their machine gun fire doesn't do that much damage, it will 
                 whittle away your health quite rapidly if you don't take certain 
                 preventive measures to dissuade them from gunning you down - such 
                 as tearing out their innards, for example. That'll teach em.
                 If you get in close, they'll try to stab you with their bayonets,
                 which can have some nasty repurcussions - such as getting our
                 ninja chum impaled before getting blown off the blade by a shotgun
                 blast. Ouch.
                 One other thing to watch is that they can deflect your attacks
                 and counter with a stab of your own. If they try this, your own
                 counterattacks are a perfect way to punish them.
    Pack:        Much the same, but they now have a genuine, bona-fide throw added
                 to their collection which can actually go through some of your 
                 moves in order to grab hold of you. It may not look all that cool,
                 but it does hurt.
    |Army troops: Rocket Propelled Grenades|
    Mobility   - Low
    Endurance  - Average
    Lethalness - Slightly above average
    Attacks:   - They fire rockets at you. That's about it.
    Comments:    While not being particularly tough as such, these guys can 
                 certainly be annoying. While you're trying to kill off their 
                 friends, these guys will often be hanging back and firing rockets
                 at you. Add this to the fact that their reloading speed is really 
                 rather fast, and they can be a royal pain at times.
                 Blocking rockets with a sword, much as in real life, cannot be
                 recommended. You'll take damage and end up in the Blockstun state
                 if you try to so, leaving you wide open to attacks from any 
                 buddies Mr. RPG might have wandering around with him. For this 
                 reason, roll the hell away whenever they fire at you.
                 Oh, and they're fast at reloading, so strike quickly when you 
                 think you have a chance to attack, and keep going either until 
                 they're dead or someone else is gunning for you.
                 Trust me. If you ease up on them, they'll simply reward you with a
                 rocket in the face as soon as they get back up.
                 If they're really giving you hassle, whip out the Explosive arrows
                 or Explosive Shuriken and nail the buggers from miles away.
    Pack:        No actual changes to these guys, but they will now pop up in every
                 group of troops that you run across - usually two Riflemen to one 
                 RPG unit. A potent mix.
    Mobility   - Medium
    Endurance  - Insane
    Lethalness - Extremely high
    Attacks:     With Mask
                 Without Mask
    Comments:    Mercifully missing from the original version of Ninja Gaiden,
                 these swines were placed into the Hurricane Pack in order to make
                 your life a living hell.
    Pack:        Oh geez, where to begin? They're big, brutal, incredibly strong
                 and you'll often come up against at least two of them at the same 
                 time. The camera doesn't always help against these guys, because 
                 they're one of the few enemies that will attack from offscreen - 
                 and their clubs give them a horrendous amount of range.
                 You'll also notice that they have masks covering up their face -
                 breaking this personal affectation of theirs will cause them to
                 scream in rage, turn their whole body red and then go utterly 
                 barking mental. They'll attack faster and be blessed with more 
                 damaging combos into the bargain - a three hit combo from their 
                 clubs can tear your energy bar in half, or worse.
                 Not the easiest of enemies, then.
    |Ghost Fish|
    Mobility   - High
    Endurance  - Very Weak
    Lethalness - Extremely high
    Attacks:   - They swim through the air and stick their wicked little fangs
                 into your soft ninja flesh.
    Comments:    Oh man, everyone loves the Ghost Fish. 
                 Their attack pattern isn't hard to follow - they'll swim happily
                 around in midair until you come into range, at which point they'll
                 suddenly streak towards you in an attempt to tear your face off.
                 The more that hit you at once, the faster your health will 
                 decrease... though 'plummet' is perhaps a better description for 
                 Whilst they're not much of a threat individually, having six 
                 suddenly latch onto you at once will rip your energy bar a new 
                 one. If such an occurrance doesn't kill you outright, you won't be
                 far from death's door.
                 Oh, and don't even think about using ranged weapons on these 
                 blighters - your projectiles will go right through them due to 
                 their evil, ectoplasmic ways. 
                 Ninpo, on the other hand, works quite well - especially the Art of
                 the Fire Wheel or the Inazuma which will send them fleeing into
                 the next life faster than a million moths charging headlong into a
    Pack:        Well, they haven't changed all that much - but they do appear much
                 earlier in the game, and the rewards for killing them are far less
                 valuable and enticing.
                 One thing to note, though, is that the X, Y, ...X, Y combo with 
                 the level 3 Dragon Sword which obliterated the spectral pests 
                 with such ease in the original version will merely get you munched
                 Hey, life's tough. Deal with it.
    |Laser Turrets|
    Mobility   - Low
    Endurance  - Low
    Lethalness - Low, but they're bloody annoying.
    Attacks:   - A laser beam.
    Comments:    Man, these things can be a right pain in the rear, especially
                 during chapter eleven when you're in the water and your own 
                 mobility is drastically lessened.
                 Basically, these things hover around aimlessly, often out of reach
                 of any physical attacks you might attempt, and as they get close
                 they emit a thin blue laser beam which will sweep over your 
                 current position, cutting through anything you might be hiding 
                 behind and going straight through any attempts to block it. 
                 The annoying part, of course, is that getting hit causes Hayabusa
                 to get knocked back a few steps as if he's just been hit by a 
                 rocket - which makes lining up shots with your bow a bit of a 
                 nightmare. Also, if you're trying to climb onto something - say,
                 out of the water and onto a ledge for example - you'll likely get
                 shot right back in.
                 They're not tough, but they are completely and utterly 
                 So, to take them out, use arrows from a distance, or the Windmill
                 Shuriken from mid-range. Incendiary Shurikens do the trick too, 
                 but you'll likely miss from far-range with them, so the Windmill
                 is often your best bet when they're closer since it doesn't eat
                 into your ammo reserves.
                 While swimming, two shots from your Speargun or two whacks from 
                 your sword will do the trick.
    Pack:        I don't think these guys got changed for the Hurricane Pack...
                 if they did, it's nothing significant.
                 ... good.
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Oh, sweet God. if you though the original Hurricane pack enhanced the 
    difficulty of Ninja Gaiden, you haven't seen anything yet. Well, except
    everything you've seen to date obviously, but what you've seen before does not 
    compare with the difficulty of the second Hurricane Pack.
    If you're not an accomplished Ninja Gaiden player, you'll probably end up 
    putting your head through the nearest wall if you attempt to fight your way
    through this installment. You have been warned.
    Anyway, if you really think you're up to the task, here's all the new enemies
    you'll fight on your journey through hell.
    |Shadow Ninjas|
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Comments:    These guys are updated versions of the Black Spider Clan ninjas.
    They're roughly on the same level of speed and viciousness as their dark robed
    cousins, but it takes a surprising amount of extra damage to finally kick them 
    into their graves and close the lid on them.
    One Izuna Drop will still do the trick, or get them down and give them three
    Fiend Sealers to seal their fate.
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    Mobility   - 
    Endurance  - 
    Lethalness - 
    Attacks:   - 
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
                            X. Ninja enhancing collectables
    _________________________                              ________________________
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    This section, as you may very well expect, is dedicated to finding all the 
    items hidden away from you that will increase your health, your magic gauge,
    and your arsenal of weapons to bring death to the enemy with.
    And no, I couldn't think of a better name for it.
    Golden Scarab Locations
    Chapter 1
    No Scarabs are found on this Chapter.
    Chapter 2
    No Scarabs are found on this Chapter.
    Chapter 3
    1.  Waltz into the Captain's Quarters and you'll see it on a window ledge 
        behind his desk. Nab it.
    2.  Once you have destroyed the Primary Power Unit aboard the Airship, all the
        doors will simultaneously unlock for security reasons. From here, backtrack
        to the door at the end of the first hall - right outside the room you 
        started this chapter in - and enter. Clamber over all the cargo stored in
        this room, and you'll find it lying near the back wall.
    3.  In the Gas Compartment Passageway, right after you kill your first bunch of
        enemies, you should notice a large metal crate close to where you killed 
        them, right above the stairway. Climb atop this, then wall run up the side
        and perform a wall jump to land on a hidden walkway containing the Scarab.
    NOTE: All the Scarabs in this chapter must be collected before you continue
    on into the next chapter. You cannot return and collect them once you begin the
    next chapter, so be sure to collect them before then.
    Chapter 4
    4.  Once you do through the door closest to Muramasa's shop, immediately head
        left into the alcove and you'll find it nestled in amongst the drinking  
    5.  As you head towards unlocking the gate leading into Pleasure Street, you'll
        find a dead Ninja named Suke on an upper walkway - he's the one who pervs 
        over Rachel all the time. Just past him lies a Scarab in plain sight.
    6.  Directly opposite Han's Bar lies an alley leading in to where this Scarab 
        lies. It's just a little further in from where the Windmill Shuriken is 
    Chapter 5
    7.  In the alley where you find the Pegasus Key, just off Drawbridge Square, 
        look directly opposite the chest containing the key. There will be a gap in
        the railing you can jump through, and a golden glow just off to the left
        which signifies Scarab goodness.
        To reach it, simply hop through the gap in the railing and wall run across 
        the wall to your right, jump onto the next wall as soon as you can and 
        simply run along to where the Scarab is hidden.
    8.  After you have crossed the Drawbridge and are running along into the next 
        section, a Dragon Statue save point will come into clear view, and you'll 
        also be attacked by enemies as you near it. Right alongside the statue in 
        the same alcove lies the Scarab, hanging from a window shutter.
    9.  After leaving the Save point above, take a left. If you've went the right
        way, there will be stairs leading down almost immediately - at the bottom,
        hidden away in a small niche, lies another Scarab for your immediate 
    Chapter 6
    10. You'll easily find this one as you smash the hell out of the display cases
        located inside the Monastery Archive. You know, the Library place where 
        you find the Incendiary Shuriken.
    11. This one is also located in the Archive. After making your way up to the
        top walkway (on the same level as the cracked wall), you'll find it lying
        in wait for you almost as soon as you've wall jumped up there.
    12. In the circular section overlooking the Altar Hall inside the Monastery -
        directly before entering the Monk's room - there is a ledge you can jump
        from in order to get your hands on this Scarab. 
        Look around once you get up into that section, it isn't hard to find.
        NOTE: This Scarab must be collected before you fight Alma for the first 
        time. After this it will no longer be reachable, and therefore impossible
        to obtain.
    13. As soon as you decend into the passageway beneath the Altar (the one 
        created by placing down the Book of Eons), you should see it directly 
        opposite you in the same room as the Dragon Statue save point.
    14. In the room where you first come across the flying brain things, you can
        find this Scarab in an alcove directly below the ledge you first enter the 
        room from.
        If it helps, this is also the room connecting the upper and lower parts of 
        the underground section - fall past it rather than going through it and you
    15. On the same level as the Sealed Floor Plate (initially held up by all those
        chains), exit through the cavern off to the side and you'll soon see it
        towards Hayabusa's right in a little shelf type recess.
    Chapter 7
    16. After the Bone Dragon has fallen through the Sealed Floor Plate and opened
        up the new pathway, decend to the bottom level where the remains of it lie 
        broken. Search around the body near the walls, and you should find it 
        quite easily, hidden away in a recess.
    17. In the area where the Vigoorian Zombies smash the suspension bridge you
        walk along, you can find it located on the ledge right before you venture 
        onto the bridge. It's just off to the right of the doorway you enter from.
    18. In the Chamber of the Blue Eye, you can find this Scarab nestled under the
        ledge that the Zombie Archers are attacking you from. It's right on the
        opposite end of the room from where you come in.
    19. Just before you enter the lift leading back up to the Monk's room, you
        should notice a distinct golden glow coming from the bottom of the water. 
        Just swim on over and pick it up.
    Chapter 8
    20. Beyond the Skull gate, located in an alley through a gate near the the 
        front of the Military Base, lies the Scarab. It's right beside the 
        Muramasa's shop statue.
        If that description sucked ass, it's beyond the Skull Gate near the area 
        where you go to pick up the Strongbow and open the gates of the Military
    21. As you leave the area where you pick up the Strongbow, stop before dropping
        back down to street level and look across to your left. The Scarab lies on
        a ledge which you can reach with a well placed wall run and jumping across
        to it. Simple!
        And yes, this is still in the area beyond the Skull Door.
    Chapter 9
    22. As you exit the first tunnel you run through, look to your left. It's lying
        on the ground in plain sight.
    23. Once inside the Military Warehouse, you'll notice this Scarab lying on top
        of a train carriage. There are two ways to get hold of it:
        Method one: Having started up the moving platforms by restoring electricity
        to the Warehouse and flipping their individual switches, you will be able
        to access the top of the carriage nearest the one containing the Scarab.
        Attempt to jump across, and tap 'X' during your jump to get the extra air
        you need in order to clear the gap. 
        Method two: Simply run up the side of the bugger, and as Ryu automatically
        backflips at the top, tap an attack button to slam him down on top of the
        carriage via use of a wall attack.
    24. As you approach the guard hut containing the Warehouse Map and Card Key,
        leap into the side of it and run straight onto the top of it. A Scarab 
        lies here, the cheeky little sod.
    25. After the attack on the Assault Chopper and during the approach to the 
        Radio Tower, you will be forced to perform multiple wall jumps to reach a
        door leading to the tower. At the top of this jumping section lies another
        It's incredibly easy to spot, and not far from a Muramasa's shop statue.
    NOTE: In a similar fashion to Chapter 3, all Scarabs within this chapter must
    be collected by the time you progress onto the next. The Military Gates will
    close later on in the game, locking you out for good.
    Chapter 10
    26. Once you have killed the first Elecric Worm sub-boss and collected the Art
        of the Inazuma Scroll, head through the doorway it was guarding and then
        turn around immediately. The Scarab lies on a ledge right above the 
        doorway, so just wall run up the walls beside the arch of the doorway in 
        order to obtain it.
    27. Once you're on the upper platform of the Hall of Balance, overlooking the 
        Statue of Balance (the one with the scales sticking out of it), simply run 
        around the ledge and collect this Scarab.
    28. Near the Red Water Reservoir, where you place the Red Tablet of the Stream,
        you should quite easily be able to locate the Scarab nearby. On one side
        of the room lies a chest - it's directly on the opposite side from that,
        a little past the iron grating covering most of the floor.
    29. In the Underground Waterway, the large green caverns after you first fall 
        down the huge shaft, go staight ahead from the base of the shaft and take
        a look around the rock directly in front of you to your left. There should
        be a Scarab there awaiting collection.
    30. Immediately after killing the two Electric Worm mid bosses in the 
        Underground Waterway, scoot into the cavern the left one was guarding and 
        pick up the Scarab that lies within.
    31. When you get to the pedestal where you need to place the Blue Tablet of
        the Stream, dive into the water in front of it (or leap into the pit after
        the water drains away) and it should be near the centre in plain sight.
        Just walk or swim over to it and collect it.
    32. In the Peristyle Passage - the large marble hall leading to the Underground
        Sanctuary which houses the Boss fight of this chapter - there are a bunch
        of pillars standing to each side of the hall. Assuming you enter the hall 
        from the room containing the Statue of Balance, locate the nearest set of
        pillars on your right and wall jump to the top between them. If you're in
        the right place, one of the pillars doesn't quite reach the ceiling and is
        hiding another Scarab for you to collect on top.
    33. In the Underground Sanctuary where you meet the boss of this chapter, 
        there is a Scarab holed away in an adjoining room. To find it from the main
        section of the sanctuary, drop down to floor level and enter a room through
        a small doorway approximately halfway across the hall. The Scarab lies in
    34. The final Scarab of this chapter again lies in the Boss room also known as 
        the Underground Sanctuary. When you're up near the roof about to pick up
        the Brand of Valor, take a look around one of the pillars to your left.
        A Scarab lies in wait here, initially hidden from your sight.
    Chapter 11
    35. Near the start of the chapter having newly left the Aquaducts behind you,
        you should find yourself on a small pier overlooking the Moat of Zarkhan.
        Dive in and swim down to your right to find it in more or less plain sight.
        Since you have to pass it in order to get your hands on an important item,
        it's rather hard to miss.
    36. Soon after you come out of the section of the Moat containing Muramasa's
        shop you'll come across a small section filled with laser turrents firing
        lasers at you. If you swim to the other side and climb up on top of the
        pipe you swim through in order to reach the next section, it'll be right
        there in front of you. Now, kill those turrets!
    37. As soon as you enter the large part of the Moat where you can branch off
        towards the Sunken Ship, look right from the entrance to find a Scarab
        lying around. You'll easily notice it when you come back this way after 
        collecting the Silver Medallion and the Oxygen Cylinders, so it's quite 
        hard to miss.
    38. In the initially sealed off section of the Sunken Ship beside the Oxygen
        Cylinders lies this Scarab. This is another one that's hard to miss.
    39. When you're swimming around in the chamber containing the Sarcohphagus
        which held the Skull Key - it's the large room you first came across in
        Chapter 7 shortly before the passageways flooded with water - swim up to
        the very top of the room and you'll notice a golden glow up near the top
        in the centre of one of the walls. 
        As always, swim on over and pick it up. It's another Scarab for you!
    Chapter 12
    40. In the small room Doku was in while holding Rachel before your fight 
        during the last chapter, there's a Scarab lying behind a few of the 
        pillars. It's not hard to find - after you pull the first lever of the 
        Arena puzzle, you should see it almost as soon as you turn around.
    41. During the Arena puzzle, you will reach a stage where you climb on top of
        a floating platform directly beside where you first came in. From here,
        run up the wall so that you end up directly on top of the doorway and 
        you'll find another Scarab lying around up here.
    42. After you pull the last lever in the Arena puzzle, continue along the 
        balcony you're on past said lever and turn left at the end. The final 
        Scrarab in this Arena section awaits you there.
    43. Once you've passed by the steps leading up towards the Emperor's Palace,
        but before you cross the small lake leading to the waterfall, there will
        be a clearing with a Dragon Statue, a dead ninja, and some Stone Heads 
        lying on one side of the clearing. Walk over to the Stone Heads and smash
        them to bits with a heavy weapon or explosives - one of them is lying on
        top of the next Golden Scarab.
    44. Past those Stone Heads mentioned above, and before heading in past the 
        waterfall lies a small lake of water. Dive in, and head to the deepest part
        of the lake on the left to find a fairly easy to spot Golden Scarab. Just
        swim over to it and pick it up.
    45. In the room with the smelting pots in the Magma Cavern, if you drop 
        directly down from the operational one where you melt the Iron Ores, you'll
        see the Scarab in front of you on a small platform above the lava. It's
        fairly close to the see-sawing slab of rock, to the bottom right of where
        you first come in.
    46. Right before you come up against the mid boss in the Ice Caverns, there
        will be an incredibly easy to spot Scarab right beside a Dragon Statue
        save point. It's on the opposite side of the furnace where you melted the
        Iron Ore (on the Ice Cavern side, of course), and very close to where you
        pick up the Cog of Vigoor you make.
    47. In the Path of Flame during the run up to collecting the Eye of Flame from
        the Fire Worm mid boss, inside the tunnels with idols shooting blasts of 
        fire at you, lies a passage containing a Golden Scarab. When you reach the 
        part with streams of fire crossing by one another, duck into the left 
        passage to find it lying in there.
    Chapter 13
    No Scarabs are found on this Chapter.
    Chapter 14
    Chapter 15
    50. When you're running around in the Emperor's Palace, on the stairway between
        floors 3 and 4, fall off the side of the platform where the door leads to 
        Floor 4's enemy challenge. Run along the ledge for a short while to 
        uncover this fiftieth and final Scarab.
    Now, go call all your friends and have one hell of a party! I command you!
    Golden Scarab Reward Guide - Normal Game
    As you should be well aware of by now, choosing to talk to Muramasa will hand 
    over any Golden Scarabs you've found in return for juicy rewards. Just so you
    know what you're aiming for, I've written out a quick list of what you can get
    below, as well as how many Scarabs you have to fork over in order to get your
    hands on them.
    1. Life of the Gods:       1 Scarab.
    2. Spirit of the Devils:   10 Scarabs.
    3. Armlet of Benediction:  15 Scarabs.
    4. Dabilahro:              20 Scarabs.
    5. Armlet of Fortune:      30 Scarabs.
    6. Armlet of Tranquility:  40 Scarabs.
    7. Ninja Gaiden Classic:   50 Scarabs.
    Golden Scarab Reward Guide - Hurricane Pack
    And, since the rewards differ somewhat in the Hurricane Pack, I feel compelled
    to point out the changes that Team Ninja made for this Live downloadable 
    version. I'm great like that.
    ??. Intercept Scroll*:        1 Scarab.
    1.  Wooden Sword:             5 Scarabs.
    2.  Armlet of Fortune:        10 Scarabs
    3.  Vigoorian Flail:          15 Scarabs.
    4.  Armlet of the Moon:       20 Scarabs.
    5.  Dabilahro:                25 Scarabs.
    6.  Armlet of the Sun:        30 Scarabs.
    7.  Armlet of Benediction:    35 Scarabs.
    8.  Jewel of the Demon Seal:  40 Scarabs.
    9.  Armlet of Tranquility:    45 Scarabs.
    10. The Dark Dragon Blade:    50 Scarabs.
    * The Intercept Scroll will only be handed over if you were careless enough to
      miss the chest containing it at the start of the game.
      How did you manage to miss it, exactly?
    Chapter 1
    No Life of the Gods are found on this Chapter.
    Chapter 2
    1. Once you reach the broken bridge leading to the Hayabusa Village - the one
       crossing a fast flowing river which signifies the point of no return - hop
       down and climb up on to the far bank on the same side as the Dragon Save 
       From the 'pier' section, turn around and look the way you just came. Across
       the river lies a small doorway section, so run into the water and keep 
       tapping 'A' to force Hayabusa to water run across the water via a surface
       run that would make a certain holy figure very proud indeed. Steer him into
       the doorway (in other words, point him towards it before beginning the run),
       then kick open the nearby chest to claim this lucrative reward.
       You can't swim there normally, mind - debris blocks the way underwater, so 
       sprinting across the surface is your only option.
    2. Soon after entering the Hayabusa Ninja Village, you may spot a group of 
       statues lined up on your right - one of which is clumsily missing a head.
       Once you retrieve the statue head from the bottom of the hill, make your
       way back to them and place it back onto the statue's neck. He'll be so 
       utterly chuffed with your thoughtfulness that he'll reward you with your
       next Life of the Gods!
    Chapter 3
    3. After you use the Wing Key and walk into the '' (the room with two spiral
       stairwells heading towards a shop and a save statue), head to the large 
       oak doors and search to the left of them - on the side with the stairwell
       leading to the shop, not the one leading to the statue. 
       Just around from the double doors will be a single door leading to a small 
       room with a chest containing the Lives of the Thousand Gods. Isn't that
    4. Down at the Helm (where you fight two Special Forces guards followed by a
       Commander who drops a keycard), turn and face the elevator you came down on.
       There's a room to the right of this elevator containing a chest which has
       the Life of the Gods lying around inside.
       You can't open the door until the commander is dead, but that shouldn't be
       a big deal - why search for treasure when enemies are still trying to gut
    Chapter 4
    5. After passing by the Military Gate and weaving through the streets of 
       Tairon, you will come to a more open area with Special Forces agents firing
       at you from nearby balconies with a stairway leading down to your right - 
       you'll know it's the right place because a Kunai will streak into view 
       informing you about the blue markings leading to good stuff.
       Kill anyone attacking you, then head back to this first part where the Kunai
       landed. You see the blue pipe on the ground? Run past it and Hayabusa will
       flip over and hang on to the ledge, so shimmy him off to the right and pull
       yourself into the small opening that you reach. A chest lies inside holding
       your next Life of the Gods.
    Chapter 5
    No Life of the Gods are found on this Chapter.
    Chapter 6
    6. As soon as you start this chapter, search behind you.
       Good Lord! A chest containing a Life of the Gods already? Well I never!
    1. During the first chapter, not long after you begin storming the Ninja 
       Fortress there will be a room where you are attacked by ninjas dropping
       from the ceiling which also has an exit hidden behind a wall scroll. 
       Inside that room lies a treasure chest in plain view between two candle
       sticks. Simply walk over and kick it open for your first Lives of the 
       Thousand Gods item.
       This isn't the room that locks you in, mind, it's the second occurance of 
       raining ninjas that I'm on about.
    2. Soon after you enter Tairon in chapter four, you will come to a relatively
       open section with some stairs going down to your right and there will also
       be Special Forces agents firing at you from the nearby balconies.
       Instead of going down the stairs, wall run across the wall to your right
       to get onto the balcony nearby balcony, then hop up onto the telephone line
       above you and shimmy across to the next balcony where a chest containing
       the next Lives of the Thousand Gods awaits.
    3. At the beginning of chapter seven, there will be a familiar beeping sound
       to signify that the boss you killed at the end of chapter six has dropped
       something useful - in this particular case, another Lives of the Thousand
       Gods. It's on the platform you start off on, so just wander over to the 
       nearby shiny bit and pick it up.
    4. During chapter seven and onwards, if you return to the Ritual Room where
       the Holy Grail was being kept (and where you first fought the Vigoorian 
       Zombies), there will be a Sixty Fiend Challenge waiting for you there.
       Complete the challenge, and the chest holding the Lives of the Thousand
       Gods will warp into view. Kick it open and claim your prize.
    5. As you battle your way through chapter seven, you will be forced to fight
       another version of the chapter five boss again - that big squidgey fiend
       After you kill it off, it drops a Lives of the Thousand Gods for you to pick
       up, so simply follow the beeping and look for the shiny object. You'll know
       the drill by now.
    6. Once you come across the Peristyle Passage in chapter eleven, you'll no 
       doubt notice that the enemies here appear to continually respawn. This
       signifies yet another Sixty Fiend Battle, so take them all out and collect
       the Lives of the Thousand Gods from the chest that warps in after they're
       all dead.
    7. In the arena where you fought Doku at the end of chapter eleven, returning 
       there after finishing the  floating platforms puzzle causes a sixty fiend 
       challenge to leap into effect. 
       Kill all the fiends that attack you here and that familiar warping chest 
       will appear on the balcony high above the arena - you've already been up 
       there, however, so you shouldn't have any problems getting up to it.
    8. Almost immediately after you complete the floating platform challenge at 
       the start of chapter twelve and continue on, you'll come across the front
       steps of the Imperial Palace and be attacked by a bunch of brown and purple
       demons. Kill them all, as they're actually a sixty fiend challenge and will
       reward in the usual by warping a chest containing your Lives of the Thousand
       Gods into existence at the bottom of the steps. 
       Go get!
    9. This Lives of the Thousand Gods is pretty easy to spot. As soon as you kill
       the Golden Dragon boss at the end of chapter twelve, he'll drop the item
       for you to collect in the usual manner - simply run across onto his back
       where he lies and collect the item.
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                                    X. Other Stuff
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    _________________________/                            \________________________
    Aka: Stuff I couldn't think of a place to shove into the guide without 
    something spilling out the other side and making a complete mess of things.
    Questions and Answers
    Q: My game occasionally seems to be taking ages to load, yet at other times it 
       takes almost no time at all. Why's that?
    A: The Xbox stores the data of the last three games you've been playing on it,
       then deletes the last one used to make room for a new game you put into the
       machine. If the last one happened to be Ninja Gaiden, the next time you load
       it up it'll spend a while longer than normal loading the data into one of 
       these 'Caches', and offer you once of those scrolling pages of text to read
       while you wait.
    Q: When playing, I've noticed that Ryu has a move that looks like a roundhouse
       kick he can perform instantly without a combo. How do you do it?
    A: It's actually a finishing move, good sir. Once he kills them, or they're on
       their last sliver of energy, pressing 'X'before they disintegrate sends 
       them on their way across the arena.
    Q: So, do you think it was warranted that Ninja Gaiden was censored in Europe?
    A: Definitely not. It was an extremely disappointing move.
    Q: Is that really Satan you fight during the game?
    A: I doubt it, but the description seems pretty accurate so I'm sticking with
    Q: Is Rachel going to be featured in the Dead or Alive series?
    A: Hopefully. Probably not, though - she's too awesome to just appear in every
       game Team Ninja makes.
    Q: How about Muramasa? 
    A: Oh, shut up.
    Q: Finally, what's this Ninja Gaiden Black I've been hearing about?
    A: Ninja Gaiden Black is an upcoming title from Team Ninja that will basically
       allow offline users to experience the majesty of the Hurricane Packs and a
       whole bunch of bonus features. New enemies, new difficulty levels, new
       costumes, 'a mission mode'... the complete package is currently unknown,
       but it sounds like it's more than worth buying.
       And one of those new difficulty levels is 'Ninja Dog' - so if you shy away
       from Gaiden because it's too hard, this might be the very thing you need
       to finally give in and become hopelessly addicted.
    Q: Oh. Are you going to be doing a faq for that too?
    A: Not a chance. Maybe for Ninja Gaiden 2, or even enemy and boss guides added 
       to this faq concerning the monsters found in Ninja Gaiden Black, but that's
       about all I'll do. This faq alone took ages to finish off, and rewriting the
       guide with new enemy and item positions the whole way through... I'll leave
       off on that for now, thanks.
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                                      X. Credits
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    _________________________/                            \________________________
    I mean, what good would any Faq be without a damn huge credits bit tacked on to
    the bottom somewhere?
    The following people have made life sustantially more awesome for me, and I'm 
    forever in their debt for putting up with me without punching me repeatedly in
    the ribs until they fracture and splinter off into something vital.
    Alphabetical order? You bet!
    I hereby thank...
    Andrew Jenkins: For being such an awesome guide and benefactor during the 
                    Master Ninja Tournament. He's the guy who welcomed us, got us
                    around Tokyo for the tournament, made sure everything was going
                    swell, and then buggered off and disappeared in a most 
                    ninja-like fashion at some point during day three.
                    Cheers, dude! Did you ever get your hands on that DVD I sent
    Ben Talbot:     For post tournament awesomeness.
    Mambo Penguin:  For finding out some tactics on Ninja Gaiden and for taking 
                    that footage of the finals in Tokyo.
    My family:      Ahh. He loves his family.
                    Shut the hell up, they're awesome. And my dog just head butted
                    my knee, so I guess she expects to be included in this mention.
    Tecmo:          Just basically for being there and being awesome during the 
                    trip. I'm talking about the employees, not the company - and
                    in particular, thanks go to John O Connell and Melody Pheiffer.
                    Since I suck, they're the only two whose names I caught during 
                    the trip - but every single person I met there was uber 
    Team Ninja: 	For making a game that isn't just the action game of the year, 
    		but also a viable contender for the title of the best game ever
    		made. It's that damn good, and that damn satisfying.
    		Oh, and for the Doa series which I also love to bits. Here's to
                    the next generation of your games, guys!
    Finally, special mention goes out to my fellow Master Ninjas and the One True
    Ninja: Master Ninja Grantisimo, Master Ninja Maruyo, Master Ninja SnapDragon
    and The One True Ninja: PanzerOrta. I had one hell of a blast hanging with you 
    guys in Tokyo. You were all such wonderful competitors, and it was really 
    great to meet you all. Much love and respect and all that.
    Oh, and here's to the greatest Ninja Gaiden player I never met - Saryah. 
    Certain murky circumstances caused him to be disqualified from the finals in 
    Tokyo, which is a shame - you can tell from certain videos he has posted on 
    the net that he's an exceptonal player, possibly even better than the rest of
    us Master Ninja types that made it there.
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                                   X. In Conclusion
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    Yes, the part of the faq that's about as enjoyable as having your skin flayed
    from your body by an enraged duck at the same time as you get sexually molested
    by a tramp. Don't ask me how I know that, I just do.
    This guide was created on the 26th of May 2005,  Forman. All rights reserved, 
    whatever the hell that means. The long and short of it is that everything 
    written here belongs to me, so don't bother stealing vast chunks of my faq and
    claiming that they're your own work. The Ninja Gaiden series itself belongs to 
    Tecmo, and the people and objects that I reference throughout belong to 
    I should become a lawyer, I really should.
    Well, that's pretty much it for this guide, folks. It's been long, it's been 
    fun, and it's been damn near enough to turn my head into a giant gelatinous 
    blob of goo called Charley at times, so I hope it actually helped you out at 
    some point or other. 
    If you'd like to donate, take that sum of money and put it into a nice tasty
    hamburger for yourself or something. I'm doing it for the love, baby, I'm doing
    it for the love.
    Later, 'gator! See you all for Ninja Gaiden 2! 
    And, you know, Ninja Gaiden Black which will be out around the time I finally
    publish this, thus making this entire guide almost completely redundant. Gah!
    ... You want more? Fine.
    Further Reading
    My very own website. Don't expect a design on the level of Doatec.com, since 
    I'm at best an indifferent web site designer. However, it does contain a bunch 
    of photos and other stuff from the Master Ninja Tournament in a manner designed
    to do little more than inflate my head a bit. 
    There's some honestly cool photos and stuff over there, so feel free to go and 
    get your hands on them.
    Walkthroughs are awesome indeed, but occasionally you may feel the urge to
    see what you should be doing at a certain boss or section rather than simply
    read about it. That's what this site is for - good old Weibull has recorded
    and collected an extensive range of Ninja Gaiden videos on his site and put
    them up for download.
    Not only is he a damn good player, he's collected those videos from damn good
    players - generally speaking, if you want to learn how a top class gamer plays
    Ninja Gaiden, this is one of the very best places you can visit in your quest
    for truth.
    The American web site for Tecmo. It's recently gone through a redesign, and has
    information and screens on the upcoming Ninja Gaiden Black as well as Dead or 
    Alive 4.
    Dammit, now I need an Xbox 360. I'll get you, Tecmo... 
    While I've tried to make this as complete a guide as possible, there's a bunch
    of other great faqs on this game to be had there.
    Of particular note would have to be Aaxe's Advanced Combat faq which goes into
    frankly silly levels of detail on pretty much everything Hayabusa is capable 
    of. Impressive stuff, it truly is.
    Mainly for the forums, but the fansites for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive are
    extremely well done. You want pictures? They got pictures!
    Well, that's really it this time. I'm outta here for real, and here's to Ninja 
    Gaiden 2, which will undoubtedly blow your mind like a landmine placed inside 
    your head!
    ._. - Seriously, that's it.
    PS: Rachel.

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